Friday, April 16, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, See What's On the Slab

So come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with anticipation
But maybe the rain
Is really to blame
So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show


The ''rain'' is COVID-19 (which remember is ''water-borne'' & also ''the blazing star'') and the vaccine (which is associated with ''the light'' throughout the movie) removes the cause but in so doing gives you the symptoms (and side-effects).  We ''shiver with anticipation'' because as they intensity the rollout of the vaccine they also intensify the news of its harmful and sometimes lethal side effects - i.e. slowly intensifying fear and panic.


Well how about that?  Looks like you've got yourselves a particularly stacked slab there Destruction Team

Attenborough's new documentary
brings the character of the Narrator (criminologist) back so the launch of the doc will prob. coincide with a sequence from the film; the bewildering new variants foreshadow the relentless expansion of medtech (Frank's speech in a few days) and lockdowns (more Medusa-ing); the human monkey hybrids probably foreshadow Rocky and certainly post-shadow Kong; the secret ''cryo-chamber'' certainly gives weight to the Putin as Riff-Raff (Janus) alter theory; the Pentagon UFO confirmation also leads into the alien reveal that occurs at the end of the show (that is 2021); finally when Philip got staked they had to use the Transylvanian rainbow chamber to transfer his soul to a younger vessel.... oh sorry wrong meeting... ;-)


So we are at the end of Sweet Transvestite and about to begin the transition to ''the lab'' and since we now know that the Destruction Team are following the movie as opposed to the soundtrack we have prepared another test. Hopefully this one will finally slay this demonic idea but my faith in that eventuality is fast-fading.  As I said in the last post, some of this stuff now effectively writes itself.  

The cast list we have established so far is as follows:
  • American Gothic - Joe and Jill Biden
  • Brad and Janet - Average American (British, Canadian, etc) conservative (with a small c or a big one) 
  • The Skeleton in the Coffin - Prince Philip
  • Columbia - Meghan (+ contemporary intersectional feminism)
  • Magenta - Her Majesty and the ''Firm'' with all that that entails
  • Rocky - Prince Harry (+ others)
  • Riff Raff (bumbling servant) - Johnson
  • Riff Raff (demonic alien lord) - Putin
  • The Transylvanian Convention - The EU, the Commonwealth, the UN etc (elite representatives)
  • Frank'n'Furter - Kamala Harris (+ Caitlyn Jenner)

This cast list is not exhaustive and we believe that the role is shared around or ''doubled'' over a number of spheres (politics, entertainment, etc - see Lil Nas X) to guarantee that as many people as possible on the planet are watching this double feature, science fiction, horror picture show and not another one.

Maximum Beast mode,
fellow entities, Maximum Beast mode is active.

The following is a 15 second (rounded up) per day account of the next part of the movie which is 2021 - this sequence should begin at roughly the 28m mark into the movie - which we can use to test the theory.

Important Note: +/- 1 Day Limit of Accuracy

17th April - 6th May, 2021

The Three Days of Brad and Janet's Undressing

17th April
- Brad and Janet are being stripped, Brad has power fantasy that he can go through with it but still keep the upper hand

This relates to the vaccination process quite clearly as you must bear your arm.  ''Pull out the aces'' this is the rhetoric that many conservatives will be going through as they take the vaccination themselves.  Reference to the Ace might be a detail signal to those that can see.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - We were expecting an ACE signal.  Was this it?  The ACE Eddie Awards ceremony.  Note that the awards were called the Eddie awards.

18th April - Introduction to Brad (Majors) and Janet (Weiss)

Attention is brought to the conservative American public as a phenomena.  Probably this whole sequence relates to tension between liberal America and conservative America. So throughout this sequence it is easy to see that tension over the vaccine and the relief programs.  

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Fauci: ''Republican vaccine deniers are are hurting efforts to life covid-restrictions.''

19th April Columbia says ''Some people would give their right arm for this'', Brad says ''people like you...''

This relates to the shortage of vaccine but also that certain countries are shipping known dodgy vaccines to other countries because they don't want to risk their own people with them e.g. Denmark and the AstraZeneca jab.  It also posits this opposition between conservative rural America (Brad) who are behind in the vaccination program compared to liberal New York/Los Angeles (Columbia) who are ahead.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Greta Thunberg speaks out against vaccine inequality

It is very interesting they gave Columbia's line to Greta Thunberg on this day - ''some people would give their right arm for this'' - i.e. vaccine inequality.  As you know both Meghan and Greta mean Pearl and they are now both associated with that character.  They also share this broader association with environmental-social justice, etc.  We can therefore expect Greta to possibly play Columbia's lines in the future.  This is something we should have been able to at least acknowledge if not directly predict.

The Five Day Elevator to Lab Scene Transition

We should still be with the Royal Family (RiffRaff, Magenta & Columbia) for some reason (or Putin) over the 20-22nd April even though the funeral for Philip is tomorrow.

20th April - RiffRaff drinks and smashes champagne bottle

Johnson (or Putin?) drink and then smash bottle - this is likely to be some kind of spat or outburst probably linked to trade again and probably with the EU.  Maybe ''a cause to celebrate'' turns out wrong.  This could then relate to not easing of restrictions in bars in the UK.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): US Ambassador leaves Moscow as tensions rise

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Johnson cancels India trip over COVID concerns

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Pubs and Restaurant Bosses Launch Legal Battle over Covid Rules

21st April - RiffRaff, Magenta and Columbia go up to the lab in the elevator.  RiffRaff explains that they are simply the servants of the master.

Deference from Britain to America.  Bear in mind this swaps at the end of the film.  Britain being the secret master of the USA.  Or is it Russia..?

