Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 - Hermetic Lessons and Countermagic

Go and tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
The rambler, the gambler, the back-biter
Tell them that God is gonna cut them down.


Run on for a Long Time, Johnny Cash 


In 2017 Chris Knowles of the excellent synchromystical Secret Sun blog made a series of observations about the over-use of orange pallettes in movies and it got me wondering whether 1+7 = 8, i.e. Hod and the associated colour orange and whether or not the Big Five had a Unifying Colour System at work in their marketing/production design.  Around the same time I had been watching Twin Peaks: The Return and speculating on David Lynch's systematic use of the pallette and symbolism from The (Kircher) Tree of Life and speculating about whether or not Cooper was climbing the Tree of Return (Teshuvah).  In this Tree the aspirant ascends the Tree of Life, repairing his/her/etc shattered and divided psyche through the Kabbalistic use of Partzufim (Personifications),; I referred to Lynch's suspected process as Painting by Numbers.  Returning to the more mainstream cinema I thought that if 2017 was 1+7 = 8, then logically 2018 would be 1+8 = 9, implying that the next years tranche of movies would be of the indigo-purple pallette, i.e. the colour of Yesod, which is the next Sefira after Hod. As this became true lots of other ideas also followed logically but perhaps the most important of them is what would happen in 2020 which presented us with two options, that the ''movies'' would ''return''  up the Tree as Lynch had done, or that they would descend deeper into what is called the Tree of Death or the Tree of Hell, the opposite of the Tree of Life.  

Where the Tree of Life has Sefiroth, the Tree of Death has Qliphoth (Klippot) - shattered husks or shells (of trapped infinity i.e. ''gifs'') as opposed to ''infinity stones'' (the brickwork of Sapphire) - and is referred to as the Sitra Achra or ''Otherside''.  During 2019 I noticed that the Unifying Colours were at work in other areas besides movies - in fashion, in products, but increasingly in politics and society in general as well.  2019 contained within its ''calendar'' the principles of ''psychological'' alchemy: citrinatis, nigredo, albedo, rubedo and the Green Lion - beautifully explored in Joker.  When 2020 confirmed the Dark Conclusions the question became if we are now on the ''Otherside'' and this is a descent into Hell (controlled demolition) for the whole of humanity (2020-2029) how would it be structured?  While 2020 (or Lilith/Medusa/Algol) inverted both the 4 act structure and colours of 2019 (Malkuth) as well as seeming to follow a ''Perseus'' mythic structure beyond this ('21 - '29) no structure was inherently apparent.  As readers will know the work on this blog is supported through various esoteric activities so I am not shy of asking questions and otherwise seeking answers ''upstairs''.  I understand why others are cautious, these investigations are not for everyone and this is why those texts are fiendishly complicated to work and covered in warnings.  The Cult Movie Theory, whereby the years are synchronized/structured according to the scripts of cult movies was a result of this kind of work, specifically with Artemis, or linking back to Agent Cooper, with Diane.  2021 was about testing the theory that events could be structured according to the Rocky Horror Picture Show which for those of you still with me hopefully will have become clear by now.  Although these explanation are couched in the schizologic of magic you can see that in all of this we have followed the good old fashioned Scientific Method:
  • Observations (it is 2017 and movies are orange)
  • Hypothesis (acc. to the Hermetic Qabalah in 2018 movies will be purple-indigo)
  • Test Hypothesis (watch the movies)
  • Results (the movies are purple-indigo)
  • Conclusion (it is highly likely that colours are being used, at the very least, to coordinate marketing & production design in the Big Five)
  • Create Testable Theory (next year will be the 4 colours of Malkuth - citrine (yellow), olive (green), black and russet (red)
  • Method (watch the movies)
  • Results (the movies display the colours and other esoteric features of Malkuth)
  • The Unifying Colour Theory
  • The Dark Conclusions
  • The Mirror Image Meta-Theory (we have approached the ''cinema screen'' through 2010-2019 and are now on the ''Otherside'') and themes are reflected (2017 = 2022, 2016 = 2023, 2015 = 2024)
  • The Cult Movie (Working) Meta-Theory
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Meta-Theory
  • The A Clockwork Orange (Working) Meta-Theory
  • The ''Trailer'' as Qabalistic Pathwalking Meta-Theory, i.e. trail meaning path, each trailer for the following year begins in the preceding year's Halloween
Important Note: Far more than colours were used in these movies, detailed pathwalking exploring the content and correspondences of each Sefira in the given year were also present and numerous essays on the Hermetic Lessons detail those features.  I simplify to colours for both brevity and clarity.  Occultism is as complicated as other academic subjects but if I simplify it any further we will be down to ''ooo spooky one eyed goat symbolism'' etc.  You want to know you are going to have to study and work.  That's the price in all alchemy.


If you are going to purposefully destroy the Old World, in order to bring in the New World, you want something of a controlled demolition so you don't destroy the parts you want to save otherwise you may as well just liberally pepper the place with neutron bombs.  It is the underlying structure of this demolition that the meta-theories such as the Cult Movie Meta-Theory seek to explore.

Aleister Crowley divides ritual magick into 3 types: a) natural b) ceremonial and c) theatrical with his opinion that theatrical is the most powerful. The audience acts as an unconscious "power pack" that you plug into the "machinery" of the play or in this case the ''movie''. When you look at the correspondences used in RHPS and ACO it is clear that they are de-facto rituals to Gamaliel (Qlipha of Yesod) and Samael (Qlipha of Hod) respectively. O'Brien and Kubrick were almost certainly conscious of this as they created the pieces, I cannot prove that, but readers who made it this far, I don't think I will have to make the argument for Kubrick. The exact nature of how it works in practice and who is behind it I can provide only speculation at the moment. But the revealed human front is clearly Epstein's circle and they have let this be known (even down to our ''splendid'' Alec Baldwin, Alex) with the evidence regarding flight logs and little black books.

One argument we made in our investigations was that these early 70s to mid 80s movies occupy a kind of ''sweet spot'' in the unconscious mind of society at the moment and Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fine example of this. I hadn't ever watched it until 2021 but I still had performed in versions of Time Warp ( and Science Fiction Double Feature) in a few different musical reviews over my life, certainly danced to it at more than one wedding reception and high school disco, and was aware of the core cast, concepts and a lot of the lyrics. The Democrats used Time Warp as part of their campaign in 2020 in part because it is so resonant, alongside a seemingly unconnected Tik Tok Time Warp around the same time... My point is without ever having seen Rocky Horror it had an enormous influence on my conscicousness and subconsciousness and on culture in general and therefore I was influenced by people who were influenced. In terms of the Cult Movie Meta-Theory the themes and characters match perfectly with the inverted Yesod correspondences we would expect for Gamaliel - ''obscenity'' and the inversion of the symbol of the ''Strong Man'': Hercules into Rocky.  I would venture to say the same for A Clockwork Orange (currently being detailed at Hotel Apophenia in Journeyman's most recent post ''A Clockwork January'') as even without personally watching A Clockwork Orange until very recently it had such enormous influence on culture that you've seen it even if you haven't.

The "movie" then becomes a theatrical ritual, an "altar" where you put all the ''correspondences'' on and incant the "spells" such as Time Warp or "Singin' in the Rain". This is what ceremonial magick looks like anyway but with theatrical you are adding, through the suspension of disbelief, a whole lot of extra ''oomph'' from the unsuspecting audience. By following it precisely, or even as close as possible, you will conjure the spirit, or in this case the demon, that you require.  In the same way a writer-director-actor can make an audience cry when they want and laugh when they want so it is possible to turn them into the semi-psychotic zombie sheep of a burgeoning bio-tyrannical police state when they want.  You don't need a lesson in the efficacy of propaganda though.  You know what I mean... the Devil, however, is in the Details.

Who is truly behind the terrible state of society partially becomes an eldritch issue of invoke vs evoke and a question of personal responsibility. They (the Demolition Team) evoke the Demon by conjuring it into consciousness through the action of the movie-as-ritual.  When you, as a member of the audience, suspend disbelief you can accidentally invoke the Demon. In the same way a movie might put you in a bad mood, I'm looking at you Melancholia, we can dial this ''bad mood'' or ''foul spirit'' all the way up to possession if we intensify the movie enough and do not allow the audience to leave. So many of this unwitting audience are invoking the demon of the year, although the rate at which they are "possessed" by these spirits (Lilith and Gamaliel so far) varies according to individual willpower, temperament and arete. The subsequent influence of this audience, back on the world, their ''bad mood deeds'' etc becomes the way in which it is then further evoked. ''You want to know who killed Laura Palmer?  We all did.''  But ''Bob'' is more than just the evil that men do and The Demolition Team could well be composed of possessing entities that are already in a group of people (ie Epstein circle) who performed Qliphothic rituals ie black magic & ended up possessed by whatever they intentionally invoked + Mkultra shells who are possessed by whatever they put in after they smashed their minds + other types of "thrall" + the blackmailed and then the compartments below who only know a piece of the puzzle - perhaps only their individual ''Qlipha''. The lower levels of these Qliphothic compartments almost certainly think these circuses of sacrifice are a necessary evil because of climate change.


