Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fourteen Minotaurs - Response and Clarification

Andrew, in his discussion of the Fourteen Minotaurs makes some really useful points and I want to address some of them here as well as clear up some possible errors in understanding regarding my methodology and my own interpretation of the results. 

To be clear the work that I am doing with Raziel is actually with the entity known as the Archangel Raziel as opposed to the Book of Raziel.  This work is undertaken through contact on the astral plane (using Kabbalah) and takes the form of telepathic messages (regarding the nature of time travel) that appear in the form of a ''compressed'' sentence or a ''lesson'' on astral work.  I started work with Raziel back in 2002 when after systematically working my way through summoning the Archangels of the Sefirot I received the message ''Abandon the tarot work with the letters''. I followed this command and studied the SY intensely for around seven years but didn't receive another communication for ten years by which point I lived in Prague, Czech Republic and was working on Jupiter Magic with Miller, Salem, Opus, Ashen Chassan, Magdalene, Bradford et al.  The messages and lessons became more frequent when I moved to Edward Kelley's Tower in 2013 and began the 231 Gates project, died off again for about a year after I fled in terror, and at the moment they are happening around once or twice a month.

According to Raziel then, the reason the possible timelines of your life end up reducing to 14 (from the various infinities offered us by the many worlds interpretation) is that the vast majority of alternate personal timelines are dead (unrealisable) because they do not take place in timelines which end in the ''invention of time travel'' and therefore never ''cohere'' in the first place.  The 14 surviving possibilities of you (our minotaurs) are derived from the aggregation of various yes-no decisions that end up culminating in the same set of significant events. That these 14 are planetary seems to be bound up with the notion of them being derived from the essence of story itself.  Magick, allows you to move between these variations at ''robust branching moments'' but each one has a future which is preexisting, therefore you are selecting a universe as opposed to creating new ones, or ''influencing probability'' in this one.  Only fourteen minotaurs run through the labyrinth of your soul.

Raziel is being very clear that everything in this plane is absolutely determined including the planets. They are not determining us anymore than we are them - we are in sync, everything is in everything - and it is more useful to think of them as a clock as opposed to the causative agent or source of influence.  Most magicians see this idea of destiny as life threatening to the notion of magic itself which is the declaration of supreme free will.  There is an assumption that free will is true, even if nearly all the evidence goes against it, because the ego rebels so strongly against the idea that it has no agency. Not many magicians have really had that conversation with themselves to the extent that they could be having it - for instance temporal entanglement has to come up in the critical analysis of any ''retrocausal'' magickal effects i.e. when you did the magic but the effect had to already be happening before the cause for it to mesh with your life in the way it did - so how does that work?  After thinking about this for a long time now, admittedly under the influence of Raziel, I have come to the conclusion that destiny is a necessity in the construction of the universe that the prison of destiny safeguards the freedom of the astral (deep future) from the pinchpoint which is ''the invention of time travel'' and also that this is worth the sacrifice.  The experience of time in the astral is often much much slower than the real world, if time passes at all but one needs the prison of time in order to step outside of it. As I learn more about my 4d self and how it operates I understand the freedom that will exist after I am dead.

I think what Andrew is talking about (and the ideas for different activities he has) is an entirely valid exploration of these ideas within the model of free will and possibly destiny although I don't think he quite gets the implications of the ''fixed in stone approach'' as he makes frequent references to luck, choices etc and seems to come more from the probability model. I am not saying this to disparage him I am struggling with these implications myself. I have thought a lot about and played around with planetary hyper rituals (rituals for all planets on sacred day and hour, every day) and I am certainly reflecting on the kingships during the day that they reside under but if it has already been determined that I will do that, I am not responsible for those thoughts or actions in quite the same way as before.

When we think of the kingships and their transpositions, e.g. Powerful vs Enslaved, we need to look at them from the personal local perspective as opposed to the global perspective.  I think a lot of magicians these days are way way too caught up in politics and I can't help but think its time taken away from other pursuits, other lines of enquiry.  As you know power and slavery I place under Venus and maybe its better to look at this as to what extent you are hooked on drugs, booze or controlled by a dominant lover and in what sense you use narcotics as opposed to abuse them or are the dominant lover in a relationship - this should certainly vibe with my Thelemic friends - as opposed to whether you are a techno-serf in the global empire.

The connection of Mars to the Kingship of Seed is because Mars was originally an agricultural deity who was converted into a war god because the original Roman soldiers were farmer-soldiers and these farmer-soldiers were organised according to family, clan etc on the Field of Mars.  So seed is central to the Martian ideal although I am not disputing ''energized'' with its link to Martian athleticism or other alternatives.  On this note the Kingship of Peace and War is attributed to Mercury (through the ruling factor of communication both interpersonal and intrapersonal) although this is the one we often think should be with Mars.

This said I think there is a ''self improvement'' danger in occultism where all positive kingships are sought after and the transpositions avoided. We know that being a billionaire or a beautiful star is not necessarily going to make you happy and its strange for people to automatically think it would.  Even being Healthy is not the key to happiness - some of the most anxious and/or boring people I know are health nuts - I would hesitate to describe them as happy. Wisdom is no guarantee - intellectual superiority, the conceit of knowledge are all challenges to true happiness. The Kingships and their transpositions are all about story - you can be happy and poor, you can be happy and sick, likewise you can miserable and healthy.  So I would question Andrew's ''changing life for the better'' - having jumped track a couple of times (through magick) I can't say for sure that the rich track is ''better'' than the ''poor'' track or that dominant is ''better'' than enslaved - honestly - I think all fourteen minotaurs have their stories.  ''Better'' seems to me an aesthetic choice and some people love the grotesque, the tragic and even the evil.  The other thing that is worth bearing in mind is that Raziel seemed to imply that one kingship will always be the dominant one in determining the quality of the archetypal version of yourself you are experiencing and therefore that it is impossible to have all seven switched on to their ''better'' versions. In my understanding and experience Eudaimonia is not about simultaneously experiencing all seven aspects of the good life.


  1. Thank you for the time to write a response. I think that I get what you're getting at, that the underlying issues are local rather than global, and that 'better' is not necessarily the right language. I'll have to think about this further.

    In the meantime, your catchpa, of trying to select around a round street sign, is driving me crazy. :-)

  2. Hi Andrew I think political activism on fb is absolutely futile/disempowering and it seems to consume a lot of the time of my peers who study magick. I don't think they realise that people would rather you ''tweet your senator'' than gather in front of his house and start flipping and burning cars. In other circles it seems to have become fashionable to rail against the global elite/archons as opposed to say going around and actually practising healing in the world at large.

    In my fifth year of writing this blog I swear I have seen very little discussion of actual magical experiences by most bloggers and lots of things written about instead which frankly do not seem to really be the subject. I think its that way for a number of reasons (lack of real magickal endeavour, fear of posting about it) but we would be much more enriched as a community if people started posting descriptions and analyses of their magickal experiences/experiments as opposed to posting more largely about the politics of magic (identity politics, grimoire revival vs chaos, teacher-student relationships or whatever).

    It is tricky the term ''better'' as its difficult to know what would happen if you had stayed on the line instead of moving to another one. If I had done ''better'' at school for example I think my life would be much less interesting/financially rewarding than it is right now but how do I know? I think sickness and health is prob. the most tricky surely it is always better to be healthy right? If it comes at the cost of fun? And when do you pay the price of illness in exchange for all the fun you had?