Saturday, March 27, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Science Fiction, Double Mutant

Science Fiction, Double Feature
Dr X will build a creature,
See androids fighting Brad and Janet,
Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet


Science Fiction, Double Feature, Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Sweet Transvestite predictions appear to have come true with the expected shift of spotlight to Kamala Harris and the surprise of the appointment of the first transgender member of the US cabinet Rachel Levine - being a doctor is an extra sync here for Frank'n'furter.  The shift in spotlight to Kamala was not quite as severe as predicted but with the Biden Fall, the Biden Hologram and the clearly sporadic consciousness of the president the focus inevitably moved to her.  This was accentuated by news of her having a very important role in foreign policy, more than was normal for a VP, her subsequent speech to the UN and perhaps most importantly from the point of view of media spotlight the role in dealing with the border crisis, and the ''root causes of migration''.  Those root causes include both social justice and climate change and could extend to a broad management of the Green Agenda which is effectively all the most important policy that will happen over the next four years.


I discussed that I knew there were some problems with the mathematics as we had some parts of the puzzle but not the whole thing.  The main problem was whether the Destruction Team were using the soundtrack of the show, or the actual movie.  We established this fairly easily with the last test (whether or not they were including ''Say Do Any of You Know How To Madison?'' that they were following the movie. Important note: the prologue of the film is not included (Science Fiction Double Feature), as the prologue runs parallel to the entire show - with the exception of the epilogue.  This is how prologues work.

Approximately 5400 seconds (90 mins of the movie) divided by 365 gives us 15 seconds of the movie per day of the year.  It's a little less than that but we are rounding up.  This affects the run time from now on but through absolute luck it did not affect our syncing of Sweet Transvestite because we followed the Darko sync (we did not have any ''maths'' at that point anyway). 

But by way of example ''Sweet Transvestite'' starts at 21m30s in (if we do not include the prologue), this give us 1290 seconds.   Divide 1290 seconds by 15 and you get 86 days into 2021 for Sweet Transvestite.  31+28+27, i.e. the 27th March.  The song lasts 3m10s so this means the song will run for approximately 12 days. i.e. this will now end on 9th April and we will move on to the next text/action transition sequence before the next musical number: ''I will make you a Man''.  I will write a new post adjusting the dates in Sweet Transvestite but our predictions will roughly stay the same for now if the dates are all brought forward and the sequence is contracted.

This offers a challenge as we are now ''syncing'' by the film as opposed to the lyrics of the songs but it also gives us powerful new tools for back-checking the year so far according to this meta-theory.  For those of you familiar with the film, early in the movie you see Brad and Janet (i.e. ordinary conservative America/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada) driving along a road in the storm (covid+climate change) listening to the fragmented President's speech on the radio:

''I have never been a quitter, to leave office before my term was completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. But as President I must put the interests of America first. America needs a full-time President and a fulltime ... ... Congress particularly at this time ...... almost totally absorb the time and attention of both the President and Congress in a period...''

This moment is roughly 37 days into 2021 so it coincides with the impeachment of President Trump, and since it is related to Nixon may indicate an inversion of sorts in itself.  

The challenge then will be in matching the action sequences such as the animation of Rocky although that clearly has some tie-in with questions about energy supply.  For this we will need a new level of familiarity with this cult movie.


The prologue of the Rocky Horror Picture Show - ''Science Fiction Double Feature'' - gives us the entire show  (i.e. 2021) in abstract.  In order to situate ourselves in the prologue we used the Kong vs Godzilla sync/signal (Fay Wray and King Kong got caught in a celluloid jam) and Asteroid F032-2001sync/signal (at a Deadly Pace it Came from Out of Space).  By our reasoning we are now crossing the first lines of the chorus - ''Science Fiction, Double Feature''- so we were on the lookout for those kind of syncs.  The news cycle gave us the Biden Fall, Holographic Biden, the ''Double Mutant'' from India along with other B-movie type syncs like a pseudo Poseidon Adventure with the giant cock block of the Ever Given and a Team America style missile launch from N. Korea.  The importance of this idea of 2021 as a B-sci-fi movie is very important to hold on to. I know it's not what people expected from the more medieval and demonological experience of last year but I am almost certainly positive this is the case.  Adjust your mindset accordingly.