In Adam Curtis's discussion of Vladislav Surkov from Hyper-normalization you will find a secular interpretation of what is possible when you weaponize theatre theory. For a deeper secular understanding of these weapons, and how to defend yourself from them, it is worth your time studying the theatre theories of Stanislavki (main method of "suspending disbelief"), Brecht (main method of defeating that suspension but also weaponized by the Demo Team, i.e. Verfremdungseffekt) and perhaps most importantly but most often overlooked the work of Augusto Boal on The Theatre of the Oppressed and the Rainbow of Desire (also weaponized through the illusion of an interactive forum theatre and the celebration of victimhood).

Although I tend towards the theatrical ritual, I am not ''secular''.  Due to the experiences of my childhood and the development of magickal memory (Giordano Bruno et al) I have been involved in general Qabalistic studies for the best part of 25 years with a series of outstanding mentors to whom I am eternally grateful.  They cultivated this heart that loves knowledgeOur descent down the Tree of Life from 2010-2019 saw the creation of overinflated false ego through social media entrainment, an infantalized and fragile bubble of the seven deadly sins that was just waiting to be popped into Qliphoth with the great shattering (Shevirat) of 2020. If you want to counter the effects of this necromancy (mathematical divination by data analysis of the dead and infected) and demonology (the ''bad spirits'' conjured by the impact of the necromancy) in your own life my guidance would be to develop the virtue of the Sefira in question in opposition to the cultivation of ''demonic forces'' that surround you.  No matter how difficult that may be.  Anything is possible with both discipline and courage.

For example in The Qlipha of Hod, the archdemon that is now being evoked/invoked is Samael: venom; blindness; deception; willful ignorance - a kind of anti-Mercury for those who prefer their Qabalah purely Hermetic.  While Samael speaks Power to Truth, exemplified by Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, so Hermes' spiritual responsibility, amongst many, is to speak Truth to Power and to convey messages from Heaven which respect the sacred arts of alchemy - scientific and medical.  There are many ways you can counter Samael through dutiful work in Hod (Splendour) - but it boils down to honesty about yourself.  When I say ''yourself'' and honesty about it, I don't just mean the little me (unrectified Zeir Anpin) that is after new shoes or that redhead, I include all aspects of yourself, aspects which you are not aware of perhaps and which you should investigate with both Mercurial curiosity and velocity.  

One example worth discussing is the Astral Plane, a plane of existence that people are forgetting their access to as they are sidelined into various internet entrainment zones and robbed of their natural abilities. It is not for nothing that the logo of the recently launched Meta is an 8 on its side as they want to trap you on one plane, the horizontal, and deny your own ''8'' its true vertical loop between Heaven and the Earth.  Sleep, the Arts of Dreaming and Memory, have been under attack for as long as I can remember but the invasion of new nightmares and little blue lights have only intensified this assault. Learning astral projection is very difficult, it's easy to fall into lazy and self-indulgent dreamlands, forget to take notes, or fail to pass gates and guards but once you have experienced it is impossible to forget.  Although primarily Luna in nature, at least in the beginning, The Astral Plane and the Astral Body that comes with it provide new powers and possibilities to explore ''yourself'' specifically those to do with Mercury - clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, astral projection.  ''Reality'', as pedestrians think of it is a dead material thing within which a life and consciousness appears at a certain level of complexity resulting in a struggle for survival and a finite enjoyment of shadowy desires before being snuffed into oblivion.  But as you ascend the Tree of Life, the Prima Materia is transformed through your alchemy.  What was once a ''material reality'' becomes a reality that is in fact made of dreams - there is no longer the same division between the waking world and the sleep, the eye in the centre of your head remains open forever.  The realisation that life is a dream and that you should live it as one is fatally shocking to all but ten percent of aspirants, many of which continue to model their magic through the materialist paradigm - talking about energy, magentism, etc, blah blah - when you see this its a form of psychic denial and intellectual weakness.  But this ultra-dreamstate is only the Lunar realisation, with Mercury, the next step up in our ascent, you don't see the dream, as much as you see the code.   

So disavow the poison, call on the virtuous aspects of the orange, Archangel Raphael & Michael, draw on your wit, your intelligence, your agility, your curiosity & your alchemy: refine yourself until you become as QuicksilverCall on Hermes.  Invoke and Evoke.

And let yourself laugh.  He is a funny guy.

Well you may throw your rock, hide your hand,
Working in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made Black and White,
What is done in the dark will be brought to the light
You can run on for a long time,
Run on for a long time,
Run on for a long time,
Sooner or later God will cut you down
Sooner or later God will cut you down


Johnny Cash, Run on for a Long Time



  1. What are the odds that, in 2011, we were unknowingly, collectively, going through Chokmah, and that was precisely when I met the Great God Pan among the stars up at Chokmah, without possessing the slightest foreknowledge of any of this?

  2. What still troubles me the most to this day is the realization that on the night of my "self-sacrifice" of sorts, I had accidentally performed the "NOX/Night of Pan" all-important ritual that Aleister Crowley had developped, again, without prior knowledge. This is absolutely irrefutable proof to me that *real* magick is sentient and self-manifesting regardless of our intentions.

    1. It's difficult for me to fathom just what you experienced JB although I always read your accounts of it with intense interest. Part of me would want to experience something which would give me first hand experience of the other side, but at the same time of course there's a terrifying aspect to it.

      It's an interesting idea about real magick being sentient and self manifesting. There's accounts of people experiencing what could be described as magick under moments of extreme stress. Is it possible that your intentions at that point in some way corresponded to the ritual? Ego death is mentioned for instance?

    2. "Is it possible that your intentions at that point in some way corresponded to the ritual? Ego death is mentioned for instance?"

      Before I re-post the step-by-step, let me first answer that all I wanted was to *leave*, to leave this world behind at all costs; I overcame my fear of pain and my fear of death, I looked at myself straight in the mirror, and I f**king did it. What happened next is what I later discovered Jacques Vallée had called "Stumbling upon Ritual" (I'll re-post that as well):

      (When I commited suicide back in '11, I possessed neither the occult knowledge nor the intention to peform any sort of ritual, I just wanted to stop suffering and f**king end it all. It is only YEARS later, after a tremendous amount of research attempting to understand the deeper meaning of what I saw and went through on the other side that I finally realized I had UN-intentionally fullfilled Crowley's "NOX" ritual:

      -the pouring out of all my blood to the Scarlet Woman (in this case my redheaded ex-gf who had viciously broken my heart);

      -"Kill Thyself!" (Crowley meant it symbolically, whereas I was quite kitchen-knife-meet-jugular literal);

      -the "Night of Pan", even though I had zero expectations about the afterlife, I did meet the Great God Pan among the stars, which immediately healed my pain and destroyed my ego;

      -the crossing of the abyss, meeting my late beloved aunt whom acted as my guardian angel (it's only recently that I realized my aunt's name, Gaetane, is the feminine of Gaetan, which is french for "Watcher");

      -my godson, which would have been named James after me, died in his mother's womb apparently the very moment I returned to life early the next morning. A part of the NOX ritual is a mock sacrifice and pretending to be lost in the lightless womb of the Great Mother. To this day I wonder if that baby would have lived if I would have remained dead.

      ALL of these things and more were self-occuring, and I'm a f**king nobody. So imagine if you're a VIP of sorts. Rituals everywhere.

      To quote Reed Richards, when he realized that the Marvel Universe kept repeating the same patterns: "Our reality might not be made of elements and molecules after all, but rather of STORIES that NEED to be told over and over again...")

      Now, from Wordman's blog (years ago):

      "Many Middle Eastern cultures, in accordance with their religious traditions, prohibit the mixing of meat and milk.  The purpose of this, allegedly, is to avoid accidental ritual.  Jacques Vallee says his favorite UFO case is the one he calls “Copper Medic,” so named in his arcane filing system.  In this case an elderly couple, Clint and Jane Chapin, panhandling for gold in the California mountains happen upon a rattlesnake.  They kill it in what amounts to a ritualistic manner, cutting off the head and then burying the head and body separately, marking it with a stone “so no one will step over it.”  Almost immediately in the trees beyond the tall grass, they both spot an oval object, about the size of a VW, she sees it as cream colored, he as a burnished gray.  It lifts up and pauses before shooting away at tremendous speed.  It leaves behind a deep oval depression, some pale yellow-green glassy fragments, and a silvery colored block that appears as a copper alloy.  It is October 30, 1969.  The same object appears again in the same spot on December 27, 1976 and October 13, 1977.  In another “high strangeness” case in his files, something like a Sasquatch materializes immediately when a hunter and his young son perform certain accidental actions with a freshly killed dead rabbit.  There is evidently a very certain danger of accidentally stumbling into ritual."

  3. About the end of all this at the bottom of the tree in 2029 with the movie Labyrinth:

    This is, imo, Pan's Labyrinth. Bowie's character, Jareth, is the King of the Goblins and Master of the Labyrinth. Jareth name meaning is apparently "descent", and tied to the story of "The Green Knight".

