Monday, November 29, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Goodbye & I'm Going Home

On the day I went away (goodbye)
Was all I had to say (now)
I want to come again and stay (oh my my)
Smile, and that will mean I may
Cause I've seen, blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realise
I'm going home
(I'm going home)


I'm Going Home, Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Excuse the sometimes dark and violent graphic imagery used in this post but people are under a lot of stress at the moment and its fogging the lenses.


Well they had their moment in the Sun, when they felt safe and protected and the world was rose tinted and the gangsters, who always offer protection, seemed kindly benefactors.  Vaccine failure seemed like... oh.... tens of percents away... but suddenly the rug was cruelly pulled out from under them.  I spent the weekend before arguing with one of the priesthood (scientists) about why he argued always from a point as if ''the science was settled'', a term that was invented for a public with a reading age of six and which he should know better about, when ''the science'' abundantly changed from week to week.  Omicron deftly illustrated my point.  But he, and others, were never arguing from the scientific point of view, where this was inevitable, they were arguing from a sense of trying to maintain public order and their own few remaining sanity points.  Well, Father Science, they are now spent.

These moments in the sun, in terms of maximum vaccine efficacy, were enjoyed during lockdown.  The vaccine was never tested at its peak.  When the vaccinated returned to the outside world was already long after the maximum protection, maybe as much as six months in the UK (for those vaxxed early on), so boosters became inevitable.  To begin the process again with a new Pfizzler from the Pfiefdom will be 150 days to synthesis and get jabs in arms.  150 days of lockdown before the cycle begins again?  China fear if they open up they will have hundreds of thousands of cases a day and so therefore can never open up.  Why the fuck did we not increase actual hospital capacity and why the unholiest of fucks did we give nurses a real terms pay-cut?


Like I'm outside in the rain has special meaning for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Meta-Theory as the rain (and storm) was linked to the virus (Lilifluenza) and the vaccine linked to whatever hope was offered by the Frankenstein Place.  See that interpretation here: There's a Light.  The collapse of the vaccine program therefore means that, for now, everyone feels like they are back in the rain.  By everyone I mean everyone.  Feel the power of the fucked-side.

And this new variant, for now of course, makes the whole thing seem insane. All the shit everyone has been giving everyone else over this fucking thing.  Totally and overwhelmingly insane.  How do people begin to process this level of humiliation and abandonment (I'm going home), I cannot begin to fathom.  If it didn't happen now it was always going to happen at some point it's high school level virology. Maybe they'll say it still has partial effectiveness but anyway from Sunday we are resetting the vaccine clock.  Do the Time Warp again.  But refresh the hell.


You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't is the way most are feeling right now in their core.  Companies that rehired have to refire.  Those that have fired have to rehire.  Clownworld. Those who took the risks thinking of themselves, or of societal good, all have egg on their face.  Shame.  Abandonment.  How do those upstairs walk back from this?  Clearly through a combination of anit-covid pills, non-pharmaceutical interventions (masks, curfews etc) and maybe patchy coverage with a pfizzling vaccine program while tolerating a much higher death rate.  But the damage is done.  To business.  And to civic mindedness.  The portal to the next Qlipha is open.

''There was me, that is Alex, and there were three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim.''


The literal reading is that the elite are going back to wherever they come from, the twist is that Frank n' Furter is not going back with them but is going to be removed, after this swansong, for his failures.  Frank with the delta emblazoned on him was always a metaphor for the vaccine campaign and was personified by, largely, Biden-Harris, but to some extent Gates and Charles (both major players in globalization, environmentalism, and vaccination).

There is always set dressing in these numbers (like we saw with the Frank story from House of Cards over the last couple of weeks) but I would imagine the overall thrust of this is the vaccine program telling the international elite: ''goodbye''.  Well, Frank, at least you tried, eh?

