Friday, May 13, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Orange Alert

The boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by
Eye to eye, the solemnly convene to make the scene
Which is the name of the game, watch a guy, watch a dame on any street in town
Up and down, and over and across, romance is boss
Guys talk girl talk, it happens everywhere
Eyes watch girls walk with tender loving care.

Music to Watch Girls Go By, Andy Williams

In Netflix's latest offering ''The Pentaverate'' a quintet of ''nice illuminati'' wearing orange (along with their Merovingian Liechtenstein Guards), lit by orange lights, tickled by orange detailing in set and property, triggered by ''orange alerts'', parade through a series of fart jokes, nudity jokes, Kubrick references and mixed conspiratainment to contrive a story about a series of orange clockwork mechanisms and an end to climate change, the current version of the internet and the activation of the ''Demetrius'' (Dim) Protocols. There is even one Russian present in the Pentaverate to make sure you understand that they are as much part of this operation as anyone else. Are they watchers readers of the Hermetic Lessons? You betcha eh!  By the way she was brilliantly cast, hats off.  Its tremendously detailed.  Even JB is in it FFS.

This limited series keeps returning back to the cogs of the clockwork mechanism and the keyholders who operate them and this idea of smaller and larger wheels that interconnect is absolutely necessary to understand the operating structure of 2022.  As I have said before its far more complicated than 2021's inner and outer wheels of plot and it is more likely that certain segments of the movie are ran in loops that interact with other loops as per the remote viewing vision (A Clockwork Orange Experience) and possibly mirroring the MKultra scene in the film itself.  Army of Thieves that Netflix launched in Halloween '21 (for my ''Trailer''/Qabalistic Path little Brothers) again referred to a series of orangesque clockworks (Thieves being one of Hermes hosts) these ones opened by Ludwig.  There is a head of the snake which some of us are doing well in tracking but it doesn't particularly matter whether you have got your eye on the head or not as it is a constrictor as much as it is a viper. The snake does not care whether you are part of the Orange Amber Herd Heard, The Alex-Dim-Off, or the Trucker Convoy only that you remain in its coils.  This is why our mileage differs a little.  Again not to be specific here as I have not drilled into the specifics (I did not observe a good enough model of the actual cogs to do this) but in general, places like China have been in the ''Prison sequence'' and places like Canada have been in the ''Ludovico sequence''.  If we want to get a more accurate perception, and I am not so sure of the usefulness of this beyond morbid curiosity regarding the diabolical locksmiths of this round of the Squid Games what would be a useful first step in cracking this safe would be to lay the plot of the movie not only over the year but also over the globe, one useful visualisation would be to imagine the cinema film roll itself wrapping around the planet and constricting it, fitting various frames to various countries - I may or may not have gotten that from a printout of a powerpoint slide these droogs left lying around. Even if we eventually open the safe, on the island, the only thing we will find is snakes. This is not a treasure map and there will be dragons.

Important update for those of us trying to time-hack ourselves at least as far as 2026, the spectre of C. Auris has begun to emerge and the rest of the A'arab Tzereq that it brings with it.  Drilling down into what dying ''with'' covid really means you see we find it means people being eaten alive in hospitals by various superbacteria and malevolent fungi.  You may have recovered from covid in somewhere ''clean'' but unfortunately these creatures got into the wounds created by the various tubes they put inside you or through your drug-suppressed immune system - so what Covid actually did was knock you to the ground and the others then just piled on.  Messaging regarding this is going to get worse and quickly.  And this is part of the broader picture of what is going on i.e. fostering ''global biosecurity'' a concept that has multiple arms - climate change released organisms, multi-drug resistance MDR and a new era of medicine, CRISPR counterterrorism, bio-defence infrastructure (plastic shields in shops, UV cleaning of public transport) and a propraganda that ensures more people are masking and washing their hands generally.  Lilifluenza was a poster child for the whole legion of invisible microbiotic and nanobiotic demons that we face.  Biosecurity is a committee that sits with and works in cahoots with climate security, digital security, financial security, cosmic security and make up the elements of an organization actually known as the Gorgoneion.  I wish we could have an adult conversation about this in society but we can't because society is now a kindergarten horrorshow.  This state of affairs will not be noticeably reversed until at least towards the end of 2026 (your current mass formation psychopath herds peak in 2025-2026 with ''Shock Treatment'' and a large part of ''Logan's Run'') when there will be enough momentum in the revolutionary movement, that will of course also be directed and controlled towards, if I paraphrase the Pentaverate here, achieving a ''nice'' Eco-fascist social contract for 2030 and beyond.  If you are getting the joke now, then believe me 2026 has absolutely hilarious moments in it that almost make it worth the time-hack by themselves to enjoy in person - especially when they start ''cancelling'' shows that have anthropomorphised animals in them like Berenstein Berenstain Bears or Merovingian Sylvanian Families.  No more spoilers but the animal ethics part is going to be incredibly funny.  No one cares about the animals!  I agree and you are also an animal that no one cares about.  But what if we could talk to them, eh..?

