Thursday, July 7, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Ludovico Technique

And viddy films I would.  Where I was taken to, brothers, was like no cine I'd ever been in before.  I was bound up in a strait jacket and my gulliver was strapped to a headrest with like wires running away from it.  Then they clamped like lidlocks on my eyes so I could not shut them no matter how hard I tried.   It seemed a bit crazy to me, but I let them get on with what they wanted to get on with.  If I was to be a free young malchick in a fortnight's time, I would put up with much in the meantime my brothers.


Alex de Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick


It is no surprise to us that Alexander ''Boris'' Johnson has been forced to resign as we begin the Ludovico Technique treatment sequence.  Johnson, like Alex De Large will be forced to watch himself ridiculed, humiliated and blamed for all manner of national woes over the next week or so.  Alex Johnson, like the free wheeling and law breaking Alex of A Clockwork Orange, will be systematically broken and defanged (removed from office).  Although this is entirely as expected we now need to ask ourselves who and what else will happen in this climactic moment from the ''movie''?

Ode to Joy, Beethoven's 9th Symphony, which plays during the video sequences of violence and war is the Anthem of the EU.  In the first video we see droogs with historical hats violently beating another man but who is it that these countries (and their premiers) are beating?  Is this scene merely the reaction of international leaders to the demise of Alex Johnson or is it another Alex - Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskiy - who is about to get beaten by the Europeans?  Support for Ukraine, and the sanctions on Russia that accompanied it have caused an unprecedented cost of living and energy crisis with oil-gas prices going through the roof, foreshadowing a fall and winter of blackouts and factory shutdowns.  This burgeoning energy crisis is ultimately part and parcel of installing the climate lockdown philosophy which will continue for at least the next few years; by 2025 the vaccine ''green'' pass will have completed its transformation into the climate biosecurity pass with ''rewards'' and ''incentives'' for adopting a low carbon lifestyle. In the playbook of our Demolition Team they take two steps forward and one step back so I believe that they've pushed prices about as high as they can get without uprisings and now they will take a step back by throwing Zelenskiy under the bus as well and decreasing the prices a little.  A radical change in narrative on Ukraine is heading this way with at least a ceasefire now Luhansk/Donbas have been liberated/conquered - although it seems to make sense that Russia will not stop until they take the whole of the Black Sea coast (i.e. Odesa) and can link up with Transnistria they may at this point take a pause.  There are a number of more extreme scenarios how we get to that pause, one of which is an ''accident'' at a nuclear plant which could cause a fallout cloud that terrifies people inside and also ''cancels'' Summer holidays (again linking us back to Climate Lockdown), another might be a coup against Zelenskiy from inside the Ukrainian military.   We expect the Nazi Military scenes to be paralleled by serious discussion regarding German rearmament or by discussion about Ukraine's own Naziesque proclivities. Boris and Zelenskiy have been very publicly linked in the media, so if one falls the other may well fall shortly after.  There are many other Alexes in our Alexirillion, notwithstanding the almost countless Alexeis and Oleksanders that have been added since we started ''Singing in Ukraine''.  Expect a lot of these background Alexes for set dressing during these weeks.

But, my little brothers, this is a big moment for the Demolition Team and everyone with their heads still intact and plugged into the Matrix right now is Alex, and everyone is going to get their heads well and truly fucked if they are watching - sickened by the violence and tortured by the music.  Although Alex is represented by members of our Alexirillion it is happening to ''us'' too.  When I say ''heads still intact'' I mean those of us left who haven't already dissociated themselves into an infantilized depersonalized husk from the accumulated traumatic mind control.  Households, small businesses, individuals and their dreams are being systematically crushed but so is their desire to violently resist their destruction.  There are other ways to interpret the machinery and techniques that are about to be used, whether it be ''advances'' in AR/VR or simply in the mind controlling effects of TikTok and traditional TV.  Covid-19 (Lilifluenza, now Samifluenza), specifically the ''stealth variants'' (BA-Omicron), also synched with Alex's parade of rape and destruction so with cases rising and masks being reintroduced in some places we should not rule out a covidious association between Alex restrained in his chair and some kind of NPIs alongside priming for the Fall continuation of the V-program and climate ''lockdowns'' - Alex the Virus that must be restrained.  When thinking about lockdowns now, enough people have been mind-fucked to the point where they will lock themselves down without need for anything more alarming than the media talking about rising case rates.  Has this mentality infected enough of the population that their conditioning will be enough without being needed to be backed to state force/law (I suspect this will differ from country to country)?

Watching this, on loop of course, many will say the same, with the same resignation, ''oh no, not again''.

Its funny how the colours of the real world only seem real when you viddy them on a screen.


Alex De Large, A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

P.s. A reminder that Hotel Apophenia carries the time-keys for July and August


  1. Don't forget that in the novel, Alex is a child molester who r*pes 10 year-old girls two at a time. Hunter Biden IRL. Hunter is Alex cranked up to 11.

    1. I've just been reading about his sensory deprivation tank antics!

  2. Oranger Things conclusion. Samael (Snake Demon, Vecna, One originally dressed in all white like a droog) takes the girls to an orange plane of crumbled households, sacrifices the ginger to the sound of a chiming clock and then rips open Hawkins with an orange portal to the upside down which will let all the demons (in this case A'arab Tzereq) loose. Hmmm.

  3. A strange pattern I'm noticing, any insight?

    1- The Woman King is an upcoming American historical epic film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, from a screenplay she co-wrote with Dana Stevens and a story by Maria Bello. It is based on the true story of the Dahomey Amazons. It stars Viola Davis.

    2- Florence + the Machine's first video "King" for their/her latest album, in which *she* is "King".

    3- In Thor: Love and Thunder: Tessa Thompson's character Valkyrie is now "King" of New Asgard. On top of this, Natalie Portman is now the new "Thor".

    The pattern: a woman, most often black, being "King".

    1. JB remember way back in 2019 or so there was Beyonce with 'Black is King', well I think this was the same thing. Inanna, Ishtar, Rhea, Cybele, Terra, the same force. It's Mercury as Gemini, Hermaphrodite. We are 'tran'siting to the new age and the goddess that would be king is the same one that required the Mesopotaian Essanenues (Istar), Caananite Quedishim (Anat) and Greco-Roman Galli (Cybele) to worship her in a particular way. Expect to see a lot more of it...


    Btw Blogos, this scene from the ending of the new Thor movie, is closest Hollywood has ever come to reproducing my cosmic experience with the Greater Pan (Christian Bale's villain surprisingly abandons his quest for vengeance when finally coming face-to-face with "Eternity", and instead of asking for this Supreme Being to "destroy all of the so-called "gods" of the entire Universe", he simply finds inner peace and asks for his daughter to come back to life):

  5. Jeremy Hunt is apparently now up for the number 10 position. Hope you put a few quid on it Blogos, drinks will be on you...

  6. Very interesting Blogos - I suspect quantum entanglement has guided me to your Blog.

    I have just finished a presentation on Covid based upon the hermetic principles.

    I wonder as we enter the age of Aquarius this film might be relevant?

    ps I agree about your connection of the sun with the mitochondria!

    As Above So Below.

    1. Hi Dr Rob I am watching this now. I take it you've seen the seven planets attached to the organelles - have you see this as well?

    2. Great stuff Dr Rob, powerful overview. I don't know if you mentioned this at all, I might have missed it but you may want to include it. I had to study CRY at Uni and I guess it was my gateway into the ''chronobiology'' detailed on this site ;-)


    3. Yes, the fractal nature of the universe is evident - the cell is a fractal of the body, which is a fractal of the planet, which is a fractal of the solar system, which is a fractal of the galaxy - all connected by birkeland current spirals in a plasma universe, timed by a galactic clock, set to the frequencies of light and sound!

      It is the photon/phonon that carries the energy/information for life - which is why, as you point out, colour is so important.

      UV (black/purple) light “carries” the information of “Stress” which can be used for adaptative (hormetic) purposes - the stimulus for growth (blue light = melanopsin) or destructive chronic diStress which needs to be countered by the reenergising/recycling nature of IR light - the light of the night!

      As our solar system once more enters into the Time of Aquarius we will again see great changes - more UV and blue light will be the stimulus for enlightenment, but only for those who can learn from the “stress” and harness its power!

      It is a time we have encountered many times before and a story told in the great books of antiquity - Covid has illuminated upon how we have evolved, by demonstrating how we devolve back into energy!

      Aquarius is symbolised by the water carrier, but it is actually an air sign and the symbol can also be viewed as electromagnetic waves or lightning (electrostatic energy) The birth stone is the purple amethyst - the papal stone!

      “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth!”

    4. Sorry if this is missing the mark, but could the purple amethyst connection key into why we are being saturated in magenta? In the UK it's all over various commercials, BT, EE, the UK census the other year, even Sergey, the insurance flogging meerkat with one eye symbolism has a flashing blue and magenta tie Cerulean Blue and Magenta are regularly put opposite each other as in Ed Sheeran Shivers video. It's clearly also happening in US:

    5. Yes, with the changing light comes a different perspective - subconsciously at first and then consciously..

    6. I never knew that about Monet. Years ago I wandered through rooms in the Hermitage museum full of stunning works by him and his contemporaries. The regime didn't approve of them so they hid them up in the upper rooms.

      The Magenta topic led me to this piece, which I think is very well put together:

      Blogos, this passage reminded me of some of the future you've seen heading our way, or at least the aspirations of those pulling the strings:

      'The culture creators on this planet are reshaping life to contain, constrict, and code life inside a Skinner Box. What was innately permeated with the spark of spirit and nature will be re-formed as mathematical datafied commodities encompassed by 0s and 1s, digitally entrapped in a programmable World Operating System. Plans are in place to not only create human digital twins (see here, here, and here) of each of us, but to eventually converge these human digital twins (HDTs) with us.'

      It also seems to closely correspond with Steiner's prophecies of an ever rising Ahrimanic influence driving humanity towards materialism and away from spirit.

    7. Thanks - that’s a lot of Magenta!

      I think we will soon see a shift back to the spirit world - with the “Sons of Light” fighting back.

      I would argue that UV light represents the “Holy Spirit”


    Alexander Johnson showed disregard meeting with ex KGB agent Alexander Lebedev. Lol.

  8. Tennis seems to be one of the more significant ritual events given the theatre enacted at the Australian Open. Not certain what the angle was at Wimbledon. A Russian (for all intents and purposes) won the Women's and Novax won the Men's, so there was a theme of chaos/rule breaking/stretching? Alex Zverev was injured, 'Dim' Medvedev barred.

    I think that the four tennis 'majors' may be set up in correspondence with the Tree, or at least with the colours on the most common charts, am still unsure about the differences.
    Anyway, how does this seem, in the order they fall in the year: Australian, blue hardcourt Yesod
    French, orange clay Hod
    Wimbledon green grass Netzach,
    US Blue/green hardcourt Tipareth

    With Venus and then Serena dominating the women's game and Raphael the men's, would this offer an opportunity to enact a working with the Goddess or angel associated with the name? Or maybe I have that wrong way round, would the working be getting help in winning the tournament?

  9. On Boris. Forgive some number stuff. He steps down (well not really, he's still required in the script so on he goes) on 7/7. He's the 77th British Prime Minister, the 14th (2x7 = 77) of Elizabeth's reign and the last? First was Churchill who like Boris had American mother. Boris wrote 'The Churchill factor'. Both had scandals and known for plain speaking / rude b***ards Both wartime PM's? (watch this space but the German war film will soon be screening). Georgia Guidestones = GG = 77, they were 7 miles from highway 77 = 777. Trump on his inauguration day was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. 777 = 'order out of chaos' and 'numeric ritual' in J gematria. Oh and 9 years ago to the day on 7/7/13, Andy Murray became the first Briton to win Wimbledon in 77 years.

    1. Using Chaldean numerology, Andy Murray's initials are 1 4. His full name could be reduced to 11 7. So there's two more 77's. Donald J Trump totals 49 which makes three double 7's, and Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson reduces to 7.

      In China, the 7th day of the 7th month is the Qixi Festival, Double Seventh, aka Chinese Valentine's Day. This year it's on August 4. One way to celebrate is to worship the weaver fairy (the star Vega). (777 -> jackpot -> Vegas -> Vega)

    2. Andy Murray links to Dunblae

      Qixi makes me think of Xi and if another way to celebrate is to invade Taiwan?

      Does Heaven or Las Vegas points to what Vega stands for? The Magnificent Seven, Seven (wonder what's in our box?), Lucky number Slevin gives us the Russian connection...

