Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What went wrong? Blogging about Magic

Ask yourself why you want them to blog about magical techniques?  You have unparalleled access to the source material.  You certainly don't need them too.  These blog writers aren't doggies that will dance for you on command.  Crafting blog posts takes considerable time and unless they are particularly fiendish with google ads they are only making money off books or products that they otherwise sell.  Why would an author write for free about ideas that they could put in a book?  Why would a writer, hoping to be published eventually, waste all their material on a blog post?  It may not be the money that drives them but the understandable desire to birth a beautifully bound book into physical existence.  Many of us are bibliophiles after all and when the apocalypse comes the internet is less likely to survive than a doorstopper of a tome.

 My colleague Dream Warrior made this comment on Charmed I'm Sure:

''When I hear that people are bitching* (and let’s face it, that’s how it is best characterized) about a lack of “tech” lessons on magic blogs, I can’t help wonder if they are the very same people who for a while were very superiorly bemoaning* the fact that so much blog content was “magic 101″, and nobody was writing about “advanced” magic. Whatever that is. Well, FFS, writing about magic-as-a-means-of-exploring-life-and-the-universe IS advanced magic isn’t it?''

I certainly haven't written to anyone in my observable limit of the blogosphere asking them to write about magic more but I have made comments and criticism about the WMT along the lines DreamWarrior is talking about and which seemed to resonate with a fair number of people.  I would like to elaborate on some of the points he makes though.

What do I think 101 magic is for the purpose of my criticism?  Generally this is magic ultimately based in what your average person considers ''the real world''.  It involves the use of strange attractors (altars, talismans, spells, astrological maths) to influence probability in such a way that whatever phenomena the strange attractor is for manifests more readily in your life.  I like the 101 label as it speaks to me not only of ''entry level'' but of Malkuth and Keter, and ''bringing it down''** - i.e. making change occur in the physical.   Its entry level because the user does not require either an astral body or any real personal development***.  Most of the time this kind of magic is used in order to generate money or attraction because human beings are, if nothing else, pragmatic.  Its also the material that fills books and sells.  Its easy enough to make a strange attractor and most people will get some results pretty quickly but you don't see many of our people building altars to attract ''more opportunities to heal the sick'' or ''usher in an age of free energy.''  The rise of pragmatism has been accompanied by a decline in utopianism.

Saint Expedite didn’t make me rich, maybe Bune will.” “Bune, didn’t make me rich, maybe Tzadkiel will…

Jason Miller's position in this post is laudable.  He has made 101 magick more effective for people through his advice. He has generated *results* for countless people.  His works are chock full of pragmatic *real world* advice on how to achieve your Venutian or Jupiterian effects, spiced with real magick applications for boosting those effects. 

What do I mean by advanced magic?

Amongst other things - the intricacies of working with spirits/other intelligences, developing and using the astral body and repairing the Soul.  Some perhaps hint at their experiences, occassionally there is a tentative posting of a ''result'' from working with a spirit.  I can understand why the spirit workers don't post up more of their actual experiences and results - because it is weird and scary and they very probably know way less about what they are doing than they should.  And what, after all, are these spirit-workers attempting to do with their magic?  Well more often than not its still 101 in focus and a little bit Faustian - make me rich, famous, sexy I will offer x, y, z, etc.

I am often faced by the charge that my material is too advanced.  I see it on forum posts, on blogging comments, and I also accept it from my peers.  The work on this blog requires some understanding of biochemistry and genetics, alongside a good reading of the Qabalah.  It includes amongst other things the use of physiognomy for healing (Alchemy, Chokmah ha Partzuf), the development, use and experience of an astral body, timetravel and retrocausality, the 231 Gates, working with the Archangel Raziel, and the restructuring of your consciousness so that it is ''Yetziratic''. In the old days there was this idea of 'developing the soul' - acquiring profound new senses as a being - telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, astral projection - Ascension ;-)  If people do look across the immediate vicinity in the blogosphere they will see discounts on books and products, fairly empty motivational rhetoric, real world advice and ''conspiracy gnosticism''.  Often underneath that there is some magic, I agree, but I think the request for more tech talk might be fair enough. 

