Sunday, November 8, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The King is Dead, Long Live the King

 “At last I was King, King by my right in Hastur, King because I knew the mystery of the Hyades, and my mind had sounded the depths of the Lake of Hali. I was King! The first grey pencillings of dawn would raise a tempest which would shake two hemispheres.”


The King in Yellow, Robert Chambers

As expected according to the Unifying Colour Theory a huge humiliation of Trump and the Yellow Spirits in general has been achieved by the US election and its accompanying fallout.  What could happen now to crush the remaining Yellow Spirits in America, the diehards, so to speak?  Here is where the Repairer of Reputations comes in.  I am sure there is a great deal of evidence regarding all sorts of impropriety from Trump almost certainly implicating him in the same kind of crimes that have gotten Q-anonensicals so irate.  Imagine revelations regarding Trump's involvement in more serious sex crimes (ones that Yellow Spirits can't gloss over without serious contradiction in their core position as they seem to have been able to do for others), imagine all those stories behind those people that were paid for their silence to slowly leak out, and imagine all those stories leaking out from people who were not paid as the media are given the license to splash them.  If I remember there was one rumoured story with a distinctly yellow splashy theme...  For the Yellow Spirits who really do not want to let go, I honestly think the best you can hope for is Trump TV.  Half their numbers will bleed away over the next few months.  A sizeable chunk of the remainder are elderly, vulnerable or poor and susceptible to being struck down by the serpent's tail of Lilifluenza.

Bear in mind that Johnson, the representative of the Yellow Spirits in the UK is now on the chopping block and knows it.  Remainers (pro EU faction in the UK) were dismayed when Donald Trump effectively fired our Ambassador to the US.  Brexiteers will be even more dismayed when Joe Biden effectively fires our Prime Minister.  Here is how it works.  A large part of the confidence in Brexit was to do with the de-facto alliance between Johnson and Trump, that Brexit would guarantee a sweet trade deal between those two countries, FFS Trump was Poodle parading Farage around on his stage last week as ''Mr Brexit''.  Unfortunately, Biden respects his Irish ancestry and will forge stronger ties with the EU forcing the UK, to quote Obama, to the back of the queue.  The whiplash caused by Brexit on a country already struggling to cope with Lilifluenza will be brutal, final and existential.  I expect one of the greatest catastrafucks to happen to an advanced nation outside of war for 50 years unless there is a sudden and highly embarrassing climbdown.  The resolution of Brexit, in the Globe Theatre, is one of 2020s gifts that will give the longest into 2021 but it will surely end in bitter humiliation for Johnson and his swift replacement with a technocrat (Jeremy Hunt) by the ''Men in the Grey Suits''.  Although some Tories will stick to their guns as their plan always involved the UK as a kind of mad Singapore offshore banking platform, the rest will see the writing on the wall.  Tories have no problem with adapting to their times, it's Labour that struggles with that.  I argued to my friends for a while that Brexit would lead inevitably to the EuroDollar (the currency in the Cyberpunk universe) and I am fairly certain this is still the future.  Whether the EuroDollar is de-facto achieved through a transatlantic trading alliance or something more radical remains to be seen as the economic tail of destruction aspect of Lilifluenza is still lashing about.  The way this will play out is ''this is the only way that the EU and the US can compete with a rising China'' (see the Yellow Peril) - the EU and the US have broad agreement in their messaging to ''build back better'' and we will now see a shared commitment to biosecurity and the climate change agenda.  We talked about the ''inverting'' of Gold as one of the themes so expect the gold prices to now drop substantially - see above.

In terms of ''The Great Reset'' - Europe has on average been about two weeks ahead of the UK and about four weeks ahead of the US except with regard to BLM where it was reversed.  Generally similar events have followed from one to the other, especially with regard to Lilifluenza lockdowns.  A spate of Islamic attacks in Europe have conveniently allowed the centre right parties of certain countries to get the military on the streets and posture aggressively.  Like I said before this macho posturing by the centre right takes the wind out of the sails of the far right - their fetish for the military is used against them in this way.  But are the military only beginning to arrive on the streets now to practise for something else? We have only witnessed Act 4 Scene 1, remember, and there are two more scenes to play out - along with the continuing pummeling of the Yellow Spirits (Greta ''Pearl'' Thunberg's counter tweet to Trump was a particularly hilarious moment), we can also expect a serious intensification of the climate news to galvanise the Green Agenda.  We still expect this to focus on extreme, toxic, Qliphothic, ''Sulfurous'' and radioactive (?)  gases, winds, tempests, storms, hurricanes etc - the Philippines recent battering by a Super Typhoon was an example of what is to come for the West over the next four weeks.  Remember with Perseus down, Cthulhu is Risen.

