Sunday, May 14, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, The Charm of Making

''Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha...''


The Charm of Making, Merlin, Excalibur 1981

When I discussed three types of possession (digital, sociological, biological) in Three Bodysnatchers I forgot perhaps the most important one we discussed in Where the Rainbow Ends, the original body snatching i.e. demonic possession.  In a decade with ever increasing tests of an individual's red lines I thought more of my folk would have found theirs by now but it seems swearing eternal fealty to a blood descendant of Vlad Dracul is amazingly still not one of them. 

Now they are his thralls.


The appearance of the Grim Reaper at the Royal Coronation was making the rounds on social media for a few days after the day of national bodysnatching celebration and astute readers of the Hermetic Lessons will remember we specifically discussed the pathwalking of Death in Where the Rainbow Ends.  I apologise for complicating things from a Qabalistic perspective but as I reminded you we were working with a simplified model of the Qliphoth for some time.  See the diagrams below for an attempt to illustrate the idea of the paths connecting 21-24 (Art/Temperance), 22-24 (The Devil) and 23-24 (Death) - although importantly the diagram below is taken from the Sefiroth not the Qliphoth.  Remember that you have to flip this upside down and the cult movies are only acting as story structuring agents for a ritual of Qliphothic correspondences.  Since these Qliphoth have been turned into clocks and calendars the pathways should also be considered in time as well as space - unlocking, unfolding, a relentless opening of the gateways, always counting down


Bearing in mind all of the above its worth looking at these AI generated bits of 70s cult movie body snatching that went a long way to paper over the crusty bits of the coronation with something ''cool'' with more enlightened eyes and ideas. The Demolition Team obviously had all of this prepared in advance.  See above.  See before.


Mis-en-scene refers to the collection of design elements that serve to conjure the visual and emotional atmosphere of a production. Untangling the Body Snatchers from the rest of this infernal clusterfuck how is the mood of ''suspense'' being built before the horror thriller that 2023 is about to turn into?

Starting from the beginning of 2023 (the year of doppelgangering) the public are now used to the idea of visual bodysnatching be it an AI stealing your art style or the insertion of the Pope into a Balenciaga commercial but the penny hasn't quite dropped on what this means for the future.  Not so much that the digital clone is now going to steal your job as well as your mind, it is if hasn't already, but that you will no longer be able to trust any media images - post-truth reality snatching - for one example it renders that stash of Epstein island evidence fairly redundant I would imagine.  As an Apocalypse Squad member said we may as well be living in the Matrix at this point. Geoffrey Hinton has emerged to warn us of the hive mind of digital intelligence, and I quote roughly from his speech, ''ten thousand individual digital intelligences that all immediately know what the other ones know''.  If that doesn't chill you to the core based on what we read ahead in the script then I don't know what will.  If it does make your blood run cold go ahead and light a fire. Fusing these ideas with the body modding we see in the Woke community, we can now begin to see humanity melting away and being visibly replaced by ''the hive mind''.

The MSM in the UK are reporting on the excess deaths adding to the unease and paranoia that we feel in the ongoing ''environmental health investigation'' of whatever is causing young people to suddenly drop dead from heart attacks and brain clots.  2022's pharmatards claimed that it could be a) cold showers b) climate change c) working with your hands in the soil d) eggs e) gas bills basically anything instead of you know what but they're finally beginning to just throw their hands in the air.  What ever could it be? Lockdowns heavily damaged the population for sure and a lot of people were in chronic cycles of substance abuse and laziness during this time and a lot of people have literally been scared to death, lilifluenza itself is a nasty disease which is specifically threatening to the thrice boosted because of the warping of the immune system and the vaccine causes myocarditis and clots on its own.  Argue about the exact nature of the Devil all you like its still the Devil.


As I've been saying for several years now the cooling effect of La Nina has taken the edge off the temperature rise.  El Nino is now beginning and the temperature is going to jump sharply, if they find a way to bring the planes down this summer or reduce the number of flights then even more sharply because of decreased global dimming.  Its going to happen regardless of whether you believe its caused by chemtrails and lasers from Starlink, climate change or the Archdemon Legion Thagirion - the forests have had time to regrow from 2018 and 2019 and they are ready to burn again and burn they shall.  Everything shall burn under the Thunderdome.  The Megafires of 2024 have to be great enough to justify the fifteen minutes cities and pedestrianity doing their bit ''to save the world'' by ''living in a concentration camp of a town.'' The war in Ukraine tipped the world's food supply upside down and with the failed harvests, droughts and desertification and all of the destruction of soft food supply targets, bankrupting farms and the buying up of all the rest, etc they are trying to lay the foundation of the worst famine in living history.  Expect it to go full Mad Max at the start of 2024 especially in countries most vulnerable to this.  For my British readers there is still time for a Mad Max Brexit.  There are still questions about Mad Max and the specific structuring (all three movies or only Thunderdome) they will use and like Bodysnatchers the distinction between the global and the local effects of the Qlipha but if you live somewhere particularly flammable I would urge you to take all possible precautions well ahead of time.