I think its unfair to ''expect birds to fly'' and I think playing down the role of the teacher in all of this is not useful.  I understand that either ''you are or you aren't'' but I have had my praxis *enriched* by such dialogue and discussion.  I believe the crashing of the institutions of the WMT was a good thing and more yay for freedom but at the same time there does need to be organic support and development, and a sense of responsibility for and stewardship of the WMT.

The Baby Boomer generation in the WMT have not effectively passed the tradition on**** and it is in severe decline - you can see this by a lack of understanding of basic concepts - I am all for reinventing the wheel from time to time but if it reduces your average student to a caveman to do it, less so.

Gen X seem to be mainly self-taught and driven by a desire to ''re-wild'' whether it be a descent into Renaissance grimoires, Greek papyri, or European folklore - authenticity became the watchword.  Has something useful come of it?  Maybe, but there is serious danger of complete fragmentation into microtraditions unable to produce effective dialogue.  As the ''surface area'' of the WMT increases in this way so will its dissolution.

Gen Y... well Gen Y are utterly screwed, poor bastards.  But we all knew that.  If anything is to be done for them, we can't just moan at them to read a book*****  we have to *build the culture* and I think we shouldn't get lazy in our comfort zones and should accept challenges and not deflect them.  Rather than simply dismissing these accusations and criticising the accusers, isn't it worth considering them sensitively at least for a moment?  I like the idea of the mysterious sensei subtly pointing the way as much as anyone else but we may not have time for such aesthetics.  Especially when distractions and chat rise to a crescendo.

You don't have to teach******.  Of course you don't and you should feel free to ignore the comments, criticisms and personal messages coming from... well whoever sent them to you.  But when all is considered you might have to teach, it might indeed be your *duty* to teach and if you are a teacher already you might have to up your game.  Less dumb down and more ssstttrreeeetttccchhhh..... Some will let go and fall, some will snap.  So Be It.   I understand that you might have changed in the last few years and don't feel like you have anything to prove now, etc, but maybe this isn't about *you*.  Maybe you have to be Morpheus now.

Is it so outrageous to request that magickal bloggers write about magical technique from time to time?  Don't those self-same bloggers know they have to do that in order to keep their audience? Is it fair to expect that the people who are now edging towards becoming the elders and leaders of the community stay on target *unlike their predecessors*?  Do they understand what is at stake?  Think of the children!!!

*Note comments and criticism becomes bemoaning and bitching, arguing becomes trolling etc - this is a product of the positive behaviour management systems that are in place on the internet.
**My position on this is it is about making changes within your own cell of consciousness in order to ''open the membranes'' in order to allow specific phenomena from the ''bloodstream of time'' to access the cell.  In a biological cell there are specific gates for specific hormones and applying this to our cellular magickal model we would expect there to be Venus gates, Jupiter gates etc in the ''membrane'' with related phenomena.  Warning messing around with Cellular Consciousness can be extremely disorientating - ''run and return''.
***''Magickal memory'', concentration, poise, psychic powers, etc.
****I blame the Kircher Tree.
*****Like we did in Gen X!  bBecause of the failure of our elders, I know we were self-taught!
******A good teacher should be focussed on creating peers not more students.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Metabolism VIII - Physiognomy, The Path of Venus, Mimes and the Shellfish

You're very forward. You really are.  Oh you really are.  But my husband will understand.  My husband does understand.  Come here.  Come down here.  I'll explain.  After all think of my marriage.  He adores me.  Come here and I'll whisper to you.  I'll whisper it.  Its whispering time.  Isn't it?  You like me to whisper to you.  You like me to love you, whispering.  Listen.  You mustn't worry about wives, husbands... things like that.  Its silly.  Its really silly.  Its you, you now, here, here with me, here together, that's what it is, isn't it?  You whisper to me, you take tea with me, you do that, don't you, that's what we are, that's us.  Love me.

