Saturday, November 21, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Fools and Flowers

Shawty had them apple-bottomed jeans,
Boots with the fur,
The whole club was looking at her
She hit the flo
Next thing you know,
Shawty got low low low low low low 
Low, Flo Rida


Canadian meteorologist Frankie MacDonald used to be one of my ''conspiracy theory'' heroes.  Hailing from an earlier pre-Trump era where conspiracy sites like Godlike Productions still used to throw up fascinating threads like ''the fucking mox rods are on fucking fire'' or ''something went bezerk in the Gulf of Mexico'', people used to post Frankie giving these really random warnings and I was always impressed with his passion about weather and concern for other people.  I've always played the Magus, couching everything in esoteric lore and alchemical symbolism, but I always respected the Fool and recognised his own special brand of flower power.  Both behave in mysterious ways.  We experimented with the ''Vigilant Citizen'' format in Whores and Princesses, but today we will be imitating legend of prophecy Frankie MacDonald.  Since our world got flooded by ''question/answer non-player characters'' (QAnon) with their tired scripts, someone needs to provide some actual conspira-tainment.


It was after that earthquake in Turkey in Izmir/Smyrna released the Kraken but before right wing pundits started signalling about it we were projecting to a Temple in Athens (for tax reasons) when one of the crew reported a strange vision.  The release of the Kraken did not coincide with the its final assault, it would take time to get to its target - Andromeda - and the 23rd of November would be the beginning, or at least the beginning of the beginning, of this Cthulhu/Kraken (Cetus/Ketos) event that would round out the nightmarish year of 2020.  We confirmed its nature with mixed methods - wind/air, waves/floods, vortex, second smaller wave, second smaller wind - and moved on to confirming its location.  Where, in the west, would Ketos strike?


In one of the Games of Time, ''Desdemona's Fault'', the way you win is to rewrite history from the birth of Christ changing the world in subtle ways so that William Shakespeare writes Othello in such a way that Desdemona murders the tragic hero herself and Iago is converted to Islam.  The legendary Jugador, Jacque Karaquazian, generally plays his famous ''Faustus Maneuver'' where you play the entire game to influence Christopher Marlowe writing Dr Faustus. Rather than target Shakespeare directly, you target his influences - a kind of temporal trick shot.  Those who follow the Hermetic Lessons will know about the Lilith/Medusa connection and how we have been following it closely over the last year, you'll also know a little about the qabalistic, alchemical, psychological and temporal mechanics that have been used - perhaps the focus of the ritual was never about slaying Perseus or Medusa's vengeance, its always been about Andromeda and making sure ''Cthulhu'' gets fed, and perhaps more importantly that Poseidon is appeased?  Without Perseus there is nothing left to stop Cetus eating our Princess.  At least nothing left to mortal's eyes...



Who or what is ''Andromeda'', where is she and where is she going? Andromeda, as a Princess, is a symbol of Malkuth (2019), the ''soul of the world'', and one that is inverted in Lilith (2020), the first Qlipha of the Qliphoth. I was always attracted to that idea from Robert Anton Wilson (?) where he talks about the Spirit of the West (an Athenian Spirit perhaps) moving west around the world over thousands of years - rising from Athens, settling in Rome then rising again, Paris, London, then on to New York, Los Angeles, and then still further, to Japan and South Korea where it now resides - our wisdom, the information carrying capacity and application of the human race, and our sense of freedom rising with it.  Has a misaligned Eastern Spirit moved ever Eastwards, carrying autocracy in its wake - an Ahriman to this Ahura Mazda? Of course this theory is simplistic and open to easy criticism but just today I came across an article about a South Korean cheerleader to a baseball game and the whole scene looked more American than America and with K-Pop, computer games etc has this spirit of the West taken on its new form?  If this spirit continues to move we can expect democratic reform in China and more autocracy in the USA ''soon''.  This type of conjecture matters when we talk about ''The West'' and what will happen to it, as the West does not end with California.  We know the target of ''Poseidon'' is West but where in this ''West'' of which we speak?


