Thursday, September 30, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Planet Schmanet Janet

I'll tell you once, I won't tell you twice,
you better wise up Janet Weiss
Your apple pie don't taste too nice
You better wise up Janet Weiss
I've laid the seed, it should be all you need
You're as sensual as a pencil,
wound up like an E on first string,
when we made it did you hear a bell ring?
You got a block? Well take my advice,
you better wise up Janet Weiss.
The transducer will seduce you
It's something you'll get used to,
a mental mindfuck can be nice


Planet Schmanet Janet, Rocky Horror Picture Show


With the next movie of the Outer Plot being When Worlds Collide (Planet Zyra) & the song of the crossing called Planet Schmanet Janet it was highly likely that this next little vignette was going to have an environmental twist.  If you had any doubt I am sure Pearl Greta Thunberg put them to rest with that illuminating photo-operation. Although the reasons why are riddled with various conspiracies, Events (petrol, end of furlough, supply chain issues, shortage of drivers, gas prices, reduction in universal credit top up) have contrived to send the UK into a general systems crisis which will push many families into poverty and apparently will extend until Christmas.  This is not limited to the UK with the USA and China experiencing similar woes - although it is particularly accentuated in the UK due to the combination of with Brexit.  This crisis is clearly extremely important when it comes to reckoning on the incoming use (9th October) of the ''Medusa Transducer'' which first paralyses our characters and only then turns them to stone as energy could easily be the pathway we take especially if this crisis deepens and expands.  But for my British readers consider the following:

We thought for a long time and stated that the October deadline for the Medusa Transducer implied more lock-downs to get lilifluenza under control and also that the lock-down would come in phases (restrictions would be brought in one by one and then lifted one by one, in order to synchronize with the ''floor show'' Rose Tint My World) - while this energy crisis will possibly have the same effect it might be worth considering that the pingdemic and the petrol crisis were/are in fact circuit breaker lockdown under other names, i.e. they are crypto-lock-downs.  A lock-down by any other name ...if you allow me to demonstrate with this possible reading of the script...

As we are at the end of the news pipe we should expect news along these lines then in order of the characters paralysis:

9th October:  Brad - workers cannot get to work, petrol shortages = work from home restriction

- Piers Morgan/Tucker Carlson/etc turned to stone?

10th October: Dr Scott - medical services need petrol = key workers provision

- Intelligence/medical services turned to stone (Dr Fauci, Ferguson)?

11th October: Janet - mums driving to school, kids can't get to school = mitigating school spread

- Britney blocked from instagram?

12th, 13th and 14th October: Columbia's rant & paralysis - students??? =  universities are a problem 

- Meghan Markle rant

15th October: Rocky - construction? (prob. biggest reserves, last to run dry, deemed essential until the end? got to finish the 5G or whatever they were building... just like last time)

- Prince Harry poses

Having a lockdown over covid right now would be politically unbearable and also imply strongly that the vaccine program's effectiveness is underwhelming at best.  So this achieves quite a few things in itself, it completely shifts the conversation from covid to energy from a climate perspective, setting up for COP26, so a big tick there for the Demolition Team, while also achieving the same end as a partial lockdown from an epidemiological perspective.   If either of those factors get out of control over the next few weeks the country might need to be switched off and on again.  I can't think how to restart it all otherwise.  You need to switch it all off and then re-energise the aspects of society you need first otherwise everyone will just continue to scrap over petrol.  Which may explain the order of the unfreezing in Rose Tint My World and the way it plays out.  If the energy contagion spreads the poor who are just being uncoupled from their covid boost while facing rising energy bills may actually get frozen.

In this reading of the Medusa Transducer we would be foolish to forget a more literal reading with Havana Syndrome, that has been reported on and synchronized all year like the gun on the mantelpiece.  I think this might tie with the Riff-Raff twist.


In When Worlds Collide, the story of the Outer Plot which parallels October the survivors of the human race escape to planet Zyra.  In the Inner Plot Janet parallels this with: ''you're going to send us to another planet?!'' to which Frank 'n' furter replies: ''Planet Schmanet!''  Planet Schmanet is a mysterious planetoid farted out of Uranus and inhabited by weirdos.  Well looks like we all made that crossing.  Another word-play further paralleling these interwoven plots is Greta's ''Planet B, Planet Blah Blah Blah'' Planet B carries a similar sense to both Zyra, and Planet Blah Blah Blah a similar sense to Schmanet.  Navigate the time streams of October's Outer Plot with Hotel Apophenia.

