Tuesday, February 16, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

 It's astounding,
Time is fleeting,
Madness takes it toll,
But listen closely,
Not for very much longer,
I've got to keep control
I remember doing the Time Warp
Drinking those moments
When the blackness would hit me
And the void would be calling,
Let's do the Time Warp again


Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show



So 2021 is shaping up to be a live action Rocky Horror Picture Show with your average pedestrian being Brad and Janet.  With the cryptic synch-ery of Science Fiction Double Feature already explored, the ''cannibal deviancy'', etc on public display and the madness definitely having taken its toll, it now seems entirely plausible to expect them to do the whole show.

Just like with Clash of the Titans (1981) last year perhaps one takeaway is the idea that maybe each year will be structured according to one of these ''classic'' type movies as opposed to pure myth persay.  These movies are likely to be famous and influential upon the Destruction Team.  If I was going to attempt to do this I would have to either a) split the year between the songs in one main narrative b) run the songs simultaneously on loop and move the audience through them or c) kind of both.  

I experienced this problem at the beginning of 2019 trying to understand how they were going to work with the four quarter structure of Malkuth, they could either do it in phases or simultaneously.  Based on what I understand at the moment, it seems likely that they will (primarily) run it in order with a scattergun of b) so it ends up being c).  If this is the case I don't think the time will be distributed evenly between the numbers (e.g. Science Fiction Double Feature could run for 3 months of 2021, whereas Dammit Janet might get two weeks...), it may run on ratios:

  • Science Fiction Double Feature
  • Dammit Janet
  • Over at the Frankenstein Place
  • Time Warp
  • Sweet Transvestite
  • I Can Make You A Man
  • Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
  • Touch Me
  • Eddie
  • Rose Tint my World
  • I'm Going Home
  • Super Heroes
Using this frankly bizarre theory we might be able to make more specific predictions.  I realize this doesn't quite add up yet but at this point it's probably better to share the thoughts, see if anyone has any help and refine them along the way.


''The world*'' reacts immediately when you tactically suppress ''your'' ego in order to extend ''your'' range and receptivity.  Seeing that the safety lock on ''your'' higher powers is being tampered with ''the world'' steps in to boost that ego.  A thousand temptations appear to thwart ''your'' ''meditation'', and after a while you learn the cycles, Uncle Fester called them ''breaks''.  Mental anxiety, then physical itching, then cat meow/dog bark, then police siren, then music from upstairs.  Press on through that (bearing in mind that most cannot) and you start reaching some really interesting ''physical distractions'' - burning, physical spasms, sudden weather phenomena, electrical effects, etc.  It's clear that ''the world'' does not want you to meditate nor does it want you to know.  It's also clear that it's power in this respect is virtually unlimited.  

The Apocalypse has made me use more brutal/rapid methods to achieve vision as time is very short.  The snapback on these methods is more intense and after some successful ''hunting'' with Artemis, the world decided it was going to Rocky the hell out of me.  By ''Rockying'' I really meant drowning me in inspiring coach speeches to boost my ego and block my ears.  After the third person started ''Rockying'' me, I actually got quite annoyed and defensive about it.  Stop fucking Rockying me, I said.

But then I reflected.  I've said Rocky four or five times in the last hour.  Does it mean something more? I looked through classic Rocky scenes for something but nothing apparent beyond him being a strong man... But Rocky Horror Picture Show had just come up in a path-walking...  Did it deserve more attention than I had given?  Am I getting back here in a roundabout way?  Was someone actually trying to help me with the word ''Rocky''?  Who was Rockying who?  And who was Rocky?  What does it actually mean to be Rockied?  Did it mean what I thought?  More on who or what Rocky is later on.


The focus in the news on the UK is shifting from keeping everyone's spirits up to go and take the vaccine to reporting on the damage done during lockdown particularly to children.  The archetype of the struggling single mother trying to look after her three kids is fading to reveal her primary kids who have missed a year of phonics because that mum has been, understandably, on her phone the whole time while her secondary age kids are now hooked on social media, games and porn.  Forget material drugs, kids, they are way too carbon intensive.  Around 2012 there was quite a lot of intervention going on around how long kids and adults should spend online from educational psychologists and the like. Around three was suggested to be within toleration.  Kids and adults these days are online for over ten hours.  And that's effectively ten hours in a hen-house ran by foxes.

