Tuesday, November 8, 2022

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing

So noone told you life was gonna be this way,
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love-life's DOA,
It's like you're always stuck in second gear,
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month,
Or even your year.


I'll be there for you, The Rembrandts


A round of apolly-logies.  Firstly, I am on a mission at the moment so I have not been able to update regularly or check the spam etc.  Its difficult and I am experiencing a lot of static, exposed once again to what everyone else has been bathing in for nearly a year.  Secondly, I apologise for being right.

When I first wrote the First Quarter of Invasion of the Body Snatchers I latched on to Friends as the parallels between both the names and the friendship and romance between the protagonists seemed striking.  Friends offers all kinds of opportunities to our Demolition Team as well as it has extremely broad coverage of the populus, across the generations. Later that day I investigated further and struck clairaudient gold with The Rembrandts ''I'll be there for you'' - particularly the line ''when it hasn't been your day your week your month or even your year...'' which threw the Dark Conclusions of the Qliphoth into sharp relief.  Matthew Perry's new book, part of ''the trailer'' which started at Halloween describes next year perfectly: Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.  What is the big terrible thing?  According to Matthew it seems to be being about being drugged into and through slowly being eaten away from the inside.  The big terrible things have started reaching into my outer circles.  Heart explosion, 27.  Spaghetti blood, 35.  Brain clot, 36. 

As a skeptic I had kept my mind open and full of doubt regarding my own theory.  In my head ''Invasion'' was in the scales with Soylent Green and Beyond/Beneath the Planet of the Apes with the ''trailer'' being the test - with an eerie Cabin in the Woodsesque unease settling in my subconscious as if it were selecting the final nature of the doom (its not me though its f**king Tiktokers doing it).  The Friends sync with the name Matthew and the concept of the Big Terrible Thing is enough to convince me that the one I had feared the most was true but this is not the only ''evidence'', if I can suggest what we dabble in can even be described as such.  The second and perhaps most important to the British amongst us is Suella Braverman's use of the term ''Invasion'' to describe migrant channel crossings.  The synchrony between aliens and migrants was well established during Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The third and perhaps most important to the Americans amongst us is the hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband in San Francisco (Nancy Pelosi and Nancy Kudrow having already been established as an essential part of this ''cast'' like Alex Jones, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Alex Johnson, Alec Baldwin have been to A Clockwork Orange).

I'll try and come back to this a little bit later when there is a moment free of interdict but I am interested in your own observations since Halloween. 

Oh and free Mercury? Sure, that'll cost you 8 dollars.

I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you (because you're there for me too)


I'll be there for you, The Rembrandts


  1. "Just going over that Anti-Life post again
    and the main thrust was the 72,000 male genomes & 72,000 female genomes giving each of us a total of 144,000 per human genome in each body (Francis Crick) = God's number. Sealed in their foreheads as the servants of God in Rev 7:3-4. 

    Thru early research of Patch (and others) and now with what's being disclosed in the scientific papers unveiled by Kingston et al, the formation of a TRIPLE helix is happening (thru vaxx), adding ANOTHER 72,000 at the base level. Or 216,000. 

    Or 600x60x6.  This was also the post that led with the images of the Queen lighting up the triple helix lightshow on the lawn during the Platinum Jubilee celebration......just before her death. 

    Too much references to religion and God and Antichrists and the Queen implicated and they wanting to finagle with God's internal numbers for us all???"

  2. In Nick Redfern's book "Final Events" (in which he expounds how all those "little grey men" are in fact demons that were summoned in the middle of the desert in New Mexico by Jack Parsons and his followers in 1946), he mentions how some people have saved themselves from being abducted by those "aliens" simply by yelling out "Jesus Christ!" when they were afraid; they didn't even need to have religious faith, simply expressing the words "Jesus Christ" were enough to make the little greys shudder and disappear.

    His name/title is a *weapon*. This reminded me of a scene from David Lynch's "Dune", when an unbreakable stone obelisk was shattered by one of the Fremen simply by saying their Messiah's name outloud.

    "My name is a word that kills."

