Friday, January 8, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Magic Giant Penis

This clouded heart where the rain begins and the traffic dies
We cry a little because of the bricks showering from the broken buildings
The windows divided into pieces of pictures, the incomplete dirt and sallow gardens
There is a girl she doesn't know what her breasts are for and holds them up curiously with her fingers
Her eyes are two wagons gone off down different sidewalks
Pulled by boys with playing cards in their pants, who can't read their hands
Whose goodbye mouths sail higher and higher, the souls of their shoes are virgins.


This Clouded Heart, Steven Jesse Bernstein 

When we are dealing with the lists of correspondences the opening move, which correspondence had been sought after and achieved first, starts to determine the nature of the overall strategy.  After the last few days my position is that 2021, The Year of Gomaliel will be what I've been referring to as a mood piece as opposed to the four act structures of 2019 and 2020.  Netflixomancers frequently uses this approach and overall they seem to be aimed at the easily distractible phone user who might just have a ''movie'' on in the background while they twiddle about on their phone - examples of mood pieces from recent efforts might be The Grass, Cadaver or even Uncut Gems where atmosphere masquerades as story.  Both plot and character development seem to have been mostly replaced by slow burning sophisticated production and lighting design, i.e. images of the ''altar'' allowing the  ''pathworker'', unsuspecting or otherwise, to bathe in the atmosphere of a given phenomena for the duration of the ''movie''.  The Theory of 2021 then is that we will be bathed in the ''correspondences'' of Gomaliel (The Inverted Yesod) throughout the year.  Depending on which of the Unifying Media the audience consume they will receive doses of all of it but I expect there will be a Moon Goddess as well, a protagonist of the year and she will follow a mythic structure - this could be the only other structure at work.

One of the most surreal stories of the last few days, amongst the cockophony, has been the story of the man with the giant magic penis.  No, not him, the other one.  Apparently the Danish launched a TV program aimed at children, about a man who wields his wizardly wand in a variety of different and what I am sure are intended to be hilarious ways - #metoo advocates question the appropriateness of releasing a story about a man who can't control his dick right now. Just like the other one paraded on the world stage, I am sure this penis will not produce a fantastic climax and will unfortunately let us all down in the end...  This is just one of the ways that your mind will be drawn to the inadequacy of the right honorable member throughout the year - but expert infertility (one of the effects of suspected long covid) to be towards the top of the list.  I'm short on time at the moment, this is not the complete overview but I figured many of you might need to see Shaddai El Chai and the Cherubim and make the connections you need to make.  There are of other things going on at the moment, from the admission that they have built a fake Yesod around the Earth to ongoing conversations about long covid's effect on sleep and memory. Since this is a mood piece you'll see what you see depending on where you are in the Unifying ''Stream''.


  • THE ID 

    O Mama, get me a plane ticket out of here! 
    O Mama, put me on a bus! 
    O Mama, get Daddy out of Jail!
    How come the hole in the roof isn't big enough so I can fly out
    But it's big enough for rain to get in?
    And I saw you in the picture and I saw you in the picture
    And I am not too young or too dumb to know what you was doing in the picture
    I saw you in my clouded heart


    This Clouded Heart, Steven Jesse Bernstein


  1. Nancy Pelosi wants everyone to worry that Trump might *launch a nuclear missile* before he goes out, so she is desperately trying to politically *castrate* him right here and now.

    Not subtle.

  2. The Ancient Sumerians streamlined it perfectly:

    In the beginning, before either the physical world or spiritual underworld existed, there was only the ABZU, the primordial cosmic ocean. And from the Abzu emerged the first archetypal god-form, LAHMU. Lahmu was the personnification of eternity itself, very hairy, very masculine, with six horns of power, but he looked as if he was made of all the stars and constellations in the night sky. Lahmu from the Abzu became known as the ultimate gatekeeper between worlds, the Sumerians-Akkadians even symbolically placed a small figure of him besides every important doorway, such as the entrances of temples, as a blessing. He was considered the grandfather or great-grandfather of all the gods, but he never judged or interfered, he simply existed.

