Tuesday, October 6, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Yellow Sign and the Pallid Mask, Lilifluenza-in-Chief

SUSPECT: Y'all never caught the man that did that.  He's been out there killin'.
COHLE: You talkin' out yer ass boy.  You don't know a fucking thing, you're just trying to buy some time, ain't you?
SUSPECT: I met him once.  There's big people, who know about him.  Big people.
COHLE: There ain't no deal because there ain't no people.
SUSPECT: You make a deal with me.  You deal with me about these murders.
COHLE: There ain't no deal, you ain't got nothing,  'cause you're full of shit and there ain't nobody alive that didn't know that killer.  He's dead boy.
SUSPECT: I'll tell you about the Yellow King

True Detective

The Yellow Phase (anti or Qliphothic - west, air/wind, yellow, citrinatis) opened with a particularly ''Syn-Cluedo-esque'' mystery in the form of The Amber Room, a whole room made of gold and amber the Nazis stole and shipped across the Baltic on the run from the Soviets - during their retreat the ship was bombed, sank and lay on the bottom of the ocean until finally explored by a team of divers.  Similar to our situation, the secret of the ''Yellow Room'' lies somewhere in this sunken ship of symbolism and like an esoteric salvage crew we scavenge through the coral and the creatures looking for clues, always reminding ourselves not to mistake the former for the latter.


The Yellow Sign generally features two humanoids (occasionally one wearing a skirt, possibly containing a uterus) with a double headed arrow (two-headed snake) between them enforcing social distancing with the numbers 2m or 6 ft (or both) depending where you are located, occasionally these images crested by Lilith Medusa the corona-virus itself.  Looking a bit deeper into the possible occult symbolic levels operating in the Yellow Sign:

  • Humans as Pillars: Jachin/Boaz - duality, separation, severity, mercy
  • Six feet is linked to Tifereth/Sol (Yellow)
  • Two metres linked to Chokmah/Fixed Stars and duality (male/female)
  • Where the Two and the Six are both present this links to Alef (2 Yods + Vav = 26) and the value of the name of YHVH (26)
  • Crowned by Coronavirus, i.e. Kether the Crown, implying an ''Inverted Supernal Triad'' (especially clear in the final image)
  • Humans linked by Arrow makes an ''H'' at a distance i.e. the final Heh of YHVH which is directly linked to Malkuth/Assiah (Y = Atziluth/Chokmah, First H = Briah/Binah, V = Yetzirah,  H = Assiah/Malkuth) and which would correspond to the first letter of the inverted name of God in the Tree of Qliphoth, the Tree of Hell i.e. HVHY, which would be Lilith
No-one disputes the unpleasant ramifications of The Yellow Sign which forces us to recognise other humans as, first and foremost, sources of potential infection, flesh bags full of microbial demons, as opposed to fellow travellers in the time stream.  Of course, public health is at stake and we should keep our distance but its easy to see this as a message spreading a more general, invidious, ''covidious'' sense of division which could easily be retro-fitted to suit other purposes later.  Dividing people like this will have a impact on the increasing population - the covid dating scene being as bleak as any other scene in 2020.  See below for the Yellow Fun Chaperones.



The King in Yellow pays homage to one of Poe's works the Masque of the Red Death in its symbolic use of colour throughout the story.  A masque was a classical dramatic performance presented to a member of royalty (for birth, marriage, or an entry into society) often including pastoral and mythological elements.  The masque was eventually folded into the masquerade ball which became a common feature of the carnival season in the 15th century - in reference to the last post about green-lighting movies, perhaps it is better to think of this global performance as a masque, say what you like about the Illuminati but they are classy.  In the Masque of the Red Death, Prince Prospero is hiding from a plague of the blood - a vascular virus - and during his sojourn hosts a colour coded masquerade ball in his country estate.   A masked stranger threatens the peace of the ball by displaying the symptoms of the Red Death and the Prince pursues him through the colour coded rooms and, finally confronting him, suddenly drops dead - only then do the audience discover that there is nothing beneath the costume of the mysterious stranger that the dead Prince was chasing.  Similarly, during the King in Yellow, after attending a Masquerade Ball in his honour the stranger removes the ''Pallid Mask'' only for people to see there is nothing behind the mask, that the mask was his face.