  10. Blogos, Clockwork September can be found here: Sorry for dominating your blogroll. I thought it better to get these out in case anyone wants to look ahead. I'll try and get the rest of the movie up before too long, have had enough of it for the moment.

    Coming astrological developments could indicate war:

    I forgot to add snake island cropping up again in the 7/7 post.

    1. Snakey Island and The Dim-Alex conjunction with Zelensky is one of the things that make me think parts of this are on a kind of loop. I know there has to be wheels within wheels, because of the clockwork thing, its just exactly how they've organised that that is beyond me a bit. Maybe Snake Island story will be over over when Alex returns and discovers his snake is dead. Don't apologise, you're doing Great Work!

  11. Supposedly Orion Biden listed his dad as Pedo Peter in his phone. It's ironic because in the book Pete became an insurance salesman, and Joe's policies don't seem to have been kind to life insurance companies.

    Bjork released Hunter 9 months after Diana was killed, and in the video she struggles with turning into a blue and yellow bear. Funny that in one video she manages to embody three countries in the news this year, 24 years after the song came out.

    1. And in the video she's got no clothes on, like Hunter in most of the videos from his laptop.

    2. Hunter is definitely an Alex in spirit if not in name.

  12. Seems like everything really is everywhere all at once. Look at anything hard enough and it connects. Chris Knowles can do it with Liz Fraser or comic books, it could be Bjork or Bowie or Wagner or Ecclesiastes. I just have to try not to lose myself in it, because that definitely seems to be a danger for me.

    1. The great Charles Fort, over 100 years ago, said: "If all of existence is a circle, then it can be accurately measured from any point; some people choose to make numbers the center of the circle, other use Napoleon; I measure everything from the starting point of little green frogs raining from the heavens."

    2. Look although everything *is* in everything that philosophy ends up getting in the way of the nitty gritty here at this site. Sure each Sephira contains within it an entire tree, I can predict the future with Tarot accurately and I trust others can do it from tea leaves and chicken entrails or Sibyls can intuit from the cosmos, etc but this is a slightly different set up - this is not ''Orangemancy'' persay. This is the actual structure that the Demo Team are using, as distinct from synchro-mysticism.

      As an example from analysis of RHPS (2021) we predicted the Putin twist in December six or so months ahead. We also knew this would stick into the following year because of the Slavic nature of NADSAT. So the transition from one movie to another was also covered flawlessly. The Alexirillion and Alex-Dim off has been insane and that is not my algorithms. Another film, not RHPS, would not have the Boris-Putin Riff-Raff flip because it would have had different looking actors and a different story we would not have been able to draw the same parallels.

      So even if you or others think otherwise personally I am not looking at this as a form of Kubrickomancy, and if I tried hard enough I could do the same predictions with Happy Feet or Jaws. I could not do that. I've said before I am up for seeing someone attempt it but you have to have a movie that carries the content of the year. There were very few rivals to RHPS for the trans content. Just like ''Singing in Ukraine'' was as on-the-nose as possible.

      I do think we lack (some of) the enrichment principle for ACO that we had for RHPS (the Outer Theory) but I do not think its another story its simply to do with the exact timing of these ''cogs'' that are running. IotBS is a very well paced thriller and I think it will be difficult for us to deny that that this is next after Halloween '22 when the ''trailer'' runs because of the news from space.

      MM3 is a little bit trickier as there are extensive action sequences which will be covered by *war* - focusing on the different vehicles of war (for instance an air-raid). The whole problem of Bartertown with Tina Turner and the ''methane refinery'' well I think we can easily see where that will go because the pieces are already set up (i.e. deepening energy crisis; Kamala, Oprah and Michelle). The eco-kids in the plane are the ''zoomer'' Greta generation that are going to have a (controlled) ''revolution'' starting around late '26 and then carrying through to '28 lead by Pearl (Greta) and Leon (Leonardo di Caprio).

    3. Sorry Blogos, my post should've been posted as a reply to words are's post about Bjork. That got me thinking about the bizarre snippets of prescience and prediction in seemingly everything - the other day I was watching someone show 911 predictive programming in 'Frasier', it wasn't really an observation on the unified colour theory.

      ;So even if you or others think otherwise personally I am not looking at this as a form of Kubrickomancy, and if I tried hard enough I could do the same predictions with Happy Feet or Jaws. I could not do that'

      Oh go on, do Happy Feet, do Happy Feet!

      No, I don't think that. ;)

    4. Don't tempt me ;-)

      The thing about the UCT is that it seems to have actually happened outside of my head and not by accident. You don't get these kind of layered production design palettes and the intricacy of the story designs and all this other ''qabalistic synergy'' by happy accident. Like you don't get two Perseus movies in 2010 by happy accident someone greenlit that, you don't get Leonardo in Shutter Island and Inception with tan - white production designs with the icongraphy of Kether and roughly the same story beats of ''its all in your head with your mad wife'' in 2010 by happy accident, etc etc etc.

      There is a Qabalistic human agency in this. The extent of the human agency with the various other agents that could be involved is definitely up for debate. I definitely think there has been predictive programming in the past, I just think as the amount of players in the media shrank and shrank more and more ambitious predictive programming i.e. the UCT has become possible:

      I know you know these links well I am just reposting them here for anyone else who doesn't know what the UCT is :-)

  13. In this post I speculate who will go with Boris Johnson as it was highly likely they would do Ludovico to a whole swarm of them. Since then we've had Shinzo, Macron (the Uber scandal), Biden (Hunter-China oil scandal), I am hearing things as well about Trudeau. Regarding Sri Lanka there are lots of posts in 2020, 2021, and 2022 where I am talking about the colour of 'flags' because ''signals intelligence'' evolves from flag raising. Check out the flag of Sri Lanka... on top of the colour the lion thing is even wielding a knife like the ACO poster...

  14. And some set dressing for y'all:

    Here is some that goes with the idea of Alex-Covid being restricted by NPIs I mentioned above:

  15. As an aside - barely a week after I went semi-public on my UV - Covid hypothesis - the shootings at Robb Elementary school in UValde happened!

  16. Tomorrow, the 13th, is the start of the movie treatment in the Ludovici cinema.

    'At the back of the auditorium are ten or fifteen solemn medical

    Professionals in white coats watching the proceedings and

    occasionally taking notes. A film begins showing on the screen.

    The Technician drops eyedrops into Alex's eyes.


    Man being beaten by four toughs wearing white.

    Punches, kicks, grunts, blood. '

    Biden will be in Israel and it will be precisely 666 days since Trump signed the Abraham accords. 3033 days before Obama said that his biggest nightmare was a nuke in NYC and the city has just released a public safety movie on what to do in a nuclear attack.

    1. I'd been trying to make sense of the NOE on the wall in the background while they beat the guy up. At first thought maybe Noah, since one guy wears a pirate hat and another a pilgrim hat. But the nuclear thing, it makes more sense.

      "NO Emergency" was included in a text sent to locals, and is the phrase picked up by the media after a false alarm at a nuclear plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire set off sirens and announcements to get off the beach around 10:30 Tuesday morning.

      At Bikini Atoll nuclear testing began in July at NOrthEast Lagoon. The first device used was called Helen of Bikini. A picture from that explosion captures what looks like a crown on top of the cloud before it mushrooms. That first series was named Crossroads, and the next one Castle. 7 sites were used for testing in total.

      So there's an American and either an English or French guy beating up scarf dude. The smaller guy's hat looks like maybe something an Orthodox Jew would wear, and the heavyset one's hat reminds me of some of the hats David Carradine wore in Kung Fu 50 years ago. His character was half Chinese and half Caucasian, as they would have said at the time.

      Maybe it's UK, US, Israel, China/Russia all beating up France for some reason? The guy who invented the bikini was French and pictured online in a scarf repeatedly.

      Some websites say the reason food isn't being shipped out of Ukraine isn't because Russia is blocking it, but because Ukraine put mines in the sea making it unsafe for ships to transit. One supposedly came loose and had to be defused by Turkey. Speaking of ships and possible explosions.

  17. Making my way through your amazing work Blogos - June 2020 - you refer to “Degreening” - I suspect this is happening at the mitochondrial level in Covid - With the ETC being effectively a reverse of photosynthesis - so we are witnessing a loss of photonic energy from the mitochondria to the spike protein, causing a reduction in metabolic water and energy production. This would be further exacerbated by the addition of microwaves.

    Extrapolating to the planetary level, you might expect to see more volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, lightning storms and droughts.

    1. Possibly, on Lilifluenza it seems difficult to unpick. De-greening would have been the third quarter of 2020 (a reverse of the Green Lion which I interpreted as a pressure release on rage, or ''rage milking''). As Green was associated with water in this division of Lilith (Qlipha of Malkuth) I made the link to ''Qliphothic water'' i.e. floods or droughts, as well. As regards Covid, I am aware of the crossover between radiation sickness symptoms - and your link to UV is entirely valid - and we have the vaccine damage in the mix as well. It could be all of them, one of them with others operating as cover stories, all of them as cover stories for something else i.e. mag field damage.

      The work from 2020 and beyond is enhanced by remote viewing and specific spirit work beyond the Angels (Athena in '20 and then Artemis in '21). We were pulled in this direction at the time because the situation in 2020 gave off very ''Perseus'' vibes. Little did we know about the ''Cult Movie Theory'' at this time but we were living through ''Clash of the Titans''. According to this theory we are heading into Invasion of the Body Snatchers in '23.

    2. With reference to your previous blog on IOTBS and fungal infections - they are by and large opportunistic infections - and now will be their great opportunity - Our use of antibiotics and steriods to combat the bacterial and inflammatory problems will create the ideal environment for fungi to thrive. Moreover, on earth, UV light kills most fungi - However, inside the body a loss of uv photonic energy caused by the Spike Protein - will give them a chance to shine. I am already seeing an increase in fungal infections and for the first time I can remember our local pharmacist was unable to get diflucan tablets I had prescribed! I suspect ergot fungus may explain some of your other predictions.

      “ during times of famine, ergotism reached into every house.Ergot fungus is impervious to heat and water, thus it was most often baked into bread through rye flour;”

    3. Of course they could also be coming from outer space - as in IOTBS!

  18. This relevant?

    1. No, works fine. It's about the new "Centaurus" Covid variant. Centaurus = Centaur = either one of the "Horsemen" of the Apocalypse, or the Taniniver we've been waiting for (the "steed" of Lilith, allowing her to finally reach and mate with Samael).

    2. This undead horse was also in Game of Thrones and Army of the Dead.

    3. Apologies JB I must've messed up the copy and paste. The Centaur variant was announced on the day the New Moon was in Chiron:


    ''Oh friends, not these sounds!
    Let us instead strike up more pleasing
    and more joyful ones!''

  20. On the 15th, Jean-Marie Lavalou died. He was a co-inventor of the world's first remote-control camera system.

  21. This article is interesting, in light of the inappropriately joyful expressions on the faces of the guys in white as they beat the other guy bloody.

  22. Remember Alefantis' creepy shirt?

    "The *L'Enfant* Plan for the city of Washington is the urban plan developed in 1791 by Major Pierre (Peter) Charles L'Enfant for George Washington."

    L'Enfant was the Freemie who intentionally put most of the occult symbolism in D.C.

    According to L'Enfant, "The Congress House would be built on *Jenkins* Hill (later to be known as Capitol Hill)..."

    "Jenkin(s)" was a name oft given to demons in human form. In Lovecraft, "Brown Jenkin is a rat-like creature with a human-like face who is a familiar to the witch Keziah *Mason*."

  23. Boris resigned, Macron lost his majority in parliament, Zelenskiy is firing his lead advisers because they are Russian spies (then how long does he have left?), Draghi expected to resign tomorrow.

    1. I saw a photo of the G7 leaders from the Cornwall summit with X's across the ones who had lost power. Not too many to go.. The groundwork has been laid for Biden to go via the 25th amendment.

      Saw an interesting prediction that the first female President will sync with the death of the Queen, as she's replaced by a male, so across the Atlantic the male leader will be replaced by a female. The two countries representing one of the Biblical Revelation beasts.

    2. Draghi went. Its looking like a clean sweep. 2024 elections are at the end of '24 right. So who is playing Tina Turner's character? Kamala Harris I imagine. But it could also be a case of the''doubling'' with Michelle Obama if she runs. Or even Oprah.

      Back to ACO are we about to hit the Nazi film on the movie?

    3. Yes I had it at 24th and 25th:

      '24 (Nazi war film playing) ALEX (V.O.)
      25 It was the next day, brothers, and I had
      truly done my best, morning and afternoon,
      to play it their way and sit like a
      horrorshow co-operative malchick in the
      chair of torture, while they flashed nasty
      bits of ultra-violence on the screen.'

