Saturday, January 29, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Singing in the Rain

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds so dark up above
The Sun's in my heart and I am ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place
Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face
I'll walk down the lane with a happy refrain
And singing just singing in the rain


Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly


From the 29th January to the 5th February we will observe the disturbing rape scene from A Clockwork Orange (calendars at Hotel Apophenia - January + Feburary) set to Singing in the Rain.   One of the most disturbing readings in terms of the general arc of the film is the rise of the stealth variant of Omicron - ba'al BA2. - just launched to the great pleasure, I'm sure, of armies of Karens, work-from-homers, faithful subscribers of the Church of Pfizifer, extreme introverts, low self-esteemers, the apathetic docile masses and all those who simply dream of further lockdowns and a desire to be governed harder by Big Brother.  By and large these are people who were already in what the industry  calls lower vibrational energy states such as: guilt, shame, apathy, fear, grief and petty desires like ''hope'' and other forms of wishful thinking.  When angry anti-Pfizifer people say ''their narrative is crumbling'' I would remind you that it is crumbling only for one side which is already in the minority and a large part of the demographic pie is already 100% committed to this narrative at least for another few years until the ADE is impossible to lie about - and an apparently ''crumbling line'' is one way you get your enemy to break ranks.  As Journeyman pointed out in this scene we see tensions between rural and urban, poor and rich, pacifist/liberal and ultraviolent - just look around you those tensions are everywhere.  

So what can we take away from this ''coincidence''? While there was already considerable precedent in the Cult Movie Theory to associate ''the Rain'' with lilifluenza, Omicron now has what are effectively stealth ''droogs'' and it also implies that Alex DeLarge will be identified with further developments of the lilifluenza narrative - now more correctly called Samiflu for Samael, the Archdemon of the Year.  More dangerously the undermining of testing regimes, in this way, or for instance telling us that the tests cannot distinguish between flu and covid, does not necessarily imply the pandemic is over, it might just be the testing that is over.  That could easily lead to even more aggressive pressure on unvaxxed to take the vaccine as ''the tests can no longer see'' (the blinding effect of Samael) and we cannot ''trust the tests'' (the lies of Samael) - we see this already with the recent onslaught against monoclonal antibodies as treatment.  Be careful what you wish for my little brothers.  It also suggests that our Alexarillion are clearly tied to Omicron so these guys, some people's heroes right now, are going to be publically declared as villains who are working for the virus.  An example of this is Pfeffel DeLarge (Boris Johnson) who is being villified for various breaches of the public's trust, while simultaneously there are moves being made under this cover for forcible vaccination and compulsory digital ID (citizens data laws).


Back towards the end of 2020, inspired by the Colour Revolutions that swept the world in 00s, I speculated that the world was being divided into different demographic spirits: Yellow Spirits (nationalist, agricultural, Gilet Jaunes), Green Spirits (environmentalists), Black Spirits (nihilists) and Red Spirits (selfies) with hybrid types like Yellow-Black, Yellow-Green, or Green-Red.  These were based on the different parts of the alchemical process shown in the diagram of Malkuth: Citrinatis (the beginning of the search for enlightenment), Green Lion (righteous anger), Nigredo (ego death), Rubedo (individuation). In our exploration of possible links between the imminent Russian ''invasion'' and the identification of Ukraine with Mrs Alexander I had quite forgotten the Orange Revolution.  In 2004-05 this Operation Gladio revolution, a decade later centred in the ''Euro-Maidan'' protests, spurred the Ukraine to break away from Russian influence and prompted over a decade of unrest and civil war.

Ukraine therefore is Mrs Alexanderthe woman in the orange suit, Mr Alexander represents the ''liberal'' EU, pinioned  by their dependence upon russian gas, while Alex DeLarge and the Droogs are russian forces; the white costumes and masks linking them to the snow troopers poised on the border.  The home invasion situation implies some kind of clandestine rape of Ukraine and the events of the next week may be more in keeping with Putin's love of assymetric warfare.  A strong hypothesis would be the use of toxic chemical weapons (either false flag or false flase flag) something that Russian forces and intelligence operatives have been assiduously associated with over the last decade whether they were used in Syria or Salisbury - these weapons potentially linking to a chemical rain and/or the use of actual gas masks as opposed to ones that allow you to fight in blizzards.  A softer hypothesis would see all manner of ''attacks'' that destruct the Ukrainian economy and its assets - trade embargoes, pipeline shutdowns, more cyberwarfare, ''little green men'', etc.  The list is endless, its happening already and it will intensify and probably cease or subside around the 5th February.  What intrigues me is if they love to name drop how they will exactly arrange things to have multiple ''Alexes'' facing off in this scene.  Maybe astute use of the Alexarillion, plus Alexei Navalny, or other Alexes we have yet to become aware of or have simply overlooked.