Malkuth, like the World Card in the Tarot is often shown wrapped in laurels or other flowery garlands.  We saw this imagery in the movie Midsommar, in the alchemical Joker movie, in Katy Perry's princessing photos of 2020.  We've seen Garlands (the Corona, etc) signalling all over the place, on all sorts of other princesses.  Flowers are one of the key symbols of the earth and spring and life in general, and sacrifices of Princesses is an important part of ''historical'' culture.  In trying to tie these themes together it stands to ''reason'' that the target is ''The Flowery Ones'' and if we combine this with a soft interpretation of the Ketos event, i.e. that they are super-strong hurricanes, we can conclude that the islands of flowers like Haiwaii, or even Indonesia could easily be targets.  A lot of these places, even if they were destroyed would not raise the international ''social capital'' necessary to justify radically stepping up the efforts to mitigate climate change and complete the Great Reset.  2020 is now the most active hurricane season ever on record and, for instance, the chance of a hurricane hitting New York (a symbol of the West) has increased from 9% to 14%.  A more specific interpretation would suggest the target is Florida which literally means Land of Flowers and is of course home to all those Disney Princesses and their Theme Parks. Florida was also signalled in the movie Greenland (along with ''robo-messages from the government'' - that we saw reported in the US election). Thinking of something that Chris Knowles' has theorised about Hollywood dumping its executives during #metoo and avoiding lots of expensive payments of final salaries - with the decline in world tourism (not set to return in anywhere near the same scale) is The Princess Mafia about to pull off an incredibly ambitious insurance scam - a kind of weather weapon ''arson'' on Orlando?  Sounds mad right?  The Parks have only been closed seven times in history before lilifluenza, six were for hurricanes and once was for 9/11 - what would it take to permanently close Disney World?  And is this the way to symbolically sacrifice all those princesses in one go?


All of the above is assuming the ''Kraken'' is indeed the set of city-wrecking super hurricanes that we were expecting this year (and I mean over and above the most active hurricane season in recorded history, record breaking ''Cat. 6'' hurricanes themselves) but what if it were something even more dramaticStatus 6, is a terrifying new weapon from Russia, a tsunami-causing nuclear torpedo nicknamed Poseidon - in this way could ''Release the Kraken'' refer to faking a natural disaster? This kind of event somewhere in the Caribbean plate would see a tsunami and floods caused by a blast wave (as opposed to the wind), there is also the sync with our projection revelation and its reported very slow speed (which is one of the torpedoes modes of stealth).  Devastating Florida (and probably Cuba and Haiti), with Florida ''breaking the wave'' and reducing the destruction in the rest of the Gulf of Mexico, would allow Biden et al (Biden's Moonlight) an incredibly dramatic backdrop for speeches of reunification and healing the world.  This kind of event would also tie in the ''Yellowcake'' aspect of previous vision-work.  My problems with this interpretation are that an earthquake-caused tsunami is not attributable to climate change and therefore sits outside of the main narrative.


As occultists will know the Fool is the first card of the major arcana while the ''Flowers'' in this case represent the last - although Lilith is the first of the Qliphoth, its an inversion of Malkuth and the World Tarot card (attributed to Saturn in the faulty G.D./Thelema system), therefore in the Qliphoth the World is the first card and the Fool is the last.  The Colour Theory seems to be standing up with the constant humiliation of Trump and Johnson (Giuliani's hair bleed and the defeat of Trump again in the Georgia recount), the repeated references to wind power, even with this new focus on wind powered ships and the bearing out of the hurricane prediction. But in the previous phases they have drawn focus only to invert in the middle, here perhaps the inversion is - what is the point building wind power if it will only be destroyed by the winds becoming too strong?  I'm unsure.  Each phase has also been subject to more extreme interpretations that, to me, seem less plausible, for example the eruption of Yellowstone (to tie with the de-Yellowing and the Sulfur) or now my new friend in nightmares: the ''Status 6 Poseidon Nuclear Tsunami''.  Only the operating Magus knows the exact power and order of ''the flowers'', the Fool, at best, can hazard a guess.

Them baggy sweat pants,
And the Reeboks with the straps,
She turned around and gave that booty a slap,
She hit the flo,
Next thing you know,
Shawty got low low low low low low


Low, Flo Rida


  1. "The World" is card 21, (remember NWO Project 21, anti-NWO Law 21), 2021 coming soon, Covid-19 (started in 2019) to be replaced with a *true* pandemic, Covid-21, the "rising monster", the "ill wind", could be the next bio-weapon to be unleashed, don't count Trump and the populists out yet, any emergency situation could be exploited to their benefit as well.

