Saturday, January 23, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Purple Reign

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
Never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain

Purple Rain, Prince



So I guess I shouldn't let this pass without saying something, although its probably going to be one of the more pedestrian things we discuss this year.  I was looking back through the archives to see when I first predicted this using the Unifying Colour Theory.  It was in Beyond the Russet Falls, The Qliphoth and the Next Decade where I first laid out a suggestion of the qliphothic schema of the 2020 and beyond.  After that I spoke periodically, in the Lilith posts, about the inevitabilities of 2021 and some of its purple possibilities - with quite a few comments about the idea that the post-election, post-Trump wind down would be to fuse a purple person out of, for the dedicated followers of the blog, the four conflicting ''spirits'' of Malkuth.  The movies may be out of sync for a little while now but who needs them anymore when the world is your stage... and the TV channels are streaming?  The Unifying Colour Producers will produce purple people and guide them to the purple reign. 

Honey, I know I know
I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too
You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain


Purple Rain, Prince


  1. I've been told that both UK and Las Vegas bookies won't pay up for the bets made about the 2020 Election; they're waiting until March 6th (?) to be sure Trump lost and Biden won.

    A State of Emergency was officially declared in D.C. on the 11th, power to the U.S. military and FEMA, the "inauguration" illegally took place before noon on the 20th, for his "executive orders" Biden is seen signing blank sheets of paper in what seems to be a movie studio replica of the Oval Office...

    None of this makes sense.

    1. The Patriot Party will ''split the right''. With a lot of them sick/elderly through wilful exposure to the virus and then further weakened by division in their own ranks, surely you can see that Trump is, if you still believe in this idea itself, a ''leftist agent'' by now??? Honestly, beyond the fact that I accept that it is a Punch and Judy show, I don't mind, but I keep trying to let you know because it is sad to watch. I preferred the conspiracy scene when it hadn't been gulled by the Demon Clown that is Trump.

  2. Blogos, is this what you've been predicting?

    1. No it's way worse than that and its already happened to a lot of people. It follows the logic of the above though. but it is a very schizoid ''idea'', or will seem that way, that is why I am putting off writing about it. For my own peace of mind.

    2. HA!!!! Straight from (you guessed s what i m ranting about on all comment sections) Cyberpunk 2077... "Secure your Soul" brought to you by Arasaka Corp .
      They spill A LOT of beans about the near future

  3. I recently saw a poster for the upcoming "Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" that featured a distinct glowing phallus -shape as part of the overall composition. A Gomaliel sighting in the wild. Maybe it will be one of the official posters when the film comes out, the symbolism is pretty direct!

    1. Rumor has it that the Marvel Universe's Supreme Being, "ETERNITY", will be featured, a character which is pure pagan/psychedelic hyper-masculine Horned God given form, which originated as a vivid LSD hallucination on behalf of the Doctor Strange artists in the late 60s.

      So, yeah, wild and "phallic" to say the least. Just to review if interested:

      The Ancient Sumerians streamlined it perfectly:

      In the beginning, before either the physical world or spiritual underworld existed, there was only the ABZU, the primordial cosmic ocean. And from the Abzu emerged the first archetypal god-form, LAHMU. Lahmu was the personnification of eternity itself, very hairy, very masculine, with six horns of power, but he looked as if he was made of all the stars and constellations in the night sky. Lahmu from the Abzu became known as the ultimate gatekeeper between worlds, the Sumerians-Akkadians even symbolically placed a small figure of him besides every important doorway, such as the entrances of temples, as a blessing. He was considered the grandfather or great-grandfather of all the gods, but he never judged or interfered, he simply existed.

      The descendants of the Sumerians, the Hebrew people, incorporated the concept of Lahmu in Jewish mysticism as the Adam Kadmon, the gigantic, cosmic Primordial Man, through which the Creator makes all things come into existence.

      In modern popular culture, Adam Kadmon has been recycled by Marvel as the character of Eternity in the Doctor Strange comic books.

      The Great God Pan never died.