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Number 10 Cancels US Style Briefings after spending 2.6 million on studio

I've added this one ahead of time as it is breaking now (20th April) at the end of the evening in Europe so will naturally spill over to tomorrow.  This is quite big news as it looks like they created this monstrosity ''joke'' studio just to destroy it (in this way...).  Another point Eldritch Investigators might want to consider is what did they actually build under Downing Street then?  Details of the story are that the Prime will now brief from the Number 9 Briefing Room.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): English football teams quit Super-league which collapses the enterprise

This event feels like it syncs with the previous day (20th April) of ''England'' smashing the champagne bottle, especially since it was English teams vs Euro teams at that moment.  This highlights the +/-1 day accuracy outlined above.  In deepening our understanding of this problem it may be worth thinking about global-time, as this probably covers that uncertainty.

 ''We are simply the servants of the master'' - American Owners of British Clubs: Glazers own Man United, Kroeneke own Arsenal, Hicks owns Liverpool

22nd April - Elevator reaches the lab, Frank'n'furter in view.

Kamala spotlight or other Sweet Transvestite (perhaps Levine...) related news.  Update: This is Earth Day.

Pre-Prediction Note - Kamala Harris joins Discovery for Earth Day Special on Climate Change

Post-Prediction Note - Earth Day Summit 

The Earth Day Summit gave us view of the elite see below, again (+/-1 day of accuracy)

23 April & 24th April - Creepy POV shots that include the elite, a view of heaven and statues (from the Medusa Transducer)

Lockdowns represented by the petrified people lurk in the background, threateningly, as they approach ''the slab''.  View of heaven (space related news), the Elite (eventually this will relate to finance in Sword of Damocles and they are in the same position in that piece so we might want to see them as WTO, WEF, G20, etc at this point, but they may still be EU/UN).

Post-Prediction Note - Caitlyn Jenner announces run for governor

This is within tolerance (+/-1) day of accuracy and is therefore an exact strike.

Post-Prediction Note - UK is now entering into intense left-right debate because of corruption charges being levelled at Boris Johnson. See below. 

The Six Days of Debate between Frank vs Brad and Janet

25th April - Frank n' Furter, red triangle on costume, Columbia and Magenta ordered to help RiffRaff

We are trying to identify this red triangle - any suggestions are welcome.  Makes sense to link the red triangle to a pharmaceutical company at this point.  But which one?  The red triangle was associated with political prisoners (Schutzhäftlinge – Sch.) this links Frank with communism, an incredibly frightening thing for Brad and Janet.

Reader (LisaLoo) Hot Take: Link triangle to vaccine passports

Post-Prediction Update:
These ''Six Days of Debate'' seems to be playing out across America but we should also include BLM and police reform as another fault-line between the left and the right, woke or un-woke or whatever.

26th April - Frank greets Brad and Janet again, Frank patronises them with a little laugh and then some French

Interaction between Democrats and Republicans over the border issue (and possibly at the border) and/or the covid-relief bill.  Conservatives want to focus on traditional infrastructure but they badly need support in areas ravished by either climate effects, Covid itself, or the economic effects of the disease.

Pre-Prediction Update: Pink Moon
Post-Prediction Note: Kamala avoids border issue 
Post-Prediction Note: Oscars as divider between woke, non-woke etc.

27th April - Frank passes them the clothes to make them feel less vulnerable

The Democrats give in to some of the Republican demands, but its kind of titular or symbolic in nature.

Post-Prediction Note: Oscar for best actor goes to Anthony Hopkins and not Chadwick Boseman causing some controversy. 

I honestly thought this was going to be more about actual politics but looking at the prediction ''symbolic'' or ''titular'' in nature an Oscar seems perfect.  So basically the narrative is that on this ''black-white'', ''liberal-conservative'' ''divide'' there has been a lot of ''wins'' for the ''progressives'' (?) recently so they give an Oscar to an old white guy who doesn't even turn up instead of a young dead black guy as a token offering.

Post-Prediction Note: Biden lifts outdoors mask wearing

Again, see utterly titular and symbolic deference to the right.

28th April - Frank says they have offered hospitality, Brad gets upset and all they asked for was to use of phone

The Republicans say the old line about paying taxes to the Federal Government so the Federal Government should do its job and pay back to those who have paid in.  This from a group that have systematically run down Government programs over the years. ''All they want is the phone'' effectively relates to basic services.

29th April - Franks says she is impressed by Brad's dominance and that Janet must be awfully proud of him

Brad is the dominant republican figure at this time.  I do not know who will play Brad because I have very little knowledge of conservative politics.  So who is Brad during this bit would help a lot.  Ted Cruz and his wife?

Post-Prediction Note - GOP's Tim Scott delivered rebuttal

Ok it was this guy, Tim Scott, that delivered the rebuttal.  He warned against ''socialist dreams''.

Post-Prediction Note - This all clearly relates to Biden's address at Congress over the recovery plan.  However, these images are so strikingly synched that maybe our timing and characterization is coming a little unstuck? 

So obvious it already got memed.  Or they just memed it themselves because everyone is so dumb and infantilized and opposition is controlled to the extent it does not matter a solitary gram of fuck anymore.  Caption: ''you thought it too, didn't you?''

30th April - Frank asks ''do you have any tatoos?'' RiffRaff slopes over menancingly

Chitter chatter continues - liberals and conservatives bond over tattoos? Digital tattoos?  We think this could be a very literal signal.