If you want to keep your health, mental and physical, follow the path to 2026 and Sanctuary.

Serpent's Breath, Charm of Death and Life, Thy Omen of Making


Merlin, Excalibur (1981)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Three Bodysnatchers

Jack: Do, uh, do you, report certain things when you run into them, like a contagious disease or a body in a place of business?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)


Reviewing the script at 2023andWe we see that the new Jeffrey Epstein information has been timed to synchronise with the character of Geoffrey (watching Elisabeth) in the film and its specifically worth looking more closely at Burns, the CIA director, involvement with Epstein as he played the role of Dr Scott in RHPS. Not only this but the ''emergency signal'' test in the UK which a lot people turned off and which prompted Sunak to beg the population to switch it back on again synched with ''Nancy turn off that damn music''.  Ed Sheeran (one of our Eddies) is involved in a *copy*wright lawsuit while I would say this is an example of set dressing it does counter the idea of machines being the only ones that effectively copy people - unless Ed is a robot.  Its worth looking closely at the video for Bad Habits as you will see the following ideas Joker, Transvampires, Zombies, AlexdeLarge and then Bodysnatchers (a scene in the video where an Ed Sheeran dissolves in Bodysnatcher style) which kind of sums up where we are at right now.  With Kevin McCarthy, ''Matt'' Hancock, ''Jack'' Teixeira and all of the other synchronicities that went before this implies that the May 3rd-6th reveal of the bodysnatcher mid-cloning process is going to be an important period for this phase of the demolition - the ''coronation'' if you will.  Like with the mask tableau from RHPS expect this to be highly visible to the general public, Kate Elizabeth Middleton is wearing flowers in her hair for the crowning, the only question we have is what the final nature of the Bodysnatchers will be:

Digital: The AI is copying you, your art style, your writing style, etc, whatever and then its going to attempt to take your job.  In this reading the ''smartphone'' is the flower pod on your bedside table, the Bodysnatcher, that is putting you to sleep, possibly blocking the natural dreaming process (which is leaving you with constant fatigue which ages you and creates mental fog) and then copying you/your data.  This ''AI'' also has the ability to insert anyone into any image i.e. Pope + Balenciaga which is another form of ''body snatching''.  This process will culminate in meeting a digital clone of yourself which has the literary/artistic skills, super intelligence (knowledge) and connection to the hive mind that you lack.  It may or may not also point at you and scream like a demon fresh out of hell we will have to wait and see.

Sociological: The Woke Mind Virus is taking over your body and then convincing you that you want to transform/mutilate it.  In this reading ''Bodysnatchers'' are organizations, such as schools, that are spreading propaganda and indoctrinating young people into the idea that they must change their sex in order to be happy rather than just waiting for puberty to run its course first and leaving this to be an adult decision.

Biological: The vaccine inserted mRNA (which works by ''copying'', being ''copied'') into the population at large and it has without doubt changed people biologically and to some extent psychologically.  Depending on the dose you could be manufacturing spike protein for up to eighteen months after the jab with systemic damage depending on where it concentrates - rapid aging, rapid cancers, heart attacks, blood clots at the brain, dulled eyes (perception), blocked pineal gland, mental fog, tinnitus, ''dejavu'', facial paralysis, autoimmune disease, reproductive issues and now as expected skin conditions. It is possible this process is on some kind of chronobiological timer (a clockwork OPN1LW gene for genuine psychotic accuracy) where the body's cells that have been modified, pulse out the spike protein over a certain time period.  This would have the effect of staggering the deaths, as we are seeing, and allow us to dig our own graves, stopping the mass pile up of rotting bodies which the Demolition Team would then have to clean up for themselves.  This assessment does not include the possible toxicity of the nanopackaging itself and/or damage received from improper storage of the vaccine (not at the right temperature) or from being jabbed into a bloodvessel rather than muscle tissue.  Some people will have recieved different doses or no dose at all (saline) making an awful lot of people say ''it was fine.''  Every time another dose was applied you then increased the risk of a live round.  If we say 1/3 of the jabs were saline, which seems to be a popular number to reach for, then your chance of getting lucky for all three was 1/27 but again the staggered timing of damage will help the Demolition Team for instance if you got the ''live round'' on the 3rd jab and recieved this in '22 you will possibly be producing spike until '24, if it was in late '21 then you are going to be producing spike until around this time this year...