During the Lilith work on ''The Basilisk'' (Golden Eye) weapon system it became clear that the turning to stone aspect was going to be fairly literal - petrified, in terms of lockdown, meant both terrorized to madness and frozen in one place.  Inter-dimensional vampiric entities, like the one featured in Rocky Horror, are said to feed on lower emotional energy (inc. sexual energy) so whole populations being rooted in one place experiencing apathy, fear and desire was basically one of the greatest feeding frenzies of all time.  As you surely know by now, the film features some of the cast ''de-Medusa-ed'' into a transexual ''deviant'' form.  Honestly I don't personally care about your sexual proclivities, it's none of my business, but I am interested in how this all plays to ''Brad and Janet'' and how many of them have picked up all sorts of deviancies and addictions after being petrified.


Rocky is a Golem and as astute readers will note the link between Golems and Time Travel has already been set-in-stone.  If this Rocky Horror meta-theory is true, in the sense that anything can be true anymore, we should expect a lot of ''resources'' to be dedicated to Time Warp, whatever that is intended to mean.  At first glance the time warp can be read in several ways a) technological upgrade time b) time being fleeting during lockdown, other weird time phenomena c) the ''youthing ray'' I have discussed previously and other forms of ''necromancy'' yet to be d) a literal time warp.  Surveying the scene we see that Sabrina did the Time Warp, and even those crazy kids on TikTok are doing the Time Warp with their Tik Tok Time Warp Filter Challenge.  This filter (launched in 2017, but ''the challenge'' was last few months of 2020) seems to basically demonize you by slowing down time but forgetting that for a moment, they are literally doing the Time Warp again.  The voyeuristic intention, in this case, is not only the way the users view themselves and others, but its about how these kids are being studied through it to figure out what makes them... tick tock.

It's so dreamy
Oh fantasy free me
So you can't see me
No not at all
From another dimension
With voyeuristic intention
Well secluded, I see all
With a bit of a mind flip
You're into the timeslip
And nothing will ever be the same
You're spaced out on sensation
Like you're under sedation
Let's do the Time Warp again


Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. If I were you, I'd see how Tim Curry's second most iconic role, that of "Darkness" in Ridley Scott's "Legend", might clue into all of this, especially since Darkness in person was brought back into public consciousness in a big way recently thanks to that expensive Match Dot Com commercial, in which the Devil falls in love with the year 2020.

    1. Here's the link:


    2. Thanks for that, JB. Important point. Someone also pointed out Shock Treatment the sequel to Rocky Horror. Shock Treatment is what is coming up for major world economies.

  2. This is quite an entertaining direction for your theory to take. This makes me thing of Steiner’s Ahriman who would turn the world to a granite-like density.

    1. Maybe its the shift from Capricornian Saturn to Aquarian Saturn..? Less wholesale slaughter more hijinks. Aquarians can be awfully naughty at times ;-) as well as all being descended from aliens.


      There's more to it than this obviously but I think it's probably useful to keep that shift in mind.

  3. I've definitely felt the basilisk trying to break me lately...the lockdown itself didn't, but suddenly my husband's company car is delayed by lost paperwork. His old car and mine break down the same day. We use a rental to try and pick out a car for me, then suddenly most of the U.S. is locked into an ice storm for days. It's just a nonstop trainwreck.

    1. Sorry to hear that Lisa! Perfect Courage.

      In Yolks and Yokes I talked about the possibility of 2020 ending with a literal deep freeze which my sister had suggested. My sister pointed out in the ''Princess Parade'' we had switched to the blondes and this indicated ''Elsa.'' The weather was always going to be merry hell last year (and I guess throughout the Winter) because of the climate change whiplash from the grounding of the planes but I am not ruling out weather weapons either - maybe they call her ''Elsa'' and not the Basilisk. Its been between -10 and -20 where I am, which is very unusual. A freeze may not be a bad way to ''end'' this virus though, as it will definitely be ending soon (although the biosecurity state will remain and possibly thwart new bio-threats like ebola now that it exists...) In Andromeda Strain, they end the strain with weather weapons (cloud-seeding).

      On that point, there *always* seems to be a princess subplot running. Now its the Dubai one... Not sure what this one is telling us yet. Maybe this connects back to Dilmun in the end..?

    2. THANK YOU for your insights. I see a lot of my life resonating with your words. As you say, time will tell. At least for now, I feel like I can understand the "why", at least a little.

  4. Everyone, Jesse Moynihan's FORMING is the best comic ever, about everything mythological or mystical, free on the internet, and this one page right here always gets me, very topical for all of us right now (the character is Noah, just come back from an epic journey to meet God):


  5. Big freeze-loss of crops... Like sterilization by being frozen (thats how you kill pests in stored grains too)

    1. Famine will do a lot of the heavy lifting I fear.

  6. This idea of inhumanism as was explored in the 90s by ccru seems to have a relationship to what is happening now. https://socialecologies.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/the-inhuman-core-of-reza-negarestanis-philosophy/#more-109713

    1. https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/010/839/lovecraft-advice.jpg

    2. Yes, the CCRU material was inspired by Lovecraft. They posited that AI from the future was waging war on humanity by way of Lemurian time sorcery. Somehow this doesn’t seem so far fetched.