      There's a montage of images, Stuka dive bombers, marching soldiers, Hitler speaking etc.

  24. With the BA variants there are two jokes going on along with some stuff that we should really try and get our head around. BA is a line of variants from Omicron which have diversified enough that you can catch each one, i.e. be vaccinated multiple times and still get covid several times. If this shrapnelling continues and you get even more variants than this that show immune escape you will get covid over and over again leading to ''death by a thousand cuts'' assuming covid does some small irreparable damage each time this will lead to a wasting illness over time. This could also be another cover story for ''vaccine failure'' or they are just releasing different viruses under the cover of the original one.

    Either way this seems to be happening to one of my tripled close friends now. Her neck swelled up which they blamed on Weil's Disease, then they gave her various drugs and the swelling went down, now she has covid (again) and an opportunistic throat infection and her neck is back up again.

    Here is the joke, if you have anything left to laugh with: BA is for ''baa'' for sheep which are white, these Baas are Omicron's (the Eye, ACO) droogs. The Covid story this year, from the ''stealth variant'' to these multiple droogs has matched with Alex.

    1. The "BA" was also the Ancient Egyptian name for the soul, which is why they linked the human soul to a ram, or to the ram-god, Ammon.

      Amonte T. Ammons dead. Double-Ammon.

    2. Sorry to hear about your friend Blogos. Alex Berenson posted some stats from Manitoba showing v'ed were more likely to get covid. Then I saw someone saying that the period in between bouts was now as low as 28 days, which seems ridiculous. Has she tried / Is she open to / any alternative approaches? Cleansing diets, healing etc?

      BA as droogs, there are 3 in Alex's gang, but its Dim and George that give Alex his bath beating. 2 Omicron variants maybe?

      Also, JB on Ba and Ka.

    3. They might have to keep it that simple so the average reading age of a 6 yr old public can get what is happening ''I got covid, now I got covid again, WTF?'' Chris Whitty: ''Well its like you are being thrashed by two different droogs...''

      In reality it may well be a wasting illness where successive infections cause cumulative damage and where some people are with chronic covid (as opposed to long covid which is viral fatigue syndrome in the main) where they are just mutation reservoirs. The difference between lytic cycle infections and lysogenic...? Or just the spike protein wreaking havoc i.e. there is a chronobiological timer on the spike protein now and it just pulses a wave of havoc through people's systems every few months...

    4. I suspect the Spike completely dysregulates the Circadian cycle - creating 24/7 daytime conditions - which kind of fits in with the IOTBS

  25. *Blogos*, after studying as much mystical stuff and Tracy Twyman as possible, it seems the ultimate goal of various secret societies is to bring about the "forbidden intercourse" of Samael and Lilith (of the Behemoth and the Leviathan), in order for them to merge once again and form the "Other God/Anti-God", snuffing out all of existence.

    Let's say the present planetary mega-ritual, forcing all of humanity to descend deeper and deeper into the Qliphoth, is a very important part of this process: when will the "empty shell/anti-sephira" of Lilith essentially merge, or overlap, with that of Samael? This is supposed to be when they become one, as an hermaphroditic "Beast" the whole world will worship as it descends into chaos and madness.

    1. This is exactly what is happening and what the UCT (and the Cult Movie Theory) describes.

      I would argue the *reproductive union* of Lilith (2020) and Samael (2022) occurred in Gamaliel (2021) which is why we had the year long Baphomet ritual structured as the Rocky Horror Picture Show (like ACO is the structure for the conjuring of Samael). What will happen in '23 is all manner of ''demons'' (i.e. microorganisms because of immune failure) will be released these are called the Burning Ravens of Dispersion or the A'arab Tzereq.

      The ''Beast'' as I see it will occur in 2024 and will be associated with the Qlipha of Tifereth i.e. Thagirion This is the Sefirah associated with Jesus so in the Qliphoth it should be Anti-Christ in '23. Maybe I am conflating ideas here?

      The world has already abdicated reason but this is going to get far worse as the whole food-air deal becomes a problem. Again 2024 = Mad Max 3.

    2. "What will happen in '23 is all manner of ''demons'' will be released..."

      Yeah, as Jewish mysticism/the Baphomet Mystery Cult puts it: the union of Lilith (the Leviathan) and Samael (the Behemoth) brings about a *critical mass of demons*, which threaten the entirety of the creation. The Anti-Christ needs to be black and trans-gendered, for blatant symbolic reasons.

    3. If Mad Max 3 is symbolic of the year of the Anti-Christ, then the Tina Turner character is the black tranny in question.

    4. "Aunty Entity explains that Bartertown's electrical supply depends on a crude methane refinery powered by pig feces. The refinery is run by a dwarf called Master and his giant bodyguard Blaster; together they form the "Master-Blaster"."

      Tina Turner = Aunty Entity = black tranny Anti-Christ.

      Ruler of Bartertown = imposes communism, powered by "green energy".

      Master-Blaster = the Lilith/Samael Beast, which gives the power unto the other Beast of sorts, the Anti-Christ.

      This is shaping up. Mad Max 3 even involves children worshipping a messianic Cargo Cult, so Ancient Aliens returning?

    5. Exactly dude, exactly. The kids I reckon are Greta's movement; Extinction Rebellion. They kind of have to be at this point.

    6. Anyone seen this film? - Might offer a ray of hope for the future!

    7. Thagirion is linked to the “Black Sun” - the sun in the underworld or the inner world -
      ? Mitochondria.
      Or, is it the “Light” a black sun emits - UV and IR! Maybe this will bring enlightenment!

    8. JB, I found this on the union of Samael and Lilith:

      Dr Rob, Black Sun could also link to the Dogon tales of a dark star, which may link to Sirius B (timestamped as I couldn't even begin to explain the rest of this video :D)

      If we're going through the Book of Revelation, then Thagirion's Black Star could be the Angel which throws the millstone 'Wormwood' into the sea:

    9. Dude, I just went through "Crater Earth"'s channel, and W-T-F-F?!?! lol "interesting theory"

    10. Considering what we discuss here I am considering obtaining a 'W-T-F' form you as a win! :)

      Wim has been publishing wtf material for years now, indeed he must be at wtf squared and I almost linked you to him above when you mentioned the Ka and the Ba, because that forms a big part of his worldview. It's way out there, but he makes some amazing links, his videos are well produced and leavened with a nice sense of humour. Anyway, in this case I don't want to pull us off topic, it's the Dogon tribe version of Sirius I wanted to focus on rather than the crater earth / Ben Ben stone stuff.

    11. Thanks - Wormwood is the name for the medicinal (antihelminthic) Artemisia absinthium plant - an anti parasite in the same class as ivermectin - it is also used in absinthe to give a bitter taste - the name is thought to be derived from the goddess Artemis - daughter of Zeus - twin sister of Apollo - she is symbolised by the bow and arrow - Artemis was sent to kill the pregnant Coronis!

    12. Interesting about the Dogon tribe and Sirius B - “ Sirius B is a very old green dwarf star that has completed the cycle of regular star life. Sirius B ejected its outer atmosphere into space ages ago. Its interior has transformed from gaseous hydrogen plasma to a solid ionized hydrogen crystal. Once about the size of the Sun, it is now condensed to the size of the earth. As a twin of the Po, Po Tolo is a star that has many of the qualities of a Black Hole. Dwarfs are 'Black stars' in that they have low luminosity (they do not shine bright). They do emit considerable UV radiation, however. Their primary energy is not nuclear-thermal, but piezo electric (ionic energy due to gravitational pressure). Dwarfs have electromagnetic fields that are stronger and a billion times larger than regular stars. They rotate incredibly fast, and circulate their particles for several thousand light-years.” It is associated with Green Stone -


    'Aunty Entity claimed that before the 'pox-eclipse' she was a nobody, but the day after, she had the chance to become a somebody, for she was one that survived. '

    Pox-Eclipse is so on the monkey pox's nose. There's the total solar eclipse in the USA in April 24 that forms the X with the one from 2017 but almost exactly 1 year before there's this one:

    Which crosses Australia, the setting for Mad Max... Be interesting what point in the movie that is, maybe a big scene with Anti Enki?

    1. "Pox-eclipse" is post-slang for Apocalypse (A-POX-ECLIPSE).

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    3. Journeyman, the scene in the movie you're looking for (late April '23 or '24) is when the dwarf gets fed to the pigs as punishment 42 minutes in.

      There are different cuts of the movie though.

    4. I can't find where the actual locations of the animal signs are supposed to be in the sky, but the common understanding seems to be that the Chinese sign of the Monkey corresponds to Leo. Monkeypox was anointed on July 23 when the Sun moved into Leo. On the nose (or butt) for sure.

      The way public health authorities have managed to simultaneously lay the MP outbreak on gay men while 'erasing their very existence' with the moniker of "men who have sex with men" is actually astonishing. (Maybe the new status was declared so people would panic instead of wondering how children are now getting a disease supposedly spread primarily by sexual contact. Coincidentally, Parker Posey has just made a video talking about how she's been visited by the police for being "untoward about p-dophiles.")

      Anyway, 108 days from July 23 will be November 8. Not only is this Election Day in the US, it is the day of the next total Lunar eclipse.

      108 is a number with special significance to Asian cultures like China. It might be worth noting the totality will be visible from most of Japan, where Shinzo Abe's recent murder was blamed on a perceived association with "Moonies." The time between his death and the November eclipse is 4 months. "4" and "die" are both pronounced "si" in Chinese, with slightly different inflections. It's the explanation given for 4 being a bad luck number in China.

    5. Totality may have been the wrong word to use for a Lunar eclipse. I guess it's just totalitarianism on my mind, haha.

  27. Another interesting thing about July 23, it was 396 (66*6) years after the date Britannica gives for the birth of Sabbatai Zevi.

    The crap people have been saying about Jews online lately goes beyond anything I've ever seen before. Like, evil alien monster stuff. So even a coincidental connection between the non-human pox and a famously weird "crypto-Jew" is concerning. And gay dudes. And Africans. And gypsies, or people who travel a lot. Seriously, are there any traditional Nazi targets who aren't somehow implicated in this pox monkey business?

  28. Do you guys know the "Amongus" meme?

    Ancient Egyptian "Amon" + Ancient Greek "gus" (on Earth ) ("gus/gous" meaning "on Ge" (Earth)).

    So Amongus could be interpreted as "Amon upon the Earth".

    If you think that's farfetched, consider that in the Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead", "The Hidden God" (Amon) is referred to on two occasions as "Medjed", when he acts as heavenly judge upon the Earth, incinerating people on sight:

    "I know the being Medjed *who is among them* in the House of Osiris, shooting rays of light from [his] eye, but who himself is unseen."

    Here's what "The Hidden God" looks like as Medjed:

    1. Medjed means "The Smiter"; the Amongus meme might be a "summoning" of Amon as "Smiter" among us here on Earth (there IS precedent for this: remember KEK?).

    2. (For those picky about the etymology of "gein" (on/of Earth) becoming "gus": in Greek, words ending with "gein" CAN sometimes become "gous/gus", the best example being "Sarcophagein" becoming "SarcophaGUS".)

    3. 'Here's what "The Hidden God" looks like as Medjed'

      I never did trust Wizbit:

      Also looks a bit nukeish?

    4. Sounds like the Mitochondria to me!

  29. Blogos, in Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, coming out 11/11/2022, the kingdom of Atlantis has been replaced by the Aztec version, Tlālōcān: Tlālōcān, meaning "place of Tlāloc", is described in several Aztec codices as a paradise, ruled over by the rain deity Tlāloc and his consort Chalchiuhtlicue. It absorbed those who died through drowning or lightning, or as a consequence of *diseases*, especially leprosy, venereal disease, sores, dropsy, scabies, gout, and child sacrifices, as well as the physically deformed.

  30. I was reading the Greenbaum speech the other day, for those who haven't come across it, it's an address given by a Dr expert in the treatment of multiple personality disorder brought about by ritual / mkultra style trauma based programming:

    It dates back to 1992 I think. Although it's hard going even reading about this stuff, it does help to explain some of what happens in this crazy world if you think that there are people out there who have been programmed to fulfil specific roles on demand. This is a subject area I try and avoid, because it's not easy reading. However, I noted the use of Kabbala references in the programming and that got me thinking about the UCT and perhaps a possible connection between the two. Could the profusion of colours in particular years be being used in conjunction with other mind control programming? Helping to push people further down a particular pre-programmed path?