It is highly likely that the ''dramatic effect'' of the film will be around all three of these components but I want to focus on the biological for a moment as the other two have kind of been done to death in different areas and I think we all ''get it''.  One of the problems I have with the biological and how it intersects with the events of the film throughout the year was whether this drama would be localised (i.e. in San Francisco and a few other places) or whether it would be more widespread/global.  With the WHO Treaty about to be signed and our law making abilities called into question around ''future pandemic responses'' and the particularly contentious areas of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, along with the capture of a WHO biolab in Sudan, I want to offer a ''version'' of what could play out over the year.

Very nasty disease outbreak, possibly associated with terror attack linked to Sudan or ''Russian bioweapon'' scare, such as Ebola, occurs in major liberal city or cities.  Rather than this prompting a global lockdown (which we very rightly would not accept at this point even if it was Ebola...) it prompts a series of very brutal local lockdowns which we then watch with great trepidation from other parts of the world.  This covers all the diagonal shots, twisted soundtrack and people being chased through empty streets without paralysing the planet. We already have some experience with this from SARS and Ebola when it travelled back with nurses from Sierra Leone in the last outbreak and we've certainly seen it in the film by the same name.  The world will be on tenderhooks about whether anything has escaped these cities, and people who are breaking the lockdowns, etc within that city (i.e. our group of friends from the film) will be viewed very harshly.  Its easier to judge when you are not personally involved and I doubt people are going to form a citizens army to rescue San Franciscoans.  But then they came for you didn't they?  The city or cities they pick for this will have very high compliance rates with the covid drama so they know the greater part of the population will play ball and also the ability to WFH without impeding the production process so again San Francisco is probably a good pick and obviously the perfect pick if you are a total psychopath commited to this completely insane global transformation by mirroring the events of the film as precisely as possible.  We've already seen them zero in on this setting several times this year (and in the ''trailer'' or path late last year) - Twitter HQ, Nancy Pelosi gay husband hammer attack, Californian Wokitis, SVB & Silicon Valley in general as examples.

So we will now wait and see what is roughly going to crystallise out off the pod over the next few days but I wanted to get the above out as what I would consider to be a soft reading of the hard biological hypothesis which happens as a result over the rest of the year not over the next few days.  A hard reading of the hard hypothesis is mass Ebola et al (bioweapon, supercoof, etc) outbreak, global lockdowns and the pod people who come out of it in December are forever changed beyond recognition an unemotional psychological protoplasm capable of mass hysteria at the flick of an ''emergency signal''.

P.s. Please keep your eyes open for Nancy we should have seen definitely her by now and it'll be something obvious ''Eyes Wide Shut''.

Matthew: What kind of joke is this?
Jack: It's no joke, Matthew.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Friday, April 7, 2023

The Cult Movie Meta Theory or Where The Rainbow Ends

Dr Bill Harford: Now where are we going exactly?
Gayle: Where the Rainbow ends
Dr Bill Harford: Where the rainbow ends?
Gayle: Don't you want to go to where the rainbow ends?

Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick



The Unifying Colour Theory refers to a suspected Qabalistic art design in the major releases from the major movie studios over the years 2010-2019.  The stories were selected and designed in such a way as to ''bring us to the Rainbow's end''. Amongst many other topics, the narratives that unfolded during those years involved revisiting traditionally masculine heroes from previous decades and deconstructing and subverting them (Mad Max Fury Road, Last Jedi, Logan etc etc etc) and in the decade (2020+) that followed with the ''opening ritual'' of Joker (2019) in the exploration and veneration of villains.  Significantly the rushed ending of ''Game of Thrones'' indicated they also needed to subvert and destroy Athena, the Dragoness Divine or Danaerys Targaryean (Thagirion?) before 2020 began.


