Thursday, September 1, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Halloween ''Trailer'' for Bodysnatchers

Watch out they get you while you are sleeping.


Nancy, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

The Sefiroth in the Tree of Life, and the Qliphoth in the Tree of Hell are linked by ''paths'' which are associated with planets and Tarot cards along with many other things.  The idea of path as trailer is a relatively new one and came about as a result of Travis Scott's Orange Hell Portal last October but it is consistent with the Qabalistic Demolition that seems to be occuring.  Another word for path is trail after all.

Therefore the Trailer for Invasion of the Body Snatchers should begin Halloween this year, i.e. in 2 months time.  Shortly before this there should be some kind of Hell ritual involving sacrifice and, because the next Qlipha we are moving to is the A'rab Tzereq (the Qlipha of Netzach), a Hellish green pallette in the production/altar design.  Like with the structure of the overall year this trailer was split over the time from Halloween to the New Year and will run parallel with the remainder of A Clockwork Orange.

November Trailer Time Key

  • Orange Portal (Samael seen from the path as you leave)
  • Cosmic green fungus
  • Space and Planets
  • Amazing Grace
  • Cities
  • Soil/rain
  • Thread-like growth
  • Commands to sleep
  • Matthew sleeping (Donald Sutherland)
  • Flowers opening
  • Elizabeth sleeping (Brooke Adams + Elizabeth Moss)
  • Threads growing into skin
  • Terror grows
  • Nancy (Veronika Cartwright) screams ''Matthew''
  • They get you when you sleep

December Trailer Time Key
  • Contagious parasites
  • Duplicates
  • They are not human
  • Barricading the street
  • Starring: (the list of people playing those characters I think this will include the cast of Friends)
  • Running away & Amazing Grace

We can assume the rear view of the orange portal will dovetail with that moment from ACO's time key, like Travis Scott channelled Frank n Furter (Rose Tint My World & ''RKO'') in his ritual.  So highly likely to be Droog costumed this time.  Could be the white suits of the covid droogs in ''Chinatown''.


Space News.  UFO News.  Planet News.  Panspermia News.  California, San Francisco focus.  Food blight/floods of harvest.


The fear of sleep is being slowly ramped up with the rise of death in sleep via ''unexpected illness'' or SADs - we will have a lot more on sleep & long covid/''unexpected excess death'' around the insights of Dr Rob (which I have recently tested in a controlled environment - before taking it to more of an open system).  He is absolutely right that sleep deprivation via light deprivation is one of the primary angles of attack - as we also mentioned this also has the effect of ''blinding'' the individual in question.  Blocking the ACE2 receptors in the pineal gland with the spike protein is causing the eyes to change and the victim to be unable to get any true rest i.e. don't just watch out for the heart attacks watch out for the excessive yawning.  Sleep deprivation is a way of reducing longevity & generally speeding up aging.  This blockage also causes a cascade of hormonal problems.


The attack on vanity I talked about ''fear of literally losing face'' via Monkeypox or opportunistic fungal infections.  This will start with the skin though as Qlipha of Netzach should be an attack on skin, soft tissues, breasts, kidneys and ''cortisol''.


''Elizabeth'' (Elisabeth Moss) and ''David'' (Donald Sutherland) appear in the Hunger Games Prequel - Who is a Songbird and Who is a Snake?  Amazing Grace is playing so Scottish stories - maybe Scottish independence?


Then more reports of unexpected deaths during sleep.

Then as we enter November...

Contagious parasites & non-human duplicates (we already have this theme of duplicates set up with CGI Biden and Swollen Clone Putin at least in conspiracircles).


Barricading the streets, rioting mobs in the darkness


I am assuming this will be some kind of news relating to the Friends TV show as it has a lot of strike capacity in the names and the band of friends scenes in the movie.  A Friends revival?  A CGI Friends thing?


Lots of Nancy Pelosi!

Sleep... Sleep.. and be born into a world without fear and hate.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

P.s. Ed (Eddie) Sheeran released Bad Habits in 2021 and you can see the segue from Jokeresque Rocky Horror to A Clockwork Orange and then to Body Snatchers in here.  Body Snatchers at 2:29.



  1. Blogos, I've got your "body snatchers" right here, thanks to the Vaxx:

  2. "The idea of path as trailer is a relatively new one and came about as a result of Travis Scott's Orange Hell Portal last October but it is consistent with the Qabalistic Demolition that seems to be occuring."


