Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Goodbye Moonmen

The worlds can be one together
Cosmos without hatred
Stars like diamonds in your eyes
The ground can be space, space, space
With feet marching towards a peaceful sky
All the Moonmen want things their way
But we make sure they see the Sun
Goodbye Moonmen,
Yeah we say Goodbye Moonmen
Oh Goodbye


Goodbye Moonmen, Ryan Elder


Purple (Iridescence); Silver (alchemical metal and the ''Silver Thread''); The Moon (and those Goddesses); Tides; the Sea; Genitalia; Fertility; Dreams; Memory; The Subconscious Mind; Independence; The Astral Plane; The Etheric Double; The Treasure House of Images; The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe; the Number 9; Foundations; Beautiful Strong Naked Men; Shaddai El Chai; Cherubim; Gabriel; Perfume; Sandals; Animals (Wolf, Bat, Moth, Cat, Owl, etc) 


In this performance on the Masked Dancer, discussed at Secret Sun, Elizabeth Smart dressed as a moth, and subsequently unveiled, we can perhaps begin to see the outlines of what the ''hell-purple'' of 2021 means to Unifying Color Production Designers i.e. purple mixed with red/Yesod mixed with hell.  I know we can all salute such incredible imagination...  

We should also expect a great deal of the use of indigo palettes and some kind of reverse shimmer/pearlescence/iridescence - I have no idea what that might look like as I am not a color theorist but we should be on the watch for it whatever it is. 


We also find the use of hell-purple in creating the sterile hell of 2021 with the continuing rise of UV-C air conditioning units.  In this piece of biological security infrastructure disease prevention equipment the air of your closed environment is passed through a box where everything is toasted with ultraviolet light, killing all the little critters in the mix.  Simples.  I mean what do we need micro-fauna anyway, its not like we have autoimmune diseases as a result of sterile environments or anything!  Remember that a huge part of the symbolism of Gomaliel will be sterility, impotence, infertility, etc as this ''demon'' is ''aimed'' at Yesod in the aura.  Although I believe the actual presence of Lilifluenza will seriously diminish in the Spring, the infrastructure will remain including a lot of the PPE use.  After all, as we all know, getting that infrastructure in place was one of things it was really all about.  Its not something people like to think about but in the mix of ''communist plot this'' and ''magnetic field flip that'' we are often forgetting the much more plausible conspiracies of bio-security (CRISPR, MDR and archaic organism release) and climate change which were always going to be a nightmare to deal with in a liberal society, even one controlled by a reverse Gnostic cult.

Two birds.  One stone.


Michael Moorcock explored what a hell purple society might look like in his exquisite short work of Lovecraftian Fantasy The Shores of Death.  Aliens questing for the meaning behind everything have stopped Earth's rotation (shades of Dark City) and separated it into 3 regions - a desolate blasted frozen eternal night, a sun scorched world of eternal day and a twilit world in between.  In the sun scorched world the plants grow to magnificent heights but everyone is sterile from the cosmic rays so its one final generation's hurrah.  The twilit people are still partially fertile and they give birth to the last of the twilight children.  A faction of the day people obsessed with their approaching oblivion conspire to build a giant radio transmitter whose only job is to broadcast something like: We Were Here! I forgot to mention that the Moon, upended Dr Faustus style, ''has fallen from her sphere'' and now rests broken in the pacific ocean.   That is the set-up so if you are looking for nightmare fuel, its worth having a look.

Goodbye Moonmen.

Shut the fuck up about Moonmen.


Rick Sanchez, Rick and Morty


  1. My prediction for 2021 is the appearance of a "Joker"-esque Pied Piper figure which many, many people will follow as a new leader, having lost faith in all institutions and allauthorities.

    VERY few people would know that the Pied Piper of Hamelin was originally called the "PAN Piper", and was considered to be a manifestation of Pan himself: one of the earliest versions of his tale relates how, when he came to cast a spell with his Pan flute on the children, he was dressed all in green, like a hunter (The Green Man/Hern the god of the hunt), and took the children away to a cave near the forest, once the site of a heretic pagan sect, where they were transported to a beautiful magical land (not necessarily as revenge against the townsfolk, but actually to save the children from the Plague, because killing all of the rats wasn't enough).