    1. That's why those Tiktokers calling on the arch demons of the damned need to kind of shut up sharpish.

  3. Does John Fetterman look more like A) Sling Blade, or B) the aliens from Battleship?



  4. It's really amazingly simple, and I'd encourage you to read up on the original 'Friends and Lovers' (D.H. Lawrence), whose author then went to Mexico and wrote.. 'The Feathered Serpent'. We're seeing the close of a 90-year story arc, as marked by Rothschild's Death during the eclipse, where the original kids of the Thule Gesselschaft, raised all their lives in its shadow, will try to pass the baton of horrible to the next generation in an age with a lot more electricity and thus more vulnerable to solar Carrington events. So keep at the back of your mind that 'they' have always been horrifying carriers of Doom, at the scale of Lenin, but for the exact same reason they do not trust each other and have not given their own kids quite as much leash as they would have wanted.. and you're seeing how badly they were raised in even Henry Kissinger condemning the war in Ukraine. But on to the personal level.

    The society that 70 years of globalization is leaving behind is pretty damn compromised. Not only medically but economically, not only socially but psychologically, the effort to make the mass of people blatheringly stupid and exposed has resulted in just what it says on the tin, and that puts all the stress for keeping society functioning in a media and industrial conglomerate working at cross-purposes, that on one hand wants to weaken them even more, but on the other needs someone with half a brain to survive to avoid a complete Brawndo scenario. So right along with TikTok (Commie propaganda, again) and crypto, you're seeing others take up homesteading at the Victorian level, with the most basic and resilient tools, and the block-busting appeal of medieval theologians such as Jordan Peterson and whatever Russian author he's peddling this week. The people with the will to survive educate themselves to turn away from a society that doesn't, and the Benedict option is only the beginning; hipsters will 'transition' into actual lumberjacks or die in the attempt, and I'm fairly sure even the top of the pyramid types acknowledge the need for someone to remain sane and pass on the torch.

    Which leads us directly to 'Dune', which is a palimpsest of every kind of ancient theology and heuristics of the right to rule, from the Jesuit Bene Gesserit to the 'Spice' which is really endogenous DMT, from dry-land agriculture to kundalini via sushuma worm. This is the updated Western version of a Vedic text (you might have noticed Mumbai's children are suddenly everywhere, as their civilization knows exactly how to manage this period), and the 1984 original was filmed in Mexico City's Churubusco (hummingbird-god) studios, right across the street from the site of the battle of St. Patrick's batallion, which were Irishmen that escaped the potato famine and joined the U.S. Army, ended up fighting their fellow Catholics in the Mexican-American war, and rebelled. So you have a legitimate pre-Norman messiah in Cuchulainn/Kukulcan, a final battle between the Hannovers/Harkonnens and the rest of the living planet, and Aldous Huxley right in the middle of it; he was also here in the 1930s ('Beyond the Mexique Bay'). Turns out the periphery becomes the center, and Jodorowsky, himself now 93, chortles his last satyr's laugh at the expense of the squares.


  5. Lmao

    "The Chinese government famously takes a hardline stance against homosexuality. This could be why "Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever" isn’t hitting theaters there anytime soon, since the film includes two openly gay characters."

    Yeah... has nothing to do with the anti-black sentiment over in China?

  6. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FhaNSnQXoAIoCEO?format=jpg&name=900x900

    "Maid" stands for Medical Assistance in Dying (Canada).

    *I've just realized: they convinced mentally ill people that we need socialized healthcare - just to then *kill them off*, so it costs the government less. Brilliant!*

    1. They don't even need to be mentally ill. Or, as long as you can create a diagnosis, they're as mentally ill as you say they are. Just ask Russia, China, airlines like Delta, and Bernie Sanders.

    2. And who are these mentally ill people? Whoever they say they are.

  7. It seems like an aspect of current events could be seen as a struggle against people's Vitamin D. In 2001 the primitive human touches the obelisk and then suddenly he's wielding a bone as a club. Bones are made of calcium, which needs Vitamin D to be assimilated. An astronaut is shown tanning on the space station. In ACO, Alex drinks milk, which was fortified in the US in the 1930s to prevent rickets in children. Rickets causes kids to have softer, weaker bones. Withholding Vitamin D from rats causes them to grow up smaller.

