Monday, June 1, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Blazing Star, Wormwood and COVID-19

The third angel sounded his trumpet
And a great star, blazing like a torch
Fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
And on the springs of water,
The name of the star is Wormwood.
A third of the waters turned bitter
And a great many people died
Revelations 8:10, 11

Remote viewing the future from the past can be difficult at the best of times because you lack context for what you are seeing and so can only express it in your own terms.  Many people have been asking about revelations and whether COVID-19 Lilifluenza is involved or not.  Only six months ago, if that, we were literally witnessing Revelations 8:7 i.e. a third of the earth being on fire, etc so ''what part of Revelations are we doing today?'' is a legitimate question with all the literal craziness that has been happening.

In brief - because we are all short on time:

  • Blazing Star = Coronavirus
  • Falling on the Waters = Water borne, carried in water droplets  
  • Springs of water = cough, sneeze droplets
  • Wormwood = wormwood i.e. Artemisia Annua (''covid organics'')
  • Third of waters turned bitter = infection/exposure rate goes to 1/3 of population
  • Great many people died = Great many people died


If you were looking forward from the early first millennium, you would see a strange image everywhere, a giant sphere with spikes or rays - corona, that the people are regarding fearfully - this image would be being presented in art, on tv, in science advice, and so on - as a remote viewer you would see it everywhere.  You would not know that this was a microscopic - nanoscopic organism but could easily see it as some kind of malevolent star.  The advice regarding social distancing and mask wearing is all to do with combating this entity that has ''fallen on the waters'' - water droplets having a range of 2m or so when ejected from ''springs of water''.  Imagining a little bit in the future, not so far now, ''a third of the waters turned bitter'' in that a third of the population now carry the disease and therefore with mass infection the risk of your own exposure increases.



So where is the wormwood?  This has been bothering some of my colleagues for a few days now and there have been lots of theories about what wormwood is and what it means.  I was shocked, no stunned, to find that Artemisia Annua (sweet wormwood) is being investigated as a potential ''miracle cure'' for COVID-19 Lilifluenza.  Again reflecting only a short distance into our future we can see a world where people are drinking this wormwood tonic, very much like the British drank tonic to keep tropical disease at bay, prophylactically.  This prophylactic use would be even more urgent and widespread if the disease did mutate into something more vicious which is entirely possible.


So have a great many people died?  Well relative to the population of the ancient world a great many people have indeed died.  And certainly anyone remote viewing this kind of situation lacking context might easily conclude that a great many people have died from how people are behaving.  But I think this revelation, if that is what it is, is far from over.

So the answer to the question of ''what bit of Revelations we are doing today?'' is 8:11.

The fifth angel sounded his trumpet
and I saw a star that had fallen
from the sky to the earth
The star was given the key
to the shaft of the Abyss.

Revelations 9:1

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  1. Last year I saw a sky full of red stars. It looked like they were falling, but it was red dragons falling from them. The had riders with secuto-like helmets. The hides of both were covered in frilly appendages like the coronavirus. When they landed people started dying in droves.

    "But I think this revelation, if that is what it is, is far from over"