Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Thought Experiments II

I am continuing to practice the thought experiments, exercises mentioned in the last post and continuing to convert more of the theory from Raziel into meditative exercises.  I want to provide a little feedback from my thinking, mind-state and ''results'' this week:

- Contemplating the world as if a museum, your journey through it as if on tram tracks and inducing de ja vu for extended periods of time, leaves one feeling ghostly and the world as if ''hollowing out''.  Continuing with this work of active contemplation the above feelings have continued to intensify, through the ''ghostliness'' I am beginning to sense my ''wave'' self, a feeling of catching up to myself and a sense of leaving myself behind.  It feels quite jarring, like a 4d car kangarooing (?), as this mind-state is really just developing and I assume I will get used to it as ''time passes''.  Also the shell or husklike effect on objects that made them ''feel'' ''hollow'' hasn't gone away but they have begun to glow (?) from within - a kind of grey/blue light that is either seeping out or shining through, could this ''light'' be produced by the transtemporal friction?  This is disorienting in the least, maddening at the worst but I can't help but feeling Eternalism or (more likely) some kind of bespoke Compatibilism is a more truthful (?) way of living.  At the moment it feels comparable to a personal Copernican revolution, in that people living as if Philosophical Presentism is the truth are somehow the equivalent of Flat-Earthers.

- A way of preserving the museum of the sandbox universe and not allowing potential time travellers to cause Grandfather Paradoxes (which would interfere with the invention of time travel itself) and also to explain the apparent absence of time travellers would be the limitation to observation only through those entities that are frozen in time, i.e. that there are (other?) eyes looking out through ours or that we are the eyes that are looking out and we are not ''ourselves'', either way its disturbing right now.  Wouldn't this kind of voyeurism be a very spectacular form of futuristic TV?  While discussing this someone brought up the idea that it would have to be ''filmed'' or simulated first before it could be accessed but I disagree, I think this museum is ''the real thing'' and maybe the way in which that ''real thing'' is accessed by the time travellers is built into the physics of anti-time (?) itself - we know people can remote view, we also have experience (including myself) of (feeling very much like) remote-viewing through time, maybe this can be somehow induced in the future which already has happened (?).

- Trying to create thought experiments/exercises on Fourteen Minotaurs, I am actively contemplating the idea of a very small number of surviving variant selves and other limited potential journeys that could have ended up where I am now, in terms of the city where I am living in the sense of ''All roads lead to Rome''.  To begin with I imagined the fourteen selves to be a little more scattered across the world so I am constraining/restricting that still further.  I am actively wondering how a variety of highly limited different decisions in various life paths could have all ended here and how different would those journeys to the same place actually be.  In a previous post I talked about tram tracks and robust branching moments so I am working on exercise now to see what I can ''mine'' from that in terms of different ways of thinking about magical methodology.

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