Raining on everyone's parade from the beginning of the year with the certainty that most opposition this year is in fact a devious and concerted effort to demonise people who are defying the government desires has not been fun as I know everyone wants the good guys to be the genuine good guys and for them to actually win.  I get it, I do.  I'm not popular for this reason.  But if you are of this view I have to inform you are utterly and completely naiveIt's a trap.  It may not be the case that the good guys are genuine double agents fully aware of their cointelpro efforts but it is easy to manipulate people who don't think that the enemy can either a) appear weak when they want to or b) steer you into making decisions that favour their plan.  Learn Sun Tzu.  Learn fucking Chess.  As I have tried to point out in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, moves and countermoves are planned for the whole decade to get us to the upgraded (but degraded) passport concept.  If they raise a few flags of your colour outside the Phalanx and you run to them and break your own formation you're not going to make it very far I promise you that.  You're following their flags.  The wise right now are retreating like Socrates when he fought the Spartans.  Backing off slowly, keeping the spear pointed firmly towards the enemy as they focus on the more exposed targets of people who have broken ranks or are just fleeing in terror, in order to buy time and get better ground - it's the long plan but with it you will just about live to fight another day. 


Whether it be Joe Rogan vs The Music People who have betrayed their essential principles of freedom and love in demanding for him to be ''cancelled'' (or even those who have spoken out about ''cancel culture'' and then still asking for Rogan to be cancelled - lol) or the Truckers vs Trudeau these narratives are all self-defeating and end in the apparent good guys indeed getting cancelled or even put in prison and ultimately going through the Ludovico Technique.  Taking Joe Rogan as one example, I do not know what contract he has that might make him difficult to fire, but as musicians stack up against him things are going to get trickier and trickier for Spotify to continue.  I know that at the moment the likes of Neil Young, etc are not inspiring people to worry very much and make joke-memes (like I have myself made above) but the point is that this can easily escalate.  Just look at the logo for the Joe Rogan Experience it is obviously part of this Clockwork Orange operation whether Rogan likes or not.  With the Truckers vs Trudeau, I obviously want Jack Burton to win, who doesn't?  Well the 50% of the population who love masked and vaccinated lockdown life styles like pigs in their pens don't.  The Truckers worsen the supply chain crisis, which causes more of the social and urban decay we see in ACO, and ultimately they will push the automation of transport narrative.  The less humans there are on the road, for whatever reason, the easier the system is to automate.  Its robot trucks steering through human traffic that is the key problem and the solution to that is obvious, don't bust your balls trying to make robots understand humans just get humans completely out of the way.  I hate to say it to you but it is impossible to win this right now or any time in the immediate future.  Enjoy the show.

''You just listen to the Pork Chop express here now and take his advice on a dark and stormy night when the lightning's crashing and the thunder's rollin and the rain's coming down in sheets as thick as lead.  Just remember what Ol' Jack Burton does when the Earth quakes and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake.  Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right square in the eye and he says 'give me your best shot pal, I can take it.' - J.B, ''Big Trouble in Little China''

Why am I smilin' and why do I sing?
Why does December seem as sunny as Spring?
Why do I get up each morning to start happy?
And get up with joy in my heart?
Why is each new task a trifle to do?
Because I am living a life full of you


Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly

P.s. Test for clairvoyance or deductive prowess by regaling me with exactly how the next few days are going to play out.  Extra points for Alexes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

And so this is the end of our story
Everyone is dead from AIDS
It took from me my best friend,
My only true pal, my only bright star
(He died of AIDS)
Well I'm gonna march on Washington,
Lead the fight and charge the brigades
There's a hero inside all of us
I'll make them see everyone has AIDS


