Monday, November 29, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Goodbye & I'm Going Home

On the day I went away (goodbye)
Was all I had to say (now)
I want to come again and stay (oh my my)
Smile, and that will mean I may
Cause I've seen, blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realise
I'm going home
(I'm going home)


I'm Going Home, Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Excuse the sometimes dark and violent graphic imagery used in this post but people are under a lot of stress at the moment and its fogging the lenses.


Well they had their moment in the Sun, when they felt safe and protected and the world was rose tinted and the gangsters, who always offer protection, seemed kindly benefactors.  Vaccine failure seemed like... oh.... tens of percents away... but suddenly the rug was cruelly pulled out from under them.  I spent the weekend before arguing with one of the priesthood (scientists) about why he argued always from a point as if ''the science was settled'', a term that was invented for a public with a reading age of six and which he should know better about, when ''the science'' abundantly changed from week to week.  Omicron deftly illustrated my point.  But he, and others, were never arguing from the scientific point of view, where this was inevitable, they were arguing from a sense of trying to maintain public order and their own few remaining sanity points.  Well, Father Science, they are now spent.

These moments in the sun, in terms of maximum vaccine efficacy, were enjoyed during lockdown.  The vaccine was never tested at its peak.  When the vaccinated returned to the outside world was already long after the maximum protection, maybe as much as six months in the UK (for those vaxxed early on), so boosters became inevitable.  To begin the process again with a new Pfizzler from the Pfiefdom will be 150 days to synthesis and get jabs in arms.  150 days of lockdown before the cycle begins again?  China fear if they open up they will have hundreds of thousands of cases a day and so therefore can never open up.  Why the fuck did we not increase actual hospital capacity and why the unholiest of fucks did we give nurses a real terms pay-cut?


Like I'm outside in the rain has special meaning for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Meta-Theory as the rain (and storm) was linked to the virus (Lilifluenza) and the vaccine linked to whatever hope was offered by the Frankenstein Place.  See that interpretation here: There's a Light.  The collapse of the vaccine program therefore means that, for now, everyone feels like they are back in the rain.  By everyone I mean everyone.  Feel the power of the fucked-side.

And this new variant, for now of course, makes the whole thing seem insane. All the shit everyone has been giving everyone else over this fucking thing.  Totally and overwhelmingly insane.  How do people begin to process this level of humiliation and abandonment (I'm going home), I cannot begin to fathom.  If it didn't happen now it was always going to happen at some point it's high school level virology. Maybe they'll say it still has partial effectiveness but anyway from Sunday we are resetting the vaccine clock.  Do the Time Warp again.  But refresh the hell.


You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't is the way most are feeling right now in their core.  Companies that rehired have to refire.  Those that have fired have to rehire.  Clownworld. Those who took the risks thinking of themselves, or of societal good, all have egg on their face.  Shame.  Abandonment.  How do those upstairs walk back from this?  Clearly through a combination of anit-covid pills, non-pharmaceutical interventions (masks, curfews etc) and maybe patchy coverage with a pfizzling vaccine program while tolerating a much higher death rate.  But the damage is done.  To business.  And to civic mindedness.  The portal to the next Qlipha is open.

''There was me, that is Alex, and there were three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim.''


The literal reading is that the elite are going back to wherever they come from, the twist is that Frank n' Furter is not going back with them but is going to be removed, after this swansong, for his failures.  Frank with the delta emblazoned on him was always a metaphor for the vaccine campaign and was personified by, largely, Biden-Harris, but to some extent Gates and Charles (both major players in globalization, environmentalism, and vaccination).

There is always set dressing in these numbers (like we saw with the Frank story from House of Cards over the last couple of weeks) but I would imagine the overall thrust of this is the vaccine program telling the international elite: ''goodbye''.  Well, Frank, at least you tried, eh?

When we think about what Transylvania means for them we need to look at the use of the Mona Lisa throughout the film i.e. the bloodlines as the Royal Family trace their ancestry back to Transylvania.  For those who have been following for a while now will know the extent to which this has been about vampires and vampirism: the airborne bat disease that effects the blood, etc.  Garlic (allicin - anti-viral activated garlic pills) & Sunlight (Vit D.) still work very well on this vampire disease despite the absolute failure of modern medicine to get a grip on it.  If you get it, keep your system flushed with clean i.e. holy water.  I think the investigation of melatonin and its interaction with the ACE2 receptor and what they mean for the third eye is worthy of your time if you are into the alchemy biochemistry of this - this may ultimately be why the fish-oils are also very effective and why we tie back to this psychic ''blinding effect''.  So some final watchwords from Van Helsing:

  • This vampire which is amongst us…can command all the meaner things (zoonotic disease), the rat, and the owl, and the bat, the moth, and the fox, and the wolf (animal reservoirs), he can grow and become small, and he can at times vanish and come unknown.  He can appear as mist (water droplets), as vapour (aerosolize), as fog and can vanish at will.

