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2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, We Meet At Last!

Dr Frank 'n' Furter ve meet at last!


Dr Everett Scott, The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

INSERT:  Unifying Colour Theory, Unifying Colour Theory & Dark Conclusions 

Mapping these transitions has been very useful in the past six months to being able to understand and make predictions with the Inner Theory.  I've given a pared down version of the Time Key that should be good til 18th September so we can attempt to navigate this at least until Eddie.  I'll put a few suggestions in the calendar to get us started and then please feel free to make suggestions and your own predictions as they can be incredibly useful.  If I don't get back to you its normally because I am busy or do not know what to say.  When I get a moment, if I think they are strong I will add them in to the post. I am very confident in the strength of the theory and as we move I am seeing various avenues of choices begin to narrow.  Although it seemed bat-shit insane to me at first reception, if you think about it you would need something bat-shit insane to structure 2021.  If this is indeed the somewhat collective and improvised schizoid-breakdown-performance-art of Eldritch Investigators then I can only hope you have enjoyed your conspira-tainment. |


The vast majority of the 2020 (Lilith) and 2021 (Gamaliel) posts on the Hermetic Lessons are tagged as Klippot (Qliphoth) as in my understanding we are now ''descending'' through the inverse Tree of Life or ''Tree of Hell''.  There are a number of different understandings of the Klippot/Qliphoth with the main one being that this is the Sitra Ahra, the Other Side; where the Tree of Life has an angel, the Tree of Hell has a demon, where the Tree of Life has a virtue, the Tree of Hell has a vice, etc.  A development of  the idea can be found in Shabbatai Tzvi who argued that there were two types of infinite light, thoughtful and thoughtless.  The Thoughtful Infinite Light withdrew creating a space within itself so that Tzim Tzum and creation could happen (or else creation would be automatically subsumed back into infinity).  Unfortunately, although the Thoughtful Light withdrew it left behind pockets of Thoughtless Light trapped within creation - these are the Klippot, nodes of ''bad infinity'', that automatically seek a return to the infinity by rending everything they come into contact with. As Mark Fisher said, the ''bad infinity of the 21st century'' is best represented by the GIF, a frustrated moment, trapped in a time warp, ''stalled in a pastiche of retromania.'' 


There are clearly mainstream ''synchronic core characters'' and then what I would call minor host characters that reflect into other more popular spheres, including music, and especially Disney/Marvel this year - they seem to mirror and maybe expand the plot like Wandavision mirrored and expanded ''Dammit Janet!'' & ''Loki'' mirrored and expanded Time Warp, etc.  As you can see in the image above the ''reboot'' of Rocky Horror in 2016 expanded & diversified the ethnicity of the cast, so do not be deceived by the whiteness of the original cast when reviewing this theory.

The Criminologist - Sir David Attenborough (important to note costume on this his interventions throughout the year have used this costume (& set) or variations on it)

- Still a bit unclear on who the core Brad is on the American right, we've seen a few placeholders, I might be dumb here I mean I alchemically watched Joker looking for a Phoenix symbol and missed it, so help me/us/yourselves - Duke of Cambridge (middle of the road conservative USA/UK)

Janet - The memory of the late Princess Diana, Duchess of Cambridge, Liz Cheney, Britney Spears  = later Janet in the plot, i.e. sex kitten Janet, pop princess)  + host of minor Janets (middle of the road conservative USA/UK)

Frank - Biden-Harris (a literal transition of Man to Woman, blur the two faces together and what would it end up looking like..?), Bill Gates, Prince Charles + host of minor franks (the vaccination program) (Inner Virus meta-theory is that lilifluenza covid changes with Frank's costume changes)

Alpha - The UK strain, first started circulating in Nov 2020, became a problem by Dec 2020 so was the first form of ''covid'' in 2021.

Delta - The symbol on Frank's medical outfit, the coronavirus 2021, Inner Virus meta-theory is that lilifluenza covid changes with Frank's costume changes so we are looking at this leather-jacket clad Frank for whatever the fall is about to bring Lambda, Iota, AY, ad nauseum - leather for instance may indicate the movement to discussing animal hosts/reservoirs another reality that kind of makes vaccine passports dead in the water.  The red triangle was also a reference to ''passports'' from a previous holocaust.