    "In 1968 Brent Spiner worked as a performer at Six Flags *Astroworld*, first as a gunfighter and later in Dr. Featherflowers Medicine Show. Spiner also performed the role in the 1968 TV special The *Pied Piper* of Astroworld. "The Pied Piper of Astroworld", now that's some heavy occult wording considering recent events."

    1. Brent Spiner was the "Leonard Nimoy" character of The Next Generation.

  3. FFS

  4. I wonder if we are going to see increased cases of narcolepsy which were associated with the pandemrix flu vax in 2009.

  5. I expect so

    1. fwiw it has crossed my mind that one way a body could deal with this situation is to go into hibernation mode!

  6. That trailer for the Hunger Games is very interesting - especially as both animals are made of gold! - snakes require UV light and this from Wikipedia “Scrub-birds and lyrebirds, of which there are just two species of each, represent the oldest lineage of songbirds on Earth. The rufous scrubbird, Atrichornis rufescens, is essentially confined to the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area” rufous means red and the lyre of Apollo had 7 strings!

  7. The orange portal is a convincing clue that one reason so many events are aligning with the movies' scripts is because the re-set has been planned a very long time ago. It could be that the movies were created in the first place as a guide for people 'in the know' to be able to navigate what seems a confusing mess to outsiders.

    I think a new calendar will be introduced soon, maybe around 2029. Something 'scientific' which will 'prove' we're now in the Age of Aquarius. If not a calendar, at least an updated zodiac. No reset is really complete without a new calendar.

    1. The clocks were hovering menacingly over Biden's Dark Lord of the Abyss speech the other day.

  8. When there were two crazy car crashes recently, one driver was named Anne and her mother Nancy. The other driver's middle name is Lorraine and she has a history of bipolar.

    There is a city in the French administrative region (until 2016 when it was merged into the new region Grand Est) of Lorraine called Nancy. The mayor from 2020-2026 is Mathieu Klein of the Socialist Party, whose logo features a hand holding a red rose. Nancy is "home to one of the main health centres in Europe, renowned for its innovations in surgical robotics."

    On 8/31/1790 the Nancy Mutiny and its subsequent severe punishments such as enslavement and etc. created widespread sympathy for the mutineers.

    The strange trees of the final set reminds me of the embellishments in this picture:,_France#/media/File:Nancy_Porte_Here_BW_2015-07-18_13-45-28.jpg

    San Francisco has trolley cars, Nancy has something called trolleybuses. Nancy's coat of arms has a thistle on it. The alien flowers in Body Snatchers is similarly shaped to a thistle, originally a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

    1. "Paris of the Pacific"


    3. While Matthew and Elizabeth are having dinner and wine outside, the soundtrack music sounds a lot like Charles Mingus. In 1956 he released an album called Pithecanthropus Erectus.

      "And the movements describe the career of Pithecanthropus Erectus. Mingus saw this as the first upright human being and assumed that since he was so proud of standing up, he saw himself as the ruler of the world. And as the ruler of the world, he became rather arrogant. And then, this arrogance makes a counterattack with nature, which led him into decline, and eventually he fell into extinction.
      There's also a very good rendition of "A Foggy Day." It is a Gershwin composition, of course, and it will remind you of Gershwin's "An American In Paris," because it does try to evoke a street scene. In this case, Mingus locates a foggy day, not in London, where it was originally intended to be set, but in San Francisco, where he spent much of his youth."



      (When Alex 'ascends' at the film's end, it isn't into white liquid but snow. The woman he is with has red hair. So it's probably Coma Berenices the Galactic North Pole and not the Milky Way after all.) (The Supergalactic North Pole is at the tip of Aquila's wing, and Cygnus is flying directly toward it.)


    7. On Nancy and Lorraine, check out Dan's Anne Heche video: He's been linking to the Double Cross / Cross of Lorraine

    8. Journeyman - AH - 18 - represents the beginning and the end (at least until a new game begins!) there is a reason a game of soccer lasts 90 mins (1+8=9=0) AH died in a crash involving fire (fire uses up oxygen) her cause of death was given as Brain Anoxic (lack of oxygen) This reflects how (aerobic) life on earth will also end. Think of the AnkH (n+k =25=7 and 9+25 =34=7) 7 = Energy - light chemical electrical kinetic thermal nuclear etc - the key to life = energy! If the time line in the IOTBs is correct then we might expect a nuclear explosion towards the end of 2023

    9. Blogos - you need to read this - The Sandman is Phosphorous!

    10. Journeyman, I think I'm going to have to watch a few of that guy's videos before anything he says starts making sense haha. The one explaining his Cross of Lorraine system put me out cold last night.

