Thursday, March 3, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Brainwashed Neo-Nazi Drug Addicts (Alex and Dim)

Dim: What did you do that for?
Alex: For being a bastard with no manners and not a dook of an idea of how to comport yourself publicwise, O my Brother.
Dim: I don't like you should do what you done.  And I'm not your brother no more and wouldn't want to be.
Alex: Watch that.  Do watch that, O Dim, if to continue on live thou dost wish.
Dim:  Yarbles, great bolshy yarblockos to you, I'll meet you with chain, nozh, or britva, any time, not having you aiming tolchoks at me reasonless.  It stands to reason. I won't have it.
Alex: A nozh scrap anytime you say.


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

First of all apologies for my absence but like Hotblack Desiato I had to spend a month dead for tax reasons.  Your scheduled service will now resume:

Neo-Nazis. Drug addictsBrainwashed. 

These are some of the barbs Vladimir (Dim) Putin has hurled at his opponent, each one of them tying us back to the Droogie themes from A Clockwork Orange eloquently demonstrating the ongoing signalling between the Power(s).  Although I was wrong about the exact timing in the last post I doubt anyone here would deny that the events I outlined happened, that our heroes are faked or dead and that the Ludovico Technique has been successfully deployed in the pedestrian population.  These temporal errors were largely due to not being able to spend enough time on research and reconaissance because of my brief absence as the late Hermetic Lessons.  If you saw Hermetic Wizard or Hermetic Wiper I can assure you that these are examples of the Mercurial tagging by those self-same powers rather than any maverick cyber operation that I conducted when I should have been writing here! 

I am quite a specialised character and technological prowess is my dump stat.

The Alexarillion has swelled monstrously since our last conversation, here is a far from exhaustive list of many media feeds:

Along with all the Alexeis and the Oleksanders we have also had continuous news stories from those we had already identified whether it be Alexander ''Boris'' Johnson De Large's own scandals and attempts to deflect (fortified by accusations the Conservative Party is itself partially funded by Russian oligarchs) Brad Tucker Carlson saying Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is white (her costume often is), or the ongoing trials and tribulations of Donald Trump Alec Baldwin and the ''Rust'' i.e. orange, shooting.  Even Elizabeth Alexandra Windsor got a look in with her lilifluenza positivity, the New York Times here making the signalling as blatant as humanly possible for the unblinded mind.

A Dimarillion has also taken shape in the headlines:

  • Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin
  • Volodymyr Zelensky
  • Vadym Prystaiko
  • Et al ad nauseam

As reported in A Clockwork Orange Experience, if any of us are struggling to pair events with moments from the film this is, in part, due to the seemingly assymetric structure used for this year.  It is not exactly the same as last year, where the chronology was obvious because although the film proceeds in order it has been started in different positions depending which Alex you were obsessively watching.  For instance in Canada I would argue we started later in prison and are moving rapidly to early (from the perspective of the head of the snake) Ludovico Technique; entities in the advertising industry may have started even later.  Trump may start in punishment and finish with crime.  This may be as intricate as a development of the notion of global time, i.e. different parts of the globe started this carousel in the position they would be from whatever entirely demented clock mechanism visualiser they are using.  I think the actual head of the snake (i.e. the bit of the snake that was in the actual starting position at the beginning of the year) was probably Alexander Boris Johnson and this makes sense with the notion of Greenwich Mean Time and babyLondon as one of the principle sites of International Free Masonry. When deLarge visited Ukraine the international focus moved across to this new ''theatre'' of war.  Let me know if this is clear one way or the other, if it isn't I can try and elaborate.

Following the ''actual head'' then, the script in its ''rational'' order and timing, for the sake of some examples:

a) When Dim says: ''Not having you aiming tolchoks at me reasonless'', it's not a great leap to interpret that as Putin's distress with Ukraine potentially joining NATO and therefore having missiles pointed at him much closer to home

b) When Alex's father says: ''Well like he says, it's mostly odd things he does, helping like, here and there as it might be...'' - I would link this to the aid efforts (i.e. weapons supply), which are, of course, both hypocritical and contribute to the violence.

c) I'd argue the Mr P R Deltoid sequence we are going through right now reflects the ongoing negotiations between Alex (hypercubed) + Dim (squared), the tone of PR Deltoid reflects the condemnation of the international community: ''is it some devil that crawls inside of you?''

d) Don't get me started on Snake Island  

The Birds
tell me that some pertinent clues for the future are also available in the hats of the droogs: bowler, top and, they whisper, beret.

Bear in mind that tracking the head of the snake does not stop you getting constricted in its coils it only makes you dizzy.  Time for a birdseye perspective. We are not serpents, little brothers.  We are eagles.  A head in the sights of a diving eagle is entirely different to the view when it is wrapped around its neck.  

Rise and Soar.

Doobidoob... a bit tired maybe, everybody is.  A long night for growing malchicks... best not to say more.  Bedways is rightways now, so best we go homeways and get a bit of spatchka.  Right, right.


Dim, A Clockwork Orange

P.S. Track the head through March with Journeyman at Hotel Apophenia

P.P.S. Notice the Fruitbat Man posters around town, well, riddle me this... Is that a Clockwork Orange hidden in the crosshairs and question mark..?



  1. It just struck me: ''I'm singing in Ukraine, I'm singing in Ukraine.'' Realisations like this just make me realise how blind I actually am. Should've seen that as well. Eyes Wide Shut.

    This reality we have entered, if it wasn't always this way, is entirely textual.

  2. Goddamnit! I was just about to post precisely "I'm singing in Ukraine, I'm singing in Ukraine"!

  3. And yet again, let's not forget the very important fact that the main villain, the Riddler, was very exactingly inspired by Alex DeLarge (in the comics):

  4. "A Clockwork Orange revolution in Ukraine"

    Just the fact Ukraine was famous for it's Orange Revolution should have clued us in a LOOONG time ago (that, and the Neo-Nazis everywhere over there).


