Tuesday, July 28, 2020

2020- The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, Gold Fever

I would give the world to see
How I used to be
When I had no axe to grind
Except for chopping wood
Day was day and night was night
Wrong was never right
Didn't matter where I went
As much as I where I stood,
I had dreams, average size
There were stars in the skies
Not my eyes
Then I got Gold Fever!

Gold Fever, Paint Your Wagon

Paint Your Wagon is an old musical about pioneers in the Gold Rush whose themes include ''Man vs Nature'' and ''Man vs Man''.  In ''First Thing You Know'' Lee Marvin exhorts: ''God made the Mountains, God Made the sky, God made the people, God knows why!  He fixed up the planet as best as he could, then in come the people and gum it up good!''  That these simple wholesome mining folk made their coin over the centuries by ravaging the landscape in countless different ways reminds us that Civilization is a Heat Engine - i.e. the process of civilization always lays the seeds of its own destruction.


A few posts ago I opened and closed with quotes from Flash Gordon - the closing quote being Dale Arden: ''Flash, I love you, but we've only got fourteen hours to save the Earth.'' Following in my wake, ha!, is the Guardian with Climate Countdown, ''a hundred days to save the Earth'', well ninety nine now...  This propaganda is intended to tie equity (black phase, disproportionate effects of lilifluenza on poor and people from BAME backgrounds, etc) to the environment (pandemics originate in humankinds' despoliation of nature, etc), in the style of Greta Thunberg and Naomi Klein for the ''Green New Deal''.  The anti-obesity drive to make oneself fitter to survive the pandemic is going to make starvation feel like more of a group effort to preserve nature from the evils of agriculture.  Essentially, bike to burn your fat if you are so selfish you can't bike to save the Earth.

Truthfully I think a Green Revolution is very desirable and I would love to live on a cleaner planet with far less air pollution but foreknowledge here indicates that there is a secret judo flip involved in this phase and that control of Green Energy is the prize.  As a public emerging from a shattered economy a great deal of us will be working in ''the Green sector'' to ''Green our Economies'' and many of these jobs will be funded by the public purse.  Imagine a world where green energy funded by the public is owned by the public and the kind of liberation that would happen if we decrease energy prices on households overall?  Right?  You can't imagine that, as the future already exists and it will be Private Green Energy owned by Shell Oil (Qliphoth).


In light of some of the comments on the previous post it might be worth taking a closer look at Greenland, the new disaster movie with Gerard Butler.  Could the cometary fragments be a social commentary on the effect of localised lockdowns leading to a shattered world system?  Or are they just cometary fragments, no subtext, and we are all going to be annihilated if we are not bunkerside?  Whatever you want to draw from this movie, I saw that the trailer had been released wayback but was then removed from the internet (very effectively I might add and just as a green scary comet was breaking into fragments...) shortly afterwards and that it was a clear vindication of the overall arc of the Unifying Colour Theory.  The fact that so-called magicians are not all over the sheer obvious blatancy of this is because they gave up memorising the codex in favour of genuflecting about ''justice'' on social media, making grand statements about ''Place'', half-assed hipster sorcery and hawking faddish empty motivational rhetoric.  This continuing populist dumbing down of what was left of esoterics was as much a part of the overall psy-op as the Tiktatorships' very recent dabblings with Lilith. Ahhh, when I were a lad if it weren't memorised it weren't learned (please read in Northern accent).  Similarly, many conspiratards might benefit from actually studying the thing they are investigating rather than simply pointing and going ''oooo spooky occult symbolism one eyed goat stuff''.  The Devil is in the details.

Here is the symbol code of the literal trailer to compare with ''The Degreening'' theory and posts on the Blogos, give it a go:  Thunder Road. Green suburbs. Wayfield Foods.  Exodus.  Part of it - its going in the ocean.  Blast-wave/heat-wave.  Central Florida.  Are more (localized) pieces going to hit (locally)?  The sky is on fire.  They got it all wrong (we thought we had more time...).  ELE.  Military (Green) Flights.  Bunkers in Greenland (Green Zone).  Cyanwash.  Perimeter breach.  Cyanwash.  Exploding plane (industry).  Less than 24 hours (14 hours to save the Earth). Green embankment wrestling.  Forest fire.  Seek shelter immediately.  Seek shelter immediately.  Seek shelter immediately.  Liberate tuteme ex infirnis.  