    "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." Flowers need sunlight to bloom, like people need sunlight to produce Vitamin D. The aliens in Invasion came in looking like flowers. The humans most likely went to the landfill. They went into the ground.

    Living Dead shows what comes back out of the ground. An untouchable, hungry mob.

    Supposedly, Vitamin D is the only supplement astronauts are provided on the International Space Station. Even with the supplements, they faced issues of bone density loss after returning to Earth in one study of eleven who spent time on the ISS. Why wouldn't NASA have given a higher dose and adjusted down after evaluating returning astronauts? Unless they wanted to study the long term effects of Vitamin D shortage?

    H G Wells' The Time Machine features humanity grown apart into two separate races, one of whom slaves away in the dark underground. Apparently he spent a lot of time working underground during his own childhood. Many houses in his area had underground tunnels in which the servants slept.

    Many observational studies seem to show various health benefits from Vitamin D. Strangely, most clinical trials show no benefit. In fact, people are warned away from taking supplements. People are also being nudged or encouraged towards an eventual cessation of all animal protein. Which is one of the few significant sources of Vitamin D.

    Low Vitamin D is associated with diabetes. Diabetes was said to be a major risk factor for the killer cold. Etc., etc.

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_views_of_H._G._Wells

    2. It could just be that attacking Vitamin D is relatively easy with a big payoff. Keep people out of the sunlight, and control their diet.

      There are a relatively few sources of Vitamin D, especially in the plant kingdom where it tends to be found as phytates. If supplements are taken off the market and people can be made to adhere to a vegan diet, their last recourse for a really good source of Vitamin D would be UV radiation.

      By then the sun may have been geoengineered away to keep things from getting too hot. Then people would have to use special lightbulbs. Of course, by that time carbon rationing could be in full swing so even lightbulbs and the power to light them would be out of reach for a great many people.

      They may still be able to get Vitamin D with a doctor's prescription, but that would probably come with strings attached.

    3. Britain used to have a tax on windows. In some places some people are pressured to cover themselves from head to toe. Might this have anything to do with Vitamin D?

      The consequences of a Vitamin D deficiency are far reaching and can creep up so slowly it goes unnoticed. It's one of the most widespread deficiencies around the globe already.

      In 2017 the FDA updated their recommendations and now say babies under six months old should be kept entirely out of direct sun. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees. Apparently, human breastmilk doesn't have enough Vitamin D to keep babies healthy, so it's recommended to either give them supplements or use formula. The recommendation went from 200 IUs in 2003 to 400 in 2008. Maybe by the time supplements are banned, if that is what's coming, a more perfect breastmilk-like formula will be available with everything in it humans are inadequate to provide, including Vitamin D.

      A half hour or so researching the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency should be sufficient to impart the grave danger widespread inadequacies could pose to a society and every effected individual.

    4. I can't help but wonder, though, about all of the supposed underground facilities dotting the globe. Who's in them? And how do so many people seem to go missing and just vanish without a trace? Are there people already being trafficked to the Underworld?

  8. Whoever says Rx Inc owns the federal government. . .might just be right. Don't worry, though, fact checkers say this is doesn't mean the FDA will start banning supplements. Maybe they're referring to the fact that they already are, and you can't "start" something you're already doing?


  9. On Pete:
    I think he might be supposed to represent a Jesuit, or the Catholic Church. The Pope's hat is called a zucchetto. Wikipedia says the beret was originally a large zucchetto.

    One of St. Peter's attributes is that he holds a book or scroll. Pete reads the newspaper while waiting for Alex to come downstairs. After Alex arrives he makes a fist and turns to George, and then relaxes his hand as George starts talking; this could indicate that it's his will for George to act as mouthpiece. A saintly association would explain his hand posture (one facing upwards and one down) as he retreated from Alex's violence at the marina.

    When Alex spoke of what Bog sends it was referencing Peat as "Christ's Viceregent" or a defender of such, not necessarily his oil holdings.

    If Pete was behind the Droog Rebellion, and represents a Jesuit, it would be rather dismally poetic then for Alex to return home from prison to find a Knight (Templar or perhaps Hospitaller) had taken his place and emasculated his father.