  • The nosferatu do not die like the bee when he sting once. He is only stronger; and being stronger, have yet more power to work evil (mutation). This vampire which is amongst us is of himself so strong in person as twenty men; he is of cunning more than mortal, for his cunning be the growth of ages (evolution).

  • But we are face to face with duty; and in such case must we shrink? For me, I say, no; but then I am old, and life, with his sunshine, his fair places, his song of birds, his music, and his love, lie far behind. You others are young. Some have seen sorrow; but there are fair days yet in store. What say you?

  • Well, you know what we have to contend against; but we, too, are not without strength. We have on our side power of combination – a power denied to the vampire kind; we have sources of science; we are free to act and think; and the hours of the day and the night are ours equally. In fact, so far as our powers extend, they are unfettered, and we are free to use them. We have self-devotion in a cause, and an end to achieve which is not a selfish one. These things are much.

Following from Van Helsing, if you're a wizard, follow the advice of that priest I spoke about above, before he became a priest and was himself a wizard of some stature: when you encounter a vampire at night simply open a portal into the blue sky on the other side of the planet, connect it to the suit or ring you are wearing and let the light stream through...  With a little magic, vampire problems of this sort can be quickly solved.  Important safety tip: don't put the portal on the actual sun or well... spontaneous human combustion.


28th November

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): New spike proteins, 32 mutations no less?  Shit.

29th November

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): Oh fuck that means the whole vaccine program is fucked.  Quick say something.

Interpretations (Frank as Charles, Frank as Gates, Frank as Biden, Frank as Clinton?): Columbia as Ghislaine, the helper of Frankepstein?  What part will she play in the downfall of Frank?  Remember Columbia is taken out before Frank.

Interpretations (Frank as Charles): Claim Prince Charles discussed complexion of baby pure fiction

30th November

On the day I went away (goodbye)
Was all I had to say (now)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): On the day the vaccine went away, goodbye was all the vaccine had to say:

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Material drop in effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron expected by Moderna

Interpretations (Frank as Charles): Barbados parts with Queen, ceremony attended by Charles and Rihanna

Interpretations (Frank as Biden-Harris): Republicans boost benefits for people who quit over Biden-Harris vaccine mandate i.e. who say goodbye because of the vaccine

1st December

I want to come again and stay (oh my my my)
And that will mean I may

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine wants to come again and stay and that will mean the vaccine may... Look it does work against Omicron, honest.

2nd December

Cause I've seen, blue skies, through the tears
And I realize I'm going home

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine worked (saw blue skies) for Delta, even though the victories were hard won, but the vaccine realizes that it is going home, for Omicron.  I imagine it will be replaced by the mix of NPIs (masks, curfews), anti-covid treatments or at least have a much diminished role in policy.  Anti-covid milk anyone?  Pick your flavour?

3rd December

(I'm going home)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Elite gathering for the final moment of the vaccine.  Some sort of emergency summit?

4th December

Everywhere its been the same (feeling) 
Like I'm outside in the rain (wheeling)

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): Everywhere has been the same, feeling no protection at all now.  Outside in the rain i.e. back in the grip of the virus.

5th December

Free to try and find the game (dealing)
Cards for sorrow, cards for shame

Interpretations (Frank as vaccine): The vaccine is not really working and causing lots of discord and calamity.

6th December

'Cause I've seen, oh, blue skies,
Through the tears, in my eyes

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): But it did work, honest.

7th December

8th December

And I realise I'm going home

Interpretations(Frank as vaccine): The vaccine doesn't work well enough.

Elite: Goodbye vaccine program.

9th December

I'm going home (outro)

 We are all become God's madmen, all of us.

Everywhere its been the same(feeling)
Like I'm outside in the rain (wheeling)
Free to try and find a game (dealing)
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain
Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize
I'm going home
I'm going home (I'm going home)
I'm going home (I'm going home)
I'm going home (I'm going home)


I'm Going Home, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Saturday, October 23, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel & Rose Tint My World

Whatever happened to Fay Wray,
That delicate satin-draped frame,
As it clung to her thigh,
How I started to cry,
Because I wanted to be dressed just the same


Rose Tint My World, Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Returning from our review of the Unifying Colour Theory to the Rocky Horror Picture show that reality has become between 16th and 24th October we transitioned between the end of the petrification of the characters (Planet Schmanet Janet) to the floor show (Rose Tint My World).  This sequence was characterized by banter and threats between Magenta, RiffRaff and Frank about their return to Transylvania. 