    1. That was an excellent read. It was particularly interesting that Greenbaum was supposed to be a self-destruct program, and the Green New Deal or whatever they're calling it now is focused on bedeviling the carbon which living mammals exhale with every breath.

      Suddenly The Police's song Every Breath You Take seems even more sinister than before. Because an article recently (I think) came out talking about how many of the people working in social media are ex-intelligentsia. It would be interesting if someone good at math did one of those graphs showing population growth, but focused on how many mk cultists there might be within the general population today. In the regular population graph, there's an area where it goes from basically horizontal to practically vertical.

    2. Regarding light's effect on the audience there is the physical effect, literal meanings and connotative meaning. Shine red light on someone (or reflect it off the ''altar'' of production design) and you will increase adrenaline. The literal meaning/colour for us is the blood and therefore by extension heat, sex/passion or violence. The connotative meaning of red light to ''stop'' is to avoid the ''blood'' consequences of passing the red light. This has all been at play in the UCT. The use of the Tree in this manner is what it is all about. And obv. Stanley Kubrick knew as he put it into the mis-en-scene of Eyes Wide Shut. There are no scenes in the world outside of the cult HQ that do not have twinkling Christmas tree bauble lights, these are the lights of the spell (UCT) the Cult casts on us. I'd maybe argue that David Lynch must have some inkling of this as well as the Return was clearly the UCT done in reverse i.e. The Tree of Return (Teshuvah) where the divided psyche climbs the tree of life, reconfigues partzufim and achieves Tikkun rather than the UCT where we are taken down the ladder regressed into infantile protoplasm and then abused/socially engineered.

      I mentioned to Dr Rob that I studied chronobiology at university with special attention to cryptochrome. Every cell in your body have molecular clocks but there are concentrations of them in various tissues particularly the SCN (suprachiasmatic nuclei). Basically your clocks (and therefore your moods, your appetite, your ''horn'') etc can be entrained through light signalling. Beyond me, the MIB in the DUMBs I am sure have this down to exact frequency of light to which molecular cog and can fine tune it in a closed contemporary brainwashing setting. However you want to MKUltra the world using these methods your only option is silver screen or black mirror.

    3. I agree - the clocks are set by light - I would also add that this light is set by the (Galactic) clock - making Light = Time - and life on earth is controlled by the changing environmental light. I would argue that history rhymes because light revolves!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. The Greenbaum Speech led me to draw a clock using zodiac signs instead of numbers. In the Age of Pisces, Aries would be 8:00 - 9:00pm when overlaid onto a horoscope drawn for sunrise on the vernal equinox. During the Age of Aquarius, Pisces is 8 - 9:00pm on the equinox. This shift also brings 11:00pm - 12:00 am from Capricorn to Sagittarius. That makes the midnight point right in between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

    On 1/23/20, one week before the Crown was declared an international concern, the Doomsday Clock was set to "100 seconds before midnight." 100 seconds before midnight is somewhere in the Ophiucus constellation, near Sinistra, during the Age of Aquarius.

    Ophiucus is Asclepius wrangling a snake. The Rod of Asclepius is the symbol of medicine. (Unlike the caduceus, which belongs to Mercury, trade, and a lot of commercial medical pursuits.) So in essence the clock was set to Asclepius, and then drug companies got a boon.

    Sinistra is the left hand of Asclepius, associated with mortality by poisoning. "Medicine" come from "Medusa," whose left-side blood was poison and right-side blood was beneficial. Asclepius used Medusa's right-side blood at some point to heal somebody.

    Ophiucus might be a fetus attached to an umbilicus. Hmm, space baby, 2001? Event 201? Agenda 21?

    Another etymological connection is lePsylle, the Arabic name for the constellation. From Latin "psylla," flea. Also puce, a purplish color. Purple like the Moon, or 2021 aka '21. Flea connects to blood, and blood to umbilical cords. The double helix shot is derived from fetal cells somewhere along the line.

    1. Is it a coincidence that John *19* describes the crucifixion; and Jesus wears a crown and purple robe, and has his side pierced? When pierced, blood and water both flow out. How much of a stretch would it be to think they might intertwine in a double helix pattern on the way down?

      I've been wondering lately if it's possible Christians vs. Gnostics or whoever might be a sort of wrestling show or political theater. Kayfabe forever? Red and blue are just two halves of purple.

      Another red vs. blue is amanita vs. psilocybin. Or, pine trees vs. cows. Fungus among us, hahaha. According to Wikipedia, 'The genus name Psilocybe is a compound of the Greek elements ψιλός (psilós) "bare" / "naked" and κύβη (kúbe) "head" ...' It's enough to make one wonder about Kobe beef, or the Barenaked Ladies when remembering Cybele and the black cube (bare-naked Cybele).

      Not too long after Kobe Bryant died, I dreamed someone told me his phone number and I called because I was curious, having never spoken to a dead person before. As soon as I hit "Send" my phone was overwhelmed with pr0n and rendered totally unusable.

      It occurred to me today that Alex Delarge may actually be Herakles. Some of his actions from drinking moloko to killing the Cat Lady seem a bit like the 12 labors in reverse. Herakles means "*Glory* of Hera." The Greek -kles means 'to listen,' or 'to hear oneself called' among other things. 'Glory' may also derive from kleu 'to hear,' as might the word 'slave.' (Klaus?)

      Cyber comes from 'kybernetes' - 'steersman' or 'kybernan' to steer or pilot a ship." Piloting a ship might make a person think of the Argo. The pilot, Tiphys, died of a *snake bite* according to some sources. The oars were made of *pine* trees. The prow was made of oak sacred to Zeus and could speak with a human voice and tell oracles.

      So Kobe's pilot couldn't steer good, probably because of the weather, and crashed. They were going to *Mamba* Sports Academy. 'Black' 'Kobe' fell to earth. 4 days later the Crown was elevated and the stage was set for an Rx $ bonanza.

    2. If Alex is actually Herakles, I think that would make him Antifa. Unlike Hercules, both of his parents seem definitively mortal. (Journeyman's link to the shot by shot analysis says he's 666, and gives some very pertinent clues to the Lilith/Samael/Taniniver connection without actually naming them.)

      Before his 12th labor, Heracles is initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, signified by drinking moloko in the Korova. During his 11th labor he caught the Old Man of the Sea, or beat up the old drunkie singing about Molly Malone. During his 10th labor he rode a magic cup, or drove in a stolen car. For his 9th labor he stole Hippolyta's belt, or cut the clothing off of Mrs. Alexander. . . 3rd labor - caught a deer and it ran away quickly, or had his way with two girls on high-speed. 2nd labor - slayed the Hydra and cauterized it's heads with a knife, or knocked his droogs into the canal and cut Dim. 1st labor - killed the Nemean lion, or murdered the Cat Lady.

      So, I can only make tenuous connections to 7 of the labors but not the middle 5. It's still more than half and in order. Seems like a good start.

      Alex does it all in reverse, so instead of gaining glory with each act, he's losing it. After his final labor he is not freed, but imprisoned. He thinks he is acting autonomously, but at every turn he is serving a master he is not aware of.

      At the Korova he is initiated into the Mystery of Lucy's moloko, or becomes a tool of light which perversely makes him blind. In beating the old drunk he enforces the social order. While driving the stolen car he makes a crazy face just like he does at the end of the movie before totally zoning out. The Alexanders were enemies of the government and he terrorized them. Before taking the girls home, he stood beneath a giant circle like the one over his bed which probably represented a speaker and hence subliminal instructions. He outright got instructions from a stereo before betraying his droogs, and going to the Cat Lady's house was George's idea. George - who went on the become a cop.

      So his independence is an illusion, his enlightenment is blindness, he feels a rebel but enforces the social order, and by the end instead of becoming a hero and being placed among the stars he is imprisoned and jumps from a window. He seems very satisfied at the end, when he's in a full body cast as helpless as a very grounded baby dreaming of Milky Way sex but in reality is a programmed *robot* at the mercy of the state.

      It's a perfect transition from zombified, robotic Alex to the green new normal of IotBS. Greenbaum, lol.

    3. *Greenbaum* is the name Dr. Joseph MENGELE was given after the War; the name he used up here, in Montréal, in the context of the MK-Ultra program. He was never "officially" a part of Operation Paperclip, but he was there nonetheless. He took great pleasure experimenting on mentally ill people at the asylum.

    4. 'The Greenbaum Speech led me to draw a clock using zodiac signs instead of numbers.'

      @words are - have you come across Lavette Hawkins? She's done a lot on the mapping of the zodiac to world ages, connecting alchemy, astrology and religious texts. I've found her work on symbology, language etc. very revealing. I feel like she may have done something similar to you with the time, but unfortunately as all her work is in videos it's difficult to pin down which one that may have been. However this one is a good one in any case on symbology if you've not come across her before:

      'I've been wondering lately if it's possible Christians vs. Gnostics or whoever might be a sort of wrestling show or political theater. Kayfabe forever? Red and blue are just two halves of purple.'

      I posted further up about the magenta presentation noted by many. Commonwealth games coverage has been saturated in purple and magenta. It could well be cognitive bias on my part but I see it in BBC Iplayer, SKY TV, Moneysavingsupermarket, EE and a whole host of other key media players. The Apis bull symbolism of Commonwealth games is overpowering also. It would be creeping me out if my creepout fuses hadn't blown awhile back.

      Glad you followed that link and saw Julli Kearns 666 work. I thought about writing to her because she's got a fantastic understanding of the piece as well as no shortage of 'hinterland' knowledge of the esoteric. Not quite sure how to introduce the movie theory though :D

      Alex as an inverted Hercules is very interesting. WIll come back to that.

      Kobe ritual stuff was off the charts, numerically, symbolically etc. definitely felt like a key part of whatever the hell is going on.

    5. After posting, I realized it may have been as late as July 2020 when I had that Kobe dream. Time got a little weird there for a while. At any rate, it was one of those dreams that stuck with me, and it took a few days to feel like I could even use my phone again. Afterwards, when I thought of finding out more about the crash or anything connected to it there was a feeling of, nah, anything but that. Somehow that's just sort of gone now.

      The timing of my own feelings about the crash made me think of monkeypox, of all things. Turns out it was made an international concern 909 days after the crash. Jay-Z's song 99 Problems was released on 4/27/04, which was 189 weeks counting both end dates. 9 years later, on 4/27/13, Barack Obama said, "Some things are beyond my control. For example, this whole controversy about Jay-Z going to *Cuba*. It's unbelievable. I've got 99 problems and now Jay-Z is one." Counting both end dates, he said that 81 weeks before the crash.

      189/9 is 21. '21 was The Moon, as would be an ordinary year ending in 9. The Lakers wear purple on Wednesdays.

      It looks like one of the releases of 99 Problems came with a song called Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

      From 4/27/04 to 7/23/22 inclusive is 6662 days, 18 years 2 months 27 days, and other numbers including 182 in some fashion. Princess Diana (Artemis) was born on the 182nd day of the year and campaigned for AIDS. "99% of monkeypox transmission is happening between men who have sex with men," according to CNN on 7/27/22.

      Diana was associated with the Moon and dogs. Her most famous place of worship was on the shores of Lake Nemi, and there associated with Virbius (the Roman counterpart of Hippolytus). In Rome she was a protector of slaves. Artemis was known as Lady of the Lake, Mistress of Animals, and a virgin.

      From 4/27/13 to 7/23/22 inclusive is 81,000 hours. Also a couple variations of 9 11 (which X's to 99) and many variations of 18. 18 is the age of consent in most places in the US, and the pox was called an international concern right after a couple of kids were publicly said to have it. The CNN story could even be damage control.

      So, that's a lot of 9's and Moon symbolism. The crash was a year before '21 and the MP declaration the year after. They might not actually be connected, but it kind of seems like it to me.

    6. More on Hercules. Lyra is near his head in the sky, between him and the Milky Way. So, the music and speaker shapes act as a mediator between Alex and his hidden master(s). On Heracles' other side is Corona Borealis.

      Herakles may be based on Gilgamesh, who met a strange old sailor in the center of the underworld sea. (Mesh like net or internet?)

      Hera sent a snake to kill Hercules in his crib. Basil the snake lived in a drawer under Alex's bed.

      Some people add Beta and Delta Herculis to the configuration and call it the "butterfly."

    7. Journeyman, I hadn't looked at the magenta link yet. I'm kind of glad I waited because it's a doozy. Having only scanned it and read a few of the comments I'm excited to follow more of the links and actually read it slow sometime. It makes me want to check out Valis, too. I've never read Philip K Dick, but the idea of somebody getting caught up in thinking a magenta laser is God or something is kind of compelling right now.