On the 4th and 5th of October there should be high tech conversation about weapons and transport with the intelligence services involved, the 6th October pushes towards time travel.  In terms of ''aliens'', last time this was the Haitian migrants so lets watch the ''word''-play.   


What's next for Britney after her father's conservatorship is finally over?  Well she is in charge of her own life now so... she better wise up... This whole sequence Planet Janet Schmanet is quite brief and will, no doubt, be covered by Britney's escapades as it has been since we shifted to ''sex kitten'' Janet.  Definitely over the next few days -1st to the 4th October as Frank pursues her up the stairs chased by the other characters.. In the UK they've dragged Katie Price out in a similar function so ''minor-Janets''.  It's all about Britney, Britney is a ritual fallen daughter, a human tarot card.  

And ''Your apple pie don't taste so nice''? Apple pie was a song in Britney's scrapped 2018 album.

Planet Schmanet Janet
You better wise up, build your thighs up
You better wise up....


Planet Schmanet Janet, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Boris Johson: ''needs to shake off sense of national paralysis'', ''try to shake that sense of inertia...'' - quite literally setting the stage

    Britney: posts nudes (Janet) (see above)


    Graphic photos *taken last week* - synched with Eddie body & bones reveal under the dinner table - ''evoke'' cannibalism if not a literal picture of it.

    UK may not be over the worst:

    This is the covid-energy through-line I am talking about above cases rose necessitating the pingdemic a defacto partial lockdown that hid failure of vaccines. Now we enter fuel, etc crisis which is another defacto partial lockdown, when we need one to cover vaccines, and again will obfuscate matters.

    Normalising a ''pig'' cull. I've been talking for a while now about animal reservoir and how they would cull. Again two birds one stone. Gotta get rid of the ''reservoir'' gotta bring down the carbon. If contagion hangs around more animal culls on the way?

    Israel also has revoked status of vaccine passports so now only those with three jabs or jabbed within six months are still valid i.e. forcing the third point of the pitchfork on those with just two.

    Dr Scott:

  3. We are navigating between these sequences:

    The Medusa Transducer:

    Rose Tint My World:

    In the ''Medusa Transducer'' (Planet Janet Schmanet) the characters are paralysed then petrified. In ''Rose Tint My World'' the characters are de-Medusaed and reanimated in a certain order.

  4. ''Comet as Large as Planet barrelling towards solar system'' just in time to star in When Worlds Collide:

  5. David Attenborough on BBC right now with Prince William:
    Five 'Earthshots' to be awarded.
    '"The disaster we are facing is on a scale that has not been seen since mankind existed,"'

    Boris Johnson 'fiscal meteorite:

    1. David Attenborough, as criminologist has the last lines of Superheroes:

      ''And crawling on the planet's face,
      Some insects called the human race,
      Lost in time and lost in space,
      And meaning.''

      He is ''people's advocate'' in COP26. Nice obs. on the fiscal meteorite BTW.

      Off the top of your head, do you know when we get the first set of major environmental disasters in WWC? This will have to be synced with something dramatic.

    2. Joe Biden ''meteor headed to crash''

  6. 50 years on, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is more relevant than ever… It perfectly captures 2021’s dystopian depravity

  7. Not before the 13th (that's as far as I got before writing the first section up!). I'll hopefully watch the rest of the movie in one sitting. I am looking for an argument amongst scientists in the next few days as Hendron is pilloried by his astronomical peers as a crackpot.

    1. Pushback/wriggling from fossil fuel companies would be the equivalent?

    2. Well Nobel prize for physics climate science definitely synchronized with this meeting of scientists:

      These guys are ''Hendron''..?

      We have to act now is literally the text from the film right? To look for pooh-poohing/argument on this you would need to look to the right wing I guess.

  8. Oh and maybe of interest, The RHPS has just appeared a recommendation on Disney streaming's 'Star' network. At least in the UK. It turns out it's already on there in Australia and Canada, they both appear to be further down the dark tree than the UK at present:

    It would be interesting to see if any US based readers can say if it's also been licesnsed for that territory?