    1. Absolutely JB 2021! That might be why they are signalling for the release of the Kraken! What you might see though is Trump and Biden publically reconcile in the aftermath of ''the event...'' Solve et coagula. I have a different understanding of 2021 at the moment, as I said I think it will be a very different beast from 2020 as opposed to an intensification of it. I think the pandemic will die off around May with the 3rd wave because of mutation-dissipation but leave behind the biosecurity infrastructure and the economic cost. I know about the leak you were talking about before, I think aspects of the leak are exaggerated, and although I think there will be significant aftermath of Lilifluenza (long covid, testicular damage affecting fertility, etc) there will not be a further more lethal mutation or a new lethal virus. The military will be out anyway distributing vaccine (which is a whole other nightmare) and the economic cost will cause a lot of those aspects of the leak i.e. the heavy taxes. I highly doubt all private property will be confiscated. I've explored 2021 in comments but I need to sum it all up in a post before the New Year. It will definitely be a mood piece thing (space, crime, sex, internet) rather than a 4 act structure though so it is not going to require the time sensitive analysis. I can already see it shaping out in various directives. More people are spending more time online exposing themselves to more online crime and sex pestering.

      A massive event of the order we are talking about above would also shift the narrative away from the disease... Eventually they'll get bored of this story themselves.

    2. Not to mention they might *not* want to cure the "disease" in the slightest, since it would make it nearly impossible for them to justify the tyrannical measures. Not to mention the various vaccines all contain *prions*, for f**k's sake. Prions are the cause of "Mad Cow Disease", as well as the apocalyptic bleed-out plague from the series "Millennium".

  2. The Demoncrats have ironically responded to Trump's "Release the Kraken!" by starting the #WeArePerseus. Seriously. Not realizing that it's the political Left who symbolically allowed Medusa to behead Perseus, so now, symbolically, the Demoncrats have essentially beheaded themselves, no one left to stop the "Kraken" of the Right.

    1. I'd be cringing really badly if I didn't they think they were all signalling the Ketos event.

      Check this out as well:

      This ties heavily into the Britney, Diana, etc angle that was being developed...

  3. Why is the G.D. faulty in corresponding Earth and Satyrn?

    1. There are a lot of reasons. First of all in the G.D. Sefiroth are conflated with planets (ideas like Yesod = Moon, or Binah = Saturn, etc) *and* also those planets are on the paths between the Sefiroth. They also try to wedge four (or even five elements) into a 3 element system - if you look at ''777'' one of their correspondence tables you will see 32 = 34! Both the planetary attributions of the letters *and* the placement of the paths themselves are off. This link below is good to get you started understanding how askew GD is compared to source material.

      The majority use the Chaldean ordering which makes the most sense, you deviate from this you deviate for a reason or because of an *error*.

      If you look at the standard popular image of the (Golden Dawn/Kircher) Tree of Life (by no means the only variant) you'll see that there are 3 horizontal paths, 7 vertical paths and 12 diagonal paths. In the Hebrew Alefbeit we have 3 simple letters AMSh, 7 doubles BGDKPRTh and the remaining letters are the 12 simples. Jewish sources attribute the 3 simple letters to the 3 horizontal paths, the 7 doubles to the 7 verticals etc. Makes sense right? The GD do not do that.

      Here below is the Ari Tree and the Gra Tree which follow these fairly obvious rules that lead to Trees which are balanced with the ''Zodiac Man'' and the Chaldean Ordering. They may disagree on the exact order of the letters (the question - which is the first vertical path is one you need to answer is it the one from Keter to Tifereth or Chokmah to Chesed?) - but they obey this rule of 3, 7 and 12:

      To conclude Earth as planet or as element *does not exist* in the Qabalistic system of the SY in the letters. It is mentioned as associated with Mem as ''the ground/land'' or Aretz whereas ''Heaven'' as the opposite of ''Earth'' is associated with Shin (in most sources). Saturn is not conflated with Malkuth, Malkuth is not conflated with the Earth. Malkuth is one of the Ten *Depths*, I associate it with the Depth of the Past, some think it is the Depth of Evil. Saturn in its correct position should be one of the first paths from the Supernal Triad and I go with the Gra on this i.e. the path from Kether to Tifereth - this would join the Depth of the Future with the Depth of the East linking us to the role that Saturn plays in time as well as a host of other connections. In the PC version of the blog you can see my interpretation of a ''Saadia'' version in the top right.

      I could go on and on about this and the consequences but I'll stop here. I can direct you to earlier rants about this on the blog if you like? Suffice to say the Kircher Tree of Life used by the GD et al is very easy to criticise and the ''auras'' it produces in people are kind of like Mr Potato-head when he gets his features all splattered into the wrong positions. Even Crowley and Stansfield Jones saw that there were problems and messed around with the arrangement. Surprised they didn't see the obvious.