      I haven't heard of Lavette Hawkins before. Going to have to check that out, too.

      And, one of these days go back and read the rest of the Clockwork analyses. I just read that one page and was like, whoa, it's all right here. The Lilith/Samael stuff, that is. Maybe not all of it, but enough for some things to start making more sense. If I had more time I might try to post what I noticed and see if it made sense to anyone else or just seemed stupid. As is, I need to cut back on posting because it bleeds over into real conversations and drives people crazy.

      I think I know what you mean about blowing your creepout fuse. This stuff has almost gone from ooh, scary scary, to watching clouds in the afternoon sun. It might rain, and sunburn is possible, but aside from a chemtrail here and there it's mostly just regular weather will all its ups and downs.

    8. Just to add to Ophi that Lilifluenza was originally pinned on bats and *snakes*.

  33. Quick post on the new month. Find the date breakdown and summary here:

    Today Alex is trying to get Dr Ludovici to finish the treatment. From tomorrow we'll witness his temptation and humiliation in the auditorium, that takes us up the the 25th, so the majority of this month will be spent with Alex being tortured and tempted.

    I've found this page with some interesting data on feast days, new moons etc. It's got me wondering what plotting a movie against new moons may look like, not looking for that task mind!

  34. 2022 - Samael, Poison, Desolate:

    From Ice Age Farmer on Telegram:

    OPEN SOURCE INTEL: I’d posted to @iceagefarmer that I’d received many reports of poor germination and other issues from corporate seed sources, and asked people to share what they were seeing.

    Over 700 people replied. Here is a summary; huge thanks to Kate B. for reviewing compiling, and sharing. It paints an interesting gestalt of a uniquely difficult season. Original thread here ( (How's your garden doing?)

    [ Join the garden group: @iaf_garden ! More groups: @iaf_groups ]

    Just been through about 700+ comments from the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and beyond:

    a) seeds are showing poor germination from a wide range of suppliers
    b) those that do germinate and start to grow are doing so i) slower than usual OR ii) are getting so far in their growth then dying (a bit like Tesco's herbs unless you transplant into fresh earth!) OR iii) are growing well but producing greenery not edible produce, so poor yields
    c) suspicion is also falling on contaminated bagged compost -- many reports of issues here, some discussion around Grazon contamination
    d) in addition, folks are noticing that store bought veg & fruit is not lasting, plus some is rotten on opening although firm externally
    e) suggestions also being made about soil alkalinity from chemtrails inhibiting growth
    f) some people raising animals are getting all male babies [!?]
    g) sunflowers & other plants are being burnt up by the sun's rays
    h) there is poor growth/yield from fruit trees
    j) plentiful complaints from folks that have been growing for 25-40 years that things just aren't right with a degree of confusion as to the source
    k) livestock feed prices are skyrocketing
    l) many sick & dead animals around this year & dead birds found daily (Italy)
    m) too hot/ too dry/ no rain/ storms/ erratic weather with false forecasting
    n) absence of bees for pollination
    p) cold nights inhibiting growth
    q) abundance of pests & bugs at levels not seen before
    r) zucchini with zero female flowers
    s) blatant chemtrail spraying with some warning of "cancer in the ground for gardeners",
    t) healthy hens stopping laying
    u) pullets dropping dead at 6 months with no obvious cause
    v) cooler spring so plants are a month behind
    w) hard to get the cows/goats back in calf
    x) change in taste of store bought veg/fruit
    y) salads are going straight to seed and bolting
    z) overall poor germination & growth - a weird growing year,

    Common phrase: "Never seen anything like it in 30 years"

  35. The Scarlet Woman riding the Beast is Semiramis riding her son/lover/monster Nimrod, associated of course with the Tower of Babel.

    The Tower of Babel has become synonymous with extraterrestrial first contact, as very straightforwardly retold in Carl Sagan's "Contact" (most especially in the novel, making clear references to Babylon and Gilgamesh).

    Chris' own Apocalypse star chart:

    Neytiri riding the Thanator (the alien version of Babylon riding the Beast, or Lilith riding Samael):

    1. More examples from the Secret Sun:

  36. It seems like another book is being projected, even as the Revelation script runs. One thing to keep in mind is *who* is producing the show. Secret societies, right? Masons seem fairly representative of the whole. Their obsession is Exodus. Their lodges are supposed to represent Solomon's Temple. Tucking a hand into one's jacket Napoleon-style signifies a certain rank, and derives from Exodus 4:6.

    Exodus *9:9* says, "And it shall become small dust in all the land of Egypt, and shall be a boil breaking forth with blains upon man, and upon beast, throughout all the land of Egypt."

    The verse before that, 9:8, says, "And the LORD said unto Moses and unto Aaron, Take to you handfuls of ashes of the furnace, and let Moses sprinkle it toward the heaven in the sight of Pharaoh."

    The last time the word 'furnace' is used before Exo 9:9 is in Genesis 19:28 where it says, "And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace."

    So in the word 'furnace' is a connection between boils on man and beast, and sodomy. (The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah also connects the idea of mistreating "angels" with one's own destruction.)

    Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon says this of furnace or 'kibsan' - "a lime kiln, or a furnace for smelting metal, differing from an oven. So called apparently from its *subduing* metal. . ."

    Gen 19:28 says, "the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace." The word used for smoke here is קִיטוֹר kitor. NAS Exhaustive Concordance says it has the same word origin as קְטֹרֶת qetoreth, "smoke, odor of (burning) sacrifice, incense."

    *Los Angeles* is often called a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, whose destruction was signaled to Abraham by the rising sacrificial smoke from a furnace which subdued metal.

    KB's helicopter crashed just outside of LA and it was all over the news. 909 days later the sixth plague became pre-official. If it's eventually declared a P, I expect the circumstances might connect back to the Bible somehow.

    It's interesting that this was just 4 days before Cov was made pre-official on Jan 30. In this theoretical framework Cov would be the third plague, dust becoming lice/gnats. What was this dust and where did it come from?,define%20their%20purpose%20in%20America.

    1. Here's my guess for the plagues so far, assuming the Exodus theory.

      Number - Passage - Plague - Event - Date - Summary

      1) 7:17 - Water turned to blood - Fukushima - 3/11/11 - 18,000+ killed in a tsunami
      2) 8:2 - Plague of frogs - Kek - 10/13/15 - Trump tweeted meme of himself as Kek
      3) 8:16 - Dust becomes lice/gnats - Covid - 3/11/20 - Declared a pandemic
      4) 8:21 - Plague of flies - Delta variant - 5/31/21 - Variant was named
      5) 9:3 - Plague on livestock - Avian influenza - 9/27/21 - New HAPI of H5N1 in Czech Republic
      6) 9:9 - Festering Boils - Monkeypox - 7/23/22 - Named an International Concern

    2. I don't have a lot to support the first five plague events. This is about it here:

      The tsunami is the most difficult event to fit into a theory of orchestration. I've seen websites claiming it was offshore nukes, but don't know what to think of that. Maybe some other mechanism, may be something else entirely. 2011 would put it in Chochmah, or Neptune's year, so there is that.

      The Kek thing arguably set up Trump and his supporters as Pharaoh. Maga adds another Egyptian element. The animosity was eventually extended to anyone who didn't toe the correct line. 2015 Tiferet is a beautiful Sun year, and everyone says Trump is a narcissist, and his followers are self-centered. Everything he did was "beautiful," and the "best" and "greatest."

      If dust becoming lice is Covid, it would explain the incessant campaigns to not only wash your hands, but to wear a mask. Since lice suck blood, it plays into the virus causing heart attacks and etc. narrative. 2020 was Malchut, an Earth year, so dust fits right in. March would be a part of Red Fire Winds, bringing in the blood as well.

      Delta being flies comes back to people adding Beta and Delta Herculis to Hercules to get a butterfly. Also, the Flies plague was the first one where God said he'd spare the Israelites. This could signify the Rx cattle brand having been around long enough for people who wanted it to get it. May of 2020 would be Black Earth Winds, which seems like a good time for flies. Another thing, is flies and festering. The variants are said to come from a sort of internal festering process.

      Avian Influenza (AI) seems a pretty straightforward match for a livestock plague. The most difficult thing to do is pin down a date. The one I chose was based on very little research. 2021 Gamaliel's year of the Moon fits with light pollution interfering with the ability of migratory birds to navigate in flight. There's also a connection between birds and angels, angels and Mermaids. Frank N Furter et al. arrived from the sky, like birds.

    3. Oops, there was no Moo Juice in May of 2020. Unless you were a drug trial participant. Those might have already started. And really, aren't the people who put themselves first in line for experimentation the most faithful of them all?

  37. Zika outbreak of 2015 maybe relevant?

    1. They did say it caused microencephaly, so maybe divine retribution for egotism? Also though, frogs eat mosquitoes. And even if someone in your household didn't get all in on Q and Kek and all that, you might still get bit by a mosquito in your own house. Good one.

  38. Forgive me if I go off topic for a minute. I've been meaning to post this video for ages now, don't think I already have so apologies if I'm repeating myself:

    It's from Above is Below and she's got some very interesting observations on Ukraine and some of the other countries near it. There's also something about Rahu a hidden planet which could be an ancient indian equivalent of Sirius and the secret sun.

    She's brilliant at putting things together and I would be very interested in anyone's opinion should they watch.

  39. If Revelation and Exodus are being enacted at the same time, then the reversal of the Tree of Life not only represents the demolition of the current world order, but the establishment of the new.

    My understanding of this may be wrong, but the normal path starting at Keter and ending at Malchut is God's energy's path down from Heaven. The reversal could symbolize the so-called Luciferian intent to elevate men to gods.

    Causing 10 plagues of their own would not only destroy the existing order, at the same time it would assert their status as gods capable of the feats ascribed to God in the Bible. It would be Revelation and a new Genesis at the same time.

    Alex starts as a mere mortal, a malchik or Malchut. By the end, he imagines himself in the Milky Way surrounded by adoration as he, I dunno, fornicates with the Scarlet Woman? He is not crowned (corona'd) with Keter, because he isn't one of the 'chosen ones.' He just drinks poison milk and lives in a fantasy for his whole life.

    Milk comes from cows, associated with the Moon through Isis. So Alex's trip through the tree is not up, it's down. He's not only going through life in a daydream, he's seeing the reflection of the top of the tree in the Moon's waters and essentially drowning himself. Soon he'll be effectively braindead, but allowed to continue imagining himself as a deity as long as he serves his master(s).

    It's all about elevating the 'Israelites', God's chosen people, while destroying the 'Egyptians' - everybody else (people with 'privilege'). The ones who consent to their new rulers will be allowed to live in the Matrix, or have sweet avatars in the Metaverse. Everyone else is supposed to be eliminated in the course of the plagues, or have their will broken.

    The God doing the choosing is this group of "chosen people," the ones who are traveling together up the Tree of Life to become living gods. (If you're not a 'fellow traveler' or sputnik, you're a 'useful idiot' like Alex DeLarge.) The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent image of themselves the "Illuminati" has created in their own fantasies is represented to the people as the looming specter of quantum computing, 5g, Web3, Neuralink, nanotech, etc.

    Whether or not these techno-fantastic dream/nightmare devices could ever be feasibly deployed probably isn't the point. Their main purpose may just be to overwhelm people's consciousness and keep them in a submissive semi-trance state.

    1. Sorry for posting so much all at once. I just feel like maybe I'm on the right track with this and want to write it out before I completely forget it all, haha. Also, when I get this excited about an idea it tends to have a fatal flaw. So maybe elaborating will expose the flaw if it exists.

    2. No need to apologise.

      SY 1:7 Ten Sephirot of Nothingness/ Their end is imbedded in their beginning/ and their beginning in their end/ like a flame in a burning coal/ For the Master is singular/ He has no second/ And before One, what do you count?

      I think you are right in the sense of the revolution is being (has been) seeded and controlled. Those who are going ''up'' right now are Leo and Pearl and those with them. This will become clear at Tifereth (2024) which is the centre of the Tree. Leo represents the Tifereth of the New Jerusalem and Pearl represents the Malkuth. The AI, geneediting, neural link, the hybrids, the clones etc these are the ''stuff of the nightmares'' of the Hell we are going through. All this stuff is very heavily regulated from 2030 and beyond.

      As I mentioned I don't know how many posts ago but if we know the UCT plan the ''countermagic'' becomes obvious. The problem is they've already thought of that and they're in control of that counter magic.