    The descendants of the Sumerians, the Hebrew people, incorporated the concept of Lahmu in Jewish mysticism as the Adam Kadmon, the gigantic, cosmic Primordial Man, through which the Creator makes all things come into existence.

    In modern popular culture, Adam Kadmon has been recycled by Marvel as the character of Eternity in the Doctor Strange comic books.

    The Great God Pan never died.

    And he has *the biggest cock in the Universe*!

  3. To the Four Corners of The World(Card)!!!! The Faces of The Cherubim!

    Thanks Blogos for all your insights. The last article was great too!

  4. I appreciate that people are now beginning to realise the sheer extent to which they have been gulled by Trump (the ''leftist'' agent lol) but they will not be redeemed until they realize that by advising people that the virus is not real they have in fact encouraged their allies, families, friends, etc to expose themselves to the virus. This is a lot to take on board and is not going to be easily digested by people full of anger and pride but without forgiveness for this they are going to struggle. As I said at the beginning of the pandemic the issue was never with lethality the issue was always with severity and hospitals getting choked. As I said in ''the de-yellowing'' posts, the anti-maskers have encouraged the right wing, which is more composed of elderly people, to be more defenseless against the effect of long-covid. A lot of those people will now be destabilized in a variety of different ways - post-viral fatigue syndrome, cognitive impairment and most importantly from the perspective of Gomaliel by rising infertility - if not just dead. The fertility aspect should get the right wing population under control as well.

    In terms of blame its worth thinking about the mind control aspects of microbes as well. I am still curious as to what extent the emotionality behind resisting the lockdown wasn't driven by the virus itself altering dopamine levels, etc. When I had it there were clearly ''foreign thoughts'' going on. Many have reported these dream and sleep issues. Like Syphilis might make you more horny to spread, flu et al might make ''you'' want to be more social. I say ''you'' because on the material level you are mainly a bag of water/salt that acts as a caravan for a colony of bacteria.

    The correct path was - the virus is real, wear a mask, wear fucking goggles if you can, minimise the viral load you get so your immune system can just get a little taste of it and start building antibodies as opposed to getting overloaded, and make sure you take Vit D. + C, Zinc, Selenium, Allicin and all the other alchemical goodies for demon slaying. What was being encouraged by Satan, ''The Deceiver'' was ''don't wear a mask, inject yourself with disinfectant, and go and stand in large crowds''. Wow the laughs that have been had behind closed doors. The evil laughs.

    This is the end of Penis Patsy 2 as well. He is basically a walking dartboard for people to throw darts made of human shit at until the pandemic is over at which point another Tory will stab him in the back and its done.

    1. Oh, for Christ's sake, Blogos. It's been known since the Spanish Flu in 1918 that wearing masks only makes things worse, by forcing you to breathe the same exhalation over and over again , by lowering the oxygen in your blood, by increasing the risk of pneumonia, etc.

      I really have to look at you like I do Goro Adachi/Etemenanki from now on: an interesting, unique source of synchromystical information, but unfortunately , the same way that he's bought into promoting the whole NASA/Elon Musk hoax, you've bought into the Covid-19/Global Warming hoax.

      Your KBL/Color-coded stuff is good, the rest...

    2. JB why did you ever think Blogos, or anyone else for that matter was as politically hyper-charged and black-pilled as you? Whats wrong with insightful commentary and synchromysticism, why is it so much lower on your personal totem pole than non-stop one-sided political hysteria? You post your political opinions all day like its a paying job, I really have to look at you like I do troll farmers from now on. Your sync reports are good, but the rest...

    3. A) the reality we live in right now is increasingly "blackpilled", when it'll improve my worldview will improve as well;

      B) my point is that things like Covid-19, Global Warming, NASA, Elon Musk, are such obvious CONS, that I don't understand how people as enlightened and erudite as Blogos or Goro Adachi could ever fully embrace them.