I look forward to seeing you all at my interview and I do expect a helicopter with a number 5.  

It's keeping track of the fact watching them watching back
That makes the world go 'round
What's that sound, each time you hear a loud collective sigh
They're making music to watch world's go by

Music to Watch Girls Go By, Andy Williams


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    1. I don't have Netflix. How the f**k am I "in this"?

    2. A lot of this post will be meaningless if you don't watch it. But if you do you will definitely WTF. You can see the ACO design in the marketing image in the list above but its all like that really - orange pallette design. Its has a very strong overlap with what I've been saying on this specific blog and other ''details'' - some of which I've mentioned but there are many more. They have a kind of crackpot Canadian conspiracy theorist that joins their crew that is the character I am you referring to. You can see the character in the 2m19s official trailer at 37s. You can see a lot of the rest in this trailer especially the extent of work with orange.

    3. Just saw a couple of clips of that character... F**k you lol

  2. On Saturday May 14 an 18 year old racist mass shooter killed 10 at a Buffalo (bovine), NY grocery store. Tuesday, May 17 the president is going to visit some of the surviving families.

    ACO 0:50:11 -0:50:33
    "One half bar of chocolate. One bunch of keys on white metal ring. One packet of cigarettes. Two plastic ball pens. One black, one red." (All of which are available at a grocery store.)

    WAP 0:26 the bottom tiger's front leg looks like the letter Lamed (12). The top tiger's front leg looks like the letter Pei (17). Lamed Pei, or Prick (jab or goad) Speech. There's a PooL behind them.

    Payton's supposed to mean fighting man's estate. Ton is old French for speech. So his name could mean Speechspeech (doublespeak) or Prickspeech (pardon my French), which would tie it in with Pei Lamed. Jabs are called shots in the US and he left a 180 page manifesto.

    Starting Juneteenth and going forward about 1/12 of a year to July 17 is the part in ACO where Dr. Brodsky's saying, "the drug will cause the subject to experience a death-like paralysis together with deep feelings of terror and helplessness. One of our earlier test subjects described it as being like a death, a sense of stifling and drowning. . ." That's not too different from descriptions I've read of pulmonary edema.

    7/17 Alex is swaddled in a straight jacket with his eyes held open and a bunch of red spikes sticking out of his head. He's helpless as a baby and just finished crying for it to stop because he feels sick. The projector light looks like an 8-rayed star, for Saturn. Saturn will conjunct Deneb Algedi that day or the next. Some associations for that fixed star: death of or separation from parents in youth, secluded end of life, funerals, illnesses, family conflicts, and loss of money; tigers will snatch up infants and devour them.

    Here's something weird - When the shooting started around 2:30 pm Mars was at 22.22 Pisces. 655321 sums to 22. 7/18 is 65 days afterwards, or 1/12 of Mars' synodic cycle of 780 days. 6 and 5 are the numbers for the Sun and Mars. London at sunrise on 7/18 has an ominous looking chart, but it would take an actual astrologer to be sure.

    Speaking of jabs and babies and whatnot, I wonder if the baby jabs will be approved by the middle of this July?

    1. Shooting was in Orange County
      Gates pushes artificial breast milk company (biomilq) ie moloko

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    3. You are posting some amazing stuff. I have a big, half written reply to some of your points on the last post, when I finish it I'll let you know on this post in case you don't get a notification.

    4. It was a violent weekend from coast to coast. Saturday was the Buffalo NY shooting, then Sunday that shooting in Laguna Woods, CA.

      Laguna Woods -> Green Pool. Geneva Presbyterian Church like Geneva, Switzerland, which is known for neutrality. The guy was mad about Taiwan, and the US maintains deliberate ambiguity which isn't exactly neutrality but is similar. The shooter was from Las Vegas, and the man who died was a sports doctor (so he killed Hermes - since LV is strongly associated with gambling, was this Hermes on Hermes violence?).