    Charles' masonic sensibilities:

    "Charles said in a 1994 documentary that he was more a “defender of faith” than “the faith.” He questioned the impulse to prioritize one particular interpretation."

    "The “Defender of the Faith” title dates to the 16th century, when it was granted by Pope Leo X to King Henry VIII for his defense of Catholicism. When Henry broke with the Catholic Church, he held on to the title, but now he was defending the Anglicanism of the Church of England."

    "Charles has long been an advocate for environmental causes, with a passion that Bradley described as 'eco-spiritual.'"

    The article also mentions that Charles is the first divorced Monarch since Henry VIII.

    1. Charles means "free man." Charlemagne's dynasty was called Carolingian. Carols are sung by choirs, which sounds like quire - which is a small book and derives from kwetwer for four, like the four corners of the earth or "geo."

      Ironic then, that when he gets to prison Alex is signed into a book and his first activity is to lead the prison choir, since the chain of events which landed him in prison began with George's words.

  10. Tuesday 11/15/2022 Alex is awake and the music sickens him.

    By Wednesday stories hit the news of Tuesday's Polish missile mishap. At first, some stories said it had been a Russian missile. Most now say it was likely launched by Ukraine but is Russia's fault for having attacked them.

    "'Any kind of disputes we have about what happened should be discussed behind closed doors,' said Farkas, the executive director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership."

    Three U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents were shot about 144 miles off the coast of Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico during a gunfight with people “on board a suspected smuggling vessel."

    Cabo Rojo means "red cape."

    1. https://www.foxnews.com/media/associated-press-issues-correction-after-reporting-russian-missiles-killed-two-people-poland

      "'In earlier versions of a story published November 15, 2022, The Associated Press reported erroneously, based on information from a *senior American intelligence official* who spoke on condition of anonymity, that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland and killed two people. Subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack,' The Associated Press said in a correction published Wednesday afternoon."

      "Duda added that the missile was likely a Russian-made S-300 rocket, stating that there's 'no proof at the moment that it was a missile fired by the Russian side.'"

    2. What's that about a "red cape?"


      "Red Crew" repairs hydrogen leak so Artemis can launch from Kennedy Space Center, which is next door to Cape Canaveral.


      "With Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon[.]"

      "We’re going back to the Moon for [. . .] a new generation of explorers: the Artemis Generation."

    3. "Artemis Generation"


      The video is Bill Cooper talking about 2001: A Space Odyssey's meaning. More relevant now than ever, especially concerning, perhaps, this "Artemis Generation" and its implications.

    4. San Jose del Cabo, or Saint Joe of the Cape:

      Shanquella Robinson of North Carolina appears to have been murdered by one of her "friends" while two others filmed the confrontation. The alleged killer is rumored to be a "trans woman." The group lied to her parents, saying it was alcohol poisoning - the death certificate says she died from a spinal chord injury and atlas luxation. A femicide investigation has been initiated by Mexican authorities. An "expert" told a news outlet that since she's an American, the case will likely be resolved.

      Where to start with this sad story? It touches on a lot of themes. Shanquella may be a word which has been used in Ethiopia to refer to an ethnic group regarded as "slave reserves," says Wikipedia. The US president's middle name is Robinette. Both N Carolina and Charlotte, the location of an FBI office investigating the death, derive from Charles. They were staying at Fundadores (Founders) Beach Club.

      Charles Atlas was mentioned in Frank N Furter's song when he introduced Rocky, the created person who had the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

      She traveled with six companions, for a total of 7 in the party. The linked article shows her wearing a copper colored outfit and white in other photos, which is the Hindu color for Venus. Her age was 25, which sums to 7, and would put her birth around 1997. Her father is sad he will never walk her down the isle, and says his "joy is gone," and, "I can't even sleep." Her mother says they had a chef, which could point to the French restaurant scene.

      She was completely naked when attacked, and didn't fight back. (A video on Twitter showed her looking for her friends, saying it doesn't "take that long to get naked.") When she found her friends, they were in one room talking, fully clothed, and kind of stared at her when she came in. The person who attacked her was also fully clothed, and the white-blonde wig they were wearing came off during the confrontation.