When we think about what Transylvania means for them we need to look at the use of the Mona Lisa throughout the film i.e. the bloodlines as the Royal Family trace their ancestry back to Transylvania.  For those who have been following for a while now will know the extent to which this has been about vampires and vampirism: the airborne bat disease that effects the blood, etc.  Garlic (allicin - anti-viral activated garlic pills) & Sunlight (Vit D.) still work very well on this vampire disease despite the absolute failure of modern medicine to get a grip on it.  If you get it, keep your system flushed with clean i.e. holy water.  I think the investigation of melatonin and its interaction with the ACE2 receptor and what they mean for the third eye is worthy of your time if you are into the alchemy biochemistry of this - this may ultimately be why the fish-oils are also very effective and why we tie back to this psychic ''blinding effect''.  So some final watchwords from Van Helsing:

  • This vampire which is amongst us…can command all the meaner things (zoonotic disease), the rat, and the owl, and the bat, the moth, and the fox, and the wolf (animal reservoirs), he can grow and become small, and he can at times vanish and come unknown.  He can appear as mist (water droplets), as vapour (aerosolize), as fog and can vanish at will.

  • The nosferatu do not die like the bee when he sting once. He is only stronger; and being stronger, have yet more power to work evil (mutation). This vampire which is amongst us is of himself so strong in person as twenty men; he is of cunning more than mortal, for his cunning be the growth of ages (evolution).

  • But we are face to face with duty; and in such case must we shrink? For me, I say, no; but then I am old, and life, with his sunshine, his fair places, his song of birds, his music, and his love, lie far behind. You others are young. Some have seen sorrow; but there are fair days yet in store. What say you?

  • Well, you know what we have to contend against; but we, too, are not without strength. We have on our side power of combination – a power denied to the vampire kind; we have sources of science; we are free to act and think; and the hours of the day and the night are ours equally. In fact, so far as our powers extend, they are unfettered, and we are free to use them. We have self-devotion in a cause, and an end to achieve which is not a selfish one. These things are much.

Following from Van Helsing, if you're a wizard, follow the advice of that priest I spoke about above, before he became a priest and was himself a wizard of some stature: when you encounter a vampire at night simply open a portal into the blue sky on the other side of the planet, connect it to the suit or ring you are wearing and let the light stream through...  With a little magic, vampire problems of this sort can be quickly solved.  Important safety tip: don't put the portal on the actual sun or well... spontaneous human combustion.


28th November

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): New spike proteins, 32 mutations no less?  Shit.

29th November

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): Oh fuck that means the whole vaccine program is fucked.  Quick say something.

Interpretations (Frank as Charles, Frank as Gates, Frank as Biden, Frank as Clinton?): Columbia as Ghislaine, the helper of Frankepstein?  What part will she play in the downfall of Frank?  Remember Columbia is taken out before Frank.

Interpretations (Frank as Charles): Claim Prince Charles discussed complexion of baby pure fiction

30th November

On the day I went away (goodbye)
Was all I had to say (now)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): On the day the vaccine went away, goodbye was all the vaccine had to say:

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Material drop in effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron expected by Moderna

Interpretations (Frank as Charles): Barbados parts with Queen, ceremony attended by Charles and Rihanna

Interpretations (Frank as Biden-Harris): Republicans boost benefits for people who quit over Biden-Harris vaccine mandate i.e. who say goodbye because of the vaccine

1st December

I want to come again and stay (oh my my my)
And that will mean I may

Interpretations (Columbia): Alec Baldwin interview over Rust shooting, Baldwin didn't pull the trigger

Interpretations (Columbia): Meghan Markle, Donald Trump & Nigel Farage

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine wants to come again and stay and that will mean the vaccine may... Look it does work against Omicron, honest.

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): EU should consider vaccine mandate i.e. the vaccine may stay

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): UK ministers secure 114m doses for next 2 years i.e. the vaccine may stay

2nd December

Cause I've seen, blue skies, through the tears
And I realize I'm going home

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine worked (saw blue skies) for Delta, even though the victories were hard won, but the vaccine realizes that it is going home, for Omicron?  Or that it is going home, in that it becomes a part of our social landscape for good...? I imagine it will be replaced by the mix of NPIs (masks, curfews), anti-covid treatments or at least have a much diminished role in policy.  Anti-covid milk anyone?  Pick your flavour?