    3. Neither Exodus nor Revelation are being enacted 'for real.' They're both hypnotic scripts utilized to direct people's attention, shape their conclusions, and dictate their behavior. There's enough real world action to establish and reinforce trance states, but the real action is in establishing a totalitarian state. Why a person would want that without being hypnotized themselves is anyone's guess. It's enough to make one wonder if there's even anyone awake at the steering wheel at all.

      It is popular to say you can't make someone do anything in hypnosis they aren't willing to do anyway. That's not true. People also say acupuncture can't possibly hurt you, when there are documented cases of organs punctured by needles and other harms. People say a lot of things which aren't true.

      Not a lot of people will tell you trance states are addictive. Anyone who has watched a lot of tv knows, at least subconsciously, that trance states are addictive. Alex couldn't see the Earth from his position on the tree, because his view was blocked by the Moon. He was always in or close to a state of trance. He seemed to feel his best (and worst) during those trances.

      It seems like some events are intended to program with psychological force, and others with suggestion. Assuming for the moment my list of plagues is accurate, there appears to be a pattern so far of alternating between traumatic force and persuasive suggestion. High tide/low tide. Tsunami/Kek and Zika. Covid/Delta. Avian Influenza/Monkeypox.

      Frank N Furter came from Trance-ylvania, and wore the color of the Moon. Because the Moon is the new Foundation for people who are supposed to believe they are going up when they are really headed down, it stands to reason purple will be with us for the duration of the plagues, at least.

      IotBS shows Trance-ylvanians inducing a state of mass hypnosis, or so-called mass formation psychosis. As soon as people 'go to sleep' they wake up programmed. Their thoughts and actions are no longer their own.

      Since the 7th plague is thunder and hail, which also fall from the sky, it makes me wonder if maybe we won't catch a small break until sometime next year.

    4. It could be they've only thought ahead as far as, "we can either do this the easy way (using hypnosis) or the hard way (using violence)."

      If the operation really is run on mind control and trance states, then wouldn't the counter-magic be to simply stop falling prey to their hypnotic lures? Then again, that wouldn't really be magic anymore, would it?

      In a way though, it would explain why so many words relating to being awake and aware have seemingly become trigger words for trance states. "Woke" being the most obvious one at the moment. What could be a better booby-trap than arranging things so that the more you try to tell people not to trance out, the more inclined they will be to do just that?

      If my (admittedly bizarre and mostly borrowed) theory is correct, then the destination would be Mt. Sinai in Keter and the establishment of a new covenant. Either amongst themselves as the new gods, or maybe with whom/whatever they believe to be the Light Bearer. Something presenting as an alien or angel/demon, or perhaps one of the stars or constellations along the path of either Celestial Pole. Maybe they go low-brow and the pact is with Aquarius or its ruler Saturn. Heck, why not Sirius?

      At any rate, it would be the ritual enacted for whatever's left of the masses. To cement their hypnotic hold on people going forward.

      Maybe one way to counter the process would be to discern exactly what they plan on making a covenant with and just ridiculing that thing into oblivion. After learning to resist unwanted trance states.

    5. Ok, I don't know the Bible at all. Forget that Mt. Sinai business.

      After the plagues, it's probably going to be rebuilding Solomon's Temple or something, since it's Masons and their bros. He's a king, he gets a crown.

      Whatever. My thinky thing no work no more.

  40. Maybe this is the counter magic?


    There she blows! ;-)

  42. Today, 8/4/22 is when Alex is being introduced for his humiliation ritual. "He comes straight from a night's sleep and a good breakfast, undrugged, unhypnotized. Tomorrow, we send him with confidence out into the world again, as decent a lad as you would meet on a May morning. What a change is here, Ladies and Gentlemen, from the wretched hoodlum the state committed to unprofitable punishment some two years ago, unchanged <5> after two years."

    About two years ago: 8/2/2020 Victoria, Australia imposed more lockdown measures. 8/4/2020 Manila Philippines locked down. 8/29/2020 Elon Musk unveiled Gertrude - a pig with a coin-sized computer in her brain (Neuralink).

    Back to this year - 8/8/2022 "If the polls are right, we have nothing to lose." [Lights are dimmed. Enter Lardface, an elegantly dressed fag.] Lardface: "Hello, heap of dirt. Pooh, you don't wash much do you, judging by the horrible smell."

    8/24/2022 "and with relieving the ghastly congestion in our prisons. . .He will be your true Christian, ready to turn the other cheek. Ready to be crucified rather than crucify, sick to the very heart at the thought of even killing a fly. Reclamation, joy before the angels of God."

    Lardface says, "Hello, heap of dirt. Pooh. . ." Heap Of Dirt. HOD. Heap of dirt can be a euphemism for poo. Pooh was also a bear who liked honey. One word, Pooh, encompasses milk and honey, since cows leave the poo treasure grows in. He also remarks on Alex's smell. If someone can't smell well, maybe they have long Covid, they are more likely to smell bad to other people as they lack a faculty for self-regulation. Lardface (pig) starts out talking about dirt (dust) and finishes the day gloating about Alex's supposed long term symptom.

    Minister says: "sick to the very heart at the thought of even killing a fly."

    "Seven at One Blow" or, "The Brave Little Tailor": a tailor killed 7 flies in one blow. Demonstrating milk, he squeezed whey from cheese. Representing honey, he rode in the tree while a giant carried it (bees often make hives in trees). He also had to perform feats for a king who wanted him to fail. He was lucky in his endeavors. At the end he was crowned and received a kingdom of his own.

    Vega: The Weaver Fairy. Double 7th festival. Lyra constellation.

    Hercules: Between Lyra and Corona Borealis. Had to clean stables (stinky job).

    1. 8/29/2022 [. . .]Em: "We've only just read about it in the morning papers." [. . .] Alex: That's right, Dad they did a great job on my gulliver, I'm completely reformed."

      Gulliver's Travels: Swift said he wrote it, "to vex the world rather than divert it." It's about a fantastical world that doesn't really exist.

      Two years prior, 8/29/2020 people were reading about Gertrude the Neuralink pig.

      Gertrude, Hamlet's mother: HAM-let, get it? So funny. I know almost nothing about Shakespeare, so this is all from Wikipedia. There may be more errors than usual.

      Gertrude marries Prince Hamlet's uncle after the uncle murders his father, King Hamlet. King Ham shows up as a ghost and tells Prince Ham what to do - kill someone! Kill the uncle.

      Gertrude agrees, twice, to send people to spy on Prince Hamlet. She dies around the same time as Prince Ham, from the same poison. Before that, they get in an argument in her bedroom and Hamlet kills his tainted-love interest's father. Mistaken identity, it's not always good to be the man behind the curtain.

      Freud invented the Oedipus complex. He almost named it Hamlet complex. He said of Hamlet, "the hero is not psychopathic, but becomes so." Freud has also said, "it is thus the task of the dramatist to transport us into the same illness." (Isn't 2020 when Pronhub was free and it was all incest fantasies?)

      Hamlet attends university in Wittenberg, Germany. Martin Luther, of 95 Theses fame, taught at the University of Wittenberg. Apparently, nailing essays to the doors of churches functioned as something of an early internet. Nail the essay, someone takes it down and copies it. Nail up another one. Etc.

      On July 9, 1537 Martin Luther wrote this to Wolfgang Capito: "Regarding (the plan) to collect my writings in volumes, I am quite cool and not at all eager about it because, roused by a Saturnian hunger, I would rather see them all devoured, for I acknowledge none of them to be really a book of mine, except perhaps the one 'On the Bound Will' and the Catechism."

      So one of his only works Martin Luther liked was the one where he said human beings have no free will. Interesting.

      Two things Hamlet said, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." "What a piece of work is a man."

    2. Freud is uncle to Edward Bernays, the father of public relations. Bernays wrote books like "Propaganda," "Crystalizing Public Opinion," and "The Engineering of Consent."

      If media (like stereos - Lyre?) represent Bernays' work, and round furnishings with a circle in the middle (looking somewhat like 'speakers') represent the media or other sources of subconscious commands, then Alex is brainwashed even in his bed. Mr. Alexander has placed that shape above the bathtub Alex sings in, so even though he may(?)be opposed to the government he isn't free to think for himself either.

      In fact, Mr. Alexander has chemistry flasks above his head on the bookshelf while he writes. Chemistry is alchemy is hermeticism. There happens to have been a hermeticist named Lodovico Lazzarelli, born in 1447.

      I'm of the opinion that Freud's Oedipus complex could be an apologetic for a certain kind of child abuse. After all, if the child's wish is for a certain kind of relationship, then might not a perv call that consent?

      It's rather difficult to find a word that means "love of learning." There are words for loving certain kinds of learning, but nothing for learning in general, that I can find. Maybe there should be a word, but it's been appropriated by pervs. Maybe a thorough look at an encyclopedia, like Wikipedia, would help.

      During the Ludovico treatments Alex 'learns' to abreact to some of his impulses. Specifically, feelings of violence and sexuality. A child's natural lack of sexual impulses has been labeled 'pre-sexual' by a certain subset of pervs.

      Georgie: "Brother, you think and talk sometimes like a little child."
      Prison singers: "I was a wayward child. . ."
      Script: "Julian picks him up like a child and carries him into the living room."
      Alex: "Viddy well, my little brother. Viddy well." "What have you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on?" "Naughty, naughty, naughty, you filthy old soomaka."
      Deltoid: ". . .you watch out, little Alex." "I'm warning you, little Alex, to keep your handsome young proboscis out of the dirt."
      Cat Lady: "Now listen here, you little bastard. . ."
      Fatneck: "That's a nasty cut you've got there, little Alex. Spoils all your. . .beauty."
      Etc. etc. etc.

      When Alex kills the Cat Lady, is this some sort of Hamlet complex playing out? She calls him "little," he calls her "old." Alex has a bust on his dresser, Cat lady has a bust on her desk. He bashes her to death with a phallus sculpture to the mouth. He wants to be free from the influence of the 'speakers' but his actions put him more firmly in their grasp.

      Might this be pointing to Cat Lady as a sort of mother figure to Alex? As in, she's an aging Beta slave and he is a young one? Beta and Delta are the stars added to Hercules to make the Butterfly. Delta for killers. Beta and Delta, sex and violence, the wings which neuter instead of setting one free.

    3. Here's why Alex as a neutered, corrupt Hercules child-slave represents Antifa. παιδεία (paideíā) has three meanings - 1. upbringing 2. training, education, 3. youth, childhood. Its root is παῖς.

      παῖς (paîs) has four meanings - 1.son, 2. boy, 3. slave, 4. servant. One of its derivatives is ἀντίπαις.

      ἀντίπαις (antípais) has two meanings - 1. like a child, 2. no longer a child.

      Compare 'antípais' and 'antifa.' F and P have similar shapes, similar sounds, are both made with contact to the lower lip and a puff of air. A lot of time the S at the end of a word isn't pronounced.

      Hercules was seen in ancient Rome as a champion of the weak and a great protector.

      Antifa draws from the old hipster crowd. People used to like to say they never grew up and spent all their time in childish pursuits. A lot of them had been in the protest scene for years before OWS became a thing. Out of nowhere some of those scenesters starting talking about how "so and so has a punchable face." It didn't take long to go from punchable faces to talking about more general violence against so-called fascists. Now we've had Antifa violently enforcing the prevailing order because anyone they disagree with is a 'fascist.'

      It's funny in a sad way that 'creeping fascism' is a thing, but no one ever talks about the creeping trance-ism behind the fascist tendencies of people who say they hate fascism.

      Alex's fate of total incapacitation (and being spoon-fed like a baby) coupled with his final retreat into a mental construct of personal potency, not only shows exactly how his master(s) will reward his faithful service but illustrates that he is the exact opposite to the enlightened space baby man-god of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

      Alex is a trained slave, like a child and not a child. Mentally childlike, yet lacking a child's innocence. Fantasies of being elevated or brought up are used to drag him down. What is his fear they exploit? He obeys commands, and is considered as a heap of dirt. Because totalitarians don't reward their minions. They discard them. Typically in mass graves.

      In IotBS they are hauled away in garbage trucks. If there's another long lockdown, and this Meta-curse ever takes hold, how hard would it be to start knocking people off and replacing them with digital doppelgangers? That's one of the fears meant to bash people over the head with, isn't it? It's all so boring. Fear, fright, scares - this circus stinks.

    4. More on Gertrude the pig:

      {{Budha (बुध = बुध् + क) and Buddha (बुद्ध = बुध् + क्त) share same root verb बुध् which means “to know”, “to perceive”, “to teach."