    "A Clockwork Orange in Kiev

    Tickets available for the performance A Clockwork Orange 26 February 2022 18:00" (link no longer valid, apparently)

    This was *two days* after the beginning of the invasion, the 24th (probably cancelled).

    1. Probably! I still can't believe ''raine'' was staring at me like that and I didn't see it.

  5. This is what I've found about Ukraine, on the ultra-Pagan front:

    Veles, also known as Volos or *Valis*, is a major Slavic (Ukrainian) god of earth, waters, livestock, and the underworld. His attributes are wet, wooly, hairy (bearded), long-horned, dark and he is associated with cattle, the harvest, wealth, music, magic, and trickery.

    He is said to live in the roots of the Tree of the World; Veles is the shepherd of the dead. His myth was cyclical, repeating itself each year, an eternal battle against the thunder god Perun. The death of Veles was never permanent; he would reform himself like a serpent who would shed its old skin and would be reborn in a new body.

    After the advent of Christianity, Veles was split into several different characters. As a god of the underworld and dragons, he became identified with the Devil. His more benevolent sides were transformed to several Christian saints. In many of the folk tales, Veles appeared under the Christian guise of St. Nicholas, probably because the popular stories of the saint describe him as a giver of wealth and a sort of trickster.

    The Festival of Veles is a holiday in honor of the Slavic god Veles, celebrated by "rodnovers" (Ukrainian neo-pagans) usually *the 24th day of February.*

    *The war began on the celebration of their neo-pagan version of Pan/Tammuz, who was traditionally the sworn enemy of Perun, the *Russian* version of Thor, always striking Veles down with mighty lightning bolts in order to stop him from getting to the top of the Tree of the World.*

  6. Did someone say singing (and dancing) in Ukraine? Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is quite a performer.

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    2. Zelensky is both "Dym" and Oleksandrovych, so his fate could go either way.

    3. Clowns to the left and jokers to the right...

      If he's in the middle, that kind of makes him more Alex in a way. If Alex is Mercury, who are Dim and the rest?

    4. If we were to take this literally/astronomically, Mercury is between the Sun and Venus. So Alex/Mercury might be between Apollo and mythic Venus?

    5. So many people have said they believe in the Flat Earth recently, it may be worth taking the Ptolemaic model into account. That would put Alex/Mercury between Moon and Venus. Ptolemy was rumored to be a half-brother to Alexander the Great.

      Dim seems like a Venus character to me. "Are you ready for love?" When you combine Venus and Saturn you get a kind of slovenly perverted character. Gates and Trump both have Venus and Saturn aligned in their birth charts. Trump also has Moon conjunct Rasalhague, which is a star with Venus and Saturn qualities.

      When Russia invaded on 2/24 at 5:55 am, Vega was rising. Vega has the qualities of Venus and Mercury. Vega seems a good match in many ways for your descriptions of Pan/Veles.

      Looking up Klaus Schwab's chart, I noticed he was born in Ravensburg, Germany. Yet another reason "Let's go Brandon" is a bit of a poison pill.

      George has a connection to Earth through his name. During the home invasion it was George who tackled Mr. Alexander and held him down. Maybe George is Woke as a whole. It was during the home invasion that leaked documents from Extinction Rebellion were written about in Express, and their plan for a "coup" later in the year.

      The only thing I've got on Pete is that his beret reminds me of Israeli military/intelligence. Israel's been pretty quiet since Naftali Bennet has become prime minister. There is a tenuous etymologic connection between Pete and Naftali, petrol and naphtha.

    6. I like the ''Geo'' link let's see how it plays out!

    7. Beret = french role in this? Macron is acting as broker.

    8. Trudeau's middle name is Pierre. Both he and Emmanuel Macron are said to have been members of Young Global Leaders. More and more, the beret is looking to be a French connection, yes.

      Peyton Manning wore a red beret on a recent Saturday Night Live. Both red and especially berets are associated with revolutionary forces and if not communism then an intellectual strain of socialism or simply opposition to the worst excesses of capitalist hegemonic control. The last time I saw a football player wearing a beret, it was Pat Tillman.


      "With his visit to Moscow, he became the only Western leader to meet the Russian president since the war erupted."

      "French president Macron says Moscow's offer of humanitarian corridors to Russia for Ukrainian civilians is 'hypocrisy.'"

      That's the whole story. It's pretty weird to post it as an article of its own.

  7. Just more jenga blocks removed. By the end of this year the problems will be felt a lot more in the flesh, as hunger will start to spread everywhere considering the diminished grain reserves and fertilizer for this season. The harvest this year will suffer, so learning to make compost is a good goal. Plus is the beauty of the earth cycle, something the steril "mainyain this lifeform forever" narrative hates.

  8. Anthem of the EU:

  9. A bit of context for the Ludovico technique. Dunno if it's been mentioned, but it's new to me.

    1. Also here, on pages 3 and 4.

      Unrelated - not last SNL but the one before, Peyton (Peter?) Manning was wearing a red beret and gushing about his love for Emily in Paris on the Weekend Update. Same episode had Katy Perry doing two songs about persistence, basically, on a set decorated with giant mushrooms. She even dressed like a mushroom for the first song.

  10. Singing in Ukraine?


  11. I was right about the return of the Pied Piper:

    "The patrimony of the von Hamelin of the pied Piper

    Totalitarian propaganda, coupled with mass ignorance, makes the population of Ukraine into a weak-willed ideological zombies of the occupation regime. According to many indicators in Ukraine began an intense psychological indoctrination of the population, aiming morally to prepare it for the next big massacre in the Donbass.

    They got such "Leaders" who, like the pied piper of hamelin, is able to lead them to where not returned. And, sadly, a significant portion of this road to oblivion they have already passed."