Variants of Concern - (UPDATE) Based on recent syncs the badges on this costume represent the ''clusters'' of ''constellations'' of mutations and vaccine resistance that feature in new variants of concern.  Two synchronised exactly where I expected (see below) although which one will smash us in the Fall its slightly too early to say.  C.1.2, and Mu.

Rocky - (Disney) Prince Harry + host of minor Rockies (Vax Live and Global Citizen)

- Meghan Markle + host of minor columbias (social justice, LGBTQA+, BLM)

Magenta - Her Majesty the Queen, Oprah, Pelosi + host of minor magentas i.e. Melissa McCarthy

Riff-Raff - a triangular mash-up of Biden? (American Gothic Grandpa with Pitchfork of Jabs Three) Johnson (Humbling Bumbling Servant of the Master), Putin (arch-alien-overlord reveal) - there is an argument for Trump... Riff Raff has definitely been heavily synchronised with Boris Johnson  pitchforking references have been synchronised with debate around and eventual release of a literal Mr Pictchfork and the spectre of ''the third jab''

Skeleton in Coffin in Time Warp -
perfectly synchronized with the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Eddie - John MacAfee perfectly synchronized with death of Eddie (death of anti-virus) + Prince Andrew Albert Christian EdwardKanye, Hunter-Biden + host of minor Eddies such as Alex Harvill (toxic masculinity)

Dr Scott
- ??? William Burns - minor Scott or major?  Fauci???  Does it have to be introduced as a new character?  It was with Eddie...

Transylvanian Convention (Chorus)
: UN, G7, COP26, NATO, EU Trudeau, Merkel et al, etc



Abridged text for brevity - full script here

25th August - Scott is in the ''Zen room''

Interpretations - These already sync with the focus on US Intelligence including the CIA Director William Burns

26th August - Triple Contact Electromagnet

Interpretations: Havana syndrome, MEDUSA sonic weapon, already these sync with Kamala Harris Havana Syndrome in Vietnam, this East Asia thing syncs with the ''Zen'' Room, see above etc

27th August - Magnets attracts Scott's wheelchair and brings him up stairs, passes Columbia and Magenta

Japan stops use of 1.63 million doses of Moderna Vaccine, substance believed to be magnetic metal 

28th August - Scott bursts out of the wall pulled by magnet, Brad: Great Scott

29th August - Scott: (to Frank n Furter) We meet at last!

Interpretations - Intelligence reports into origins of Covid-19, i.e. ''FBI-UFO'' meets ''Virus-Vaccine Complex''

Further Interpretations - Japan detects more contamination (magnetic materials in vaccine) after two people die from the first batch with the ''black goo'' 

30th August - Frank accuses Scott and Brad of plotting against him: it was part of your plan was it not?  That he and his female should check the layout for you.  Well unfortunately for you, all the plans are to be changed...

Interpretations - Frank has changed costume to leather jacket - animal reservoir links:

Will there be a cull?  A cull of certain animals could significantly draw down carbon...

The Netflixomancer's ''Sweet Tooth'' could be priming for this in the same way The Netflixomancer's Brave New World re familiarised everyone with greek letters before they rebranded covid strains

Further Interpretations - What is C.1.2 The New Covid Variant? Well there we go, this will maybe ''change some plans'' and syncs exactly with the Frank costume-change Virus Meta-Theory so lets' dissect this a little:

So C.1.2. basically has a lot of different mutations gathered together, some which make it more vaccine resistant and some which are entirely novel by the looks of it.  So how do we tie this to the costume?  Is it plausible that the clusters of badges that we see represent this conglomeration of mutations?  

31st August - Frank: I hope you're adaptable, Brad is!