We've been flirting with the idea of using the movies as a primary way in, instead of esoteric lore more directly.  For example a way in to thinking about the Medusaing of last year was Clash of the Titans (1981).  Particularly the notion that the structural support for the Qliphothic associations, the narrative, the ''protagonists'' on the world stage, etc will come from cult movies.  As someone pointed out the Rocky Horror Show is a very well established and powerful sex ritual in itself that was an interactive experience for members of the live audiences of the show.  I wasn't very familiar with this work before February but after watching it Richard O'Brien is clearly an adept of these arts.  With hindsight, The Rocky Horror Picture show is an exceptionally ''good choice'' in structuring the Qliphoth of Yesod (Gomaliel) with its emphasis on ''the genitalia'' as well as the sci-fi vibe that comes from the ''Vision of the Machinery of the Universe''.

So what is next?  What's on the play list so to speak?  A member of the Apocalypse Squad pointed out that Clockwork Orange would make a ''good choice'' for 2022 because of the colour association and personally I feel that she is exactly right.  With traditional views of gender under assault, there will inevitably be a violent backlash from members of our society who are considered to be paragons of toxic masculinity whether it comes from street gangs or board-rooms. Hot Patootie is a foreshadowing of this and our money is still on Kanye for that role.  Although we will see the beginning of a conversation about a program to exploit reform the unemployed youth via what will probably be a climate draft for all intents and purposes this year, with those conversations likely to start in the next song ''I Will Make You a Man'', it won't really kick off until 2022, and as such Clockwork Orange is perfect for this journey.

When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.

A weakling weighing 98 pounds
Will get sand in his face
when kicked to the ground
And soon in the gym,
With a determined chin,
The sweat from his pores
As he works for his cause
Will make him glisten and glean
And with massage and just a little bit of...
He'll be pink and quite clean
He'll be a strong man
Oh, honey, but the wrong man...


I Will Make You a Man, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if B-series sci-fi cult classic "Quatermass and the Pit" came into play; the discovery of an ancient alien relic which proves that humanity is a genetics experiment, and our long-dead extraterrestrial creators are on the verge of "possessing" us on a psychic level, this turning into the image of the Devil being projected everywhere, people going hysterical...

    1. For 2021 the movies I think they will use for the main inspiration are listed in the prologue like when Trump played the Invisible Man.

      Here is a fun one mentioned. Tarantula. I am assuming this will ''ground'' in something to do with the interwebs... ''Tarantula ran to the hills...'' Julyish.

      I think the cult movies for the main apocalypse arc have to be fairly broad in their story's message. Clockwork Orange works perfectly for the Qlipha of Hod as Alex DeLarge is a great stand in for Samael and the Orange thing is as blatant as they can be, subtlety does not seem to factor in anymore.

      Especially if a ship can draw a dick pic in the ocean before literally fucking the world's trade!

    2. Tarantula ran to the hills = massive cyber-attacks bring down world wide web (as predicted by Klaus Schwab and other globalists).

    3. The only reason I mentionned "Quatermass and the Pit" is because it fits the narrative of Project Blue Beam perfectly, extraterrestrial first contact/invasion being preceeded by an earth-shattering archaeological discovery about human origins, the aliens returning being indistinguishable from demonic possession...

    4. I think running to the hills meaning retreating into new more secure and smaller net-zones as also predicted in Cyberpunk 2077 after mass-cyberattacks is highly possible. So yes.

      Thinking about how you can get ''middle America'' into drag we came up with the idea of a something like a porn-hub hack that links info to people or locations and then releases it.

      These may roughly coincide if we run that prologue in parallel to the main body of the film. It would serve as a major justification for a crackdown from the point of view of that self-same middle America...

    5. I generally agree with you on Quatermass, I am not sure when the hoax or otherwise would happen exactly and I am not sure if its quite broad enough to cover a whole year. It could provide lots of stories about military/government investigation of the site and then the madness that follows.

      The Blue Beam event could easily be this year but then its the way it happens in Rocky Horror which would be very startling and not done the Quatermass way. Jury is still out on the aliens. I do think it becomes more and more likely as we descend through the Qliphoth though and they are ramping up the priming. I therefore also think that one of the cult movies will be UFO-related but they could go Close Encounters... Clue is probably in the colours...


      Lots of QBL signalling here but if they do Close Encounters so tricky to say but based on the average vibe then it will prob. be 2025-2026.