In 2019 and 2020, the Destruction Team followed a 4 Act Structure (where the audience was considered the protagonist, perhaps?) but I do not think it will continue this way as we move forwards.  As has been utilised in nearly every Netflix Movie, the tendency seems to be to move away from highly structured stories to dialogue-structure minimal mood pieces that you can have on the background while you are simultaneously on your phone.  Cadaver, as an example, is about a family running around a heavily designed Illuminati mansion where everyone wears masks screaming ''Alice'' after their missing daughter and her toy white rabbit.  Oy vey.  There is a very similar tendency operating in their TV shows as well, as a minimal underwritten plot is bulked out with production design and ''mood''/''atmosphere''.  Before the bulk they used to hide the lack of plot was in the form of ''character development'' now they can't even be arsed with that - its been replaced with set.  Since 2021 and beyond all have a single colour to explore in their Qlipha (with a variety of correspondences) expect them to be Hell-themed mood pieces.  If you are going to bet on it, and you can - bet on Qliphothic interpretations of:

“I pray God will curse the writer, as the writer has cursed the world with this beautiful, stupendous creation, terrible in its simplicity, irresistible in its truth...”


The King in Yellow, Robert Chambers


  1. The Yellow spirits are fallen. Now we welcome "hell on Earth". What joy.

    1. Technically we've all been in hell all year just separate ones for the different spirits as 2020 is/was the first year of the Qliphoth. The Four Act play probably had four protagonists one for each of the spirits and flipped between POVs. Every one of them fell and all of them are now villains (extremists) in the rest of the saga. The Purple People are the new ''heroes'' moving on.

      The difference with 2021 is it will be the first time we all have a shared Hell. The information warning messages on social media are that public corrective back to the shared hell. It'll take some time for people to evolve beyond that back into separate hells and maybe the majority won't ever do that again.

      2020s Hell on Earth
      2030s ''Can Do'' Spirit
      2040s Generally Quite Nice

    2. Well Blogos, I hope to hell that I'm still learning from your hermetic lessons in the 40's. If i go the way of my father, I may not make it past '42. I do see the next two Aeons as a flow back to restoration of the Kingdom, as it is in (heaven). Especially because of the Saturn rulership. Although I wonder about the contemporary attributions of Aquarius to Uranus rather than Saturn, thus being more Chockmah oriented rather than Binah... A thinning of the herd will do for now...

    3. I personally lean towards Saturn ruling Aquarius. Maybe I'm too traditional :)

  2. As leaked by a high ranking member of the Canadian government allegedly named "Denyse":

    -By end of december 2020: second worldwide lockdown, much stricter.

    -First quarter 2021: universal basic income program for everyone, appearance of much worse Covid-21.

    -Second quarter 2021: third worldwide lockdown, no travel of any sort between countries or cities allowed.

    -Third quarter 2021: supply chain broken and inventory gone. Military everywhere.

    Total relief of all debt of any sort by IMF, now known as "World Debt Reset Program", but guaranteed universal basic income and individual debt relief on condition of release of all property and assets forever, as well as, of course, be given Covid-21 vaccine. World Debt Reset Program now in charge of everything.

    Those who take new vaccine will receive photo id "Health Pass", no more lockdown or restrictions for them. Those individuals who refuse sent to isolation facilities - internment camps, "public safety risk" - indefinitely (or until they change their minds).

    Prime Minister Trudeau and main members of Liberal Party in Canada already agreed to this in private, they were told "it'll be the same everywhere on Earth".

  3. Great stuff as ever blogos keep at it please. I've spent months going through this blog and you're onto something with this system.