    5. The mention of a chef does seem to point to the restaurant, because San Jose del Cabo is one of two places where the Oryzomys peninsulae or Lower California rice rat is found.

      This is a semi-aquatic rodent of which only twenty one have been collected since 1896 when 6 were found in Santa Anita on the right bank of the Arroyo San Jose - a river which now flows mostly underground due to human activity. In 1906, 15 were collected in San Jose del Cabo. The only two locations it's been found are 13km (8.1 miles) apart. There has been a lot of back and forth over the years as to how to classify the species.

      In the French restaurant a rat dropping is found in the soup, and then Matthew sifts through the grain bins looking for more. It wasn't just an innocent caper in the calf brain soup (could that be droogs' brains in there?). Matthew isn't attacked, but his car is.

      Misión Estero de las Palmas de San José del Cabo Añuití was established in 1730 by Nicolá Tamaral at the Pericú settlement of Añuití, for the Jesuits, near to where San José del Cabo is now, near the third largest estuary in Mexico, for which it was named. In 1734 it was destroyed by the Pericú Revolt. The indigenous Pericú are now linguistically and culturally extinct.


    6. All of this is near the southernmost point of Baja California.

  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63637625

    Two Russians and a Ukrainian were found guilty by "a Dutch court*" in absentia and sentenced to life in prison for shooting down Malaysian flight MH17 eight year ago, on 7/17/2014, killing all 298 people on board.

    The Boeing 777 was flying at 33,000 feet. Malaysian Airlines flight 17 lost contact with air traffic control at 13:20 GMT. 80 of the passengers were children.

    * https://www.courtmh17.com/en/about-the-case.html

    1. Nice catch. Not taken my eye off ACO just I always made clear it was IoBS (2023) that was really genuinely bothering me. That said I mainly evaded ACO and I am just being exposed to it now. Its difficult not to fall to Alex. That said for some people it was difficult not to fall to Karen. ACO really rules the cities at the moment though it's pretty impressive in a morbid way in terms of social engineering/diabolism.

    2. People around here are already putting up bright flood lights that ruin the night sky. Ever notice that even though IoBS has a lot of night scenes, no stars are visible? What they do have is a lot of bright lights on all night.

  12. Twitter HQ (8 dollar) San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi San Francisco. These new updates to v. Passport and rising restrictions from G20. Reporting higher excess deaths leads to return of some restrictions. All v to become mRNA. IoBS here we come.

  13. Aspergillus. Asp-or-kill-us. This seems like it would fit the "style" of whatever evil has unleashed the now-fading (or fading-for-now?) pestilence.

    Like a cold germ, it's everywhere. It's in the air and effects the lungs, so mask up. It's usually not a problem, but now that so many people have weakened immune systems it could become a huge, yet hard to detect problem. It can migrate from the lungs to the spine, or even the brain. A lot of people never actually get over a fungal infection, instead they have to take antifungal drugs for the rest of their lives. Since aspergillus is not one of the more aggressive killers, it has the potential to create huge markets for drug companies.

    It turns out tobacco is a social justice issue. It's a scourge of the poor, and others. So, if it were to be banned it's poor people who would mostly be going crazy. Only 12% of households making $100,000+/year would be effected, as opposed to 32% of households making less than $20,000. Oh yeah, and mentally ill people would go crazy at higher rates if tobacco was made illegal. Since it's a plant, it might provide an excuse to "inspect" people's gardens. Tobacco grows best in warm weather, like the American south where those icky Orange Man fans tend to live. You know, the ones with guns.

    There's also the issue of all those mysterious vaping deaths near the very beginning of this mass health ordeal. Themes tend to get recycled.

    1. https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/targeted-communities/tobacco-social-justice-issue-low-income-communities

    2. By now someone could have potentially altered a fungus which is everywhere, like Aspergillus, to resemble Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, and/or one of its cooccurring fungi, in the ways that make it most useful for controlling people. The same way HIV sequences are rumored to have been inserted into a cold genome.


      "Niveomyces coronatus"

      Kind of crazy this came out in 2001, the year it all began in earnest.

      Aspergillus' name comes from Latin aspergere, "to scatter." An Italian priest is said to have named it after holy water sprinklers.

