Monday, November 16, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, Lilifluenza-in-Patsy/Patsie and the Yellowbellies

Marcellus Wallace: I think you're gonna find, when all this shit is over, I think you're gonna find yourself one smiling motherfucker. The thing is, Butch, right now you got ability. But painful as it may be, ability don't last. And your days are just about over. Now that's a hard motherfuckin' fact of life, but that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about. See, this business is filled to the brim with unrealistic motherfuckers. Motherfuckers who thought their ass would age like wine. If you mean it turns to vinegar, it does. If you mean it gets better with age, it don't. Besides, Butch, how many fights do you think you got in you anyhow? Two? Boxers don't have an Old Timers Place. You came close but you never made it. And if you were gonna make it, you would have made it before now. (holds out the envelope of cash to Butch, but just out of his reach) You're mine, dig? 


Butch: It certainly appears so. (takes the envelope)

Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarentino


A literally de-yellowing Trump is joined in further humiliation by Boris Johnson as after having lost his precious Brexit special advisors (Dominic Cummings & Lee Cain) he has been forced into isolation again after meeting with MPs who were covid-positive.  Number 10 had been described as ''covid-secure'' but pictures emerged where masks were not worn and social distancing was not enforced - regardless of where you are on the political spectrum this is beginning to look like a special kind of stupid and more indication that Johnson will shortly be exiting stage right. But there were always two paths the Destruction Team could have followed to realise their ambitions with Lilifluenza - the right or the left wing.  Although they went with ''the left wing'' as the main ''activists'' in favour of lockdown I think that if Lilifluenza had been characterised as a biological terror threat from rogue Islamic states in the aftermath of the release of the same disease with biosecurity being ''a patriot's duty'' a viable right wing path to the same goal was possible. Whether 9/11 itself played into their decision making here, and they didn't want to overuse the right in enforcing corporate militarism - in the COVID ''9/11'' the ''left'' acted as thesis, the ''right'' provided the anti-thesis, and a synthesis is now emerging.  Problem-reaction-solution, opposition is controlled, etc, we all know that, but for some reason so many otherwise ''sensible conspiracy theorists'' were gulled by Johnson and Trump and they somehow forgot the First Rules of Conspiracy Fight Club.  The extent to which the act of ritual humiliating ''de-yellowing'' is now happening with the complicity of Johnson and Trump should probably be questioned.  These people are professional liars after all.  To misquote Mister Marsellus Wallace - ''In the fourth, your ass goes down''.


Sweden was always in a strong position when it came to the question of opening vs closing the economy as it has a much healthier, happier and more spread-out population compared to other countries.  For comparison the population density in Sweden is 25 per square kilometer vs 400 per square kilometer in England and the Swedes are at 7th position in most happiest countries vs 15th for the Brits.  During the Summer Sweden is blasted with sunlight and, already in place to counter Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) caused by the incredibly dark winters, Vitamin D is added to food directly.  On the other hand, struggling with similar variations in light level, 1 in 5 people in the UK are vitamin D deficient as well as being more obese, etc. The fundamental problem with the herd immunity approach, modelled by Sweden, and exaggerated by right wing voices across the political spectrum is the problem with reinfection.  As those with ears heard shortly after the pandemic came to West, but information which failed to reach the mainstream, evidence for reinfection was already surfacing in the first few months.  Although T-cell immunity confers some protection, antibody levels for this disease drop very rapidly in the months after recovery.  ''Herd immunity'' then will come in waves like the disease itself.  A mutant cold which has a 5% chance of killing people over the age of 70 and/or in risk groups every time you catch it is a serious illness which requires societal response.  I disagree with the lockdowns but I also disagree with starving your population of nutrition (education) and adequate healthcare.  Giving everyone Vit D (and other boosts) and massively improving care capacity could have been enough in the case of this particular disease, and far less expensive, but of course that would not have served the economic purposes of The Great Reset, or the need to create a biosecurity infrastructure in the face of CRISPR-edited or MDR diseases, or mitigating the effects of climate change.  This is why there was a need to create political argument and dissonance in the West - the Destruction Team did not want to solve the problem too quickly.


