Wednesday, June 17, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Entering the Green Zone

Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new mania
And can you hear the sound of hysteria
The subliminal mind fuck America

American Idiot, Green Day


Before we go on let's just take a moment to reflect on confirmation bias and how these AI suggestion systems play into it.  So I have been studying the Black Phase (Nigredo) of 2020, something that I think few of my readers are disputing anymore but should Rebecca Black really be considered part of it or are my digital stalkers just feeding me this?  Point is its really easy to get lost in a cloud of your own delusions here and the internet does not make that easier.  That said to what extent are the Operators not just shaking out all their black toys on the table - Rebecca Black included - and seeing how many they can jam into the phase, like set dressing?  Rebecca Black is certainly not meaningful beyond the nature of her last name.  Her sequel to ''Friday'' - ''Saturday'' - which they might be bringing to some attention bears symbolism since in 2020 every day is Saturday. While I think the Black Phase may have one more treat left up its sleeve, we are now clearly progressing into the Green Phase and its worth reminding ourselves to stay focused on the major narratives as opposed to the set dressing.


Last year in 2019 the transition between the Yellow and the Green was signalled by the destruction of Notre Dame and the shift in media focus from Gilets Jaune to Extinction Rebellion (human food supply vs sustainability of the planet).   This year, reversing through France Macron has declared the entire country a Green Zone.  During this time in 2019 No 10 Downing Street was lit up in green to remember the ''victims'' of Grenfell (Greenfields) fire and this year, reversing through Malkuth, we transition from Black Phase to Green Zone and the Green Lights again play on the facade of No 10.

The Green Zone is signalling for the transition to the Green Agenda that has steadily been building steam under the black winds of lilifluenza.  In the early days of the lock-down people in major cities across Europe were noticing the drop in air pollution and remarking on the clear blue skies.  A spate of (centrally produced) memes began to spread imagining all the things we could see now the pollution was clear - things like the Matrix, the Annihilation Field, the Death Star, etc, etc.  At the time, remembering the Horizon documentary on global dimming I was warning that this reduction in global dimming would provoke an immediate and dramatic environmental backlash.


As we have explained in previous posts we are very certain now that the weather effects we expected are going to happen if we have not already seen them and these weather effects will be used to drive that Green Agenda.  What we have to understand is that people are so thick-skulled that only wildly dramatic events are going to create the necessary response to radically change the world in the way that is necessary to avoid extinction.  I expected serious food shortages as a result of drought and famine and food price increases but is mass starvation and poverty going to be enough as background phenomena to get through to people?  How is this going to be dramatised and serialised?  What will the set dressing be?

Greta, shown here sporting a lovely garland and black hoodie, is clearly the protagonist of the climate drama and it is highly unlikely that the Green Zone will pass without her on the stage pointing towards the scale of the food/refugee problem.  Her influence over young people is huge - Artemisia mentioned the multiplication of Greta - and the Zoomers will respond to just the images she indicates but for the rest of us we have to think about how this will be brought home.  Other than media appearances will Greta's life and movement get caught up in the drama itself with crimes of passion?  I can imagine some within the environmental movement to get triggered by the events will we witness doing something really stupid - either an act of terrorism or death through accident involving some stunt that goes horribly wrong?


So apparently the UK is set to be hit by a plague of greenflies which is so very UK.  Other countries have roaches, mosquitoes and locusts but in a country where we've massacred everything wild bigger than a bunny or badger the best we can mange to play the seasonal swarm game is greenflies.  Is this set dressing, or will insects, swollen with Summertime play a huge role in the upcoming famines?


Cloud data.  Good cloud data is notoriously difficult to get and you often have to go to extreme lengths...  I am not talking Twister, I am talking more Die Hard 3.  An ''opportune moment'' to gather such data happened in 9/11 when planes were grounded for 3 days.  The best moment ever though was over the last few months when our decrease in production of air particles took human contribution to cloud formation out of the equation and we could really get a good handle on what was going on with the role of aerosols in climate change scenarios. These are black clouds indeed but the propaganda essence of these muddled articles is to point us towards the role of clouds in what is going to happen over the Summer to prepare the way for short-term geoengineering.

The Clouds is a comedy by Aristophanes that mocks intellectuals, particularly Socrates, and may be an appropriate play to read over the coming warm Summer days.  When the best tools science has got for fighting demons is a) run and hide inside or b) stand 2m away from each other and cover your face like its preschool playground game - you know we are fucked.  The Surgisphere scandal did not do anything for me in inspiring confidence in the institution and definitely continued to erode the confidence of the intelligentsia who have been made to look extremely foolish over the last few months, foolish being a look they've spent their lives avoiding.  Whether it be ignoring their own mandates over lilifluenza or castigating a president on their own faulty corporate espionage riddled pharma data the best is yet to come - chemtrails.  Yes, the chemtards were right.  The challenge is can they get it hot enough for people to demand it.


We have a few other details regarding the Summer Green Phase - we know it will be centred on ''the North'' and be associated with an inversion of the element of water - so what can we come up with ahead of time?  When I imagined a Summer of sad deflating anger/confusion collapsing into resignation I am inverting the Green Lion.  ''Greenland'', a disaster movie with Gerard Butler was originally supposed to come out on June 12th but has been delayed by the pandemic and the trailer was pulled, maybe because it was deemed insensitive?  There have been a few reports about the magnetic field destabilising at the moment so could we potentially see far south reaching Northern Lights?  As with the last year we should expect a dramatic transition event between Black and Green around the end of June - early July - the transition event last year between Green to Black were the Amazonian forest fires.

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be OK
Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who are meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

American Idiot, Green Day

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