  9. Having watched the 1978 version of IOTBs - I was led to the 1980 film “Breaking Glass” executive producer Dodi Fayed - who died alongside Diana.

    This film needs to be given very serious consideration for the cult movie meta theory - similar vibe to ACO - there is even a reference to (serum) 114 and it covers all the major themes and colours!

    The writer and director Brian Gibson was an interesting character - even has 2 daughters called Grace and Raphaela!

    The Soundtrack is very pertinent, including :-

    Monsters in Disguise
    Come into the Air
    Big Brother

    And the Messianic sounding “Eighth Day”

    The video for which is an optical spectacular!

    Here is the trailer

    “Rock against 1984” and the “Overlord records”

    The full movie can be watched for free

    Well worth a watch!

    “Who, what and how writes the song, calls the tune
    Says what's right and wrong”

  10. The psychologist's name is David Kibner. David means 'beloved,' and kibner sounds like kibble, what people feed to dogs (who are siriusly "man's best friend" - and the Supergalactic South Pole is very close to Sirius, which is a future Celestial Southern Pole star).

    The political and public health issues of the last few years have left many people without as many friends as they used to have. A very Venusian way to cope (poorly) with stress and social isolation is through alcohol, drugs, and overeating.

    Matthew and Elizabeth are shown stress eating, drinking wine, and stealing amphetamines during the movie. There is already a burgeoning amphetamine shortage in the US, due to labor shortages and a marked increase in prescriptions in recent years.

    David is a popular name around the world, and some of the variants appear to have a "dew" sound in them. Mountain Dew is starting to roll out their own hard soda in some markets. A drink such as this not only fits some of the overt themes of the movie, but might predispose some people to the health issues one might expect for the year.

    Alcohol can make people more susceptible to fungal infections. Mtn. Dew is full of caffeine, and next year seems slated to be a year of stimulants. Pepsico is connected to WEF, which meets in Davos.

    The Hunger Games preview seems to have a Jyotish Venus feel to them. Friday fasting involves wearing white and is dedicated to Lakshmi and Shukra (sounds like sucrose or sugar); one reason people do it is for prosperity. So white, gold, and hunger.

    The world will discover
    (The) WHO is a songbird
    And (the) WHO is a snake

    1. WHO is a Songbird, WHO is a Snake. Nice work.

    2. The Songbird is Night (dark) The Snake is Day (Light) - The best songbird is the Nightingale which sings at night and before sunrise. The Snake represents the sun.

  11. I am not going to watch it but Sandman is apparently part of the sleep narrative build.

  12. John Newton supposedly wrote Amazing Grace after he realized slavery is bad.

    The UN just issued a report calling Chinese treatment of Uyghur Muslims "serious human rights violations." It's kind of a master stroke. Progressives have to choose between loving the UN and favoring some cultures over others, and loving Chinese money and cheap goods. Conservatives will need to prioritize fearing the UN, potential political persecution at home, or religious and cultural tensions.

    The English Civil War took place in the 1600s. The US Civil War was during the 1860s. The normal path on the Tree of Life puts Venus on years ending in 6, probably also '6' decades and centuries.

    There is a bit of an "us against them" feel to Body Snatchers. If nothing else, I suspect the threat of civil war will be used to troll people all year.

  13. From Wordman;

    In regards to chipping everyone, listen to this latest vid from Pete Santilli interviewing Carrie Madej where she cites the first trials of brain-machine interface tech as used on Black Hawk pilots; where they could fly the choppers hands-off, using just their mental instructions to the vehicle itself to alter flight characteristics, speed, attitude, direction, etc.

    After a time, they couldn't distinguish between which thoughts were their own and which were being imparted by the AI-characteristics inherent in the tech itself. Hearing "voices in the head" taken to the extreme. They all ended up committing suicide. From around the 11:30 mark here:

    This also highly reminiscent of the initial testing of the Elon Musk DARPA-inspired neuralink tech on primates, where all of the monkeys ended up clawing their skulls and faces off trying to get it out...

  14. IOTBs is showing us how life evolved.

    So the trailer opens with fire - red/infrared light (night time) and Blu-ray is clearly a reference to blue light which is vital for growth and is only present in the day.

    This reference is probably more relevant #ratturd

    Then we have a Star/sun in all its thermodynamic nuclear fusion glory and gas/cloud formation followed by the emergence of life - this requires the formation of carbon!