    7. The whole color-coded KBL theory *IS* essentially what was portrayed at the end of "Close Encounters", using colour patterns, lights + music, to communicate with an otherworldly intelligence.

      They could simply nevermind the hoax, do away with all subtlety, and tell people the truth: aliens and demons are the same thing, neither alien nor demonic, but a hyper-dimensional power that essentially *owns and controls* our reality. And it requires sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice...

    8. Don't hold your breath on that! But it's an interesting new game. *If* you were going to do this via a cult alien movie what are the options? The colours then give the clues. It's a long game at the moment but may bear fruit.

      Invasion of the Body Snatchers..? ;-)

    9. Listen, over in California they've already accepted a new anti-white school curriculum which encourages *worship of Aztec pagan gods, and potential mass human sacrifice*, so...

    10. I know. Absolutely anything is possible.

  2. Great work as ever Blogos. It's taken a few reads of all the rocky horror stuff to get my head into it, but I'm now prepped up to watch it with pen and paper ready.

    1. I thought it was insane too. Then I looked out the window and the world put that insanity in perspective. Seriously though I am continuously trying to disprove it but it isn't working. p.s. this was ''Artemisian'' work in its origin going back to the posts about the Evil Moon at the beginning of the year, etc.

      Main problems as I see it:

      a) These codes are everywhere because of fractal-ity and therefore I could do the same with another movie or text - everything is in everything type arguments, etc
      b) You can read anything into anything without fractal-ity, I can do it with Moby Dick if I am deluded enough
      c) Maybe it is a code but only one of several scripts that are running simultaneously, in which case how many such scripts could there be and what is the value of using one assuming it is everyone?

      Some of these arguments put paid to synchro-mysticism and most of QBL in general, if you buy them and its worth stopping reading or studying if that's the case. In order to keep it tight, to limit the wiggle-room so to speak, we are going on date by date predictions.

      As I said as far as I am concerned the Colour Theory and interpretations worked as beautifully as possible from as far back as 2018 when it made the first prediction orange --> purple/shimmer. So this is a given. The ''Unifying Colour Producer'' seems to now be an established fact. So we are already on that level of QBListic control.

      The Rocky Horror Meta-Theory developed from querying the concept of the Yesodian structureless moodpiece and the notion of the line between mythic/filmic narrative arc.

  3. Blogos, it's getting worse. Ridiculous-worse.

    1. Last night on the news apparently the authorities were ''praying that the Moon would shift it with the high tide.'' LOL. That said the above is ''Rick''diculous.

  4. This pronouncement on Trans Visibility matches up *exactly* with the cloak-drop of Frank'n'furter in Sweet Transvestite

    It's a very blatant rendering of that piece of choreography

    Technically today (or tomorrow at a push) should be ''the Steve Reeves' movie'' lyric. I interpreted this as a volcanic event because of Last Days of Pompeii but I guess it could be interpreted another way - not sure how to read ''Sword and Sandals''. Steve Reeves was also in the movie Athena.

    As far as I can tell everything else that was predicted has come true thus far with the climate component of the Biden bill .

    ''Reading the runes'' after this number is over, there is a little bit of a lull as they go ''up to the lab, to see what is on the slab'' and have to ''power-up'' Rocky. This will go for a while.
    Since they seem to be following the movie exactly I am interpreting the shennigans before ''I will Make you a man'' as med-tech announcements and energy crisis. I've been discussing a climate draft for a while now and as you know the covid-bailout fund contains lots of money for dealing with the climate. An official stated: ''people don't realise how much has to be done in what little time''. Covid has created a potential workforce of the unemployed but I thought they may go full Roosevelt Civilian Conservation Corps with it as opposed to completely handle it through the private sector. This CCCing of American et al youth one way or another is a big part of ''I Will Make You a Man''. The other part of it is reconstructing the idea of masculinity - this is what Rocky represents.

    Another note Chet Hanks's comment about ''White Boy Summer'' - will end up syncing with ''Hot Patootie''. This is when the unreconstructed masculine will fight back and have a wild time throughout Summer before getting ice-pick murdered by Frank'n'furter, metaphorically speaking.

  5. Does this remind you of the Millennium Season 2 finale? The bleeding plague caused by prions? They HAVE admitted to the presence of prions in their vaccine...

  6. Welp, looks like you might be on to something: