Sunday, December 4, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Alexing and Jonesing

I jumped, and o' my brothers I fell hard but I did not snuff it.  Oh no if I had snuffed it, I would not be here to tell what I have told. I came back to life after a long black, black gap of what might have been a million years.


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

As part of the ideas surrounding this interpretation of the apocalypse we coined the term ''Alexing'' for what has been happening to many individuals this year.  Similar to ''Franking'' from last year which implied ''possession'' by Gamaliel and an open display of Rocky Horror style deviancy, ''Alexing'' is a set of behaviours such as drug taking, joy-riding, violence and rape which indicates ''possession'' by Samael - Ezra Miller as the anti-Mercurial ''Flash'' is a great example of ''Alexing''.  The scene in town certainly seems to have become more than a little bit ''bitey'' and Moloko fuelled than I remember.  And, after a prolonged bout of Alexing, the Jonesing is inevitable.

Around the 2h16m-2h17m minute mark of the internet breaking interview between Alex Jones and Ye (formerly Kanye West), a masked Ye waves around an orange fishing net and starts talking about A Clockwork Orange: ''Look at Clockwork Orange, he makes him kiss the shoe, kiss the Jew...'' to which Alex Jones replies: ''We're talking about Stanley Kubrick put the war room background up please, wait you think Clockwork Orange is about Jews..?''  As a Qabalist I can't really stand for the half-assed anti-semitism on display in this interview and it is what it is only to continue to condemn ''Alex'' and the forces he represents, as we said right at the begining of the year in the Alexirillion - they have to get a grip on information (anti-Mercurial magic) before the next phase of the demolition - Rogan, Trump, the 1.5 billion dollar fine applied to Jones in the Sandy Hook debacle, etc, were all part of this journey, Twitter and the ''8 dollar'' fee is regrettably the last leg.  A lot of people were talking about how ''scripted'' that interview felt and, yes, look at that image above and what he is saying, he is literally signalling with an orange flag.

So where does this leave Hermes and his lessons?  How do we know what we know and how do we know what is about to happen next?  Much like Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, ''in the pursuit of Laura Palmer's (Malkuth) killer (the Qliphoth) we have employed bureau guidelines, deductive technique, Tibetan method, instinct and luck'' and ''something new which for lack of a better word we will call magic''.  Starting with the scientific method of observations, predictions, applied Qabalistic theory and dark conclusions we have moved ever more towards the interpretation of dreams, clairvoyance, clairaudience (''hacking'' their ''playlist''), countermagic and the intercession of the angels of ''the White Lodge'' - Raphael, Uriel, Raziel...

Although the ''Friends'' (Matthew) flag may have seemed weird, I hope from the glaring example above that you do not dismiss this omen as it signals, for me, the sum of all fears i.e. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I really truly wanted to be wrong.  I've done my best to compose some countermagic which I hope will shield the people who witness it but damn, I know this one is going to be tough. And that, gang, is why there are warnings all over these texts. 

Is it better never to know?

Alex de Large: I haven't seen you before.
Dr Taylor: I'm your psychiatrist.
Alex de Large: Psychiatrist huh?  Do I need one?


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick



    Full Name Catherine Elizabeth Middleton - candidate for Elizabeth Driscoll..?

  2. Friends has a name connection to the Balenciaga scandal through Rachel Chandler, who is herself surrounded by perverse rumors.

    The modeling agency Chandler established is called Midland. Sounds a lot like Middleton, so could be pointing to Catherine, or worse, her daughter who has the same middle name.

    Charlotte's first public appearance was the summer of 2016. She is now the Princess of Wales, like her third namesake Diana. She is already a "major children's style icon." (Geoffrey in Invasion is a dentist, so if she loses a tooth and it makes the news it could be seen as symbolic of the royals acceptance of a Certain Practice.)

    1. The teacher in that last link happens to be named Matthew.

      It is rather interesting that Middleton's two oldest are named George (similar to Geoffrey) and Elizabeth. And the youngest is Louis, like Louisville, KY where Living Dead was set.