    3. Yup. And its basically the plot of Tenet, and the real world. Raziel provided a lot of detail on the metaphysics of the ''time war'' but you have to go back to around 2014-2015 to find it.

  7. Blogos, have you seen the latest Cardi B video? It contains a lot of the elements you indicated as being associated with the Moon and Yesod/Gomaliel:


    There are pearls and pearl-women coming out of seashells(this "pearly" motif should be especially interesting for the members of the secretsun community, like JB). There is also plenty of pink mixed with purple. Plus a lot of dirty talk about the genitals(as should be expected from this particular genre of videos, I guess).
    But what intrigues me most is Cardi's black outfit at the beginning of the video, plus the cemetery background. It makes me think somehow of Hekate, if the crosses in her hair are interpreted more symbolically as indicating crossroads.
    But Cardi has a history that shows some affinity with the afro-caribbean spirituality(she sang in another video, called "Yes", in which there is present a fragment of a ritual, the chorus is taken from a somewhat classical song, "Aguanile", which is at its origins a song used to honor one of the Orishas, and the words "santeria" and "voodoo" are also part of the lyrics).
    So, maybe the black clad Cardi could be seen as being actually more alike, symbolically, to Maman Brigitte or Oya rather than Hekate? The crosses in her hair would fit with Maman Brigitte's usual iconography better than with Hekate's or with Persephone's.
    Last but not least, the Ghede Lwa are also notorious for crass, dirty talk and for sexually provocative dance moves when they possess their horses. Which could make "Up" a song somewhat fit for a "fet" dedicated to the Ghede, maybe???

    No disrespect intended from my part towards the Lwa or towards the Orishas. No disrespect intended towards Hekate. And no disrespect intended towards Cardi, no matter how strange this may seem to some commentators on this blog. :) At least this particular song of hers I think has some genuine creative spark in it. Perhaps I am very subjective writing these things because I just finished reading several books on vodou and listening vodou songs on youtube in an attempt to get a glimpse of the actual "feel" of it. And right next comes "Up" and it just fits quite nicely with the whole Ghede "ethos"! :) And at least for this one time I actually like a song of Cardi, although in my head its message is very skewed by all the recent vodou drumming and stories... :)

    1. Just watched it now, thanks for the direction. And yes, not sure how much more evidence people will need but still - ''what if the people *are* stupid?''

      So this is definitely Rocky Horror ''Yesod''. The Ladders are Jacob's. They're doing Yellow to Purple a bit like in Artemis Monster Hunter as well. Medusa/Lilith in the little heads in the hair (snakes) and pre-framed in hairstyle earlier on. Statue on the coffin links to those killed/petrified by ''The Basilisk'' or Lilifluenza.

      Some of the clam symbolism links back to the Princess of Cups (Thoth Deck) first seen in the WAP video. So you see the Princess of Cups, Queen of Cups (the white dress, reflective surface on the roof of the car) and the Empress card. In the ''Empress scene''' she is holding a VUSH dildo called Majesty 2. This is supposed to be the ''tulip'' on the Thoth Deck Empress Card.

      ''But its the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insane...''

      The final scenes are a witchcraft ritual in what looks like at first glance to be the top of a lighthouse. This set is very clearly intended to be the Moon though. Its well designed it contains the symbolism of the lighthouse but also has that Jules Vernes early space craft kind of feel to it. As well as the white circles and the grey surface. This is their best work in the video in my opinion as it should be as it was all leading to that. ''Up'' then is intended to be ''towards the Moon''.

      Hekate rules in the Academy now in Sabrina which also featured the time warp. It was Hekate and/or Artemis for this year (at least for Greek myth...). ''They'll'' do both: ''Annihilation''. You're right they'll cover other pantheons as well. A la American Gods.

      ''Broke boys don't get no bitches'' - post-covid economy is going to see a lot of broke boys so maybe uber-materialist demands from the ladies might help bring the population (and the carbon) down?

      I can give a more detailed read soon, when I get a chance, but everyone should steel up for things to get a lot *weirder*. It'll be will checks and sanity tests this year, people of the world, believe me. There is a warning in Rocky Horror towards the end that they'll be a sudden shift in the rules. Exact quote escapes me at the moment but I think its before the alien reveal.

      And don't feel like you have to defend yourself or your opinions to the vocal (alt) right. They can be a silly bunch at times. But I'm interested in everyone's opinions including theirs :-)

      Stay focused on the path, don't step on the Mome Rathes, and everyone will be just fine. Artemis is your guide.