      The church pictures reminded me of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Googling to be sure brought up stories about a stampede at the Lovers and Friends festival in Las Vegas Saturday night in response to 'reported gunshots' which turned out to be illusory?
      The linked story quotes an Amber extensively, and ends with an attempt to undermine her credibility (or metaphorically shoot the messenger).

      So it went kind of like this - shooting, stampede, shooting, eclipse. Real, illusion, real, illusion. It's so circular; there's that tornado or whirlpool pattern again.

    5. Yesterday I realized most of the times I've been using are off. Not just from using 22.45 seconds instead of 22.41, but also forgetting to subtract a day from the date when calculating the time. So most movie quotes are from the day after. It's annoying, and I'm sorry.

      Journeyman, I'm glad you're enjoying some of the posts I've made. I'm very interested to see your reply when you post it.

  3. Blogos, on representing the structure of 2022. How about 'round, like a circle in a circle, a wheel within a wheel'... with the movie split into sequences, time split via the 12 months (they like moonths) and then the world itself split into regional theatres where one of the 'attractions' is playing.

    So you would spin each wheel to represent the Prison production is currently playing to packed houses (sic) in Shanghai, whilst Canada is enjoying an extended run of Ludovico etc. Don't despair says the marketing poster, everyone will get their turn...

    It worked for Giordano and look what happened to him:

    Onto Astrology, please all take a look at this:


    and this:

    As background, I am a newcomer to astrology but I think Ian33 is on the right track in looking at stars when almost everyone focuses on planets. He's posted some incredible research on that forum and the timings he's pointing to could support the UCT timeline Blogos has sketched out over the next few years?

    1. Yes precisely that kind of thing Journeyman.

  4. ps. Is this pentaverate any good? I'm thinking more of it providing actual entertainment rather than its primary role of signposting the road to apocalypse. I am sorely in need of a laugh, as opposed to
    a dark augury of the end times (seen a lot of those) but little that netflix has done recently has appealed.

    1. I found it funny but I like Mike Myers. But it is signposting the apocalypse and when you watch it you will see the extent of the crossover between what has been happening on this site and that show. Its new levels of insanity. If this website is a pisstake of the Illuminati this series is a pisstake of this website. Thus the them watching us watching us watching them watching back references in the song.

    2. Tis exactly as this demonic precursor predicted:


      Check the colour

  5. I do not want to state the obvious but everyone should be reminded BTC is orange.

  6. I just noticed at 1:07:40 you can see the letterboard sign and "Q" Block is visible. Skipping ahead to 2:15:20 is the credit for Electronic Music Composed and Realised by Walter Carlos. At 1:07:49 the camera angle changes and Dr. Alcott's head now blocks "Q" Block. Skipping ahead again to 2:15:38 shows the credit for Lighting Cameraman John Alcott. From 1:08:00 - 1:08:10 the "Q" Block is again visible (Cinema is likewise hidden and revealed at these times.) Skipping to 2:16:20 takes us to the beginning of THE END.

    A couple things there. First, it might be a clue that 1:08:10 is the intended exact middle point of the movie's timeline. That would make each day last 22.41 seconds.

    Second, the Cinema is the obvious focal point of the movie. What if the "Q" Block is, too? In the background a sign is visible, which says "blood poisoning kills." This could be a reference to spike proteins.

    1. What if it's weirder than that? 1/4 of the way through at 0:34:05 Alex is getting ready to kick George into the water at the marina. 3/4 at 1:42:15 sees Alex about to fall down as Dim lets go of him at the water trough. By April 1st the stories about biolabs in Ukraine had mostly been quashed. By October 1st, maybe they'll make a comeback.

      This is all so far beyond conjecture it's basically free association, but there is a bacteria that causes something called Q fever.

      Notice the PMID number is 655321. This came out a few years after ACO. Q fever is transmitted through milk, animal waste, and reproductive fluids including amniotic fluid. Scientists say a person can be infected from a single bacterium.

      The picture reminds me of a crocodile eye. By 1969 the US had standardized c. burnetti as a biological weapon. It's got a lot in common with The Virus. Causes flu-like sypmtoms, inflammation and heart damage, sometimes sepsis or pneumonia. It can cause hapatitis. It's got so much in common it could theoretically spread quite a bit before anyone realized what it was, at least based on the symptoms I've read online. It can exist in a spore stage which makes it very durable.

      WAP again - instead of 6/19, the VQ may have stood for Q Vector. Then there's big cats making a baby. Cats can also harbor c. burnetii. Whores in this house could refer to the house as the Ukraine war stage, and the jump in online searches for Ukraine pron. Now that individuals can sponsor their very own refugees, who knows how their hosts might want them to "show their gratitude."