    The Pied Piper of Hamelin luring rats away drawn on a wall in Mukachevo city in Ukraine


    The film "The Pied Piper of Hützovina" (2007)

    Filming Location (among others):

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  12. More blatant signalling:

    1. This gif is popping up everywhere this year

  13. This was interesting comparing the Ukraine flag colours to the Coronavirus images of the last couple of years:

    Wondered if it tied in with the UCT? I saw Blue is 2013 - Yellow 2015 on the tree of life, on the Qlippoth colours correspond to 2024 and 2026. So no direct link to the years?

    Then I wondered if the path between the Blue and Yellow Sepirah was significant? The path between them on the tree of life is 20 Yod In the Qlippoth Yamatu:

    This caught my eye:

    But really I didn't make any progress!

    1. Don't forget the *trident*, the symbol of Ukraine. The blue/gold seems Freemie.

    2. The Yamatu page mentions a link to Chiron. Chiron is named after Kheiron, the centaur son of Kronos and an ocean nymph named Philyra. Kheiron was a great healer and the teacher of many heroes. It's been on my mind lately that a certain international forum has been playing the role of centaur to a great many world leaders. I haven't had a chance to add much today, but there is a link on my blog for a video which shows a small selection of such leaders if you skip to the very end. It's the only link listed so far for today.

      As far as hands go, iron fist in a velvet glove seems consistent with current governance.

      Yellow and blue, haha, it's like the Wendy's "Mom" collar. So obvious once it's pointed out.

    3. Here's the link to the video. It's pretty interesting the whole way through. Talks about digital IDs.

    4. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Yellow and blue. Shit.

      Vaccinations have been accused of being a stealth vector for eugenics projects for decades. From the very beginning of the pandemic, an unwillingness to embrace authoritarian hygiene measures has been deliberately and deceptively linked to white nationalism thanks to the wrestling heel Trump and his most obnoxious fans. Who could have possibly been a better foil for the people who insisted if you didn't submit to experimental injections you're literally a white supremacist?

      Next day, Facebook says it's ok to praise Nazis as long as it's the right ones. And just in time to cover up the fertilizer shortage having been caused by rising fuel prices, in turn caused by the Paris Climate Accord and new green economy in general.

      Body Snatchers was originally a comment on communism, maybe this time around it's a blueprint for a Nu-fascist neo Nazi takeover. Supposedly, the US trained Ukrainian Nazis in the American south, who then turned around and trained American Nazis. So there are more literal Nazis now than there were before. And on the left, everyone just ignores how many Nazis are embedded in their favorite cause du jour and defends violence and economic ruin because someone they listen to said it's the only solution.

      It's converging from both sides. It's not even hard to imagine waking up one day and suddenly everyone's a f*ing Nazi of some sort. And, if you want fascism just look into the rising role of NGOs. Governments around the world are outsourcing the stuff governments do to unaccountable private organizations. Including corporations.

      Rallying behind the yellow and blue, it even plays into social justice and critical race theory. Lots of people were upset because rich, white countries got all the precious vaccines. And now they're upset because Ukraine is getting news coverage like no non-white country would ever get, and European countries are actually letting Ukrainians in even as they strand African students of Ukraine schools on the border and won't let them leave.

      This is so much worse than just a few pandemics. If this is building back better, I'd like to know for whom.

    5. For the Lizard King. He can do anything. Say what you like about him but he knows structure.

    6. In 2014 it was The Doors that really drove it home how poisonous music could be. Peace Frog used to be a favorite but listening to it just now made me slightly ill even after 8 years. And of all things, it made me think of Pepe. Ugh.

      Anyway, here's one more example of the yellow and blue someone pointed out to me. It's so obvious, it's annoying to have to have it pointed out haha.

    7. Come to think of it, Pepe was pretty prominent in 2016. Ancient Greeks and Romans associated frogs with Aphrodite/Venus. Peace Frog mentions "blood is the rose of mysterious union." Could that have anything to do with the Tudor Rose, invented after the War of the Roses or Civil Wars as it was known at the time? It also says, "Blood will be born in the birth of a nation." Blue and yellow make green.

      One more blue and yellow flag for the pile.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Everyone cool? You all bearing up?

  16. ACO is a masterpiece don't get me wrong but what bothers me the most is the Amazing Grace scene in IoBS. The psyche injection, the shrivelling of the lover, the "we know where you are we are on our way..." It's all really very bad but the amazing grace..
    It's where hope for humanity meets the reality of humanity. They really are just a bunch of cabbages.

    Good luck out there.

    1. But that scene only plays out one year from now (?).

      What's really disturbing is how still-human Donald Sutherland merely *pretends* to be "one of them" at the very end, even pointing and screeching at his last surviving friend, sacrificing her to save himself (pretending to be a part of the collective for the rest of his life).

    2. I didn't read it that way. Maybe I got it wrong but I thought they snatched him.

    3. I also thought Donald had been snatched. If you're right JB it's even worse!

  17. Again,

    1. "You needn't take it any further, sir. You've proved to me that all this ultra-violence and killing is wrong and terribly wrong. I've learned my lesson, sir. I see now what I've never seen before I'm cured, praise Bog!"

  18. Tableau with 2001 and vortex in shopping arcade coming up. Space news, AI news or Stanley Kubrick reference?

  19. I'm sure there's more to Deltoid, but stories about tea seem to have picked up during his scene. Funny enough, the uptick seemed to coincide not with Alex's offer of 'a bit of the old chai,' but rather with Deltoid drinking the bedside denture water.

    I threw some of the stories on a timeline, just what I found in a duckduckgo search. Comparing it to the regular news from just this past week suggests to me an effort to form or strengthen links between such things as women, outdated ideas, fraud, terrorism, medical quackery, organized crime, racism, China, Vietnam (war), war crimes, classism, and general fiendishness.