    The character of Jareth was first conceived as a shapeshifting "prince of darkness" who kidnaps a king's baby, spiriting it away to the Castle of Darkness at the centre of a great labyrinth inhabited by goblins. Wishing to avoid similarities to Ridley Scott's original fairy tale film Legend, which was in development near the same time as Labyrinth, they completely humanized the villain, but what became Bowie's iconic character was intended to be the archetype of the Devil/the Great God Pan.

    1. From Hellier, season 2:

      Greg: "One day I get an email from this woman in Somerset, right here, talking about seeing little creatures that live in these mine shafts and caves, and she starts talking about running into people in robes who were doing crazy-a** rituals out in the forests here in Somerset and she thinks they have something to do, she thinks they worship the Green Man (the Great God Pan), those little green men..."

      Nate: “What if there is some "cosmic trickster"? And that it isn’t – that all of these things really are just that. And even the cults and s**t. All of these people have just been duped. They think they’re worshiping a f**king god and this Thing thinks it’s hilarious, you know?"

  4. I was expecting a guide to all things droog, but I'm anything but disappointed. I know the level you've set to blog at and some of this could be repetition or more basic, but from the perspective of someone like myself it's invaluable.

    Setting things out like this and providing some context, sources to explore further and the beginnings of a path to action, is just what the new year calls for.

    I've just been reading about Boal, new to me and a fascinating story, although I'd come across Freire before.

    I don't want to fall back into the VC 'pointing at stuff they do' trap but I'll forget otherwise, Meta logo has it's own UK counterpart: a company whose efforts could also be considered to involve keeping one horizontal and sleepy.

    1. A large part of clicktivism is simply weaponized Boal - the whole internet as Theatre of the Oppressed. "If you're feeling angry we want you to tweet your senator" Obama - or words to that effect. So do not go out and flip and burn police cars we've got our own droogs for that when the time is right. Ok Barack, I got you.

  5. OK Alex

    BYOB creative chime with drunken old man asking to borrow someone elses'(tobacco in this case?) And the collapse of "moral order.

    1. Yes, I saw the BBC coverage this morning,'drinks' was highlighted and I'd made the same link, hadn't seen the tobacco part though.

      'Cutter' by the way reminded me of this: and turns out there's a couple of ACO links to song/band:
      Not seen it pop up, but a good song.

    2. Or the old man getting kicked while he is down is all the people who followed the rules while ''liar'' Alex (Boris) does what he wants with his droogs. Or the old man getting kicked is all the people who were left to die alone in hospitals without their loved ones being able to visit them while ''liar'' Alex (Boris) enjoyed a boozey party in No 10 Downing Street with his droogs. So maybe he does go today or soon but there are a lot of scenes that I still expected him to carry, esp. the ''flat'' because of the unfoldsing corruption scandal. During the interim of the new Conservative Leader campaign would it make sense for Labour et al to keep up pressure on the ongoing investigations into Alex (Boris)? BTW if you are going to bet on the new leader I would bet on Jeremy Hunt.

    3. There's a clash with a rival gang coming up and a rampage in the Durango 95 through the streets. They will surely want Boris for these scenes. Plus the narrative is of him repeatedly evading consequences, which syncs with these early scenes.

      Hunt is a good shout. Has been away from the shitshow chairing and making friends on a back bench committee and has senior cabinet experience and knowledge of health brief. If there's subsequent evidence that Boris didn't follow the pandemic plans Hunt initiated, that improves his chances. But here's me trying to analyse the politics when it would probably be better to cast his horoscope!

    4. ''The prime minister’s lies have finally caught up with him. Not content with kicking bereaved families like mine in the teeth by breaking the rules he set and then lying to us about it, he’s now taking the British public for fools by pretending he ‘didn’t know it was a party’'' Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice. *Kicked in the teeth.*

      Issue in reactions is with dishonesty and lies which are the primary identifiers of Samael (see above) with, for me, and soon for us all, an extra dash of hawking a poisonous *blinding* agent as a panacea.

      In these updates they were suggesting that Starmer may not want him to go at the moment as it suits him to have a corrupt PM in place and give him a good kicking himself for as long as possible.

      Rival gang scene I am expecting to be carried by the States primarily but you're right there is a case there as well. You're absolutely right he has to ''get away with it'' but a big longer before getting crushed.

      Hunt vs a Brexity candidate vs a Brexity candidate. I am trying to divine who will replace Alex (Boris) based on the government politicians we see in ACO. I think it'll come down to Hunt vs Javid vs Sunak - with Javid and Sunak splitting their vote. While remain Tories and ''seriously-minded'' Tories gathering around Hunt as the ''competent'' candidate in terms of both health and business. With Hunt in place things will get a lot more *claustrophobic* in Britain as the British have had a relatively liberal approach because of their high compliance with the program. Hunt will take a strong position against ''disinformation'' leading to our Ludovico Technique (door to door ''chats'' with those who are not playing along at the v. minimum) and ultimately to Body Snatchers. Even the tabloid papers turn against Johnson's ''liberal'' approach and lead the demand for a pandemic strongman but also strong on law and order of course.


  6. This is about the time we cut from the milk bar to the underpass as Alex talks about the prospect of ultra violence: (a reach but it's such a curious story that I looked to see if it could fit).

    PS (back to the pointing) the 'reimagined' Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Dropping the Fresh and Prince to ensure we focus on the important esoterically charged part 'Bel-Air' check the symbol on screenshot forehead and eye in background.

  7. Blogos, I’m so glad you did a summation of your thoughts and methods. Journeyman, awesome work.

  8. I have tried writing a few posts here about counter-magic and they’ve not posted. There is one huge point, however, that has come down to me through my admittedly crazy experiments: the magicoshere loves loves loves a good joke. Tickle it and it will do TRICKS. The universe loves to play if one simply invites it to. The other thing that I’ve learned that’s so powerful it’s just crazy is also something that I’m sure nobody is going to take seriously: cartoon logic. Cartoon logic is a superpower. You are all free to write me off as a crazy person because the shoe certainly fits and also being this wack took some time to achieve so I wear it like mixed prints, which are always the new black.

    1. The "Wille E. Coyote" logic does seem to be quite real (you know, when you're supposed to fall, but you stay up in the air so long as suspension of disbelief is at play? The whole goddamn World Economy has been run by Wille E. Coyote since 2008).

    2. We might order some anvils and pianos to fall from the sky. Draw yourself an Acme catalogue. That approach actually worked for me at a certain point. Seriously. I’ve been pestered by the multiverse through sync-swarming to get back at it, having been rather distracted since Jan. 2020 by the demolition of my entire life, so I’ve slacked. (Slack is applicable as well). I’m not complaining exactly because I very intentionally engineered it— the point of my experiments for some time— but personal disasters are so gauche and tiresome.

      I’m wondering if we could bring the roadrunner through that large thing they have in switzerland.

  9. Hey Blogos, I just want to say I am on board with ACO for 2022.
    It fits nicely into 22 as The Fool.
    '21= The World
    '20= Judgement
    '16= Trump Tower
    However, according to this process through the Majour Arcana, we cycle back to zero.
    Most things you have laid out so far resonate, however, pertaining to my previous comment I still do not see how the Gematria lines up. Can you clarify how 22 can equal Hod? I appreciate your previous response but the question remains unanswered.

    And I am curious how you have never seen ACO or RHPS until now?
    I grew up in theatre and simply couldn't avoid RHPS (even tho I dislike it). And I had seen every Kubrick movie by the time I was 15, and read ACO at 19.
    I am in no way bragging, just genuinely curious as to how such a thinker as yourself avoided such things?
    Again, I appreciate your work and your response.

    1. That's your theory Jockamo which is based on the major arcana as opposed to the Sefiroth and Qliphoth. The Unifying Colour Theory has 2010 (1+0) as Kether to 2019 (1+9) as Malkuth. At that point we moved into the Qliphoth which is the inversion of the Sefiroth. The Malkuth of the Qliphoth (Lilith) is therefore the next after the Malkuth of the Sephiroth as they are the mirror image. 2029 will then be the Qlipha of Kether. I think I've made this clear in the diagrams. I appreciate the number reduction does not work in the Qliphoth years I hazard some guesses as to their rationale for that (it's probably to do with how the concept of "11" is used as the number of both Qliphoth and Magick) but it might be irrelevant. The important thing, now, is the mirror image. I can do a separate post on how the paths (arcana) may be being used (from how they were used in 2010-2019) but I think the most important idea within this theory is that the only used path acts as a trailer (starting in Halloween) for the next year. In this way the trailer for Body Snatchers '23 will begin in Halloween '22 and run parallel with the end of ACO. I can get more intricate but it might also get too dense.

