Friday, April 16, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, See What's On the Slab

So come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with anticipation
But maybe the rain
Is really to blame
So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show


The ''rain'' is COVID-19 (which remember is ''water-borne'' & also ''the blazing star'') and the vaccine (which is associated with ''the light'' throughout the movie) removes the cause but in so doing gives you the symptoms (and side-effects).  We ''shiver with anticipation'' because as they intensity the rollout of the vaccine they also intensify the news of its harmful and sometimes lethal side effects - i.e. slowly intensifying fear and panic.


Well how about that?  Looks like you've got yourselves a particularly stacked slab there Destruction Team

Attenborough's new documentary
brings the character of the Narrator (criminologist) back so the launch of the doc will prob. coincide with a sequence from the film; the bewildering new variants foreshadow the relentless expansion of medtech (Frank's speech in a few days) and lockdowns (more Medusa-ing); the human monkey hybrids probably foreshadow Rocky and certainly post-shadow Kong; the secret ''cryo-chamber'' certainly gives weight to the Putin as Riff-Raff (Janus) alter theory; the Pentagon UFO confirmation also leads into the alien reveal that occurs at the end of the show (that is 2021); finally when Philip got staked they had to use the Transylvanian rainbow chamber to transfer his soul to a younger vessel.... oh sorry wrong meeting... ;-)


So we are at the end of Sweet Transvestite and about to begin the transition to ''the lab'' and since we now know that the Destruction Team are following the movie as opposed to the soundtrack we have prepared another test. Hopefully this one will finally slay this demonic idea but my faith in that eventuality is fast-fading.  As I said in the last post, some of this stuff now effectively writes itself.  

The cast list we have established so far is as follows:
  • American Gothic - Joe and Jill Biden
  • Brad and Janet - Average American (British, Canadian, etc) conservative (with a small c or a big one) 
  • The Skeleton in the Coffin - Prince Philip
  • Columbia - Meghan (+ contemporary intersectional feminism)
  • Magenta - Her Majesty and the ''Firm'' with all that that entails
  • Rocky - Prince Harry (+ others)
  • Riff Raff (bumbling servant) - Johnson
  • Riff Raff (demonic alien lord) - Putin
  • The Transylvanian Convention - The EU, the Commonwealth, the UN etc (elite representatives)
  • Frank'n'Furter - Kamala Harris (+ Caitlyn Jenner)

This cast list is not exhaustive and we believe that the role is shared around or ''doubled'' over a number of spheres (politics, entertainment, etc - see Lil Nas X) to guarantee that as many people as possible on the planet are watching this double feature, science fiction, horror picture show and not another one.

Maximum Beast mode,
fellow entities, Maximum Beast mode is active.

The following is a 15 second (rounded up) per day account of the next part of the movie which is 2021 - this sequence should begin at roughly the 28m mark into the movie - which we can use to test the theory.

Important Note: +/- 1 Day Limit of Accuracy

17th April - 6th May, 2021

The Three Days of Brad and Janet's Undressing

17th April
- Brad and Janet are being stripped, Brad has power fantasy that he can go through with it but still keep the upper hand

This relates to the vaccination process quite clearly as you must bear your arm.  ''Pull out the aces'' this is the rhetoric that many conservatives will be going through as they take the vaccination themselves.  Reference to the Ace might be a detail signal to those that can see.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - We were expecting an ACE signal.  Was this it?  The ACE Eddie Awards ceremony.  Note that the awards were called the Eddie awards.

18th April - Introduction to Brad (Majors) and Janet (Weiss)

Attention is brought to the conservative American public as a phenomena.  Probably this whole sequence relates to tension between liberal America and conservative America. So throughout this sequence it is easy to see that tension over the vaccine and the relief programs.  

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Fauci: ''Republican vaccine deniers are are hurting efforts to life covid-restrictions.''

19th April Columbia says ''Some people would give their right arm for this'', Brad says ''people like you...''