    4. Yes, I agree that you don't understand. One of the problems I see with your current perspective, is that you seem so blinded by righteous rage , it makes you eager to give your beloved right wing a 'pass' on any and all of the criminal 'cons' that they also perpetrate. I realize that you live in a constant state of PTSD due to your near death experience, and I know how life-changing moments like that are. Just remember, other people, even people who post in the same blogs you do, have had 'visionary' experiences like yours, and they are still able to have discussions on a variety of intense topics, while maintaining respect for people with other viewpoints. Blogs like this one, and Secret Sun, are special places, outposts on the web for outliers like us. Did the Great God Pan have a Trump T-shirt on when you met him? No? Then maybe the lessons he wanted you to learn and bring back to this incarnation go deeper than political affiliation.

    5. We're living under pseudo-medical dictatorship at the moment, all of our freedoms and all of our prosperity destroyed for the sake of LIES. My "righteous rage" is entirely justified. Québec is now officially a police state, with strict curfews imposed, the increasingly communist government even making it illegal for us to buy "non-essential items", like CLOTHES, ffs.

      So don't anyone tell me that putting on a muzzle is "for the greater good".

    6. The rage is justified, but the thing is to feel it, then let it pass. Political talk in the superficial way its like thinking the actors in a play are truly the character they portrait. Being so passionate about the illusion of moral rightfulness from any political being its like being a groupie of a KPOP band.... believing the interviews they give are honestly given and not a PR stunt. So all you knowledge and info gets clouded by that very "bull to the red flag" attitude and discourse JB. Well, nobody is perfect so fair enough..... All of us have different flaws and perspectives.

    7. What's the alternative? Giving in to the possibility that no matter who wins, we, the people, all lose? The "illusion" of hope is better than accepting a lifetime of slavery.

    8. I'm not saying you should wear a muzzle, although I personally would love for you to do that, and send me photos so I can post them on my blog. It would be nice to go even one week without seeing your arrogant, self-righteous posts, but even with a muzzle on, alas, you could still peck out your silly rants. I often read things that I don't agree with on blogs that we both frequent, but I don't indulge in hysteria and wild hyperbole, in part because I strive to be mindful and respectful of the rare atmosphere that our hosts like Blogos, and CLK provide for us. But I do know how it is to feel angry, the thing that bothers me the most lately on some of these blogs is the constant and casual bashing of queer/transgender people. As if every trans person is the conceptual symbolic embodiment of global 'transhumanism'. Knowles does it all the time, commenting on people having shoulders that are 'too broad' for a woman, or saying something 'looks gay'. Always clocking trans people, always humiliating them. In my opinion, his occasional, casual bigotry diminishes his status as an important thinker, an important voice. But do I constantly whine, complain, and derail his threads over it? No. By not championing trans rights in every thread, do I feel 'muzzled?' No, I realize that other people have differing viewpoints. It does cause me cognitive dissonance when I realize that a few writers that I like very much are people who would strip trans people of their right to express themselves or even exist. To me, thats the true fascism in our current landscape. The Trump Juniors, the hard right, Ethan Van Sciver-type, neck bearded , intolerant incel blowhards who strive daily to create an Alt-right utopia or religious ethnostate or Proud Boy clubhouse everywhere they go. So keep posting your hot garbage but I'm going to push back when I see it because I value these spaces as much as you do.

    9. Okay Gene, if you're going to make it PERSONAL, then go f**k yourself. And about the Trans stuff, IT is what is being forced upon society, and is now being used as a weapon against WOMEN, who can no longer even say that they are real, biological women, now they're "Persons with Uteruses" or "Birthing Persons", dehumanized and reduced to body parts; women athletes being forced to compete (and usually lose) against biological men, being called "transphobic" if they dare complain; women in prison being raped by men who merely "identify" as women, etc...