      Living Dead stars Thom Mathews as Freddy. Twin Matthews. Freddy recalls Nightmare on Elm Street, and fear of sleep.
      (One version of this painting has been held in the UK royal collection since the 1720s.)

      Matthew -> Mithra -> cults -> blackmail -> intelligence.

    2. It's actually said that if a woman dreams of losing teeth it could mean she's pregnant. Jungian, perhaps. So the recent non sequitur "news" that William and Kate would welcome a fourth child if it came along could be seen as an oblique reference to dental work.

      Hopefully not too far afield, but dentist might bring to mind Steve Martin as the demented dentist in Little Shop of Horrors - another movie about a dangerous plant.

      As a god for soldiers, Mithra has a strong Martian element.
      "In short, Mithra may signify any kind of interpersonal communication and whatever establishes good relations between people." Matthew -> Mithra -> *friend*

      "According to the myths, the sun god sent his messenger, the raven, to Mithra and ordered him to sacrifice the bull."

      What ACO has done is tie up 2022 into milk and hence cow (Venus/Moon) symbolism. The first to be Body Snatched is Geoffrey, the dentist. Milk is supposed to be good for bones and teeth. Children are given milk, and are said to have "milk teeth." There is an ongoing formula shortage in 2022.

      Killing the symbolic cow belonging to Mercury's year? The cow is associated with Venus through Inanna (-> Ann -> Nancy), and the Moon. Maybe associating cows with Mercury is representative of the precession of the equinoxes?

      Desecrating trident symbols (and piping contaminated water to people) could be seen as an affront to Neptune, or Pisces' ruler. When the Age of Pisces officially ends and Aquarius begins, Taurus would occupy Gemini's space on the zodiac if the zodiac were updated (and Gemini would be bumped into Cancer - the Moon's - spot). At the same time, while Libra now sets as the Sun rises on the equinox, Virgo would be setting during the Age of Aquarius.

      The Age of Pisces could be seen as having been ushered in by a desecration of justice (Libra -> justice -> betrayal -> scorpion's kiss -> Scorpio: Crucifixion). Maybe desecrating children (Virgo -> Virgin/child -> milk -> Venus -> Libra, beauty) is someone's way of bringing in the New Age.


  3. Panic from the Smiths, upcoming on the playlist. I guess it is to match with the end of the IoBS trailer.

  4. NIAID funding candida Auris research:

    Ergot and cordyceps fungus are both in the family Clavicipitaceae. "Many of its members produce alkaloids toxic to animals and humans." "Clavi" -> clavichord -> key.

    Auris -> gold.


      The $3 million from NIAID is to fast track a new treatment targeting the skin, SCY-247. And, it's a triterpendoid. Trident? Triangle? At any rate, Scynexis is based out of Jersey City, home to this creepy statue:

  5. 1 Peter 1:14
    "As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance"

    Sounds like a good way to describe the stated aim of Serum 114.

    1. Satan is linked to demons, and Shukra the Hindu Venus is the teacher of asuras - demons.

      This could mean inner demons like those implanted hypnotically, but it could also mean more opportunities for "underdogs" or the demonized in society. Maybe there's a surge in social justice issues on the way.

      Satan's featured in Job, and Shukra brings wealth and material wellbeing, so this could be the year the push really starts for people to own nothing.


    This post connects the name Lisa to computer spying, specifically using early model Apple computers.

    Considering the first Mac was released in 1976 at a price of $666.66, it may be possible that "Elizabeth" is symbolic of Apple's apparent pivot to surveillanceware. Remember that Elizabeth spent an entire day spying on Geoffrey early in the movie.

    The "Lisa" computer was the first to have a "Trash," then called "Wastebasket." The trash in Body Snatchers is what's left of the body snatched. In RotLD Trash strips and then is bitten all over by zombies; a sequence which recalls the (Greenbaum?) Biblical Tree, especially when related to apples. In between, Trash tries to seduce "Spider.",16641,19960916,00.html

    It could mean people will be bitten by their long forgotten internet activity, and cancelled en masse instead of seemingly isolated cases here and there?