    2. My experience of RHPS was also within theatre but only songs in reviews, I was never in the whole show. None of my friends would have wanted to hire the video, neither would I have had. We just watched other movies gangster films etc. I did not even think about it. But I really didn't have time for this anyway as RPGs, plays and parties consumed most of my time. I did not have a TV in my room let alone a VHS. And no high school teacher of mine would have organised a school trip as it was all post-modern theatre type stuff we went to see with high school musicals being things like Guys and Dolls or Little Shop. I know very little about music in general as well, I've just not had the time. As regards theatre in later life it's been Brecht, Chekhov, Ibsen, Stoppard this kind of stuff I think one or two musicals in maybe 20 years. With Kubrick I am not and still am not a "filmie" there are still films I haven't seen of his. I don't want to come across as dull or a snob but frankly a lot of my time has gone into studying text books (science, philosophy, history, occult and otherwise) as well as the practices themselves. I haven't read a novel since 2001 certainly not Harry Potter ;-) I didn't see any movies at the cinema between 2010 and 2015 and then until 2019 maybe one a year. Very unfamiliar with TV. I wouldn't have been involved in this at all if Chris hadn't of spotted that orange thing or if I hadn't have watched The Return. Doing what I've been doing for the last two years has been incredibly time consuming and largely thankless. But I know what my peers are up to (not much) and I felt like if someone did not do this it would get completely lost, not just mostly lost.

    3. Luckily some of your readers have watched and listened to any old crap most of their lives and can finally make use of the million and one cultural references that is just about the only pay-off.

      As things get crazier I'm sure it won't be long before a deep knowledge of 'Knott's Landing' or ' She's the Sheriff' proves to be of vital import and that's the point at which my lack of discernment and perpetual sagging off school saves the day.

    4. LOL! And rightly so! Honestly I just followed somebody's pragmatic advice to not read fiction (to save time to study and I just added films to that) and my R&R were games or theatre (but I avoided the lowbrow stuff and a lot of the Bard to be fair, just the min. necessary). Back in the day when it was *hard science* it is all-consuming, and then my job has always involved being something of a polymath so I just had to do it this way. I don't mean to sound arrogant, it's just the way it's turned out. To be fair there is such a lack of respect for humanity at the moment from those above that I would be surprised if 2030-2039 just followed Eastenders or Neighbours. FFS. We are God's madmen all of us. But anyway that is the next decade and I am happy to play catch up with the *Cult* Movies. Better than another bulked-out & over-designed offering from the streaming channels.

    5. That lack of respect is somewhat ironic, they don't seem to recognise their own hand in the current state of humanity, must be that pesky coat getting in the way:

      I hear you on the output of the streaming channels. I use the red N on netflix, in my world it's shorthand for 'Not worth watching'

      With nothing to watch I am developing a new theory of my own, angered by your lack of contemporary pop culture reference points, the mischievous faction of the Gods come up with a scheme to force you to watch a series of key cult movies. After sending a series of fever dreams to Chris Nolan et al they sit back satisfied as the UCT works its magic, albeit with the unfortunate side effect of crashing civilisation as we know it and an angry response guaranteed when the serious faction notices what's going on...

    6. I've never read Harry.Potter or seen the movies. I don't watch Netflix. I no longer read fiction. Can I be in the club now?

    7. First you must bring us a shrubbery.

  10. The reason I ask again, is because you use Gematria in you calculations for 2010-2019, however, Gematria no longer pertains in the inverse order of calculations. If Gematria were pertinent to the previous 10 years, why is it not applicable now? I understand that you have your *Other Sources of influence.

    In 2001:
    1= The Magician
    11 being the number of magic and evoking semblance to The Twin Pillars in which the aspirant 9=(Hermit and the highest number) -works between.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I deleted my post in error, sorry. Let's try again. I think the most important thing is the mirror image and the trailer concept but when Goodcap asked the same question my reply was this is the Qliphoth so it is like ''Infinity + 1''. He said like 2+2 = 5 and I think that is perhaps even more accurate as again we are in the Qliphoth, rapidly approaching 1984 and perhaps the same rules do not apply. They would struggle to apply those same rules anyway because of simple mathematics. Those rules would not have applied in a hypothetical decade cycle from 2000-2009 either. This simple numerology is not the strength of the theory anyway (this is the content of the movies) but it may have been noticed by someone/thing who did want to ''count down'' the Tree of Life like this to 2020.

      This system is a 10 year cycle which includes the paths within that cycle as ''linking'' the ''spheres as years''. Your system is a 22 year cycle. So lets try and bring them to some agreement which I think is possible:

      Bear in mind that according to the first diagram above (2010-2019) your Trump as ''Tower'' card would still be ''on the path'' between 2016 and 2017. So there is not a fundamental disagreement here. And for all we know this could have been going on for *decades*, rinse and repeat, and if this was the case then another 2000-2009 cycle would have the Fool on the *path* between 2000-2001 i.e. 2000.5, and the Magus on the path between 2000-2002 i.e. *2001*. So no real disagreement (and I agree that the symbology of 9/11 matches with the Magus).

      ''With 32 paths of wisdom Yah created...'' SY Ch1. V1. Note not 22. Your system would leave out the Sefiroth, this system includes the ''paths'' (tarot cards) between the Spheres within the decade itself.

      So lets try and look at the inconsistencies you've given me as we attempt to resolve these differences. We would disagree (a bit) perhaps on Judgement. You have Judgement as 2020, but I would call 2020 the beginning of Hell itself, i.e. where the Sinners are sent. I would have Judgement on the path *between* 2017-2019 (bearing in mind that there would not be a ''path'' between 2019 and 2020, they ''overlap'' - see the Tree/Roots diagram and the Jung quote - so therefore the path between 2017 and 2019/2020). I followed 2019 quite closely as you can see from the blog - and therefore was able to predict 2020 very effectively because of that. 2019 was a year where a third of the planet was on fire but those fires began to get *global attention* and build from around 2017. From space and from Californian highways it certainly *looked like* Judgement Day very frequently at least as I understand what Judgement Day should look like.

      Let's look at the next one. You would have ACO as a return to the Fool. Here I would maybe disagree more. I am not exactly clear how the Tarot Cards would ''invert'' in Hell and whether placements stay the same but let's assume that they stay in the same position but the cards meanings are reversed (like when a Tarot is pulled upside down in Divination). If you look at the paths between what would be 2020, 2021 and 2022 in this Qliphothic system you have two cards. Judgement and The Sun but these are then inverted. The plot of ACO is almost entirely about *Judgement* (Crime and Punishment) and as it is inverted it would be Corrupt Judgement of the Evil Boy as opposed to Righteous Judgement of the the Good Boy.


    3. If you want to get more intricate I disagree with the whole attribution of the Sun to the Sun card (why in their faulty system would the Moon then be attributed to Pisces and not the Moon, there are stacks of these problems in GD thinking). I would argue that ''the Sun'' should be attributed to Mercury (i.e. the spirit that standeth in the Sun) and this is why in the *foreground* of the card you have either a) a boy riding triumphant, b) twins (gemini) playing in a field (virgo) i.e. signs both ruled by Mercury. But people focus on the image in the background.

      Where would this leave our Magus which is attributed to Mercury in the G.D. (outer order with blinds) well it would be attributed correctly to *Saturn* which is a far better fit with your 9/11 sacrifice. I've written numerous posts on these errors and discussion points in the past and I would drill down into it with you but we are probably going to lose nearly everyone else when people sometimes struggle with just numbers and colours, you get me?

      I appreciate there are problems with this system, not unsolvable though, but I cannot sit on this stuff and finesse it because it will be too late to make any sense. So it has to be as transparent as possible and in real time for the sake of some kind of exposure. I honestly do not mind being wrong and I am happy to discuss it further. Its like 2020, right, people's mind and memories are shattered but if we were judged and found guilty we were judged, and maybe sentenced is the better word, in *2019*.

    4. This is playable. It wants to play. And here I sit with no band of idiots. The multiverse just wants to have fun and we could provide a funner story if we were cleverish. A funner story is maybe calling up Hermes phonewise and arranging for it to go 10x fast. Dun by the end of the year and the syncs can align. I’ve made syncs to order, so I know it’s doable.

    5. Your mayhem strategies sound a little more Erisian than Hermetic to me KM ;-)

    6. This apple did fall from the discord tree.

    7. Blogos, that was my comment on the previous article saying 2+2=5 ;)

      Also, the reason I appreciate your work so much is because your calculation that '19=Malkuth and '20=Liliflu3nza really hit home for me in my personal research and experience.
      I'm also fully on board with 2020-2029 assessment down the inverse tree. I've actually been plugging your blog to a few friends as well ;)
      The only reason I bring up the Y2K-majour arcana path-working is to find semblance with the work you are doing, not to compare the two.
      Thank you for the erudite response to my prying on such metaphysical quandaries.

    8. Jockamo have you set out your Arcana concept anywhere? I wondered if you were basing it off the 2017 Economist cover with the 8 trump cards?

    9. Hey Journeyman, I have not seen the Economist cover, but I will have to search it out!
      I do not really post anywhere other than here and SecretSun. I have a website for paintings and murals and an instagram for tattoos but I never venture into these subjects really.
      The Y2K pathworking only came to light when 2016 struck.
      It occured to me when I saw a trailer for the soon to be released movie The Dark Tower. I believe the movie may have actually been released in '17.
      I immediately recalled the Trump Tower.