    3. See also rise in autism diagnosis (including Asperger's Syndrome) since 2000

  14. They get you when you sleep.


    "Reborn" (Janet?) Weiss looks like the cat who ate a canary in the picture.


    "“Bull Trout are the canary in the coal mine."


    President and CEO Laurel Sayer said in a written statement, “Perpetua submitted an initial plan of restoration and operations six years ago..." That would make it around 2016. How about that. Perpetua used to be known as Midas Gold.

    Stibnite is a knife-like crystal which contains antimony (anti-money). It's used for batteries and ammo. The alchemy symbol looks like female, or Venus, upside down. Some of the images are an upright Venus but stretched so it's like an upside down cross, with more lines so it looks like a *trident*.


    There's a lot of interesting information in this article, including the pictures. The one with the CAT almost looks like an illustration of Euclid's 47th. And upside down - America's only Cobalt mine will be run by an Australian company.


    "Rare earth elements are a set of 17 silvery white metals with names mostly unknown to the general public, like neodymium and gadolinium. But the mining industry is spending millions of dollars looking for deposits throughout the Mountain West." The article's picture almost looks like...an angel? Raven of dispersion?

    Basically, green industry will de-green the landscape. Sounds about right.

    1. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/18/us/university-of-idaho-killings-friday/index.html

      The picture of their house with the cars parked in front looks a lot like Uneeda Medical Supply from Return of the Living Dead. One victim's sister said the house was the "party house." “It’s so dark. It’s just like a dark cloud over everything,” said a student(?).Police won't say who phoned 9-11. In the movie, zombies radioed for "more cops" and "more paramedics." "Victim’s father says she fought for her life during attack"

      Two victims attended a Sigma Chi party on Nez Perce Drive. The Nez Perce Tribe is one group who opposes the stibnite mine. The other two victims spent time at the Corner Club that night. All of this happened in Moscow, Idaho. Russia is one of the world's top producers of cobalt.

      "'Please join us from where you are, individually or as a group, to help us light up Idaho,' the university’s website said. 'Light a candle, turn on stadium lights, or hold a moment of silence with us as we unite on campus.'" The university's president is Scott Green.

  15. https://nypost.com/2022/11/17/sheep-filmed-walking-in-circle-for-12-days-straight-in-china/

    The video looks timestamped for the 15th, which could put the first day of sheep circling at 11/4. When they do it, it kind of looks like the cover of The Ring from 2002. Or a solar eclipse.

    At 1:01:19 Alex and the other prisoners do their own circling around the yard, in the opposite direction. Seems like it could be looked at as 6/14, or 11/19.

    "Sheep, thought I, but a real leader knows always when like to give and show generous to his unders." But more to the point, in prison the song they sang was, "I was a wandering sheep."

  16. Although actually, LSD itself is derived from fungus. Go figure.

    1. Alex's bowler hat, or derby as they're also called, could refer to Project Derby Hat, which involved "unwitting nonvolunteer subjects."

      "The second series of field tests, Project DERBY HAT, were conducted by an Army SPT in the Far East during the period from August to November of 1962. [...] The purpose of this second set of experiments was to collect additional data on the utility of LSD in field interrogations, and to evaluate any different effect the drug might have on "Orientals."

      "A suspected Asian espionage agent was given 6 micrograms of LSD per kilogram of bodyweight. The administration of the drug was completed at 1035 that morning:

      At 1120, sweating became evident, his pulse became thready.
      He was place in a supine position. He began groaning with expiration and became semicomatose.
      At 1212, he was more alert and able to sit up with help.
      At 1230, he began moaning he wanted to die and usually ignored questions. Rarely he stated "he didn't know."
      At 1250, his phasic alertness persisted. He frequently refocused his eyes with eyelid assistance. He frequently threw his head back with eyes closed."


      Alex is first administered the serum at 1:10:53 - 1053 into the second hour. The guard who escorts him to his room is called Charlie. The first film starts at 1:12:12.

      Interesting, then, that serum mania was inspired by something which emerged from Asia. And that IotBS was originally a warning against Communism, and the plant room off Elizabeth and Geoffrey's bedroom rather looks like Stalin's death shrine. Even, perhaps, that the cannister which released the zombie gas in RotLD belonged to the Army - they were the ones who ran Project Derby Hat.