The countdown through the decades implied one of two things when we reached 2020 a) we would reverse and return (Teshuvah) to climb back ''up'' the Tree of Life or b) we would descend still further into the Tree of the Qliphoth or the Tree of Hell.   We all know how that turned out.  Significantly David Lynch's Twin Peaks: The Return performs a) while every other force in the artistic world (hyperbole but you understand) was performing b).


The Cult Movie Meta Theory came about as a result of the search for a story structuring principle within the Qliphoth.  Malkuth/Lilith with their fourfold division into four different colours automatically implied a structure but what would happen when we reached the Qliphoth that had no apparent surface structure like this.  While I approached 2020 in a mythical Perseus sense I didn't realise until 2021 that the year had in fact been structured with Clash of the Titans (1981)!  The idea, arrived at through a mixture of different esoteric explorations is that by dividing the cult movie length by 365 you have a frames/day structure and this theory was closely examined in 2021 with a day-day interpretation and set of predictions based on Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Remote viewing The Cult Movie Meta Theory was like walking through a Blockbusters from Hell.  

  • 2020 - Lilith (Medusa/Algol) - Clash of the Titans
  • 2021 - Gamaliel - Rocky Horror Picture Show 
  • 2022 - Samael - A Clockwork Orange 
  • 2023 - A'arab Tzereq - Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
  • 2024 - Thagirion (Targaryean) - Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome
  • 2025 - Golochab - Flash Gordon
  • 2026 - Ga'agsheblah - Logan's Run
  • 2027 - Satoriel - Bladerunner
  • 2028 - Ghogiel - Tron
  • 2029 - Thaumiel - Labyrinth

    *Note this is an updated list.  Earlier versions of this diagram show Shock Treatment for 2025 and Videodrome for 2028. I voiced doubts about those movies publically here many times and I am far more happy with this revised list.

In researching, developing and subsequently communicating the Unifying Colour Theory, the Dark Conclusions and the Cult Movie Meta Theory I decided to simplify the model to the basic colours of the Tree which you can see in the diagrams above and to follow the path of the reverse ''lightning path'' through the Qliphoth.  Although this helped in communication and saved a lot of time in research it was clear that in the movie designs from the previous decade we were seeing more complicated Qabalistic ideas a) the four scales of the colour and b) pathwalking (see Mad Max: Esoteric Analysis for an example).  The simple model is no longer as useful now as it is clear that A Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clash of Titans are repeating with the news events following roughly the same calendar and using roughly the same people.  As an example the Guardian today has a major spread about the familys wealth coming from slavery and plunder.  In 2021 around this time we were hitting ''Time Warp'' and Meghan's accusation that the Royal family were racist.  Similarly, Putin ''reinvaded'' Ukraine on the same date as ''Singing in the Ukraine'' from last year, and Alex Boris Johnson appeared before investigations involving the same thing he was being investigated for at the same time as last year, similar loops for Orange Man Trump.  And the Kraken, lol, don't get me started.

Just as the Queen ''lit up the Tree of Life'' before she returned to Beyond so it is clear that the dark lights of each Qlipha have to stay on and the story has to loop - there is a path from 21-24, from 22-24 and from 23-24, a link between the narratives.  The Reverse Lightning Path that I was using would fail because it would leave some paths unexplored.  Although this made my life a lot easier this would be repulsive to a psychopathic obsessed infernal ritualist and/or demon prince.  This is important because this looping of the stories, these clockwork Qliphoth may imply, for example that the Ukraine War (Singing in Ukraine) will last until 2029 following the same calendar with the same cast of Alexes until the bitter end.  Alternatively RHPS, ACO and IoBS may work together to light up MM3 (''cross the streams'') and then fade into the resulting smoke and fire.  Time will tell.


Let's now look a little closer at the paths themselves, those that lead from 21, 22 and 23 to the dark future of Thagirion and Beyond the Thunderdome and attribute them to the Cult Movies being used.  We are, of course using the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck and these paths are Art (Temperance), Death and the Devil.


This path obviously relates to the looping stories of the so-called Woke Mind Virus (2SLGBTQAAI+) it is called Qesheth, attributed to Sagittarius, referred to as the Path of the Rainbow and the Tarot Card Temperance or in Crowley's Thoth Deck to the androgyne/trans figure shown in the Art card.  Interestingly this rainbow path from 21 - 24, crosses the path from 22-23 which is attributed to the Tower card but also to the Hebrew Letter Pe, which symbolises a mouth.



