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2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Not the Same Person

Elizabeth: Well, I hope so. I know this is gonna sound insane.
Matthew: What?
Elizabeth: Geoffrey is not Geoffrey.
Matthew: How do you know?
Elizabeth: I know. I mean, on the outside, Geoffrey is still Geoffrey. But on the inside, I can tell that there is something different. Something is missing.
Matthew: What is it?
Elizabeth: Emotion, feelings. He’s just not the same person.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

As mentioned before Kevin McCarthy is the name of the star of the 1956 IoBS, the actor who plays an important cameo in the 1978 version (see above) and now the name of the Speaker of the House (R) in the United States of America.  Similarly in the 1993 IoBS, set on a military base, the lead investigator is called Malone - here I would venture Robert Malone or Aseem Malothra for your comparison.  And in reviewing the 2007 IoBS movie, directed by Oliver Hierschbiegel, I couldn't help noticing, amidst the contrived style and wooden acting, the elite gathering scenes involving spurious Russian characters -  we truly are on the other side (sitra achra) of the cinema screen.

See below for the ''synchromystical'' list/Demolition Team working manual and Follow the 1978 Script through the year at 2023andWe a purpose-built blog kindly provided by reader ''Words Are''.


''Permit revocation'' & ''unsanitary'', are some of the lines describing the ''French'' restaurant where Matthew launches his first investigation of the movie as he believes that there is ''something off'' about ''ingredients'' in the ''food''.  Note the restaurant venue for Veritas' ''sting'' by James O'Keefe against Pfizer director Jordon Walker, note the references to ''gas stoves'' when there were gas stoves in the shot.  The Environmental Health investigation in the movie is tracking the alternative media ''investigation'' into the mRNA vaccines (whether it be James or Aseem Malohtra) , their quiet withdrawal from use in various parts of the EU and the USA  and the ''bewildering'' rise in excess and ''sudden'' deaths.  The takeaway from this is not that the skeptics and conspiracy theorists are winning the war on big pharma its that the counter narrative is also controlled. 

We've seen the diseases of the body but we are about to witness the effect of the diseases of the mind - the so-called personality changes.  I imagine that you've noticed that a lot of people are getting more and more stupid cognitively challenged - this lack of sensitivity and alertness can especially be seen in the eyes of our patients, increasingly dull and listless, and in the robotic slowness and stupidity of their speech and writing.  For example the quality of writing at magazines like the Economist and the Guardian has suffered substantially... which you would imagine to be the case in terms of the concentration, or density if you will, of jabbed populations in their offices. California and particularly San Francisco will become, if this is possible, increasingly dense as a result of that density.  Although some of this retardation decline in mental acuity is undoubtedly psychological in origin, not that the Demo Team can avoid responsibility for that either, I imagine a lot of it is to do with plaque formation on the brain and microclotting in the blood brain barrier - the blockage of the pineal gland preventing complete rest and increasing fatigue is also contributing to this increasing idiocy cognitive impairment.  And lets not even get started on the effects of the Ludovico Technique Tik Tok.  To comprehend what is going on you need your wits about you and be able to think several years in advance, but some of our pedestrian brethren are struggling to remember what you just said to them.  Regrettably, there is no hope in the pedestrians.


''Lizzo'' at the Grammys

''Lizzo'' at the Brits

''Ellie'' from the Last of Us

Note Body Snatchers tendrils in background and colouring. 

''Red Rose'' from Netflix


Harry at the Grammys


Jeffrey Epstein was in the news as the list of associates has now been released - the focus at the moment being emails that were sent to Jess Staley.  This release sets us up for ''Elizabeth'' following ''Geoffrey'' around in the movie and seeing his co-conspirators.  Does this stuff just write itself?  No.  The Demo Team has writers, I think you know the name of one of them very well indeed (see above).


We haven't met Kibner yet but he is about to be referenced in the film for the first time.  As a world famous ''psychiatrist'' Dr Jordan Peterson is an obvious choice for Dr David Kibner - the parallels between the lines in the script and the kind of thing that JBP often comes out with is remarkable.  You can watch for yourself around 33mins into the movie.. you be the judge but suffice to say its about ''committed relationships'' and ''responsibilities''.  Like Joe Rogan was last year so JBP is part of the controlled opposition, his links to MKUltra are worth investigating in this respect.  Many assets of the ''Intellectual Dark Web'' are trying to walk back from their prior support for Big Pharma and we would be fools to let them.