Interpretations (Frank as Biden-Harris): Republicans attempt to shut down the US government if it puts money into vaccine mandates 

3rd December

(I'm going home)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Elite gathering for the final moment of the vaccine.  Some sort of emergency summit?

4th December

Everywhere its been the same (feeling) 
Like I'm outside in the rain (wheeling)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Everywhere has been the same, feeling no protection at all now.  Outside in the rain i.e. back in the grip of the virus.

5th December

Free to try and find the game (dealing)
Cards for sorrow, cards for shame

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine is not really working and causing lots of discord and calamity.

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Wall of secrecy as Pfizer accused of profiteering (i.e. the game)

Interpretations: (Frank as vaccine): Anti-viral pill to be offered to most vulnerable who test positive in 48 hours

6th December

'Cause I've seen, oh, blue skies,
Through the tears, in my eyes

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): But it did work, honest.

7th December

8th December

And I realise I'm going home

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): The vaccine doesn't work well enough.

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Plan B implemented in the UK i.e. the vaccine does not work well enough. 

Elite: Goodbye vaccine program.

9th December

I'm going home (outro)

 We are all become God's madmen, all of us.

Everywhere its been the same(feeling)
Like I'm outside in the rain (wheeling)
Free to try and find a game (dealing)
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain
Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize
I'm going home
I'm going home (I'm going home)
I'm going home (I'm going home)
I'm going home (I'm going home)


I'm Going Home, Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Remember, Faust = Dracula (in the re-imagining of Vlad's story in novels and movies), and Faust (as well as the Pied Piper of Hamelin) are inseparably, historically linked to Transylvania:

    We are quite clearly talking about a *Faustian Pact* (which was done with Lucifer btw, Mephistopheles was merely his intermediary), so my question is this: what will we, humanity, collectively, need to give in return for 75 years of progress and comfort, when the Devil is finally due?

    According to the stories, there IS a way out:

    "Mephistopheles helps Faust seduce a beautiful and innocent girl, usually named *Gretchen*, whose life is ultimately destroyed when she gives birth to Faust's bastard son. Realizing this unholy act *she drowns the child* and is held for murder. However, Gretchen's innocence saves her in the end, and she enters Heaven after execution. In Goethe's rendition, Faust is saved by God via his constant striving—in combination with Gretchen's pleadings with God in the form of the eternal feminine.

    The character in Polish folklore named *PAN* Twardowski might have been the basis for Faust. At the end, while being spirited away, he started to pray to the Virgin Mary, who made the devil drop his victim midway to Hell. Pan Twardowski fell on the Moon where he lives to this day. His only companion is his sidekick whom he once turned into a spider; from time to time he lets the spider descend to Earth on a thread and bring him news from the world below (weird version of the story).

    1. Re-

      *The entire ruling elite, IRL, can actually be traced back to Vlad Tepes Dracula. Obama, Prince Charles, all of them, bloodlines of the Dracul. Go back to Transylvania, you pricks!*

    2. Remember Prince Charles saying "I wish I was her tampon!" when talking about Princess Diana. They might actually be vampires. At the very, very least, they're members of a 500 years old sex-obsessed vampire cult.

    3. Thanks for resharing this info from the last post JB, it is very important. But personally I prefer the Marlowe ;-)

      Faustus: And what are you that live with Lucifer?
      Mephistopheles: Unhappy spirits that fell with Lucifer. Conspired against our God with Lucifer. And are forever damned with Lucifer.
      Faustus: Where are you damned?
      Mephistopheles: In Hell.
      Faustus: How comes it then, that thou art out of Hell?
      Mephistopheles: Why this is Hell, nor am I out of it.

    4. That light they were all following turned out to be a will o' the wisp...



      30th November: Barbados says ''Goodbye'' to Frank (Charles) ft. Rihanna

  2. This might be relevant:

    1. As might this:


    30th November: ''On the day the vaccine went away (goodbye) was all the vaccine had to say''

  4. This:

    1. Its just a step to the right and a jump to the left for them... on the other side:

    2. The Revenge of the Mirror People, Borges:

      ''In those days the world of mirrors and the world of men were not, as they are now, cut off from each other. They were, besides, quite different; neither beings nor colours nor shapes were the same. Both kingdoms, the specular and the human, lived in harmony; you could come and go through mirrors. One night the mirror people invaded the earth. Their power was great, but at the end of bloody warfare the magic arts of the Yellow Emperor prevailed. He repulsed the invaders, imprisoned them in their mirrors, and forced on them the task of repeating, as though in a kind of dream, all the actions of men. He stripped them of their power and of their forms and reduced them to mere slavish reflections. Nonetheless, a day will come when the magic spell will be shaken off.''

