Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Black Summer

The Third Method is the Dramatic, perhaps the most attractive of all; certainly it is so to the artist's temperament, for it appeals to his imagination through his aesthetic sense... In the third, identity is attained by sympathy. It is very difficult for the ordinary man to lose himself completely in the subject of a play or of a novel; but for those who can do so, this method is unquestionably the best. 

Ch.1, Magick in Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley

When I was discussing the principles of Theatrical Ritual with Vincent Bridges he likened the unconscious mind of the viewing audience as a kind of battery pack to ''power'' whatever the purpose of the ritual is.  In this way the Theatrical Ritual combines the more conscious aspects of the Ceremonial Ritual with the more subconscious aspects of the Natural Ritual; it acts as a conduit between these worlds.  Various strange synchronicities occurred during my last run of plays - one contained a lost submarine and then a submarine was lost in the actual world, one involved the characters attempting to cure ''sleeping sickness'' and then there was an announcement that we were close to doing this in the actual world.  As a compatibilist [a kind of soft determinist] I am not confident that these theatrical endeavours caused the synchronicities persay but that they perhaps reflected them, more like prophecy than ''magic''.  That said, as discussed in Terms and Conditions, your typical magician thinks their rituals cause the phenomena that they see in the world, they are, as a group, overwhelmingly philosophical presentists believing in multiple possible futures and that their choices ''matter''.  Reflecting on this mix of prophecy and magic, and to what extent the ''management'' of this unifying colour project are on one side or the other, I was wondering what will [potentially] be caused by these heavy dragon rituals, as they [potentially] work their influence on the unconscious minds of the viewing audience and [potentially] power the manifestation, or indeed what they will be reflecting if the future already exists.

  • Yellow (Citrine) - January, February, March
  • Green (Olive) - April, May, June 
  • Blue (Black) - July, August, September
  • Red (Russett) - October, November, December
Looking back over the predictions I made at the beginning of the year I can see that I was very much right about the Green tying into Environmentalism, and the growing strength of that movement and we've seen that borne out in School Climate Strikes, Extinction Rebellion Protests and the recent surge of Green parties in the European elections.  On that note if we can say that the Gilets Jaunes was a manifestation of the yellow that particular aspect seems to be abating as the Green takes centre stage - this stage being ''initiated'' by the Notre Dame fire - we also learned that they [Yellow and Green] were juxtaposed against each other [anti-carbon tax vs pro carbon tax] which might help us with figuring out what happens next.  I was wrong about military intervention happening, so far, but considering the ''Green Phase'' of this project culminates at the end of June there is still time for that and it would be wise to add the proviso that I think this needs to be intervention in a location which requires the use of green uniforms as opposed to other types so we can narrow it down there.  I also think all these events need to take place in the developed world for theatrical reasons.

The Black quarter of Malkuth is associated with the element of Earth.  In the Qabalah, Malkuth is said to lie atop the the World of the Shells, the Qliphoth.  Then this quarter of the Sefira would be the part directly abutting the Qliphoth.  Therefore the logical prediction for the Black Summer is that the Earth itself will be the Enemy.  This brings us back to the juxtaposition of the colours.  At the moment, in the Green quadrant, we are very much focusing on ourselves as the despoilers of the Earth but also its erstwhile wardens.  In order to create a juxtaposition to that sentiment it would be necessary for the planet to be seen as an Enemy and for that Enemy status to not arise from anything we have done i.e. the damage inflicted by Enemy Earth cannot be related to anthropogenic climate change.  The tail of the serpent Apophis was said to be the cause of earthquakes in Egyptian myth.  Therefore right now my prediction has to be a major Earthquake in a major city of the developed world + perhaps a tsunami.  What else could bring our ''Black Summer'' - I guess a serious volcanic event could turn the sky grey and black? So I checked out the news and it turns out there have been various warnings about this kind of event [San Andreas, the big one] over the last few days but they are being reported in the Daily Express and some are the typical conspiracy theorist astrological alignment type stuff so I don't know what the % truthiness is in all that.  However if we are cycling through the quarters of Malkuth then mid August would be where we are directly over the source of Evil in Kabbalistic tradition.

In my eyes, indisposed
In disguises no-one knows
Hides the face, lies the snake
The sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat, summer stench
'Neath the black the sky looks dead
Call my name through the cream
And I'll hear you scream again
Black hole Sun,
Won't you come,
And wash away the rain

Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Unifying Colour Theory Pt V - *UPDATED*

Hic sunt dracones

The Egg Globe

As mentioned in previous posts we are now in the endgame of a decade long project that ran from 2010 - 2019.  During each year we saw more and more of the main studios producing movies that were in line with both the colour and the themes of the Sefiroth from the Golden Dawn Tree of Life.  We are now in 2019 or The Year of Malkuth.  As we have seen in the previous posts on this topic not only do the movie and fashion industry seem to be coordinated along these lines but we are also seeing real world events coordinated as well - Extinction Rebellion, Notre Dame, etc.  Just like we could back-check our colour theory through the last decade of movies it should be possible to back-check world events to see if they were timed with the Sefira of the Year as well but this is probably beyond the limits of the time we have available for the task.