Interpretations - Adaptation i.e. mutation of virus

Interpretations - WHO monitoring Mu Variant 

From the article: ''The Mu Variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate possibilities of immune escape.''  So this lends support to the idea that the badges represent a conglomeration of mutations.  As most people's memories are heavily fogged by cortisol these its worth thinking about these new mega mutants in comparison with Delta, the so-called ''Double Mutant''.

Interpretations - Mu variant = Moo Variant

Interpretations - Adaptation i.e. moving away from fossil fuels

Opec members urge oil producers to focus more on renewable energy

1st September - Here for Eddie, Eddie!?, Eddie is my nephew

Interpretations - Former Eddie MacAfee revelations? new Eddie potentials?

Interpretations - Kanye & (high ritual) Donda, self-immolation, i.e. character already dead, ''his mother died in vain''

Interpretations - Iron Maiden album leaked on line with Eddie mascot

2nd September - Janet! Brad! Dr Scott!  Rocky!

Interpretations - Demolition Team used creature of the night similar sequence with Taliban to bring characters ''in the round'' over Janet last time.  This is a similar little loop that needs to bring ''Janet'' in.

Interpretations - New York whirlwind mirrored ''whirlwind motion'' of the camera as it moves between the characters, giving an opportunity for Biden-Harris to speak - he spoke on several different issues over this little loop allowing us to loop over and over - does this confirm Biden-Harris as Frank?

Interpretations - multiple Britney Spears stories again providing for the repeating loop - story one - story two - this means it is highly likely they will use Britney (sex kitten Janet) to get through the rest of the year

Interpretations - looks like Brad is Mitch McConnell again

Interpretations - Dr Scott - still William Burns, and also MI6 was invoked regards to Afghanistan as opposed to Covid-19

Interpretations - Dr Scott - Biden tells FBI to release 9/11 files

3rd September - Frank: Look I made you and I can break you just as easily

Interpretations - Prince Charles investigation, Saudi Honours Scandal

So this investigation into Charles seals his identity as the Royal Frank.  We should not forget his connection to Jimmy Saville in potential explorations of the next sequence.

4th September - Magenta: Master, dinner is prepared!

5th September - Criminologist:  Food has always played a vital role in life's rituals.  The breaking of the bread, the last meal of the condemned man, and now, this meal.

Interpretations - Sir David Attenborough's major interventions in the year have been heavily synchronised with the Criminologist & he is ''guest speaker'' in finale at COP26

6th September - Criminologist: However informal it might appear, you can be sure that there was to be little... bon ami.

Interpretations - so generally these crimes have been associated with human climate crimes so he is a kind of climate criminologist, but criminologist has made references to sex crimes, affairs etc

Interpretations - David Attenborough, star is running into problems at 95 yrs old

Not a major intervention, and a sad story, but still our attention is drawn.

7th September - RiffRaff, Magenta bring and present ''food''

Interpretations: 20 Meat and Dairy Farms emit more CO2 than Germany, Britain or France

Interpretations: Animals adapting to Climate Change

Interpretations: More Britney Conservatorship news, this has been running for several days now, keeping her at ''the table''

8th September - Present knife to Frank to carve

Interpretations - NXIVM Cult ''Prefect'' sentenced to 42 months in prison.  I think this links because of a) sadomasochistic cult and b) sadomasochistic cult - so it doesn't sync with the food, it syncs with the people around the table.  I was expecting the cannibalism to be covered by deepening allegations over Epstein's sex cult but this one, Nxivm, will do for now...

9th September - Frank carves with electric knife

Interpretations - Ed Sheeran (Eddie) releases Shivers a video with obvious trans themes. In order to understand what they are doing here you need to remember that Eddie came out of the freezer and was then put back in the freezer - and that this was linked to the slammer and thence to MacAfee.  What they are currently carving into is Eddie-meat.  Anyway this is very blatant if you are switched on this theory.

10th September - Magenta pours wine, Frank brandishes electric knife

Interpretations - The above is covered by Biden-(Harris)'s speech regarding mandatory vaccination.  This is a massive threat to millions of American livelihoods.  Reducing the workforce still further is going to seriously exacerbate already existing problems in supply chains.  Less trucks, less food, less waste - it all adds up to carbon reduction targets.

Interpretations - Biden tells Xi that US and China must not veer into conflict.  This is code for threats again I would imagine, i.e. more brandishing of the knife.

Interpretations - Queen supports BLM.  Magenta (Her Majesty) pours wine so she is in shot and needs something to do... but this stresses friendship/connection between Magenta and Columbia.  Also BLM = Baalim as Chris Knowles has pointed out.

11th September - Frank finishes carving, ''a toast!''

Interpretations - 9/11 speech, possibly combined with threats against terrorists to sync with knife brandish

12th September - Frank: To absent friends and... to Rocky!

Interpretations - Prince Harry has been very consistently synched with Rocky through the year especially in Vax Live which was a recreation of Rocky's Rainbow Chamber

13th September - Happy Birthday to Rocky (sung) Frank: Shall we?

Interpretations - Prince Harry's actual birthday is 15th September, I checked this last night and was startled.  But it opens the discussion about whether or not we adjust for drift at this point.

Interpretations - Britney/Janet still at table - Britney engaged to boyf

14th September - Eating, Rocky/Columbia exchange looks

Interpretations - Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward - Prince's lawyers say sex abuse case is baseless and papers were not served properly

15th September - Scott: We came here to discuss Eddie All: Eddie! Frank: It's a tender subject

16th September - gentle cannibalistic realizations, Columbia: No!

17th September - Scott: I knew he was in with a bad crowd but aliens!?

Interpretations - UFO reports with the Pentagon laid foundations for this, how far do they go?

18th September - Frank: (implying he is a nazi) Dr Van Scott!


The Outer Plot Meta-Theory is derived from the movies listed in the prologue (Science Fiction Double Feature) to Rocky Horror Picture Show in this order (remember the function of a prologue explains the whole show at the beginning):

  • Jan - The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Feb - The Invisible Man
  • Mar - King Kong
  • Apr - It Came From Outer Space
  • May - Dr X
  • June - Forbidden Planet
  • July - Tarantula
  • August - Day of the Triffids
  • September - Night/Curse of the Demon
  • October - When Worlds Collide
  • November - Dr X (reprise)
  • December - Forbidden Planet (reprise)
These cover scientific and political themes, and could well be as synchronised as the inner plot with characters, etc.  The Outer Plot Theory seems to be holding up very well.  For this post we are looking at: 

25th August - 18th September end of Day of the Triffids & most of the first two thirds of Night/Curse of the Demon

Day of the Triffids (August)

1st Reading of the Day of the Triffids: Blind spread
 of coronavirus via the vaccinated, i.e. they can spread but are not being checked because of vaccine passport, in this reading Triffid is virus, electric fence moment is vaccine

2nd Reading of the Day of the Triffids: The Triffiban

The airport fence drama is synchronising with the Triffid fence drama, earlier parts of the movie could arguably have been read this way if we were watching earlier, I am thinking convict/blind dance

3rd Reading of the Day of the Triffids: Emergency Broadcasts and Sonic Weaponry synched with Quiet Place II

Night/Curse of the Demon (September)

1st Reading of the Night/Curse of the Demon: The cursed piece of paper is the vaccine passport, occult symbolism will somehow manage to increase in visibility during September but average pedestrian will deny

Interpretations - It does look like they will use freak storms, tornadoes - see comments section

Interpretations - Church of Satan weighs in on Texas abortion law (child sacrifice)

Interpretations - Vaccination of children (child sacrifice to protect elderly)


90% certain

60% certain...

Shall we?


Dr Frank 'n' Furter, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Dr Everett Scott


After Touch Me there is a sequence between Frank n' Furter where they share excuses and blame (reduced here for brevity)
18th August - Frank: ''How did it happen?'' RiffRaff: '' I was only away for a minute!'' 

19th  August - Dr Scott then shows up on the monitor

20th August - Brad: Dr Everett Scott!!!

21st August - Frank: Brad came here with a purpose!

22nd August - Brad: He was a science teacher at Denton High School!

23rd August - Frank: No he isn't, he is FBI, UFO!