The Rose Garden massacre event in the White House carries echoes of these stories of Red Death and Yellow Kings - a super-spreader event at a ''Masquerade Ball'', a President pursued by a vicious, venomous media and an astonishing final ''maskless display'' - effectively removing a mask from a mask, as with most narcissistic psychopaths there is nothing behind the mask, or what little there is is nothing wholesome, a churning insatiable void of drives and desires.  As the virus is likely to edit the behaviour of its host we now have a Virus-in-Chief, Lilith is resident in the White House (Keter).  

In the King in Yellow we made several predictions about the ''De-Yellowing'' of Trump and Johnson, that the blonde figureheads of the Yellow Spirits (Brexiteers, MAGA, Gilet Jaunes, Ethno-Nationalists, Rural Folk, Populists, etc) would be ''scalped'' /humiliated if we follow the general pattern of the year of breaking the spirits of all of our four demographics to pave the way for the new normal.  So, as if by magic, Trump catches Lilifluenza on Day 1 of the Yellow Phase (BTW - I assume this is our transition event) and the trajectory of the disease will determine at least the next 14 days of the most important US elections (west) in a lifetime.  Has God-Emperor Trump finally met his match at the hands of the Queen of the Night or will his mighty power-fists beat back, to quote Johnson, the ''invisible mugger?''

Comparisons with World King Johnson do not bode well for Emperor Trump as after an initial sympathy bump from the electorate his star steadily faded and fell, people fed up with the laziness, the nepotism and the incompetence when they are suffering a great many privations in their own lives. The UK Government bungled their response to the pandemic with mixed messaging, repeated breaches of the rules by the rule-makers and still further, not even knowing their own rules!  To say the UK population is royally pissed off with the Government is putting it lightly, even the Government's own Party is pissed off with the Government!  The men in grey suits, as they are referred to, are already jostling to remove Johnson (Jeremy Hunt is clearly chomping at the bit), the rumour mills suggesting that the PM is over the hill, suffering from Long Covid, etc, and should be taken around the back of the shed and put out of his misery.  To what extent the GOP have their own version of ''the grey suits'' and to what extent people are voting for Trump now but going to essentially elect the Vice President is up for debate.  Pence does not raise the passions...


Let's just remind ourselves of these four ''Malkuthian'' demographics as we may make more reference to it as we journey on through hell (if its not useful we'll ditch it):

  • Yellow Spirits - Give a fuck about their family, clan, tribe and by extension their nation
  • Green Spirits - Give a fuck about humanity as a whole and the planet
  • Red Spirits - Only give a fuck about themselves
  • Black Spirits - Do not give a fuck

All these spirits need crushing to make way for the new model purple citizen of the new normal and we saw in turn each one of them come under the esoteric psychological hammer - finally we arrive to the coup de grace - the final and absolute obliteration of the Yellow Spirit.  New York Times Bestseller 2020: ''The World Needs More Purple People'' may be seeding influence for the upcoming purpality in the same way people are being subtly moved towards the purple in other ways.  What that ''purple person'' might looks like we will scry in another article but reading the blurb for the book it seems to be attempting to get people to find a synthesis or compromise between these four demographics above - the purple person meets in the middle with a neo-centrist handshake and ''paints the world purple.''

The Yellow Spirits ''took their name'' from their leaders and from the fields of wheat, corn and rapeseed they largely represent.  From the perspective of the operators of the grander plan to save Earth from Humanity itself, older people who lean right wing (Trump, Brexit, Gilets Jaunes, Climate Change Denial, Anti-Mask, etc) represent the greatest threat to our continued existence.  Raised and living in the world created by the Mad Men of the 60s, older western citizens, bred for selfishness and entitlement, have a huge carbon footprint (SUVs, air conditioning, general wastefulness, etc) that dwarfs the citizenry of other parts of the world.   When citizens of developing countries meet to discuss what they can do they rightfully point at the Western World and talk about any changes they make being wrecked by inaction on the part of the USA et al.  Running the COVID-19 maths a 95% survival rate in our over 65+ population in the UK (significant part of the overall aging population) still yields hundreds of thousands of deaths by the end of it - this in itself constitutes a significant de-yellowing esp. if it hits poorer uneducated older people more than richer educated older people - while reducing the lifeforce of hundreds of thousands of others.


