Sunday, May 9, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Vax Live and the Rainbow Chamber or Cronenberg my World

You see you are fortunate for tonight is the night my beautiful creature is destined to be born.  Hoopla!  Throw open the switches on the sonic oscillator... and step the reactor up three more points!


Frank 'n' Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Vax Live was an occult ritual.  More specifically it was a Luna ritual.  More specifically still it was a partially inverted Luna ritual.  If you have a moment, it was a selection of inverted Luna symbolism from a year long ritual inversion of the Sefira of Yesod structured according to Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Sound crazy?  Well tell yourself this is all performance art or role-play and go about your daily business.  Maybe it is.  Either way there is nothing for you here.

For the rest of us it's just not sufficient at this point to point your finger and say ''spooky Satan symbolism stuff.''  We all need to get way more specific.  The devil is in the details.

Symbolism of Yesod (Foundation)

  • The Moon
  • Purple
  • The Number 9
  • Beautiful Strong Men (Hercules/Atlas)
  • Genitalia
  • Hekate, Artemis, Selene
  • Vision of the Machinery of the Universe
  • Qesheth - the Path of the Arrow/Rainbow
  • The Astral Plane and the Etheric Double
  • Alchemical Metal of the Moon is Silver
  • Etc
When you watch Vax Live, which you should, bear in mind to keep your shields up and alienation goggles on at all times.  The Crappening is pretty incredible.  Good luck fellow hoplites the following is presented in pretty much the order it happened.


Open with these guys FFS.  Basically every white guy in this show is a human wreck, at the end of their creative energy or a complete tool.  This was expected but inverting the ''traditional ideas of masculinity'' still remain a very strong theme of Vax Live.  Burned out Sean Penn and Letterman versus powerful, beautiful and vibrant Nomzamo Mbatha for example.


I need to do more work on this but I think its highly likely that this is Hecate and not Demeter.  You can propitiate Hecate with wheat as well.  Lots of appeals throughout the show to women under crypto-spiritual mentions of motherhood, sisterhood, crone-hood and so on.  Triple Goddess, etc.


My beautiful creation!  ''And soon in the gym with a determined chin, the sweat from his pores as he works for his cause... will make him glisten and glean and with massage and just a little bit of steam... he'll be pink and quite clean...''


A very under-powered, under-dressed, under-presented Selene who was clearly doing this while either a) sick b) at sniper-point c) fresh out of MK or d) not even being Selena but actually something trying to wriggle out of her skin.  This was disturbing and, I assume, a fundamental part of the ritual.  Hekate is displayed as marvelous and radiant, Selene is really run down and broken.


Nice purple silver combo you've got going on there HER.


Lunar symbolism should be clear from the diagrams (Black Moon ritual?).  Oprah voice over.  This was the explanation of the vaccine program I had been expecting.  Because, let's face it most of the pedestrians have no idea what they've injected themselves with.  Well.  We're gonna find out.


So the Path of Qesheth in the Golden Dawn system runs from Yesod to Tifereth.  I explore how Unifying Colour Producers made use of this in Annihilation.  Qesheth is here identified with ''the arrows of vaccination''. 


These guys were holograms performing in a palace broadcasting from a spaceship orbiting a completely different planet in the future or something.  I honestly didn't quite get what was going on there technically speaking.  Feel free to explain it to me if you do.  Either way etheric doubles and astral plane stuff were definitely covered.  


Lots of shit rock obviously in the Rocky Horror Rainbow Chamber.  And of course an Eddie.  Even an Eddie with an extra vEDDEr.


We know from previous posts where the elite are represented in the film.  These guys are assembled to watch Rocky brought to life.


More of the The Crappening.  Tee hee toilet paper jokes about tinfoil hat people.  Did they just get mooned at?


Yes.  Moon Demons that is what I said and that is what it was.  More specifically Gamaliel.  No need for interpretation, this was made quite clear.  


''Ricky!  Ricky!''  Note the gloves.


Not to self. American Gothic is also Riff Raff and Magenta....


Seriously.  Camp and Edgey come on stage with a non-joke cloaking a crypto-Vampire-Bat-Moon-Flu-Mask joke. About sums up 2021 thus far. Can you introduce me as Joker?  No. No we can't.  