      Body snatching (reprogramming) through the black mirrors.

    3. I love me some Borges. He’s a huge influence.

    4. All credit for the Putin Twist as well KM. That was a perfect strike.

  5. This:

    1. Reminds me of the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly".

      The first interaction between our, normal Universe and the evil, mirror Universe allowed for more advanced technology from the future to be stolen from our side, since apparently the "curve of time" flows in the opposite direction over there. An evil, dark, mirror reality filled with very sinister versions of ourselves who want to steal our stuff...

  6. In other news, Nicolas Cage is gonna play Dracula soon for the Nth Universal reboot.


      He was clearly playing one of their ''Hercules'' in this release. Hercules is the heroic energy they were attacking this year. This is also why he gets a name drop in No Time To Die.

  7. Blogos, Thanks for an interesting article here.
    I believe orange is the colour for 2022, consistent with your Inverted Tree of Hell

    Well let me introduce you to Heinz Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayo

    It sounds disgusting, but I'm guessing taste is not the point. It seems *designed* to draw media attention to itself, and in particular to the

  8. Adding to my previous...Look closely at the jar, at the lower peel. Once again we are presented with what looks like a representation of a meteor coming down to strike terra firma. And it arrives "through" the orange coloured curved band on the right. And the chocolate slice seems to point at the O...Omicron?

    1. Yes. I still think that the meteorite imagery are for covid-19 and climate change as opposed to actual meteorites. But who knows. Omicron landed like a meteorite in the consciousness but as I said above vaccine resistant variants were inevitable so I am surprised at the shock myself.

  9. Columbia &...

    Columbia (definitely watch the video of Baldwin in the link below)

    1. It feels like performance art, but then, what doesn't?

    2. Actors are going to act even if it is true so its really difficult to judge here. Further complicated by ''I didn't pull the trigger'' and in terms of Rocky Horror the similarity between Hutchins and Columbia. Alec Baldwin was in the black book of Epstein apparently.

  10. Blogos, I've stumbled upon something, and notice the vivid detail at the bottom:

    "Delta" is a triangle. "Omicron" is an eye. They've straight to the eye, within the triangle, the CAPSTONE of the Pyramid, meaning their Work is complete; after *21* months of Lockdowns, and fear-inducing, and trauma-based conditioning, their *ritual* is complete; this is something more complex and exhausting than the Abramelin ritual working, perpetrated on the largest scale, with billions of participants.

    Nevermind Roswell/Crossroads, what comes next, after the capstone, will be otherworldly/Apocalyptic.

    This is essentially a modern adaptation of "Greek Magical Papyri" (Latin Papyri Graecae Magicae, abbreviated PGM), the name given by scholars to a body of papyri from Graeco-Roman Egypt, written mostly in ancient Greek.

    (One of the best known of these texts is the *Mithras* Liturgy.)

    While the papyri were produced in Egypt, they contain many sections that are Greek in origin and nature. It is noted how Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, and Aphrodite, among others, are portrayed not as Hellenic or Hellenised aristocrats, as in contemporary literature, but as demonic or even dangerous, much like in Greek folklore.

    The german translator of the PGM, possibly the most responsible for bringing them to the attention of the public, was named *Frankfurter*.

    1. I can't say I am surprised but hats off, JB, you are the weaver. What you are describing is the poster design for A Clockwork Orange:


      HERA is the abbreviated name of the EU Health Emergency Response Authority.

    3. Didn't even think about ACO. Anyday now, Biden will come out of the White House with a bowler hat and very long eyelashes.