    1. My sister mentioned this last night, she was shocked to discover it on there!

      Wandavision - Brad and Janet, Dammit Janet
      Loki - Time Warp
      Cruella - Sweet Transvestite
      Jungle Cruise - ''Frank'' the 400 year old immortal i.e. vampire (W.T.F.) and ''Lily'' along with Day of the Triffids reference to Janet Scott and ''spitting poison that kills''

      I've probably missed an awful lot of it but I suspect the whole structure for their studios for a large part of the year could have been drawn from it in this way. I mean Endgame & Infinity Wars are almost literally the Unifying Colour Theory right?

      I get your figurative speech about Oz and Canada :-) but we're all still in Gamaliel, I assure you. It's (it was...) all the concept of the green passport (NOTD) just filtered differently by different cultures. Britain has actually acquiseced to a lot out of sheer politeness without much fuss so they didn't need the force you see in other countries although the creepiness stepped up a big notch with the vax on kids. In Europe, a lot of countries have really strict green passport rules but everyone just pretends to follow them or have fakes and the actual vax count is much lower in those places than it appears on paper. These countries are generally more corrupt/mafioso and/or have a history of mistrust in government.

      p.s. Squid Game from Netflix the lead pink boys have massive deltas on their faces. :-)

      Like Brave New World this must have been in production before ''Delta''

  9. Seems like there's an 'End of the World' story every other day at the moment, but my search showed 12 days in between the last use of the phrase and this one:

    Matches: 6/10 WWC Hendron: 'Our world will end’

    1. Some of this will be viral marketing for Moonfall but that covers the jist of WWC anyway.

      In order to understand what they are really doing here is that they are ''bookending'' 2021 which was the Year of the Evil Moon - Moonfall is the ''end of the moon phase'' of this whole Qliphothic Theatrical Ritual.

      In the same way ''Army of Thieves'' with its orange swirl, Mercurial protagonist late Oct. release date is priming for 2022, in the same way influencers are now pushing A-C-O styles. They have to get ahead of this so the actual ''chorusline'' i.e. us, are dressed correctly and have been directed accordingly, etc, for when the ''movie'' ''starts''. I mentioned this quite a lot when I was following 2019 in those posts.

    2. Again it may be too intricate and baroque for your average reader but they are almost certainly including *the paths*. I wouldn't get lost in that if I were you but its almost certainly there.

    3. Hiya Blogos! I come by your blog every so often and quite enjoy reading it. I last watched Rocky Horror Picture Show nigh on to 10 years ago but you've done some brilliant work diving into it.

      Since you're the only Qabala expert I know I have a few questions.

      Is Lilith a moon being? 🌕
      Does she inhabit the realm of the dark side of the Moon? 🌑
      What is her number? Which form does she usually take?

      Thank you for your time!

      Blessings! 😀

    4. Thanks Hambino:

      Your question is actually very broad but to keep it simple in the case of your average witches then yes. She is conflated with a lot of other goddesses and is often attributed to whatever is the need a la Sabina the Teenage Witch.

      In the case of the Golden Dawn (& Thelema) QBL which is the context of the detective work here on the Hermetic Lessons - in *some* readings of the Qliphoth, Lilith is only the Qlipha of Malkuth and in others she rules *both* the Qlipha of Malkuth AND the Qlipha of Yesod (Gamaliel, this year). In my work with this entity in 2020 (The Year of Lilith) she certainly came across as chthonic and in her original form is attributed to sand storms and plague winds - the plural demon horde (covid-19/lilifluenza) is the lilitu. If you search for lilith demon bowl, or lilith incantation bowl you will find useful information for defence purposes but it might be dated now see very below.

      As Lamed-Yud-Lamed-Yud-Tav her numerical value is 480.

      Based on their invocations what I think is happening is this:

      2020 - Lilith
      2021 - Gamaliel (the fusion or coition of Lilith & Samael)
      2022 - Samael

      Another important note is her co-identity with Medusa and Algol. And finally, IMO, we are not really wrestling with Medusa as much as we are wrestling with the *Gorgoneion*. The Medusa Transducer is more like the Gorgoneion than Medusa. Again this is really important for people to get.

  10. Shells - Top EU official calls for crackdown on use of shell firms

    Qliphoth means shells. Pandora released all the evils in the world and hope. The rich have been hiding their money amongst the Shells.

    Similarly... Small gas companies have gone under due to the rise in gas prices over recent days. Many of those customers in the UK have been moved to Shell Energy.