The Lover, Harold Pinter

As part of the physiognomical lessons we will now look at the ''path'' between Chesed (Loving-Kindness and the Depth of South/Warm/Expand) and Netzach (Victory and the Depth of Up/Out/Rise) - a path that is attributable to Venus.  Remember most individuals fall between the Sefirot in terms of their ''physiognomical centre'', or in other words *along the paths*, so our ''physiognomical characters'' are used to create a spectrum which we can use to help place the individual.  In this case we would expect to find individuals on the Venus path between Chesed and Netzach to bear qualities that are in common with either our Mime or our Shellfish.


This character is as wonderful as all the physiognomical characters and you can read more about her here and here.  I feel I have learned a little about how to cope with the skin conditions that are often the case with this character.  Generally they tend to handle stress quite well and are very capable multitaskers but because of their propensity for stressful environments they often take on too much, even beyond their own considerable capacity.  The resulting oscillations of the hormone cortisol cause skin conditions.  Now I see the importance of proactive relaxation strategies (massage, aromatherapy, nice hot baths, exercise, meditation etc) for these characters (even though in their ''stressy state'' they may resist - normal manifestation of their ''relaxation'' is something like smoking which is not so healthy).  Skin conditions are virtually unavoidable with this type of physiology so coping strategies must be employed.  The skin can become a source of stress itself if not dealt with and the individual ends up in  a feedback loop where stress causes skin conditions and skin conditions cause stress.  It always causes these very beautiful creatures to feel ''hideous'' whether the condition be acne, eczema, urticaria, etc - this ties to Aphrodite along with the makeup they often use to conceal the condition, which can become a cause of the condition.  With the Mimes I have met this time, I have been proactive in my psychodermatological interactions and as a Healer I feel I have learned a great deal.

The hormone cortisol is also linked to forgetting.  Traumatic experiences cause a spike in cortisol levels which damages the architecture of the brain and causes scarring, this has the positive effect of blocking that experience from being remembered. This does not mean that Mimes are more likely to have traumatic experiences but it does mean that the high cortisol levels they endure can have a fogging effect on their memory.  Often the Mimes can carry a kind of sadness about time with them - they do not like aging and unlike Bloodless Beings, their complexion will age due to the cortisol and this can compound the problem.  This underlying problem with the nature of time and its effect on their body can lead to passive-aggressive outbursts that often take the form of ''guilt-tripping''.  Since the focus of multi-tasking and stress-handling is normally wrapped up in other individuals - Mimes can often appear to be focussed on the pleasure and success of others, and can be quite giving and supportive - making them extremely beneficial parents, if prone to ''spoiling'' their children and giving them overly positive mother complexes.

Another point to consider, although it is not always useful is length of the hair.  Quite often the (female) Mimes will have shorter haircuts because the faces are often rounder rather than longer and these short haircuts are flattering for those kind of faces.


The other physiological aspect of the path of Venus is the immune system's recognition of self as opposed to its identification of foreign bodies.  In our world of physiognomical characters they often appear as above - The Shellfish (more info here and here).  They want to ''include you in the party'' and there is often a lot of drinking to facilitate this.  The significant danger here then is alcoholism and other accompanying addictions.  Alcohol is a very good lubricant in losing the self in the whole, an important part of the process of love - whether it be merging into one person as two soul mates coming together, the love of your circle of friends, the love of the nation, or the love of the planet.  The urge to *not think* when these loves take hold of you is so strong that the ''alcohol'' is difficult to resist.

Addiction is a manifestation of obsession, of possessiveness and the darker aspects of Love - the Kingship of Venus is said to be Dominance/Submission.  Its in the loss of reason that we commit the most violent and painful acts of Love.  However the Shellfish is more likely to indulge in depressive (alcohol induced) private obsessions over the individual they adore rather than stalk or assault them, behaviour far more expected of Many Mannered Mind Men or Jays.  The obsessions of the Shellfish are more likely to lead to pathetic desperate declarations of love after months of brooding and possibly, in very rare situations, followed by suicide.

In Plato's Symposium the various eulogists are competing to perform the greatest eulogy to Love. Like Eryximachus we have evaded describing love, but have effectively described its physiological effects. What then is the Path of Love seen from this angle?  Skin conditions caused by stress in selfless service to the other(s) and drunkeness, addiction and obsession in a desire to lose oneself in the other?