Although its tempting to identify with Matthew, in trying to keep him at a distance, to prevent the kind of literary possession we observed with Frank and Alexwe need to criticize his character.  Although the romantic hero of the movie demonstrates significant virtue in his battle against the Body Snatchers, when we first encounter him he comes across as an irritating Jobsworth - compare to Peck from Ghostbusters.  Not only is he smug, hectoring and patronizing he is also clearly attempting to seduce his co-worker providing numerous put downs and criticisms of her boyfriend Geoffrey and undermining their relationship.

By dint of his association with Kibner he also likes ''Jordan Peterson'' which is never a good sign.

Matthew: No. Do you wanna go see my friend David Kibner?
Elizabeth: The psychiatrist?
Matthew: It’s not like that. I mean, you talk to him. I mean, he would put things into perspective for you.
Elizabeth: I’m not crazy.
Matthew: No, no, no, I’m serious. He would eliminate a lot of things. He would eliminate whether Geoffrey was having an affair, whether he’d become gay, whether he would…uh, had a social disease, whether he’d become a Republican. All the alternatives, all the things that could have happened to him to have made you feel that he had changed, something that he was doing. You know what I mean? You wanna go see him?
Elizabeth: You think I’m nuts.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

P.s.  Jordan Peterson and others from the IDW are also showing signs of mental decline.


  1. On 6 February 2023, the earthquake which struck southern and central Turkey and western Syria occurred 38 km (24 mi) west of the city of Gaziantep, still informally called Antep, meaning "king's land" in the Hittite language (the "king" being Baal-Teshub).

    In the Neolithic period, from 30 to 40 thousand years ago, the archaeological site of Tell Tülük (precisely in Antep), was also a religious center. It was the sanctuary of the most ancient Hittite god Teshub, usually depicted holding a triple thunderbolt and a weapon, usually an axe (often double-headed) or mace. The sacred bull common throughout Anatolia was his signature animal, represented by his horned crown or by his steeds Šeri and Ḫurri, both of them bull-men, who drew his chariot or carried him on their backs.

    I'm only mentionning this because the absolutely devastating earthquake took place precisely on the 12th anniversary of my death experience and subsequent encounter with the Great God Pan on the other side, down to the very hour my heart stopped.

    A gigantic *spiral* was seen in the sky above, before the mainshock.

  2. Blogos, check your spam, they're doing it again.

  3. Anthony Fauci translates as "Flower man of Death (scythe)"

    Anthony Fauci = Nimoy/David.

    Wokesters practically adore him, he keep saying that nothing is happening, then, when the truth comes out, he'll turn on them and start euthanising them. Not long afterwards, he'll get locked up, just like David when Matthew and Elizabeth fought him off.

    Anyone figure that the scene where Matthew and Elizabeth are held captive by Nimoy and his thugs, *being injected by force*, while Matthew is saying "you're killing us, you're killing us", is when vaccinations might be violently forced upon people later on this year?

    The "pods" will be the "suicide pods" being commercialized over in Europe right now. Remember the scene when David injects both our heroes with a sedative, then brings them over to show them two huge pods on the ground, at which point they freak out and fight back to get away?

    Imagine if the triple-vaxxed are told by doctors in October that they should simply kill themselves in a pod, it'll be better that way.

  4. Mold-ova


    2. The name Moldova is derived from the Moldova River; the valley of this river served as a political centre at the time of the foundation of the Principality of Moldavia in 1359. The origin of the name of the river remains unclear. According to a legend recounted by Moldavian chroniclers Dimitrie Cantemir and Grigore Ureche, Prince Dragoș named the river after hunting aurochs: following the chase, the prince's exhausted hound Molda (Seva) was drowned in the river. The dog's name, given to the river, extended to the principality.


      "Procyon culminates on the 24th of February."