This relates to the shortage of vaccine but also that certain countries are shipping known dodgy vaccines to other countries because they don't want to risk their own people with them e.g. Denmark and the AstraZeneca jab.  It also posits this opposition between conservative rural America (Brad) who are behind in the vaccination program compared to liberal New York/Los Angeles (Columbia) who are ahead.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Greta Thunberg speaks out against vaccine inequality

It is very interesting they gave Columbia's line to Greta Thunberg on this day - ''some people would give their right arm for this'' - i.e. vaccine inequality.  As you know both Meghan and Greta mean Pearl and they are now both associated with that character.  They also share this broader association with environmental-social justice, etc.  We can therefore expect Greta to possibly play Columbia's lines in the future.  This is something we should have been able to at least acknowledge if not directly predict.

The Five Day Elevator to Lab Scene Transition

We should still be with the Royal Family (RiffRaff, Magenta & Columbia) for some reason (or Putin) over the 20-22nd April even though the funeral for Philip is tomorrow.

20th April - RiffRaff drinks and smashes champagne bottle

Johnson (or Putin?) drink and then smash bottle - this is likely to be some kind of spat or outburst probably linked to trade again and probably with the EU.  Maybe ''a cause to celebrate'' turns out wrong.  This could then relate to not easing of restrictions in bars in the UK.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): US Ambassador leaves Moscow as tensions rise

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Johnson cancels India trip over COVID concerns

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Pubs and Restaurant Bosses Launch Legal Battle over Covid Rules

21st April - RiffRaff, Magenta and Columbia go up to the lab in the elevator.  RiffRaff explains that they are simply the servants of the master.

Deference from Britain to America.  Bear in mind this swaps at the end of the film.  Britain being the secret master of the USA.  Or is it Russia..?

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Number 10 Cancels US Style Briefings after spending 2.6 million on studio

I've added this one ahead of time as it is breaking now (20th April) at the end of the evening in Europe so will naturally spill over to tomorrow.  This is quite big news as it looks like they created this monstrosity ''joke'' studio just to destroy it (in this way...).  Another point Eldritch Investigators might want to consider is what did they actually build under Downing Street then?  Details of the story are that the Prime will now brief from the Number 9 Briefing Room.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): English football teams quit Super-league which collapses the enterprise

This event feels like it syncs with the previous day (20th April) of ''England'' smashing the champagne bottle, especially since it was English teams vs Euro teams at that moment.  This highlights the +/-1 day accuracy outlined above.  In deepening our understanding of this problem it may be worth thinking about global-time, as this probably covers that uncertainty.

 ''We are simply the servants of the master'' - American Owners of British Clubs: Glazers own Man United, Kroeneke own Arsenal, Hicks owns Liverpool

22nd April - Elevator reaches the lab, Frank'n'furter in view.

Kamala spotlight or other Sweet Transvestite (perhaps Levine...) related news.  Update: This is Earth Day.

Pre-Prediction Note - Kamala Harris joins Discovery for Earth Day Special on Climate Change

Post-Prediction Note - Earth Day Summit 

The Earth Day Summit gave us view of the elite see below, again (+/-1 day of accuracy)

23 April & 24th April - Creepy POV shots that include the elite, a view of heaven and statues (from the Medusa Transducer)

Lockdowns represented by the petrified people lurk in the background, threateningly, as they approach ''the slab''.  View of heaven (space related news), the Elite (eventually this will relate to finance in Sword of Damocles and they are in the same position in that piece so we might want to see them as WTO, WEF, G20, etc at this point, but they may still be EU/UN).

Post-Prediction Note - Caitlyn Jenner announces run for governor

This is within tolerance (+/-1) day of accuracy and is therefore an exact strike.

Post-Prediction Note - UK is now entering into intense left-right debate because of corruption charges being levelled at Boris Johnson. See below. 