Operation Yellowhammer was the codename used by the UK Civil Service for contingency planning in the event of a no-deal Brexit - originally this code-name grabbed my attention as it was leaked back in 2019 and I made the link to the Yellow Phase of that year (also the link to the Gilets Jaunes that was happening at the same time).  Borrowing their language we can think about the various ''Buttercups'' that will be used as ''Yellowhammers'' to crush these Yellow Spirits:

  • Air/Wind/Hurricane
  • Brimstone/Sulfur/Yellowstone
  • Corn/Wheat/Rapeseed/Etc
  • Gold
  • Jaundice
  • Yellowcake
  • China - the Yellow Peril
  • Brexit
  • Epstein - ''The Repairer of Reputations''

This is not a comprehensive list by any means it simply represents those buttercups I first picked, there were many more out there in the field of dreams.  We can expect the effects of bad harvests (happening right now) caused by the brutal winds, floods and droughts of the Green Phase to play a significant role in the de-yellowing - poor yields being its literal realisation.  We can expect that the spread of Lilifluenza (airborne now, thanks Nancy) which first hit the cities has had the time to diffuse into more rural spread-out less densely populated areas who are more unshielded being more likely to believe it is ''a hoax''.  We can expect the economic impact to be severe on the working class for instance if the middle classes are saving their money sheltering inside then no jobs for fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, purchasing new cars, waiting tips, etc etc, the frightening list goes on.  Retail is done, restaurants are done and now the cinemas have shut themselves down.  Suffering in these communities will mount over the next six weeks bringing us to a crunch point before the election where a set of key voters in swing states will decide the fate of the King in Yellow - the turbulence caused by the ripple effects of everything that has happened this year will certainly impact their decision making.  Just like the tax revelation may have upset some of those who believed in the fantasy of the virtuous Trump battling the Deep State (or whatever) could revelations on Epstein (The Repairer of Reputations...) actually tar him or fellow Republicans/allies with the same pedo-brush Trump has been using to implicate the Democrats - this would be tricky terrain for the Q-anonensicals to navigate.

Or will the US even make it to an election?  Yellowstone eruption is obviously at the extreme end of the buttercup dreams, but a set of climate change or weather weapon induced Cat.6 hurricanes could result in a state of emergency being declared in various parts of the USA leading to a prolonged, delayed and even more questionable election process than before.  As would someone making a dirty bomb out of Yellowcake.  Although there will be variance in severity and intensity as there was throughout the Green Phase I think the outline of the Yellow phase of the Year of Lilith has finally crystallised.

To realise that all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memory, all your pain, it was all the same thing.  It was all the same dream you had inside a locked room - a dream about being a person.  And like a lot of dreams, there is a monster at the end of it.


Rust Cohle, True Detective


  1. I seriously doubt Trump was ever truly sick, all theater. A couple of members of the press at the White House were overheard months ago (as reported by Intellihub) saying that "there is nothing to worry about, since the death rate if infected is only 0.1% - 0.3%, and besides, *everyone here has already been vaccinated anyway*."

    All theater. Like when the Liberal Media relentlessly calls Trump a "genocidal Nazi", but as soon as he gets "sick" they send him "get well wishes".

    1. A lot of people think it was all theater which doesn't look good either... a) you get sick, spread it around the Whitehouse, look stupid or b) you *pretend* you have covid so you can look strong after you beat it in 5 mins. Neither is particularly classy but nor should those be since I think it is clear that it is intended that he lose. He looked pretty sick on TV just an hour or so ago, jacked up, slightly short of breath, more makeup than usual. Not that different to Boris after his jaunt - but Bojo stayed in longer. Let's see - what is the *most* humiliating thing that can happen to him? This is pretty humiliating already but... he drops dead of lilifluenza in the middle of a MAGA rally? Do all his supporters rally around Pence???

      ''Its all theatre'' can be applied to the so-called division in the powers that be, right? - that many seem to have bought into for some odd reason. ''Its all theatre'' can be applied to the 'hot mic' stunt itself. I agree its theatre, the post is about masques after all, just not sure whether that stage gun was loaded with a real bullet quite yet.

