Tuesday, June 23, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Entering the Green Zone Pt II, the Greening

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Oh won't you please take me home

Paradise City, Guns and Roses


The fires made the world turn red, the pandemic made the world turn black so what will make the world turn green?  We've already discussed the various green New Deal style initiatives that are being proposed or launched in various countries and how Greta Thunberg is the character representing those efforts and a Tree Army would definitely turn a lot of the youth green, willingly or no. But these kind of initiatives, while a huge part of the coming transformation, do not literally turn the world red or black so with just over one week to go let's have another look through the possibilities for The Greening.


We know by now that the economic data from the second quarter is going to be extremely bad and may trigger all kinds of economic consequences.  Some countries have seen reductions in their GDP of over 10% and this is with the media trying to put a positive spin on apocalyptic news.  This will be impossible to hide by the end of July and while any related events would certainly be an inversion of the concept of ''green'' and definitely used to spearhead the main narrative of green revolution financial crash won't literally turn the world green. If the supply chain does hold up maybe the cash supply problem will create the mass starvation/hunger in the developed world needed to truly focus attention and cut through the pig headed ignorance.


Lilifluenza infections are beginning to be associated with meat packing plants drawing attention to the terrible conditions that a lot of these place operate under and turning stomachs around the world.  The discussion of dropping meat standards in the UK (chlorinated chicken) are also making the British think of alternative lifestyles.  Many came to vegan/vegetarian resolutions during the lock-down of their own will but meat is one of the big sectors on the chopping block of saving the planet so people will certainly be hurried along this year with their change in diet.

We remember from before that the yellow-green axis last year as being around farmers and rural people vs more urbane environmentalists, epitomised by the Gilets Jaune and Extinction Rebellion.  Is it better to think of this as carnivore vs vegan?  Its another issue which increasingly divides us like race.  In which case will the lilifluenza summer involve the destruction of the carnivores, followed by a Fall of bad harvests which also crush the vegans?  Although cooked meat is safe, mink have been slaughtered in the Netherlands and Denmark so if the disease mutates and is found in livestock - what then?  A repeat of the FMD crisis with a nation covered in sacrificial pyres?


In the wake of another Islamist stabbing in the UK it might be worth considering the event will be either from or in an Islamic country.  The flag of Libya shows the three colours that have been worked through this year.  Both Pakistan and Saudia Arabia because of the colour of their flags may be worth focusing on as potential sites for The Greening.  Generally, green was seen as a symbol for the military so is it possible that the USA or another country starts a war to get themselves out of the economic crisis?


The dry heat this year will guarantee the spread of pests and these will also be a major problem in the food sector.  Forgetting the locust swarms which ravage the developing world at the moment what will be the developed world's confrontation with the swarms beyond such things as greenfly?  The extension of the range of the malarial tiger mosquito?  Japanese beetles?  Were the murder hornets priming us for insect related general catastrophes?


I think the possibility of algal blooms visible from space are a good candidate for a phenomena that turns the world green.  Like the Northern Lights they could provide an event which captures the imagination.  The photo above shows the effect of the rising temperature and melting Himalayas on the Arabian Sea.  Algal blooms have been increasing in severity due to climate change and are a major problem in places like Florida but will it get bad enough to be The Greening?


Talk of Project Blue Beam dominated conversation in some circles over the last couple of months and if memory serves me one of the priming events for any attempt at faking an alien invasion was going to be the discovery of revolutionary archaeological finds that makes us question our own sense of history.  We've seen history under attack with the statue protests but with this discovery of ancient neolithic circles at Stonehenge I wonder if we are edging closer to a Blue Beam set up.   

Just an urchin living under the street
I'm a hard case that's tough to beat,
I'm your charity case so buy me something to eat
I'll pay you at another time,
Take it to the end of the line

Paradise City, Guns and Roses

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