    It could be I'm reading too much into it but using a comforting drink to link women in people's minds to the worst aspects of humanity and then tie it to whole 'other' cultures seems like just another day really.

  20. Snakes and snake milk.


    After 9/11 Bush called some other countries the "Axis of Evil," probably in order to nazify opponents by association. Mussolini coined Axis referring to a Rome-Berlin axis. A 2-d graph has an X axis and a Y axis. 3-d graphs add a Z axis.

    In anatomy, the Z axis is called the sagittal plane. As in Sagittarius, the archer. This plane divides the body between left and right. The *coronal* plane, or X axis, divides the body between front and back. And the Y axis is the transverse plane dividing the body top from bottom.

    X, Y, Z. Coronavirus resulted in orders to cover half your face, in effect it imposed a new layer onto people's coronal plane. That tended to dampen communication and psychologically perhaps cultivated a sense of deidentification for many people. Trans politics encouraged people to think of their top half (brain) as separate and independent of their bottom half (reproductive organs). This is essentially a split along the transverse plane.

    How might a sagittal plane rift manifest? Politically, left and right may no longer cooperate at all. Mentally, things may be seen or experienced through the senses of one side of the body without registering on the other. Logic and emotions could be manipulated independently of one another, so that people may seem to have "split personality."

    Going back to Bush, an axis of evil implies the existence of an axis of good. X and Y. Would the addition of a Z axis plot a course beyond good and evil? I don't know, but Nietzche ends the preface to Beyond Good and Evil with talk of bow and arrow. Perhaps Putin's stated aim of denazifying Ukraine actually referred to reframing as opposed to reforming.

    Lastly, Batman. I haven't seen it but read that Arkham Asylum is part of this new movie. Ark -> arc -> archer. Ham refers to a bent knee according to an etymology website. So, Arkham is bend-bend, or Z. HP Lovecraft invented the town called Arkham which the asylum is named after. Could be suggestive of coercive mind control or exploitation of irrational fears. Maybe even exploitation of the fear of being mind controlled.

    1. I think the Y and Z in reality are reversed from what I said above. Maybe none of them line up. However, I still think the idea works. After all, 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.'

    2. There's definitely a flaw in all that somewhere. I do feel like it has something to do with physical space, the Z. I just can't figure out what it is. It was sometime around nowish during my vision/breakdown/whatever that the idea of making sense of dimensions in space seemed very important. I didn't make any progress then and gave up. Then again, I also wrote a riddle to torment myself with as much as for any other reason. The riddle was almost certainly around this time, but I can't remember if the dimensions was before or after swimming and then hiding from the threat. Bit of a mental block there. It probably sounds too out there to bother with, but if anyone's got any ideas of how space itself could relate to current events, I would be very interested in hearing them.

      When I wrote the riddle, I felt particularly mentally impaired and like I shouldn't do it because a. it was a trap and b. it was just stupid. Well, I did it anyway and now I keep thinking about it.
      I want to fly because I cant.
      What am I? A B
      That's it, along with its answer. I still can't decide if it's just stupid, relevant in some way, or relevant because of its sheer idiocy. This was around the time they were saying bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly because of physics.

  22. Beware the Deltracron!

    1. It's what I worked out months ago: they jumped from Delta to Omicron in the Greek alphabet for the sake of putting the "eye" in the "triangle" (also works as Illuminati signalling).

    2. When I posted my finding a while back, I didn't think they'd eventually do something as cringe as "delta/cron".

    3. "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the intelligentsia." -PT Barnum (to misquote a misattributed quote)

      Here's a bit of fun - Omicron-Delta Covid. O-D-C. Odyssee. 2001 A Space Odyssee is shown at the record kiosk.

  23. “It wasn't SCREAM 6 at MoMA it was poke poke poke wake-up call.”

    Earlier, the stories I saw said two women were stabbed. Now they say one woman and one man. Either way, one wears all white and the other darker clothes. That long, curved counter in the MOMA video is reminiscent of the indoor mall scene. One difference is that in the movie it's one man inside the counter of the kiosk, and two women and a man outside the counter.

    At the record kiosk there is a fixture above, with hypnotic black and white circles. There is a metal lamp over Alex's bed with a similar shape. Since lightbulbs symbolize ideas, maybe this is to show Alex's ideas are not his own. Poke, poke, poke, wake up.

    While Alex is being programmed with movies his eyes will be propped open. He will be awake but subconsciously affected. The same song plays in the indoor mall as will play during his treatment. Perhaps he is already being programmed by media but doesn't realize it. The record seller stands beneath the hypnotic disc for his whole working day, so he could also be under a spell. Who is really in control of Alex's world? Where do his ideas come from?

  24. "But, suddenly, I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones and that the oomney ones use like inspiration and what bog sends, for now it was lovely music that came to my aid and I viddied at once what to do."

    This is while walking at the marina. Alex is angry with George and Dim but doesn't mention Pete. If you think about a literal bog, that's where peat comes from. Burning peat produces heat and light, like petrol does. Or liquified natural gas which currently powers so many of Europe's light bulbs today.

    When the gold standard ended, the petrodollar took its place. Nixon ended the convertibility of dollars for gold by foreign nations in 1971 after first Germany and then France redeemed millions of inflated dollars for physical gold. I think it was 1978 under Carter that the gold standard was officially shuttered.

    The US government passed a law in 2019 (?) allowing it to lie on financial statements for security purposes. So, the true number of US dollars in circulation is not a reliable part of the public record anymore. It could be that the dollar is even more massively inflated than is acknowledged.

    George and Dim both show up near the end of the movie. They have integrated into society. After Cat Lady's house, Pete isn't seen again. If Pete represents the petrodollar, maybe his disappearance signals collapse of the current monetary system at some point?

    1. George was the name of Elizabeth II's father, whose nickname was Bertie (or bright). King is a hereditary title, connected to land. It's also symbolic of high social status.