24th August - We then see Dr Scott on the monitor...

The early part of this sequence covers recriminations between politicians (RiffRaff = Biden Johnson getting grief in particular) over the fate of Afghanistan.  ''How did it happen???  I was only away for a minute, master'' covers both the withdrawal of US forces and the speed of the Creatures of the Night Taliban advance.  And today (24th August) - who do they roll out as ''FBI UFO''..? Well let's all meet Dr Scott CIA director William Burns.  Not only this but we have the FBI UFO intelligence community's report into the lab leak and if that wasn't enough to tie us back to the monitor once more we have Pegasus updates

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Creature of the Night

In the darkness lurk your fears/The panic felt for years/ Then another monster comes/ To make you scream and run Well the panic it attacks/ It's the black line in the cracks/ It's another passing year/ Which fills you full of fear Haunter of the dark/ Haunter of the dark/ No one to be your saviour/ No one to light the way/ No one to light a candle/ On the dawn of a new day No horizon just the black/ No hope does us back/ Just the slow drip of despair/ With no one who does care

Haunter of the Dark, The Tiger Lilies


As predicted by the Inner Plot  an event would need to be contrived for August 16th/17th that would bring the diverse cast of Rocky Horror together for the end of Touch Me and either that, or events themselves conspired to bring us the fall of Kabul and the return of the Taliban; creatures of the night par excellence, in perfect ''synchrony''.  Not only are we visited with the imagery of the victory of grizzly terrorists the lives and liberty of Afghan women are on the slab as well.  With Prince Harry, having served in Afghanistan, adding his voice to the political mix (Biden, Johson, Putin, NATO, etc) the circle of the refrain is complete.  Completing the script to Rocky Horror is more important than the fate of a nation and its people.  Show Me What You Got.


A lot of the dissections of this theory - whether it be entirely the delusional group hysteria of challenging times, or orchestrated by outerworldly, innerworldly, or otherworldly entities - have  an element of Guess Who as we've pieced together the players (pawns really, none of us have actually even seen a ''rook'' let alone a Queen...) across a variety of different spheres.  In trying to navigate this we set ourselves the bindings of the mainstream media (and streaming services) to rein in the apophenia somewhat and to parse the ''data'' down to what would only break through to the masses at large. 

Britney broke through
.  In Hot Patootie we discussed how ''FreeBritney'' channeled the relationship between Morbius and Altaira in Forbidden Planet (You've been under lockdown? Britney's been under lockdown her whole life!) and over the last month she has been stripping off on Instagram - this image below is synched with the end of Touch Me.

Originally, Britney, like Janet Weiss, was the picture perfect representation of small town virginal wholesomeness and the recent documentaries/reviews of her life have shown how this young woman was assaulted (and transformed) by the media and her ''medical support''.  No one has shirked from linking to Princess Diana regarding the psychological damage this media attention can do and therefore you have only a small step to Prince Harry.  Britney, like Janet is also on a journey towards sexual (reproductive) freedom with rumors circulating about how much control her father had over her sexual life as well as her financial life.   Show Me What You Got.