    10. No worries, Jockamo I'm glad it helped :-) "There are four lights!" Picard

    11. This is the cover:

      I found this reading interesting:

  11. 'One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts;I could never stand to see anyone like that. whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was.'

    Maybe a stretch, but in this sports story we have a younger guy attacking an old (90) guy:

    'revolting' is a match for Alex's revulsion in the quote above.

    'The fighter has hired top attorney Bryan Freedman and is suing for almost $10 million — but the blows he rains on Arum in the lawsuit are far more damaging.'

  12. Hi Blogos, quick question about sigils for Raphael, are these two correct? I don’t want to use the wrong one and invite some prankster’s pet monster in.

    I reconsidered what you said earlier and realized if I’m prone to manifesting/attracting things, it might as well have an element of choice on my part. Haphazardry is too much of a mixed bag.

    1. Use the second one. Make it your phone background and make a physical copy and put under your pillow. Incant Ra-Pha-El 8 times over each.

    2. Both nights since trying this, I’ve slept better. Also been dreaming of big yellow orange discs on clear pages in front of my face I can flip through like a book, sometimes with lines but I can’t remember what they looked like. It’s pretty neat.

      Anyway, if anyone else is thinking of trying this, go for it. Results differ, of course, but so far no apparent downside. I used a gold marker on a scrap of white sheet to avoid paper crackle and crunch.

  13. Has anyone else noticed that when this color comes up in a news story, especially when paired with orange, it tends to be some kind of disaster/tragedy? It’s that Very Peri color of the year.

    1. Try this from AIB on the colours, particularly the use of cerulean:

      and this an older one:

    2. Those were very interesting videos, Journeyman. Thanks for sharing them.

      Alex Delarge, Frankenfurter, and Donald J Trump are all 4,4,5,5. Weird.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @Words Are - you're most welcome, I'm glad you found them of interest. AIB is one of the most interesting voices I've found, an acute observer and makes some very interesting connections and associations. She was kicked off YT sadly, but much of her content has now made it onto Bitchute.

    5. The bad news stories appear to have pivoted from predominantly purple, to that sort of washed out olive green they’ve been using for the Ukraine and Russia reporting.

      A couple have the olive and purple.

      The fire stories are still usually orange and purple, but one about the aftermath of the chemical fire in NJ is washed out olive. I wonder if it’s a change in what kind of stories are coming out, but it seems more likely to be a change in how people are supposed to relate to the stories. Like, the Ukraine conflict should feel like it’s getting closer to home or something.

  14. One last kicking for an old man before we cut to the casino scene:

    'In a video of the exchange, Burhan Chowdhury, of Hamtramck, Michigan, can be heard struggling to breathe as he explained his situation to 31st District Judge Alexis G. Krot.

    "You should be ashamed of yourself," Krot could be heard saying in the video. "If I could give you jail time on this, I would."

    She then issued him a $100 fine, adding: "You've got to get that cleaned up. That is totally inappropriate."

    The man's son, Shibbir Chowdhury, 33, who appeared with his father for the Zoom hearing, spoke up to clarify that his father was sick and that the property had already been cleaned up.

    "Do you see that photo?" Krot asked. "That is shameful. Shameful. The neighbors should not have to look at that."

    This content is not available due to your privacy preferences.
    Update your settings here to see it.
    Shibbir Chowdhury told The Washington Post that his father was diagnosed with lymph node cancer in 2019. He said he usually helps keep up the yard for his parents, but he was out of the country in Bangladesh for three months last year.

    He said the weeds grew out around his parents' house while he was gone. When he returned, his father told him they had received a ticket for noxious weeds and vegetation. Shibbir Chowdhury said he was shocked by the judge's reaction to the situation.

    "She was telling my father, a sick person, that he should go to jail. That's ridiculous," he told The Post. "You can't give a 72-year-old person jail time for not cleaning an alley."

    "I was really shocked by it. I didn't expect her to yell at us in this kind of a situation," he added.'

  15. A couple things -

    I’ve at least for now abandoned any book stuff since the movie has its own story and people don’t read much anyway, so that target would be too narrow. It’s also antithetical to scheme like a madman and appreciate linguistic subtleties; so my guess is that wordplay will be limited to the usual suspects, whatever they are.

    I’m using 22 seconds per day because even in a Marvel movie most people leave the theater the instant credits roll, 22 is pretty neatly divisible into the running time minus credits, there’s very obvious Qabala references, and the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters.

    So this story was posted at 3:48pm today, which would be around the time the camera’s panning down towards the stage and the big bronze Pan atop is coming into view. Music’s playing, cries of distress are heard. It’s a weird, incongruous scene. Remember also, these kids are high.

    1. This is the kind of thing in terms of cutting I did for RHPS and although it makes the maths simpler it does cause drift and I think the version of RHPS I used had some flaws. It's not a huge problem s you can self-correct pretty easily and would only have to do it a few times. It may be that their division is more sophisicated than this and is divided according to ''beats'' (or something like that) as opposed to seconds but they will have much better visualisers for this. But exactly where you cut the run length does cause issues. There is also the issue of ''global time'' so what constitutes a day for globalists seems to be a slightly broader idea than for us in the districts. With RHPS there was the prologue which is the whole show in miniature. So I cut this as we down here on Earth wouldn't get a prologue and then used it to form the ''Outer Theory'' where those movies mentioned in Science Fiction ran parallel with the Inner Theory of our Royal Cast and Colonial Cast. This action was *guided*. It massively enriched the plot and provided lots of useful synchronicities. Its clear something to me something is going on like that with '22 but we don't have it yet (although to be fair it seems to be doing a pretty damn good job of describing the ''casts'' so far i.e. the Alexarillion). I don't think it is the book although they will have read and studied the book and have an enriched understanding of the references in the film it's certainly worth doing. Beethoven is obv. going to be useful (and highly synchronized) so maybe there are clues in the soundtrack and music? My intuition tells me that whatever enrichment is happening is happening within/of the ''world'' of the film - but the film is primary.

    2. OK here is an idea. A lot of this year will obviously be about Russia/ Eastern Europe because of the Slavic influence on the film and the need to get that in as much as you need to get Alexes in. How are these moves on the Eastern front/''Theatre'' being coordinated then? Are they based on linguistic references somehow..? A way of testing this might be to watch what Russia does parallel to the language..?

      In Soviet Russia film watch you.

    3. For example, just looking over at Hotel Apophenia at the moment, could the assault on the young Devotchka be Ukraine, the girl is Ukraine? The headlines are massive cyberattack today.

    4. I think Ukraine works really well. Incidentally Billy Boy's gang are bedecked in Nazi regalia as well as combat jackets. There's an argument that WW2 is still being fought there with fascist elements amongst the nationalists echoing those (few) Ukrainians that joined the Schutzmannschaft during the German occupation. Would that interpretation put Russia as Alex's gang and Billy Boy's group as NATO? Interesting that the girl escapes once the gang set to each other.

      In terms of how the world of ACO could be expanded to allow for a greater level of interaction between real world events and the theurgic source text*, could be worth familiarising ourselves with Nadsat, because beyond the Russian connection there's ample opportunities in the following list for correspondences and oblique referencing:

      Some would be very difficult to incorporate in a story because they only exist in ACO but there's plenty of regular English words that are given a different meaning that could be used to increase the connection between a story and the world of ACO.

      I don't know how far these connections can go before it's irrelevant, but looking down that list for instance this one: knives = drugs Connects (for this reader) with the Arsenal knife crime story posted above. They dress in all white (syncs with Droog appearance) in order to highlight knife (= drug in Nadsat) crime - Drug - Droog. Kind of a layered resonance?

      Maybe those sports stories are too niche I don't know. The best contribution I think I can make is to put these out here as they occur and hopefully train my radar over time...

      *not that I know what the rules are or how it works :)

    5. I think this is where it's at. Probably the 50% of the plot that we cannot account for at the moment is here. And its why the book is a useful tool probably. Not sure who to match with who I am assuming Trump gives us the clue if he talks tough on Russia tomorrow. I am assuming the droogs and Alex are NATO at the moment. Russia will be able to provide a tonne of Alexanders as well so we need to watch out for them.

    6. Ukraine does seem a good match. It’s possible that Russia would be Alex and pals, and the US and its allies Billie’s gang.

  16. The Meta commercial has a tiger eating a buffalo in it. If noone mentioned that already.

  17. Is Trump still planning to speak tomorrow in Arizona? I was expecting this to be the main Alex for the fight in the casino. Dos Arizona have any casinos or is it just Nevada?

  18. There's plenty of casinos in Arizona. They tend to be out of the cities as they're on Indian reservation land.

    Trump is speaking in Florence SE of Phoenix.

    Gila River Lone Butte is closest I think.

    Sentenced a few days ago, crime was 2018 or this would've been on the nose:

  19. This may fall under the general counter magic question, but as it's the topic of this post thought I'd ask.

    You've mentioned theurgic magic using the audience as an unwitting battery. Is there a way of preventing oneself contributing to this?