The Six Days of Debate between Frank vs Brad and Janet

25th April - Frank n' Furter, red triangle on costume, Columbia and Magenta ordered to help RiffRaff

We are trying to identify this red triangle - any suggestions are welcome.  Makes sense to link the red triangle to a pharmaceutical company at this point.  But which one?  The red triangle was associated with political prisoners (Schutzhäftlinge – Sch.) this links Frank with communism, an incredibly frightening thing for Brad and Janet.

Reader (LisaLoo) Hot Take: Link triangle to vaccine passports

Post-Prediction Update:
These ''Six Days of Debate'' seems to be playing out across America but we should also include BLM and police reform as another fault-line between the left and the right, woke or un-woke or whatever.

26th April - Frank greets Brad and Janet again, Frank patronises them with a little laugh and then some French

Interaction between Democrats and Republicans over the border issue (and possibly at the border) and/or the covid-relief bill.  Conservatives want to focus on traditional infrastructure but they badly need support in areas ravished by either climate effects, Covid itself, or the economic effects of the disease.

Pre-Prediction Update: Pink Moon
Post-Prediction Note: Kamala avoids border issue 
Post-Prediction Note: Oscars as divider between woke, non-woke etc.

27th April - Frank passes them the clothes to make them feel less vulnerable

The Democrats give in to some of the Republican demands, but its kind of titular or symbolic in nature.

Post-Prediction Note: Oscar for best actor goes to Anthony Hopkins and not Chadwick Boseman causing some controversy. 

I honestly thought this was going to be more about actual politics but looking at the prediction ''symbolic'' or ''titular'' in nature an Oscar seems perfect.  So basically the narrative is that on this ''black-white'', ''liberal-conservative'' ''divide'' there has been a lot of ''wins'' for the ''progressives'' (?) recently so they give an Oscar to an old white guy who doesn't even turn up instead of a young dead black guy as a token offering.

Post-Prediction Note: Biden lifts outdoors mask wearing

Again, see utterly titular and symbolic deference to the right.

28th April - Frank says they have offered hospitality, Brad gets upset and all they asked for was to use of phone

The Republicans say the old line about paying taxes to the Federal Government so the Federal Government should do its job and pay back to those who have paid in.  This from a group that have systematically run down Government programs over the years. ''All they want is the phone'' effectively relates to basic services.

29th April - Franks says she is impressed by Brad's dominance and that Janet must be awfully proud of him

Brad is the dominant republican figure at this time.  I do not know who will play Brad because I have very little knowledge of conservative politics.  So who is Brad during this bit would help a lot.  Ted Cruz and his wife?

Post-Prediction Note - GOP's Tim Scott delivered rebuttal

Ok it was this guy, Tim Scott, that delivered the rebuttal.  He warned against ''socialist dreams''.

Post-Prediction Note - This all clearly relates to Biden's address at Congress over the recovery plan.  However, these images are so strikingly synched that maybe our timing and characterization is coming a little unstuck? 

So obvious it already got memed.  Or they just memed it themselves because everyone is so dumb and infantilized and opposition is controlled to the extent it does not matter a solitary gram of fuck anymore.  Caption: ''you thought it too, didn't you?''

30th April - Frank asks ''do you have any tatoos?'' RiffRaff slopes over menancingly

Chitter chatter continues - liberals and conservatives bond over tattoos? Digital tattoos?  We think this could be a very literal signal.

Post-Prediction Update - Biden, Harris agree with Scott (America not Racist)
Post-Prediction Update - Murder Suspect in Atlanta with RISK tattoo on his neck who escaped from police is caught in the bushes

The Six Days of Frank's Speech

Its probably worth imagining this as one news story that is quite complicated and has some depth and will be explained (and land in the consciousness) over the course of five days.  The most simple reading is that this is related to issues about new variants and new vaccines.  It will be big news though.

1st May - Frank speech begins to the unconventional conventionalists

Is Labour Day a clue?  Is this related to the red triangle?  Ties us back to socialism?

Pre-Prediction Note - Beltane
Pre-Prediction Note - Did this already happen? See above Biden speech to Congress
Pre-Prediction Note - 30th April Tarantula Venom Based Therapy treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

''I knew Leo. G. Carroll was over a barrel when Tarantula ran to the hills...'' Science Fiction, Double Feature. 