Post-Prediction Update - Biden, Harris agree with Scott (America not Racist)
Post-Prediction Update - Murder Suspect in Atlanta with RISK tattoo on his neck who escaped from police is caught in the bushes

The Six Days of Frank's Speech

Its probably worth imagining this as one news story that is quite complicated and has some depth and will be explained (and land in the consciousness) over the course of five days.  The most simple reading is that this is related to issues about new variants and new vaccines.  It will be big news though.

1st May - Frank speech begins to the unconventional conventionalists

Is Labour Day a clue?  Is this related to the red triangle?  Ties us back to socialism?

Pre-Prediction Note - Beltane
Pre-Prediction Note - Did this already happen? See above Biden speech to Congress
Pre-Prediction Note - 30th April Tarantula Venom Based Therapy treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

''I knew Leo. G. Carroll was over a barrel when Tarantula ran to the hills...'' Science Fiction, Double Feature. 

Well how 'bout that? Type 2 Diabetes affects 30-40 million Americans.  This news, whether this is set dressing or the big one, has the potential to make all those people and their partners and families think about Tarantulas.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey Transition Surgery  ''Life-saving'' 

''Life-saving'' Transition Surgery so I guess its very literal again.  Trans person discusses life saving medicine.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Caitlyn Jenner says Transgender Athletes born male should not play on girl's teams 

Well I guess the Sweet Transvestite now represents both sides of the argument.  Its going to be interesting to see how the right wing roll with this.  Oh I know, I've seen the film.  A jump to the left, a step to the right.

2nd May - Franks says there will be new paradigm in biomedical research and ''paradise will be mine''

Paradise could be the signal word here (or words like Eden, Heaven).  Maybe they have some even cooler nanomedicine?

Apocalypse Squad Hot Take: A company called Lucky (see below) wanted to mine Paradise Valley near Yellowstone for Gold.  This was defeated in court at the end of 2020.  Is this a play on ''Paradise will be mined?''  Based on the upcoming ''Sword of Damocles'' moment in the film it looks like gold price will sky-rocket and fluctuate maniacally for 8 days or so.  Will this change minds on mining?

3rd May - Franks waxes poetic about suddenly you get a break and all of the pieces fall into place

This implies that luck was involved in whatever the medical research story that is broached will be.  How much luck was involved in those monkey hybrids, you think?

Post Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Bill and Melinda Gates Breakup after 27 years of marriage

Marriage described as irretrievably broken.

''And then suddenly you get a break - and all the pieces seem to fit into place - what a sucker you'd been, what a fool - the answer was there all the time....'' Dr Frank n' Furter

Apocalypse Squad Hot Take: Luck - Paradise - Mine

4th May -  Accidents were involved in the discovery, the word accident is repeated by Columbia and Magenta - 

You created an alien-human hybrid?   You discovered the force is real? Srsly?

Post-Prediction Note (Update) - Mexico City Train Collapse

Break.  Accidents.

5th May - That is how they discovered the secret ingredient that is the spark that is the breath of life.

You created an android?  The Breath of Life.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): SpaceX successfully lands ship
Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Falling Chinese Rocket
Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): CIA Woke Ad i.e. ''Secret'' ingredient

Dr X News. 

6th May - And now they have the secret to life itself, everyone applauds

The trauma we have to go through to eventually live in a socially engineered world where everyone is cool with cloned parts being available and the rich or elite getting to live for 200 years, eh? 

The trauma!


For those of you interested in this sub-meta-theory we've realised that we can back-check Clash of the Titans and confirm that this was the first movie used for structuring the year (2020).   It's a bit of an effort so it may well be a little time in coming.  If you want to do it yourself its the same principle divide the film length by 365.  Our working theory would be Perseus (various actors, but all and sundry in our more or less successful fights against...) Medusa (COVID-19) & Cetus (The Leviathan or Climate Change Disasters).  You will not have to even break sweat to identify the main capricious Gods and distressed Andromedas I would think .  Cursory analysis suggests this will work effectively and implies that throughout the whole of last year we could have done the same as we are doing this year but with that script lying alongside the Qabalah

The owls are not what they seem...

You're very lucky to be invited up to Franks' laboratory, some people would give their right arm for the privilege.


Columbia, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Owls = Lilith = Little Grey "aliens" (demonic) = also the occult/Apocalyptic faction of the Millennium Group/Illuminati/ KBL "Demolition Team".

    Why couldn't they have picked a movie I liked? I can't stand Rocky Horror.

    1. It wouldn't be hell for you then - would it? ;-)

    2. At least it's not Sound of Music. Yet. This is one of my least favourite things.

      We did quite a lot of scouting ahead on the moonbeams and we think there are some considerable cringe movies on this list especially towards the end so maybe brace yourself for an Apocalypse ''Reimagined'' at some points.

      Very very tentatively, the sub-meta-theory might look like this:

      2022 - A Clockwork Orange
      2023 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
      2024 - Mad Max
      2025 - Shock Treatment
      2026 - Princess Bride
      2027 - Blade Runner
      2028 - Videodrome
      2029 - Labyrinth

      There are clues ''in the mirror'' of 2010-2019 for sure. I'd match Labyrinth with Inception for example. I don't know which of those I would find most harrowing. Possibly ACO to be fair. That or Invasion. Invasion is already at a point where it feels freakish god knows what it is going to be like in just a few years.

      After that Mad Max might be a blessing.

      P.s. IMHO Rocky Horror is prob. one of the best musicals out there, other than Team America ;-), it's also the number one cult movie on a lot of lists.

    3. 2029 HAS to be Terminator 2: Judgement Day, somehow. That year has always been linked in the public consciousness with the war against A.I., as well as the *invention of time travel*.