      Dim is lower status than George. He's brawn without brains, like people associate with populists. He speaks to women both live and inanimate in a personal way. Charlie Chaplin also wore a bowler hat - and a Hitler mustache.

      Maybe Bright (future) and Dim (past)'s partnership is a product of the "new way" mentioned in the flatblock. What would a government look like if it was a fusion of hereditary rulers and populists?

      Is Alex empire? Communication is paramount for maintaining an empire and Alex isn't good at communication even though he shares a first name with Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. Could be he's inept empire.

      At the end of the movie George and Dim are official representatives of state power. Alex is a hidden agent of chaos, supported by that same state. And who knows what happened to Pete, Capital.

      France has been a part of empires, kingdoms, and a Reich. Currently it's what, a democracy? Maybe Pete didn't disappear he just went digital. The new hip investment instrument may be the social aspect of ESG. Demodollar? It fits the digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currency trends.

  25. Prince Harry clowns around in orange.

  26. "There's still some oranges but almost everything else is gone."


    "Everyone saying that they are traumatized: that's the point [...]" one user commented.

  28. These little guys are adorable in their tiny hats. Rose and Winston.


    Dr. Scott Bonn (great Scott!) said the killer is 'likely a mission killer who is “riding society of what he views as a failure."'
    '“He is jumping from one city to another as part of his killing odyssey,” the criminologist added.'

    'officials are asking anyone experiencing homelessness in the two metropolitan cities to “seek shelter.”'

    There were shootings on March 3, 4, 9, 12 and shortly after. On March 3 Alex is sitting on his parents' bed with Deltoid. When Delt(a)oid pulls him down, there's a small round lamp with a lightbulb in the center similar to the one Alex has above his bed visible behind them. It could be a lamp, not quite sure.

    1. This story reminds me of a really deranged bad guy I read about recently, whose name sounds a lot like Alex Malchik.

      Moskovsky Komsomolets called him a “well-known Russian maniac” who as a 20-year-old in 2012 had posted images of himself with a puppy whose head he cut off and ate. “After that Milchakov constantly posed with Nazi banners and called on people to kill down-and-outs and dogs”*.

  30. Red or Orange?

    Remember Riff-Raff's laser? Some interesting links between Ukraine, Malaysian Airplanes, 9/11 and Neptune's trident:

    1. About a month ago there were stories about a drought in Spain exposing a hidden city, and far right politicians being elected in Spain. Now a dust storm in Spain (and on Mars), and a man accused of threatening to assassinate Spain's prime minister. At the same time, the US Federal Reserve says weather metaphors are good for describing irl situations.

      It's worth remembering that a civil war in Spain preceded the second world war, and the first was caused by an assassination (of Franz Ferdinand - sounds a lot like Frank).

      The trident thing is very interesting. International Women's Day is on March 8. The UN adopted it 100 years after the death of Le Verrier. Lately it's become a day when "mermaids" attack women asserting their rights.

      After 9/11 the phrase "war on women" gained a lot of ground. Chiron is a sibling of Poseidon. Karen and Chiron sound very similar. Whereas the phrase "war on women" was directed at conservative actions, "Karen" name calling is an instrument of progressive or even liberal leaning people. Oppressing women seems to be one thing everyone can agree on.

    2. On the trident. Check out the flag of Barbados and correlate this being the first (I believe of many) state in modern times to end the rule of the Queen.

      If the tridents at WTC marked the buildings out as Poseidon/Neptune, then their destruction and subsequent flaunting as a trophy are an insult to that force? Likewise the invasion of Ukraine if this country is indeed identified with the trident (there's a comment underneath the YT vid I linked which suggests this symbol has only really been used since the nineties). When I think of insult to Poseidon it reminds me I think of comments Blogos made about the power of the natural forces. I am thinking of Bryan Kermila's somewht inpenetrable leaps of insight on his illuminatitrix blog, where he superimposes the map of Jerusalem over the Pacific Ocean, the location of the Manhattan WTC commplex towers over the Western States of US and concludes their plan is to bring about a cataclsmic destruction ritual based on the eruption of the ring of fire and the tidal wave detruction of both east and west coast. An event prefigured in the US currency if you've ever seen the videos of that being folded in various ways to represent waters flooding through Manhattan?

      Could the serial insults to Poseidon be the means by which this desired reaction is achieved?

      You also hit another of the points that are circling in what's left of my mind... There's a lady called Lavette Hawkins who I may have linked to before. She started out with a collection of old Masonic books from which she learned about Alchemy and from there she started to read the Bible and other religious texts as well as astrology as Alchemic works. She's well worth seeking out.

      The reason I mention her is that her interpretation of where we're at right now, at the changing of the age, seems to accord with so many things that are happening. One of the key aspects concerns that Powers that should not be and their attitude to women. The Chi-Ro symbol is key to it and the distortion of Masculine and Feminine which we can see in the explosion of Trans stories etc. They (heirs to the Babylonian sorcerors) have sought to exclude/replace women via the corruption of symbols and the replacement of two of the zodiac rulers (of the age) with 2 others.

      I lack the knowledge to effectively communicate it more than this, hopefully I'll get better. The point really being that when one looks at the craziness around at the moment there really is an oppression of women going on and to me a sense that some of those who are loudest in decrying it are actually the same people who are pushing it.

      If all of the surface stuff is really simply the backwash of occulted forces at work, then the place to look is I think Cybele, and all the alternative names for that force. Chris Knowles identifies Mithras and I think we can add to that Attis. The divine androgyne that wears the crown / corona and which rules over the transition of the age. Liberty/Attis/Mithras looks over at the One WTC tower, the site of the destruction of the twin towers adorned by Neptune's trident. The Washington Arch, Oculus eye / transport hub and the twin lights of the memorial also bear witness to the affront. Liberty stands with his/her back to the ocean, perhaps another calculated slight?