Everyone has AIDS, Team America



2023, The Year of the A'arab Tzereq (Burning Ravens of Dispersion) will see the beginning of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in my opinion one of the most genuinely terrifying films in the Cult Movie Meta Theory development of the Unifying Colour Theory.  One of the reasons why I struggle to hold back my tears in this movie is that what Invasion of the Body Snatchers invades is a love story.  It seeks to replace that personal human love story that is ultimately what humanity is with the love of the hive and in so doing kills stories altogether.  In this darkness of future's past I will give you a taste of what I believe lies ahead from 2023 - 2026 and an idea about how to get ahead of the weather with countermagic and alchemy.  In my pursuit of the truth, I have employed ''bureau guidelines, deductive techniques, Tibetan method, instinct and luck'', but ultimately the source of perfect light to defeat this darkness truly burns in your own heart, we can only provide the tools and you will have to wield them for yourself.  If your heart runs from this reading, return to the place.

As anyone neurologically still functioning can see by now the events of 2020 have lead inexorably to one of the true goals of the Demolition Team the imposition of the green pass or health passport and digital ID (with chip already in some areas) and normalized the means to enforce it.  In reviewing various versions of this passe-sanitaire that have been distributed by governments and supranational bodies (WHO me?) we can see that there are places for multiple diseases not simply lilifluenza - some have been left as ''field blank'' in order to avoid huge technical problems in the future when they have to update their databases and spreadsheets.  In my own vision work in mid-2020 I projected to the north-western Canada of 2025, just outside one of the newly built ''smart cities'' in a ghetto type area occupied by climate refugees.  The refugees were caught in a wicked game of access to the city - their green pass would not be considered valid and they would not be permitted to enter the city unless it contained three vaccinations along with a general health check.  All of these required money to realise and climate refugees were forced to work either in PPE factories or synthetic food generation (Tofu factories).  The general medical part of the health pass also required maintaining a veneer of health while working in these desperate conditions having fled even more desperate conditions in the past - this veneer could also be gamed by a combination of expensive supplements.  Criminal gangs preyed on these refugees and many were forced into crime, sex work, or other degradations, in order to get the money, or fell prey to drug addictions and enslavement and never even managed to leave this ghetto.  Neither the refugees or the inhabitants were allowed the kind of access to nature we currently still kind of enjoy on the grounds of human action triggering fires etc.  Weird psychological barriers were already in effect with the banning/cancelling of old anthropomorphic animal cartoons on eco-critical grounds (a Wokish arms race development of what we see in critical race or gender theory right now). These barriers to Nature were in fact concealing something else going on in the heart of our turbulent and vengeful mother but that is a story for another day, maybe another year.  The most important part of this vision for us today is the nature of the diseases - there was a respiratory virus, a fungal infection and a bacterial infection.  The fungal infection caused unsightly and uncomfortable rashes and lesions while, strangely to some it may seem, it was the bacteria that caused hallucinations and cognitive impairment (something like neisseria meningitidis I imagine).

Although Invasion presents us with a number of tragic and/or insidious variegated futures of what will be meant by body-snatching I want to focus in on something that seems obvious to me as both a very literal reading of the film and of the logical development of the events of the last two years i.e. the fungus.  Knowledge (and symbiosis) of fungus has been seeded into the consciousness as effectively as viruses were, but burning in the background while the virus took the foreground, with documentaries like Fantastic Fungi or shows like Star Trek: Discovery (which used a mycelial network to achieve faster than warp instantaneous travel) or habits like microdosing.  The mind controlling aspects of fungi are understood at the popular culture level by the hypnotised ant with a mushroom popping out of its head, but as with all microbial mind control its much more insidious than that in reality - when you are infected with anything you should not be sure that your thoughts are entirely your own, if you can truly claim any belong to you when you have rid yourself of all the marketing that masquerades as ''society''.  If you can then this is your light of reason (logos). During the wave of infections in India horrible stories began to emerge of a black brain eating fungus, mucormycosis, which had eaten into the faces of COVID-19 victims and which required literal defacing surgery to treat.  Ostensibly the reason given for these infections were that they were opportunisitically taking advantage of the suppressed immune systems caused by steroid use in treatments.  The astute will now see where this is going.