    4. No man, it's too recent. Terminator 1...? I don't think there is enough ''meat'' on those cyber-bones. It's like The Thing great bones no meat. That's why Invasion I think rises up the ranks fast. Lots of meat.

      I think this period of early 70s to early 80s maybe is necessary for some reason to tap deeper into the subconscious mind of the widest part of the population. The deeper you go the bigger bang for the buck so to speak. But they can't go further than that back because the audience drops off real fast because of death.

      So I think this might be the sweet spot.

      Maybe look at Labyrinth from the POV of a child entering the internet of 2029.

  2. Maybe the dates match each other. Take a look

    1. I have been reading through this site as well and the dates do seem to coincide. The part about the fake Christ figure potentially being a genetically engineered person correlates with Blogos's speculation about the unveiling of human cloning.

      Consider also that RedefiningGod's metanarrative speculation suggests that the Book of Revelation is simply a script which tptb are following, however, his theory regarding their agenda leaves out important parts of scripture- notably that most of the elect are supposed to be deceived, and that Christ's last followers who are not deceived will be persecuted. RedefiningGod's theory hinges on Christians being fooled by a fake unveiling of "benevolent E.T.s" aiding Putin and friends. However, the "Project Bluebeam" conspiracy theory has been pushed by grifters in Christian circles for decades, so many Christians would likely call bs on any appearances of aliens who come to ordain Putin as Christ- and this suspicion would be prevalent even before his meta-role as the antichrist is revealed. Furthermore, the persecution of Christians is supposed to occur because of Christ's return, not simply as an edict from the Antichrist.

      RedefiningGod's theory does seem to be an accurate reading of the geopolitical stage play, but these narrative absences demonstrate either that revelation is not being followed accurately by tptb, or that it is more than a script. The absent narrative beats can still take place if one views the possibly-genetically-engineered fake Christ installed at the end as the True Biblical Antichrist which deceives the majority of the planet. Following this, an externalization of the hierarchy might take place so that by the time the True Biblical Messiah arrives, 99% of the world's population will have cry-wolf syndrome after having been fooled twice into following a messiah, so they will hate and persecute any remaining believer.

      I understand that Blogos and some of the people who follow this blog consider themselves to be spiritual magic practitioners and do not necessarily believe in or recognize any form of Christianity, but the possibility of the scripture being accurate should not be ruled out. By overlaying Blogos's 70s Cult Movie metanarrative theory over RedefiningGod's two-phase fake end-times metanarrative, it begins to look as though tptb are unwittingly enacting the real events of revelation with the intent of simulating a fake version of the story.

      With this openness in mind, I have begun researching a third predictive theory: TheOpenScroll's pre-end-times time-reset theory.

      The timeline for this theory aligns with those of the two metanarratives. The originator of this theory seems to believe there will be a literal resetting of time, but it makes more sense for any reset to be symbolic. Perhaps as 2021's Rocky Horror script transitions into the script for 2022, we will all do the Time Warp again one last time and symbolically go back to 2012.

    2. Just for the record, AlwaysWatching, I am a QBL/KBL/CBList and my handle is Blogos :-) I accept Elijah, I accept Christ, I accept Raziel and I accept El. I also recognize a complex hierarchy of other entities. The vast majority of my work has been focused on the metaphysics of time travel, working with Archangels and working with the Letters of the Alefbeit as Intelligences in their own right.

      Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do on this planet and its therefore a highly attractive personal challenge. Forgiveness is the only way, I repeat the only way, to escape the Power-Revenge-Suicide triangle that dominates most pedestrians and ''master players''.

      I don't think there is anything unwitting going on. They have an abundance of wit. I think the aliens event, if it happens, is far more likely to be something out of Body Snatchers than a UFO event *precisely* because UFOs are what people have prepared for and been lead to expect. The Body Snatchers event is already being metaphorically achieved by reprogramming people and perhaps altering their DNA - as well as the ongoing psychological alienation - I don't know if UFOs are necessary at all, I think an absence of them in an alien event is more likely to induce fear. At a certain point in the film Donald Sutherland's original character could be said to be the alien as the planet is conquered very quickly.

      Human cloning should be made public in 2029 as this would be the demon Thaumiel and there is an argument that all of this is necessary social engineering to bring out clones and us not all want to instinctively kill them. The ''golem'' (GLM), in many ways as I have explored on this blog over the years, *is* time travel. The way you build the golem is through an ''astrological arrangement'' of the letters. On a surface level human cloning is about life extension and ''youthing'' which are both kind of soft forms of time travels, but fundamentally the cell itself, as an expression of the ''Metabolism of Time'' is capable of hard time travel, i.e. the human being *is* a time machine.

    3. Forgiveness is literally the best thing one can do right now. It’s the exit. I am echoing that only because it’s so important.

  3. The red 1st gut reaction is a push for vaccine passports in order to participate in large crowds. Our local renn fest announced this week that they are coming back this summer (masks required),and already people are clamoring online for guests to provide proof of vaccination before buying tickets. I want to dress as the Monty Python scene in Holy Grail, ringing a bell and calling "bring out your dead."

    1. This is definitely a sensible prediction, I'll add it to the list above :-)

  4. There was supposed to be an *ACE* signal on 17th April according to the predictions above. Was the Association of Cinema Editors (ACE) awards ceremony that signal? Note that the awards are called the Eddie awards.

  5. Blogos, you were right (be sure to read Wordman's last sentence):

    "LSS, the vaxx is making your body produce prions, not antibodies. It’s a self-replicating synthetic organism on the loose inside you. And even more bizarreness anecdotally is coming in: even unvaxxed women’s periods are becoming irregular when in proximity to those that have been vaxxed; i.e., the viral load is shedding. And the shedding is then inferring to even those that are non-vaxxed, which is truly weird and frightening:

    Anecdotal, but this is *Invasion of the Body Snatchers* in slow motion. This is happening NOW."