The red circle of Global Citizen is turned purple at this point and the three of them dance in it.  Note the purple and the linked spheres of the Vaccine Confidence Project.  Hmmm now where have I seen that kind of thing before?


More listless rock from the Foo Fighters and Brian Johsnon.  All the ''Eddies'' look towards the end of the road.  This is not virile rock energy.  Some stuff in the lyrics ''9 lives'' etc.





At the end J-Lo performs ''Ain't Your Mama''.  Inverting Motherhood in the finale.  I guess the dancers link the colours of the Rocky Horror rainbow injection machine with the rainbow of different varieties on offer in the vaccination game.


  • ''Once we get everyone vaccinated its just the beginning.''
  • ''Our actions here will echo in eternity.''
  • ''[Vaccine] Hesitancy is not an option''
  • ''We must stop any kind of individualism''
  • ''It just so happened that we had the technology ready.''
  • ''And some will step in from the rain, while others face the weather...''
  • ''I'll be the light, if you follow me, I'll be everything you need''


  • 8th May - ''Rocky destined to be born'' - Vax Live
  • 9th May - Reveal Rainbow Chamber - Vax Live (media reaction)
  • 10th May - Reveal Rainbow Chamber - Vax Live (media reaction)
  • 11th May - Powerstation for Rainbow Chamber - Power station crisis?
  • 12th May - Powerstation for Rainbow Chamber - Power station crisis?
  • 13th May - Weird Rainbow Injection Machine Descends - Vaccination
  • 14th May - Weird Rainbow Injection Machine Descends - Vaccination
  • 15th May - Weird Rainbow Injection Machine Descends - Vaccination
  • 16th May - Add Rainbow Juice - Vaccination
  • 17th May - Add Rainbow Juice - Vaccination
  • 18th May - Add Rainbow Juice - Vaccination
  • 19th May - Sword of Damocles - Gold/Economy/Harry
  • 20th May - Sword of Damocles - Gold/Economy/Harry
  • 21st May - Sword of Damocles - Gold/Economy/Harry 
13th May - 15th May (Images)

Note hexagon & stars, ''Sefiroth'', and rainbow or ''the promise of (the) God (of Israel). Note Israel fully vaccinated.

The Sword of Damocles is hanging over my head
And I've got the feeling that someone's gonna be cutting the thread
Oh, woe is me, my life is a misery
Oh, can't you see, that I'm at the start of a pretty big downer.


Rocky, Sword of Damocles, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Again... that goddamn lemon dress "doctor" Jill is wearing... the same she wore for the fake photo-op with tiny Jimmy Carter.

  2. Foo Fighters played on SNL the day after the day the earth stood still at the Capitol, and now he is here... What (or who) did David Grohl do to feature in two of the most potent ritual performances of the year?

    1. Name his band after UFOs? ''When a flying saucer lands in Washington...'' As well as being ''trustworthy'' from their perspective?

  3. The beginning of ''Tarantula''? I was expecting start of July...

    1. For Rocky Horror Theorists:

      11th May - Powerstation Sequence for Rainbow Chamber - Power station crisis?
      12th May - Powerstation Sequence for Rainbow Chamber - Power station crisis?

  4. So many schemes, so many distractions...

    The Globalist Elite and their plans for world domination, the mainstream news media and their perpetual lies and gaslighting...

    And then, without warning, dark lord Urizen showed up.

    The year is now 1 (2022 of the old heathen calendar). We have all become one with dark lord Urizen.


  5. Blogos, since you're a Brit, I thought you might enjoy this, something unexpected:

    "The Derby Ram" is a traditional tall tale English folk song that tells the story of a ram of gargantuan proportions and the difficulties involved in butchering, tanning, and otherwise processing its carcass.

    This song was extremely popular in Britain by the eighteenth century, and naturally travelled to North America with settlers where it was thought to have been sung by George Washington himself.

    According to A.L. Lloyd, the ram (known as "Old Tup") may be "a distinct relative of the Greek god Pan" or a representation of "the Devil himself".