There is no doubt that our characters, such as they are, are now ''paralysed'' or ''petrified'' the question of Planet Schmanet Janet was exactly how this was going to happen either a) energy crisis / general systems crisis or b) renewal of lockdown restrictions and we talked about one or the other acting as the cover for the other.  It seems this does not matter as the Demolition Team is clearly going with both.  Workers in all areas are facing mounting challenges coping with the demands of operating in the continuing pandemic - fuel & food supply chains, inflation, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, breakthrough infections and/or mental sickness.  Many are genuinely petrified with terror at the thought of a ''dark Winter'' of rising energy prices and the threat of sliding into poverty or catching covid, many others have completely dissociated due to trauma.  Signaling that worse is to come, Latvia is back in an ultra lockdown with a curfew, Austria threatens to lockdown only the unvaccinated if the situation continues to worsen, whilst the situation completely falls apart in the United Kingdom with louder and louder concern over the activation of ''Plan B'' from Outer Space.  Remember if the meta-theory is correct the situation needs to continue to fall apart to the point where we have the societal breakdown seen in A Clockwork Orange.

In this transition the Queen (Magenta, Transylvanian) drew attention due to her cancelled visit to Northern Ireland and her overnight hospital visit, raising questions about the continuation of the monarchy: ''I grow weary of this world, when do we return to Transylvania?!''  In America we had two Frank sequences a) Rachel Levine (synchronized with Sweet Transvestite earlier in the year) was made a four star admiral and b) Netflix staff protesting against transphobe David Chapelle. Unbelievably, even as the world falls apart, the transcript continues.  One of the reasons why I rejected the idea that this theory was possible with other movies (and therefore negating the overarching idea behind the theory in the first place i.e. if you can see anything in anything then basically it is nothing, or, you can divine the future in a leaf let alone a movie...) was because of the simple logic that that rival movie would need to have the amount of trans content to match its command of the content of the year. With the exception of Steve Reeves Movies and Outer Theory in-jokes and substructures, such as, I don't know, ''the Last Days of Pompeii'', which Frank recommends if you get bored of his show... 

For advocates of the Rocky Horror Theory of 2021 the long awaited Putin Twist is emerging in the news and it also merges the two aspects of the petrification: energy and vaccination.  Putin is putting the political pressure on through his control of the gas price and is using this as leverage over the approval of the Sputnik vaccine.  The approval of that vaccine could be the moment where it all falls apart.  I don't fully understand this yet but I imagine its bound up with the notion of vaccine passports (and therefore the forbidden planet) and approval of Sputnik may result in people from developing economies (who recieved Sputnik) being able to fly to Europe and the United States again which messes up some of the carbon draw down aspect of this operation.  It also opens more fresh hell for the slew of covid products from different corporations around the world i.e. this won't necessarily make our situation any better at all.  It also opens the spectre of a failure at COP26 where some countries (probably with less beachfront property of value) snub the climate summit.  This may be seen in the elite audience that sits in the deckchairs but then slowly fades away before the final confrontation between Frank, Magenta and Riff-Raff.  Professor Cox's recent lamentations about a universe without meaning foreshadow the Crimonologist in Superheroes: ''And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race, lost in time and lost in space and meaning.''  All I know is now we know where this goes.  At the end of Superheroes video note where the planet is stopped from spinning - China.

There remains strength in the meta-theory of the virus mutating with the costume shifting of Frank (i.e. the delta connection, and now the AY variant in the UK) so it will be interesting to watch how that aspect unfolds for the ''floor show''. Looking through the lyrics it really isn't that hard to see a connection to not only vaccination but the idea of vaccination: ''Rose tints my world and makes me safe from trouble and pain.''  For those of us focused on the adverse side effects of the vaccine: ''I'm a wild and an untamed thing, I'm a bee with a deadly sting... we're going to shake it til the life has gone gone gone.''  The lyrics of the characters (and therefore their reaction to their petrification and then controlled re-animation) to some extent will be robotically mirrored by the cohorts of society that they represent: the alt-left (Columbia), the new working class (Rocky), the conservative middle classes (Brad and Janet) and the civil/public services (Dr Scott).  Mind Control Ultra.

Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure is a line I imagine could emerge from the mouth of Gamaliel itself.  The slack-demic of gaming, tv-watching and pornography will have been the cause of many new kinks and addictions in the general public which are parodied in the costumes the characters wear and the various ticks they are now attempting to hide. As a demonstration of the impossibility of escaping this kink-demic, Dr Scott, the person who warns us of decadence is himself decadent.  So, fully aware that this is already parodied in the scene we are to watch, I want to say that I am not opposed to kink or slack in measure, but in the Qliphoth, where we find ourselves now, when the universal forces are out of balance (''as they are in Lo Pan'') slack and kink have ran to the extreme and corroded public willpower and common sense.  Is there more to life than the thrills is a question we should ask ourselves!  At least from time to time! For those who think that there isn't anything other than debauch then Don't Dream It, Be It suggests a digital-metaverse is the future of absolute pleasure and another way to ''rose tint your world...'' 

But hedonist-reductionists should always remember that different people take their pleasure differently and by opening the gate to decadence they are also opening the gates to sadism and crime.  You know, ''for the thrills''.  This is how we get from here:

To here:

Just a warning/reminder that Rose Tint My World is a long sequence (this link actually has removed a key section but its the best I can do, you should watch the sequence in the movie) so we will be on this page for a long time and develop the Time Key here.  Expect interventions from the major characters of the cast to be synchronised and a major event for the Riff-Raff alien reveal. 



24th October 


Frank prepares the performers for Floor Show

Interpretations: UK Government paves way to bring in tough Covid Plan B rules

This action by the UK government very much sets us up for the lockdown, mask & musical statues vibe of the rest of the sequence.

Interpretations: Crew on Baldwin film says concerns were raised about prop gun

The manic pixie vibe here is definitely feeling like Columbia.  This may well be a set-up our Columbia story that runs in a few days during Columbia's part of the song.  Could also be set dressing.

Creepy eh?  Columbia sacrifice?  How long can this story run?  If it can run to the end (where Columbia gets shot in the film) and there is some deeper story at work here could this be the resolution of Columbia's through-line?  Baldwin played Trump... Is this a subliminal against guns and toxic masculinity?  Health and safety on Hollywood sets means banning guns on set another way of ''rose tinting the world and making me safe from trouble and pain...?''

25th October


Frankie prepares the floor show, messes around with electricity, and de-Medusas

Prediction:  Note Eastern Dragon on dressing gown juxtaposed with the electricity sign, more energy woes for China?

26th October

It was great when it all began,
I was a regular Frankie fan
But it was over when he the plan
To start working on a muscle man

Prediction: First part of Columbia's (alt-left, SJW, woke, BLM, LGTBQA+, students, Markle, ex. rebellion, Thunberg) sequence - news stories should relate to these and the lyrics show growing skepticism of Frank's (Prince Charles, Biden-Harris, green agenda, vaccination program) - this could easily be protests against the government responds on either environmental or gender issues for not being strong enough 

Prediction: Revelations regarding the investigation of the accidental death of Halyna Hutchins

Interpretations: Haugen calls for security in social media: ''FB has been unwilling to let even little slivers of profit being sacrificed for safety.''

Rose tints my world, keep me safe from trouble and pain.  People do know gangsters operate protection rackets, right?

27th October

Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of a certain dope
Rose tints my world
Keeps me safe from trouble and pain

Second part of Columbia's sequence suggest that her hope lies in the dead spirit of Eddie (toxic masculinity) this could relate to the reforming of men so that women do not have to walk the streets in fear

Prediction: Another way of reading this is that growing vaccine or environmental skepticism leads to an unlikely alliance between toxic masculinity and radical activism - it may speak to a divide over trans issues within the community

Prediction: Revelations about ''Rust'' and the death of Halyna Hutchins - health and safety on Hollywood sets specific to guns with a subliminal message of ban guns

Interpretation: Alec Baldwin shooting, not ruling out criminal charges

Interpretation: Longtime Hilary Clinton aide describes assault by US Senator

Note spike, note safe.

Over these days of Columbia's sequence of keep me safe from trouble and pain we have had calls for a) facebook safety b) anti-vax school safety c) gun safety on Hollywood sets with murder of a ''Columbia clone''

''The only thing that gives me hope is my love of a certain dope'' is Columbia's reference to Eddie & toxic masculinity.

Interpretations: Gazprom offered Moldova cheaper gas for weaker EU ties

Putin Riff-Raff Twist building... are these tubes on the weapon the pipelines..?