    1. Brecht is the standard way. But you have to be extra wary even with using Brecht now. ''Alienation'' was also weaponised in some areas partially by Trump (it's all fake - etc) . Study the Alienation Effect and then you have to magick it up a bit. Or stoicism, the movie has to be viewed dispassionately. Which is tricky at the moment. And its why the ACO vibes will pull energy out of those who are angry and those who love chaos - they're milking those people with NoVax Jokeravic. We can play the hardboiled detective, or the cold and unemotional esoteric scientist, they're fairly safe roles. Or there are some lighter ways as well. Keep your ''vibrational energy'' at courage and above and you're good. Also Angels are vital. So at minimum get some amulets etc.

  20. Blogos, in the last JB movie "No Time to Die", the nano-weapon killing people specifically or by the millions based on their DNA is called "*Hercules*".

    The "Dr. No" rip-off villain is called "Lucifer Safin".

    1. FULL NAME

      Lyutsifer (Lucifer) Safin


      The Masked Man

      The Invisible God


      Kill Ernst Stavro Blofeld and destroy SPECTRE in revenge for the deaths of his family (succeeded).

      Kill James Bond (posthumously succeeded).

      Kill Madeleine Swann.
      Unleash the Heracles Virus to eradicate millions of people.
      Take over the world (all failed)

    2. They have the clockwork orange ring at the beginning (end of first action sequence) immediatly followed by a scene of scientists dressed in orange in orange lights. I have to admit I fell asleep shortly after that. I'll have another go!

    3. Oh, it IS a boring movie. I miss Pierce Brosnan.

    4. The *EYEBALL* from ACO. Dr. No/Lucifer's main henchman is "Cyclops", who can pop out his cybernetic all-seeing eye for his boss to see through and speak to others.

    5. Yes the eyeball one, it made me lol. Followed by the scientific orangery. What scientists wear orange while lit by orange? If I am remembering correctly!

  21. The National Symphony Orchestra will be performing Beethoven at the Kennedy Center until the end of the month, including the night of Thursday the 27th. The Julian Date for Jan 27 is 2,459,607 which totals to 33, kinda interesting since the runtime for that date is 9:33-9:54, which also totals to 33.

    I think the Powerball announcement the day before 1/6 was meant to focus attention somehow on that day and 9/11. The prize was $632.6 mil. 6 and 3 is 9; 3, 2, and 6 is 11.

    Since the Julian calendar (not the Julian Date) runs two weeks behind, 9/11 would have been 8/28 on the Julian calendar. (Happy Orthodox New Year, by the way.) 8/28 Solis et Lunae Circenses was held near the Circus Maximus. The East coordinate for CM is listed as 12.4857.

    9:11-9:32 the boys are parking the car in drive of Mr. Alexander’s house. That car has a license of DAV 4850 (or O or Q it’s not quite distinct). 4, 8, and 5 make 17. They park in front of twin tiny posts. The fence to their left looks similar but not quite the same as the design on the Beethoven disc nominated for a Grammy.

    It so happens that this year’s Davos meeting goes from 1/17-1/21. 1/17 is MLK Day.

    1/27 has the boys sneaking up the path and ringing the doorbell. It ends with a shot where you can see the bookshelf on the left containing a blue book with a yellow flower like The Sun tarot card, and the wife in her purple lined white pod on the left which reminded me of The World card. Apparently The World can signify sacred contracts.

    So, maybe some sort of proposal coming 1/27? It’s a lot easier to make crazy connections in retrospect than trying for predictions, but that’s not as much fun now is it?

    The Kennedy Center concerts might link it up somehow to Maxwell’s trial via Sirhan? Maybe not. Trying to make anything out of this little mess I’m posting here might just be fatigue haha.

    1. Maybe some sort of rich person does a bad thing at the Beethoven show or conspiracy nut threatens someone there on the 26. The next day people are getting mad about it saying we’ve got to do something. Then comes the offer for cash rewards for information on which of your neighbors might be up to no good, or a universal basic income but only for some people, something divisive involving money or shelter, like people shouldn’t get evicted - let’s have the government pay some people’s rent, only the ones who deserve it, etc. The 26th is a Wednesday, good day to send a message.

      The Circus Maximus held a lot of chariot races. So the car’s parked and behind, in the field, a single horse runs towards the tree in the background.

    2. The Kennedy Center sits just below the Watergate complex, lot of esoteric referencing in those buildings. They're really going all out on Ludwig:

      Although they're not including the ninth (ACO) in this program.

      I'm wondering about Rossini, right now we have the juxtaposition of the assault in the casino with the Thieving Magpie. First performance I can find for that is April in Frankfurt.

  22. Chemical fire in the Majestic Industries portion of the property. Sources calling it anywhere from a 3-12 alarm fire, NJ governor went with 8.




  25. Since there's an ACO-themed Batman flick coming out this year (the Riddler from the comics being 99% Alex DeLarge, the new movie being set in an ultra-violent "ACO"-style world with costumed gangs), I thought it might be relevant that in the 1960s Batman sitcom, Bruce Wayne drank a lot of *Flavored MILK* instead of alcohol. This was simply for the sake of it's younger audience, but for example when Bruce and Catwoman were on the verge of spending the night together (off-camera, of course), she might say "I have an assortment of flavored milks, if you want a drink".

  26. I'm essentially new here. Had this blog bookmarked and just started reading this post. Anyone have any links to previous postings regarding their favorites or pertinent info etc? Thank you for any replies. Could possibly start from the beginning but these blogs are a pain to back track on.
    Hope everyone is well, take care~

    1. Hi, As a relative newcomer here via Secret Sun and primarily focussed on the Unified Colour / Movie theory, that starts end of Dec 2018 with this post which I went back to and basically read along from there when time allowed:

      There's links in the posts to movie analysis Blogos did previously, so I probably did a fair bit of back and forth. Without wishing to 'rocky' the author there's a lot of quality content there.

    2. Hi Tokugawa, the Hermetic Lessons contain a variety of different (QBListic) articles and systems of (QBListic) thinking so it really depends why you are here.

      The updated Unifying Colour Theory is here, this is the outline of a ''Qabalistic Conspiracy'' that we've been exploring here since 2017ish:

      It'll tell you why Shutter Island and Inception are basically the same film.

      If you are here for Qabalah, Time Travel or Esoteric Genetics you can start at the beginning with the Metabolism of Time but it assumes a basic working knowledge of Qabalah and Cell Biology. Here I effectively explore the Four Worlds of the Qabalah with Atziluth being the ''Metabolism of Time'', Briah being a set of physiognomical archetypes (references to endocrinology), Yetzirah being ''hosts'' of ''masks'' that descend from these archetypes and Assiah being the world of strategic drama/interactive theatre essentially a form of logotherapy that depends upon the ideas above it.

    3. For my work on the biology of ''Astrogenetics'' see the following links:

      Here I go through cellular associations with the 3, 7 and 12 of the QBL. The 3 mothers (elements) being the nucleus, the cytoplasm, and the blood (interstitial fluid). The 7 doubles (planets) being the organelles. The 12 simples (zodiac) being the 12 basic genetic rhythms. It's extremely useful knowledge that enhances astrological and alchemical medicine. If you're not that up-to-date with cell biology then I recommend just at least scrolling through the comparison of images of the last three links so you can see where I am coming from with this. This should give you the best resonance.

    4. Anything to do with the ''Saadia Tree of Life'' which you can see in the top right of the web version is about addressing the problems (logical contradictions) with the Kircher Tree of Life, nominally the one that ''western students'' first encounter and which they often mistake for being the only Tree of Life. The Saadia Tree of Life places the mothers (elements), doubles (planets), simples (zodiacs) in their simple rational order in the Alefbeit using the Chaldean planetary order, and does not conflate the Sefiroth with the Planets. This Tree of Life, the one that I use for my own work, is closer in spirit to the Gra Tree or the Ari Tree and is not as convoluted, baroque or as contradictory as the Kircher Tree.

    5. There are a variety of practical accounts of astral projection and letter conjuration that are worth looking over:

      General Time Travel Theory + Astral Projection

      Astral Plane advice

      An account of an encounter with ''angelic alien insects'':

      There is a lot more of this stuff. If you get the Metabolism of Time then there are more complicated articles on this that depend on that knowledge: like ''Empty-Headed''

    6. Generally the posts labelled Raziel will be about my attempts to ''decompress'' archangelic communications regarding time travel & reality. Some of these depended on a reading of the 231 Gates from the Sefer Yetzirah that lead myself and my sister to build a ''time phone''. You may be able to find some articles on this here but there are number I had to reconceal as they are too dangerous:

      ''Twenty Two Foundation Letters: They are set in a circle as 231 Gates. And this is the sign, there is no good higher than delight (ONG), and there is no evil lower than the plague (NGO).'' SY 2:4 Gra Version

      What I mean by this, as I have shown you in the articles above, by messing around with the ''letters'' you are basically messing around with your DNA (the ''chrono''somes), or at least the way your mind ''interacts'' with that DNA. This passage from the SY warns about the dangers of the arrangements of the letters as a simple misplacement is the difference between delight and plague. As is the difference between spinning the phone clockwise or counterclockwise and the arrangement of the letters themselves around the ''phone.''