      This bacteria also causes spontaneous abortions. If you think about it, making sure there are lots of babies born and then subjecting them to all kinds of potentially deadly illnesses so only the most resistant survive is actually more eugenical than allowing people to abort on purpose. They really are two sides of a coin.

      March 18 at 22.41 s/d shows Alex with the record store girls and then the droogs waiting for him downstairs.

  7. Ever watch "High Rise" with Tom Hiddleston? Very, VERY "ACO".

  8. Here's a blog talking about Orange, Pete, and the “Ritchie Boys,” which sounds a lot like Billygoat Billyboy in poison. (Bioweapons labs in Ethiopia are also brought up.)

    The post also mentions the Dutch. “Almost presciently to the pandemic, Janssen opened a state-of-the-art vaccine launch facility in Leiden in 2018.” quote:

    And Agent Orange. Not the song Bloodstains. The defoliant suspected of harming not only people exposed to it, but their unborn children as well.

    1. On May 21st the sun will move into Gemini, represented by twin goats in Egyptian astrology. The day starts with Alex in his birthday suit. He bends over, is examined and sent to the bath. The scene changes to the priest asking, “what's it going to be, then? Is it going to be in and out of institutions like this. . .”

      “What's it going to be then, eh?” were the book's opening words, omitted in the film. Maybe it marks the real beginning of Alex's journey, there in the prison. As a reminder, May 22-28 the WHO will vote on amendments to the IHR at their 75th annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. (Geneva, like the Orange County church from 7 days prior.)

      “In and out.” The first time in-out was said in the movie was when Alex met with Billyboy in an old theater, about to perform a little of the old in-out. Alex will perform a song concerning in/out of the fold during this scene.

      The last character who sang was the old drunkie who sang of a wares peddler; he got beat up, but did get a brief moment of vengeance later. Now Alex sings and will soon be made to feel wretched himself. His only revenge will be living well, in the form of returning to his normal lifestyle - now under the aegis of his former oppressors. That almost sounds like a health pass, given in return for a non-effective treatment.

      It's Dim and George who nearly drown Alex at the ¾ mark of the film. Pete and Billyboy make no further appearances. If Pete and Billyboy represent the same Orange the linked Substack speaks of, then they've already had their way with Alex. Showing them again would be redundant.

  9. Anyone missing Rocky Horror yet?

  10. If I had time I'd make this shorter:

    Tue May 17 most of 'The Squad,' led by Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution to recognize Nakba ('catastrophe') in the US.

    This refers to the Palestinian viewpoint that Israel's formation was a catastrophe. The resolution refers to UN Resolution 194 which “says that Palestinian war [of 1948] refugees should be permitted to return to their homes or be compensated for damages.”

    May 27 (using what I hope is now an accurate calculation) is when the priest directs the prisoners to sing hymn 258. The priest has one arm raised, something closer to a salute than a benediction. A focal point of the shot is what looks like a red iron cross in between a cross and a crucifix. Alex wears black, white, and a red armband. Resolution 258 reiterated 242, which was supposed to settle the Arab/Israeli conflict.

    May 17 Alex is emptying his pockets. He puts a ten-penny piece down first. The original ten pence coin had Elizabeth II on one side and a crowned lion on the other. It said “ELIZABETH II D G REG F D,” meaning “Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of the Faith.”

    When the Sun moves into Leo on July 22 Dr. Branom says to Alex, “You're becoming healthy, that's all. By this time tomorrow you'll be healthier still.” There is a building behind the Dr.'s head which looks similar to King George VI's crown, which was blue. Alex lies beneath a blue blanket. The scene then switches to WWII footage Alex is forced to watch, and the day ends on a screen full of marching Nazis.

    The next item Alex sets down on May 17 is “one white metal wristlet watch, Time-a-wrist, on a white metal expanding bracelet. Anything else in your pockets?” “No, sir.” “Right! Sign here for your valuable property.” Alex signs the book, with his prisoner number 655321 atop the page, on May 18.

    In Tel Aviv on May 17 at 12:21 pm the Sun and Algol were perfectly conjunct and almost perfectly square to the Ascendant. The N. Node was conjunct the Midheaven.