''The Poor they got hope, the Rich can buy soap''

Gold hitting record highs was interpreted as one aspect of ''Degreening'' and most of my readers will know that the reason the stock market is disconnected from main street in terms of one reaching soaring highs and one clinically shatter fucked is that the Federal Reserve print the money (inflate the Green) and put it straight into the stock market.  Gold tends towards an inverse relationship with the dollar so as the dollar is being clearly bastardised at the moment with zero or extremely low interest rates in many currencies people are fleeing into Gold.  This mirrors the concept of the reversal of the Green Lion, if we symbolically take the Lion to be the Dollar and the Sun being Gold.


''Then the Lord said unto me: Out of the North an evil shall break forth on the inhabitants of the land'' is one of Jeremiah's oft-repeated statements within Kabbalah which lead me to associate the Depth of Evil with the Depth of the North.  The destruction team are doubling down on this concept with what seems like an endless litany of posts on the demonic nature of all things Russia this month.  Alongside the stories about paid bounties and environmental disasters due to incompetence and corruption we also get the intelligence report into Russia's involvement in UK politics (i.e. the Russians did Brexit) and a documentary about the Kremlin's radioactive poison assassins.  Are we being primed for war with Russia? I don't believe so, but our collective subconscious mind, the battery pack for global magicians and the reason they invest in such things as moving pictures, is being drawn northwards and evilwards. For comparison, white walkers, often interpreted as Games of Thrones' take on climate change, also emerged from beyond the North.


Disclosure continues to burn in the background with Senator Reid tweeting: ''I have consistently said we must stick to the science, not fairy tales about little green men.''  With the recent revevaulation of human colonization of the Americas rolled back by tens of thousands of years, are we continuing to see the shifting of the status quo in archaeology that was said would have to foreshadow Project Blue Beam?  As in the last post, I really think that the destruction team are making excellent progress and staying on message so well that I do genuinely believe it is possible that the more outlandish predictions will also bear fruit.  Enjoy the Summer where you can, but prepare for an Epic Fall.

Once we all did honest work
Farmer lawyer clerk
Married men and single men
And some who ain't too sure
Now I look at them and see
Duplicates of me
Cured of what we suffered from
And suffering from the cure
Who can say why we came?
Where's the hope?  Where's the flame?
We're the same
When you've got Gold Fever!

Gold Fever, Paint Your Wagon


  1. People in general don't want to wear masks, get the toxic vaccine, give a f**k about climate change, or follow any of the "green" rules.

    The problem is that modern science has lost all credibility due to A) massive, systemic fraud being uncovered across most scientific fields thanks to the "Non-Repeatability Crisis" (the old, trusted peer review system is essentially gone, academics write and publish whatever they want it seems), B) WAY too many academics, university professors and universities themselves having been caught taking money or other kinds of "bribes" from Jeffrey Epstein and his associates, in exchange for obvious leftist bias, and C) all those so-called "experts" about Covid-19 being even more obviously politically biased towards the radical left, by openly, absurdly contradicting themselves and stating that social distanciation, wearing masks, other "vital" security measures DO NOT APPLY if you're protesting/rioting in favor of Marxism, tearing down monuments, etc.

    People in general are entirely justified to have lost faith in the new priesthood of science, so without proper, trustworthy scientific OR religious institutions, they default back to tribalism and superstition.

    1. When EXACTLY will we enter the Joker-esque "Everything must STAY!" phase, when we're all practically begging for ultra-conservative values and Martial Law?

    2. Well I dispute you saying people in general as I think you are talking about a particular demographic. I agree with what you are saying about that demographic though, they do not want to do any of the above and do not believe in science for some valid reasons and some invalid reasons - corporate espionage the likes of Surgisphere did not do ''Science'' any favours. As I also said in the Black Phase posts logic and logical thinking are also on the chopping block at the moment, and I expect more scandals that reduce the credibility of the institution - they are not ''Science'' and they are not not ''Science'', they are for the masks and they are against the masks, both sides of the argument are being controlled and you need to see it in the abstract and not pick a side to really get it. ''Science'', in this way is being used to attack LOGIC (LOGOS) itself, Logic/Reason/Clarity being one of the highest vibrational mental states (above anger and courage). The confusion spores also work to nerf the Green Lion which remember is supposed to be a kind of current of individuating righteous anger which transmutes into courage. So inverting this, MKULTRA Tavistock Style, you get this kind of pathetic hopeless anger that boils away into despair and resignation. This will be by the end of the Green Phase. In terms of ''general mood''.