Well how 'bout that? Type 2 Diabetes affects 30-40 million Americans.  This news, whether this is set dressing or the big one, has the potential to make all those people and their partners and families think about Tarantulas.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey Transition Surgery  ''Life-saving'' 

''Life-saving'' Transition Surgery so I guess its very literal again.  Trans person discusses life saving medicine.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Caitlyn Jenner says Transgender Athletes born male should not play on girl's teams 

Well I guess the Sweet Transvestite now represents both sides of the argument.  Its going to be interesting to see how the right wing roll with this.  Oh I know, I've seen the film.  A jump to the left, a step to the right.

2nd May - Franks says there will be new paradigm in biomedical research and ''paradise will be mine''

Paradise could be the signal word here (or words like Eden, Heaven).  Maybe they have some even cooler nanomedicine?

Apocalypse Squad Hot Take: A company called Lucky (see below) wanted to mine Paradise Valley near Yellowstone for Gold.  This was defeated in court at the end of 2020.  Is this a play on ''Paradise will be mined?''  Based on the upcoming ''Sword of Damocles'' moment in the film it looks like gold price will sky-rocket and fluctuate maniacally for 8 days or so.  Will this change minds on mining?

3rd May - Franks waxes poetic about suddenly you get a break and all of the pieces fall into place

This implies that luck was involved in whatever the medical research story that is broached will be.  How much luck was involved in those monkey hybrids, you think?

Post Prediction Note (UPDATE) - Bill and Melinda Gates Breakup after 27 years of marriage

Marriage described as irretrievably broken.

''And then suddenly you get a break - and all the pieces seem to fit into place - what a sucker you'd been, what a fool - the answer was there all the time....'' Dr Frank n' Furter

Apocalypse Squad Hot Take: Luck - Paradise - Mine

4th May -  Accidents were involved in the discovery, the word accident is repeated by Columbia and Magenta - 

You created an alien-human hybrid?   You discovered the force is real? Srsly?

Post-Prediction Note (Update) - Mexico City Train Collapse

Break.  Accidents.

5th May - That is how they discovered the secret ingredient that is the spark that is the breath of life.

You created an android?  The Breath of Life.

Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): SpaceX successfully lands ship
Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): Falling Chinese Rocket
Post-Prediction Note (UPDATE): CIA Woke Ad i.e. ''Secret'' ingredient

Dr X News. 

6th May - And now they have the secret to life itself, everyone applauds

The trauma we have to go through to eventually live in a socially engineered world where everyone is cool with cloned parts being available and the rich or elite getting to live for 200 years, eh? 

The trauma!


For those of you interested in this sub-meta-theory we've realised that we can back-check Clash of the Titans and confirm that this was the first movie used for structuring the year (2020).   It's a bit of an effort so it may well be a little time in coming.  If you want to do it yourself its the same principle divide the film length by 365.  Our working theory would be Perseus (various actors, but all and sundry in our more or less successful fights against...) Medusa (COVID-19) & Cetus (The Leviathan or Climate Change Disasters).  You will not have to even break sweat to identify the main capricious Gods and distressed Andromedas I would think .  Cursory analysis suggests this will work effectively and implies that throughout the whole of last year we could have done the same as we are doing this year but with that script lying alongside the Qabalah

The owls are not what they seem...

You're very lucky to be invited up to Franks' laboratory, some people would give their right arm for the privilege.


Columbia, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, My Favourite Obsession

Why don't you stay for the night
Or maybe a bite?
I could show you my favorite obsession,
I've been making a man 
With blond hair and a tan
That's good for relieving my tension


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Show


We are now in the few days of the last chorus reprise in Sweet Transvestite and one of the main things that came to my attention were the transgender athlete bans being considered in some states and the consequences.  I am not from one of these Varsity type community backgrounds (nor am I American for that matter so I don't know if I am even using the right words) and I don't understand how essential sport is to the culture but I am assuming this action from the NCAA is important.  Personally, just to be clear, if you can't handle this kind of pre-post-identity reality parade now you are going to really struggle when it comes to genetically engineered goalies who are a wall of human flesh, dolls inhabited by AIs, your boss is transgenic half-dolphin and then the aliens land or whatever.  Given a choice, a third of the world would probably rather have an animal head right now... given a choice.