      "Legend: Canis Minor represents Maera, the hound of Icarius, who drowned himself on account of his grief at the death of his master (see Bootes). According to another account it was Helen’s dog who was lost in the Euripus. [Robson, p.35.]"

    4. This got me thinking about Moderna, and how the Rubicon was crossed in 2020.

      Also Dogecoin, which is more likely Sirius. In a weird way, Sirius, Procyon, and Orion could almost be father, son, and holy ghost.

      Dim, the grinning bulldog, seems a likely representation of Procyon.

      Obamacare set the stage for a lot of the issues we're facing today; Barakish was apparently an Arabic name for Sirius, meaning Of A Thousand Colors. That's very similar to A Thousand Points Of Light.

      Obama picked up Stuxnet where W Bush left off.

  5. East Palestine, Ohio trainwreck

    "the combustion of vinyl chloride that resulted from the accident may have created highly toxic dioxins..."

    "In addition to its damaging environmental effects, traces of dioxin[...]found in the mixture have caused major health problems for many individuals who were exposed, and their offspring."
    "Dioxins easily accumulate in the food chain."


      "Dioxins have different toxicity depending on the number and position of the chlorine atoms."

      "And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?"

      "Even if this safety rule had still been in effect, it would not have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, because it was not categorized as a high-hazard cargo train."

  6. Speaking of Nutflix
    The show Devil In Ohio features;
    Raven(of Dispersion) worshipping cult, moldy corn, Columbia from Rockky Horror, The Taurid meteor shower signalling North and South Node of the moon, twinning, Amun, Morning Star worship, roses(white), and so much more for a proper working. Every Character's name is purposeful. Still watching myself, but put it on your watchlist Blogos!
    You'll probably pick up some things I didn't.

  7. Guys, you REALLY need to check these out (from Wordman's latest post):



  9. We're at the "fridge scene" now, right?

    5,000 years old fridge along with food found by archaeologists

    1. If you're talking about the Living Dead, the fridge scene was earlier. But thank you for reminding me to finish updating the page.

      It's interesting that the fridge was found with bowls of fish. A lot of fish were killed by the chemicals from the train derailment.

  10. Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine, 2019 - 2010.

    (2020) 2019 "how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability"
    (2021) 2018 "cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation"
    (2022) 2017 "molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm"
    (2023) 2016 "mechanisms for autophagy"
    (2024) 2015 "a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites" and "a novel therapy against Malaria"
    (2025) 2014 "cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain"
    (2026) 2013 "machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells"
    (2027) 2012 "mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent"
    (2028) 2011 "activation of innate immunity" and "the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity"
    (2029) 2010 "development of in vitro fertilization"

    1. 2020 was the year oxygen availability was disrupted. First with a respiratory disease, and then with masks, closing of gyms and parks, and lockdown indoors. More ventilators were sought for hospitals, and the blood oxygen levels of the infected were monitored.

      2021 brought higher levels of aggressive cancer, viral variants, inflammation, arguments over the appropriateness of treatments designed to either introduce new genetic elements into one's body or subvert the DNA they were born with. All of this relates to immunity.

      2022 boosters became part of a regular maintenance schedule. Arguments over the childhood vaccination scheduled got intense. Sunlight and melatonin got a new burst of attention, and derision.

      2023 the threat of Alzheimer's, prion disease, and brain fog are firmly entrenched in people's awareness. ADHD medication shortages have become even more disruptive. Cannibalism is back in the spotlight with Armie Hammer. People are talking more about enzymes lately. Autophagy. The research for 2016's prize came from yeast research.

      As far as I can tell, anyway. I don't actually know anything about anything. But I'm going to try to learn about this stuff, because it seems worthy of examination.

  11. Feb 3 Ohio trainwreck
    Matthew: I want to throw the book at the son of a bitch. Those scallops are nothing but cut-up pieces of skate.
    (The clock reads 8:45)
    Elizabeth: I’m sorry. I can start the test right away.

    Feb 4:
    Freddy: Oh, God. Hey, these things don’t leak, do they?
    Frank: Leak! Hell, no. These things were made by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
    [HISSING] @8:42
    Freddy: Oh, fuck!

