Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith Pt II

The third triad transmits its colour to Malkuth in a certain fourfold manner.  Hod and Netzach reflect into the upper portion of Malkuth and the mixture of their colours produces a citrine tinge.  Netzach and Yesod produce the olive green portion of the sphere.  Hod and Yesod produce the russet brown, while the synthesis of all colours produces the black of the lower quarter... finally Malkuth is called the Sphere of the Elements {Fire, Air, Earth, Water] playing upon which are the influences of all the  foregoing celestial orbs.
The Bride's Reception, Charles Stansfield Jones [Frater Achad]

As we are now returning through the colours of Malkuth in reverse order as we traverse the Qliphah of Malkuth [Lilith], we are therefore in the Russet zone and should be ''de-reddening'' until the end of the year's first quarter.  In fashion then we will start off with strong red and decrease into orangey-russets until the end of March, then moving through blue/black, green (olive) and then finally yellow (citrine).  Movies will do the same and although they blend all these colours into their design, the focus of the design will be the colour ''in season''.

  • January 1st - March 31st, Red/Russet - Fire
  • April 1st - June 30th, Black/Blue - Earth
  • July 1st - September 30th, Green - Water 
  • October 1st - December 31st Yellow - Air


Returning to the subject of volcanoes and volcanism as manifestations of the Russet [that were expected in late 2019 and now again through the first quarter of 2020, that mirror and complete the wildfires in terms of representing that element's quarter - see above] Taal Volcano has erupted in the Philipines.


One of my hypotheses as a potential desperate way out of the climate catastrophe would be to detonate volcanoes.  I speculated that some 2012esque ''secret government scientists'' who have been given trillions of dollars of black budget money to save the Earth would come to the conclusion that only by releasing massive quantities of sulfur dioxide could we reduce the temperature enough to save us from the tipping point.  I imagined a group of these scientists clandestinely scouring the Earth for remote poppable volcanoes, with the general premise that detonating lots of smaller ones across the globe would reduce the necessity for popping the big one...  Sound too much like the plot of a terrible B movie for you?  Well... open your eyes and look around at the B movie planet you are living on.  I personally think this is a great strategy to buy us time even though it seems clinically insane at first glance.




Like Greta, Megan's name also means Pearl, and also like Greta, Megan is something of a princess - but if Greta is the Princess of Disks (i.e. Diamonds) which one is Megan, Cups (i.e. Hearts)? Last week we speculated about the appearance of so-called anti-Gretas, Gretas who might represent and defend capitalism.  It is also possible that the manifestation of the anti-Greta (anti-Pearl) could be someone who either uses their fame and privilege to distract from the climate movement and get everybody else to become obsessed with a different (or different enough) issue. It is also conceivable that the anti-Greta enters the scene and steals some of the actual Greta's thunder.


Do not underestimate the impact of those burned Koala Bears and kangeroos on impressionable psyches and don't believe for one second that The People will always put The People first when it comes to saving the planet.  I was listening to this Mark Kermode review of Godzilla: King of Monsters [one of the 2019, Green phase, Malkuth movies] where he ridicules ecoterrorists as an antagonist.  Don't be so sure, Mark, don't be so sure...

In Beyond the Russet Falls 2020 post we speculated about how to ''invert'' the environmental movement so we create evil Gretas [in the same way ''Malkuth'' the Sefira is inverted into Lilith, the Qliphah] and we expected the movement to recieve bad news.  Today, one of Priti Patel's first actions as Home Secretary of the UK has been to establish XR [Extinction Rebellion] as a potential terrorist movement.  This completes any kind of setting up for this in the future.  While some Koala crazed members of the group might well believe that their peaceful protest is stagnating and more violent action might be needed we should also not neglect the possibility of agent provocateurs entering the group and beginning the demonization anyway, similar to the Gilet Jaunes.

XXI.  The Universe [World] Saturn is called the Great One of the Night of Time.  This last trump of the pack is a Symbol of the Universe.  It contains symbolism of the Ellipse, the Squaring of the Circle, etc.  It represents, in a measure, the Daughter [Malkuth] who is to be raised to the throne of the Mother.  One interpretation reads: ''And in the heart of the sphinx danced the Lord Adonai, in his garlands of roses and pearls, making glad the concourse of things, yea, making glad the concourse of things.

The Bride's Reception, Charles Stansfield Jones [Frater Achad]

n.b. Although I have studied G.D Qabalah and its spinoffs such as Thelema I have also studied Kabbalah proper.  The Letter System that I use to work with the Tree of Life [The Saadia Tree, seen at the top right of the blog] is significantly different from those of the above as I consider them full of faults, conflations and logical contradictions that are not necessary and inhibit the proper function of the Tree.  That said, if the overarching theory is true, whoever is using the GD system [to coordinate all this] seems to be using an unreconstructed variant.  Although Charles Stansfield Jones attempted his own attempt at reconstruction he failed in observing the essential rule of 3, 7 and 12, whereby the 3 mother letters should be on the 3 horizontals in the order they appear in the Alefbeit, the 7 double letters on the 7 vertical paths, and the 12 simple letters on the 12 diagonal paths.

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