When it comes to the discussion of adverse side effects most people focussed on blood clots to begin with, then menstrual disruption in women and now myocarditis particular in young men and atheletes.  This is entirely consistent with the astrological associations of this Kircher-Structured Demolition, the Earth (for 2020, i.e. systemic) the Moon for last year (i.e. reproductive) and now Mercury (i.e. young men and athletes).  There has also been a genuine concern throughout regarding ADE or antibody dependent enhancement but the media focussed on those issues above to drive ADE into the background of public consciousness.  I remember a friend of mine talking about the risks of blood clots being mininal (because this is what the BBC said) and I told him to scan through the 57 pages of different side effects listed by Astrazeneca themselves while informing him blood clots were not my primary concern.  When it comes to the discussions regarding ADE people have dramatically focused on dying from a simple cold but what they have avoided is the less dramatic and more grotesque angle of opportunistic fungal infections leading people to scratch their own faces off i.e. ''the burning ravens'' who ''disperse'' spores.  If we are not tooled up the fungal threat is going to catch most people by surprise.

Mucormycosis then is the dramatic of the grotesque, while many of the fungal problems encountered by people with disempowered immune systems are as mundane as Athlete's Foot this particular spore on moldy bread, fruit, soil and basically just in the air with the rest has the right amount of visceral horror in it to justify more panicked reactions and more treatments.  The twisted narrative, already as twisted as a boa constrictor, may well run something like this.  People who are not ''fully vaccinated'' (i.e. even those with only two or three shots or six shots or whatever by then) cannot avoid ''covid'' and ''long covid'' leads to a weakened immune system which leads to an increased risk of catching the Burning Ravens.  This disease, or other fungal diseases, may not be fatal for everyone - like liliflu wasn't, or even lead to the defacing surgery seen in India in a western setting but they may well be very unsightly and therefore constitute an attack on both pride and especially vanity.  It is the fear of losing your face.  Although repeated mRNA treatments will continue to batter and derange immune systems and therefore in reality be the source of the problem, the pride of a great many is so wrapped around this narrative for a multitude of reasons, they will continue to take them.  The fact that the treatment itself acts as a blinding agent by clogging the pineal doesn't help either.  Hopefully you can now see what I mean by insidious - it does not have to be fatal to have an effect on society worse than something that actually is.  In order to preserve their looks and physical comfort people will be forced into more and more immunosuppression. An attack on beautification and looks (and on fruit and other soft tissues...) is entirely consistent with an attack on Venus and the Love Story.

Continuing on to the bacteria, strangely absent from a world that dementedly thinks it now only has one disease when there are millions of cases and a hundred thousand deaths every year from something as treatable as cholera, this final part of the unholy trinity will materialize sometime in 2024 and complete the microbial part of the Green Pass.  Changing climate patterns and multidrug resistance have already produced some miniature demon-titans in waiting that are the scourge of hospitals where they take advantage precisely of people with weakened immune systems.  As the ''ADE'' or immunosupression continues in society at large these little monsters will finally begin to enter the spotlight - and the push for more ''boosting'', probably mixed ''vaccines'' at this point or one vax to end all vaxes as it will be sold.  Again people will deny what this is doing to them for as Dr House used to say: Everybody Lies.  2024, the Qlipha of Tifereth, is defined by pride, whether it be the arrogance of man over nature, over his fellow man or over losing face.   This year the temperature will break the 1.5 degree threshold for the first time due to a combination of the sun cycle peaking in '24-'25 (solar max) and El Nino, which will form during the Summer of 2024.  This Mad Max experience will bring an energy crisis, catastrophe to developing economies, cause mass people movements requiring some kind of mechanism to manage climate refugees (see above) - and complete the segue from health pass to climate pass.  On the back of this the carbon credit system is finally imposed in some way by 2025 although Canada, New Zealand etc will lead the pack on this as they are leading the pack on the other thinly veiled climate restrictions.  The reason they are leading the pack is that they are destinations for these refugees - the USA, already the site of killer tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and the rest of the beast legion of Cetus, will get a very rough experience of 2024 and its not going to be somewhere you necessarily want to be.  US Americans may well flee north alongside others.

By 2026 reaching the world of Logan's Run is not hard to imagine at all.  ''Smart'' climate-controlled cities, populated by empty husks of  materialistic immuno-suppressed denizens living under a ''dome'' of anti-septic plastic shields, sterilizing ultra violet lights, with repeated treatments to keep away unsightly infections, watched over by AI, merrily enjoying the few years left to them in orgies under rainbow banners completely in denial about ''the countdown to carousel'' signified in those beating red crystals in the palms of their hands.