      As long as we don't go as far as saying nuclear power stations are actually theatres, I think we're both maintaining tolerable and rational levels of paranoia.

    2. Nuclear power stations *are* actually theater! ;)

      But seriously, what if they truly *have* been vaccinated? Not the Bill Gates depopulation s**t, but a genuine protection from Covid-19 (just in case, regardless of how unimpressive it has proven so far)? Then Trump and the Demoncrats/Liberal Media are in reality mere actors working together, maybe even friends.

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOY4Ka-GBus&ab_channel=NotPercy203

      If you think about it this video from Adam Curtis is in fact an example of what he is talking about in the video... ''They'' could have been truly vaccinated, sure, they may not have been - but that not-knowing and doubt/mistrust in the public is what they are really after. In the same way that contradictory ''logic'' that has been in play all year was the intention - they play both sides to create these paradoxes of logic to eat away at the middle ground citizenry and decouple us from reality - post-modern warfare. That's why I said ''the purple person'' is a neo-centrist because its a new synthesis of new political currents. The reality we will ''re-couple'' (the ''everything must stay'' process) around will have radically different rules, ''purple rules'' - ''purpules'', the seeds of those agreements/compromises have already been laid and they *will* bear fruit. There is actually considerable agreement around ''lockdownism'' from both Yellow and Green Spirits - both of them have controlling aspects of their personality and politics that find it palatable. Other aspects they may agree around is something of a fight club finale with a controlled demolition of aspects of the neoliberal economy that they both hate so much. We are transitioning to a ''green economy'' to navigate whatever stacked disasters are coming, like or not, and the same powers will transition with us.

    4. This is pretty humiliating JB:


      Fresh humiliation for Johnson as well:


    5. What part of "all theater" don't you get? Unless you're actually willing to believe this is all happening by sheer coincidence less than a month before the "election". Even your kaballistic colour-coded theory irrefutably implies that practically *everything* is staged like a play/movie. Besides, Trump has often intentionally made a total fool out of himself simply to make his "opponents" lose face later on.

    6. Definitely not believing it is coincidence JB. What is happening to Trump now is a perfect example of what I was expecting and I refer to it as ''a masque'' for a reason. I am wondering about the meta-theatrical. They reference that theatre guy as the wizard of spin in Moscow. I've thought for a while that what they've actually done in the West is weaponise both Brechtian Theatre Theory and, more perversely, Boalian Theatre Theory. Moscow just caught up.

    7. Top of the page over at Zerohedge:

      Trump has finally officially declassified the documents essentially proving the "Russian narrative" was fabricated by Obama and Hillary, and that there essentially was a plot within the Deep State to discredit anything he did as President.

  2. Replies
    1. If you're talking to me, I am *not* pro-Trump, I am extremely anti-Radical Left and anti-Demoncrat, as any reasonable person should be, considering how they all seem to be a bunch of dead-end narcissists and psychopaths hellbent on destroying *everything*.

      I much rather have a truly good President restoring order/prosperity while getting rid of them, but unfortunately we're stuck with Trump. Maybe Pence would be better, more self-control and integrity.

      And yes, I never forget that both sides are probably owned by the same Globalist Elite.

    2. If its aimed at me Hermit then quite possibly. My politics are ambiguous at best but I am pretty sure this is a Reckoning. However the cookies crumble we are going to need to begin to make some new agreements and choices as a planet.

      I am talking about confirmation bias an awful lot and trying to keep a check on it. It does not help that the phone feeds you what you ''want'' to see. But you have to make choices eventually. Various forms of bias are implicit. Unbiased, and rendered as mathematically as possible the theory is (anti) YELLOW WIND WEST CITRINATIS. I try and offer what I see as both plausible and less plausible interpretations of the overall theory. Everything else is scrying. The whole thing could be completely skewiff and I could be descending into madness. I confess this is not even my area. I'm just an actor.


    3. To Blogos JB.

      Orange face seems to harness yellow/red energy. I just don't see this happening in any positive way.

      This is to bring people DOOOoowwwwn.

  3. Blogos, Van Halen died, a "rock god" whose family crest in the middle-ages featured a *Black Lion*, very significant after the death of the Black Panther.