According to the Urban Dictionary there are two definitions of Patsy.  Apparently on the one hand ''Patsie is a selfish person who likes to use Jeremy Kyle to solve all their problems. She is loved by many but also despised by many.  She is of an unloving or uncaring nature who lets nothing get in her way and struggles to keep a committed relationship'' and on the other a Patsy is a person who is used a fall guy to cover a greater conspiracy. Ultimately it looks like our dear blond leaders - Trump and Johnson - were always intended to serve as ''Patsy Patsies'' for the demolition of Western society i.e. paragons of selfishness that we can all pin the blame on when this is overAnd it will be over, after the third wave, the disease will dissipate, but the infrastructure and policies it was used to justify will not.  I said, months ago, that the ''anti-maskers'' (inc. David Icke) were the ''reaction'' part of the problem-reaction-solution and that this was intensely war-gamed and influenced before it was launched.  Through a mixture of manipulation and complicity, Trump and Johnson (and the forces they represent on the right), have ended up laying the ground for the epidemiological whiplash that has so disfigured, literally, the West.  Both have untold skeletons in their closets and would have been susceptible to various acts of bribery/coercion that could have been used to maneuver them into this position willingly or otherwise. 

In the Fourth, their asses go down.

Marcellus: Night of the fight, you might feel a slight sting. That's pride fuckin' with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that shit. 'Cause a year from now, when you kicking it in the Caribbean, you gonna say to yourself, "Marcellus Wallace was right."
Butch: I got no problem with that, Mr. Wallace.
Marcellus: In the 5th, your ass goes down. (Butch nods silently) Say it.
Butch: In the 5th, my ass goes down.


Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino


  1. If Covid-19 is *not* a scam, then why have WHO-mandated "experts" given authority over entire nations, like Dr. Fauci in the US, or Dr. Arruda up here in Québec, been caught *not* wearing their masks or respecting social distancing in their private lives (not SO private, we're talking pictures taken of them in the stands with their loved ones at sports games)?

    Either A) they are supermen immune to illness, or B) they KNOW they are lying, it's all a massively exagerated scam, the Covid-19 tests constantly give false positives, the people who died in fact died of other causes intentionally misidentified as the "pandemic", etc.

    1. Lots of government officials have not respected the rules around the world. Therefore people have broken the rules (in the West). The objective, as I am trying to explain, was the dissonance and disagreement not on rapidly finding a solution. Vocal people on both sides are just reading scripts (the Sweden script is one example) that have been handed down by think tanks. Like the memes for the less vocal. That has created the epidemiological whiplash that justifies the Great Reset. The Great Reset is necessary for a variety of reasons (climate change, the digital economy, biosecurity, etc) but the way they are going about it is brutal and insidious and esoteric. That's because it was left to the last possible minute and the people managing it are by their very nature both insidious and brutal and esoteric. It's their culture.

      Its not massively exaggerated, although it is exaggerated, but it could have been dealt with differently as other countries have dealt with it without the need for such destructive lockdowns. A lot of the countries that fared better already got their shit together with the outbreaks of other diseases that did not reach the West so did not appear too much in the public awareness. Its the same with climate change the developing economies have been taking a pummelling over the last 20 years and this will only get worse. Now its beginning to hit the West and hard. The UK and the US health (and education) systems are particularly bleak as well which makes converting them more time consuming and damaging. The US and UK infrastructure is generally going to be a nightmare to repurpose.

      Close flights, spam hospitals, give everyone Vit D + Zinc + good PPE, trace people who had it. Tell risk groups to be extra cautious. Works better if your population is happy and orderly. Done. We would want that to happen if this was Ebola (although I know you don't necessarily believe in ebola so swap that for MDR septicemic plague or one of those boys) - which it could have been, now we have the stuff in place for the future. I don't like it. I don't like CRISPR edited diseases and the MDR bacteria bred by overusing anti-biotics and climate change released archaeo-bacteria from Siberia either. I don't like the MO of the people dealing with it but can also respect the fact that they are dealing with threats that the public is clearly incapable of imagining, or only of over-imagining.