      In the UK they have a rule about mask wearing in shops but in pubs you don't have to have them. I am sure we can both reel off a set of absurd rules like this. Just like with the protests and riots absolutely no logic can justify this in time of a pandemic so incredible cognitive dissonance was *produced*. Either it is or it isn't is it???? Arrgghhh! But the cognitive dissonance *was* the purpose of the alchemy.

      In terms of exactly when we enter the EVERYTHING MUST STAY phase it will be with the beginning of the Yellow Quarter (Oct 1st - Dec 31st). Already the disruption is pretty incredible and people in general :-) have been black pilled to all fuck. We will reach the point where we understand that we cannot save the Earth without that *incredible disruption to the economy* *without* geoengineering. This is the ultimate expression of ''everything must stay'' but in the Street it might feel like I want to keep my job, my house, my currency! etc. But upstairs that is how it is being discussed.

    3. I have a strong intuition the ones "upstairs" might lose their grip, even more public figures like George Soros and Bill Gates will realize eventually THEY TOO were merely "useful idiots" for those even further upstairs, whose plans might not necessarily involved material "wealth" or political "power".

      The president of a company is NOT the OWNER. Very few people know who the true owners are, and what their true motives might be. What if it's purely esoterical in nature?

    4. Very true. Who owns the debt forget the company? :-) Isn't there something with that? You can't declare the debt owner in court or something..?

      What if its purely metaphysical? It depends what you mean by that as we can go in so many different directions with it as many do. In terms of the true nature of reality as it was laid out to me in Edward Kelley's Tower by Archangel Raziel no less - our history exists as a kind of museum between two paradoxes which are the twin inventions of ''time travel'' in the past (Lizard-shaman type things invented it ''first'') and the future (''Utopians'' invented it ''second''). The rest of the ''universe'' i.e. the ''deep past'' and ''deep future'' are a kind of fractal freescaling field (the astral plane) that is already *totally* colonised i.e. to the point of everything being ''alive'' that only exists (these ''two'' astrals) because of the ''sacrifice'' of the present i.e. this museum. Nothing can be altered here (that is the true sacrifice sadly) but this place can be ''observed'' and that the inter-dimensional (properly inter-temporal) beings are ''sampling''. How you interpret that is up for grabs! That inter/extra temporality is also pre-determined though and is also necessary.

      So if you mean a set of sanity testing time knots, then yes, this is completely metaphysical and any interdimensional phenomena are apparently ''signatures'' of time travel and not ''aliens'' persay, either pre-humans or post-humans. Theurgy, which the Unifying Colour Theory is really about, is also effectively time travel.

    5. I don't mean to doubt your otherworldly experience, but WHY exactly would technological intervention necessary for the proper functioning of the Universe? It seems to greatly diminish God to say that his creation could only work and make sense if reptilians from the deep past and insectoids from the deep future built time machines.

    6. Yes I agree that is why you see '' '' everywhere. Raziel was trying to explain it in terms that I would understand at that time. There is that line from Mothman Prophecies which is always worth remembering - have you ever tried to talk to a cockroach? Well that is what an angel feels like talking to you. On that note there are a lot of posts ''anti-time clones'', ''consciousness as anti-time'', ''daughter dimensions'', ''fourteen minotaurs'' etc where I tried to dig more into/unpack what is/was meant by the metaphysics of ''time travel'' in Razielian terms but its mind frying, metaphysically speaking and very difficult to explain off the cuff in a comment. I had a really good go at it though - most of the work from 2014-2017 is about applied time travel concepts. As far as I am aware insects and reptilians are all Gods creation as well :-) (Also I think the insectoid stuff is just a travelling suit)

      Stoic eternalist fatalism is not a sexy look, I know.

    7. Its also worth noting that in KBL El built a lot of universes that went boom before he got one that worked. How do you know you are in a properly functioning one now?

    8. "KBL El" - Read this as Kill Bill three times. Had to quadruple-take it. That felt like time travel for a second.

  2. https://twitter.com/heresysquad/status/1287970870032359424


    1. I wonder if the Vegans (extremists or otherwise) realize that normal people will EAT THEM FIRST when famine leads to "indulging in a little bit of Hannibal Lecter action". Are Vegans even able to run away? ;)