Monday, August 24, 2015

The Tree of Time

Ten Sefirot out of Nothing.  Their end is infused with their beginning, and their beginning with their end, like a flame attached to a glowing ember.  Know, think and imagine that the Creator is One and there is nothing apart from Him, and before One what do you count?

3:1 Sefer Yetzirah - Saadia Version

Time cannot be defined without assuming a beginning and an end.  We assume a birth and death.  The universe is assumed to expand and contract, that it has a big bang and will have a big crunch.  The dimensions of Space-Time-Observer that were discussed in the Tree of Depths only exist between these points - the Start and the Finish because time cannot exist without a space and observer and viceversa.

The display created by your mind as a sensual picture of the world around you does not exist in the actual moment.  The information your mind uses to build this display takes time to get from the physical world.  This representation then exists somewhere in your mind and you observe it from another position from within that same mind.  Our whole consciousness is in the past.  We never percieve now, only then.  Although ahead of us, the moment does not exist in the future.  The future is also then.

Our decisions based in the yesterday of the mind's perception of the moment influence the tomorrow of the future - but neither of them are ever present.  Future and past spiral around the moment.  Our physical body exists in the physical moment, only our consciousness does not.  When we say physical body we don't simply mean the transitory form, but also the strange states of the various atoms that make it up, along with the information contained in your genetic code which is somewhat immortal.  In taking this approach to the physical body it could be considered your soul.

Our consciousness, our Inner Mind, analyses the moment it recieves, remembers pertinent information, adjusts the moment by making a decision and then forgets the information back into the storehouse of the memory.  In cell biology, this could be likened to the nucleus, the repository of genetic memory, prompted by a chemical messengers, tapping its DNA for the correct protein to manufacture in response.  The changes made to the cellular environment and the subsequent affects of that change on the body at large go on to feedback into more chemical messengers.  If we are the nucelus, then what surrounds us as our perception is the cytoplasm of the cell, our psychic cell.

Other cells are making their decisions to change the environment, so the reality that finally emerges is consensual, though much of it is forced.  Although you influence reality, your will is one will amongst many and much can be achieved through dextrous use of other forces rather than simply exerting your own.

Percieved time, must by necessity begin and end, in the same way finite objects, in order to be observed, have to have edges.  These edges though are the secret to grasping the point at infinity.  When considering the diagram of the Metabolism of Time and its connections to the Tree of Life, in order to understand it you have to know that since most people believe the reality they observe to be actual physical reality rather than a mental representation of it - it causes Malkuth (the experience of the moment) to fall (i.e. they believe the moment is the actual moment).  The Metabolism of Time shows Malkuth in its position at Daat as a way in which to rectify the Tree of your mind.