    1. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/08/golden-dawn-neo-nazi-violence-greece-political-class

  4. Lovely writing. The world needs more purple? How about the universe needs more purple? Ultraviolet (cyan/purple/violet hues) as a pantone colour de jour can be stunningly cosmically beautiful too - a bold striking spectrum-glowing accent of an aesthetic, check out https://go.nasa.gov/2F8AUgW. Gorgeous stuff. Also, Chandra = bright drop, shining God of the Moon, Lord of Stars and Night.

    1. Thank you Sara. In 2018 we had that very rich shimmering pearlescent purple pallette in movies and music videos like Annihilation, Ready Player One (which featured Artemis) etc. This was for Yesod itself. On that note I don't know if you came across Hotel Artemis (another name drop for 2018, pure coincidence I am sure). Its worth penetrating the symbolism of the names of the characters on that one, they are all different water phenomena, water coming under the jurisdiction of the Moon. I have a plan to write it up at some point. It focuses on the aspects of Artemis as Healer and seems to be a pathwalking between Hod (Orange) and Yesod (Purple). Have a look if you get the time, its actually a decent Cyberpunk movie I think.

      I am assuming the purple pallette of 2021 being the Qlipha of Yesod (Gamaliel) will be more of a lurid slightly dystopian Cyberpunk-Goth style purple pallette + UV. Which can be badass depending on your aesthetic, but it wouldn't bode well overall as it would confirm the theory again. My sister's friend is already planning to open a UV bar (as UV defeats the virus, he assumes that people will come and hang out then).

      Thanks for the images, and your own inspiring writing as ever!

  5. Aquarius is also symbolized by the color purple. A color of divinity, royalty and deception.

    1. Jupiter's flip flop between Capricorn and Aquarius next year is going to most... entertaining.

      The deception is in the ''fake astral plane'' i.e. the Qlipha of Yesod represented by the new range of consoles, virtual reality headsets, digital cloning, deep fakes, upgraded pornography, etc.

      That is going to be the main head-fuck of 2021, I think.

  6. The purple thing for me it's the feeling of twilight/dusk, when the sky turns magenta and purple before darkness. So we are getting into the night, the begining of the descent into darkness. By that analogy, Wich sephirot(or the mirror) would be 3am? That's the worst hour to be awake imo....

    1. Oh and sorry if I mistake the terms, I'm not well versed in this, but I'm drawn to the system as a fractal/estructural diagram of the everything, so I'm sorry for that.

    2. Hi yes Purple is twilight, the beginning of the night and the world of dreams - this is why it is associated with the astral plane. In the G.D. system Yesod is purple and is conflated with the Moon. In the system I practice from the Sefer Yetzirah Yesod is *only* associated with the West (and the sunset) the Moon actually being *the path* that runs between the Depth of the West (Yesod) and the Depth of the Past (Malkuth)

      Just to be clear I only use certain elements of the Golden Dawn system in my own practice as it is extremely faulty. The only reason I am commenting on it *at all* is because ''they'' are using it and there is a serious lack of occult scholarship in other commentators. The vast majority of my blog is about using a 'rectified' system called the ''Saadia Tree'' which you can see on the web version of the Hermetic Lessons in the top right corner. I am saying this just so I don't accidentally ''teach'' what I consider a faulty system. One of the reasons why so many of these G.D. spinoff Thelema/Witchcraft cults produce such unstable personalities is that their system is riddled with errors and conflations and these creep into the aura/psyche.

      In terms of the clock what I would do is use the planetary hours which you can find with a planetary calculator app. The planet which dominates 3am will vary over the year. The Sefirot form an overall abstract view of time, space and morality. In terms of the temporal axis Keter is future, Tifereth is east (dawn), Yesod is west (dusk) and Malkuth is past. So you could say 3am, maybe 3:33, would be somewhere in the ''bridge'' between Keter and Malkuth, maybe perfectly situated between times. Maybe where the langoliers lurk... ;-)


      I recommend Aryeh Kaplan's Sefer Yetzirah in Theory and Practice if you want a study text. It is excellent.

    3. Thank you for the comments and help, I'll see if I can read that book.