Monday, September 30, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Russet Falls

As we enter the final quarter of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10), the Russet Phase, its worth familiarising ourselves with the Russet Pallette and then you will be able to see very clearly how this is being utilized in both fashion and the movies.  This is a short post but since the change of colour is today I wanted to flag this up for those of you following this ''ritual performance''.  As I have said for some time now the end goal of the Russet phase is for the public to be willing to sign up to a technological solution to the problems of climate change which is why this ''trust the science'' message is being constantly pushed.  Ostensibly, these technological solutions will buy enough time to switch the carbon economy to the green economy.



Ad Astra follows Major McBride as he journeys from the Earth [Malkuth] to Neptune [symbolising Keter and infinity]. Like the Fallen Daughter [Nuqba], The Bride [Kallah] is another name for Malkuth/Earth and so McBride means Son of the Bride.  The movie opens by tracking through colour fields which are the colours of the quarters of Malkuth and also features those colours at various intervals, but the dominant color pallette of the film is the russet one shown above.  Note how the first event of the movie is the literal fall of McBride putting into a list of other films from this year which contain both the fallen daughter and her fall [I am Mother, Birdbox, Annabelle Comes Home, Rim of the World, Pet Cemetary, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood].  Its worth bearing in mind how the most visible of these fallen daughters is Greta Thunberg, Greta meaning Pearl, who is/represents the Fallen Daughter of the Earth parading on the world's stage.


The way in which Ad Astra ties into the russet/red phase of Malkuth is that it pushes both technological solutions to planetary disharmony and in the final analysis an Exodus Imperative.  If we cannot save this rock [reforestation, carbon capture, stratospheric spraying i.e. chemtrails] then we have to get off this rock [Elon Musk].

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