Monday, September 30, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Russet Falls

As we enter the final quarter of the Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10), the Russet Phase, its worth familiarising ourselves with the Russet Pallette and then you will be able to see very clearly how this is being utilized in both fashion and the movies.  This is a short post but since the change of colour is today I wanted to flag this up for those of you following this ''ritual performance''.  As I have said for some time now the end goal of the Russet phase is for the public to be willing to sign up to a technological solution to the problems of climate change which is why this ''trust the science'' message is being constantly pushed.  Ostensibly, these technological solutions will buy enough time to switch the carbon economy to the green economy.



Ad Astra follows Major McBride as he journeys from the Earth [Malkuth] to Neptune [symbolising Keter and infinity]. Like the Fallen Daughter [Nuqba], The Bride [Kallah] is another name for Malkuth/Earth and so McBride means Son of the Bride.  The movie opens by tracking through colour fields which are the colours of the quarters of Malkuth and also features those colours at various intervals, but the dominant color pallette of the film is the russet one shown above.  Note how the first event of the movie is the literal fall of McBride putting into a list of other films from this year which contain both the fallen daughter and her fall [I am Mother, Birdbox, Annabelle Comes Home, Rim of the World, Pet Cemetary, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood].  Its worth bearing in mind how the most visible of these fallen daughters is Greta Thunberg, Greta meaning Pearl, who is/represents the Fallen Daughter of the Earth parading on the world's stage.


The way in which Ad Astra ties into the russet/red phase of Malkuth is that it pushes both technological solutions to planetary disharmony and in the final analysis an Exodus Imperative.  If we cannot save this rock [reforestation, carbon capture, stratospheric spraying i.e. chemtrails] then we have to get off this rock [Elon Musk].

Friday, September 20, 2019

2019 - Malkuth - Black Summer's End

2019 is the Year of Malkuth (1+9 = 10).  In previous years one sole colour from the Golden Dawn Hermetic Tree of Life was chosen and various industry players in the know synced their colour schemes in fashion, television and movies.  Unlike the other Sefirot, Malkuth is composed of four colours representing, among other things, the directions, the elements and the seasons.  Each of these colours ruled over a 1/4 of the year: Citrine/Yellow for January - March, Olive/Green April - June, Black/Navy for July - Sept and Russet/Red for October - December. Although it is clear that movies and products have been ''synced'' in this manner over the last decade I was curious as to whether political events were being synced as well.  Through analysis of the connotative meaning of the colours (along with a knowledge of the underlying Qabalah) I made a number of predictions for the nature of the events of the first 3/4 year

  • Citrine/Yellow - Gold [Money], Wheat [Agriculture]
  • Olive/Green - Environmental Movement, Currency [Money], Military
  • Black/Navy - Oil [Money], Earthquake (and Volcanoes)
Before we review the Black Summer and the way in which Black has been used we should remember that each movement between the colours has had a significant event associated with it for instance the destruction of Notre Dame and the plume of yellow smoke (from the lead contained within the central spire) indicated the crossover between yellow and green.


When trying to tie together themes in the connotative meanings of the colours and then predict the future based on this, green and yellow [currency and gold] into black seemed to indicate financial crisis.  During our Black Summer it was announced that the world is going into recession.  It is also worth noting that Black Monday, a film about the financial crisis in 1987 was released on Showtime this year.


During the beginning of our Black Summer we had the Iran tanker crisis where it was clear that someone was angling for a war.  As the Summer draws to a close we have the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia destroying 5% of the global output of oil and increasing the stresses on the financial system.  Just as the Gilet Jaunes [Yellow, driven by agriculture and anti-carbon tax] were juxtaposed against Extinction Rebellion [Green and pro-carbon tax] so we have the needs of the environment juxtaposed with the needs of the fossil fuel economy.


Another event that happened during our Black Summer was the first major power-cut or blackout that has occurred in London in ages, this article describing it as an ''apocalyptic darkness''.  Its events like this an President Trump's floating of the idea of buying Greenland that keeps us within the ritual.



I predicted that there would be a volcano or earthquake which would produce significant damage in a developed nation in the middle of August, a time corresponding to the black section of Malkuth and the part that directly lies against the Qliphoth.  While we did not receive the earthquake or volcano I expected, Stromboli in Italy did erupt twice over the Summer to quite considerable media attention along with various others - Popo, Raikoke.  Although I was wrong in this respect I am not ruling out this devastating volcano or earthquake and another potential date to consider would be the black - red transition which is the end of September.




Mid August marked the middle of the Black Summer and I discussed how this would be the point of maximum evil as it is that particular section of Malkuth that directly abuts against the Qliphoth [The Inverse Tree].   I predicted Earthquakes and Volcanoes for the event which would mark the middle of the Black Summer but instead we had the fires in the Amazon which of course turns green to black as the earth was scorched.

Its worth looking more closely at the Amazon vs Notre Dame meme that was launched during this emergency as it makes us directly compare two of the major orchestrated events of the Year of Malkuth.  Logically this is a rather silly comparison as if you want to talk about what billionaires are doing to the environment its probably better off comparing the Amazon fires with the trillions spent upon and unbelievable vast carbon footprint accrued of Dubai.

Returning to the Tree of Life and the Qliphoth we should consider that the Amazon is often referred to as the Lungs of the Earth or to put it another way the Trees of Life.  In the film The Fountain by Darren Aaronovsky the Tree of Life is discovered by conquistadors in South America.   So the point of ''maximum evil'' coincided with the destruction of the Trees of Life.



So what does the Red or Russet quarter signify and what can we expect for the Fall?  In the trailer for Joker we clearly see that the costume design has departed from the traditional purple to be replaced by Russet for the normal identity and a Red suit for the Joker identity.  I imagine this movie will trigger a number of record breaking mass shootings but you don't need the Qabalah to predict that.  Blood on soil, etc.  I highly recommend googling the colour of Russet so you can see the range they are working with here and how that is reflected in the trailer.

I thought for a while that the outcome of this year was supposed to be that the public embrace climate engineering.  Bombarded with the scale and complexity of the environmental problem and the impossibility of squaring such circles as the destruction of the economy vs the destruction of the ecosystem [i.e. Gilet Jaune vs Extinction Rebellion] and that the Earth is an existential threat to us as opposed to our friend, that the only way out is technological.  I also thought for a while that one of the more clandestine plans might be to somehow detonate volcanoes in various remote parts of the world in order to release the SO2 necessary to cool the atmosphere without having to resort to chem-trailing, an induced volcanic winter if you like and that guided me a little in predicting the volcanoes. So I still believe that the Red/Russet might indicate volcanic activity i.e. red/brown, fire in earth.  Alongside this the News/Media has been showcasing quite a lot of more minor efforts at climate engineering over the last month of so - like carbon capture towers and spraying water on to glaciers.  I think this will continue and is priming us for the more intense activity that will be necessary to ''save the Earth'' or at least that which we will believe is necessary to ''save the Earth''.  I'll provide more thoughts on this later.