Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Unifying Colour Theory

Over at Secret Sun I was making predictions on what would be the use of colours (primarily in the fashion and film of the most powerful houses in those industries) throughout 2019.  If the colours of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10) are citrine (yellow), olive (green), russet (red) and black, and the Unifying Colour Theory is correct, then this is what we should be seeing rolling out, right now, and over the next year.

Are you listening to me or are you looking at the woman in the yellow dress?  Look again! 

In the previous post I gave some thoughts on the difficulties of influencing society through these ritual elements - production problems, how much of your efforts ''land'', etc - and the way in which the ideas need to be seeded by influencers a little before the beginning of each year so during the year the colour holds sway.  Returning to the Golden Dawn Colours above, the Year of Malkuth then is even more complex as there are four colours to ''deploy'' as opposed to one, it also makes explaining it more difficult as well.


If we were such a ritualist, there are a couple of ways we could approach this problem - we could a) roll them out one by one with the first quarter of 2019 being yellow, then the next green etc or b) we could attempt to roll them out ''as one''.  I would argue from observations that both of these approaches are being used.

Anyone with eyes to see has seen the roll out of yellow (bright yellow all the way to a kind of dijon mustard) as a fashion choice, first for women and then afterwards for men.  But yellow is very difficult to pull off as a sole colour and was nominally paired with black during late 2018.  If you watch the Bumblebee trailer you'll see the primary use of yellow, paired with other things, including amongst the colours, exhortations towards the 'mystical bond between man and machine' and the nostalgia nuke of the Beatle car itself.  They also rick roll you at the end.

During December 2018 the colours in nearly all of the shops I looked in were using all of the colours of Malkuth, listed above as the primary display by the entrance - people made those purchases and now I reckon from looking around me that about every fourth person is playing this game (not everyone will buy a new winter coat after all).

If the theory is true we will see the same colours, probably in different shades, being used during Spring, and we imagine it will be even more visible. We might even see the ''prime'' colour change from yellow (which is leading at the moment) to green.

An even more obvious use of yellow as ''fashion'' is in the gilet jaune movement which could conceivably dominate the conversation throughout the first quarter.  If the theory is correct could we see a shift to a ''green'' political movement in the second quarter or is the olive/green colour we will see the military on the streets countering rising unrest in Europe?  During The Aftermath movie, scheduled for release on April 26th we can see the use of all these colours in the costume design for Keira Knightley's character but against that background of military green (olive).  There will be many more releases like this where we can see ahead of time whether the theory will be true or just an extreme case of confirmation bias.

When I look over sites like Vigilant Citizen I can't be sure exactly how much detailed knowledge of the occult is at work or how much of it is pointing and going look - ''spooky evil magic symbolism stuff''.  Without at least an attempt at really understanding the thinking behind it how are their observations of any real use?  Do they think that the very act of studying the magic will corrupt them, that all magic is, by its very nature, black magic?  I'd like to, at least, believe in white magic.  With that in mind, I'd like to discuss what it means to be the Year of Malkuth and how this connects with some of the things that Secret Sun has been observing.

If the theory is true and the colours have been ''beaming'' out as theosophical rays, over humanity, then the path that we, as a society, are being taken down is the lightning flash of the Golden Dawn Tree of Life.  Now this is fairly basic magickal theory, the Lightning Flash is effectively the metaphysics behind how plurality (Malkuth) is ''conjured'' from unity (Keter)*, but what does it mean when used as a global ritual in this way.  As ever, looking at the opposite of a thing can tell us more about the thing itself.

Andy, the path of the Fool, looking at Kether, the White ''Sphere''

In Painting by Numbers in Twin Peaks - The Return I argue that David Lynch is taking us back up the Tree, i.e. that the Doppleganger and Tulpa - Red Room - (City) state is Malkuth, and Twin Peaks (Nature) is Kether.  I then used this theory to make a prediction about the nature of a following episode and, in the end, mapped out roughly what would happen through the Return before it happened. We finally reach this Kether, when the splintered Dale (Evil Coop, Dougie Coop) is restored to his unity in the actual town of Twin Peaks, by tracing the paths that connect the two together - within esoteric circles this process is called The Tree of Return (Teshuvah, the Return).  Therefore the path down the Tree, the lighting flash, the means by which unity is turned to plurality, is the means by which you create the dopplegangers, the tulpas, the splits, the alters, etc.  