    I've said this before on the blog many times but fossil fuels are literally concentrated death energy made out of husks/shells that produce damaging pollution. Even if you are a climate change skeptic I doubt you would argue about all the other crap in there that causes health and ecosystem problems or deny the damaging effects of oil spills. If you want to see ''black goo'' as the source of all evil you might need to look no further.

  11. I agree with the black oil and its pollution. Now it is all coming to a halt. The last videos of Ice age farmer and Corbett Report on odysee are very good to resume the functional/concrete moving parts in just a few minutes. Wish you well.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, yes it looks like its playing out that way ''Medsua effect'' as ''general systems paralysis''

  12. Just before Brad gets frozen, he says, *8th October*: ''You're a hotdog but you better not hurt her, Frank-Furter!''

    *8th October*: EU could lift ban on UK sausages

    This was the so-called ''Sausage Wars'' running all year between EU and UK. It was something I missed early on but this has been synched with ''Frankenfurter''. It's that crazy, gang.

  13. From my post above:

    ''In this reading of the Medusa Transducer we would be foolish to forget a more literal reading with Havana Syndrome, that has been reported on and synchronized all year like the gun on the mantelpiece. I think this might tie with the Riff-Raff twist.''

    October 8th: Havana Syndrome report from Germany

    The ''Putin'' twist may be appearing to be set up now in the form of him (and the news telling us about) controlling the gas pipelines..?

  14. General news for the medusa and ''de-medusa'' floor show for Rose Tint My World:

    Specific news synchronised with the above predictions:

    1) Nursing crisis reporting as part of general systems crisis for the 9th (i.e the doctors)

    2) Cost of living crisis, 8th-10th October, they've been reporting on this for a few days (I guess this is with Brad so instead of difficulties getting to work, general systems crisis makes life unaffordable)

    Janet should be up soon within today or tomorrow then Columbia's rant, then Rocky on the 15th/16th then it very rapidly moves to ''the Floor show'' so brace yourselves

  15. Blogos, a couple of points:
    - Havana Syndrome. It was front page news again on the BBC just a few days ago, with Biden vowing publicly to get to the bottom of it. The coverage of this phenomenon seems to be getting more mainstream, and with Biden's intervention it seems like they really want us to know about this (after all, if this it really was some foreign adversary attack they *could* just keep it quiet.) Any thoughts on what this is leading to, or what this Havana Syndrome means or how it might relate to your work?

    - Meteorite: I saw your Guardian link (Joe Biden 'meteor headed to crash') and remembered that Boris also recently mentioned a meteorite.
    taxes MUST rise to bail out the NHS after pandemic 'meteorite'
    (They seem to have changed the headline now but story still mentions the meteorite idea)
    I have vague memory of other times recently when the crashing meteorite meme was advanced. And it seems more than coincidental that both Boris and Biden (BJ & JB) mention crashing meteor within a few days of each other. Any ideas what this is about? It seems to be predictive programming, or signalling to someone. Could this be more than a metaphorical idea? It would play nicely into the impending doom mood they seem to be developing. What better way to end an age and start the new Aeon than with a crashing meteor!

    1. Yes Boris said ''fiscal meteorite'' and then Biden read from roughly the same script. IMO These references are to synchronize with the so-called ''Outer Plot'' which is currently When Worlds Collide (1951). Journeyman at Hotel Apohenia is providing a visual aid which I've linked to in the body of the post above.

      The stories of the Outer Plot were taken from Science Fiction Double Feature which is the prologue for Rocky Horror and like any good prologue it contains the whole play in miniature. Our soft working theory was that each month was assigned one of these movies and the broad themes of the month were taken from that, the harder working theory is that characters and events are synchronized as well, like ''the Inner Plot''. There seems to be growing evidence for this but we all have limits on how much we can actually monitor. Extra eyes are always welcome.

      WWC (October) will mainly follow approaching climate disaster with some even more major climate disasters to be synchronized with the moment in the film when disasters hit. These upcoming disasters will prob. serve a few purposes a) build consensus for the Green Agenda and particularly for COP26 and b) serve as ''crypto-lockdowns'' either covid/general systems collapse, see above. Since up to now it has not been that literal i.e. Triffids did not actually appear but Triffiban (Taliban) did, and covid developments followed the plot of this movie so think metaphor and themes. Similarly with Tarantula!, Forbidden Planet. Therefore I do not expect us to be actually colliding with a rogue planet or asteroid but we are going to be using the word ''world'' a lot and I expect it to relate to something like a ''clash of civilizations'' if you get me, working the China angle, or disparity between worlds human vs nature or developing economies are being disproptionately affected by climate change:

      The above is a very good reading for Columbia's rant (SJW/Ex. rebellion/BLM/ students etc) vs Frank (Prince Charles) along with charges that the Royals have to rewild their land, etc.