It is clear from the events of the last few days that Prince Harry is one of the core Rockies.  Returning to the UK for his Grandfather's funeral, many accusing him beforehand of possibly pushing him over the edge with that interview, is going to be an incredibly high pressure experience... for the character.  Searching through the annals the word Rocky has been attributed to Prince Harry at various intervals - his ''rocky road'' in California, his ''rocky relationship'' with brother, father, grandmother, and at times his ''rocky marriage.''  Rocky from Rocky Horror show is meant to be a kind of placid pliable re-modelled ''New New-Age Guy''' fresh out of the rainbow chamber - a life of service to Frank'n'furter ahead of him. Many people from the anti-Meghan camp call him out for being perhaps too respectful to his wife's positions and too willing to embrace that California Woke style.  A note for those very familiar with the film, Rocky is paired off with Columbia in the Don't Dream It, Be It sequence, Columbia already established as being played by Meghan - or - is ''Columbia'' playing Meghan might be the better question... If you forgive me going all Six Characters in Search of an Author on you.

Speaking of Harry's service I still think on the grand metaphor level, as opposed to the charting of an individual actor navigating the role, I see something of ''a draft'' coming at least in America.  In this way, Harry's association with the military, like his dutiful Queen following Grandfather, may resonate with what is ahead.  There are a lot of dams, etc, need building real quick and a lot of post-Covid unemployed youth to occupy.  I think there will be some weaving of these issues the only question is how it is branded.


Kanye is on the cards to be one of these characters for sure, his association with the Sweet Transvestite, Caitlyn Jenner and his prior ultra-ing or whatever make this virtually inevitable - the question is which one?  Does blonde hair and ''a tan'' actually relate to Kanye?  Is Kanye more of an Eddie than a Rocky?


So roughly the 15th and the 16th should be the last verse of the song which as we have said before is almost certainly the vaccine rollout where Biden moved up his pledge to offer vaccines to all Americans by April 19th.  Why do we ''shiver with anticipation''?  Well for a start there are more and more reports of very strange side effects from the vaccines including blood clots and death, today we hear about J&J.  My colleague told me that the Moderna vaccine gave him the feeling of the drug ecstasy for the whole day.  Quite honestly, we won't know the real yield of the experimental nanotech vaccine push for another six months at the very least - that's how long the scorpions sting lasts in Revelations I think.  Anyway they could stage these lyrics quite literally, easily, they almost stage themselves. But I remain open to surprise!

And what's next for us is a nice hiatus from the musical songs for a bit as we will wait another 40 days or so to reach Sword of Damocles.  If you're an investor, its probably worth investing in gold before then looking at the video sequence. We will be doing some analysis, pontification and prognostication on the action sequence which shows Rocky being brought to life out of his rainbow resonance chamber (by the same device that controls the Medusa Transducer if memory serves) over the next few days but these days will include particularly big stories about med-tech, energy crisis and whatever it means to the New New Age Guy.

So come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with anticipation
But maybe the rain
Is really to blame
So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Friday, April 9, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Satanic Mechanic

Well you got caught with a flat
Well how about that?
Well babies don't you panic
By the light of the night
It'll all be alright,
I'll get you a Satanic Mechanic


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show 



At 2 minutes 15 seconds into the video sequence for Sweet Transvestite you will see that Frank'n'futer throws a cup of water over the camera.  We believe that this splash relates to the incident of the radioactive phosphate pond in Florida - you know horrendous B-movie sci-fi nightmare fuel that spawns terrifying giant insects, that kind of splash - rapidly brought to a conclusion with flooding Tampa Bay with the waste water.  This might seem a strange place to start the post but I want to bring your attention to the tremendous detail with which this is being executed; it is looking like a very faithful rendering of the movie.