    3. The Chi-Ro simplified symbol which looks like an asterisks is probably what the orange circle behind Alex and Deltoid on the bed is meant to represent, now that you've brought it up. Once Alex stands up, a painting is briefly visible which has a pier network suggestive of a patriarchal cross. That Chi-Ro symbol and the fleur-de-lys are both somewhat similar to the double trident in the video you linked. Wikipedia says the fleur-de-lys has been used to represent the Trinity, and that the Virgin Mary is often shown holding it because you can't understand the Trinity without her since she gave birth to Christ.

      It's notable in that context that Alex is being held down when the Chi-Ro is visible, and has just reasserted himself by standing up when the patriarchal cross comes into view.

      A man was arrested in Virginia for having shot all those homeless people. His name is Gerald Brevard. Gerald is a Norman name meaning spear wielder. claims the family crest for Brevard includes 4 fleurs-de-lys on a blue background.

      On March 8, International Women's Day, Alex says "as an unmuddied lake, sir. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, sir." Sounds like a reference to fleurs-de-lys to me. Brevard shot men on March 3, 8, 9, and 12.

      Alex tells Deltoid, "the millicents have nothing on me brother, sir, I mean." Millicent is a Norman woman's name. It's also a company co-funded by the UK government intending to 'ignite the global mass adoption of digital finance.' Most of the news stories about Gerald Brevard mentioned his ability to travel without leaving an obvious trail. Digital currency would obviously help in tracking people.

      9/11 papers just released say the CIA knew potential terrorists were in NJ but failed to tell the FBI, so they weren't able to track them. Those planes went down in PA, NY, and VA - the same states linked to Brevard and his killing odyssey.

      Flaunting the 9/11 tridents does seem rather like displaying an enemy's head on a pike as a warning to others. If indeed there is a connection.

      So, tridents are related to Neptune who is associated with Pisces. The Christian religion got popular in the age of Pisces, and Christianity isn't exactly kind to women but at least it acknowledges their necessary role in the continuation of the species. As opposed to, say, Mithras who has a plant named after him that supposedly dies if a woman touches it - because Mithras "so hated women." I'd link to that page but I can't find it lately.

      Freud popularized the idea of penis envy, but I think womb envy is a much larger force in the world. The first "ocean" a human knows is the water in the womb. Conservative types have been out for control of women's wombs for thousands of years. Now that technology is getting more advanced, it seems that some progressive bros - sirs, I mean, are getting extremely unkind from impatience for their turn to finally be the "water bearers."



    1. I posted a reply here a little while ago which did go through, but now has disappeared. Just wondering if you've deleted it, or if that was a glitch or something. If you did it, that's totally fine. I'm a little confused because it's completely gone and I thought if the blogger deleted a comment it would show a place holder like when a person deletes their own comment. Sorry to be a pain, I just don't want to repost it if it was deleted intentionally. Thanks!

    2. words are, it's been happening to me too, on other sites.

    3. I did not delete it. I can check the spam and see if it is there.

    4. Ok, thanks for letting me know. No need to look for it. Based on what JB said it was probably just a glitch.

      Sorry it's happening to you too, JB.


      Peter Bernardo Spencer. Bernardo - bear, Spencer - dispenser. 'The coworker claims Spencer had been using hallucinogenic mushrooms and began "acting crazy" and fired multiple shots of an AK-47 he'd brought with him on the trip.'

      Bears have symbolized Russia since the 18th century. Saint Nick dispenses gifts and is said to be patterned after Siberian mushroom shamans. AK-47 is Kalashnikov, a Russian automatic rifle. The first picture in this story features 2 Dims at a Kalashnikov monument.

  32. There were so many interesting details in the hall of the mall Alex walks through on his way to the record store. Here's a couple.

    The No. 1 in the top ten albums was 'MASS IN G GOGGL GOGOL.' On Gogol Bordello's Wikipedia page, it says they were inspired by Bela Bartak. (The 4 present members of GB who have been with the band the longest are from Ukraine, Russia, Ethiopia, and Ecuador.) There is no "mass" to be found on Bartok's page, but a search does turn up 666 occurrences of the letter "g." Bela Bartok was a Hungarian, as was the scientist who recently spotted a meteorite (space mass) two hours before it hit the earth.

    A printed sign says, 'YOU NEED BREAD.' The no. 5 top ten album was 'DOGS AN CATS BREAD BROTHERS.' I don't know about dogs and cats, but there has been talk of coming food shortages and current fertilizer supply issues. Bread's also 70's slang for money.

    A sign says, 'CHELSEA DRUG STORE presents island.' This at a time when Chelsea Football Club was under fire for being controlled by a Russian oligarch, Russian oligarch's yachts were being seized, and American drug oligarchs were under attack such as Rhode Island suing Teva Pharmaceutical and the Sackler family having to hear from the families of victims of the Opioid Crisis.

    A giant panel of four colored rectangles. Blue, yellow, red, and green. Flags?


    This one is quite clever...and I nearly missed it. According to the calendar at Hotel Apophenia Alex is in a room with two women about to enjoy a threesome. The pic that is doing the rounds on social media is Lia on the winning block and the two other women off to the side. Man and two women in the tableau. Amusing and, interestingly, in sync.

    1. If I am not mistaken, in the book it was instead Alex r*ping two 10 year-old girls.

    2. And Alex is a (media brainwashed) boy of fifteen, so he's probably at or near the end of puberty. He gets them in private with a bait and switch, then gives himself an injection and overwhelms them.

      They say they're going to tell someone what he's done, but since no one ever comes after him for it they were too ashamed to actually say anything, or nobody listened to them, or whoever they told blamed and punished them. Maybe they were told that expecting the person who assaulted them to be punished was proof of their privilege.