  2. A man with a flute leading children to a cave on the pretext of saving them. Sure, why not sounds legit.

  3. Excellent blogos. As ever, appreciate your balanced view to rein imaginations back in 🙂. I need a Blogos Bingo board to tick this stuff off as it emerges. I sense your last few post hit bullseye with the masked dancer.

    I considered integrating your colour theory and predictions into my own creative commercial outputs, absolutely ripe for it, but thought better of it. Don't mess with what you don't understand and all that.

    1. To be fair the adventurous will find that ''my'' (Raziel's) time theory is significantly more doomy and paranoiac than mere communist plot or magnetic field flip... If you want an ultra-black pill of doom ask an Apocalypse Angel!

      It's not my colour theory it's the colour system of the Golden Dawn system/Thelema/Crowley/spin-off cults etc although this part of their system makes sense. It's not my QBListic system either I use a different variant that isn't as riddled with logical contradictions and, arguably, ''blinds''. The alchemy is also enhanced by biochem.

      I use the techniques of altar building when I am building a stage for theatre - color from the lights/costume, symbolic objects on the set, etc. Certain theatre-types have been doing that for a long long long time. It's semiotics. Some of this, like the meaning of ''red'', is hard-wired into humanity. You only Jung, Saussure et al, you don't need La Vey or whatever.

      +++ ''White magic'' exists and has a long history resulting in something like, I don't know, *Medicine*. One of the greatest tricks of the Devil seems to have been to convince everyone that only ''Black'' Magic does.

  4. A couple of things about Twitter:

    1- Nearly 10 years ago, on my old blog, I posted this, about someone I met while remaining "under observation" (for the mandatory three weeks after having commited suicide in such a violent manner):

    "One of the more interesting patients here believes himself to be locked into an epic David versus Goliath struggle with every single public labor union on Earth.

    He also believes that Walt Disney's frozen brain speaks to him telepathically through his quantum computer, a quantum computer he built at home using a solar-powered crystal cube of Atlantean origin, given to him by a Native American member of the Anti-Illuminati Movement.

    They let him out early without his medication, a whole week before I even got to breath some fresh air. He is now suing the hospital for violating his privacy when they wouldn't let him masturbate naked in his room in front of the window. I'm quite serious."

    This guy's name was Dany M. Dany M. told me that he had co-invented Twitter (something I knew nothing about back in 2011), and the reason he had admitted *himself* in the psych ward was for legal reasons, to prove he was sane, because he was presently suing his old friend/now enemy "Jack" for his share of the Twitter money.

    People didn't believe him when he accused "Jack" of being a LSD freak who could never have invented anything or be trusted to run a company.

    2- Nowadays, it is actually admitted that *most people* who work for the Big Tech giants in Silicon Valley *micro-dose LSD as soon as they arrive at work, and keep micro-dosing all day long*, "to increase productivity and inovation".

  5. Oh, and following the Joker/Carcosa/Yellow King trail, which might manifest itself again at some point:

    If this is not Nyarlathotep IRL, I don't know what is:

    "The dark man, who was bandaged all over, instructed me on what I needed to do. He would come late at night out of the woods and tell me dark things, *tell me of glorious places beyond our earth*.” - Former pastor of Hosanna Church (Hammond, Louisiana), Louis Lamonica, Jr.

    He confessed to being the head of a Satanic ring in 2005. At the time police feared up to 25 children could have fallen victim. A corrupt police deputy was allegedly involved, and they claimed that what they did to the children allowed for "strange possessions and transformations".

    This was the inspiration for the series "True Detective" (season 1).

    "...glorious places beyond our earth."

  6. Guess what color VP Kamala's dress during the inauguration is? As soon as i saw it my doubts about the UCT and confirmation bias where dispelled