As mentioned before at least two creature features in the Outer Plot show alien enemies trying to break through a shield (Forbidden Planet's forcefield, Day of the Triffid's electric fence) and generally failing, the implication being that the vaccination program (appears to be) working for now.  This is producing a kind of buoyancy about the medicine in the media, but horror stories continue to appear in the rest of the world so there remains a sense of dread in the background.  In the Inner Plot the characters are transformed into statues by the Medusa Transducer around Oct 11th (errors in my temporal mathematics notwithstanding) which implies lockdowns and substantial vaccine failure (whatever the reason given) by that point.  I imagine supply, production and distribution of booster will be given as chief reason for lockdown.  As we traverse September it is worth remembering the following:
  • Vaccinations were administered during lockdown (and lockdown lasted a long time) so have only been tested in a post lockdown environment over relatively few months
  • Lockdowns evolved the virus into a more transmissible variant i.e. selective pressure bred a virus that can travel more than 2m (if it wasn't airborne all along) and technically will now breed a virus that is also vaccine resistant
  • These months have been the warmest and most brightly lit
  • Lots of the most vulnerable are already dead
  • Treatment improved, suppressed treatment was released
Clearly this is not a fair test and, with so many factors in the mix, any success cannot be attributed to the vaccine alone.  And, in spite of these tactical advantages we currently enjoy, the vaccine continues to be downgraded - first it would protect you and others from infection, then only others, then barely you, then you from hospitalization and death, then that only temporarily... unless the third jab of the pitchfork is administered.  Lilith, the Haunter of the Dark, prefers it wet, cold and dark so we can expect a much more vicious resurgence when people's systems are loaded with the environmental stress that comes with Winterfall, as it will come to be known in our post-season future.  Unless our assessment is completely off, this lockdown will be different from previous attempts, a reboot if you will, from the Inner Theory it will be more like Musical Statues than Hide and Seek.  Thanks MKUltra Behavioural Science.  We will be able to move when the music plays and have to stop when it doesn't.  This should continue for around a month until it all starts breaking down from sheer manic exhaustion (far quicker than it did last year) and the lockdown-vaccine solution will be effectively written off as a failure.  Three jabs will have been delivered.  Most everyone who would have died will be dead and we will enter the post-traumatic bleak psycho-geography of '22's ACO and the world of Samael, dancing in the ruins of a Rocky Horror gone horribly wrong.  Superheroes will come to feast and taste the flesh not yet deceased.*  With the passing of the Night Queen, we will be given to the Night King.

In terms of the rest of '21 and '22 immunity boosting/undead slaying cocktails i.e. Vit C + D + Activated Garlic (allicin) + Zinc + Selenium + Omega 3 + colloidal silver (not anti-viral and take very small amounts) + ''holy water'' remain a very good idea and if you want to give yourself a little magical kick then drink the Koolaid in the Mars Hour of Jupiter Day. Have your back to the void as it is the only place that is safe.

And raise your glass to Perfect Courage.   Show Me What You Got

How far are we allowed to go to fix something that is broken?
Until the remedy is worse than the disease.


Samael Morbius, release date: Jan, 2022

*Note the Beethoven Fur Elise in the Morbius Trailer and compare with ACO for the full horror and blatancy. 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

2021 - The Year of Gamaliel, Touch Me


I was feeling done in, couldn't win
I'd only ever kissed before
I thought there's no use getting into heavy petting
It only leads to trouble and seat wetting
Now all I want to know is how to go
I've tasted blood and I want more (more more more)
I'll put up no resistance, I want to stay the distance
I've got an itch to scratch, I need assistance
Toucha toucha toucha touch me
I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night


Touch Me, Rocky Horror Picture Show


Just before Touch Me (4th - 6th August) the (climate) Criminologist (Narrator, David Attenborough) says the following words:

''And from what Columbia and Magenta eagerly viewed on their television monitor, there was little doubt that Janet was indeed its slave...''

Having already established Meghan as Columbia and the Queen as Magenta, entirely coincidentally Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday with Melissa McCarthy (many thought she was playing the ''Queen'' or British Polite Society), the two of them hanging out as ''just girls'' ''zooming'' through the monitor and finally making an appeal for women through 40 x 40 x 40.  It's probably worth a closer look at the set for this scene and making comparisons to Markle & McCarthy's backdrops as they will almost definitely be connections.  A shout-out to my sister for this excellent find which I would have definitely missed as I was focused on Day of the Triffids.


As readers will of course know by now, Governor Cuomo is in trouble over groping allegations. His defense?  I touch everyone and so do you.  Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch You.  People have remarked this is a rather odd defense, but not of course if your attention is to get the audience focused on the word ''touch''.  Based on the context of the song you could argue that this implies Cuomo is and was always a Rocky and the women who were upset about being touched/groped are channeling Janet.  So when trying to divine via Rockomancy let's keep that in mind, along with the notion that Janet represents key Republican female players in the political scene.