So Caitlyn Jenner appeared as a phoenix on The Masked Singer a few weeks ago, and announced an interest in runn
ing for office yesterday so people are wondering whether this is the Sweet Transvestite or just another one?  It's clear that at the very least something of a calendar of trans-events and reveals were organized around and after trans-visibility day on the 31st March.  You had the announcement of Dr Levine the first transgender member of the US cabinet (in a health role), you had Lil Nas X's Sweet Transvestite ''Gamalielian'' romp through Eden and Hell that caused a few hearts to flutter and now you also have Caitlyn Jenner's move into politics. So its also clear that the character of Frank'n'furter will be passed around a few ''actors''.  We already have precedence (lol) for this during the Time Warp as Meghan's interview was Columbia during her solo and Patsy Stevenson at the police vs feminist riots was Columbia during the dance.  You could even argue that Kate Middleton took on that role temporarily as she was also involved in the vigil.

At the moment of Caitlyn Jenner's reveal - the lyrics were ''by the light of the night it'll all be alright, I'll get you a Satanic Mechanic'' and Biden was talking about ghost guns, ordered in parts and then secretly reconstructed by people intent on mass shootings i.e. ''Satanic Mechanics''.  I thought they would play this with some kind of climate engineering thing but there you go it was even more literal and direct than I thought.  Ghost guns?  Really?  The name Jenner also means ''engineer'' and you have the old potential vehicular manslaughter that went away as another possible tie-in. 



If you remember Prince Philip was synced with  our interpretation of Time Warp where he was equated with the skeleton in the coffin at the start of the song because of going into hospital with heart problems at the time.  The other key characters were:

  • Riff-Raff - Boris Johnson
  • Magenta - Her ''Mag''esty & The ''Firm''
  • Columbia - Markle (mainly)

Now immediately after the Satanic Mechanic lyric in the video (from the cult movie) i.e. today, the 9th of April - Mag, Columbia and Riff Raff rejoin the Sweet Transvestite to make the final tableaux for the song. The death of Prince Philip will cause that tableau to form from the perspective of the media i.e it will transplant those characters from the last ''song'' into this one.



These are the next lyrics that cover the next 5-6 days that are left (+/- 1 because of limit of accuracy).  You can check back on our thinking at the original working post with the calendar and see how and where it is adjusted by facts on the ground but we're not so far off:

10th-11th April

''Why don't you stay for a night
Or maybe a bite,
I could show you my favorite obsession
I've been making a man
With blond hair and a tan
That's good for relieving my tension

12th-14th April

Sweet Transvestite chorus again

15th-16th April

So come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with anticipation
But maybe the rain
Is really to blame
So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom...

According to one of the Apocalypse Squad the ''see what's on the slab'' and ''maybe the rain'' lines prob. relates to the promise of vaccination offers for all Americans (by the 18th April...?) - the rain & storm having already been established as ''Covid-19'' in ''There's a light Over at the Frankenstein's place'' and also by dint of association with Lilith, the Queen of the Evil Winds and the demon of 2020.  The cause, ''covid'' is removed then but not the symptom i.e. all of the messed up things in the world that Covid (2020) has exposed - mental health, employment, race/gender issues and all that jazz.

But maybe the rain
Is really to blame
So I'll remove the cause but not the symptom


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, The Abysmal and the Steve Reeves Movie

Let me show you around
Maybe play you a sound
You both look you're like pretty groovy
Or if you want something visual
That's not too abysmal 
We can take in an old Steve Reeves Movie


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show

I think I've reached the level of focus and accuracy that is currently possible within this Rocky Horror meta-theory.  I cannot seem to punch past the +/- 1 or 2 days mark and I think maybe this is a hard limit for the Destruction Team as well - this could be to do with rounding numbers.  They are also very compartmentalized so there is going to be some friction over dates, I would think, it's also about when news lands as opposed to when it happens persay - so maybe I am looking for a level of precision that simply cannot be there.  Still this level of accuracy is remarkable in itself. 