You could make the positive argument that the journey from the White of Kether to the Yellows, Olives, Reddy Browns and Blacks of Malkuth could be the journey of a predominately white society to a more pluralistic one and that this has been the sole focus of the ritual to encourage us to accept that plurality. On the other hand, you could argue that within years we will be entering the post-identity era where the gender, racial and sexuality issues that concern us today are seen as simply the amuse bouche.  The rise of the evil doppleganger of your internet profile is the real starter and the main course we will be served is a heady mixture of digital clones (things that write your emails, or ''like'' shit for you on instagram), the demons of ''chat'', AI, live deep fakes, actual physical clones, etc, where you will not only not know who you are talking to, but even not know who you are - this to me sounds more like the journey into The Red Room and more like the apocalyptic observations of the Secret Sun.

So who is behind this and why would you want to do that to society?  The general perception amongst circles like those of Vigilant Citizen or David Icke are that it is a demonic spirit-mediated (or inter-dimensional alien) human agency like the Illuminati.  That rituals happen in various locations and instructions are received from various things either physically, telepathically or through channeling or possession and then carried out accordingly.  Another way of looking at it is that there are a group of extra-dimensional entities at work influencing people unconsciously, that this story, if you like, is being written through people that are not even aware of their role in the greater plot - are those thoughts you are having really yours..?  The motivation is to either a) attempt to prepare/acclimatise us for the technological shocks outlined above or b) more insidiously, involve themselves actively in the process of splitting everyone's personality, a kind of Global MKUltra.  I am not sure exactly where I stand on all this but I do think there are serious problems with over-reliance on a spirit-model, as it has manifested in both conspiracy and esoteric circles, and that a time-centred model will eventually be seen to have more explanatory force.

Generally that organization(s) is seen to be keen for the burgeoning technologies to be released as rapidly as possible as they don't want being held back from the realisation of the trans-human,post-human vision and the alternative is either what a) hold back, slow up, regulate these technologies or b) ban/outlaw them?  I can potentially see a nativist anti-technology toxic-nostalgia movement maybe getting a global ban on certain mass cloning techniques, digital or otherwise, but it'll all still be weaponized, black market and available to the elite so I don't see how that is a path to victory on this, it just seems to be a path to wilful ignorance of the possibilities of evil.  I feel that we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. 

Maybe we are just damned.
Dr Faustus - Where art thou damned?
Mephistopheles - In Hell.
Dr Faustus - How comes it then that thou art out of hell?
Mephistopheles - Why Faustus, this is Hell, nor am I out of it.

Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

Father Faustus Blackwood

n.b. You will see the use of Blue instead of Black in the four colours of Malkuth, this is to link directly with the elements as well.  Although you are seeing a little light blue about at the moment, blue won't finally take hold until the final quarter and that it will be a very dark navy blue, i.e. the actual navy!  If the theory is correct and continues they may go back to the beginning and we'll see white in 2020, or they will go back up and we'll see the same thing in reverse over the next decade.

*Understanding the paradox of getting from 0 ''to'' 1 however is far from basic as its part of the most complicated forms of metaphysics behind the Lurianic Kabbalah.


  1. Does the pattern begin in 2013/Chesed, or does it go back further?

    It used to be a pretty common technique in the Golden Dawn to bring a force from a particular sephira to Malkuth and to represent the entire ritual with a "barbarous name" made up of characters (e.g., Hebrew or Coptic) associated with the paths that were traversed on the Tree of Life.

    If you are correct, and whoever designed this ritual is using this sort of tech, the most important means of understanding the intent is to examine where it begins. If it starts in Chesed, then the likely scenario is that the author/s of this ritual are to attempting to bring into being a new form of rulership, government or power structure.


    1. Hi Chronos,

      It goes back further to 2010. It starts, incidentally, with INCEPTION. What is that movie about... taking *control* of dreams (the will, Ratzon i.e. Keter) unity and infinity. We know the magical symbolism that has to be at work with that (the old man in profile, etc) and the colour is predominately white.

      Check out the trailer again and you can see the use of the colour in the lettering, the snow, various sets, etc.

      I looked through the supernal triad of 2010, 2011 and 2012 and the movies do seem to match to white, grey and black. I didn't put those pictures up, nor the ones for Chesed (blue) and Gevurah (red) because I didn't want to make the original post too long and I needed to get swiftly to the orange and purple as this is what Secret Sun has been talking about.

      Since it starts in Kether the plan is not simply for a new form of rulership, government, etc it is a radical overhaul of the whole thing. You know as well as I do that the technological wave that is coming is going to literally drive people insane. We haven't seen anything yet with the destabilising effects of social media and social media black ops.

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