    4. > "Delta" is a triangle. "Omicron" is an eye. They've straight to the eye, within the triangle, the CAPSTONE of the Pyramid, meaning their Work is complete;

      That's a very interesting image and realization. They're forming an image of a pyramid containing the all seeing eye. Amazing. If so I wonder if it's to signal something, perhaps to certain cells waiting for the correct trigger, or perhaps it's aimed at the people...a message, or the creation of a large-scale abstract image as a means of summoning something. I don't know but I definitely know what is happening in front of our eyes on a near DAILY basis now is not normal, it's not reasonable. There seems to be something dark in the offing.

    5. JB, question about your Delta/Omicron comment. You say /This is essentially a modern adaptation of "Greek Magical Papyri"/

      What do you mean? How is the Delta/Omicron triangle/eye symbolism connected to the Greek Magical Papyri? Thx.

    6. The Greek Magical Papyri (there were several of them) usually followed a series of letters (literally shouting out "IIIAAA!!!" or "UUUOOO!!!") and invocations to the "gods", treated as mere demons being summoned.

      The Covid-19 "Variants" follow the letters of the Greek alphabet, being repeated over and over again, the whole thing being ritualistic as f**k, but when they skipped from Delta straight to Omicron, from the triangle to the eye, it became clear as day what they were doing.

      It's the combination of Ancient Egyptian and Greek symbolism, now invoking Hera for health purposes, not only presenting the capstone of the pyramid, but also, as Blogos pointed out, the iconography of "A Clockwork Orange", the next narrative.

    7. Absolutely, all of what JB said. Don't forget isopsephy. I've alluded to it before but why we are here now on the Hermetic Lessons is down to a lot of very intense and successful Orphic work during 2020 & 2021. As far as ACO it looks like they are currently creating ''the poster'' for the movie we are about to see which is as much a custom built ritual to the Qlipha of Hod (Samael) as RHPS is to the Qlipha of Yesod (Gamaliel). Watch No Time To Die as well, there are a lot of, what I can only describe as obscenely orange scenes in the first 20 mins along with a strange ring that has an spherical eye on it like the eye in clock work orange. It looks to me like a crossfade between narratives (although we will still get to the end of Rocky Horro) but the opening of the show won't start until J1. So I world argue this is ''the pathworking'' which leads up to the ''release'' and translates, in their minds, to marketing, building the hype etc i.e. the poster and maybe even the trailer. I note Merkel went out to Beethoven... A lot is being revealed about our ''crew'' or at least one surface aspect of the crew is coming out in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial - maybe the Patsy Squad rather than the demolition team but who knows...? I think its possible that this is ''Epstein's'' design or whatever entity was the occupant - Samael?

    8. "a strange ring that has an spherical eye on it..."

      Both Jimmy Saville and Jeffrey Epstein had a collection of *glass eyes*. In the third season "Millennium" episode "Saturn dreaming of Mercury", involving a little boy being burned alive, the old house his father lives in also has a collection of glass eyes.

    9. From seeing the names in the Black Book I am feeling that it is increasingly likely that this was all (the 20 year schemata) designed by Epstein (& Team). Like some kind of demonic Imotep.

    10. Epstein didn't kill himself! And by that I mean he's presently sipping a cognac with Trump going MWA HA HA HA HA!

  11. Any idea what the symbolism of Uncle Joe having a "frog in his throat" might be?

    All I can think of is Lilith (amphibian) stuck/escaping the Abyss (throat chakra/sephira).

    1. Elijah and the frog-like spirit:

    2. At the bottom Ch.13 ''demand options'':

      Mark: Antibody test ''proof of recovery'' (has been struck by the beast)
      Name: Vaccination (i.e. ''I've got your name...'')
      Number: PCR Test - (date and time)

  12. Body snatchers at some point.... this video might be interesting

  13. This one is fairly *brazen*:

    6th December ''I've seen blue skies, through the tears''

    6th December China modified the weather in latest example of ''blueskying'' efforts

  14. SPAR: Supermarket chain forced to close stores due to cyber attack

    Interesting timing. Their logo can be read as Omicron surrounding Delta, or flowing from Delta.