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Tree of Life - Laniakea and the Qabalistic Filaments

Scientists recently announced they had discovered more about our local region in the universe. Laniakea, the name they gave to this part of the intergalactic super structure spoke to me of filaments in the beard of Macroprosopus or the hair of the Shekinah.

Often these images come along with a statement about the pointless insignifance of your life in the grand scheme of things.  Your life is like that of an ant when compared to this vastness of the heavens, right? However the same people who tend to tell us our lives are meaningless also worry about the Earth, pollution, wars, exploitation and geopolitics. Guys, it doesn't matter, if your life is insignificant right?

''What would you do, if everyday was the same, if you were stuck in the same place and nothing you did mattered?'' - Phil, Groundhog Day

Back to the beard of Marcoprosopus - Ch. 19 and Ch.20 from Kabbalah Denudata. The title of these two chapters is great - ''the beard in general, the beard in particular'' - almost like Einstein's special and general theory of relativity eh?

''And this is to be kept perfectly distinct from this beard--namely, that which exists from the head (formed into), one thousand* worlds, sealed with a most pure seal, with a seal which includeth all seals... How far do those conformations of the beard radiate splendour?''

A vast, glorious mane of some supercosmic being, from whose gorgeous locks our galaxy is but another sparkticle of dandruff!

''Also we have learned: No beard (i.e., no part of this beard) is found which doth not (virtually) arise from the brain of the head (or from the heart).''

That these eternal golden braids, blowing in some intergalactic breath-wind, connect to the brain or the heart of this being, as if the galaxies are the twisting tendrils of its dream-stuff - imagination bubbling up from the psychic core of this cosmic creature.

This article came out recently, suggesting that the blackhole cores of galaxies are not blackholes at all, but wormholes.  Its hypothesis seems to confirm the one ''successful'' communication that occurred with the Time-phone** at Edward Kelley's Tower.  This communication from ''the future'' said that galaxies do not form from the collapsing clouds of gas, under the force of gravity, but emerge from ''the black holes'' at the centre that must be ''wound up'' before they release stars. When I asked who winds them up the phone went dead.

Andromeda is hurtling towards us at fairly ridiculous speeds - the impact between the galaxies will occur in about 4 billion years. People wonder about what would happen when the black hole nuclei collide but what happens when wormholes collide???

The reality is that we exist in some scale of what is probably an infinite fractal universe, that the multi-millenia long lives of beings like those in Jupiter Ascending are also the same length as ants.  This does not necessarily mean that nothing matters, although if it does it means that nothing mattering is the same as everything mattering - regardless of scale.  The battle between aphids and ladybirds in a rose bush matters *as much* as all your geopolitical maneuvering and identity politicking***.  The struggle is between law and chaos, between slavery and freedom, between independence and control, and it occurs at all scales of the universe - from a rock-pool, to a war-torn Somalian hell hole, to remote intergalactic empires back-lit by dying suns.

And when you get the sheer scale of this universe, when you understand the prima materia is Time****, you will want to ditch your astral free-scaling suit, hack time and become a chrononautic 5th dimensional being - if you're not one already.

*1000 - the value of the final Alef was also used to signify ''massive numbers''.  In this reading of this chapter I read ''thousand worlds'' to be endless billions.
**An awesome piece of kit built using an astrological globe and the principle of the galgal from the Sefer Yetzirah, 231 Gates section.  The communication was actually a request on our part for the secrets of free energy and that is what we got.  Make of it what thou will.
***Sometimes the former is actually less boring.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Raziel - Ba, Ruach, Sleep Paralysis


My first experience of sleep paralysis was at the beginning of my systematic magickal work with Archangels and the Sefer Yetzirah when I lived in a haunted old terrace house in Leicester dating back to 1910.  The place had the classic features of haunting; a sensed presence, sudden drops in temperature, dampness.  The majority of the sleep paralysis here did not have the standard feature of a holographic rendition of the room and mostly I was confined to what felt like a coffin in the abyss.  It was incredibly terrifying and I remember calling to Isis and Mary to help me escape.