    10. JB, your response is so typical, so indicative of an evangelical, hard-right ideology, that its simply boring to have a conversation with you when you're acting like this. At least be creative, or funny in your insults and comebacks, remember, here in the big boy blogs, you're in the realm of true wordsmiths like Blogos and CLK. Step up your shrill, pathetic game, please! . Okay. I'm pro-trans people, you're anti-trans everything, a true black-pill hater, fine. Big deal. I can still move forward and contribute to the community here (without telling you to go 'f' yourself) , and add to discussions in a productive manner, but sadly, you can't. . I'd much rather talk to you about your connection to Mark LeClair, film, art, music, all the good things in life. But you want War, you insist on polarity and schism and violence, you're obsessed with it lately. When is the last time you had a hug, or any physical contact at all? Do you exercise? Or just pound Cokes all day and post bile online?

    11. A) I'm not anti-trans, but I find it alarming how the trans movement is being used against women, but fine, let's make peace,

      B) Mark LeClair? Holy s**t, I almost forgot about my old friend. He erased everything years ago and I no longer have any way to contact him. Any info on your side?

    12. How can you forget about Mighty Mark LeC? I have a few things he wrote saved, his amazing essay on Eyes Wide Shut, Phantom of the Paradise, his film criticism mostly. I miss his blog so much! It trips me out that you actually know him. JB, even though we bump heads over social politics, you're someone I find really interesting, your Pan-experience is something that needs to be memorialized in an epic, Frank Frazetta-style painting. Maybe someday we'll get some crowdfunding together and make it happen.

      Just so you know, I'm an artist but I come from a military family. My grandfather ran away from his home, a West Virginia farm at age 15 to join the Army when WW II broke out, he served in artillery at the Battle of the Bulge. My father is a Purple Heart recipient, an Air Cavalry sharpshooter who was shot and almost killed in the Battle of Bong Son II, in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in 1966. My family has 'watered the tree of Liberty' with our family blood, and I have spent my life dealing with with the aftermath of War, and the wreckage of War. I'd much rather have peace, and prosperity and creativity going forward.

    13. Like I said, peace. As for Mark, he was my "Obi-Wan", my mentor, and what I think happened is that he had another psychological breakdown, and deleted all of his work, AGAIN, permanently this time. He might have decided to "meet Pan in person", unfortunately (or fortunately, if he's much happier on the other side, but I can't confirm anything).

    14. Key thing for 2020 was all the different color spirits got battered in their own way. 2020 was always you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. i.e. there are going to be lots of reports of damage from the vaccine as well as the virus - (this is why antibodies achieved through light viral load with enhanced immune system was the best personal route). I mean its an experimental vaccine after all, rushed out at ''warpspeed'', without enough regulatory oversight and with the pharma companies protected from prosecution I believe. What could go wrong?

      The Yellows are feeling it now because they were in the firing line over the last few months. But the Reds, the ''selfies'', were feeling it right at the beginning of the year when selfies started moving towards bad taste (that is reversing now so the Reds are coming back again... but more on this later). The Greens got their share of the pain during the Summer. As I said everyone, everyone is knackered and confused. They'll be reuniting these ''spirits'' now as the ''Purple Person'' and controlling that narrative of reunion.

      But I'm curious JB as a biochemist I have worn masks in the lab to protect myself from a variety of different demons for example while I was working with avian influenza. Doctors wear them all the time. If you have ever noticed you'll see all the doctors who have been out on the frontline of the developing world wearing them when they are dealing with the variety of epidemics that have happened over the last 50 years. So they do work otherwise we wouldn't bother mate. With the Kingdom Strain knocking about, the recommendation now is for the best mask (which I have) and that other masks are not sufficient (unsurprisingly). Anybody who thought wrapping a scarf around their face was going to help a lot were probably tripping, but it might have reduced that initial viral load a little. We probably should have added goggles to the recommendation but every bit of science passes through whatever that Government's ''behavioural scientists'' describe and I think they thought people would freak if they told them that.

      At what point would you start wearing one JB? I mean if people were bleeding out of their eyes and stuff from the disease would you wear one then? I'm curious where your line is on this.

    15. If a *real* pandemic ever shows up, and by "real" I mean a pandemic that kills a hell of a lot more than less than 1% of the people infected, then maybe a N-95, but I'll need to see proof, not propaganda on tv, they've irrefutably been lying to us all year long about everything.