      The above said I am worried about La Palma if not about a rouge planet as they ominously said the eruption would continue until December. The end of RHPS is a blasted wasteland with Brad Janet and Dr Scott wandering around totally battered. This could easily be read as the economy, or covid, but also a much bigger disaster as the finale.

      The Outer Plot til the end of the year is:

      October: When Worlds Collide
      November: Dr X (reprise)
      December: Forbidden Planet (reprise)

    2. Havana Syndrome went mainstream all year and was heavily synced with the Medusa Transducer in the film. That's why I was confident it would come up again now. Dr Scott says we've been working on this weapon for a while now ourselves, which is LITERALLY true and its also LITERALLY called Medusa.

      So intelligence signalling at the very least but we can rapidly go a lot darker than this when we combine it with the vaccine and think about interactions between them... Why do they want us to know? Well *ultra-signalling* in the sense I was talking about in my responses to your questions on other posts but a lot of this, ''frankly'', is about humiliation and/or the equivalent of vampires getting permission to come into your house. Think about all the feckless pedestrians out there who went and got the vax, not because they cared about people but because they wanted their holidays back and bar entry and then TPTB screwed these things up anyway and made them wear masks and made them get tested. LOL. Then let them enjoy their ''liberties'' for a couple of weeks and then hit them with pingdemics, petrol crises, vaccine resistant variations, and then force them to do another round of Russian Roulette for the booster. LOL. I talked about it a little bit before but some of these entities feed on this kind of humiliation energy. Anyway excuse my spleen but the idiocy of the general population gets to me at times.

      MEDUSA could already being used enmasse in all kinds of ways... Putting voices in people's heads, dreams etc... Its been 18 years since it was officially announced its probably a very powerful and maybe more insidious weapon now.

    3. Their idiocy is functional, do you believe we could do the same thing day in and day out without going mad? they can because they don't question reality, they just act on it by duty or fun.

  16. For myself I was, not so long ago, a staunch 'follow the science' guy. Seeing it as the last bastion of trust in an otherwise empty landscape. After I abandoned holding onto the edge of the rabbit hole and fell right in I had a period where I couldn't credit much of the mainstream view as valid, including the scientific consensus. Mainly because they lie about so much it's almost a reflex action on their part. It was naïve on my part to think any area hadn't been compromised to some extent.

    I think they deliberately pushed the carbon economy. They may even be sitting on alternatives because whilst they hold a monopoly on the oil they continue to benefit from it. The political settlements seem designed to further the implementation of big/global govt. It feels like a part of their plan. On climate change I think they've faked science and misattributed some natural events to human causes for political and financial advantage, but that doesn't mean it can all be dismissed, clearly its happening before our eyes.

    I don't know to what extent it's related to man's activities, some at least I think is cyclical and the volcanic activity may be more of a factor than anything emitted from a chimney. However, even simply on a personal level it's enough to smell the fumes from an engine or see the soot on your hands to realise that we are playing with fire with our carbon (666) based economy. It smells, feels just as you say, death energy and a road to nowhere.

    All of which points to one of the dilemmas in witnessing this. They hold everyone else in utter contempt, often think their use of the term 'the profane' one of the most ironic statements ever made. At times though they're seemingly trying to move things on, in whatever their version of progress is. I don't think they see themselves as the guys wearing the black hats, even as they slaughter people in rituals, foment wars, lie, steal, etc etc. It's grotesque to witness.

    Maybe it comes back to that 'Cabin in the Woods' scenario you've discussed before and they're sat in their lodges trying to work out just how few of the cowans they need to throw down the well to appease whatever entity it is they're dealing with?