  4. 'he never judged or interfered' reminds me of these pertinent purple lyrics:

    "I'm not your woman, I'm not your man,

    I am something that you'll never understand-

    I'll never beat you, I'll never lie,

    and if you're evil, I'll forgive you by and by"

  5. One assumes this Armie Hammer cannibal thing = beautiful man + obscenity?

    1. His grampa was Armand Hammer, a wealthy communist traitor. Why are so many commies so privileged? I think of them as people who climbed the ladder of capitalism, then once they were at the top of the pyramid, they pulled up the ladder saying "capitalism is bad", because they wanted to be the *only ones* at the top. They're a bad joke, like a cheap Che Gevara t-shirt.

  6. "I was looking back through the archives to see when I first predicted this using the Unifying Colour Theory"

    Speaking of "archives", I remember that at some point in the past we were both trying to convince Mr. Knowles that the orange that he kept seeing that year was more likely pointing towards Mercury rather than Venus, as he believed back then. Do you remember somehow why exactly was he so fixated on Venus in that period of time?

    I would like to ask you for some suggestions of practical matter, if you don't mind. I plan to do in the near future some "working" similar with yours that involved Athena, but with Demeter instead, for various reasons: the goal is set to benefit one of my kids(and Demeter is one of the fiercest and most protective mothers in classical mythology), I bear a name that originally meant "devoted to Demeter"(although the meaning was later "hijacked" by christians to one of their saints) and I am a Virgo. But I am a little puzzled in what regards the specifics such as the right timing(day of week and planetary hour), color of candles and the appropriate incense. Can you help me with some suggestions in this regard? I will be in your debt.

    1. Hi Unknown (Demetrius?), I honestly can't remember but Chris writes a lot about Ishtar and Mithras (Perseus) so I guess these are his research specialties. 2016 was ''Venus'' symbolism...

      It's not off-topic for the blog so feel free to ask for whatever you need and I will help time and knowledge being the main limits:

      Firstly, you don't necessarily need to situate this in the principles of ceremonial magick or even history unless you want to... something wild-ish and organic can work very well here. So even if you do use some mathematical guidelines be open to ''suggestion'' from Nature in this kind of work. Athena loves the Maths so she is very amenable to it, others less so they ''chafe at its confines''.

      These are the principles that you should wrap into your ritual. So Opium incense makes the most sense. This list can also give you insight into colours. But I would use the colours of the season and seasonal affects.

      Try and learn this in the Greek.

      For a balanced approach I would go with the Lunar hour on Sunday or the Solar hour of Monday depending on the particulars. For instance when working with Athena we worked on the Mars hour of Thursday (Jupiter) since that is the aspect of her we wished to work with. Very rarely we slipped into the Solar hour of Thursday and she became different (not in a bad way) so close attention to timing and intent is of utmost importance, its almost the *most important aspect* of the rituelle, or rather, will bring the greatest ''yield'' (it should not be entered into on these terms though and this requires double-think in itself, thinking of it as ''yield'' is why a great many ''modern magicians'' are such absolute failures - ''pure will'' kind of *requires* double-think). Number of knocks or bells or candles fall under this too and you have options depending on the nature of the rituelle. If it's lunar then 9, if it's very very Earthly then 10. Be very careful with this.

      Iamblichus talks about these three levels - material (gubbins on the altar) the lowest, intermediate (language/incantations/songs...) and noetic (astro-mathematical), the highest.

      A Nice Basic General Structure:

      1) Libation, salute, toast
      2) Orphic Hymn
      3) Request/Spell
      4) Ceremonial Potion (in this case some kind of mint drink)
      5) Reflection

      I would keep this altar open and the ritual repeated at the exact same times for a long time if you want to see serious effects/influences - I would do a minimum of 9 or 10 repetitions. I would council against opening a relationship with a deity just for a one-off spell. Personally I think its better to use your own power for this kind of thing if you have to do it. My altar remained the same for 9 months and is only now transforming as we enter ''the Moon Phase'', but the primary deity remains the same. If you are going ''all-in'' then all the above plus Liber Astarte Vel Berylli.

  7. (clears throat noisily)