      So they are not supermen but they have access to insider info on healthcare (i.e. the rather obvious Vit D and Zinc that was obfuscated by them early on in the pandemic) and, yes, they know they are lying most of the time, the rest they are being manipulated: ''That's what you do if you want the big bucks, that's what you put up with if you wanna have two homes, 'kay?''

      This is a military operation. The military have screen writers it seems because all said and done, this whole thing has been very well written ;-)

    2. The complete destruction of the economy WAS the intent, we're being attacked by ruthless communists (BLM/Antifa/Demoncrats/China) on all sides. They clearly want to turn US into the property of a super-state, so they're just pure machiavellian evil. And NO, the "big problems" we're facing right now is not a justification, since it's the commies and other corrupt people in charge who created the problems in the first place!

      We're facing a future of SLAVERY, nothing more, visions of a future utopia in the 2040s are irrelevant considering their openly, arrogantly intend to genetically modify/patent us while building internment camps for those who refuse to be owned.

    3. The point of the post is that it is beyond the BLM/Antifa/Demoncrats/China *script* as it includes Trump, Johnson etc and many on the right. China is *owned*, as Catherine Austin Fitts pointed out and then questioned - who owns China? The Superstate that we are already the property of ''Surveillance Capitalism'' will grow stronger and more invasive.

      I think a UBI will be the basic communist offering and then everyone can ''top up'' in surveillance capitalism/gig-economy state. For a lot of people this will be Utopia especially with the VR grid. There are a lot of different visions of Utopia, man. I still think human cloning is the big reveal for 2029.

    4. I think BLM/Antifa/Demoncrats/China are the cups moving in the street game when you gamble.... Only serving distractions and manipulations. My opinion (just my perspective… not the whole truth or anything like that) is that: the "GSM/ELE/Kali Yuga/All of the above" is here, and the people who has power knows it. They will play this in a way to prevent the same collapse of the Golden Age. All of what is happening right now it's their way of controlled demolition, so they don't lose the power this time. Instead of letting the cities collapse and letting people go to the mountains to survive, they want to have a "smart" city that it's in some sense "immortal". They fear of death, and physical efforts, so to stay on top, they need a base of others, even if it is in less qty than before.

  2. On the money as ever blogos.

    I'm reminded of the apparent predictive programming with disaster movies preceding 9\11 (deep impact, Armageddon, etc). Then the copious zombie apocalypse movies preceding C-19.

    As much as a I can't stand them and haven't seen them all, the event movies were Marvel up until recently.

    Civil War.
    Winter soldier

    I really dislike team 'falling out' drama, but the concept of civil War where the heroes effectively fight amongst themselves seems very apt.

    I did see Endgame, essentially everyone is decimated, good and evil. Unable to cope the heroes go back in time to stop it… effectively reversing the decimation. It's accomplished by revisiting the same preceding films (10+?) events in typical Back to the Future fashion.

    Exactly as you've described the 2020s being a reversal or retreading of the tree in reverse. Or Biden reversing Trump actions, or UK backing down from leaving the EU.

    At the end of the marvel movie sequence, everything and everyone forever changed but things made right, a new normal… everyone back to work now. Distraction over. Enjoy the new normal surveillance system, it's not that bad if you apply yourself to it.

    1. ''Train to Busan'' is a work of art. My subconscious took that to dreams and created ''Bus to Busan'', a parody which involved trying to escape a National Express bus station where Zombies were getting on and off individual buses until the park was full of buses of zombies that were ready to drive off to points around the country. It was *harrowing*.