    1. This is why corona virus vaccines have never before made it to human trials. They killed all of the animals in the studies. The animals died upon their very next exposure to the virus in question. What this means is that the pandemic may be about to become a real pandemic rather than the phony one we’ve been experiencing. I wrote a piece, it’s a novel in progress, starting in 2016, that lined this out and it’s going now. The next thing is that the people who refuse to take the vaccine that causes the contagion are going to be blamed for the contagion because we’re stuck in an evil clown circus where up is down and down is up. Blogos is so spot on with the inverted tree of life that it isn’t even funny. I’m sure not laughing, but we still need to make some jokes posthaste.

  6. Rocky Horror news—

    1. To some extent I would include this in the notion of ''set dressing'' that we picked up from 2020. We've also seen another example of this in the UK that I mentioned where Piers Morgan was talking about Susan Sarandon in an interview in an advert showed immediately after the Meghan interview. But it maybe more direct signalling than that.

  7. “You are to witness a new breakthrough in biochemical research. And paradise is to be mine(d)... And that’s how I discovered the secret... I hold the secret to life itself,” and the Sword of Damocles Gold scene could refer to unveilings or discoveries of solar-powered advancements in mining and energy storage rather than to gold fluctuating in price:

    1. Sorry I didn't get back to you on this earlier. I think the Sun's association with Gold definitely makes this worth watching (and maybe others like it) when it comes to Rocky's appearance (Mine the Rock). Watching the Sun around this time more broadly as well is a good note. Good stuff.

  8. I’m trying to pay attention to the actual dates. That’s a little abstract in my existence for dumb reasons, I’m sure. But you are very detailed and I’m sorry I didn’t keep track of the previous dates. I’ve been very, very sidetracked. Your theory does seem to hold water, and even air, notoriously hard substances to hold. Although, I’ve spent some time looking at left hand stuff. It may be important that we don’t fully succumb to that narrative. I’ve spent some energy trying to avoid that narrative. I do a lot of dance crazes, as everyone knows because I have a rhizome.

    1. I think we are very much on track. The Apocalypse Squad were convinced by Sweet Transvestite. I am updating the blog as we go along at the moment - see how script matches to prediction and then to reality and I've got a few more things to add in a moment.

      As regards the rest, fair enough. It's a legit concern. The extent to which we become complicit in co-creation, etc. But I like to think of the Hermetic Lessons as a fundamentally Brechtian device. Most people on the planet have ''suspended their disbelief'' (in one way or another) and this show will go on regardless of what we do here on this small blog with its small community. Many people within both the spiritual community and the ''alt-right'' are also reading off scripts that are being fed to them from the Deep State. Controlled opposition, etc. They really genuinely think they are ''fighting back'' rather than just following the orders of their enemies and passing around their centrally created scripts and memes. This was most clear in the mask debacle. I don't think there is any way out other than to go live in the woods which I may end up doing myself if it keeps on like this. Verfremsdungseffekt will lift us out of this a little, i.e. it will defend us ''a bit'' against ''succumbing''. I just want to add that I don't think of Brecht as inherently ''white magic'' by any means, I actually think we ended up here in part because they figured out how to weaponise Brecht. Stanislavksi, on the other hand, is now a definite evil - that was weaponised a long time ago ;-)

      Some people may claim this show is a distraction while they are doing other things and while I think this is partially true the content of the ''show'' is very important. It (and others like it before) forms the ''contract'' whereby the Sanguine Pact (and friends!) get through various ''loopholes'' in cosmic law. This is fairly common knowledge in conspiracy communities and has its parallels in spirituality as well so you probably know. They can't get into your house without being invited, etc. Again I think here Verfremsdungseffekt is important as without those alienation goggles you might end up accidentally inviting them in. Anyway good points and lots to think about.

    2. There are some strange powers at work. It’s all so far beyond what people even think of as the “deep state,” if indeed they bother thinking of such things, which most don’t. I’m still very much thinking of Rudolf Steiner’s predictions about Ahriman and this particular point in time. It’s chilling the extent to which so much of what he said seems to be taking place.

      Alienation goggles are definitely the new black. It’s almost too much to think about all at once, but the total weirdness that’s been unleashed on the world requires such thinking, I suppose. It’s truly baffling. I keep thinking of theater of the absurd lately because I just can’t understand how the majority of people are just passively going along with the whole program as if it makes any sense at all. Maybe they’re just pretending they buy it, but all that method acting has altered their consciousness. It is all very Brad and Janet, to be sure. So awestruck as they are by the bizarro spectacle that they offer no resistance. Resistance, as you point out, is possibly futile. I live in Oregon, so maybe disappearing into the woods really is the best option.


    So this coincides with 22nd April which was the prediction for Kamala to be thrown a spotlight. The theory is getting to new levels of *eerie* - this is ''Rocky''mancy. Note the picture in the article. Earth Day sets up for the overall reveal of Frank's speech.

    Lots more post-prediction (and pre-prediction) updates in the blog above.

  10. Blogos, what do you think about this: Pearly (Megan) Gates marking the Elohim Markle ( to prevent entry?)
    The next full moon is a Pink (magenta?) Super moon.
    Magenta news
    Nicols (Murrah 4/19 Terri (means power[of the tribe] Nichols meaning victory or to conquer)
    Interesting choice of words "claims dominion over land and sea"

    1. Do you think that the grey aliens might be the Potter's vessels? Clay golems and homoculuses that were alchemically created long ago? Iron and clay don't mix (our iron blood)
      A while back I was thinking about how the Bible is a allegory to building the mind, body, and soul. He shall rule the nation's with a rod of iron. Finding your true north. Blood has iron rods in it, and birds use iron to find North.