    2. The AI overlord really doesn't seem to like the post this reply was originally a reply to.


      "DERBY HAT"

    3. The guard who takes Alex to his room is called Charlie. He's administered the serum at 1:10:53, or 1053 into the second hour. The first film starts at 1:12:12.

      Remember what IotBS was originally about, and note the similarity between the roomful of plants off of Elizabeth and Geoffrey's bedroom to Stalin's death shrine.

      In RotLD, the gas leaks from an Army cannister.

  17. Population passes 8 billion

    Alex Johnson TV show "Boris" reprises Covid-19, Boris says Germany wishes Ukraine would have lost fast.

    Scottish referendum frustrated = amazing grace IoBS. Died Suddenly released showing tendrils like growths.

  18. Reading through and trying to get caught up on the 2023/IoBS posts.

    I think you should seriously look at the NBC Show '30 Rock' for some potential 2023 'cast' additions or other synchs related to Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

    Tina Fey as Elizabeth (Liz) Lemon (also known for her Sarah Palin Doppleganger act) Also 'Fey' as fairy folk?

    Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy (Trump Doppleganger, Alex for ACO, the Rust fiasco maybe getting resolved in '23?)

    Julianne Moore as Nancy Donovan (Multiple episode arc as Jack's love interest. The character left her husband for Jack.) This gives us a Jack/Nancy pairing.

    Elizabeth Banks as Avery Jessup (Another love interest of Jack's. In one story she was abducted to North Korea by Kim Jong Il)

    Moore and Banks are also notable here as actresses appearing in the Hunger Games films along with Donald Sutherland. Moore plays Alma Coin, Sutherland (Snow's) presedential successor.
    Peter Dinklage did a one episode guest appearance on 30 Rock and is appearing in 'Songbirds and Snakes'.

    Susan Sarandon (tying us back to Rocky Horror, along with 30 'Rock') appeard as Lynn Onkman, a disgraced teacher who had sex with one of her students. It's later revealed that one of the writers on TGS, the show within the show on 30 Rock was the student in question.

    Matt Damon as Carrol Burnett a love interest of Liz Lemon giving us a Matthew/Elizabeth Pairing.

    Nancy Pelosi as herself in the 30 Rock series finale (aired Jan. 31, 2013) the second to last episode in rerun/streaming as the 1 hour finale was broken into two eps.

    Buzz Aldrin once appeared as himself. (The Moon)

    David Schwimmer appeared as a struggling actor who gets hired as 'Greenzo' an environmental superhero spokesperson who undergoes a dramatic personality shift toward environmental 'green' zealotry. Al Gore also appears in same episode, as well as the following year's 'green' themed environmental episode.

    Jennifer Aniston as Claire (a Friend of Liz's and who has a fling with Jack, and experiences wild personality swings)

    'Friends' the show is referenced frequently on 30 Rock as it is set at the NBC Network.

    In the fourth season, 2 actual Live Shows were performed for the East Coast and West Coast feeds. The main plots were identical but there were some gags that differed between the two. In the East Coast feed a character appears in black-face and the episode has since been 'cancelled'/pulled from all streaming and can no longer be seen. Additionally in the East Coast feed Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears as Liz Lemon for certain quick/cut sequences in the Live Show. Amy Poehler (of the show Parks and Rec) did the same for the West Coast episode..

    1. Too long for a single comment:

      Dopplegangers/Lookalikes/Twinning were a running theme on the show:

      Liz Lemon (Fey) adopts a set of twins (who are actual, fraternal, one black/one white twins) who are miniature versions of the Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan characters. In another episode Liz has a falling out with Jenna and decides to find a new best friend. She ends up finding and befriending a doppleganger whom she can't be friends with because they are too alike. In a Valentine's Day episode and maybe the strongest IoBS synch Liz Lemon inadvertantly receives a bundle of flowers meant for a Liz Lemmler. Liz ultimately ends up dating the man who sent the flowers, and takes part in wrecking his original relationship and generally screwing up his life.

      Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) was a duplicate for Hector Moreda (also Baldwin), the star of a Mexican telenovela.

      Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) is a doppleganger of the Governor Bob Dunston (also Jordan) in a storyline set in the 2012 election paralleling Fey-as-Sara-Palin from 2008.

      Jenna Maroney (played by Jane Krakowski) has a relationship with and ends up marrying a trans/nonbinary Jenna impersonator named Paul L'Astname (played by Will Forte).

      Pete Hornberger (played by Scott Adsit) tries to reinvent himself as a new person multiple times, including faking his own death and taking on a new identity.

      Frank Rossitano - (played by Judah Friedlander) fills in for Liz and over the course of the episode begins to dress like her and take on her personality as the Show Runner.

      TGS (the show within a show on 30 Rock) is essentially a doppleganger of SNL. Later in the series Kabletown is a doppleganger/stand in for Comcast.

      Also the show within a show of 30 Rock seems to reflect the 'using a show' to put on another show theme of the larger cult film theory. Matt LeBlanc's 'Episodes' series from Showtime is another of these types of shows whe Leblanc plays 'himself' as an actor appearing on a post-Friends show which is also an in-show 'remake' (doppleganger) of a renowned British show.

      One final Lisa Kudrow note. Her character on Friends Phoebe had a twin named Ursula (who actually predated the Phoebe character on the show 'Mad About You'). The live action Little Mermaid movie also comes out next year, Ursula being the main villain, and the film already generating controversy over race issues. Paging Mr. Knowles...

      Lots of synchs overlapping Friends, Hunger Games and the IoBS names, Alec Baldwin, Rocky Horror etc. along with tons of twinning/body snatching.
      I figure any of these figures could pop up over the next year. Maybe big headline grabbing news regarding NBC, Comcast, or Saturday Night Live?
      Fey, and Elizabeth Banks both have projects set for release next year at any rate. Baldwin seems to always be lurking in the background as Trump, or the Rust fiasco.

    2. This is great stuff thanks Otter. I never thought Mathew Perry would be a sign of the apocalypse. FFS.

  19. Secret Sun blog post on Qatar you can see the 8 and the orange.

  20. Here's an in interesting Friends connection. This woman buddies with Epstein and did casting for Balenciaga ads...name Rachel Chandler.


  21. Ringworm may be a better candidate than Aspergillus. The signals for it are actually pretty blatant. Animals walking in a ring. Ring doorbell cameras (one of which captured Ann Heche in her last moments). The Ring movie released 21 years prior to 2023 - Event 201 preceded Viddy 19 - phones "reach out and touch someone (TM)" were a major part of the story. In The Earth released 701 days before 2023, clocking in at 1:07 and featuring a ringworm infection.

    Ringworm can cause alopecia, leaving O scars on one's scalp. Oscars, alopecia; blue wig, red wig.

    Ringworm is spread by contact, not airborne like Aspergillus. Contact with pets is a way it spreads. Viddy 19 saw a lot of people getting new pets; in China it got many pets killed. Public facilities like gyms are another way it spreads. All the dermatophytes need keratin for growth. F- you, Kare(ti)n. The first thing Mrs. Chasen does in Harold and Maude is call to cancel a hair appointment.

    The pet connection had me thinking of toxoplasmosis. And Cat Lady. Even when Alex killed Cat Lady, though, her mouth became a Ring of lips and teeth.

    And in the year of Venus, what better way to desecrate romance symbolism than a Ring of sickness and separation?

    1. All good points. I think the A'Arab Tzereq ultimately signifies a whole horde of microorganisms but especially those that make you pick and scratch yourself to bleeding etc. The burning ravens...

  22. And so it begins! https://twitter.com/totallycanc3l3d/status/1597787525963452416?s=61&t=4b3THNKSf0PBdGvr8QzbDg

  23. The Brook for 2023 IOTBs


    1. Dr Rob did you see the childhood deaths from Strep that made the BBC today?

    2. Yes - happening worldwide - shortage of antibiotics to treat as well. I have seen a noticeable and unusual increase in slightly older children presenting with temp cough and sore throat - must be something in the air!

  24. Kanye mentions A Clockwork Orange in the interview. 137m in roughly. They then discuss Kubrick, Beethoven and ACO. Its getting weird people. Its getting really very weird.