During my first year living in Vinohrady, Prague, I experienced sleep paralysis, on and off, for about three months.  These experiences were mostly horrible and nearly all involved being in a photocopy of the room I was in, occupied by some kind of hostile presence while my body felt like it was being electrocuted or having a stroke.  I remember that once I managed to crawl, using one half of my body, to the door of my bedroom and found it locked. I couldn't recall locking the door and began to exert more force on it until I finally realised it was being held shut from the other side. Using all of my partially paralysed strength I managed to wrench it open and on the other side not my lounge, but the mind-boggling expanses of the astral plane - a blue-red landscape of valleys and mountains, replete with astral beings.  These experiences certainly contributed to my later experiments with the ''cellular membrane''.

PRAGUE 2013-2014

The sleep paralysis experiences that occurred whilst living in the Tower were some of the most terrifying experiences in my life and they were closely coupled with what felt like possession.  The hours between 11 and 3 were the most dangerous and for the first part of my stay there I simply did not sleep (or attempt to) during this time.  When I did, sleep paralysis would occur but with a strange jutting forward of my lower jaw accompanied with an evil smirk.  As my face changed I felt very foreign thoughts. This was my first experience with an attempted possession by the spooks in the Tower (never exactly sure which of the Edwards it was, Kelley or Dyer).  Later on, I struggled to stay awake to get through the ''bad hours'' but ended up passing out once and then instantly sprang back to wakefulness and on to my feet with two beings fleeing from me in different directions.  I stumbled out of the appartment and on to the balcony, collapsing with very little idea of who I was.  It was the severity of this experience that led me to ask Vincent Bridges for some kind of protection - I was given ''an Enochian lamp'' which made the Tower habitable up until the disaster of the Summer months.  During the last experiences of sleep paralysis there I felt like I was in some kind of MRI scan where the paralysis was passing down the body from the head.


Distinguishing between two types of astral plane exploration - one through a window, portal, where pretty much you can see but cannot touch and the other where you literally step on to it.    For the most part my experiences have been of the former.  Of the times I have experienced the latter the most powerful experience was when I used a mesh of Hebrew letters over my astral vision to effectively ''permeate'' the membrane; I stepped through into Renaissance Prague and went to the Tower on the Old Town side of Charles Bridge.

Recently intense theatrical ritual for part of my Jupiter work left me absolutely exhausted and during the early morning I was so tired that I could easily ignore the roll-over signal and experience some fairly calm but intense attacks of sleep paralysis.  When I say calm I mean I managed to remain fairly tranquil throughout the experience - the presence of Raziel as opposed to a (percieved) hostile entity certainly made that easier.

During these experiences Raziel taught me about the ''Ba'' body, conterminous it seems with the Hebrew Ruach.  I have mentioned previously how Raziel has instructed me in the use of facial muscles and apertures for the purpose of astral movement and creation*  but during these recent experiences I felt much more of the literal escape from the physical body as opposed to just using a window.  I was moving around my (holographic) room in the Ba body and Raziel instructed me that any ''apperture'' in the room could be used to exit it (i.e. pass the cellular membrane) like my experience back in Vinohrady.  I attempted to go into the computer monitor in the room next door and was advised that this would take me into ''the internet'' and that that wasn't a good idea (the computer actually started melting to prevent me).  I also discovered that it is possible to use the time-phone in this manner although I didn't go there.  Finally I ended up making a mistake and ending up in the body of a pig**.

In hindsight it makes me recall Milton, a non-player character I invented for Mage,the World of Darkness role-playing game.  He lived in an old Victorian house where all the doors from the main hall were actually fixed portals to various different times.  It seems one way to include these revelations of Raziel would be to build strange attractors (shrines, altars, statues) etc in the ''astral temple'' which would serve as fixed portals to the realms/times they represent***.

For more ideas on how to experience sleep paralysis and then begin ''lucid dreaming'' see Lucidology on youtube

*Carve, engrave, quarry, etc.
**I got out.
***The Time Phone is a big part of this operation.  Ultimately it seems to be (used as) a portal to the ''primum mobile'' or the wormhole/black hole at the centre of the Milky Way but we also know it can be set to different times.  More on this in another post.