    2. Pink Moon absolutely. Magenta, I did not know about very interesting indeed... Stem cell revolution (policy) on the 1st May? I'll be sure to add these to the list.

      I don't know about the greys its not really my area. I've never encountered them or the whites or the reptoids. Only insectoids - mantis & butterfly. There probably *is* a crossover somewhere in mythology, golems maybe. But as I've indicated above in the comments I think that idea of the golem covers another more esoteric idea about time travel/prophecy. At least in the Sefer Yetzirah. Which is also about Kingship. Which you can also read in the Imperative.

    3. I thought that I saw insectoids over my son but were gone when I turned on the light, I dismissed it as my eyes playing tricks on me, too short of an interaction to fully say what I saw. Thanks I'll have to read that. I've had numberous *dreams* or visions of interacting with varieties of spiders. Some not really sentient and end up being incredibly prophecally symbolic regarding choices/crossroads etc. Then I have different times of being able to *view* events, people,and thoughts and memories as being in different webs, and when I interact with a spider consciousness on that web, they act like they can't be bothered like they think we're beneath them. But I don't actually see them and I have to direct my consciousness down an intensely vibrating web and 99% of the time I fall asleep instead of maintaining lucidity. My consciousness has gotten pretty lazy. Lol

  11. I don't know if you remember him, but I just found a link to most of Mark LeClair/the Wrong way wizard's deleted articles:

  12. “Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet”:

    1. Lol. Seriously. How are we going along with this? How” It’s absurd. Bizarre Somebody should go wait.

      Godot may be anywhere.

    2. Note Greta Thunberg comes back into the headlines with Anne Francis... I also think the Planet will get a whole lot more forbidden than just this, but this is definitely the set up. Give India and Brazil a bit more time to bubble.

      I am pretty sure Fay Wray is/was Millie Bobbie Brown. This is important when it comes to ''Rose Tint My World''. Its clear from Stranger Things that Eleven represents the repressed feminine of Will. When Will disappears, Eleven appears. Will has a crush on Mike, Eleven gets together with Mike etc. The repressed feminine is associated with magic. There is a lot more than that but it would take a whole post to explore it but 2016 Stranger Things 1 (Venus/Aphrodite) & Stranger Things 2 (Mercury/Hermes)relate to ''The Hermaphrodite'' .

      In many ways Eleven is a trans idol & following this tortured logic it is therefore understandable why Frank would love Fay Wray. It also indicates Millie Bobby Brown related news in whatever ''RKO show'' will carry us through the Fall lockdowns from the Medusa Transducer.

      If you want do work on the prologue & get ahead - then its Tarantula, Triffids, Curse of the Demon, When Worlds Collide next - July to September (one every three weeks roughly). I reckon the Triffids & Janet Scott is possibly covered by Jungle Cruise based on trailer but obvs they'll stage a parallel in the ''real world''.

      Earlier in the year, a ''Janet Scott'':

  13. It happened.

    1. Well there we have it, don't we? (+/-1) day because ''global time''

  14. Nth-level cringe here:

  15. As a thought experiment another way to disprove this theory would be to use any other film and then apply it to 2021 and see if it is accurate or if through sheer force of confirmation bias you can *make* it accurate. This would test the ''everything is in everything'' fractal counterargument to Rocky Horror.

    I was thinking this over last night but the test would start to struggle purely because of the trans thing. Rocky Horror has the necessary constant reference to what is clearly a theme of the year, the vast majority of other films that exist would start to struggle with the test immediately. Worth thinking about fellow entities.

    1. I've never doubted your KBL colour-coded theory, but for the sake of arguement, maybe the Ethan Hawke movie "Predestination"? He becomes trans (by becoming his own female lover, then mother, in the past) + time travel.

    2. Not a film but I have noticed many parallels between this year’s timeline of events during these first four months and Stephen Fearing’s album “That’s How I Walk.” I must be coming down with a bad case of apophenia, I should really get tested for it.

    3. I don't think the colour theory is in question anymore, I think this meta-theory is still... a bit.

      Predestination has to do all the other structural lifting as well with metaphors (& timing of dates) for vaccines, lockdowns, left-right politics, toxic masculinity, the Suez event, everything. You would also have to match the characters of the year in the same way as Rocky Horror for it to contest.

      I've seen it, a few times, I very much doubt it will pass that test. But fair enough for the suggestion!

    4. Another way to test this theory is to check if any of the episodes of Wandavision sync with the Rocky Horror film soundtrack. Over the last three months I have been discovering and gradually verifying that all of the MCU films, and it seems like many if not most other modern films, are edited to sync with at least one album. For example, Iron Man (2008) syncs with Black Sabbath- Paranoid, and The Avengers (2012) syncs with both Dark Side of the Moon as well as Hawkwind- Space Ritual. I have not tested any albums with Wandavision yet because I don’t have the time, but Rocky Horror Picture Show is a likely candidate for one of the episodes because of the Brad and Janet visual parallel. The character Agnes/Agatha might parallel Frank. Maybe it would be the 70s themed episode.


      Science Fiction Double Feature
      Frank has built and lost his creature
      Darkness (Harkness) has conquered Brad and Janet
      The Servants gone to a distant planet
      Woah Woah Woah, at the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show, I wanna go, to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

    6. Different movies are used by different factions at different times they are often overlapping but apply to different spheres of influence.