      This work with the 231 Gates is on par with something like ''Enochian'' Magick its very powerful and very dangerous.

      Anyway if you let me know what you are more interested in (although all these things including the Unifying Colour Theory do thread together) I can provide more guidance.

  27. Today, 16/1 is Alex's 'Ho, Ho, Ho' as he and his droogs announce themselves to Billy Boy's gang.

    Within the 24hr overlap we have Trump's 'Hold on I'm coming' Arizona speech.

    There's a few things in the news which I think are ritual/esoteric in some aspect, but I can't necessarily tie into ACO. I'll post them here in case anyone see's a link.

    Haiti President assassination - a lot to come on this, I think the timing has possibly been held back for reasons elsewhere, Haiti links to Clinton? but Senator JJJ arrested:

    Pig transplant man once stabbed a shoemaker 7 times

    'Mum, this is the man who stabbed uncle Ed.'
    Uncle Ed links to this character whose death announced 8th Jan 2012, pig transplant took place 7th Jan 2022

    Pig transplant is normalising use of CRISPR gene editing and may be a part of the long game. Feels significant though?

    1. In a way, Pigheart has been dehumanized. First when he got a pig-grown heart put in him, and then when Shoemaker’s family came out against him receiving said heart. The situation with the man he stabbed somewhat parallels Mr. Alexander and his wife rolled into one. Shumaker wound up in a wheelchair like the Mr.; and remained traumatized until his death, which left his family angry - like the Mrs. There’s also an inappropriate sexual element underlying both stories.

      It’s quite a stretch, but the potential dehumanization aspect of Pigheart’s story reminds me of Priti Patel’s Clause 9, which would allow people to be stripped of their British citizenship without notice. (Patel immediately came to mind when you posted “close friend
      Synonyms: прия́тель (prijátelʹ).”)

      If this pig organ business takes off, it’s almost sure to cause a backlash. Who’s to say that groups of freshly minted vegans supporting personhood for dolphins and rivers wouldn’t one day try to deprive Pighearts, Piglivers, and their ilk of the right to a homeland, based on their unethical treatment of animals?

    2. And, while Alex was reading the Bible in prison, he imagined himself as a Roman whipping slaves. Neither Rome nor Greece allowed just anyone to be a citizen, I don’t think.

  28. Bit off-topic, but I just found a new version of the story of the *Tree of Life* (as well as Pan), from pre-columbian Central America:

    Using bits from monumental inscriptions, Linda Schele composed a cosmogonic myth for the Mayan "First Father", one that still awaits iconographic confirmation. It runs as follows:

    "Under the aegis of First Father, One-Maize-revealed, three stones were set up at a place called 'Lying-down-sky', forming the image of the sky. First Father had entered the sky and made a house of eight partitions there. He had also raised the Wakah-Chan, the World Tree, so that its crown stood in the north sky. And finally, he had given circular motion to the sky, setting the constellations into their dance through the night."

    So basically the same thing as the Ymir of Norse myth or the Adam Kadmon of Jewish mysticism (among many others):

    A primordial cosmic giant, emerging from nothing, in order to raise the tree-like super-structure of all existence.

    1. (And YES, I am adamant that Yggdrasil with it's Nine Realms was an early, incomplete version of the KBL Tree of Life with it's Eleven Sephirim.)

    2. JB, think you may be interested in this concerning Pan, timestamped:

    3. Yeah, Pan is the Gatekeeper of the Abyss, while perverted false gods like Baphomet are locked up tight within the Abyss.

  29. The medium so often contains the bulk of the message.

    1. KM, would you mind expanding a little on what that means? Many thx.

  30. Can anyone give me a rough breakdown of the Trump speech as I do not have time to wade through it in its entirety!

    1. I just had a look for a transcript, no joy and not easy to find any reportage:

      'It was a greatest hits of Trumpism, playing all the expected notes: a stolen election, the unfairness of the media, open borders and how the United States has become "a laughing stock all over the world."

      "a great red wave is going to begin right here in Arizona"

      He looks to have gone into transgender debate, abortion and election fraud.

    2. Saw this photo in a story about the rally

      I think it's more a fedora than a bowler, but far closer than your typical MAGA hat.

    3. He came in to the theme tune of the wrestler 'the undertaker' who famously used to come back from the dead, or was undead, not sure on that:

      'Viewers online, however, were bemused by the decision to play The Undertaker’s theme tune, given that the wrestler’s character is a creepy, undead villain with nicknames such as “The Prince of Darkness,” “The Demon of Death Valley,” and “The Grim Reaper.”

      Apparently he threw ten hats

  31. If anyone still remembers these references last year the vast majority of the details of the v. program was accounted for in the Outer Theory:


    Forbidden Planet: Travel restrictions & lockdowns
    Tarantula: No of jabs, side effects
    Day of the Triffids: ''Breakthrough'' infections in vaccinated
    Night of the Demon: Vaccine passports

    So my question is one of the areas that ACO is not covering (it seems to be doing a good job covering the politics - the Alexes + Russia) is the v. program but then again not much has happened there other than it being rolled back and rolled forward depending on your country. We have had the moloko types and the requirement for moloko to enter bars and nightclubs is that enough or are there any other developments we should be looking at here? Are there any aspects of the major politics that are not being covered. If we identify what we are missing it should make our job of ''expanding the world'' easier.

    As expected Novax Jokervic seemed to model the controlled opposition to v program. I can definitely fit him loosely into the theory (the Slavic tone is important here) but can anyone fit him in more specifically to certain scenes?

    I am a bit behind at the moment as I have been busy but I will be catching up and providing an update soon.

    1. 1/5 DJoko arrives just before midnight
      "and we sat in the Korova Milk Bar"

      1/6 He's detained, interviewed, and sent to immigration detention
      "trying to make up our rasoodoks what to do with the evening. The Korova Milk Bar sold Milk Plus"

      1/10 Court reverses cancellation and releases him from detention. He publicly states he wants to stay and play.
      "Oh, and what's so stinking about it?" "It's a"

      1/11 "stinking world because there's no law nor order anymore...let's the young get onto the world for an old man any spinning"

      1/12 "around the attention paid to earthly law nor order...oh dear land I fought for thee..."

      1/13 The Draw schedules him for first round game against his compatriot
      Scene moves from old man to the stage, panning down. Struggle is heard "Ah, no!"

      1/14 Immigration minister Alex Hawke now cancels the visa on "health and good order grounds." His lawyers put in for a review
      "Right, get her clothes off!" " the derelict casino...getting ready to perform a little of the old in-out in-out on a weepy young devotchka they had there..."

      1/15 Court confirms it will hear application. He goes back into detention
      Full focus on the stage struggle. Her clothes are coming off and she's getting too tired to fight.

      1/16 Court dismisses application, he's deported that evening
      They get her on the mattress. Camera flips, Alex and droogs walk toward stage. Alex kicks a can "Ho Ho"

      Djokovic apparently derives from George, the upstart droog. George comes from geo, earth, which implies ingratitude or being a double upstart since the old man's singing a song about having fought for land.

      So, he didn't drink his moloko but thought he could be a strong, tough guy anyway and ignore law and order. He thought he could come in and tolchuck old and vulnerable people with his nasty little virus for the sake of his game. Played fast and loose with facts and paperwork, well those games may have worked before but that casino's now derelict and he has to abide the new norms or someone's going to make a weepy devotchka out of him.

      He got off easy, through no effort of his own; his own efforts were pathetic and inadequate. His story cuts off the day before the movie devotchka runs offstage; so it's emphasized he's just getting kicked around like a can, lacking even the dignity of leaving on his own two feet.

    2. Serbia's president, Aleksandar Vucic, wants to get into the EU by 2025. France just passed some new law that could prevent Georgie from playing tennis there, too. If they repeat their Australian bungle in France, it might prove they're not the team players the Union is looking for.

    3. Thank you for being thorough, a lot to work with here

    4. If you go from the beginning of the movie to the very end, where it says THE END, you get 22.45 seconds per day.

      1/5-1/6 "make up our rasoodoks what to do with the evening. The Korova milk bar...which is what we were drinking" 2:04 "This would sharpen you up"

      1/10 3:23 cane to gut 3:35 "Oh, and what's so stinking" 3:43 "no law nor order anymore. It's a..."

      1/13 4:29 camera pans down toward stage 4:41 face atop stage in center of screen 4:47 "Right, get her clothes off"

      1/14 4:52 "It was around by the derelict casino" 5:04 "devotchka they had there" 5:13 they're holding her by both arms

      1/15 5:15 her head is down 5:26 she tries to hit them 5:36 they've got her up and turned around

      1/16 5:37 carrying her towards mattress 5:49 Alex and Dim are walking towards stage 5:56 "well if it isn't fat, stinking billy goat"

      I'm not sure what this does for the tennis story, but it seems to flow better in general; with more of the story beats landing on the beginning, end, and even the middle of the days this way. Maybe tennis guy was just one of the hippies from the Korova all along, or a girl droog who got separated from her pals.

    5. Now it makes sense. Tennis boy never went to the Korova, which is why he wasn't ready for any kind of violence. No moloko (Flavor Aid), no protection (droogs).