Familiarity with the video sequence of Sweet Transvestite is necessary to get what is going on just as it was with Time Warp 

  • I'm cold and I'm wet and I am just plain scared - Sydney Flooding
  • How'd you do, I see you've met my... faithful handyman... - First Transgender member of the Cabinet 25th-27th + beefed up role of Kamala, Johnson & The Royals, British news stories that we were transitioning away from
  • He's Just a Little Brought Down because When you Knocked, He Thought You Were the Candyman - Candyman could be a reference to vaccine/economic trade deal - important note: Candyman remake release date, rescheduled for 2021, like with ''Morbius''
  • Don't get strung out, by the way I look, don't judge a book by it's cover, I'm not much of a man, by the light of the day but by night I'm one hell of a lover, I'm just a sweet Transvestite...+ chorus - Trans Visibility Day March 31 2021, Biden's Statement
  • You could make the argument that the Lil Nas X Montero release is actually a kind of rendering of Sweet Transvestite, note the overstated hell-purple palette and for later, the chains and colosseum setting...).

''Let me show you around
Maybe play you a sound
You both look like you're pretty groovy
If you want something visual
That's not too abysmal
We could take in an old Steve Reeves Movie'' 

The ''Steve Reeves'' Movie has been bothering me quite intensely and I've been searching the world for a correlative of Hercules or the Last Days of Pompeii when perhaps I should have been searching the movies... For example in one of Jordan Peele's most memorable scenes, his Hollywood script doctor character helps design the plot of Gremlins 2 by telling every member of the writing team to invent their own crazy Gremlin and he will put ''it in the movie''.  Honestly this seems to be a part of the destructive process, especially last year when once the Qabalistic correspondences had been established they would come up with interesting blends and disturbing distortions.  Jordan Peele clearly has great responsibility as an artist.  He made Us and Lovecraft Country important ''fore-shadowings'' of the debacles of 2020 and beyond; Us is a particularly excellent introduction to the horrors of doppel-gangering that await us.  Entirely by coincidence I am sure, he wrote and is producing the remake of Candyman, a song mentioned in the lyrics of Sweet Transvestite above, which also deals with mirroring.  Entirely by coincidence, Jordan, Candyman is probably a good parallel for Gamaliel as well, right?

So maybe ''the old Steeve Reeves Movie'' (see picture above) is a reference to re-makes or re-watches that have been going on while people tune out from the abysmal news regarding problems with vaccination (blood clots from Astra Zeneca + shortages of supply, etc), or... where else have we seen a ''Sword and Sandals'' display of Herculean strength Unchained?  Not so much in the movies, but in the memes.  Here is a selection of the ''visual'' people were ''taking in'', instead of the ''abysmal''.  Important note: review your Yesod correspondences again as this is some seriously massive Qabalah we are talking about.

Note that engineers used the Moon to shift the blockage in the end. You could argue that Kong, etc, are acting out Herculean labours like fighting Hydras, etc.... On that note the Apocalypse Squad wants to point out one of the sequels to Hercules Unchained which was Hercules Against the Moonmen.  In this movie the Moonmen try to ruin the world by creating a giant sandstorm -  a very long sequence that showed the cast floundering about and didn't advance plot or character at all.  Wait didn't we see this in China?

Getting back to the ''now'' the cup of water that Frank'n'furter splashes over the camera is quite possibly associated with this breach in a radioactive pond (more Scifi B-movie madness this is essentially/literally how ''Tarantula'' and all those other giant insects from horror movies are created) that is occurring right now in Florida.  I understand that this is all deeply dark and disturbing.

Tread softly, Destruction Team, because you tread on my memes.

Well you got caught with a flat
Well how' bout that?
Well babies don't you panic
By the light of the night
It'll all be alright
I'll get you a Satanic Mechanic


Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show