      Covid-19 kills about as much people as the flu (*allegedly*, because the flu and other ailments seem to have mostly disappeared all of a sudden, misidentified as Covid-19), and regular masks, the ones people wear, the ones the governments actually distribute and force people to wear, *officially* won't protect you, it's even written on the packaging sometimes, so it's all bulls**t, it' all about political control, like the curfews.

    16. Thanks for letting me know this is important knowledge to have when picking members for my apocalypse squad.

      And I don't want to get caught in an endless repeat here because it sometimes feels like that, but its not about the lethality its about the severity i.e. how intensive the treatment is, how long they are going to be taking a hospital bed for and therefore skilled staff and what the long term recovery is. It might not kill but its effectively maiming a lot of people in a lot of weird ways.

  5. Well said. Glad you mentioned the dream point, it's helped me make sense of something.... The virus looked like a horrible slime covered catfish oriental dragon thing I had to forcibly expell. It left clear jelly slime everywhere I'm still mentally cleaning up. I hadn't made the connection to it's oriental appearance.

    1. It was (and is?) a strange disease to have, I definitely felt very light tendrils, like a tickle in the mind. There are lots of reports of dream phenomena though some interesting and being studied from a medical perspective.

    2. One or two weeks ago I dreamed of expelling a whiteish bright ethereal thing from my throat, after explaining without words to an unknown presence, that im grateful and that the universe is everything, so even my darkness has its place in me. I woke up trembling....

    3. Seriously! I had two similar in quick succession. But the light thing was blue, came down like a falling star and then became a crystal thing once rejected\expelled. I saw people who had accepted them being lined up in restraint by police to be taken away on the street below.the catfish one was 2 weeks later.

  6. The medical news article you linked to re: Covid impact on male fertility was quoting from a paper by Dr Seymen. The syncs don't lie.

    1. I know dude I couldn't believe it when I read it.

  7. Let the Dead bury their own Dead.

    This is a time to be alive.
    The running and hiding only feeds that beast you mention. You really think the Devil is whispering in ears saying "Don't wear the mask"? Yet all the stinking piles of walking talking fear are not the work of the same?

    1. Oh no don't get me wrong Jockamo they are playing *both sides* and the opposition from whichever side you see it seems to be controlled or heavily heavily influenced and guided. I am very surprised that so many were gulled. The scripts have been written for both sides. I said what I said because many people are maybe ready to admit how badly they've been misled and maybe ready to be way more wary and suspicious next time. Maybe even rise above the narratives they are having forced upon them. Hopefully forgive themselves as well but that means facing it. The people who are on ''the left'' or whatever have also been manipulated as well with equally harmful effects. I appreciate this is an impossible wish.

      This was very well thought through...

    2. Almost everyone is on hate mode, and it's with a disrespect and repression of everything the other side portrait. It's like seeing everyone fighting with their shadow.... I don't want to fight with existence, so I'm watching from afar and trying to deflect the most obvious perils. I don't fear death but I truly would love to see what is down the road.

    3. My Granddad said to me, back in the 90s, that it was just the fashion to be mean at the moment and eventually being polite would come back in style. I am not sure he knew we would pass through a phase where it was fashionable to be psychotically angry all the time first.

      ''Waste no more time arguing about what a good man is. Be one.'' M. Aurelius

    4. Idk if you watched this new year light display in seattle, maybe it's interesting.

    5. Check check check - it's a ticklist

  8. The last 2-3 weeks, the buzzing sound, the house vibrations, and the constant noise of airplanes flying over the city of Seattle is feeling very unsettling. Don't know why, but also my dreams has been more convoluted. What I'm wondering if all this is attached to place or to the time.

    1. Here in Edinburgh/Scotland there's been a massive uptick in atlas military carriers using civilian airports, conspicuously so, press releases are doing the rounds to clarify 'its just training'. I have views of the flight path as they come in and they are very intimidating. Dreams are fluctuating for me too, not bad just different from what I'm used to.

    2. Seems to many things are moving while the distractions are on.