      Budha (बुध) means “a wise, intelligent person” and “Mercury planet."}}

      {{The Buddha died after eating a meal often called “pig’s delight” (Skt. sukaramaddava, lit. “soft” or “mild pig”) offered to him by the *metal*worker, Cunda Kammāraputta, in his mango grove in Pava, between November and January, en route to Kapilavastu, the place of his birth. The nature of this meal is uncertain. It might have been pork (the Buddha was not vegetarian) or mushrooms. The food disagreed with him. He directed that it be buried and died some 15 to 18 hours later in Kushinagar, after he had resumed his journey.}}

      {{Importantly, fungal hyphae integrate root systems into huge root-wide webs which allow not only the sharing of water and mineral nutrients, but also support long-distance chemical and electric signals. Roots use neuronal molecules such as glutamate and GABA supported by their specific receptors, as well as actin-based synapses and the plant-specific action potentials, to perform all their social activities and cognitive navigation for soil exploration.}}

      Gertrude has a (presumably metallic) implant in her brain. (At least one study says people with Alzheimer's have fungal infections in their brains.)

      Killing Buddha with Gertrude could mean hypnotic mind control. And/or, electronic and/or fungal brain invasion. Yuck potion no.114 may have tiny *metallic* bits which transform in the brain, shown as wiring attached to Alex's head during Ludovico sessions.

      The thorny *inoculation* (Enoch-ulation?) may cross the brain blood barrier. Maybe the goo leaves one vulnerable to an as-yet unknown fungus? Could it contain segments already, waiting for activation?

      Spores from boot licking? Or perhaps just as mushrooms come up after a rain, Alex must be dunked and soaked before he pops. The trough is a kind of baptism, and he's like a baby afterwards.

      Fungus releases spores which can be hard to avoid. The goo affects people who merely had contact with the purposefully inoculated. They are kind of like mushrooms, like that.

      Skinwalker Ranch is said to send 'hitchhikers' home with visitors, who spread them to others. The hitchers give people supernatural hallucinations and sometimes they get sick. 'Skinwalker' is an ok description of a pod person.

      Leave two words out of IotBS, it's IBS. Lardface said Alex stank. Buddha died after a bad meal. Pigs poo a lot. Fungi grow in cowpies. Buddha's precept, "life contains suffering" can be weaponized as "life is doody."

      A shift from e-fears to green fears is hinted at etymologically - see 'electricity' and 'amber.' Incidentally, Electra is the female Oedipus, according to Freud. Maybe 'green' words could hint at 2023's favored flavor of fear.


      {{Briefly, the word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit root budh, literally “to wake, wake up, be awake and its literal meaning is closer to "awakening." The term "enlightenment" was popularised in the Western world through the 19th century translations of Max Müller. It has the western connotation of a sudden insight into a transcendental truth or reality. In fact, bodhi is not the result of illumination but of a path of realization or coming to understanding. The term "enlightenment" is event-oriented, whereas the term "awakening" is process-oriented. The western use of the term "enlighten" has Christian roots, as in Calvin's "It is God alone who enlightens our minds to perceive his truths". The term "enlighten" was first being used in English in 1835. }}

      {{The term "Enlightened" did not enter into the Buddhist tradition for centuries after the lifetime of the Buddha. It was a result of two different mis-translations. The first was accidental. "Island" as in "Be an island unto yourself" from the Buddha's final sermon, was mistranslated as light because the two words are homonyms in Sanskrit. We can confirm that the Buddha said "island" and not "light" by looking at earlier Pali sources.}}

      {{The ‘cause of suffering’: Lord Buddha explained the immediate cause of the suffering is the ‘desire’ (Than.ha).}}

      You kill (Thanatos) buddha by introducing desire (Miss Piggy). Changing Buddha's message from Awakening to Enlightenment, or from a process to an event, awakens desire for results and puts consciousness to sleep. In effect, the 'enlightenment' carrot is a blinder.

      "Be an island unto yourself." This reminded me of the Yijing hexagram 28. Also, the word in Genesis for 'rib' is related to arc, curve, and *beam* of wood. (The word for 'sleep' is related to hypnotize.) I think there's a myth involving an old man with a young wife which somehow relates to fungus. . .The 6th line of the hexagram kind of describes Alex getting dunked.


      "A connection of lyngourion (whether amber or not) with Aesclepius, Artemis, and Eileithyia may be owed to its sanative properties. As noted in the text, Artemis and Eileithyia are both associated with childbirth, the protection of the young, and the moon. Aesclepius’s connection to childbirth and healing is established by his own birth. According to Pindar (Pythian 3), he was rescued from his dead mother’s womb while she was being cremated on her funeral pyre.

      In ancient lapidaries, lyngourion is one of the three magic stones said to protect both infants and pregnant women.

      [. . .]Dioscorides he uses the word aigeiros, which means “poplar,” as a synonym for amber. The poplar is associated not only with Herakles (the hero brought back poplar branches from the underworld)[. . .]

      The word elektron was also used in antiquity to describe the alloy of silver and gold (modern electrum).
      Neb hedj, or “white gold,” was long known in Egypt; its dual nature “meant that it was used sometimes with the significance of gold and at other times as if it were identical with silver."

      [. . .]works by J. M. Riddle, including “Pomum ambrae: Amber and Ambergris in Plague Remedies,” in Quid Pro Quo: Studies in the History of Drugs, and “Amber in Ancient Pharmacy: The Transmission of Information about a Single Drug,” in Dioscorides on Pharmacy and Medicine.

      Ezekiel’s vision, in which the metaphor for brightness is amber: “Then I beheld, and lo a likeness as the appearance of fire: from the appearance of his loins even downward, fire; and from his loins even upward, as the appearance of brightness, as the colour of amber” (Ezekiel 8:2)."

      Based on just this, it seems like Amber Heard's humiliation ritual was a takedown of pregnant women, infants (making it an elevation of Lilith), Herakles, Egypt, plague remedies, the ability to see 'abominations' in action, and physical and spiritual well-being in general.


    "MANILA, Philippines — A portion of Tomas Claudio street in Manila will be closed to traffic beginning tonight until Nov. 30, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced yesterday.

    In a traffic advisory, the MMDA said a portion of the street would be shut down to make way for the Skyway Stage 3 construction."

    "Ancient Greek κολοβός (kolobós, 'curtailed, broken'); the root is also the ultimate source of English halt," says Wikipedia.

    Claudius ruled after his nephew Caligula, and is rumored to have known about the murder plot ahead of time.

    Caligula - starring Malcolm (Moloch) McDowell, 8/14/1979 Italy, 2/1/1980 USA, Runtime 156 minutes. "Director Tinto Brass cast his own acquaintances as senators and noblemen, including ex-convicts, thieves and anarchists."

    John Steiner, who played the treasurer Longinus, died in a two-car accident in La Quinta, near Palm Springs, CA. on Sunday 7/31/2022 at the age of 81. Not reported until 8/4/2022? That's exactly 2 years after Manila locked down in 2020.

    1. Weird coincidence: Caligula's runtime 2:36.

      1 Kings 2:36 "And the king sent and called for Shimei, and said unto him, Build thee an house in Jerusalem, and dwell there, and go not forth thence any whither."

      He tells him if he crosses the brook Kidron he shall surely die. Shimei agreed, then three years later a couple of his servants ran away so he saddled his ass and rode off to retrieve them.

      Word got back to the king, and the chapter ends at 1 Kings 2:46, "So the king commanded Benaiah the son of Jehoiada: which went out, and fell upon him, that he died. And the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon."

      Basically, the guy went for a ride and it got him killed. "And fell upon him" almost sounds like he could have hit him with his car, if they existed.

  44. Each plague up to and including the 6th seems to correspond to the matching day of creation. The third is a little different, so I'll use the first as an example and then come back to the third.

    Genesis 1:5 "And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day."
    Exodus 7:17 "Thus saith the LORD, In this thou shalt know that I am the LORD: behold, I will smite with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood."
    Genesis 1:6 "And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, and let it divide the waters from the waters."

    First plague - Fukushima. The waters were divided from the waters in the tsunami. The Day light of the nuclear power plant went dark. 18,000+ people died, the water was contaminated, and so were the fish.

    Genesis 1:13 "And the evening and the morning were the third day."
    Exodus 8:16 "And the LORD said unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt."
    Genesis 1:14 "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: (15) And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so."

    This third plague was not to be perceived as coming straight from God, but through the intermediary of the staff Aaron held. It might be the staff Moses turned into a snake earlier? If so, it sounds a lot like the staff of Asclepius. The debate about where Lilifluenza came from never got resolved, it just moved to whether Samiflu festered out of cows or frogs.

    Anyway, Genesis 1:14 doesn't end with a period, so there's a second or hidden part. The lights of heaven giving light to the earth. This could be The Science setting up a new priesthood for people to follow. It could be any examples of Woke dictatorship.

    The third plague brings us to "The Golden Compass." I want to point out a couple of things about The Golden Compass because it might be useful in figuring out what's going to come next, especially since the next plague will differ from the old pattern. (Assuming this theory is valid.)

    1. In The Golden Compass there's magic Dust. It's secret, it's forbidden, it opens a portal to other dimensions or something. The movie's title could be a reference to Genesis 1:14. The runtime of 113 minutes exactly matches Genesis 1:13, or 11 March.

      The release dates were 11/27/2007 London, 12/5/2007 UK, 12/7/2007 USA. The time between the London release and the pandemic declaration of 3/11/2020 is 4488 days, or 8:16. The time between the US release and the PanDec including end-date is 4479 days, or 8:16. Release - Exodus, hardy har har. If that's too convoluted, there's this - it won awards at the 80th Academy Awards and the 61st British Academy Film Awards, but that seems more coincidental.

      11/27/2007 - the last 7 digits sum to 19. 12/5/2007 - the first 4 digits sum to 19. 12/7/2007 - the first 3 digits sum to 19. 7 and 4 make 11, add the 3 and there's 11/3 or March 3 in the UK. Or Genesis 1:13 again.

      The main character is Lyra and her daemon is Pan. The story itself is thick with symbology which could relate to 2020. The number stuff is what I really wanted to point out. It kind of fits together really well.

    2. I never saw the movie, from memory it bombed, but I did read the book. Quite an interesting storyline involving parallel worlds, a theocratic authoritarian government, dark matter, some interesting ideas around duality and the intersection between the spiritual and material worlds. There was a BBC version not that long ago which looked to be quite a big budget affair, may be still ongoing not sure.

    3. Never seen the Movie or read the Book - perhaps I should, because the title is very interesting - I believe it is Gold that directs the light inside the human body and therefore acts as a compass!

  45. Alexander watch...

    The Commonwealth games opening ritual: (yikes) and athletics currently underway are taking place in Alexander Park stadium. Which, incidentally (maybe) was the setting for the Lauren Jeska attempted murder in 2016. I say maybe because this took place on 22nd March, aka 322 skull and bones, dissolving of the Knights Templar, Brussels terrorist attacks and so much more: that with the transgender political aspect of the crime makes me wonder if there's some kind of ritual connection.

    On August 20th Oleksander Usyk fights Antony Joshua in Jeddah. This will tie in to Ukraine war which Usyk has departed in order to fight the biblically named British former champion. In the movie Alex will just be proclaiming that he's alright after the temptation scene. Wish I knew whether to interpret that as an AJ win or not...

    Alexander Yanuchovic has just been sanctioned along with his father Victor the former PM. He may have a bigger role to play in the future.

    1. ps, comment on the Commonwealth games opening ceremony video linked in post above:

      Gentle Wise
      3 days ago (edited)
      @1:50 I’m sure that’s Beethoven, if it is, It links us to the 1971 movie “Clockwork orange”. In the movie “Beethoven’s 9th symphony” is used. It’s played throughout the movie and acts as a trigger to a series of terrifying events.'

    2. Funny you should bring up Joshua.

      Exodus 9:19 mentions hail coming down. So does Joshua 10:11. The forms are slightly different - מוֹרָד môrāḏ is TWOT 909a, its root word יָרַד yāraḏ is TWOT reference *909*. Those are words for descent, fell, down. The hail of God's judgement coming down in Exodus is בָּרָד bārāḏ (TWOT 280a), and the stones/hailstones in Joshua are אֶבֶן 'eḇen (TWOT 9).

      Both passages relate God smiting the enemies of his chosen people. Joshua slaughters every single last person in five cities, because the LORD God commanded him. Hail is the lucky 7th Egyptian plague.

      Joshua and Marc Antony were both instrumental in establishing new governments. Is another sacrifice now called for, or is it time to start elevating Moses' successor?