    Aromatic hydrocarbons in space are thought to have played a part in the evolution of life on earth.

    There are 2 covert references to the triple alpha process from which we get Carbon and Oxygen. Carbon is essential for all forms of life.

    The bagpipes playing amazing Grace - I suspect is a reference to Burns night and food - because we are grateful for the food we eat!

    The Triangle is likely to symbolise C3 carbon fixation and photosynthesis on earth.

    Then we here Matthew x 3 - etymology of Matthew- gift from the Lord = Light
    which wakes Matthew up!

    Terror at night because there is no light for photosynthesis.

    I suggest the body refers to “Light” and the snatchers are the aromatic hydrocarbons/amino acids, then later chloroplasts.

  15. Blogos! Another fine candidate for the "red" year, instead of Shock Treatment:

    The OMEN. Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, would make a fine Damien Thorne.

    1. I thought of the Omen when David Warner died recently. He played Keith Jennings, the Photo Journalist who teams up with Gregory Peck. I thought about him quite a bit actually, starting with his name 'warner' as in someone who warns? Thinking of his filmography:
      He was in just about everything sci-fi / fantasy related. Played the Devil in Time Bandits, lots of Star Trek, Dr Who, Twin Peaks, all sorts really but a lot of the shows that seem to have something else (disclosure?) weaved into them. Maybe just a hard working actor in the fantasy genre, or perhaps something was guiding his choice of roles?

      Back to the AC, presuming there is a man of perdition on the horizon. You think Jared's the strongest contender? We already have someone with the same initials as Damien...

    2. I don't think so. This suffers from being too famous (not really a cult film) and therefore way too obvious. The other problem is that it follows a small child around a lot and there is a lot of time spent on horror shots that wouldn't convert to this global calendar form.

    3. If it's a small child you're after may I present to you the time travelling Baron Trump. A slip of a lad at 7 foot 9 or whatever height his Nephilim DNA currently has him at.

      I think we'd be at Omen 3 by this point anyway. Which is at least less well known.

      Does this mean the great 'Replace Shock Treatment' battle continues? /Palpatine Do not underestimate the number of bizarre, little known cult movies that could replace this movie than none of us have watched that this fully operational comments system can convey. /Palpatine

    4. I like the Omen series as much as the next guy, including the Final Conflict.

      Seriously have you watched Shock Treatment? In terms of the context of the theory its pretty obviously going to be about ''Smart Cities''. And they get to recycle characters...

    5. Have you seen “Breaking Glass” with the chief protagonist Kate Crowley?! - it covers corporate corruption, riots, fascism, racism, big brother surveillance, compliance, drug use, mental health and trans humanism - interwoven with the music and lights. I suspect Prince William is chosen to be the “Golden” child

    6. Is “Breaking Glass” the solution?! Courtesy of Dr. Alexis G. Pincus!

    7. I haven't seen Shock Treatment, and don't know if I've met anyone who has. It might be a touch too niche. It's got 5k reviews on IMDB compared to 150k for Rocky Horror and 119k for The Omen.

      I saw the Omen but it was a long time ago and I've mostly forgotten everything about it. Having read the synopsis, the photographer following everywhere did seem to strike the surveillance state note. Another red 70's movie is Susperia.

    8. Have just watched Shock Treatment - it certainly fits - especially with Brad on the scene! Any thoughts on Breaking Glass? Anyone.

    9. Indeed, I suggest “Janet” is the “Medicine” for Brad - just what the Dr ordered!

  16. NOE is written on the wall when Alex is watching his first indoctrination video.

    Zir: means 'him' or 'I am' in Enochian, means (nonbinary) 'him' or 'her' in New Age.

    1. And Noah is Hebrew for “rest” - this could link to theta brain waves that are associated with hypnosis and increased suggestibility.

    2. Theta is supposedly the programming associated with psychic, astral, and ESP stuff. This (dubious - but aren't they all?) source says astral travel happens when the body is asleep and the mind is awake.

      Noah fits in here since his communication wasn't of the normal, conversational variety.

      The theta thing makes a lot of sense, even pushing the guy down the stairs before they pummel him could represent a descent into the subconscious.