    In Beijing on January 18 at 12:14 pm Saturn was at the top of the chart, square to the Ascendant, and Procyon was at the IC point of the chart. If the satyr atop the stage was Saturn, it matches the chart. I believe this is so, because when the zodiac sign moves to Aquarius the shot has a blue light on the right, the red stage on the left, above the stage the big black area where Saturn resides, across from that above the blue are round windows divided into sections, and above all a white round shape. Looking at the astrology chart would make Dim Jupiter, Alex Mercury, Pete Venus, and George Mars.

    A 12 – 14 and B 12 – 21 are found on the sign in the middle of the movie.

    1. One reason Resolution 242 remained contentious for decades after it was signed was a discrepancy between the French and English versions, both of which were considered legally binding. At issue is a single word, “the.”

      On January 18 of this year, the US submitted the amendments to the IHR to be voted on during the WHO's upcoming meeting in Geneva. At the beginning of the day Billyboy spits out his gum and says, “let's get 'er (or 'em), boys!” Billyboy is wearing a black iron cross around his neck on a red ribbon with white and then black edges. A confrontation ensues between the two groups of droogs. At 06:38 someone breaks a 1964 Moet Chandon bottle on Billyboy's face.

      In 1964 Moet Chandon, the makers of Dom Perignon, sued an American wine-maker for copyright infringement. The judge ruled for the defendant. One issue raised in the opinion was that Dom Perignon had not been sold in the United States at all between 1939 – 1948 due to WWII. Nazis had taken over France and stole wine from the French. They also conducted human experiments there. The University of Strasbourg stored tissue samples from human experimentation until at least 2015.

      Alex getting hit with a moloko bottle led to his capture, and ultimately the Ludovico experiment. What does Billygoat Billyboy (in poison) getting smashed in the face with an empty champagne bottle mean? Billyboy appears at the beginning of Jan 18 against a pink and white background. The red iron cross of May 27 sits just above a pink and white background.

    2. In the novel Billygoat Billyboy tries to A) r*pe a ten year-old girl (why is it so often 10 year-olds in the novel?), and B) he actually gets away after the fight, half-naked with both his bloody cheeks sliced open, Joker-style.

  11. I'm starting to think one reason events match the movie so well is because so much of it seems to be based on astrology. Maybe if whatever's happening is going to happen, there's no way not to seem to follow the revealed script. If that's the case, then it would be important to distinguish the important from the fluffy distractions. It could be that there are embedded clues on how to stop it, in addition to a simple roadmap. Once one figures out just what "it" is.

  12. Vangelis died. He made the soundtrack for many iconic films, including *Alexander*.

  13. You guys need to take a look (thank Wordman for these):

    "So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and loathsome, malignant sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast and worshipped its image.    Revelation 16: 1-2."

    "Do you know anything about a Greek God called Chronos? He carried a sickle. He used it to cut a hole. A tear in the cosmos...between Heaven and Earth. To separate this world from the next. To separate the known...from the unknown. The world has been waiting for something like this."    Outer Range

    "In retrospect, we can glean that the essence of the Enochian dialogues centered upon a coming apocalypse, which Dee's angels referred to as 'the Harvest.' Dee and Kelley succeeded in manifesting the spiritual beings they had summoned, and what followed appeared to have been the process of opening the gates to another dimension and obtaining the keys required to activate the angels' agenda, an apocalypse of the mind -- a poisoning of man's spiritual essence and the rapid degeneration of society."

    1. Remember: DÉJÀ VU is officially a symptom of the Pfizer jab.

    2. In 2014 when I saw men in jeans and camo jackets carrying guns and falling into a pile, "The Great Reaping" kept repeating in my head. It felt like someone was growing people like a crop just to cut them down. With a big, black sickle or scythe. The big laughing face at the bottom was an old man every American would recognize, I'm sure of it now. I remember thinking, "what the hell, he's not the president." And at the end of it all, there was that strange man who asked, "do you want to play a time trick?"

      In spite of all that, I wonder if what the Dr. heard might have been code.

      In A Wrinkle in Time, the kids use a tesseract to travel through time. There was a 2018 remake, so it would have been fresh in people's minds.

      In the middle of ACO, the desk where they check Alex in for the Ludovico experiment is labeled "ENQUIRIES." Enquiring minds might want to consider that it may be more than a Briticism for making queries.

      En-quire. To make part of a choir? To fold? Quire's root word kwetwer forms a part of lots of words including quarantine, squad, tetragrammaton, and tesseract.

      Queer also may derive from a different quire. The old expression "queer as Dick's hatband" meant "Out of order without knowing one's disease."

      Incidentally, Z is basically a folded line. I'm starting to think it may have something to do with the zodiac, although I don't know what exactly. Chimeras were often part lion, bull, eagle, and man. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius - the four fixed signs.

