Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Unifying Colour Theory Pt IV - *UPDATED*

Over the last few months I made a series of predictions for real world events based on the Unifying Colour Theory developed from the observations of Chris Knowles of Secret Sun.  I regret to say that most of those predictions have come true.  In these earlier posts on the Year of Malkuth I talked about the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) and how this would be juxtaposed with an environmental protest in the crossover from the Yellow part of Malkuth to the Green part.  The reason for this juxtaposition is that the Gilets Jaunes movement started as a result of an anti-carbon tax protest and that the Green movement is broadly in favour of kind of measures and more.  I also predicted a significant event which would highlight this ''shift'' in focus from the yellow to the green.


As the spire of Notre Dame burned it began to emit a yellow smoke ostensibly because of all the lead that was used in the construction.  It is worth noting that lead is the Saturnian alchemical metal.  Many people made the link between this yellow smoke and the white smoke of the election of a new pope.  It is also worth considering the link with the Knights Templar and the burning of their Grandmaster outside Notre Dame.


Another event used to signify the ''crossover'' between the yellow and the green was clearly the Sri Lanka attacks - yellow representing Christianity (yellow/gold associated with light and truth) and the green representing Islam.




The similarities between our four part division of Malkuth and the Extinction Rebellion logo are obvious.  Bear in mind the standard G.D. Qabalah association of Malkuth with the Earth.  What might be less obvious is the link between the hour glass of the central symbol with Chronos or Saturn and alchemical lead and that the so-called 32nd Path of Golden Dawn Tree of Life is associated with Saturn and leads to Malkuth.



A final note on how the colours in the movies can help us ''get ahead of the game'' and therefore one change in the overall prediction for how 2019 will play out.  Originally I speculated that the colour of the Summer change will be from Green to Red (or Olive to Russet) which now strikes me as odd considering how the cross of Malkuth shows the seasons in a cycle.  I made this mistake by focusing on elemental polarities as opposed to the seasons.  It is clear that in breaking away from the standard purple colouring of the Joker to see him in a red costume as well as the other scenes where we see him in all the drab colours of Malkuth when he is not ''the Joker'' and the fact that this movie comes out in October indicates that the shift will be from black in the third quarter to red in the final quarter of the year.


Netflix has brought out a new series called ''Black Summer'' for our Black Summer.  Expect black (dark blue) to be promoted as a solid fashion choice for this Summer (3rd quarter).  Also expect jet black to be linked to the green and yellows that we have seen in fashion through the first two quarters of 2019.  From a cursory examination of fashion magazines and websites look out for black hot pants and black motorcycle shorts being worn with the green yellow but there may end up being a black ''arms race'' leading to total black by the end of the Summer as well.

At 2:50 the reviewer discusses the on trend colours for 2019 Spring/Summer - she cites lavender, ''mint'' and yellow.  The lavender is the ''hangover'' from last year [I've discussed why this hangover happens in previous posts and in the comments sections of Secret Sun but it is to do with inevitable production mismanagement/mis-timing and ''Johnny Come Lately''], the green or ''mint'' and yellow are the colours of Malkuth for this year.  When trying to understand how this colour is used its worth looking at the colour palettes I used to make sense of the movie sections in the Unifying Colour Theory and apply the same reasoning to fashion. Earlier in the video she cites trends in ''cargo/utility'' pointing to beige, mustard, etc on the yellow palette and olive or bottle green on the green palette.  She talks about having a mint suit, and from perusing the various fashion pages yellow suits seem popular as well.  This is where black comes in.  These strong colours [yellow/green] are kind of grating on the eye to say the least, even more so when paired with each other, and as I said in the first post on 2019 - The Year of Malkuth expect the green or yellow to be paired with black just to take the edge off it.

Also to ''get ahead'' its worth thinking about what is meant by ''russet'' and then comparing back to our images of the Joker above.  These three sample slides below all claim to be russet so you can see how much variation there is and what kind of scope that might give designers who are working within this ''scheme''.