Thursday, February 25, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Sweet Transvestite


How'd you do I
See you've met my
Faithful handyman
He's just a little brought down because
When you knock'd
He thought you were the Candyman
Don't get strung out by the way that I look 
Don't judge a book by its cover
I'm not much of a man by the light of the day
But by night I'm one hell of a lover
I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show


Everyone can relaxIf you were concerned.  Kind of.  I figured it out.  Kind of.  Or maybe I remembered? I spent the night in a dream with a guy who had had one of his eyelids removed.  This was quite disturbing as you can imagine but time is short and the dude got me back on track.  Suffice to say he's seen a lot.  Anyway after some pranayama, reflection, lemon water and a fresh cup of really hot tea it (re)dawned upon me.

Donnie Darko tells us the time left until the end of Time Warp (started at 28 days remember) and after that we should hit Sweet Transvestite by the 21st March. It brings us back to the idea that the year is divided up according to the songs.  There are multiple hypotheses/interpretations about what that could mean so we will have to distinguish between likely and unlikely ones as we did for 2020.  And again, I am going to get the idea out now and then refine it later - as the closer we get to the date the less ''useful'' it is.  I apologize in advance for any drop in the quality of ideas, coherence or formatting.

Overall (highly likely): Brad and Janet (general public - ''Dammit Janet'' the song was covered by ''Wandavision'' - should be back-checkable for those who have watched it, I'll to it as soon as I can) had a problem with the car (fossil fuel economy into climate crisis) which has brought them to the ''Time Warp'' (the crazy amount of economic restructuring necessary to avert/mitigate climate change) - the satanic mechanic mentioned in Sweet Transvestite in this sense might be the electrification and remote control of vehicles a la Musk's ''Beast''... or ''Dr X's Creature'' if we continue to develop the prologue.... Science Fiction Double Feature.  Either way a ''satanic mechanic'' will be hired to repair our ''car''. 

In this reading a celebrity will be playing Frankenfurter (Gomaliel?) for us and this will be played out as Qliphotic Theurgy on the world stage/streaming channels - expect a fairly literal staging of the song, if not in shows themselves maybe a famous celebrity (or even famous priest, based on the opening sequences of the film) transitions (or who has already transitioned) or something along those lines.  We will be with this character for a long while so it will be someone very well known.  They will carry a lot of symbolic burden.  Imagine if Dr Scott for instance is really Dr Fauci.  Something on that scale I would think.  

After consulting with my Apocalypse Squad Kamala Harris as Dr Frankenfurter seems a highly likely choice.  As astute readers will know I was torn between Gamaliel as it is traditionally written and Gomaliel.  Kamala = Gamala is pretty close, especially if we add Warren G. Harding (the G standing for Gamaliel, yes this is true) president in 1921 sync.  The final point is the Hare which has long been associated with the Moon.  Kamala would also fit in with the part of the Sweet Transvestite scene where she is meeting all the ''cult world leaders'' while carrying on the conversation with Brad and Janet (Joe Soap, General Public) over her shoulder.  This does not mean I am saying that Kamala will come out as a transman, it may be enough (for America sadly) that she is a woman in a ''man's role'' i.e. first female VP.  It would indicate that March 21st is a reveal of some form that involves Kamala.

Other likely interpretations of the starting point similar to this might be Brad and Janet's car's breakdown refers to the lockdown.  Extra context for this reading is (the one-eyed) David Attenborough's we've ran out of time speech that happened a few nights ago.  One of my predictions for 2020, which I referred back to several times, is that a famous voice would tell us we had ran out of time.  So I was a little bit off but very close.  As you can see David Attenborough is even costumed and set designed like Dr Charles Grey (the narrator from Rocky Horror) - almost exactly.  The style of the narrator in the film is even that of cynical wildlife film-maker....  This sync is particularly creepy and if you are unfamiliar with David Attenborough (????) I highly recommend you watch the speech he made. 


One of the things I still expect fairly soon (and this might be the Satanic Mechanic) is a frank conversation about climate engineering and carbon capture projects.  They are already talking about climate lockdowns being inevitable.  This is again more support for the overarching theory behind the debacle that was 2020.  Stay cool though, no frothing rage as clear minds are more useful to everyone.

Some questions: In this scenario we know the celebrities who have been symbolizing Brad and Janet (Wandavision), we've met some of the denizens of the Time Warp (Armie Hammer, Marilyn Mansun, etc) but who is Riff-Raff in this reading?  I may have missed that   Does the ''rain'' refer to (the weather control ''end'' of) Covid (like in Andromeda Strain) and the removal of the cause but not the symptom also ties into Covid going away but leaving the problem (climate change) behind?  The ''medusaing'' that happens towards the end of the whole film (as we are following the timeline) also suggests more Winter lockdowns for 2021, it also tells us that 2021 will end with Superheroes.

Overall (unlikely): Literal arrival/reveal of space vampires, therefore expect dovetailing with the asteroid F032 to be UFO flyby (even if this unlikely theory goes into play I very much doubt an invasion, hoax or otherwise, just a reveal).