28th October

Rocky: I am just seven hours old
Truly beautiful to behold

Interpretation: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry suffered coordinated Twitter hate online linking to only a few accounts...

Note the Meghan and Harry story synchronizing with the transition between Columbia's segment and Rocky's segment...

Interpretation: Prince Harry went into panic mode over Queen's hospitalization

Interpretation: Time Magazine Cover for COP26

This cover of Time Magazine is striking in that the tableau foreshadows exactly what we expected for COP26 and Frank's (Biden-Harris's) swansong - I'm Going Home - i.e. that the elite do not show up for ''the Floor Show'' - Rose Tint My World.  In the song Frank plays to an empty hall with the shadow of Riff Raff (Putin with the gas pipes & alt. vaccine Sputnik V disrupting the summit with Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia etc) in the background but when it changes to his dream perspective  it is full of the elite he needs.  I took some stills from the song, this has not happened yet but it is very likely to happen. 

Welcome to the era of weaponized climate change (or a cover for weather-war, changes in Earth's climate due to other mechanisms).

29th October

Rocky: And somebody should be told
My libido hasn't been controlled
Now the only thing I've come to trust
Is an orgasmic rush of lust

Top tier trolling from the Demo Team here:

Interpretations: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Vaccine Equity for global distribution of vaccine

Rose Tints My World Keep Me Safe From Trouble and Pain

30th October

Rocky: Rose Tints My World keeps me safe from trouble and pain

Brad: Its beyond me

Interpretations: Brad Cage, Netflix

Brad Cage is a member of the team in new Netflix film Army of Thieves so this Brad above was blasted out quite intensively last night.

Note: Sebastian the main character in this pre '22 Mercurial escapade changes his name to Ludwig at the end.  A bit of the ol' Ludwig Van...

Interpretations: Tucker Carlson condemned over false flag claim

As mentioned before Tucker Carlson has been the ''Brad'' of America his conservative responses to the ensuing orgy of 2021 matching neatly with Brad Major's frequent bursts of outrage.  Piers Morgan fulfilled a similar function in the UK adaptation of this stage play.  

More statues...

31st October

Brad: Help me mommy!
I'll be good, you'll see, 
Take this dream away
What's this, let's see?

Interpretation: I'll be good you'll see...  Tucker says he'll be good???

1st November

I feel sexy
What's come over me
Woo! Here it comes again!

Tucker releases Patriot Purge

Interpretations: Prince Charles calls for military style campaign which combines all the power of the private sector...

So fascism then Charles..?

2nd November

I feel released
Bad times deceased
My confidence has increased
Reality is here

Prince Andrew's lurid description of ''sex kittens'' conjure up images of Eyes Wide Shut style mansion-plexes with orgies similar to those illustrated in the number we are watching...

3rd November

The game has been disbanded
My mind has been expanded
It's a gas that Frankie's landed
His lust is so sincere

Interpretations: Traditional ''office games'' are displaced by the idea of digital work in the meta-verse.

4th November


Interpretations: “The message has always been: do it all,” Kluge said. “Vaccines are doing what was promised: preventing severe forms of the disease and especially mortality … But they are our most powerful asset only if used alongside public health and social measures.”

You don't get your liberties back by being vaccinated then.  The masks stay.  The distancing stays.  The testing stays.  The threat of lockdowns and disruptions caused by infection stays.  You have to boost.  You have to carry a biological passport.

5th November


Interpretations: Dems pass one trillion dollar infrastructure bill

6th November

Whatever happened to Fay Wray?

Interpretations: Is that ''infrastructure'' you are standing in front of Frank?  Its a fucking structure that's for sure.

Interpretations: Ashley Biden = Fay Wray

FBI investigates Ashley Biden's diary theft.  Supposedly the stories in this diary suggest lots of inappropriate behavior from her father in the shower.  There are a lot of rumours circulating about this and I don't know if the story will go anyway but it looks like it could have the potential to destroy Biden.  Remember the hot potato... one Frank has to go (fail), one Rocky, one Columbia.

Interpretations: Hello, Senator?  It's the Duchess of Sussex

This is some serious re-colonization here which is sure to piss the 1776 crowd off.  Is it this kind of arrogance that leads to their (Meghan-Harry, Columbia- Rocky) down-fall in a few weeks?  Or will the hot potato land in another poor Columbia's lap...

Interpretations: Greta calls COP26 a failure and a PR stunt

Here is one of our other primary Columbia's - would the failure of COP26 lead to her being sidelined?  Watch that hot potato hop.