    3. What you just wrote reminds me of this:

    4. Geez. It makes this story start to look particularly grim:

      White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates calls bringing attention to 10% of her cases which went to sentencing (if I read that right) "cherry-picking." Ugh.

  34. I think Kanye is, like Zelenskyy, a Dim Alex. Middle name Omari means talkative, and West is where the sun sets so it suggests the underworld and dimming of the light. He's also Mercurial with a conservative streak.

    "I’ve decided I’m not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet."

  35. Will Alexander join the war? Oleksiy Danilov says Russia is persuading Belarussians to fight in the uniform of Russia.

  36. Look at what George and Dim are wearing around 1:38:42. Their hats look almost exactly like this one:

    At 1:38:57 you can see Dim's hat clearly. The embellishment almost looks like a diamond engagement ring, with a few extra lines so the diamond is a crown. Inside are the letters ER. Any idea what that could mean? The number on his shoulders is 665.

    The upcoming marina scene is very similar to this picture:

    There's the leader with two guys on his left, and one on the right. The water (current) is on the other side (wing), though. In the historical picture, the guy on the right was retouched out after being executed following a show trial.

    It is kind of funny how the droogs all start out kind of neo-Naziesque, what with the wearing of white and the senseless street violence, and by the end half of them are dressed up as Stalinists and practically purging their old friend Alex. The Nazi imagery almost seems like a distraction from the real threat in the movie, which is Stalinist totalitarianism. Pretty clever.

    Haha, biding and stalling are practically the same thing. That's a really weird coincidence.

    1. I think the marina attack must synchronise with a naval assault, I cannot remember if Journeyman suggested that or if it was you but it makes perfect sense. It looks to me like this will be the second pincer attack of the war in Ukraine. Putin has pincered the east of the country and then he will pincer the west with the attack from the North via Belorussia (Alex Lukashenko) and the South via Odessa. So I reckon 31st March - amphibious assault on Odessa.

      ER = Elizabeth Royal i.e. Elizabeth Alexandra Royal.

    2. Journeyman said it.

      Maybe it's China invading Taiwan. The Marshall Island's president just said, "It is time for Taiwan to take its rightful place as an equal member of the family of nations.”

      Marshall is a well-known brand of amplifier. The Who were early customers. Their shows were famous for being loud.

      A Chinese offensive would inflict the most confusion, both politically and in trade. Maybe too much and too soon, but things do take a dramatic turn for Alex around April 25 when a milk bottle is broken in his face.

      Xi Jinping means practice or learn near calm or flat, according to one translation site.

  37. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Alex) and Squad (Droogs)

    1. She is whispering about people not being capitalists because they are not billionaires. Compare with:

      Alex: Let's get things nice and sparkling clear. This sarcasm, if I may call it such, does not become you, O my little brothers. As I am your droog and leader, I am entitled to know what goes on, eh? Now then, Dim, what does that great big horsy gape of a grin portend?
      Georgie: All right, no more picking on Dim, brother. That's part of the new way.
      Alex: New way? What's this about a new way? There's been some very large talk behind my sleeping back, and no error.
      Georgie: Well, if you must have it, have it then. We go around, shop crasting and the like, coming out with a pitiful rookerful of money each.
      Dim: Pitiful rookerful.
      Georgie: And there's Will the English, in the Muscleman coffee mesto, saying he can fence anything that any malchick tries to crast. The shiny stuff, the ice, the big, big, big money is available, is what Will the English says.
      Dim: Big, big money.
      Alex: And what will you do with the big, big, big money? Have you not everything you need? If you need a motor car, you pluck it from the trees. If you need pretty polly, you take it.
      Georgie: Brother, you think and talk sometimes like a little child.

      ''Big big money'' and ''plucking cars from the trees'' (Green Agenda)

    2. People have been calling AOC a Marxist for a long time, but this is the first time I've noticed that she actually went and said it out loud. Was it supposed to be a dog whistle? Anyone who has a passing familiarity with Marxist rhetoric vs what American schools teach (or at least used to teach) about capitalism will see exactly where she's coming from.

    3. It certainly plays into your idea of Nazis vs Stalinism.

    4. It looks like that's the game, for now.

      It's like support fascism or struggle sessions and starting to get really outlandish. What concerns me now is that any 'good' threat has to actually be a threat, so how far are people willing to take this? How far do you have to push people before they'll willingly sign up for electronic monitoring of every aspect of their lives to protect themselves from their perceived enemies?

      That's what IotBS is about, yes? A flower, it looks a lot like a camellia, lands in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and eventually it takes over everyone's identity. It would be a mean trick to use a movie which was meant to be a metaphorical warning against a Marxist takeover as the blueprint for an actual takeover. That's why it might be perfect.

      A lot of people aren't going to like it. So how do you keep them from running away from the cities? One way is to keep some people in the country. People who hate city people. People who would kill anyone who intrudes on what they consider their turf. People who sound a lot like Nazis.

      There would be Jack, or violent fiefdoms, in the country; and Earnest, or docile collectivists, in the cities. It would be relatively simple to control both groups and play them against each other once they can be convinced to adopt a digital leash. It wouldn't even be that different from how a lot of people already see things.

      This could just be a passing trend to scare people, or it could be more that more persistent scenario. It could be limited to lots of talk and not a lot of violence outside of a few key areas, or it could become widespread random acts of violence against people who seem like they might not have the right beliefs.

      I could be entirely off-base. It happens a lot. The more I think about it, though, the more it seems like maybe the not plant not animal I was hiding from in 2014 was an ideology. Some people love to sniff out their enemies. A person's clothes can easily betray their allegiances. Ideology can make a person meaner than they'd ever be otherwise, and it can be hidden. I've seen an article or two lately comparing Nazism to a fungus because it just won't go away.

      That's not to say a real fungus won't emerge. I'm starting to think that, like the virus, it *may* be a debatably minor physical nudge which reinforces desired societal changes. Of course, nothing is minor to the people adversely impacted by it, so preparation would still be the best policy even if that was the case.