      When Alex and his droogs are hanging around the milk bar in the beginning, that is an activity within the law. The drugs they're taking are perfectly legal analogs (just like the vaca-inundation research wasn't gain of function by a strict legal definition). In the book they're drinking moloko with knives in it, an even more obvious reference to cowination. If you drink the drink, you can walk whatever walk (and use whichever locker room) you want to; the law will use every machination to help you.

      The old man's probably breaking a law by loitering in the tunnel, and he complains about lawlessness. He doesn't care about the law, so much as his own skin. Alex and his droogs take the drugs at the Korova because they're convenient, not because they care about the law. Dim winds up a cop, he's as lawless as anyone. Everyone wants the law to do something for them and nothing to them. When Alex is high on moloko, he gets away with beating an old man. Later, when he's not drinking it anymore, the bum and his pals beat Alex. No moloko, no protection.

      I'd really like to know exactly what that face on top of the stage is supposed to be.

      Jocko thought he could take his chances without protection and found out. He was exposed to the world (as barbarous), humiliated, and sent away as of no consequence. With him out of the way, the real contest can finally begin; it's so exciting, who's going to win the cup this year?

    6. Here to provide:

      "The camera pans down to show a gold toned sculpture below, the head of a bearded and crowned antique deity on an archway overlooking a theatrical stage--perhaps Poseidon, accompanied as he is by scalloped shells, though Dionysus is the patron god of theater."

    7. 'who's going to win the cup this year?'

      Alex the Olympian?

    8. @Blogos - strands of politics etc. Some of these narrative arcs are dormant but worth consideration, others could be grouped more tightly or loosely depending on pov:

      WW3 - Chinese theatre, Taiwan, Silk Rd / Afganistan/Kazachstan, N Korea going hypersonic. Middle East, Syria, Iran Nuclear deal/Israel pre-emptive strike

      Cyber war - sporadic global outages. talk of ocean internet cables being cut/damaged.

      Economic clash of the titans - US v China. Continued supply chain issues. Container fleets offshore California?

      Space war / control grid installation. SpaceX starlink nearing operation. 5G network US airport warning. James Webb scope. China moon cgiathon.

      US theatre - Red vs Blue / 2nd US Civil War. Destabilisation, Supply Chain Food Crop sabotage, 2020 election saga, empty washington DC, fencing at White House.

      Culture wars? Woke vs World double feature with Transpocalypse Now. Return of Antifa as Spring approaches?

      Elsewhere. Haiti, as previously posted, likely link in with US politics. Venezuala maybe also at some point.

      @Words are - really like your work on this. Blackstone have just launched a bid for Australia's Crown Casino - massive one in Melbourne where the Aus Open takes place. Seedy at the best of times and maybe a subtle link with the setting for the Billy Boy scene.


    I'm the King of the World (the through line I was talking about before)

    1. Inception (2010), Shutter island (2010) beginning of UCT are basically the same film watch them next to each other you will see what I mean. Even down to tan to white costume design

    2. I have to strongly disagree with you there. The Climate Change/Global Warming scam has humiliated and discredited itself countless times since the 70s by crying wolf over and over again, it's become the butt of people's bad jokes how many times they've claimed the end of the world was near. Saying Leo will be considered a messiah is as utterly ridiculous as saying Al Gore will rule over all of humanity with his little red cape.

      The narrative they're trying to impose will inevitably fail spectacularily unless they drop the militant environmentalist aspect of it, along with creepy little Greta. They've gotten so pathetic at this that people in general laughed at them out loud when they recently tried to blame Vaccine side-effects like Myocardis on the climate change hoax.

    3. Wait for 2024. Space-Laser assisted or otherwise. The fires will convince many doubters. No flaws in the script so far. Not expecting one when they get to this point either. They are solidly winning this at the moment. I agree with you blaming heart attacks on climate change was ludicrous but people have the memories of goldfish at the moment as well as being devoid of critical thought. Demo team see this stuff as background subliminals and/or trolling.

  33. How far from "the power of Christ compels you" is "in the name of God go" bearing in mind that our Alexes (thinking of Pfeffel here) are Samaels


    "Bloody Putin's nose"

  35. Pray for us up here:

    (That c**t's name is Julie Snyder, btw. Miss Pierre Karl Peladeau, former politician and owner of Quebecor Media Empire.)

  36. The disabled writer's muscular aide in the film's third act is none other than David Prowse, the former bodybuilder and Mr. Universe contestant who would go on to occupy the Darth Vader suit in the original Star Wars trilogy.

  37. Excellent post, Blogos. You've clarified to me your wise understanding of certain things.

    I'm in the process of developing my spiritual heart, the Heart of my heart through certain Rosicrucian, Steinerian and self developed practices and I'm making good progress though much work is yet to be done before I awaken to the Christ Logos at the heart of my being. Some days are excellent and my heart is radiant with unconditional love for God, my fellow man and all of creation but then I experience a sort of "contraction", a metaphysical contraction and I become melancholic.

    I've realized that this contraction is the result of psychic wound from childhood and that in order for it to be healed I must come to understand it totally which means I must remember the moment I wounded as child, when it was transmitted to my psyche by one of my parents.

    As a Qabalist, which practices can you recommend to me to help me clearly remember? I am able to clearly remember much from my early childhood but this particular moment keeps eluding me...

    And yes, I've heard the internet described as a demonic parody of the etheric realm. I also believe that electricity is demonic in nature and is a sort of gateway or medium through which evil spirits exercise a malignant influence on us.

    1. Hello Hayseed, this is good news. You are going to forgive everyone everything regardless of what you discover through this work. Hold on to that, whatever the outcome.

      Qabalah itself develops the memory extensively as you are building memory palaces, the whole thing is a memory palace from a certain perspective. The failure of many ''post-modern magi'' is they thought they could get by without memorization, but memorization is key - its not what you are memorising persay (although that *is* important) but having a finely calibrated and quick memory that is the asset you are after. Unfortunately because certain material is corrupted you can end up memorizing the ''wrong stuff''. This isn't all bad as at the level above ''memory'' which is ''logic'', faulty systems or false memories give you a material to work (and train) that logic upon. I think it is better to get the system as close to logical to begin with but if it isn't it's not all bad. So the standard associations: name of Sefira, the Depth it is associated with, the number, the colour, the Archangel attached, all of this is good material. I'd recommed the Saadia Tree at the top of the page on the web version as it is simple, clear and logical and does not conflate the planets with the Sefiroth (although I would use the colours from the diagram you see at the top - the colours on the Saadia Tree are to highlight the divisions between the 3, 7 and 12 not the actual colours). Conversely the G.D. Tree i.e. the Kircher Tree is highly corrupted. Then you can broaden these correspondences into the memory games of Agrippa et al, what herb goes where, what perfume goes where, what gemstone goes where etc. As you get deeper into the letters (this tends to come with the level of logic i.e. the Hermetic/Mercurial as opposed to memory which is Lunar), one technique of Tzeruf that is good for rapid progress is to expand (write) the letters with their full spelling i.e. A becomes ALP and then to expand again and so on i.e. ALP becomes ALPLMDPH and so on until you cannot hack it anymore. Think of it like gym. Aleister Crowley's Liber Thisarb is also very very useful which is a document about training the mind to think backwards, since you mention a kind of Lynchian vision of *electricity*, this is like Black Lodge speech. As ever with Uncle Fester it's all fairly dangerous but can be quicker.

    2. On that note Aleister Crowley's birth name was Edward Alexander Crowley.

    3. Thank you for the swift response!

      Every night I practice a daily review in which I go through the events of the day scene by scene in reverse order until I arrive at the moment I woke up, making note as I do so of my shortcomings and triumphs and where I can make improvements.

      Yes, I believe that Lynch is a clairvoyant and that he translates his insights into the essence or nature of reality into the film medium. It's interesting that he shares Steiner's insights into the nature of electricity. My own clairvoyance is very sporadic although I have noticed a definite correlation between those moments when my heart is radiant with love and the ability to clearly see the spiritual reality behind the appearance of things. I often see flashes of light appearing in colors no mortal eye has ever seen and I once beheld a little sylph spirit in a parking lot.

      I look forward to putting into practice what you recommended.

      Thank you for your time!

  38. "The camera pans down to show a gold toned sculpture below, the head of a bearded and crowned antique deity on an archway overlooking a theatrical stage--perhaps Poseidon, accompanied as he is by scalloped shells, though Dionysus is the patron god of theater."

    1. The camera PANs down, to show Pan as Dionysus. It's always Pan, everywhere you go. ;)

  39. The three remaining officers in the George Floyd case are going on trial.

    Meet J Alexander Kueng:

    His personnel file, which says he speaks, reads and writes Russian, did not list any disciplinary actions.

  40. Eerie. There was an incident recently in San Franpyscho where a black woman beat and robbed an old asian woman while a white man looked on and did nothing to help. Bit like that scene where Alex et al whoop on the old drunkard. It may be a stretch but it reminded me of A Clockwork Orange.

    1. Where we are from the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air.