    7. The next colors coming up should be in neon! Pink supermoon, highlighter green etc.

    8. Different spheres of influence were covered throughout the 2020 narrative and they seem to be covered in 2021. I am finding very few examples of the main narrative of the year that does not fit into the Rocky Horror Meta-theory or the ''Sci Fi B-movie'' narrative. They may have some of the subplots like Curse of the Demon, or Tarantula etc more fleshed out than I may explore but there are limits on my time and concentration.

      If you think you know what some of these other narrative arcs they are using are, please feel free to explain them and provide examples & exact timings that relate to that film!

    9. Well when Thorn was talking about Wandavison, EVERYTHING that he brought up coincided with things in my life at the time, lesser sphere of influence. I'll pick some of it apart.

    10. Within the RHPS meta-theory, as far as I can tell ''Wandavision'' covered the ''Brad and Janet'' section of the musical. I relate this to domestic bliss/hell that *all of us* were being kept in forcibly by the lockdowns. It was *intentionally relatable*. I have not watched it because another member of the AQ was handling that and I am trying to limit some of my exposure to this where I can but it *should* feature scenes which metaphorically describe domestic ''lockdown''. In this case Brad and Janet locked in a pocket dimension by the Harkness or whatever, in our case locked in our houses by the Darkness of Lilifluenza.
      Lilifluenza (and climate change) are ''the storm'' in RHPS. So Wandavision is already included in RHPS meta-theory :-)

  16. Blogos, there's creepy, then there's REALLY creepy:

  17. I don't know why, but this seems relevant:

    Yazidis are called Miletê Tawûsê Melek (the nation of Melek Taus).

    Tawûsê Melek refused to bow before the first human, when God ordered the seven angels to do so. *The command was actually a test, meant to determine which of these angels was most loyal to God by not prostrating themselves to someone other than their creator.*

    Because of this similarity to the Islamic tradition of Iblis, some followers of other monotheistic religions of the region identify the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan, which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidis as "devil worshippers".

    A popular Yazidi story narrates the intentional fall of Tawûsê Melek, his becoming God of this world with authority given by his creator, and his subsequent rejection by humanity, with the exception of the Yazidis.

    According to the Yazidi cosmogony, God created the world from a *PEARL* (Dur), that was previously in a stage before the creation named Enzel (the eternity before creation).

    1. Basically, the Devil does to us what God did to him: he tests us. And if we TAKE THE KNEE before him, we've failed.

  18. The six days of debate between Frank and Brad and Janet (25th-30th April) are clearly happening but in my predictions I/we should have broadened my definition of Democrats to include Woke & BLM etc as ''left'' represented by Frank. This is ultimately down to my/our lack of understanding of American Politics which is as excruciatingly painful for me to learn about as how to effectively use emoji.

    Nevertheless, despite my pain & ignorance, the prediction for 27th April (+/-1 day or ''Global Time'' if you will permit me) is ''The Left'' give a titular or symbolic concession to the ''The Right''. Honestly I did not think it would be as titular or symbolic as ''Best Actor'' but its clearly come down to that.

    So I guess one of the threads of these six days of debate is this black-white divide which I guess simpletons directly translate to a right-left or an unwoke-woke divide. The ''symbolic'' or ''titular'' transfer was the Oscar which was awarded to an old white guy when everyone thought it was going to go to a dead black guy. So there were some minor shenanigans about that or whatever.

    May 1st, the major speech of Frank, looms large fellow entities. Personally I think they are going to try and explain the details of the future of nano-medicine with some breakthrough related to the vaccine technology. I mean its fundamentally gene-therapy so they can play a cancer angle or a genetic disease angle (like diabetes maybe) for everyone to situate their vaccine uptake into a broader Techno-Utopian vision. They could go wildly off-piste but the public are really very ignorant when it comes to science so I am trying to figure out what is even possible to explain in six days. If its vaccine derived news/info there is already a body of understanding you can tap into.


    Well how 'bout that? This is scheduled for May 8th so Rocky (Harry) is in position with many of the other characters. You've got a Columbia, a Rocky and a Frankie.

  20. And if you are thinking the India through-line required another script...? ''Science Fiction, Double Mutant...''

  21. Blogos you said you accept Raziel and El. Can you link to some doctrine on that or explain personal experience?

    And I agree that the India will be on the same tracks considering Kamala and her husband's links to India and Bollywood.

    1. Lots of that in earlier posts on the blog, doctrine and personal experience, etc. The overwhelming majority of my work is related to Raziel in one way or another. Including this.

      El is one of the God Names related to (Chesed) Loving-Kindness and Mercy.

  22. April 28th-29th: Brad shows his dominance

    1. I literally just updated with this, Always, but thanks! Great minds think alike and all.

      Did you see the frickin' mask tableau, see above, I edited the post to show it! FFS

    2. April 30th: Frank, Brad and Janet bond

  23. OK so I am not sure where this leaves us but the mask tableau is straight out of the movie. I've edited to show above, but I already had the mask tableau for the image for the 1st May as those of you following this will know. Personally I think this is some of the ''inherent choppiness'' of trying to do a cult movie musical on the world stage in ''global time'' but its still *an incredible sync*.

    I am assuming the 1st May ''med-tech reveal'' will remain but let's see. It might be flaws in my system as half a second here or there will stack up over time and leave us to drift slightly out of sync, either that or its slight problems with their system. F**k me though this is mental.

  24. April 30th:

    *Tarantula* venom-based therapy for Type 2 Diabetes (30-40million Amercians)

  25. April 30th:

    Prediction: Chitter chatter continues - liberals and conservatives bond over tattoos? Digital tattoos? We think this could be a very literal signal.