    Feb 6 chemicals set on fire
    Matthew: Let me show you something that’ll cheer you up.
    Elizabeth: What?
    Matthew: Ever seen one of these up close?
    (A man watches them from behind the glass panel of a door marked 410 FIELD INVESTIGATORS) @ 15:38
    Elizabeth: What is it?
    Matthew: What does it look like?
    Elizabeth: A caper?
    Matthew: A caper.
    Elizabeth: What is it?
    Matthew: It’s a rat turd. But the sauce was delicious.
    ??? : I’ve got your rat.
    Matthew: Did you find one?
    ??? : I’ve got it. I’ve really got it. It’s a biggie.
    (??? Holds up a rat by its tail, in a plastic bag.)
    Matthew: We’ll get a declaration of “unsanitary” on him.
    Feb 7:
    [The fumes start going up a vent in the ceiling.]

    Feb 9 evacuation order lifted
    Elizabeth: Now? Weren’t we going to the game?
    Geoffrey: The Warriors, I know. I gave the tickets to a patient.
    Elizabeth: You’re not gonna see tonight’s game?
    Geoffrey: No choice.
    Elizabeth: Geoffrey, what is the matter with you? I know something’s wrong.
    Geoffrey: I’m fine. I just have to go to a meeting.
    Elizabeth: A meeting? What kind of a meeting?
    Geoffrey: Elizabeth, I don’t think I have to...[justify my every move to you.]
    Feb 10:
    [The fridge cadaver moves its fingers at 10:00]
    [The cadaver starts punching around a bit, trying to escape]

    1. It seems that the pod people were always a day ahead of the zombies on this one.


  12. Since you're looking at ACO retrospectively I think we may have missed a Giorgia Melonia with George... maybe!

    1. Good catch. Interesting that she's described by the NYT as having "post-Fascist roots," and George wound up being a corrupt cop.

  13. "The cardiac arrests would mostly happen when I was asleep at night so I was terrified to sleep."


    "Gabriela Gil first met O’Connell when she was pregnant with her youngest child.

    'I asked him if he would pray over my belly,' she said as she and her family paid their respects. A mother of seven, Gil would talk to O’Connell about her children and her faith.

    'I’ve never ever felt more understood by anyone in this world,' she said, adding that she first thought he had died of a heart attack or some medical emergency. News of his killing stunned her."

    Feb 19
    Matthew: No. Do you wanna go see my friend David Kibner?
    Elizabeth: The psychiatrist?
    Matthew: It’s not like that. I mean, you talk to him. I mean, he would put things into perspective for you.

    O'Connell means son of Connell, which means hound valour. Guess that makes it a pup's name. Kibner always makes me think of kibble, or dog food. "Ibn" in the middle of his name is Arabic for "son of." And David was famously the son of Solomon.

    "In 1455, in Armenian art, there is an illustration in an Armenian manuscript showing Gabriel sounding his trumpet as the dead climb out of their graves." Wikipedia

    February 23, 1455 (Julian): The Gutenberg Bible is the first book printed with movable type. Kibner's claim to fame was having written a book that changed people's lives. In ACO Julian carried Alex into the writer Frank Alexander's home.

    Feb 20
    Ethel: All that microwave stuff affects my oven.
    Colonel: When we find them, you can have the equipment taken out.
    Ethel: But when will you find them?
    Colonel: Christ, Ethel, I don’t know.

    In other news, Salmon Rushdie (the now one-eyed author of The Satanic Verses) has recently come out against editing the works of Roald Dahl.



      "Baxter's error is reminiscent of a 2005 incident where a U.S. manufacturer of kits used by laboratories to test their detection capabilities included vials of H2N2 virus in several thousand proficiency kits. H2N2, the virus that caused the 1957 pandemic, has not circulated since 1968 and is thought to be a prime candidate to cause the next pandemic.

      That mistake, discovered by Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory, set authorities around the world scrambling to retrieve and destroy the vials of virus, which had been sent to labs in 18 countries."



    Feb 17
    Matthew: Take that meat there, will you? Get the cleaver and chop it up.


  18. Feb 20
    Matthew: whether he would…uh, had a social disease, whether he’d become a Republican.
    "'Fungi are in many ways an unsung California hero—they nourish our plants, capture carbon, play a role in many historical and cultural practices, and potentially offer a solution for pollution through mycoremediation,' said Assemblymember Kalra."