    1. Cabin in the Woods is definitely a good insight into their perspective:

      I sat on a couple of local climate panel discussions in 2017/2018 so I had to get up to date with the data on climate change etc (one of my backgrounds is in environmental science that's why I was selectedb y the community). Again whether or not you believe in anthropogenic climate change or not is by the by when we think about the despoliation caused by the fossil fuel industry which we can observe with our naked eyes - acid rain, oil spills, loss of biodiversity, destruction of fresh water, carcinogenic air pollution, etc etc. Honestly they are complete necromancers, drilling into ancient burial grounds of toxic shells for dark energy and plastic husks to power our every hapless whim. Anyway, the way I see it, is now they've bought up all the solar companies and wind companies its ok to do the Green Revolution because the same necromancers will be in charge afterwards.

      I certainly did believe in climate change and I still do to some extent with the caveats that it is ''enhanced'' by weather warfare and is definitely being used to bring in the ''carbs'' (digital carbon economy, rations). At the time, I thought there is no way out of this (ecosystem collapse) except to ''nuke volcanoes'' (to produce the SO2 to lower temps & I mentioned it several times on the blog) as the chattering classes recycling plastic was never going to cut it. When we went into covid (and I wrote about this extensively as long time followers will know) I immediately thought oh they're going to do it that way instead. Because make no mistake this has to be done.

      Now I am back to thinking nuking volcanoes was always part of the plan as well... ;-)

      Rose Tint My World is about 32 days long and starts in a few days.

    2. Have you ever watched the suspicious observers videos about catastrophism? They are fun to watch, and address the volcano thing too. The thing is when you start questioning, is hard to draw a line to know when to stop. That thin line between retaining the sanity or going nuts a la Lovecraft.. It is a hard path to walk.

    3. That's the path though isn't it? If you've got more than 2 sanity points at any given time you are probably not playing the game right and are going to lose. The other alternative is one we have discussed before. Getting very very *lost*.

    4. I like the Kult roleplaying game concept. You can have positive (enlightment) or negative (derrangement) psychic imbalance, and when you reach any of those extremes you really wake up. Most humans are in the zero/center zone, so as you say, just being NPC.... But yeah, it is the path


    Journeyman there is a lot of chatter about ''climate finance'' or ''climate capital'' at the moment ahead of the COP26 & this seems to me to synchronize with the quest for funding for WWC. Are we through the seeking funding scenes now?

    1. I'll update it today (or tomorrow worst case) and yes I think they have their funding by this point as there's a showdown with Hendron and the money guy that we've just about passed...


      ''The Climate Disaster is here'' This feels like it connects with WWC...

      So they kind of followed the film, asking for global money, and then getting money from shady corporate folk who are probably doing it now at the last minute to save their beachfront villas and who have now bought up all the renewables companies..? The eco-capitalist solution which is effectively not a solution at all as Greta is pointing out.

  18. Not sure if this synchs with the timeline, but today director James Gunn announce the casting of actor Will Poulter in the role of Adam Warlock in the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 film. Adam Warlock's early appearance is certainly 'Rocky' like. Warlock was originally a 'creation' by a group called the Enclave who were trying to create a perfect human being.

    Looking for images comparing the two I came across this blog post:

    Not sure if Poulter's screen credits might provide some other synchs.

  19. Just a quick update. I'll write it up later but 12th October was the day Hendron won the battle of will with Stanton over who would be allowed to select the colonists and thus secured his funding for the rocket:

    'You know I can’t refuse! Build it.'

    On 14/Oct Hendron is in NYC for a conference on a new rocket design. Global Scientists now acknowledge Hendron is correct in his calculations. Stanton has brought rifles to protect the rocket program from ‘the law of the jungle, the human jungle!' he tells Hendron: ‘I’d kill to cling to life’ Meanwhile the UN address populace and tells them that 'the lives of everyone on earth' are at stake.

    Now the action is hotting up:

    Today 15/Oct begins at 00:37:09 'All that can be done will be done.' Joyce wants David to come along. Martial law now declared. Evacuation to mountains begins

    16/Oct 00:39:48 Populace pray for deliverance. Heroic acts by transport workers as the evacuation continues. NYC deserted. Zyrah the hour of doom 1pm 19 days to Bellus.


      The William Shatner in space thing keeps us focused on the space mission, space planes, who gets to go, etc.

      Another William, Prince William says we should repair this planet and not focus on space travel.

      I am happy with the syncs in terms of general themes so far but if we want another proper test of synching with the movie perfectly then this would be a good day. We should expect a climate disaster (or news..?) today or tomorrow (with the +/-1 day of accuracy applied) then.

      Zyrah means messenger if there is another way of interpreting it.