Another idea just to get out there now - Old Steve Reeves' Movie?

Athena, Hercules or The Last Day's of Pompeii?

If you want to explore this theory further with me then take the Rocky Horror Soundtrack, look at the ratios between the numbers and then apply a twelve month division across the numbers.  If true this is where we could get to the dates and details of very specific ''transition'' events and maybe even detailed knowledge of events that tie to specific lyrics.  I realise as we focus on this that a lot of hits for the Yesod Bingo are happening pretty continuously.  For example this 23 and Me story ties into, in terms of El Chai.

And no hatred/rage in the comments thread, thank you very much, just ideas!

Perfect Courage. 

Well you got caught with a flat, well how about that?
Well babies don't you panic,
By the light of the night, it'll all seem alright,
I'll get you a Satanic Mechanic


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. As I mentionned in the previous, the most probable use of "Project Bluebeam" is as sympathetic magic, fake UFOs summoning "real" UFOs, as Wordman perfectly described in his "Dark Soul of a New Machine" article.

    The extraterrestrial intelligence involved is more ultra-dimensional than anything else, what satanic pedo-freaks Hillary and Podesta seem to believe in (according to their leaked e-mails).

    1. For the record, Bluebeam is always on my radar and has been for a long time (and we war-gamed it a bit last night) BUT the ''likely'' interpretations of the theory that I explain keep coming true and the more fringe stuff doesn't.

      In my opinion whether they go for Bluebeam this year depends on how much time we actually have left. The UN official statement on this is 10 years, this in itself could be optimistic.

      Full eco-fascism could be rapidly achieved if a city block of a UFO hovers over a major city (or appears to) and says ''clean up the ******* planet''. I don't think that will be this year though.

      We were discussing the absolute *minimum* of cities that the powers behind it would need to perform over to achieve what they want. I reckon that they could pull it off with one, maybe just Jersualem. Others in the group were two London/New York. Others were up to three. i.e. the other two + Tokyo or Sydney. Other cities were ruled out for various reasons.

      You would need to do the *minimum* and let the media do the rest because the bigger the scale the more likely it is to screw up if it is a hoax. I reckon blue beam (if it does happen at some point) will be way smaller than most people currently believe and achieve the same effects. Again, one night of crazy Lovecraftian lights over one city will prob. do it in my opinion.

  2. Blogos! I found the celebrity trans you were looking for:

    1. Ha! JB we did some work on this last night and it all points towards Kamala. I've updated the post accordingly so I would scan through it again. I've made some other things clear like the link between Sir David Attenborough and Dr Charles Grey from Rocky Horror (the devil is definitely in the production design...)

      Remember it is written Gamaliel in Golden Dawn sources on the Qliphoth. So Kamaliel, Gamaliel, Kamala, Gamala etc. In *1921* Warren G Harding was president (G stood for Gamaliel). Harris links to Hare which is associated with the Moon. She was doing the whole purple suit thing. I mean its very clear. The problem with a lot of researchers is they know very little about the *details* of the occultism so they are really working very blind on this. The more I get into it and those communities of researchers, the more I see how they can easily get away with being so blatant.

      The pearls, the facial looks, the love of glittering parties etc. The moment in the film where ''Frankie'' is greeting all the dignitaries. I don't think that means that Kamala will come as a transman (although who knows at this point) but the fact that she has a job which is normally occupied by a man in the US has certainly ruffled gender stereotype feathers. That is prob. enough. So *big day* for Kamala around 20th/21st March for some reason...

      Don't neglect the Frank sync with Donnie Darko as well.

    2. Right on. Kamala is Frank. And Frank is in DD. You’ve nailed it as far as I can tell. An entry point into the rhizome.

    3. So who is Riff Raff? Johnson? Does his Russian sounding sidekick (Magenta - Melania?) indicate that its Trump? Is it Biden? We should be somewhere in the Time Warp now so it should become clear really soon. It would be nice to get ahead on that as well, or at least as much as is still possible.

      Based on what happened with Sir Attenborough I am assuming the people in the Time Warp video are the UN security council.

      Based on this I think Johnson is the likeliest. British accent, messy blond hair. They also approved the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, that could be operating on two levels if you get me?

    4. If I want to give myself a lol, perhaps I’ll think of Riff Raff as Bernie. Or Nancy Pelosi. I probably have to watch the movie again today. It’s been years.

    5. So, I just watched Rocky Horror again and I was immediately struck by the fact that Riff Raff really looks like Putin.

  3. Regarding cloning reveals:

    ""We need hundreds of Elon Musks" to combat climate change, Bill Gates says"

    1. And this cloning of the ferret:

  4. I’ve had a good deal of success in hyperstitional practices, which makes me think about gaming the storyline right now. Which is why I’m working overtime to try to figure out the storyline. I think some of that phantom time could be useful. I’m so glad you proposed it.

  5. That 23 and me story sure does route in with El Chai. When the life of all beings (El Chai) continues through ADNI (DNA?) The upper parts of the tree manifest.

  6. Bill and Ted Face the Music, which came out last year, the third of a now triptych concerning time travel.