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Small Movements in Time - Response to Golem Builder

At the starting of the week
At summit talks you'll hear them speak
Its only Monday
Negotiations breaking down
See those leaders start to frown
Its sword and gun day
Tomorrow never comes until its too late

Six Days, DJ Shadow

As explained in the Metabolism of Time the human being/body is quite literally the expression of the necessary steps in the Metabolism of Time.  From this perspective the head is located in the future, planning and anticipating, the torso is located in the present (heartbeat, breathing and appetite) and the lower abdomen and genitalia located in the past (digestion, excretion and reproduction).*

By placing the diagram of Feelix the Perfect Helix next to the diagram of the Metabolism of Time one gets a sense of exactly how this breaks down - for instance it relates the function of the immune system (and the position of the thymus gland) in our reaction to the present, or the action of the kidneys (salt retention, cleaning the blood) in our ''forgetting and remembering'' of the past.  In Secret Powers of Time posted by Trainee Golem Builder, the presenter discusses six archetypes of time-based personality (2 present, 2 future, 2 past) and argues for differentiation of type being largely the result of culture, education and to some extent exposure to technology.  As you can see above, the system espoused in the Metabolism of Time differs in that it is based on ten archetypes (3 future, 3 past, 2 present and 2 bridges - the inner mind, and the experience of the moment) and that differentiation between types occurs mainly as a result of genetic and ultimately temporal factors.**

In the quote from Abraham Abulafia in Small Movements in Time we see that the great Kabbalist believes that the body, cycle and world are created with 10 sefirot each and that these are scales reflected in the 4 worlds model of Kabbalah.  The total of 30 Sefirot discussed in the quote are 10 x 3 so we have a Tree of Life of Atziluth, a Tree of Briah, a Tree of Yetzirah etc but if we included Assiah this would correctly be 40.  As time is the primary axis of the Saadia Tree (Depth of the Future, Depth of the Past) I relate the property of time to Atziluth and understanding time in the way explored in the diagram is an attempt to understand the activity of the so-called ''highest world''.

The world of Briah (Self/Consciousness - Depth of Good, Depth of Evil)) is populated by the ten character archetypes that are derived from the ten temporal archetypes of Atziluth so we have the character of the Altered Future (known as the Ignorant Genius) or the character of the Altered Past (known as the Many Mannered Mind Man).  This idea of them being derived is important in Kabbalah - temporal factors first, then genetic factors, then social factors - in the same way Atzilith can be considered the highest or perhaps more accurately deepest world which the other worlds emerge from.

The world of Yetzirah (space) is where we have this sense of characters interacting and therefore building into communities, or if we want to use a more Kabbalistic term from the world of Yetzirah - hosts.  For the purposes of getting closer to understanding the population can be split into ten, with a host of people gravitating towards one of these archetypes, and another host gravitating towards another, the range of the host and the specific distance individuals are from the pure type, spawning the 22 paths or spectra.  In the 3rd Act of the Metabolism we look at the way in which communities of differentiated individuals work together in order to complete their metabolism.  Any group - a company, a military division, a country - can be expected to contain all of the archetypes although not always in equal measure and this may lead to problems.***

In Assiah we have these three components (time, self/consciousness and space) working together to form our personal sense of the world.  In the final act of the Metabolism of Time we discuss the way in which the individual can both complete their metabolism as a part of the host and how to begin to seek the whole within themselves and begin rectification, Tikkun, and ultimately achieve return, Teshuvah.

To conclude Time is indeed the fundamental property of the four worlds and the only property that runs throughout them all.  The spiral of our DNA is in fact the literal expression of the world of Briah, derived from Atziluth, the root of consciousness as a crystallisation of the principles of time which then goes on to form individuals and populations that interact with each other in space or Yetzirah.

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
Their end is embedded in their beginning
And their beginning in their end
Like a flame in a burning coal
For the Master is singular
He has no second
And before one what do you count?

1:7 Sefer Yetzirah, Gra Version

*Your experience of your body is in fact a map of the mind that contains it.  Thus your memory is located in the physical sense of your gonads, your ''present awareness'' is located in your breathing your heart beat etc.  In the same way you never feel anything only feel the feeling.
**There are some overlaps in type between the video and the MoT - for instance present based hedonist translates to ''Shellfish'' * (archetype of Chesed or ''reaction to the moment'') although I would argue that the tendency to be that way comes from an underactive immune system which will come with a whole host of other problems, advantages and physiognomic qualifiers.
***Certain groups like the police would be expected to have more ''Confused Venutians'' (immune cells with a ''crime detection'' speciality) than other types and in fact a shortage of Confused Venutians in the police force would be considered a bad thing.  Similarly an athletics team may be expected to have more ''Jays'' (i.e. adrenaline based characters) than average - maybe even exclusively ''Jay''.

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