    3. Are jabees human chimpanzee chimeras? I saw a story pop up not too long ago about efforts to make humanzees. Then there's the pig heart guy. And uterus transplants. What if all this transhumanism hype has to offer is making chimeras of everyone? Do it long enough and we're all just piles of black goo.


  15. Slavic. Body Snatchers. Hail Hydra!

    "Staring back at the Slavic investigator was something nearly beyond comprehension. It appeared to be a Hydra Vulgaris— an immortal carnivore related to jellyfish. Hydrideas have incredible regenerative abilities and do not appear to age. Three tentacle-like legs dangled from the mysterious small-headed bloodsucker. Several experiments were conducted on the aquatic specimen. Dr. Zalewski determined the tiny beast was comprised of aluminum, carbon, and bromine. Organic biological beings are void of metallic compounds. The peculiar invertebrate was synthetic and not a naturally occurring life form. Someone intentionally inserted these parasites into the coronavirus immunizations.

    Disturbed by newly uncovered information, the steadfast detective continued to probe for answers. While evaluating another batch he noticed microscopic eggs and carefully extracted them. Since graphene was detected in other tested solutions, Zalewski decided to see what would happen if he combined these eggs with the single-atom allotrope. To simulate body heat and to attempt incubation, the petri dish was warmed. Within a short period, the cells activated. Heads and tails quickly formed and the embryos developed at an astonishing rate. By the fourth day, the mini hydras began spawning. Suddenly they multiplied exponentially and formed an entire colony of cloned offspring."

  16. Russia gets its own Economic Forum, even though they weren't allowed at the main event this year. Interesting quote from the CEO of their country's aspiring EverythingCo., from 2012.

    "Citing the teachings of Confucius and Kabbalah mysticism, he [Sberbank's CEO, Herman Gref] reminded everyone of the millennia-old tradition of shielding the truth from the untrustworthy masses.

    “People don't want to be manipulated when they have knowledge. What does it mean to remove the veil from the eyes of millions of people and make them self-sufficient? How do you manage them? Any mass control implies an element of manipulation,” Gref observed."

  17. Andrew found this:

    "The final track on Uvalde is “Uvalde.” A song about the city 80 miles west of San Antonio which was the sight of a horrific and sickening school shooting, which led to many children being slaughtered by a deranged youth named Salvador Ramos. It took place at Robb Elementary in Uvalde and has really bothered me."

  18. Uvalde marks the intersection of the upcoming annular and total solar eclipses:

  19. Stranger Things 4: (spoilers) bad guy is in all white costume, is obsessed with clocks and final scene is with floating clocks and orange lights. Bunch of other stuff in there as well.

  20. The trailer that begins in Halloween IoBT is also the Tower card according to Kircher arrangement.

  21. Body Snatchers?

    "Breaking News: According to Dr Chambers and Todd Callender, the vaccinated have the Marburg and Ebola virus encased in nanotech laying dormant in their bodies. A 18ghz frequency (5G) is going to be used to expand the nano tech and release the pathogens directly into the cells."

    Marburg = Millennium.

    Last episode of X-Files season 10 predicted cell towers would trigger the hidden "Spartan virus".

    (h/t Wordman)



  23. ps. Some thoughts on orange:

    'overactivation of this chakra point can highlight the teenager characteristic in us

    (Alex is a teenager)

    'For women, the chakra mostly affects their ovaries'

    'Over stimulation linked to addiction, sexuality problems (too much/little),'

    'Living in your fantasy world = you will basically forget to live at the present'

    'Trouble in regulating desire to seek pleasure. Denying yourself mundane pleasure is the thing that separates humans from wild animals.'


    I think these are consistent with the excessive push on emotion and feeling these past few years. Orange was used in Ukraine, Agent Orange was used in Vietnam, Orange was and is a part of the internecine war in Ireland and some argue the House of Orange never went away.

    Finally and from way further down the rabbit hole. Time seems to be pivotal. Does the great reset simply refer to changes in human living patterns or the global economy or is it an actual reset of time? Do the Mandela effects symbolise existing manipulation of the timeline? Clockwork measures or tracks the passage of time. What are the implications of mixing this process with the saturation of the sacral chakra and moving humanity towards a more bestial/ahrimanic mind state? Other than creating a more malleable herd of course?

