Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cellular Consciousness and Metabolism of Time - Presentation II

These are the details of the second live presentation on Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time (11th Jan, 2015):

1. Recap structure of consciousness
  • Consciousness of physical self (DNA spiral)
  • Consciousness of physical reach (Nucleus)
  • Consciousness of perception (Cytoplasm)
  • Consciousness of consciousness (Cell membrane)

2. Emphasize similarities between individuals.  The trend in society is to break down into micro traditions/individuals each one emphasizing itself by its peculiar uniqueness whereas little is done to emphasize what unites us as beings.  Although each cell of consciousness is complete within itself when in a group/society the cell differentiates to complete a function necessary for the metabolism of the whole.  Similarly each biological cell contains all DNA necessary for making up the complete individual but only expresses that which causes its differentiated function, i.e. a liver cell or a bone cell.  Together groups of individuals form a ''tissue of consciousness.''

3. DNA based organisms consume other DNA based organisms (or material produced by said organisms). In this sense the Helix is the Ouroboros.

4. Feelix the Perfect Helix is conterminous with the Metabolism of Time.  At the fundamental level Feelix is the Time Spiral.

  • The head section of Feelix is concerned with the future (upper triad) - second guessing, anticipating, predicting, planning
  • The thorax section of Feelix is concerned with the present (middle triad) - heart beating, lungs breathing
  • The abdomen section of Feelix is concerned with the past (lower triad) - intestines, elimination, excretion, and ''genetic memory'' is stored in genitals for reproduction*

5. Individuals in tissues of consciousness (groups/societies) are differentiated according to the position the hold in the time-stream.  This is typically between two points such as ''the path'' between forgetting and the altered past, or ''the path'' between changing the future, and the altered future.  There are indicators about where individuals lie in nature of their physical body which expresses the underlying genetics.  The face and body must be examined in this light (skin quality, where fat is deposited, thickness of hair, ruddiness, bone structure) so it is more than what we would think of as classical ''physiognomy''.  

Simple indicators for each position

  • Altered Future - pituitary hormones, large features, large build, big bones, likes to experiment/control, likes to direct but not necessarily lead, any hormonal problems probably relate to pituitary activating hormone rather than inherently in the target gland POST EGO
  • Reducing the Future - serotonin, civilized, groomed, censoring other ideas (that wouldn't work, this is not realistic), intense POST EGO
  • Changing the Future - melatonin, young looking, elfin, great complexion, slender, fine boned, anorexia spectrum, low body image, aloof  POST EGO
  • Experience of the Moment - thyroidal (hypo or hyper), prominent eyes (bulging or sunken), small framed or large framed (frog vs toad form), tremulous/twitching vs sluggish, love visual art, travel, obsessed with ''discovering their selves'' POST-EGO to EGO
  • Reaction to the Moment - immune system recognising self, stocky, social butterfly, entertainer, funny, addictive personality (often alcohol) EGO
  • Analysis of the Moment - skinny, athletic, militaristic, often runny nose because of overactive immune response, analytical, destructive (if nothing to destroy then self-destructive), create or ''deployed to'' dramatic/traumatic situations EGO
  • The Inner Mind - fat storage in abdomen, daydreamers, lazy, sudden releases of energy (glucagon vs insulin types) EGO to PRE-EGO
  • Forgetting - cortisol, skin conditions, fleshy, stocky, high stress tolerance (but total systems collapse when this threshold is breached) PRE-EGO
  • Remembering - adrenaline, jumpy, vengeful, hunter, witty (with referencing), intellectual/pseudo-intellectual, possessive, loses temper PRE-EGO 
  • Altered Past - testosterone, balding, high sex drive (paraphilia spectrum), aggressive, taboo-breaking, risk-taking PRE-EGO
Each part of the Time Spiral can be assigned an ''ego state'' which I refer to by post-ego, ego and pre-ego.

  • Post-ego which affects the upper triad produces a person who relates to themselves objectively and abstractly - they may talk about themselves in the 3rd person quite often. 
  • Ego has the loudest internal voice and is likely to talk in 1st person (I! Me! Mine!).  
  • Pre-ego characters have the least concrete identities, they may have no internal voice or if it exists it exists as an ''external accuser'' - it refers to them as ''you''.  

Altered Future and Altered Past are the extreme forms of this so an archetypal Altered Future character will be a transhuman futurist intent on downloading identity into a computer to live forever whereas an archetypal Altered Past character will have a very unclear identity perhaps even close to an ''animal soul'' and their motivation will be breeding (even to the extremes of rape) to preserve the cell line/species as opposed to the individual identity.

see Physiognomical Characters in Metabolism section for much more information

*Advanced - the bridges between the time loops are important - thus the bridge between the future and the present is linked by the throat via the mystery of ''abracadabra'' (see calcium mediated cell-cell communicaton and the parathyroid for really advanced), the bridge between the present and the past is mediated by the stomach where the present is digested for extraction of important nutrients and excretion of waste (this can be applied to memories).