      "In 1986, Larry Harvey and Jerry James make a wooden Man out of scrap lumber in a basement in *Noe* Valley, San Francisco. They drag it down to Baker Beach with about ten other friends, douse it in gasoline, and light it on fire.",_San_Francisco

      "The neighborhood is named after José de Jesús Noé, the last Mexican alcalde (mayor) of Yerba Buena (present day San Francisco), who owned what is now Noe Valley as part of his Rancho San Miguel.[...]The original Noé adobe house was located in the vicinity of the present day intersection of 23rd Street and Douglass Street. Along with nearby neighborhood Corona Heights, Noe Valley was the site of two quarries until 1914.

      Many Noe Valley streets were laid out and named by John Meirs Horner, who named Elizabeth Street after his wife and Jersey Street after the state where he was born.

      One of the attractions of Noe Valley is that the adjacent Twin Peaks partly blocks the coastal fog and cool winds from the Pacific[...]

      Famous residents include Evan Williams, Mark Zuckerberg, and Terry Karl."

      Surely coincidence, but sure is funny:
      Black Rock Desert:
      Douglass St:

  17. New UK MP Liz Truss, everyone:

    1. And dressed in resplendent purple!

    2. With a touch of orange!

    3. “UK turns ORANGE in 'false autumn' as leaves start to fall three weeks early” Blamed on the Stress of a hot dry summer!

      As Above So Below!

    4. I saw that, its all signalling!

  18. Boris Johnson's final speech includes strange reference to a ''space hopper'' I wonder why... ;-)

    1. I don't think we've seen the last of Boris. I think they may abseil him back in some form in 2023, maybe he'll be riding the wormwood meteorite like a cowboy a la Dr Strangelove, or would that be too obvious?

    2. Not exactly a hopper, but this is the first thing 'space hopper' made me think of.

    3. Space Hoppers are classically orange

    4. Liz Truss = support to keep the roof on until Churchill 2.0 pulls a Cincinnatus:
      and HastaLaVista Boris

  19. You are clearly making this far more complicated than it needs to be just because you've never taken a walk in the tropics.. the 'songbird' and snake are the flag of Mexico, and the body-snatchers flower is clearly a cactus fruit, and present on the same banner; it's also worth noting the story behind it, where a wandering people find the primordial mound on which their God commands them to build their Empire (Dune 1984 was filmed in the Hummingbird God/Churubusco studios in Mexico City; same god, same location). September 16 is our Independence Day, matching the Fall Equinox/Eleusinian Mysteries/Jewish New year. When will you believe? Perhaps when 'your temples, palaces, and towers collapse with a horrid clamour'?

    1. Interesting words to the Mexican National Anthem Lakeofmarch.

      “Like the holm oak struck by lightning,
to the deep torrent collapses
discord, defeated, impotent,
it fell to the feet of the archangel.”

      Quercus ilex ( Holm Oak) - potential Spike treatment!

      “Worthy of note is the fact that the wood extract from one of the most abundant trees in the Mediterranean forests, Quercus ilex L., showed antiviral effects against (H9N2) influenza and bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) viruses, this latter being a pestivirus model of hepatitis C virus (HCV)”

      I do not think the eagle can be classified as a songbird, though the story is very apt.

    2. Lakeofmarch, of course - it's just about a perfect tuna flower. Very obvious now that you've pointed it out. The French restaurant has artichokes near the rat turd soup, so there could still be a thistle connection.

      Eagle as songbird makes sense in terms of battle songs.

      Do you think Mexico will take a more prominent role in world events soon?

    3. Dr Rob, BVD seems to collect in calves brains and leads to persistent infection, so it's interesting the rat turd is in Calves Brains in Red Wine with mushrooms. Truffles grow in the roots of the holm oak. The tramp will soon (Sept 21st) call Alex a poisonous young swine and a murderous young pig.

      Around 35:42 or April 15 the psychiatrist says there seems to be some sort of hallucinatory flu going around.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. In Hunger Games, District 10 of Panem is Mexico:

    7. Words are - I had the ingredients down as: Calves brains red wine, thyme parsley, bay leaf, garlic and caper/rats turd with rats turd being a reference to weed - which is classified as an hallucogenic - All those ingredients (including resveratrol in red wine) I would consider beneficial - though I note the other foods Pasta and rice are carbs and would be detrimental in covid - another inversion.

  20. A few snake (and Basil) stories from 9/6:

  21. Body Snatchers IRL:

  22. 666 Rainbow (by Apple's standards this is just a triple rainbow)

    "The disclosures were published by The Guardian and The Washington Post on June 6, 2013."