  7. The man-faced dog and Matthew as Mithra made me think of Best Friends Animal Society.
    "[T]he Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is encouraging hunters to switch to copper bullets."
    (The actual date of the bird's release was Nov 19.)

    Lead -> copper = Saturn -> Venus. So, kill with kindness now? Do the narcissist playbook and lovebomb then turn on people to kill them emotionally? Insults and stealing instead of direct physical violence? Murder as a self-aggrandizing artform ala Man Bites Dog?

    The insults have already started in the "women's" clothing department. "Tall" garments are being made with wider waists and shoulders than they used to be.

  8. Fallout from the Opioid Crisis lands on stimulants:

    Matthew and Elizabeth take stimulants that don't belong to them. They both work for the Health Department. If she's computer surveillance, this could mark the point where the monitoring program grows so restrictive that supply dries up almost entirely. And since narcolepsy was a documented side effect from charms against Swine Flu in Europe, it could also signify a change in the way side effects are monitored. If, for example, VAERS or similar programs were hacked, they might need to be shut down for security purposes.
    Tobacco is a stimulant.
    "How did coffee get so expensive?" "I don't know, but my smart watch is better than it ever was at feeding all of my vital stats to the government and their NGO partners!"

  9. Thanks Words Are, this is good work. The crossover between these AI art profile pictures and dopplegangers reminds is if the digital element of this as well.

    Looks like they went with Scarlet Fever (Strep A) for "the Burning Ravens of Dispersion" in the UK. Cases are at 6000 now its last peak before was 2800 ish. Since it's not a new strain its a result of lockdown/other possible mysterious cause.

    1. Streptococcus can cause necrotizing fasciitis, an often deadly skin infection. A person could have NF and be developing sepsis, and hardly realize it's not just a flu if they don't realize it's connected to an infection which might not seem too serious on its own.

  10. 12/12/2022 'A pair of dogs gifted by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un four years ago have ended up at a zoo in South Korea following a dispute over who should foot the bill for the animals' care':
    “Gomi and Songgang are a symbol of peace and South-North Korean reconciliation and cooperation."
    "The US military activated its first Space Force command on foreign soil on Wednesday in South Korea, with the unit’s new commander saying he is ['prepared to deter, defend against, and – if required – defeat']" what he calls an "existential threat" 48 miles north.

    A real life grex:

    Mysterious monuments in 2020?

    1. 2025 will be 114 in the Juche calendar.

  11. If you wanted to know all about Rachel Chandler and her family, wordman at mind control middle murder madness blog covered her and her family back in May of 2018.

  12. 11/21 Elon Musk says Alex Jones can't come back to Twitter, citing his 1st child Nevada Alexander Musk dying in his arms.

    12/6 Alex Jones opens up about her fertility struggles ahead of new tv show to air next year.

    12/7 New Zealand judge rules Baby W to be taken from parents for a blood transfusion - they had wanted unvaccinated blood. The baby is reportedly recovering well.

    12/11 Ectolife publishes video extolling the virtues of growing pod babies in a germ free matrix. The ability to surveil the fetus around the clock and pipe in music and your own voice lends itself perfectly to prenatal mind control. Who's the "birthing parent," now? Genetic editing will allow parents to choose the traits of their little Slimer with the ease of creating a video game avatar.

    12/16 Story about Baby Alex, who reportedly died from a blood clot following surgery when a Spokane, Washington hospital claimed to have misplaced the unvaccinated donor blood procured by the parents and just used what they had. Sacred Heart was also alleged to have covered up evidence of having treated the baby at all.

    1. The Ectolife concept reportedly came from Hashem Al-Ghaili. HAG -> hagsploitation -> What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.

      (Also, Hash 'em Algae? Everybody must get stoned.)