Frank is about to take a step forward, in front of a monument.

7th November

That delicate satin draped frame
As it clung to her thigh
How I started to cry

Astroworld as part of the Floor Show - the event occurred on the 5th so I have reposted that image below.  The media fallout and interpretation are continuing.

The synchronicities with Astro Astro Astro are even alarming pedestrians so they are making it more and more obvious on purpose in my opinion.   I won't repeat what is on other sites but noting the radiating concentric circles, I imagine this show contained something of the Rocky Horror in itself but I would need to know the album and see the show, the dances etc.  The rest of the commentary on Astroworld and our ''crossover'' into ''orange'' is in the comments where I recommend that you look at the use of orange portals in Army of Thieves, also out now & containing ''Brad'' reference.  I can't break focus at the moment but there is clearly a lot to process here and its worth digging deeper.

Note that we are currently ''zoomed in'' on Frank.  Below these are the images of Travis that they are running with, note the pearls & leather.

8th November

Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same....
Give yourself over to Absolute Pleasure

Lawsuit against Drake and Travis for Astroworld

9th November

Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure

Interpretations: Astroworld

10th November

And sensual daydreams to treasure forever
Can't you just see it

Note the image in this article - the pearls and leather again.

Interpretations: Megxit is misogynistic term says Prince Harry & says he warned twitter that coup would be staged

Interpretations: Belarus migrants: Poland PM blames Putin

11th November

Wooah oh...

Smoke as gas

Interpretations: More on Putin Twist with Gas Pipelines even higher prices, even less disposable income

12th November

Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it

COP26 - Island nation delivers in ''in-water'' speech on nations disappearing under the ocean

13th November

Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it

Interpretations: COP26 - India brings climate treaty to an end by ''watering down'' agreeement on coal.  Everyone ready to swim?

14th November

Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it

Interpretations: COP26 - Agreement signed, weak agreeement on clime crisis meaning we will all get flooded for sure.  All characters get in the sex-pool.  Activists say agreement failed.

Interpretations: Ghislaine Maxwell trial to begin this may provide lurid detail of sex parties etc to further backlight this scene.  Andrew (Eddie) did a lot of the legwork synching for this throughout the year.  Again think about just how small the cast for our show actually is.

Interpretations: Can lucid dreaming help us understand consciousness?  Guardian article. 

15th November

Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it

Republicans and Democrats in-bed together in infrastructure orgy?

Interpretations: Left and right elites in collusion over orgy of spending on climate change

Interpretations: Record rainfall in pacific Northwest 

16th November

We've got to get out of his trap...

Interpretations: Israeli spyware

Interpretations: More on the pipelines

17th November

Before this decadence saps our wills
I've got to be strong
And try to hang on...

Interpretations: Devastating blow to Pacific Northwest - note everyone is under water

18th November

Or my mind may well snap
And our lives will be lived...

19th November

Dr Scott: For the thrills!!!

Brad: Its beyond me
Help me Mommy!

Janet: God bless Lily St Cyr

Interpretations: God Bless Lily..?  God bless Lilith... Lili St Cyr

20th November

My My My My My

21st November

I'm a wild and an untamed thing
I'm a bee with a deadly sting
Get a hit and your mind goes ''ping''
Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing
So let the party and the sound rock on
We're gonna shake it til the life has gone gone gone
Rose Tints My World Keeps me Safe from Trouble and Pain

22nd November

We're a wild and an untamed thing
We're a bee with a deadly sting
Get a hit and your mind goes ''ping''
Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing
So let the party and the sound rock on
We're gonna shake it til the life has gone gone gone
Rose Tints My World Keeps me Safe from Trouble and Pain

Interpretations: Frank Underwood

23rd November

24th November

We're a wild and an untamed thing
We're a bee with a deadly sting
Get a hit and your mind goes ''ping''
Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing
So let the party and the sound rock on
We're gonna shake it til the life has gone gone gone
Rose Tints My World Keeps me Safe from Trouble and Pain

25th November 


RiffRaff: Frank n' furter!

26th November

It's all over
Your mission is a failure
Your lifestyle's too extreme
I'm your new commander
You now are my prisoner

27th November

We return to Transylvania 
Prepare the transit beam!

Frank: Wait! 

Please add your predictions, interpretations, suggestions and other helpful comments below

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure
And sensual daydreams to treasure forever
Can't you just see it...
Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it
Don't dream it be it


Rose Tint My World, Rocky Horror Picture Show 




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