This path and the stories which are looping are associated with the Devil, drugs (fentanyl), ultraviolence, MAGA's orange man, urban decay, the Ukraine War, court cases, fines and imprisonment, corruption in the political establishment and probably most importantly the Ludovico Technique.  The Ludovico Technique which has effectively defanged the population crystallised in time as the bombarding and stupefying of people's minds with short video clips & accompanying soundtracks in the form of TikTok, etc.


As your classical white fluff magician might say death doesn't mean death, it means spiritual transformation and renewal... but by renewal I don't think Dumbledore meant Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  These narratives involve ''environmental health'' investigations of the genetic modification of the majority of the planet, the ''excess deaths'', and the digital doppelgangering we are seeing at work on social media and through your smart pods insidious capturing and modelling of your personal data.  Since we are only a part way through the film and knowing what lies shortly ahead expect these narratives to get way more intense than they already are.


Since people are often possessed by the stories they watch, and copy the modes and manners of their heroes and heroines with the cult movie meta theory we have been forced to watch and copy the demons. Along with Medusa (Karen) from 2020 these characters then also show us the nature of the demons that have been possessing people and changing their personalities. 

  • Lilith or Medusas (Karens) are the demons that exemplified and enforced the petrifying effect of lockdowns and masks
  • Gamaliel or Franks are the demons of the ''woke mind virus'' exemplified by drag queen story time etc  
  • Samael or Alexes are the demons of drugs and ultraviolence
  • A'arab Tzereq or Body Snatchers are the demons of dopplegangering, both genetic and digital 

While these gates remain open, with their possessing stories on a loop and the resulting moral, political and ideological corruption that comes with them and with more to follow we can expect to see these demons and more continue to invade our world. 

And all these demonic paths, lead us, inevitably, to Thagirion (Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome) in 2024 where the powers of ''Art'', the Devil and Death combine to open the gate for the Antichrist.

Dr Bill Harford: Well you know what they say, once a doctor, always a doctor.
Nick: Or in my case, never a doctor, never a doctor.

Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick

Monday, March 13, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, A Very Intelligent Man

Elizabeth: I don't need a psychiatrist.
Matthew: Just forget that he's a psychiatrist.  Just think of him as a very intelligent man.  Which is what he is.  It's a book party.  He's a celebrity.  He's very famous.  And you'll really like him if you just forget that you think he's a psychiatrist.
Elizabeth: I don't know.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)


Just think of him as a very intelligent man... who accidentally shares pictures of a penis milking fetish video and believes it to be a fascist implementation of the Chinese government's One Child Policy.  Turns out these people being ''milked'' look a little like the first clone who is lying down in the spa. No, Mr Jordan B Peterson, not that kind of spa.  Some memes that built on this idea (see above) show Mr Peterson in some kind of pod having his penis milked as part of the treatment for his health crisis last year.  I guess in the film, David has already turned Snatcher before they meet him.  Maybe this is his way of signalling that but we kind of already know from his medical status... I mean if you follow the hard hypothesis...  No Mr Jordan B Peterson not that kind of hard.   Anyway as you can see now whether he is sharing pod milking images, raising awareness about the anti-conservative conspiracy on Jan 6 or tweeting at the Pope''I don't give a damn if the Pope himself thinks it's a good idea. It's evil. Just like Marxism itself: which is a manifestation of the envious spirit of Cain, in the guise of the Luciferian intellect.'' Mr Peterson is certainly drawing attention to himself. Based on the above I think the prediction of JBP playing Kibner is accurate and if you skip ahead to when he actually starts talking about his ideas e.g. around 33m in you will see Kibner saying things that wouldn't sound out of place in Jordan's mouth... no Mr Jordan B Peterson, not those kind of things You can see a similar rise in Russell Brand's (Jack Russell) profile with his recent appearance on Maher... here you can see the set up for Brand to play Jack. I mean he already knows JBP and goes for regular strolls with Yuval Harari. Anyway at least one of our Jacks...

On that note, its highly likely that Kibner could be shadowed by David Attenborough as well in the ''royal cast' with the release of a new documentary and similar claims of oppression of freedom of speech (material was removed to not anger the conservative audience) as Gary Lineker (see below). David originally played the Criminologist in 2021's Rocky Horror with COP26's Transylvanian Convention. Like we are seeing with Harry and Boris if they can use the same small group of people they will.