      Ghali is a person belonging to a Muslim sect "who ascribe divine characteristics to members of Muhammad's family," per Wikipedia.

      In Swahili, Ghali means expensive. It's derived from Arabic غال meaning expensive, but also boiling or seething, or extremist. غال is derived from غَلَا (gala), which means to go to far or to be "extra." عال (slightly different word) means to milk an animal excessively, before its udder has had time to refill. It can also mean to impoverish or to be poor.

      Milk and money - symbols of the Moon. It speaks to this technology being foundational to some edifice. That this is a foundation and not, say, a flower, shows that hormone-dependent youth are mere expedients.

      The proximity of "boiling" and "milk" brings to mind Deuteronomy. This article from 2012 puts the command not to boil a kid in its mother's milk in the territory not only of dark money, but also the notion of mixing the seeds of successive generations, ie. a certain kind of child abuse.

  13. Samuel Bankman Fried. Samael. Sometimes it's just so on the nose that you miss it.

  14. I wonder how straightforward the flow is orchestrated year to year up/down the Tree of Life. Maybe instead of having gone in one direction only and then suddenly switched 2019/2020 to the opposite direction, there are constantly areas or arenas subject to that reversal?

    For instance, in 2003 the US invaded Iraq. That's an invasion in a ---3 year, like 2023. The Iraq War brought "enhanced interrogation techniques" into public consciousness, as exemplified in Abu Ghraib prison. Ghraib - Gharab. The dialog around torture was very corrosive to society after pictures from Abu Ghraib were released in 2004.

    Corrosion of Conformity was signed to Columbia Records in 1993 and released an album the next year which made it onto the Billboard Top 200.

    Snowden released files in 2013 which led to heated, and some might say corrosive, debate. In 2014 he was interviewed by NBC and other outlets.

    It's not much to base anything on, but perhaps whatever 2023 brings will not fully come to light until 2024 when its ugliness will be revealed.
    "The word corrosive is derived from the Latin verb corrodere, which means to gnaw, indicating how these substances seem to 'gnaw' their way through flesh or other materials."

    "The word corrosive refers to any chemical that will dissolve the structure of an object. They can be acids, oxidizers, or bases.[...] Corrosives are different from poisons in that corrosives are immediately dangerous to the tissues they contact, whereas poisons may have systemic toxic effects that require time to become evident.[...] a water-air electrochemical cell corrodes iron to rust, corrodes copper to patina, and corrodes copper, silver, and other metals to tarnish."

    Acids and bases refer to the PH scale or balance. Oxidizers in the human body typically mean free radicals. This could point to targeting of the "unbalanced" or "radical" elements of society? That would track with the recent emphasis on mental health, and the remark in ACO that criminals in prisons would soon be replaced with political detainees.
    "from Old French terniss-, present-participle stem of ternir 'dull the luster or brightness of, make dim' (15c.), probably from terne (adj.) 'dull, dark,' which according to Diez is from a Germanic source cognate with Old High German tarnjan 'to conceal, hide,' Old English dyrnan 'to hide, darken,' from Proto-Germanic *darnjaz..."

    Dim -> tarnish -> confuse. '22 -> '23 -> '24. ??

  15. I'm guessing that since it appears 2023 will be characterized by "invasion," it's probably not a good idea to carelessly act as any sort of "medium," or host to unknown energies/entities. (The Exorcist was released in 1973. Pea soup - green.)

    This is something I've had to deal with now and then over the years (nothing like The Exorcist haha). I'm wondering if, not just for my benefit but also for anyone else who might have issues with this sort of thing, if anyone has any sort of tips or resources to suggest which would be of use in preventing unwanted incurrences?

    The last time this happened was about a week or two ago when I was doing some impressions late at night in front of a mirror. In the middle of Ziggy Stardust, I suddenly noticed my facial expression was just like that of a friend who had died a few years ago. It was weird enough to end the impressioning immediately. I kept looking at the reflection and it started to look more and more like him, even though it was still just my own face. When I got the urge to start talking, and it felt like it was coming from him and not me, I threw a cover over the mirror and sat down to regroup. I hadn't even thought of him recently.