  15. I noticed last week that A Clockwork Orange was listed among the Recently Added movies on HBO Max.


    Putin-Biden call. Remember that the first thing that happens after this sequence outlined above is that RiffRaff (Putin) tells Frank (Biden-Harris) that he is not ''going home'' he is going to be sent to ''oblivion''. This will start happening after the 9th Dec according to the theory. It is followed in quick succession by ''the fall'' of 1) Columbia 2) Frank 3) Rocky. Then Riff-Raffs & Magenta's final exchange and then ''Superheroes''. Don't forget the Slavic influence on ACO that has to be accounted for.

    1. Also remember that the at the end of the spinning of the globe in Superheroes (the final song other than the epilogue) the map ends on China/Australia.

    2. The audience now appear (as throughout the plot the EU, G7 etc have always synced with the ''Transylvanian convention''):

      They say ''Goodbye'' to Frank and give him flowers etc. You can see it in the screenshots above...

    3. European Union definitely rhymes with Transylvania, as that specific part of modern-day Romania was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and gave the world rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth.. Tim Burton's repeated allusions to Eastern European engineers creating monsters on American soil were a stake through the heart of very real territory. Re: Frankenweenie.

      Same Empire also ruled Venice during the 1800s, and 'St. Mark', whose symbol is again a winged lion, is probably actually Alexander the Great, as his mausoleum in Egypt was being overrun by Muslim armies at a time when the Venetians were already trading there, and the actual apostle St. Mark would have been burned and forgotten. Gives a whole new meaning to the House of Gold on the Adriatic.

      Especially because the Venetians invented the current world financial system and moved to London, if you go by Webster Tarpley. And that is why British peers would collect Greek and Roman statuary until the money gave out.

      No idea who will 'play' Alexander, we should know soon enough, but meanwhile remember the old Trump and Cyrus coin and Sassanian links to China. The last Zoroastrian dynasty traveled out there in, oh, 666 AD.

      Cool history Bros: Sassanian link to Korea, Japan, China:

  17. A few good pointers for sly references you may not have noticed: the 'Image of the Beast' which the United Nations posted about two days ago, and which JB has linked to, is a winged jaguar that spent a month in front of Rockefeller Center facing off against a Persian griffin of the same make, from the 'Mary of the Angels' workshop in Oaxaca.. this is not a typical subject for Mexican alebrijes, being originally from Persepolis which Alexander the Two-Horned conquered. What is being represented is Shaoshant, the Zoroastrian World Savior, destroying the Beast after its mistakes become too apparent. There's a definite Royal component to this, as two griffins flank the coat of arms of Maximilian, who invaded Mexico in 1862 and was beaten back by a U.S.-backed army, and the jaguar and werejaguar are the characteristic animals of the Maya pantheon, which Mexico's current Mayan president has been exulting as far as he's able, even moving back to the Halls of Montezuma on the main square, rather than the European-style castle on a hill of Chapultepec.

    'Fusion of two cultures' in said castle's hall, that's Cortez on the left and Cuauhtemoc on the right. The Aztec capital Tenochtitlan fell in 1521, with astrology matching today.

    Coat of arms of Maximilian of Austria, 1863; Beethoven of course worked for that court:

    Statues in Rockefeller Plaza October 2021(there were several, and more than one griffin):

    Olmec were-jaguar used in ritual sacrifice:

    Mexican president in front of Pakal's pyramid, 2020.. the accompanying news story said he would 'receive the New Year in the Temple of the Red Queen', an adjacent burial chamber.

    Do tell me if this is relevant to you, and consider the Cthulhu angle.. mouth-tentacles is just another name for the Aztec rain god Tlaloc, and R.H. Barlow died in Mexico in 1951 researching him and telling William S. Burroughs about Maya gods of death.

  18. Good
    Horror show
    Very bad

    If headlines featuring “horror” or “horror show” start showing up, it will be interesting to see in what context.

    One handy thing about the book ACO is that it has a glossary. The language makes the book a chore, even though it is very clever in the way it turns Russian words into English resembling ones. Like putting language through a blender.

    1. Good point. Omicron was already described as having a ''horrific'' number of mutations:

      This is useful - thanks for posting!