    The tradition could have originated as the Anglo Saxon pagan midwinter ram-ritual (most prevalent in the Midlands and South Yorkshire), which involved a singing and dancing procession of men accompanying a figure dressed as a sacred animal (often a goat or a ram) which represented a life-giving, seed-proliferating god.

    Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe, who have investigated the world's unsolved mysteries for more than 30 years and are the authors of many bestselling books, have come to the conclusion that the Derby Ram is in fact a modern reimagining of YMIR, the horned, primordial cosmic giant of Norse myth whose sacrifice and bleeding created the Universe and all of it's realms.

  6. Seen this? It's either an Easter Island statue, or the big funeral chamber head from the movie "Prometheus":

    1. Apparently it’s a Chimera dressed like Zeus called “The Oracle.”

      I think this qualifies as both a black mirror and the “magical negro” archetype. Also compare to Greenough’s Enthroned George Washington.

    2. Prometheus is in Rockefeller Center so the connection to that film makes sense.

  7. It is funny, they really put a lot of care in the rituals, but no one cares by now.... we the stray, and some few others, are the only ones that follow their stuff by now. It is weird how they try so hard even now, today I even read some news about a Gov making a lottery to promote vaccination.... wow....

    1. They just cut the gas off to millions of people, people care about that - that's where the ritual grounds. They don't care if you don't watch their TV ritual, its happening all around you anyway. Unless you did finally disappear in to the woods! :-) They're not playing to you. They're playing to ''the Gods'' to borrow a theatre term. That's why many of them look so scared. The audience for Vax Live may have well been simulants for all we know, they don't matter. They were all told to clap like maniacs at anything anyway - apparently that's why the clapping is so off. So they may as well have been simulants because they were effectively just a bunch of actors.

      Most of that ''don't care... new force rising in the background...'' business is just going to be hoovered up by Trump next year who we have already established is *another asset*. He is then going to take that energy and trash/squander it Clockwork Orange style (and I don't mean the first quarter of the movie I mean the remaining vast majority of it). Controlled opposition.

    2. yeah, I did move into a very unpopulated area, so more relaxed now. What will happen is all around us as you say, so I just picked a more comfortable place to ride the waves that will come. And yes, the rituals are getting frantic, they are trying really hard to appease their "god?", while maintaining everyone else out of the way so we don't bother them or f** things up. Plus the last piece saying our earth has a very weakened magnetic field now.... interesting times indeed.

    3. Methinks their "gods" will be very, very similar to those of "Prometheus", all signals/rituals pointing in that particularily frightening direction...

  8. The pipeline is back online right on schedule. A direct strike.

    1. Btw, I quoted those two comments you made above on the Secret Sun comments section, Chris is gonna love the "Oracle" bit.

    2. I’m glad you found my comments to be insightful. One more note on the statue: I remembered that Marvel was producing a MODOK animated series. As it turns out, the series premieres this month and Marvel has begun rolling out press for it in the past three days. MODOK is a similar mold to the Oracle statue; both characters look like babies with giant heads, and MODOK’s face appears as if it is inside a television screen- which syncs with the Oracle statue because a TV can be considered a technological black mirror / looking glass.

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  10. I’m sure you will have already seen the Al-Shorouk Tower collapse video by the time you read this comment...
    It gave me deja vu from a scene in TENET:

    This is also the first event in a while that RedefiningGod predicted accurately.

    1. Sorry Always, I've been a bit out of it. Acquired myself a few paradox points during the last set of temporal effects and had to burn them off. Good strike on Tenet. I need to re-watch it and write an essay.

      The Israel situation is *not* a deviation from the Rocky script in fact its perfect. Look at the ''weird vacccination machine'' (after the power crisis) as it descends in the film. This bit is really quite dark. I'm going to add some pictures to the calendar at the bottom of the post so people can see it if they don't want to trawl through the film (but 34m in if anyone wants to).

      The machine is really three things - a hexagon, the Sefiroth and a rainbow injection device. So Israel strikes all three as the fully vaccinated county with the Star of David and the Sefiroth. The rainbow is related God's promise that occurred after the flood, i.e. the rain.