    I did wonder if maybe I should have continued, to see what "he" was going to say. But it didn't feel right. I haven't uncovered that mirror since then.

    If this sort of thing is going to be an issue for people throughout 2023, things could start getting real weird - real fast.

    Based on my own history, I'd say it's important to get enough sleep and avoid drugs/substances/practices which encourage dissociation. I was able to shake this last one off pretty quickly and easily, which I at least partially credit to having spent a good deal of time recently focusing on the physical reality of having a body. So, how does that body feel in any given moment? How are gravity and attention affecting physical feelings at rest/in motion/in time? This practice has always been easiest with TH and C, but that is itself a double edged sword, and not allowed everywhere.

    Giving everything a thorough cleaning to eliminate any mold/mildew/spores is next on the agenda, but it's going to take awhile to get to it all - from floor to ceiling and everything in between. That's one of those things that's never "done," just held to a hopefully acceptably low level.

    If anyone has any ideas/insights for dealing with the tendency some people may have to "channel" or tune into things outside of themselves, it seems like it would be especially relevant going into 2023.

    I don't know if this applies to everyone with this inclination, but it does seem like learning how to better set personal boundaries in everyday life would be helpful. Most articles I've seen about maintaining boundaries are impossible to read, let alone put into use.

  16. And, baby Alex has now died.

  17. I have just re-watched the 2018 Fury v Wilder fight and was struck by the colours and advertising “Corona extra” and a crown!

  18. FWIW - Moderna is an anagram of Edom RNA - Edom is biblical for Red! We are seeing a reverse of Red!

    1. That's a good point, since Trump was obviously rooting for Moderna (but hey - the "fact-checkers" want us to know he didn't outright own the stock in his own name). Heck, the middle three letters themselves are "der."

  19. So this is a little creepy - in the beginning of IotBS, the first scene shows kids walking with their teacher and a priest looking very out of place on a swing set.

    Michael Aquino was allegedly a participant in SRA at a military daycare center in 1986.

    After his certified [1] suicide on 9/1/2019 (in San Francisco) he was said to have "remanifested from his physical body." Re-manifesting from one's physical body sounds similar to some sort of body snatching activity.

    Aquino founded the Temple of Set (Set or Seth having killed Osiris - the Green man).

    His date of death, 9/1/19, was 190 days before the stock market crash of 3/9/2020, which itself preceded the declaration of a pan(bread)demic by only two days. (See page 1 of [1].) There were possibly suspicious stock market transactions in the days leading up to 2001's event, and other suspected financial shenanigans.

    It's been said that, at least in the US, a country's citizens are its own biggest creditor. This, as I (kind of?) understand it, is due to its "entitlement programs" such as retirement and healthcare. How "convenient," then, that the cash-cow-demic almost seemed tailor made to take out the most expensive components of that citizenry - namely retirees and those with costly conditions such as diabetes.

    Diabetes being a blood sugar imbalance. "Sweet" being a translation of Shukra, or Venus, in Hindi. Sweet pee was an old-timey way of diagnosing diabetes. And Swee'Pea was Popeye (the combatitive green spinach lover) and Olive (green) Oyl's small child, named after the green vegetable's flower.

    Someone might want to double check my math, but I get 18.8 seconds/day for IotBS. Aquino's time of death is listed as 18:08 local time.

    June 1 is the 152nd day of the year. This translates to around minute 47 of IotBS, which shows a doorway with the address of 720. Aquino died at 72. Strange that a story claimed that effective 6/1/2021 a sign on a Popeye's restaurant said they would "reserve the right to reserve service to white people" [2]. It does happen that June is the so-called month of iced tea, candy, olives, dairy, dinosaurs, soul food, pride, and PTSD [3], among other things.