  20. Saturday is a step up with evacuation etc but Sunday the 17th is when the action really begins. A big chunk of the special effects budget kicks in at 41:47. It's quite nicely done, Stanton, the mean millionaire funding the project has just called Hendron a crackpot and says the fateful words 'nothing is going to happen' and then of course the earth erupts, wind, wave, fire etc. It goes on into Monday.

    Other than climate disaster a la La Palma? maybe a political scandal brewing, with revelations that could metaphorically shake foundations.

    Shatner at 90 with his omens of death etc. also pre-sages another scene a little later where Hendron tells Stanton that the journey is for the young. I think there's been a noticeable backlash against the whole billionaire private rockets nonsense, so maybe this is being played out in counterpoint?

    Rough dump of notes below, but this will get written up. Getting through the movie on Daily motion was painful, not because of the movie itself, it's pretty good to be honest, but because of the horrendous nutri bar ads that jumped in every couple of minutes and had to be played and clicked through twice in succession each time. When fist collides with monitor almost occurred on several occasions. Even worse than the Disneyland ad that peppered Night of the Demon!

    16/Oct 00:39:48 Populace pray for deliverance. Heroic acts. NYC deserted. Zyrah the hour of doom 19 days to Bellus. Stanton thinks its a false alarm But the shaking begins!

    17/Oct 00:42: The earth erupts. Fires, tidal wave, wind, cities are flooded. The rocket is threatened.

    18/Oct 00:45:06 Crane crushes scientist. Drake now openly hostile to Randall. They fly supplies to survivors.

    19/Oct 00:47:45 Supplies are dropped to survivors on mountain top. On way back they spy a child on a roof.

    20/Oct 00:50:25 1 Randall rescues the child. Drake leaves him on the roof! But he comes back, tension is reduced. Meeeting to select survivors. Randall is on the list thanks to Joyce along with the rescued boy.

    21/Oct 00:53:04 They physics of the journey explained. Hidden envelope has the numbers of the survivors. The numbers are drawn. Randall refuses the offer of a place.

    22/Oct 00:55:43 Randall is sacrificing himself. Leaving me will save fuel. Don’t say anything to Joyce.Countdown to Bellus, We’re falling behind schedule. Hurry!

    23/Oct 00:58:22 Preparations continue. Randall avoiding Joyce. Drake finds him watching her on CCTV. They discuss the flight plan.

    24/Oct 01:01:02 Fry has poor chance of coming out of blackout, They need a pilot! Drake is offering Randall a role. Your our life insurance.

    25/Oct 01:03:41 Randall kisses Joyce, Animals being sedated. Joyce thanks Drake. A rescued dog is weighed up for a ride. Julie isnt so lucky when the numbers are drawn.

    26/Oct 01:06:20 Stanton wants to dump some of the crew to increase his chances. Hendron gives him some home truths. Theres the extra fuel. Stantons aide Ferris pulls a gun, Stanton shoots him.

    27/Oct 01:08:59 They wont just sit and wait to die. Its dog eat dog. The guns are in my room. Julie and Dave are reprieved. . loading commences. The last dawn.

    28/Oct 01:11:38 As stanton predicted the unlucky remnants are rebelling. They seize guns to storm the ship. Hendron releases the ship and remains with a protesting Stanton as the ship is launched. The new world isnt for us, its for the young.

    29/Oct 01:14:17 Blast off. Crew blacked out. Randall awakes. Fry has awoken! Drake! They willl need all the fuel to avoid a collision with Zyrah. They turn the ship for landing.

    30/Oct 01:16:57 Landing. Fuel is scarce. Randall at the controls. First view of Zyrah. Touchdown.

    31/Oct 01:19:36 Made it! Good air or bad its the only place we can go. Best air I’ve ever tasted! They look out on an alien landscape. Mike don’t you want to see the sunrise. Dog has had ktitens.Inn the distance 2 pyramids an arch and whatlooks like temple. The first day on the new world had begun.


    2. Ringo with the double Baphomet, T-shirt & hand signal? Cabana/Kaballah, Lucy mounting Atlas to unfurl two wings and chase the Trojans, Jupiter's progeny, Ancestor worship, HAL, it all wraps up in 2033. What a web the Hal Weaver has woven.

  21. The new Unified colour page you've published is great Blogos, it makes for a great landing page for new visitors.

    1. Great thanks, I've updated again today feel free to use it. Going to move to Rose Tint My World now.