So here be dragons.  One of the most interesting things about the conclusion of Game of Thrones from a Qabalistic perspective is how they subverted one of the recurring themes we have been talking about i.e. the role of the Son (Tifereth) in restoring the Fallen Daughter (Malkuth) to the throne of the Superior Mother (Binah).  In GoT Jon Snow was clearly our Jesus figure (Tifereth) having been literally resurrected earlier in the show, but rather than restoring Daenarys (the Fallen Daughter/Malkuth) he instead murders her and then the Dragon destroys that throne.  Also worthy of note is the meaning of Malkuth itself - Kingdom - Kings Landing being destroyed by Drogon, as opposed to restored.

''Behind the shoulders of the Queen, the Bride of Microprosopus (Malkuth), the Serpent rears its head, and here is said to be the severest of judgements'' to quote Dion Fortune in the Mystical Qabalah, the text we have been using to guide us through our assessment of this By the Numbers project.  Bearing in mind that I have said that this ritual is about taking us down the Tree, as opposed to up, then this subversion of the Holy Qabalah is perfectly in keeping with the thrust of the whole operation.  It is profoundly worrying though, as if the group in charge of this project are indeed using the Golden Dawn system then the next decade may in fact be continuing the descent into the negative or infernal Tree of Life: ''The sphere of Malkuth abuts upon the hells of the inverse Sefiroth, the Qliphoth or Evil Demons.''

Dragons, Hydras and Snakes litter the esoteric writing of the Golden Dawn initiation system whereby you are attempting to rise out of the grasp of the qliphothic snake - if we are descending the Tree of Life then we descending into its embrace.  There are two sides to these dragons though, on the one hand they are representative of the Qliphoth or Infernal Forces of the Inverse Tree of Life, and on the other hand, they are likened to the Kundalini and/or Serpent of Wisdom which rises up your spine towards Kether.


Returning to 2019 we are now about half way through the Green quarter of the Four Colours of Malkuth that you can see on the uppermost diagram, a quarter that was opened by Captain Marvel - so what better time for the King of Lizards to take centre stage on the big screen and explore this dichotomy in lizard-kind with a lizard-off?  So what's the story, huh?  Well apparently Monarch a secret crypto-zoological organisation takes centre stage, providing the human POV as they and Godzilla battle with the Titans; ''Kings of Unbalanced Force'' as I am sure Dion Fortune would have put it.  Millie Bobby Brown is playing the ''Fallen Daughter'' again, bearing in mind that Stranger Things has her play the Fallen Daughter who is a victim of a Monarchesque organisation (MKULTRA).  They are even going to troll us with a giant Monarch butterfly in the form of Moth-Ra's monster design.




From the trailer the movie seems to rely on a lot of cyan, a colour halfway between blue and green, and scenes crosslit with cyan and green - alongside red scenes of destruction - but we'll have to wait and see!  I am assuming it will use all the colours of Malkuth in its overall design with a dominance of ''green'' wherever we set the limit on what green actually constitutes.


Big gains for the Green Parties of Europe in the EU Elections, coming second in Germany.  You can see here the increase is in favour of the yellow and green blocks [environmentalists and liberals].

What's interesting about the UK results is that the main victory went to the brand new cyan ''Brexit'' party.  The greens and liberal democrats [orange in the UK, but then they join the yellow block in the EU parliament] did well and like across Europe our two main parties - Conservatives and Labour got destroyed.  Looking a bit more closely at the results for the Brexit Party it is clear that not only is ''Brexit'' a key part of the overall plan for the year but I would say that with everything we now know about the change to ''Russett'' in October and that the military intervention plan in the event of a No Deal Brexit is called Operation Redfold I think a No Deal is far more likely now.  Ordo ab chao, init.   

If we go back to the original predictions you will see I mentioned blue specifically dark, navy blue as a placeholder for the black quarter of Malkuth.  Originally I predicted this colour for the final quarter but the release of the red/russett Joker in October challenged that, so the dark blue/black crossover will be for Summer instead.  Its worth looking at a colour wheel at this point.

I am no ordinary woman.  My dreams come true.

Daenerys Targaryean, Game of Thrones

Monday, May 20, 2019

2015 - Tifereth - Mad Max

Oh what a lovely day!