By then your only choice will be to run for Sanctuary.  But do not run away in panic.  Run towards with courageThe Run is a Love Story and Fortune always favours the brave.  

Everyone has AIDS
My grandma and my dog ol' blue
The Pope has got it and so do you
C'mon everybody we've got quiltin' to do
We gotta break down these barricades
Everyone has AIDS AIDS AIDS


Everyone has AIDS, Team America

Monday, January 24, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Clockwork Orange Experience

Who on Earth could that be?


Mr Alexander, A Clockwork Orange

''We'' were at a theatre piece, whoever we were, a highly original adaptation and tour of A Clockwork Orange, and ''I'' was directing the show.  Having won several awards for ''my'' other work already, Malcolm McDowell, drawn by the glamour, had signed up to the cast and was playing the lead, and had also won accolades for his performance.  The show wasn't your traditional proscenium arch piece but rather in-the-reverse-round, snaking along a figure 8 (with one loop smaller than the other), and, to some extent, the promenade.  Alex DeLarge lead a parade of the Alexarillion, droogs (and other members of the cast), literally running rings around the audience(s) in the centre(s), who could only see the ''front'' of the show if they focused on the head of the snake.  The audience were free to move within and between the two segments of the 8, a stairway and bridge like corridor joining the two 0s, keeping up with the head of the snake if they wished.  The rest of the audience were visited with a kind of 70s period piece which was one part orgy of anarchy and one part Morris dance.  A group of theatre producers approached me after the show, congratulated me on the piece and asked me how I was going to stage Invasion.  And when I say ''me'', I really mean from whoever's perspective I was looking out from.

What I took away from this is that the vision was giving the overview of how the snake works to hypnotise the audience - they are completely surrounded and cannot see anything outside of the show only the head or tail of the snake although they feel like they have freedom of movement and they feel a chaos within the audience who are all moving in different directions, they are in fact completely contained - with an illusion of chaos and an illusion of freedom and that the piece works, in abstract, as a parade or macabre carnival with the feeling of freedom vs the reality of constriction.  I had no sense that this affects our own dispassionate tracking of the head of the snake just that in the overall effect of the ''spell'' on the audience that doesn't matter - you will be watching the show from whatever your personal vantage point.  Many of course will already be tracking the prison officer, or the Ludovico technique, if they are against ''freedom'', they may stay there for the entire show.

Chaos Magic, a recent arrival to our group discussions, is represented by an 8 pointed star and Mercury/Hermes is often invoked by practitioners in this field (e.g. Chaos Protocols by Gordon White).  In Alchemy, the Ouroboros symbolises eternity and eternal return, or, to quote Sefer Yetzirah: ''The End is in the Beginning, and the Beginning is imbedded in the End, for the Master is Singular, He Has no Second, and before One what do you count?''  From the dramaturgical point of view, the show has to start somewhere, but the snake is already up its own ass, and only those audience members ''fortunate'' enough to be in that position are looking the snake in its mouth.

We can look to the world right now for this enormous disparity in audience experience, some parts of the world feeling the illusion of freedom in the bigger O section(s), enjoying the snake's anarchic dance of chaos, keeping pace with Alex or the Droogs, while others are already firmly wedged in the coils of the much much tighter, ever constricting, claustrophobic O sections.  In many ways the Clockwork Orange is itself an oroborous as within the end of the punishment is the suggestion of further crime.

Well I suppose you better let him in.


Mr Alexander, A Clockwork Orange

Thursday, January 20, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, One Minute to Nadsat


Ho ho ho!  Well if isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison!  How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil?  Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!


Alex deLarge, A Clockwork Orange


''Let us consider this poem:

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down
Hickory Dickory Dock

Here we are on higher ground at once.  The clock symbolises the spinal column, or, if you prefer it Time, chosen as one of the conditions of normal consciousness.  The mouse is the ego; ''Mus'' a mouse, being only Sum, ''I am'', spelt qabalistically backwards.  This ego or Kundalini force being driven up the spine, the clock strikes one, that is, the duality of consciousness is abolished.  And the force subsides to its original level.  "Hickory Dickory Dock'' is perhaps the mantra which was used by the adept who constructed this rime, thereby hoping to fix it in the minds of men; so that they might attain to Samadhi by the same method.  Others attribute to it a more profound significance - which it is impossible to go into at this moment, for we must turn to... Humpty Dumpty.''