    1. Orange, Hod, Mercury, red-orange-yellow oxides (the colours you see in the production designs/altars of Pentaverate, The Batman, Stranger Things 4) is mercury ore that is refined into quicksilver by the virtuous process, since this is run in reverse, the Qliphoth, they take Mercurial virtues and transform them alchemically into Mercurial vices a la Samael (Alex de Large i.e. wizarding rogues into sociopathic criminals). If you did complete the Mercurial intiation your job is not get too degraded, if you didn't complete it, you still have to try its just a lot more difficult. Anything that is governed by Mercury is under attack - athletes, teenagers, information, communication, commerce - you get it you see it.

      Chakras are a useful comparison but this is a Qabalistic apocalypse so there is not an exact match. They are destroying it (the minutum mundum) in this order:

      Earth (2020) - circulation
      Luna (2021) - reproduction
      Mercury (2022) - adrenaline, muscles
      Venus (2023) - soft tissues, breasts, face etc
      Sun (2024) - pancreas, stomach, liver, energy centres
      Mars (2025) - immune system
      Jupiter (2026) - longevity (this is a function of the immune system as well i.e. apoptosis)
      Saturn (2027) - consciousness
      Fixed Stars (2028) - perception of reality
      Primum Mobile (2029) - the lifeforce

      In terms of social engineering you can see how this overlaps to cult movies

      2020: Clash of the Titans (paralysis, petrification, freezing, lockdowns, slackdemic as opposite of ''circulation'')
      2021: Rocky Horror Show (Transexuality as opposite of reproduction)
      2022: ACO Uber violence & mind control (propaganda as opposite of comms, men dominating women in sports i.e. attacks on athletics, athelets acutally just dropping dead)
      2023: IoBS (*defacing* the love story of one individual with another with the collective, cold war but + ''bioweapons'' i.e. stacking effects of vax ''monkeypox'')
      2024: Mad Max (energy crisis)
      2025: Shock Treatment (smart ''immunity'' cities)
      2026: Logan's Run (longevity crisis)
      2027: Bladerunner (AI, robots, synths)
      2028: Videodrome (?) (the metaverse)
      2029: Labyrinth (cloning)

    2. There are hard theories of Time Travel like the one detailed on this site which is the end of the world by time traveller swarm in 2050 ish. Soft theories may be more useful for us at this point. ''Toxic nostalgia'' a function of 2015-2020 was a a ''regression'' or ''youthing'' weapon. Emojees forcing everyone to communicate with each other like we are preschool kids is another example of a ''youthing'' weapon which makes us make ourselves more suggestible. A great portion of the Disney weapon system worked/works like this. Basically as we were brought down the Tree of Life we were turned into psychological babies and primed for all the nonsense of 2020 and beyond. This constitutes time weaponry as far as I am concerned.

  24. Blogos, that breakdown (last but one post) is really useful. I know you've outlined these progressions before in one post or another, but seeing it in that condensed format is really useful, hope you can re-use that in your next post?

    On that subject I uploaded Clockwork June last week but forgot to update here. It's still showing on the blog list (right side) list but just in case anyone who wanted it hadn't seen it: :

    Finally, I am seeing 33 everywhere at present. Does anyone know of a reliable way of interpreting this?

    1. 33 is simply (has always been) Freemasons "winking" at each other.

    2. For once, perhaps the first time in recorded history, I don't think I can pin this one down on them. I don't mean seeing 33 references hidden in logos, movies etc. I mean I'm seeing it, repeatedly. If I happen to see a clock, it's 33 minutes past the hour. If I catch a glimpse of the England batting performance, Stokes has faced 33 deliveries etc. Obviously this could just be me cracking up (the smart money's on this promising filly) or cognitive bias etc. However as I'm on a board where a wizard tells us about the apocalypse via colour schemes in Hollywood movies, or you relay your meeting with a giant Pan in a world outside of reality, I'm hoping one of you has a different interpretation than the rolled up trouser brigade are trolling me from the comfort of their lodge. Frankly, I doubt I'm worth them taking the trouble... Posted at 16:33 and not on purpose...

    3. Okay, let's try this: in the movie "Knowing", the number 33 manifesting itself synchromystically was actually an inverted "EE", a message from angels/aliens meaning "Everyone Else" (will die very soon).

    4. I liked your first answer better :(

    5. Don't worry; the sacred numbers of the Universe tend to manifest themselves on a regular basis for those who pay attention; the numbers 3/17, 11/11 and 92 seem overabundant in my own life.

    6. Reliable? Not really. Maybe treating it like dream interpretation would be helpful.

      I've been thinking about 33 the last couple of days since finding the Leonids meteor shower is caused by a comet with a roughly 33 year orbital period. Your post got me looking at it a bit differently today.