      Another word from Joshua 10:11 is בֵּית־חֹורוֹן bêṯ-ḥōvrôn. Blue Letter Bible gives the pronunciation as bayth kho-rone', but it looks like Beethoven to me. The old Ludwig Van.

      This certainly isn't going to be a triumphal moment for our faithful narrator, Alex. It might actually be a sporting event worth following.

    3. Actually, in a way it will be triumphal for Alex. He'll have just passed the temptation test, or proven he's been effectively neutered.

      Oleksander Usyk bears looking into at some point.

    4. I was born in the surrounding area of Birmingham - colloquially known as the “Black Country” and lived 6 miles from Alexander Stadium, actually worked there as a student! Even I found the opening Ceremony very dark and sinister - The Bull is a reference to the Birmingham bull ring where they used to hold Bull-baiting events - using English bulldogs to “tenderise” the meat of the Bull - The Tower of Babel looking structure however, had no connection to the area I can think of.
      You may have noticed the car Prince Charles arrived in - it’s his own personal Aston Martin DB6 Volante - given to him by the Queen on his 21st birthday - he was often seen driving Diana around London in it and was used at Prince Williams and Kates Wedding. The reg is EBY 776J - 1969 this gives the number 6 alongside DB = 6 - giving us 666 and Aston Martin is derived from Aston -to astonish and
      Martin - Roman martinus- Mars god of war and fertility - together with the black bull with red lighting - the symbolism is indeed sinister.

    5. For the record, Alex Jones was playing ACO soundtrack in his show before the trial announcement.

    6. The car in the advert at the end of the link you shared JM is orange.

    7. Aston can also mean to stun, bewilder or stupefy, so Aston Martin could signify bewildering or stupefying violence. Charles' birthday is 11/14/1948.

      Alex Jones has just been ordered to pay $49.3 million to the family, who said they had complex post traumatic stress disorder. C-PTSD is bewilderment or stupefaction from long-term physical, emotional, sexual, or mental violence.

      Joshua 11:4 says, "And they went out, they and all their hosts with them, much people, even as the *sand* that is upon the sea shore in multitude, with horses and *chariots* very many." "They" were kings fighting against Israel. God tells Joshua in 11:6, "Be not afraid. . .thou shalt hough (עָקַר) their horses, and burn their chariots with fire."

      The family's attorneys want to put Jones out of business (hamstring him); "Speech is free. Lies, you pay for." A lawyer with no connection to the case called the award amount "a *stunning* loss for Jones."

      Hough - עָקַר ʿāqar or hamstring, is translated in Genesis 49.6 as "dig down" (a wall). Jacob is talking to his sons. He addresses them one by one starting at *49:3*, "Reuben, thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power: <4> Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel; because thou wentest up to thy father's bed; then defiledst thou it: he went up to my couch."

      Alex sat on a bed with Deltoid, who grabbed his crotch and spoke to him as one might to a child. When they laid down, the Chiro(n?) behind them became visible.

      Reuben means "behold a son," from ra'ah "he saw" + ben "a son." Rube Goldberg created complex machines to perform simple tasks. A "rube" is easily fooled, or stupefied. Alex Jones' hair may not be red, but his face is.


  47. The connection to ACO is splendid indeed - Blogos, is this the accepted colour combo for the Tree of Life? with Hod as Orange.

  48. I’m sure I have seen mention of Agent Orange - the so-called “Rainbow Herbicide” used to deadly effect in the Vietnam war.

    It has a chemical formula of C24H27Cl5O6 and is partly made up of a dioxin.

    The most well know dioxin used in medicine is digoxin - derived from digitalis the foxglove plant - the most common variety being Digitalis purpurea (purple coloured).

    There is another dioxin 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) which has a perfectly symmetrical structure - C12H4Cl4O2

    22 atoms and 160 electrons - it is indeed a thing of beauty!

    2 x 6C Benzene rings each capable of absorbing UV light - 2 oxygen atoms in the middle and 4 chlorine atoms at the ends, eager for an additional electron.

    Dioxins are classified as environmental pollutants and cause cells to release aryl hydrocarbon receptors (AhR) - the same process happens in Covid and causes a disruption of the circadian clock!

    1. The purple/Agent Orange connection made me think of Jimi Hendrix. The first track on the UK version of 'Are You Experienced' was Foxy Lady. On the US version, the first track was Purple Haze. It was released in 1967, during the Vietnam War. The cover of the UK version had a green background and Jimi with wings like a black butterfly; it also had two big, white, prominent eyes. The US version featured purple lettering and Jimi in an orange feather boa; him and the band were shown so it looked like viewing them through a crystal ball (or round window like UFO's are sometimes pictured with?).

      TCDD is a developmental toxin (Lilith), and a ground contaminant. A place in Italy is called The Triangle of Death, because of mafia dumping.

      Jimi said he saw UFO's. He gave his last interview on Sept. 11. His death (at 27) will be 52 years ago this September. He's buried at the *Greenwood* Cemetery, and died at the Samarkand Hotel. Samarkand - Crossroad of Cultures, according to UNESCO.

      UFO abductions are said to be accompanied by lost time, which sounds like a pretty severe circadian disruption. Some claim that abductions are a cover for more earthly, alphabetical entities.

      Will pod people in 2023 be immune to rainbow herbicide?

  49. Another thought about Alex as Hercules. Alex is shown to us as Mercury - a figure surrounded by orange who leads us on a tour of the underworld.

    A closer look suggests he really regards himself as Hercules, and the music he occupies himself with comes from Lyre. He's presented as horribly flawed, yet still the protagonist. We are supposed to feel at least somewhat sympathetic towards him.

    Lyre (Liar) was created by Mercury from a tortoise shell. Not only is Alex a victim of his unconscious, conditioned impulses, we the audience (We The People - We TP) may be meant to follow Alex down his slide to oblivion. It could be that both we the audience and Alex are meant to be caught in the weaver's web. To be fooled, used, and ultimately discarded.

    1. And which God is Ezra Miller representing in the DC/Greek Pantheon..?

    2. Mercury - which burns in oxygen to give the Orange coloured Mercural Oxide - the atmosphere on Mercury is 42% oxygen - The tree of Knowledge is connected to Oxygen - the molecule of life and death! Hence Hod and Samael are associated with the number 8

    3. Absolutely. Oxygen = 8 electrons.

    4. Dr Rob, I don't know what magick brought you here but to a former lazy arts student like myself whose eyes glazed over at the mere mention of relative formula mass it's a blessing that Blogos has someone in the comments who can read the difficult bits on this site about cell division and science and other such arcane stuff leaving me guilt free to trade movie references and obscure occult references in old tv shows that I had no business watching. Take care not to reverse the polarities on your flux capacitor as you're engaged in a great work here!

    5. Sorry Blogos, I don't watch many Marvel movies so I can't even proffer a quarter-baked guess on that lunatic's arc. I like Dr. Strange, though, and suspect it will be a sad day when whatever it's really about sinks in.

      Dr Rob, 42 degrees is supposed to be the only angle from which a person can see a rainbow. I wonder if that's connected somehow.

    6. Magick indeed - Journeyman - it might have something to do with my Surname! Your knowledge of pop culture and and movies is commendable - I like the mixture of esoteric, theologic, artistic and scientific on here - together we shall reveal the Truth!

    7. Words - The answer to the “Great Question” of “Life, the Universe and Everything” is “forty-two.” HGTTG Deep Thought! I’m sure that figure has significance. A Rainbow is circular in shape with 7 colours 42 x 7 = 294. 360 - 294 = 66. it also requires water which contains oxygen which has 6 valence electrons easily capable of partaking in the photoelectric effect - my own theory is more esoteric - In ancient Egyptian mythology, during the judgment of souls, the dead had to declare before 42 judges that they had not committed any of 42 sins - my interpretation of “Sin” is letting go of Light/energy by oxygen valence electrons - again 6 x 7 - this judgement happens in the mitochondria/Osiris/Mary Magdalene/Black Sun!

    8. FWIW - my interest in the Hermetic Tree of Life was stimulated by the colours - particularly 1,6,9 which correlated to my interpretation of the Holy Trinity representing (Brilliant White) Light, the Sun and UV light!

    9. The UV light makes me think of all those vampire stories. There's the Kate Beckinsale franchise but also a BBC show from the 90's (early appearance of Idris Elba) of the same name. Ultraviolet light was used to fight the undead.

      Do you think there's anything in the perceived change in the colour of the sun in the last few years? Could be mine and others memories playing trick, but it seems a much more brilliant white these days than the yellower one I remember. Have seen others say similar....

    10. The Sun is definitely whiter in colour - a new solar cycle (25) started in Dec 19 coinciding with Covid. The earths magnetosphere is weakening which means more charged particles and UV light are hitting the earth. Also we are seeing a speeding up of the magnetic pole reversal which is going to see a dramatic change in the environment.

    11. Fascinating observations about rainbows and 42.

      The hidden 66 is revealing. It seems so Ultra, or Extra as the oldsters were trying to get the kids to say in 2019. Candy colored poison.

      Real rainbows are still nice. So uplifting. So pretty.

    12. And, never forget what lies at the end of every Rainbow!

    13. Yes, exactly! There is no end of the rainbow, and there is no pot of gold. The end of the rainbow is the striving for a utopian outcome and the pot 'o gold is a hypnotists dangling watch. The leprechaun, as a grumpy goblin waiting to drag the unsuspecting to the underworld (or 'across water'), is probably the realest part of the myth.

      Thinking about rainbow MK (you're supposed to 'keep your eye on the leprechaun' to make him reveal where his gold is), the occult history of Ireland which Journeyman linked to and I'm about halfway through reading, and the reality history of Ireland and its seemingly perpetual story of trauma via war, conflict, religious strife, and starvation, has got me wondering if maybe the Celts weren't part of a very intensive early, systematized hypnotic programming regime.

    14. There is an end to “The Rainbow” - when the star goes supernova and Gold is produced! Ancient wisdom knows a lot about Astrophysics.

    15. Yes, "every cloud has a silver lining" and "every silver lining's got a touch of grey."

      A supernova is no longer the star it once was. The ultra-new radiance quickly fades. This could be likened to getting caught by the leprechaun and having your 'mind blown' so you create real treasure which he keeps.

      Being able to see in the dark is as important as appreciating light filled beauty, and vice versa. I appreciate your sunny outlook. It helps to illuminate some of the dark corners which are otherwise too difficult to see.

    16. When you know where Gold is found in the human body - you can begin to believe in Leprechauns!

  50. Scroll down and have a look at the still they chose for the 1994 version of Stephen King's 'The Stand.'

    1. The Raven close-up? I think that comes from the novel, the antagonist may be able to turn into one, not completely sure on that one. I saw the 90's version but never saw the remake. Enjoyed the book though, probably one of the best of his that I've read. The SYFY site had this cyborg locust cancer sniffing story to add to current feelings of joy and happiness:

    2. The lettering in yellow, next to the raven who is outside the razor wire enclosure gives me the impression the way to freedom is suggested to be through dispute. Elements of every sefirot up to Tifereth are embedded in the image. So this freedom would be from the 'lower' concerns we are now embroiled in, and by extension the 'lower' realms which include a connection to the Earth.

      The bird's posture reminds me of Mithra slaying the bull. Without further indications of what this freedom is supposed to entail, it suggests to me an invitation to 'leave your body behind' and either join or become a tool for the worldwide fungal network we call secret societies (more on that metaphor some other time).

    3. Ah, didn't see any of that! This is why I'm supposed to be memorising these correspondences...

    4. words are, this video has an excerpt from an old movie where a conman called Trump says the world is about to end after being struck by a comet: First comment, 7:49 Raven on top of curved tree

    5. That was slightly unsettling to watch. Funny about the raven - you say tree, the commenter says snake, I thought it looked like the bird was perched on a phonograph. After viewing it on a larger screen it kind of looks more snaky.

      Trump really did blow everything up. He's the ultimate wrestling heel. People were talking about 5d chess for awhile, but it's a quantum shell game. "It's this, no it's the opposite. It's not real. It's the most important thing ever. No, don't look over there! Play the shell game instead."

      If a two-faced bird is ordo ab chao, what is a bird on top of a snake?

    6. Yes, interesting symbolism - I associate the Snake with the Sun/day and the Raven with the Black Sun/night. In Greek mythology, the Raven used to be white!

  51. Look what YouTube has just suggested I viddy:

    1. Yeah I got a teensy weensy bit freaked out. It's more on the nose than Poirot's pince-nez, that's before the Disney connection.