    P-8 R-2 I-1 S-3 M-4

    A-1 P-8 P-8 L-3 E-5, C-3 O-7 M-4 P-8 U-6 T-4 E-5 R-2 C-3 O-7
    7, 49
    7 colors in the prism, prism x prism
    Maybe this makes up for leaving a color out of the spectrum in their logo. 6 colors - one might call it a farce but even those (are said to) have 7 elements.

    "You couldn’t dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy."

    "Landor & Associates a branding firm based in San Francisco made the changes in the late 1990s...They made the shape more symmetrical, much more geometric." Symmetry is so anarchic. "In other news, [...] TikTok has announced new rules, [censored]."

    'Who controls the past controls the future. . .'
    -some guy who ruined his health writing a book

    In other other news, stay out of the rainbow ice caves or you may meet with like, an accident.

    So not all rainbows are healthy for children?

    1. Oh, ok. . .rainbows are snakes (in Teh Upside Down/Black Mirror/etc.).

      “I grew up in a very Christian environment,” he said. “A very healthy environment and a loving family, but there were parameters that I didn’t understand. I questioned it, and it took me until my adult years until I could really try new things — that was satanism. It works really well, I made a pact and the movie came out."

    2. Very interesting Words are - Brad is certainly a Colourful character! At the end of the DM article there is another video entitled: “Going Green! Brad Pitt dons emerald at Bullet Train premiere”

      Numerology of Brad = 25 = 7 and Pitt = 65 = 2 - so 7&2. 72 - a number with a lot of significance that also features prominently in IOTBs.

      Jolie = 51 = 6 Angelina = 63

      51+63 = 114 = 6

      (25+65) 90 + 114 = 204 = 6

      They have 6 children together - satanism?!

      Moreover, Brad announced this year that he was suffering with Prosopagnosia - also called face Blindness - which is associated with Alexithymia!


      Of note - the etymology of Brad can refer to “Spike”

      Spike = 60 = 6
      Numerology of protein = 97 = 7

      So, the same numbers as Brad and Jolie!

      As well as associating 7 with energy - I also associate the symbol with Lightning - electrostatic discharge!

      Is this the angel Raphael?

  23. Queen Elizabeth II just died. A chimpanzee clawed her face off!

  24. Making it very simple because I imagine I'll be explaining it to many people over the coming days; Cortez defeated the Aztecs in 1521, the Queen of Heaven (Guadalupe) appeared in 1531 to make them 'love their servitude', and the eagle/songbird link is easily explained with another Aztec god, Left-Handed Hummingbird, at whose studios Dune 1984 was filmed (or with the Eagle's own atl tlachinolli, 'fire and water').. this was the sign for the Protestant revolution to really start out, with Henry VIII declaring his own Anglican church in 1534. After wars with Spain, his daughter declared herself the 'Faerie Queen', and her sorcerer used an Aztec mirror to connect with Enochian 'angels', more accurately obsidian demons. It's a blatant confirmation sign that Jason Louv, say, who wrote a book about this, blatantly lied about the uses of the various objects, so as to hide his patrons and sources. Fast-forward 400 years (first Thanksgiving was in 1622), and now we have black mirrors/computers everywhere, through which a financial-demonic Beast System speaks every single day, a 'Blood Queen' of Babylon who held the spider-web together by force of will.. and a Mayan sacrificing president in Mexico. I would personally dislike him, except rain has come here as it hasn't elsewhere; all primed for the rise of Cucuhulainn/Quetzalcoatl, and Irish reunification in 2024 (Henry VIII invaded it to claim a piece of the Lia Fail's Power).

    1. The stories of the mayans can be explained by a recurrent solar micronova that hit the area over 12000 years ago - which would have seen the sun turn black - we are due another shortly!

  25. I share a birth date with the Queen - 21st April

    She died on the 8/9/2022 = 23 - the number of discordia and the 23rd Psalm

    251 day - Evil spirit Control

    251 = 8 = complete cycle

    251 is the 18th Sophie Germain prime number. 1 & 8 A & H

    114 - the old covenant restored! RIP

    1. Fwiw Charles 3rd numerology = 66 x 3 = 198 = 18 = 3x6!

  26. Someone on GLP:

    ''Some weird coincidences for those that like that sort of thing.

    Just 2 days before her death she accepted the resignation of Boris (Real first name Alexander) and accepted Liz (First names Mary Elizabeth) as former/new PM.

    Queen's full name is: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

    That's pretty much a trifecta!''

  27. I’m sure this has been noted before -

    They are well aware of the significance of light/colour. And there is a reason these were the Queen’s horse racing colours!