Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What I believe

Its not a bizarre idea..?  Tell it to me... Come on.  You can't tell it to me in one sentence they can't put it in TV Guide.  What is this movie you are going to make?  Come on, ''A Boy Joins a Cattle Drive and Learns to Be a Man''..?  ''A Couple Finds a Million Dollars Buried in their Yard...''?  Come on, come on... What is this movie?  Tell me the story.

Charles Fox, Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet

So I was watching a documentary on Scientology the other night and looking down on the egomania, gullibility and general collective insanity that must be necessary to connect with this cult.  Then I had a moment of clarity turned to my partner and confessed that for all my rational over-tones my beliefs are themselves deeply weird and outlandish and I was not one to judge:

 - There is no matter and we exist inside hyper-spherical cells of consciousness that overlap forming a tissue of consensual reality through collective observation

- We have never moved in our entire lives, have always faced forwards, have never perceived anything but our own perception, and have always (felt like we) remained in the effective centre of our cells

- Beyond the edges of the cell membranes of our consciousness lies the bloodstream of time, accessible by lucid dreaming and astral projection

- That this cellular nature extends to the world we seemingly inhabit

- The nature of our being, stripped to the core, is the intertwining of time and anti-time, with anti-time being ''consciousness'' and time being ''matter'' as we know it

- Our imperfect anti-time/consciousness is used to interpret the present, remember the past and predict the future, and work on the Philosopher's Stone thus constitutes refining/perfecting anti-time with the end result of producing universal remedies, elixirs of youth and ultimately time travel

- Our individual characters/personalities/physiologies derive from the ten principles of time necessary in order to digest a single moment and that these characters persist at all scales of existence from simple cells to animals to higher beings

- That you can name/identify a character by looking at their face and body - physiological features being time signatures

- All magickal phenomena including manifestation of spirits result from temporal entanglement - with elementals being a product of entangling with the deep past and angels being a product of entangling with the deep future

- That the future(s) pre-exists and our belief in general free will is an illusion generated as a side effect of anti-time, the free will that we do have rests in being able to select from a small variety of surviving alternate futures at certain key moments with most of the time-stream being effectively dead/non-realisable

- That the world will end by time traveller swarm


As Occulture becomes more and more absorbed by the mainstream and we see various forms of peer pressure, vapidity, chat, bullying and conformism explode in the community it might be worth reminding yourself what you actually believe and doing a quick check for logical contradictions as you go about policing normality. And as our community is increasingly overran by ''spirit-workers'' I can't help but liken it to a Biological Sciences faculty staffed only by Zoologists - cute/fierce animals living in ecosystems with bizarre and interesting feeding habits are fascinating for sure, but do you guys really know what is going on?  If so I have seen precious little evidence of that.  Maybe its time to alter our recruitment policy and bring in a few more who are exploring what's going on on a molecular level, figuratively speaking.

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