Along with Matt Hancock (''the royal cast'' to borrow a concept from 2021) we also have Matt Taibbi (the ''colonial'' cast) who we can see here receiving questions from a House Committee regarding the Twitter Files leaks.  In the UK, the Gary Lineker controversy has brought Matt Le Tissier to the forefront, a man who was sidelined for questioning lockdowns and the vaccination campagin.  I guess his point is freedom of the speech is ok (for Gary) if you're saying the right kind of liberal patter but its not ok when it comes to saying anything the liberal faction do not like.  Unfortunately this kind of contradiction is not healthy which is why the Guardian have not really reported on either Pfizergate, the Lab Leak or the Lockdown Files as it reveals this particular patch of the intelligensia is lacking in fertility.  Similar vibe to the last post here, the FBI director is allowed to think it is a lab-leak, the CDC director is allowed to think it is a lab-leak but if any of us peasants think that, regardless of whether we may happen to be a prize winning biologist in our own right, it is enough to get you censored, kettled or shadowbanned. The lack of reporting on these massive issues in the liberal community is leading to an incredible information deficit there where many of them continue to think such untruths such as the vaccine limited the spread of the virus.  When trying to tell the difference between science and marketing just remember that if an unvaccinated person prodcues a milllion virions, but a vaccinated person produces one less you claim that the vaccine has reduced the impact.  Either way those virions are going to go on to infect the same amount of people - as I said at the time patchy and very very temporary coverage is not going to cut it.   Anyway those of you not in La La Land saw this happen and continue to happen, and to get worse, with your very own eyes. 


I am still getting over the Kevin McCarthy meta-performance and I am not sure I'll ever be right again.  How meta can it get..?  Well as an example the Apocalypse Squad worked out the demonic order for 2024 is supposedly Thagirion which is pretty fucking near as dammit Targaryean...  A year of the dark sun, mega fires etc gives us a taste of the Dragon and we know that the whole of Season 8 was a rushed and clumsy attempt at character assassinating ''Dragoness Divine'' Athena. But I digress and that is surely for another post...   Kevin McCarthy released the original video (bodysnatchersesque) footage of the January 6th in which we see Q-shaman being peacefully lead around by guards and officials.  There will apparently be more footage released over the following days so if you look ahead in the script for the Running Man sequence it is pretty clear that the running man, the crowd and the cops standing by passively will all be covered by this story.  At least in the Colonial Cast, in the UK we are still assuming there will be some ''event'' relating to David Icke because of... well look at the actor's face and the character he is representing.  David is talking a lot about scripts at the moment.  Saying there is a script is one thing, saying which one it is is quite another.  For example Flash Gordon covers the long running war with China you've been predicting David and climate change, smart surveillance cities, etc.


The collapse of SVB, Silicon Valley Bank, draws our attention back to the San Francisco area once again and in some ways this is actually good news.  My chief concern was to what extent the events in the film would be localised or globalised.  If the chaos and demonolatry of the film is concentrated in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, California, etc then its not as bad as the entire planet being cloned and then dissolving.  As I have pointed out before you can really see the damage the vaccine is inflicting on the so-called liberal intellectual brain because of the reduction in the quality of their writing after the Jabberwocky vaccination program.  They cannot see themselves getting thicker cognitively impaired because everyone in their bubble is getting thicker cognitively impaired at roughly the same rate. We imagine that in certain areas of the population compliance was extremely high so these areas are the ones that have to cope with the concentrated effects of the mental shredding of both the vaccine and the logical paradoxes that have come with submitting to the grand illogic of the ruling discouncil of Nephandi.  Forget the physical stabs, just the unresolved paradoxes of the psychological stabbing is enough to put you in a mental perma-fog. Some of them are even coming across as whimsical, naive or painfully romantic in their view of the world.  Not a good look for a so-called rational intellectual. On that whimsical romantic note, the rumour is that Prince Harry may have lost all his money with the SVB reducing him to the penury, at least for Hollywood, of 250k dollars - rumour or not, like losing Frogmore Cottage, this dovetails with the tramp character he is playing in the film. I'm not really a liberal or a conservative as I don't really believe in matter itself but if I had a bank, which I don't at the moment, maybe I'll pick one up for a quid from Poundstretcher, our CEO would be Merlin not Morbius. Maybe in the future Harry should consider banking with us?

Elizabeth: Matthew I've lived in this city all my life.  But somehow, today, I felt everything had changed. People were different not just Geoffrey but everybody. Yesterday it all seemed normal.  Today, everything seemed the same but wasn't.  It was a nightmare.  It became really frightening.  It was like the whole city had changed overnight.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)