Thursday, January 9, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith

Then the first angel sounded their trumpet
And there came hail and fire mixed with blood
And it was hurled down to the Earth
And a third of the Earth was burned up
A third of the trees were burned up
And all the green grass was burned up.

Revelation 8:7

Sounded their ''trumpet'', Trump get it?  You have got to respect this kind of top tier trolling.  To all those people freaking out about the forest fires you are really going to flip when we get to the bit with the insectoid-scorpion alien invaders (Revelation 9:3+).   Stay frosty because if this new unifying prediction (see above) is true then it is going to get a lot worse over the next decade before it gets ''better''.

So a few days into January in the Year of Lilith (where we speculated about evil or anti-Gretas), and Greta Thunberg changes her name to Sharon because an actor on a celebrity quiz show mistook her name for that (yeah right....); Sharon i.e. Charon, the Ferryman to Hell, marks this transition from the Holy Tree to the Inverse Tree - meanwhile Down Under (The Underworld) is all ablaze with people fleeing Eden as it is engulfed by flames.  Some people might say this or that is just a ''coincidence'' but I don't think anyone is taking those people seriously anymore.  The core philosophy of these pedestrian atheists is about as woowoo as that of literalist Christians when it is closely examined.    After all, to quote Egg Shen from Big Trouble in Little China, ''where is the universe?''

As the Lilitu are female demon wind spirits, and are already creating fire generated thunderstorms down under, I imagine we can expect some crazy hurricanes as well this year, or even firecanes and sharknadoes - I mean why not we are now on the Road through Hell.  With the reputations of the Liliths I think we can expect some headline grabbing ''losses'' of children as well - as well as children being ''demonic'' in and of themselves.  On that note one of the first films out in this years entrainment programme/G.D.esque pathwalking exercise is an adaptation of one of Grimm's most famous fairytales...

Assuming the standard heavy handed allegory as the last decade, with the title reversed (Greta Gretel and Hansel) this seems to be the familiar story of one plucky young Swedish girl going up against the baby eating, ''childhood stealing'' demon of climate change.  Curiously, in 2013 when this story was released as Hansel and Greta Gretel, the baby eating demon witch was called Lilith.  In this rendition the antagonist is Holda, a Northern European mother goddess demonised by Christians and played by Alice Krige (The OA, Carnival Row) - so on the surface at least an entity which has appeared to suffer the same fate as our earlier Lilith, depending on your perspective.



As we move on through this year - this question of perspective i.e. whether or not Lilith was evil at the point of her origin, or a more benign (???) divine feminine deity later demonised by Christianity will come to the surface through media exposure of witches at work; we will find her held up as a hero by some and a greater demon by others. 


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  1. I'm really enjoying these recent posts. Narrow are the gates... My hometown New Orleans has long been a haven of Lilith. The earth is literally subsided where the city sits, as if in a bowl, and many fall into the pit. In the last few years, I've seen many fall victim to this inversion, some life long friends.