August 7th

For those catching up statues (and petrification) are associated with the Medusa (Transducer) (and see 2020 for ''Clash of the Titans'' - actual Medusa i.e. Lilifluenza, watching this is a good reminder about how grim it can get and how you will probably miss 2021 when it's over) and therefore lockdowns (former or future).  Statues were also synched to the numerous events around tearing statues down or protecting them from being torn down so generally these link to themes of social justice - feminism, racism.  Since we now know for sure that Touch Me relates to Cuomo and his touchees we can put this in the #metoo part of social justice.  Which makes perfect sense and we should have been able to make that prediction.

August 8th

''Thought there's no use getting into heavy petting, it only leads to trouble'', these could easily be lines taken from various women who are making complaints against Cuomo.

Post-Prediction UPDATE: Top Aide Resigns During Sex Scandal

Melissa DeRosa has resigned as she was implicated in ''covering up'' Cuomo's sexual misconduct i.e. telling people not to talk about it ''no use getting into heavy petting, it only leads to trouble...''

August 9th

In this sequence we see Columbia and Magenta encouraging Janet through the screen with ''more, more, more''.  Columbia or Social Justice/MeToo would be encouraging these revelations about Cuomo.

Post-Prediction Update: Police Launch Investigations into Sexual Assault at Alibaba

This is literally ''more more more''.

Post-Prediction Update: Prince Andrew civil case

More more more.

August 10th

Statues again, Janet dry humps Rocky a bit.  Does this imply that some of the females that were touched were welcome recipients of said touching, could this cloud the issue?

Post-Prediction Update: Virginia Giuffre sues Prince Andew

August 11th

In this day we can see the secret cameras that Magenta and Columbia are watching the action from.  Did Matt Hancock's resignation, where he was caught on security camera having an affair, foreshadow part of the evidence in the upcoming Cuomo Investigation?  Will there be a dissection of film of Cuomo wandering hands?

Post-Prediction: Cuomo resigns after sexual harrassment findings


August 12th

In this sequence Magenta and Columbia call out ''down down down''.  Does this refer to Cuomo, Prince Andrew, etc?  

August 13th

The Rainbow Chamber (created in the ''real world'' in Meghan and Harry's Vax Live) is associated with Vaccines (Rainbow Chamber is created with multi-coloured injections representing different vaccines earlier in the film).  This image made me think that they might cover it with female Republicans speaking out in support of vaccine.

August 14th

Fun tussle between Magenta and Columbia before creature of the night, more inter-royal play-fighting.


August 15th and 16th

With the refrains of Creature of the Night (implying they are all in the Sanguine Pact) it might be worth going over our list of suspects once again:

Brad - Prominent Republican males
Janet - Prominent Republican females
Riff-Raff - Biden, Johnson (servant) and Putin (alien overlord)
Magenta - Her Majesty, Oprah
Frank - Kamala, Jenner, Bill Gates
Columbia - Meghan & Social Justice Warriors
Rocky - Prince Harry, Cuomo, Football Players (Rashford) & Nu New Age Guys
The Transylvanian Convention - G7, WHO, WTO, WEF, EU, COP26

and for later...

Eddie - John MacAfee, Matt Gaetz
Dr Everett Scott - Fauci, FBI Investigators, UFOs 

The Demolition Team would had to have contrived some way of bringing these diverse characters together (or other representatives for them)  over the course of two days.  Bill Gates made this statement regarding his relationship with Epstein, which is sure to play an increasingly important part of this Lost Highway path-walking, we could surely see more developments there.  As we've said before this is looking more and more inevitable as the film goes on as Epstein, Andrew etc have to be there to cover a lot of the weirder cultic shenanigans in the plot.  Meghan and Harry could easily provide more material for this sequence.  Myself and my sister would like to know more about Brad so any offerings there are welcome.  Based on our last post, I assume this is the Brad who is ''sleeping with the enemy''

Then if anything grows, while you pose
I'll oil you up and rub you down
And that's just one small fraction of the main attraction
You need a friendly hand, ooo, I need action
Toucha toucha toucha touch me
I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night


Touch Me, Rocky Horror Picture Show