      The Time Travel aspect of the operation is *extremely important* and I wish we spent more time discussing it. In Edward Kelley's Tower one of the discoveries was ''the Time Phone''. It's inside one of those astrological globes you see scattered across movies and also in concepts like Bill and Ted. Its arrived at by a close reading of the Sefer Yetzirah - particularly the 231 Gates and how you set them up (program them into your mind as well). With it you can ''rewind'' time and also ''alter'' time...

      But forget Renaissance metaphysical machines for a second to what extent can you ''rewind'' time by manipulating events alone? To what extent can you alter time through art like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or the metoo Medusa? If you can ''infantilise'' (regress) people through ''Disneyfication'' via ''cartoonification'' of the avatar, via their ''babyish emoji usage'', via ''toxic nostalgia'' to what extent have you ''youthed'' them (?) and therefore rewound their time?

      The idea of running Malkuth (the psychological alchemical process of it at least) in *reverse* as ''Lilith'' has the same effect - from individuated egos, to splitting into shadow selves, to regressing to childhood, still further to the scared animal self, still further to protoplasm (Endgame dust) if you like. This is an enormous reckoning and requires *perfect courage* to withstand, so only half the heroes made it, if that...

      P.s. Brexit has a ways to go, but it'll end in something lukewarm like the UK + parts of commonwealth in a trading alliance with the US and the EU to fend off China et al. It's going to be another six months on Brexit chaos, it's just Johnson, as the blonde air head, that is time limited. Technocrats will come in to mop up the blood. Ultimately those trading alliances will fuse into world government around the 40s. The population will provide the pressure for world government during the late 20s and 30s.

    2. I've read the 231 gates stuff twice, and will again soon. As much as can be found here anyway.

      Interesting food for thought re: regression, disneyfication, etc. I'll need to ponder that.

      I think im probably wrong and lack the terminology but I imagine it could be like smudging the cell membrane, or even altering its ability to to translate the inputs for the observing consciousness. The membrane 'window pane' receives an overlay (or a mask\filter) so that whenever someone looks at the Perseus statue, the original, they see the recent inversion attempt. Mandalle effect?

      Im rusty on the Raziel stuff, keen to hear more on it particularly in relation the Malkuth and the present time.

    3. I had to cloak quite a lot of the posts on this, it's why there are less posts in 2014 than the others. Bunch of reasons, many of which we can't go into but definitely some health and safety issues with firing the phones up so be warned.

      Read the Sefer Yetzirah this is the Saadia Version (this has the correct planetary attributions - extremely important):

      Read it aloud.

      With the Medusa thing the key test for the success of this operation is the ''Cthulhu'' Cetus/Ketos event regarding ''Andromeda'' (Andromeda being Malkuth). If Medusa slays Perseus, no hero appears to slay Cthulhu, and ''Princess'' is devoured. That's why there is a princess swarm happening, why we had the Nave Andromeda sync off the Isle of Wight. According to the theory this penultimate event will be from 23rd November on, this is the ''codename'' for the Endgame of 2020, Ketos/Andromeda something like that. My clairaudience is far from perfect ;-)

      Act 4 Scene 3 (or ''December'' as pedestrians refer to it) might only be reconciliation and aftermath (and a bit anticlimactic for the major doomtards).

      Regarding the cell membrane, if you alter the gates then you alter what manifests, yes, but its more like you alter which of the *highly finite* predetermined timelines you/I/we witness as opposed to altering time outside of the membrane as that exists as ''pluriform block time''. What we are seeing form, through the gates, is the ''anti-verse'' - and will be for a decade unless individuals shift out of this perspective but that requires complex timing and a lot of will. Few are capable of that - it requires ''OA'' type training or shitloads of luck/providence.

      Raziel has been the guide throughout. Ego is the key obstacle. More extreme handling of the ego allows more through to communicate. In the esoteric community I grew up in, ego was something that required serious time and management and a lot of attention from ''teachers'', nowadays in mainstream occultism ego is just well, loose.

      This was a major victory for the Destruction Team.

  3. Thanks for all this. Let's see what the 23rd brings.

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