  38. I'd planned to have a Clockwork April up by now but my PC is kaput. Hopefully only temporary, but it has my ACO spreadsheet on it along with a lot more, bit lost without it. Hoping to sort something out but there may be a delay.

    JB, think you in particular may find this of interest with the focus being Canada: but there's a lot in there for everyone. AIB is one of the best observers around imo.

    Words Are - I feel your pain with the missing posts! A good habit to get into is using notepad or similar for the longer posts then pasting across. I don't always do this but it has saved me before.

    1. I ususally Control-C before posting, but sometimes forget. That's usually when the post fails, hahaha.

      Sorry to hear your computer's not working.


    Alexander (Boris) Johnson desperate to go to Ukraine, ''real emotional connection''

  40. "Do not compare Ukraine to Brexit" Pete says to Alex

  41. The big big money:

  42. "Who is a friend, who is a partner and who has betrayed us for money"

  43. So many Cat Ladies, so little time.
    (22.22% of her outfits in this article are green.)
    (Green dress, and Russell means red-haired.)


    Alex, 3 Dims

  45. Anyone have insight into the Putin JK Rowling cancel culture thing. I feel like this one should be obvious.

    1. Is this a test?

      JK might be the lady that gets r*ped, Putin her helpless husband???

    2. No. It's just not immediately clear to me. And in the past it's just been something really obvious I've missed. Like Jeffrey *Edward* Epstein. I think I picked that up late '21. Would have been really handy to have that earlier.

    3. JB, the K is for Kathleen. What if she is the cat lady - sanctions?

      My first reaction was that he was cementing the narrative that feminists and their associates are evil. This article shows that even thinking a world leader is capable of trolling can now be a litmus test.

      The video this article references came out just a few days ago and might be good for some context. It's got Clockwork Orange imagery and more.

      More context:

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Big money Pete:

    Alex sentenced, quotes a tv show.

    1. Nice strike with Pete. Yup, I suspected this would time with the imprisonment of Alex in the film. But I also still think Alex Jones will meet this fate as well.

  48. In the video for Sweetest Pie there's a moment at 0:56 where two women wearing candy colors are being used as tables. A little later is a wall of butts, reminiscent of the human furniture in Korova Milk Bar.

    From 1:33 - 1:38 in this Eazy video Kanye West is part person/part table. (The video could be disturbing because there are skinned monkeys.)

    And this other version released a week earlier at 1:34 you can see he's holding a head while his own is covered in a black cloth.

    The first was released on 3/2 and the second on 3/9. During that time Alex is talking to Deltoid in his parents' room. Deltoid grabs Alex's hair, he pulls him down onto his back. Deltoid drinks water from a glass with false teeth in it. He talks about a bit of nastiness last night.

    The length of the videos is 3:55 +/- 1 second. 3:(5+5) On 3/10 Alex says, "clear as an azure sky of deepest summer," and Deltoid drinks the water. In the first video released Kanye cuts the roses growing around Pete's head and they are driven away in a black pickup truck.

    A few weeks before the video was released Kanye had a black pickup truck full of roses sent to Kim Kardashian. The side of the truck said, "MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR."

    The whole MK targeting celebrities thing always seemed pretty far-fetched, but damn.

  49. Dim says nukes are ok now:

  50. Alex attacks at the marina:

  51. One way of looking at the droogs is that Alex is the USA and post-WWII order or the current state of imperialism, Dim is Russia and hard-power imperialists, George is China and soft-power imperialists, and Pete is the worldwide network of NGOs, philanthropies, the private in public-private partnerships, the stakeholders in the new economic order. Pete is also the intelligence and elite forces within governments. The revolutionary and the counterrevolutionary spirit.

    George basically means earth. China calls itself Zhongguo, meaning middle kingdom. Middle of what? The Earth. Xi Jinping means practice near flat, or something like that. Flat Earth has somehow made a comeback in recent years. Flat Earth is like "let's go Brandon," it may feel subversive, but it supports the 'new way' from a different angle.

    In the stairwell, George looks at Pete and doesn't get up to speak until Pete looks at him expectantly. Pete reads a newspaper, to show he knows what's going on in the world. Pete is the fuel or flame, the inspiration that Bog sends. At the marina he walks behind the rest, in the rear where the coxswain on a boat would be. The cane he carries is rough looking, like a polished branch. When he's backing away at the marina, he's got one hand up and one hand down. Pete's as close to a magician as the droogs have got.

    Or yet another way - Alex is air, Pete is fire, George is earth, and Dim is water.

    It may seem contradictory to call earth soft power and water hard. In the Yijing, earth is described as all yielding lines. Earth is the feminine power of receptivity.

    Water is opportunistic and strong. It represents fear and danger. Water has yielding lines on the outside and a hidden core of strength. In Dim, this is his easy-going way with his friends and the brutality that doesn't want to stop beating Billy Boy's gang once he's got started. He laughs and agrees but when someone strikes him, he hits back.


    "Maria Mezentseva recounted allegations that a Ukrainian woman was raped by soldiers in front of her young child after they had killed her husband."


    Pierre (beret) "go between"

  54. Hi all,

    Apologies for the relatively late arrival of April's timings:

    I cut it quite fine this month after I lost my PC and once more learned the lesson about backing up files :(

    In case I have any further issues, like motherboard failure or worse... As a fallback action I've posted the timings of the rest of the year sans script cues, on the HA blog: There's links there to the screenplay and Juli Kearns amazing shot by shot analysis of ACO. So if you wanted to look ahead to whatever upcoming global event you think is likely to sync with ACO, you should have enough in those pages to do so without waiting on me.

  55. Well, at least the oscars featured a bit of the old ultra-violence. They had orange lighting too. I’m a little sad that they didn’t give it a bit more oomph.