    "Though it doesn’t have a state mushroom, lawmakers in nearby New Mexico are considering making roasted chile its official state smell."
    "Conifer-killing beetles use smell of beneficial fungus to select host trees"

    "The bark beetles currently killing millions of spruce trees every year in Europe are supported in their attacks by fungal associates. We discovered that these fungi convert volatile compounds from spruce resin to products, which may serve as cues for bark beetles to find them."
    "That brings us back full circle to the story from last year about the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board that was purportedly put on pause after getting shellacked by negative press."

    Feb 21
    Colonel Glover: Maybe we’ll never find them. Look, we’ve been through all this before. They could be anywhere.
    "'It’s a hazard,” King said in a warning posted to social media. 'I’ve known a lot of lawn guys that are dead and that have died and people don’t know what killed them.'"

  19. Frank: 245-Trioxin, it’s called.

    2,4,5-T made up half of the mixture known as Agent Orange, and the thing which made it so dangerous was contamination with dioxin. Alex DeLarge may as well have been called Agent Orange, since he was the representative of the orange production.

    This page has some good sources for information on dioxin, and recommends some things for detox.

    One thing I've found while looking at some of the links is that dioxin may impair people's immune systems, making ordinarily not so bad viruses lethal, for instance. The same could conceivably go for fungi.

    This page shows a map of places which may be endangered from water and soil migration of dioxin. It is a huge area. And this is just from one incident. The wind blew the chemical plume towards the East, which may not be reflected in the map. So far it looks like the EPA isn't testing specifically for dioxin.

    The train wreck itself correlated to the escape of fumes from the cannister in Return of the Living Dead, and the burning of chemicals matched with the fumes going up the vent. If this pattern holds, there may be another, even more widespread release of dioxin or a related chemical beginning June 1st. This is when the fridge corpse is put in the incinerator, wrapped in plastic. Burning plastic produces dioxin.

    June 2 is when the smoke shoots out of the chimney. (This is using an adjusted timeline beginning the movie at the beginning of the time/date frame, since the other dates being a day late shows it was probably begun late in the calculation used so far on 2023andwe.) Thunderclap on June 4. The ground steams on June 6. On June 24 the groans of the dead are heard in the graveyard. June 26 a hand pushes up through the dirt.

    By June 16 Frank and Freddie are obviously sick. This could result from direct chemical exposure, or maybe allude to weak immune systems having allowed a pathogen to establish itself.

    Colonel Glover is probably based in San Diego, so it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on news out of San Diego.

  20. Reading legendary UFO researcher Jimmy Guieu's work surrounding my neck-o-the-woods, the Province of Québec, there's some weird sh*t I'm reminded of.

    Back in 1968, there were mutiple sightings, in at least three cities, of little green men (literally bluish-green) running around naked in people's backyards, crossing the streets, even the Provincial Police started chasing them and an officer almost caught one. Meanwhile eerie bright red lights were flying around, plunging into the St. Lawrence River, making it glow entirely red at night...

    What the f**k is going? You go outside, and little green men from another world are poking fun at you, showing you their tiny little green dicks, and inviting you to grab them, disappearing when you've almost got their hands on them. The cop who told the press what he saw was silenced, retired. And this is "reality", when you least expect it.

  21. Where is everyone?

    Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the only logical interpretation of the ending of IotBS, taking into account all of the facts, is this:

    The aliens were *not* lying when they said that the transformation would *not* kill them. Matthew, and all of the others, truly *did* have their consciousness transferred into a new "hybrid" body, one devoid of emotion, linked to the rest of the hive mind.

    This is why "they" only wake up when we fall asleep. This is why Matthew was contemplating his life, and everyone around him, at the end: it was still *him*, but in a new brain, so he was introspective about how detached he had become towards Elizabeth and everything else, and the hive mind made him point and scream at Nancy.

    No other explanation works perfectly.

  22. I got the latest month up at 2023andwe. Made an adjustment to start it when the two people in the parking lot turn away from each other, on account of two-faced Janus representing January. Maybe it'll fix the synchronization.