      Turns out Alexander the Great died 33 days short of his 33rd (365 day) year. One of his titles was Basileus of Macedon. Made me think of a basilisk or serpent king. Poisonous chimera. says in classical texts the cockatrice was an enemy of crocodiles.

      There's also apparently some kind of 33 year cycle between the Sun and the Moon. A show called Dark used it as a plot device for time travel or something.

      Silliest thing I found today is that there are 13.37 sidereal months in a year. 1337 like leet or leetspeak from a million years ago online. Funny, it's got the 33 and 17.

    7. It takes 33 years for the Lunar and Solar calendars to get back in sync due to the lunar year being 11 days shorter than the solar:

      Basilisk made me think of Basilica, which features in Corey Daniels massive list of 33 correspondences: He didn't have Alexander though. Didn't we get Alexander the Great references in Rocky Horror at some point?

    8. The closest thing I found on a quick review of a transcript is when Columbia sings "a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink," and Eddie's song says "It don't seem the same since cosmic light / Came into my life, I thought I was divine."

      Then there's this painting which shows a 333 BC battle of Alexander's which the painter saw as an indicator of an important power shift. The banner floating above the battle might be interpreted as a cosmic light.

      I saw the campingfunzone link last night, too, but it was late so I didn't crunch the numbers to see how well it actually worked. Just the fact it's an accepted fact is probably good enough for some purposes.

    9. Looking over the Rocky Horror script was actually slightly disturbing in light of the events of not only last year but potentially going forward as well. Particularly this:

      "This sonic is, I suppose, some kind of audio-vibrato-physio-molecular transport device?"

      This could just be referencing the 5g rumors, and how the treatments were supposedly rigged to self destruct people or control them after the rollout. But now it's come out that the potion actually does potentially change people's genetic material permanently. Assuming of course that they're getting the study material and not some whacked out non-living organism doing who knows what. Heck, why not all of the above? It even reminds me of Alex taking his marching orders from a random stereo playing.

    10. That painting is a very powerful, laden image. That black tower on the left, Babel? Barad Dur?

      The Eddie quote reads like post ascension regret from someone who didn't read the small print.

      The Columbia quote, its so bizarre to me having heard it a million times at every wedding / event I can think of, that I'm only considering it now for the first time in the context of just exactly who Columbia really is personifying.

    11. Try watching Shock Treatment, the ''equal'' to RHPS and scheduled for 2025.

    12. Its easy to see the segue between Shock Treatment and Logan's Run.

    13. Columbia's nip-slip might represent a mother role? It's certainly a good segue to ACO and its moloko. If Eddie is supposed to be the self-thought divinity of Alexander, is Columbia a Roxanne figure? Roxanne who was murdered along with their son after Alexander's death. It would put Sting's suggestion for Roxanne not to "put on the red light" in an interesting context considering the recent trial of another stoplight colored lady. And the trials of new mothers this year.

      Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale" stars a king named Leontes. Phillip II told Alexander he dreamed he pressed a seal on his mother's womb and saw a lion there. (Phillip was said to be descended from Achilles, but Alex went one further and claimed Zeus as his own real father.) Anyway, in A Winter's Tale the idea is brought up that even wives are like wh*res because they come between men and the innocence they enjoyed as boys.

      Eddie emerging from a freezer and being said to drive a pickup truck makes me think he's a pastiche of Alexander and Hannibal. Hannibal drove elephants not pickup trucks, and there's a theory he was able to cross the Alps with them because the planet was much warmer then than it is now, but that's not an convenient idea for Climate Change Inc.

      Assuming for a moment Eddie is one or more great generals of antiquity, think of the dinner scene. Frank and the rest consume Eddie's flesh. That's a very old way to gain the power of both adversaries and heroes. Abramovic's back in the news lately.

    14. I could be reading it all wrong and Eddie is the envious snake who came at Columbia with forbidden fruit. It's more contextually appropriate considering his entrance stole Frank's thunder. That would put Frank in the godlike position, since he created Eddie and I think Columbia. It gives it a more Gnostic feel, since even Frank the creator is revealed as a silly stooge of the aliens posing as his servants.

      World politics seems to fit right in that paradigm. Secret meetings, proxies, cats paws, etc.

    15. Winter's Tale is still too fresh. I weep every time I think of it.

      Why then the world and all that is in't is nothing; the covering sky is nothing; Bohemia nothing; My wife is nothing; nor nothing have these nothings, if this be nothing.