    2. I should also add that in the Sefer Yetzirah the Sefiroth themselves are not named Keter, Chokmah, Binah - Malkuth etc. These names for them appeared later on (maybe even 800 years later) and to my mind are in themselves a little bit baroque. In some sources in the 11th century (if memory serves me) the Sefiroth were all referred to as ''Keters'' and some Pantheist Kabbalists co-identified Keter with God.

      For our purposes a lot of the time it might be best to think of the Sefiroth solely in the terms of Future, Past, Good, Evil, East, West, North (Cold), South (warm), Up (Out/Rise), Down (In/Fall). These are the 5 dimensions of our lived hypercontinuum joined by the Astrological signs. If you look at the ''Saadia'' Version you'll see Jupiter joins Good with South (signifying expansion) whereas Mars joins Evil with North (signifying contraction) and Saturn joins Future with East (signifying the start of the day, i.e. time).

    3. All I know for certain is what I personally experienced on the other side, in which Chokmah = the Zodiac/Great God Pan, linking directly to Daath, the Abyss. I saw this having no prior knowledge of the Tree of Life, the rest of the sephiras/paths I have no idea.

    4. So how did you know this was Chokmah? If you had no prior knowledge?

    5. I found out afterwards, descriptions of Chokmah in books about the Kaballah; Alan Moore's own work describes it as the abode of Pan, a spiritual "Arcadia", where all of the stars come from.

    6. Objectively, it might as well have been the Abzu, the primordial cosmic ocean/chaos/darkness, that Lahmu, the Ancient Sumerian version of the Great God Pan as Archetypal God-form literally made of all the stars and constellations in the night sky, emerged from.

    7. Thanks for the info. I've looked at the Saadia Tree, and I just can't get behind the North and South. From my perspective they are switched. North is the direction of the Cold Fire which is the blue light/fire of Jupiter, as the Cold Purifies(contracts). The warmer you get going South the (Expansion) leads separation and dissolution like a fetid swamp. I'm just looking at what these opposing forces/elements engender in reality. The tropical zones of the Earth are conflated with paradise, yet when you land in the jungle of let's say Central America, you've got more poison; snakes, vermin, insects, fetid water. This is the main reason I cannot get behind/in the Saadia, because from where I stand South=Fire and North=Earth.
      Expansion *feels like freedom but its actually falling (Man).
      Contraction *feels like bondage but its actually becoming (Woman). But ultimately I think we can both agree its the push and the pull :)

    8. I hear what you are saying Jockamo. I've tried to arrange the concepts on a kind of ''neutral'' setting following the Chaldean Order and the Zodiac Man. This neutral setting is also dependent on the Northern Hemisphere as this is where the system was created in the first place. Making decisions about where to associate what was a lesson from one of my former mentors on Sefer Yetzirah so feel free to play.

      North is associated with Gevurah in the Ari (Isaac Luria), Isaac the Blind and Ramak (Moses Cordovero) - ''evil comes out of the North'' quoted from Jeremiah, I think.

      ''Saadia'' is slightly different to Ari/ItB as they go with Future Chokmah and Past Binah (or Teshuvah, Return) - but Ramak has it like the diagram in the Saadia. Some of this may hang on a ''letter'' detail as well, like ''which is the first vertical path?''. I had some friends who were arguing Beit should go on the path from Chokmah to Chesed rather than where I have it, they were more influenced by the Sefer Ha Bahir than the Sefer Yetzirah in this regard, if memory serves.

      Depending on your horoscope things might feel differently to you.

    9. A Rabbi once told me, "To get to Tiferet one must be married." Could the function and resolution of the tree alter as the aspirant Vows? Is this the key to the enigma of the Unicorn?
      I also read in Crete once above the temple at Knossos, "Make a vow and Mischief is nigh."

      Also, do you recall a while back I brought up the Majour Arcana Tarot correspondences starting with the year 2000 on this blog?

      2000- 0 -The Fool
      2001- 1- The Magus (between two/twin pillars)
      2016 - 16- The Tower (Trump Tower/Dark Tower Movie)
      2020- 20- Judgement

      I've been going by this correspondence since 2016 and it is spot on, even reaching back into my personal life through the new Millennium.

  4. Direct association with Andromeda and Ethiopia, this is an *extremely important sync* with what is happening there now and how it relates to the big picture

  5. The "Utah Monolith" is gone, disappeared. It is speculated to have been the work of New Mexico artist John McCracken. Mc KRAKEN. FFS.