Tuesday, August 24, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Dr Everett Scott


After Touch Me there is a sequence between Frank n' Furter where they share excuses and blame (reduced here for brevity)
18th August - Frank: ''How did it happen?'' RiffRaff: '' I was only away for a minute!'' 

19th  August - Dr Scott then shows up on the monitor

20th August - Brad: Dr Everett Scott!!!

21st August - Frank: Brad came here with a purpose!

22nd August - Brad: He was a science teacher at Denton High School!

23rd August - Frank: No he isn't, he is FBI, UFO!

24th August - We then see Dr Scott on the monitor...

The early part of this sequence covers recriminations between politicians (RiffRaff = Biden Johnson getting grief in particular) over the fate of Afghanistan.  ''How did it happen???  I was only away for a minute, master'' covers both the withdrawal of US forces and the speed of the Creatures of the Night Taliban advance.  And today (24th August) - who do they roll out as ''FBI UFO''..? Well let's all meet Dr Scott CIA director William Burns.  Not only this but we have the FBI UFO intelligence community's report into the lab leak and if that wasn't enough to tie us back to the monitor once more we have Pegasus updates


  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/25/kamala-harris-us-officials-havana-syndrome-vietnam-delay


    In the movie Frank is standing next to the ''sonic transducer'' *right now* to which Dr Scott says in a few days: ''we ourselves have been working on this for some time''. What is the sonic weapon that the US has been working on for some time actually called in reality?



  2. William Burns looks a good fit for Dr Scott. Kudos to central casting on the lookalike.

    Havanna syndrome could also play into the UFO/Disclosure subplot? The US blames the Russians, but is there another force at work?

    Our heroes in Day of the Triffids are holed up in a spanish villa.
    25/08 = 1hr 15-18m
    There's hope from a radio message from the Navy as well as the birth of a baby, but the plants are massing around the house and the electric fence won't keep them off long.

    1. Thanks for this again Journeyman, so this one should be important for the Secret Sunsters as they are staying with the Vega family.

      The invisible spread thing (i.e. not checking vaccinated people even though ''the science is clear'' they can still spread, and get hospitalised/killed) is clearly a massive problem and its being reported on more and more often. I can see how this easily segues into criticism of the concept of covid passports. I still think August ends positively (just) for the vaccines as they appear to work. More and more saline-vaccine stories popping up as well and its definitely worth keeping our eyes on that.

    2. 26/8 1hr 18-21

      The Triffids threaten to break through the fence. Bill Masen douses them in fire.


    3. Perfect strike, excellent work, I will transfer it above, its a solid reading of the Triffids, the Triffiban

    4. I will catch up with your more general question about the range of the Unifying Colour Theory when I can I am just trying to get ahead at the moment.

  3. “Respect” premiered just six days before Scott is supposed to appear https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/respect-marc-maron-character-jerry-010239329.html

    1. Meghan Markle
      Melissa McCarthy
      Marc Maron

    2. Appear on the monitor or appear on the stage? He should be being ''magnetized'' kind of nowish. I will update again maybe later on today so we can all see ahead together.

  4. COP26 is clearly towards the finale (Nov 1. - Nov 12) - we have the British deck chairs, the elite meeting, the environment, the song ''Goodbye'' etc, the fact that David Attenborough (the climate criminologist) is speaking. Between now and then we really only have:

    - Eddie (cannibalism, FBI-UFO, assuming an Epstein through-line here at least in part)
    - Planet Janet Schmanet (pre-lockdown)
    - Rose Tint My World (vaccine-failure, passport-failure, attempted lockdown manic AF then total failure - ''your mission is a failure'')
    - Goodbye (failure of program altogether, three shots delivered, segue into climate lockdown conversations ''I've seen blue skies, through the tears...)
    - The Killings (Rocky/Frank/Columbia - who is it going to be this time???)
    - Superheroes (B&J and Dr Scott on blasted planet that the ''elites'' leave)
    - Epilogue ''darkness has conquered B&J'' etc - epilogue is included within Inner Theory as opposed to Outer so epilogue closes out December.

    On the Outer Theory I've checked WWC and I assume this will be done at least on the surface under climate change - this sets us up for COP26. Dr X ''reprise'', Forbidden planet ''reprise'', these could be curious.

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