    Murder Suspect with RISK tattooed on his neck, who escaped from police custody in Atlanta is caught by film crew

    More signaling from the set dressing?

  26. For the Wandavisionists

    Compare anti-Brad:

    with anti-Vision:

    1. This is evolving convincingly. I’m not looking forward to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Could we flip the script maybe? I’d really rather live through a different film.

    2. Also, I’ve posted a couple of long winded comments involving techniques in chaos magic and the large thing in Switzerland and they disappeared rather than posting, which has happened in other places also owned by G. I don’t know if I’m blocked here, but apparently not, or if there is something else afoot re AI.

    3. Frank's speech seems to be being covered by Caitlyn Jenner & Elliot Page (Double Feature?). The med-tech unveiling seems to be B-movie back drop to Tarantula at the moment but I guess we need to let the speech play out for a few days.

      There have been a lot of other set up for ''Tarantula'' as well because of a) Florida's radioactive phosphate pond b) Fukushima waste water and c) toxic waste dump off Santa. Catalina, this is the kind of stuff that creates ''Tarantula'' et al, in the movies but also in the imagination. I guess ''Tarantula'' will happen in June/Julyish as the prologue roughly quarters through the year.

      I don't think we can ''flip the script'', no, I'm sorry. But I may well be wrong on Invasion, it feels right, but I am not perfectly clear on that at the moment. ACO (2022) though, I think, is inevitable at this point. Mad Max (2024) as well, probably.

      Sorry to hear you lost comments to rogue AI, probably those cutbacks to the Turing Police. I tend to copy my lengthy ones before I post just in case!

    4. What sweltered venom sleeping got?

  27. So when we end in 2030 we will have the sun die (the depth of our current grand solar minimum) and we will have to make our way up the tree again, with the sun still slowly coming back on 2050ish, when we will have the warmth and energy of life again. If every Christ known in history would be related to this heartbeat of the sun, it would be awesome. In any case, both "save for thin cows time" and "run to the hills" look like sensible advice.

    1. Yes as far as I can tell. 2020-2029 controlled demolition via Qliphothic Demons. 2030+ rebuild new society via Angels ''Brave New World'' smart cities, hardened agriculture (cities converted to vertical farms, inverting the current set up) with advanced gene-tech starting with cloning in 2029, 2040 and beyond effectively New Jerusalem. At least on the surface...

      As far as I can tell 2024 is going to be very warm indeed but it might begin to drop back after that and the cold may become more of a problem. Its all about extremes.

      Yes I think this is fairly sensitive advice if you can save and/or if you can run. I don't think the whole world will be full-on Mad Max by 2024 but they'll be enough of it going on that it will be the main narrative of that year.

  28. Does the Gates divorce relate to this in any way? I would have thought it implausible at the beginning of the year but will/could Gates actually transition?

    1. 3rd May: ''Suddenly you get a break and everything falls into place'' - a break i.e. a breakup

    2. I think Melinda just wants to get the hell away from Bill before people figure out the terrible, irreversible side-effects of his vaxx, along with the 10,000+ people who died from it already worldwide.

    3. We are still exactly in sync as far as I can tell:

      Marriage described as ''irretrievably broken''
      Bill and Melinda Gates ''breakup'' after 27 years

      Here are all the lines for 3rd May: ''And then suddenly you get a *break* - all the pieces seem to *fit* into place - what a *sucker* you'd been - what a fool - the answer was there all the time...''

      And of course an announcement coming from the Gates Foundation links us back to the med-tech theme of Frank's speech.

    4. Suddenly you get a break... accidents were involved... and there is the 27 connection to Gates’ breakup:

    5. The secret ingredient to life itself is Heme?

      Or is it free energy that is being mined?

      Bonus Brad and Janet parallel I thought of:

    6. I don't know , but exciting times. Frank talks about the breath of life which links to golems, air pollution, carbon dioxide

      All of the above works. Definitely the bonus.

      Some rando on social media was saying Musks's ships have that Atompunk 1950s vibe.

      There is a diagram we could do with which, in my mind, shows the RHS on an inner circle and the ''outer plots'' (Invisible Man, Kong, Forbidden Planet, Tarantula, etc) of the Prologue on an outer-circle. Tarantula should start in July, etc. It would be nice to punctuate it with the posters from the original films.


      The Day the Earth Stood Still
      Flash Gordon
      The Invisible Man
      King Kong
      It Came From Outer Space


      Dr X
      Forbidden Planet

      Day of the Triffids
      Curse of the Demon
      When Worlds Collide

      Dr X
      Forbidden Planet

    7. Always, I didn't see the first link properly when I posted above. Absolutely the Mexico City train broke in half with accidents! Jesus. This is the weirdest apocalypse.

    8. It feels like we've wandered on to the set of Knowing...

    9. Bill Gates says he sees himself in Eddie Izzard (from 2017)

    10. Yeah, this apocalypse is way weird, but please let Gates transition. I so want to see that in the mix.

  29. ''Secret'' Ingredient, CIA woke ad?:

    1. I guess I’m not allowed to comment on this.

  30. There is some potential good news. Maybe that piece of space crap from China will land on DC.

  31. Right? I’ve been casting that for a bit. I’m all about serious hope.

  32. Days and nights hast 31, sweltering venom sleeping got to boil first in the charmed pot. IDK. It’s worth positing alternatives that tyrants can’t imagine, and they imagine very little in the vastness of possibility.

  33. Something just occurred to me today. In 24-25 Uranus will be all up in the region of Algol (eye of Medusa) for some time. This is potentially a very bad thing.