Nux, Mad Max

We'll continue exploring the Unifying Colour Theory by way of another movie from 2015 - Mad Max.  If you look at the 2015 releases from the major studios you can see how this unifying ''project'' is really beginning to take hold in that year.   As you look through the correspondences and how they appear in the film it will be worth comparing and contrasting to the article on Pixels.  Mad Max uses very similar imagery to Pixels from the Sefiroth but also includes the imagery of the ''paths'' around Tifereth.

  • TITLE: Tifereth, Beauty - Rachamim, Compassion
  • COLOUR: Yellow
  • NUMBER: 6 [2015, 5 +1]
  • MAGICAL IMAGES: A majestic king, a child
  • OTHER TITLES: Zeir Anpin [the lesser countenance], The short impatient one, the Son, the Man, Adam, Melekh - the King
  • ARCHANGEL: Raphael [healed by God]
  • ORDER OF ANGELS: Malachim, the Kings
  • MUNDANE CHAKRA: Shemesh, the Sun
  • SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of the Harmony of Things, Mysteries of the Crucifixion
  • VIRTUE: Devotion to the Great Work
  • VICE: Pride
  • SYMBOLS: The Cube, Lamen, the Truncated Pyramid, and the Rosy Cross


The film contains a great deal of yellow in the desert sets with the sun beating down, in the color grading and in the costume design.  Charlize even wore a nice yellow dress to the premiere.


Mad Max plays our Jesus figure in this movie and therefore it is his willingness to [blood] sacrifice that becomes key in the final resolution.  We see various other associations with Jesus throughout the film: crucified on the front of a car; people healed by drinking his blood; wandering the desert; etc.




Furiosa originally came from the Green Place and was rumoured to have been a wife of Immortan Joe (the Antagonist) before she lost her arm making her the 1st or 6th wife.  After destroying the metaphorical partiarchy in the film she is set to establish a metaphorical matriarchy in its stead - this is how the actions of Tifereth (Max) have restored the Fallen Daughter to her seat as the Superior Mother - a recurring theme of the Qabalah we have explored several times in this series.  Furiosa's shaved head is black with oil, linking directly to our black Sefira, Binah and the Superior Mother.  For reference and similar correspondences you can look at the articles on Skyfall [where the view of Tifereth is from Binah] and compare/contrast with Pixels.



The appearance of a short impatient character - Corpus Collosus - played by Quentin Kenihan is painted by the numbers in exactly the same way as Peter Dinklage's ''Eddie'' is in Pixels.


I would argue that the ziggurat made of speakers that the flame guitar plays on covers the cubes and pyramids requirement from the Tifereth correspondences of the Painting by Numbers approach.


In the final stage of the film, Mad Max, using the IV from his ''crucifix'' must transfer blood to Furiosa in order to save her.


As their truck runs into thick mud, a lone Tree appearing out of the mist is destined to become their saviour.


In order to fully comprehend the extent of the Painting by Numbers going on in Fury Road we need to look more closely at the roads [or paths] around Tifereth.  One of the criticisms of the ''plot'' of Mad Max is that its really about driving down a road and driving back.  We are provided a Qabalistic clue for this when the characters discuss how they have to get to the ''Green Place''.



In the Golden Dawn Tree of Life, the paths between the Sefiroth are associated with various Tarot cards from the Major Arcana.  If you look at the diagram above [which also lists the other correspondences I am using for this work] you will see that the Tarot Cards associated with the paths around Tifereth are:

  • The Hermit
  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • The Hanged Man
  • The Devil
  • Death
  • Strength
  • Justice
  • The Tower

As the film proceeds we will be driving along these ''roads'' encountering the imagery of those cards.





In the descriptions of the meanings of Tarot cards The Hanged Man is often associated with Jesus.  Here is an example We also see various war boys hanging over the truck during battle sequences and Max himself hanging during one of the fight scenes at the very beginning.









The classic Tarot imagery of the Strength card shows a woman in white pacifying a lion.  In the movie the lion is Max [whom we have already associated with solar imagery] and the woman in white is representative of the Five Wives who end up controlling him.   






After being blinded by Furiosa, the Bullet Farmer dons a blindfold and refers to himself as: ''The scales of justice and the conductor of the choir of death.''


In summary Mad Max takes the Unifying Colour Theory to the next level, Qabalistically speaking.  Not only are the ''film-makers'' fusing the standard correspondences of Tifereth with the plot [if this film can be said to have one] but are also drawing from the symbolism of the paths [roads] around Tifereth as well, increasing the conceptual load on the film.  You can see how this guiding theory began to get more sophisticated, or rather more comprehensive, as the decade rolled on.  Using the exploration of the paths as the roads that Max must journey down is an artful choice, esoterically speaking, and is a good example of how to weave spectacular imagery while not compromising the essence or blatancy of the By the Numbers approach.

As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken.  It was hard to know who was more crazy.  Me, or everyone else.

Max, Mad Max: Fury Road