This quote from The Interlude in Magick in Theory and Practice by Edward Alexander Crowley (Aleister) serves to illustrate a potential source of enrichment for A Clockwork Orange.  Perhaps like its namesake, 2022 or The Year of Samael, is organised like an actual Clockwork Orange with smaller wheels and larger wheels all interacting to make up the whole.  If this is a true clairvoyant perception it may well be somewhat of a bitch to unravel (we have already established a number of potential interlocking wheels in the Alexarillion & they have access to way better visualisers than we do) but there is precedent from the Rocky Horror Picture Show Theory which was itself organised as two concentric wheels - the Inner Plot or the main narrative from the film and the Outer Plot taken from the movies referenced in the prologue Science Fiction Double Feature.  If there is a Golden Dawnesque sect operating in the Outermost Temple of the Demolition Team the ''best'' of these people will be extraordinarily familiar with the works of Edward Alexander Crowley, a man who certainly invoked Samael all the way to the six hundred and sixty sixth base and was not known for keeping his fingers out of all sorts of treachorous crevices and crevasses.  So to riff off of Old Eddie Alexander then who is this laboratory mouse running up and down the calendar-clock of the Demolition Team's ticking time bombs but the ego of humanity, an ego pumped and primed by social media leading up to 2019 to provide the most satisifying explosive ''energy'' for all the hungry ghosts below when the detonators were/are pulled.  The clock struck eight, the mouse ran down, hickory dickory cock.


A tableau of a few wasted people sitting in bars and nightclubs where the drink is only available if you have had your molocho moloko was efficiently drawn in the mise-en-scene all over Europe as various regimes imposed anti-Dionysian bans on singing and dancing as they all sought to get their quota towards the infernal statistic of 66.6% altered states.  As a libertarian friend of mine pointed out these laws didn't even serve to protect people who don't even go to bars, as transmission continued to be a problem, being the last thing the so-called protection protected against.  Reports of a continuing drink/needle spiking epidemic and the accompanying in-and-out only served to make these places even less attractive than they already were.  On a ritual magick note, Dionysus has been effectively starved to death by the last two years and when a God is starving they are known to do anything for a fix even going to a party at Number 10Ask the Birds. Just so you all know starving and trapping may form part of the metaphysical mentality at the very high end of these demolition practices and you can definitely hack that.  Just have  a party.  Any party at this point.  You and some droogs smoking a joint down the quarry will do.  Now like Socrates you may say ''hey hang on Blogos if these Gods need party ''food'' and can't get it anywhere else then are they really Gods, aren't they more like Vampires?''  Well I would just say let's save that socratic dialogue convo for the secret meeting down by the docks, little brothers.  Either way the Rise and (Temporary) Fall of the Passport is the only significant development of the V-narrative beyond Omicron which is truly the property of Rocky Horror being as it began in 2021.


The Putin Twist (where the final ''alien'' form of Riff-Raff was revealed to be Putin) as the end of Rocky Horror was first predicated by semi-legendary Erisian and neurologically still functioning chaos magician/dearly beloved reader known only as Agent Kaph Mem.  Gazprom politics; Sputnik V; Belarus; Ukraine; Kazakhstan; the Putin Twist presented us with the perfect segue into the pseudo-Slavic psychogeography and lingo of A Clockwork Orange.  With that said I think it is highly unlikely to synch ''Russia'' with only Billy Boy's gang; far more likely that ''Russia'' will track with ''Alex'' on many of his adventures this year - maybe we should pursue Alexei Navalny (in case you had forgotten him well here he is in Time yesterday) and if this is the case then our Russian Alexes may well be Operation Gladio affiliated.  Alexei then is another candidate for the prison phase of the Russian cogwork.  ''What's the difference between a droog and a White Russian?'' may be a question we have to get our head around to understand one of the major wheels in our clock.

The Icon of Free Choice, All Rights Reserved, Novax Jokervic, holding an 80% stake in Danish biotech firm QuantBioRes, is both a perfect example of the Nadsat vibe of the year and of the controlled opposition we are beginning to see take over the ''anti-vaccine'' narrative from those less responsible to the Demolition Team et al - FFS they even made non-Tennis players evoke and invoke SerbovicClockwork Orange Experience Joe Rogan is regrettably just another CIA/Wasphead asset although they are at least making that clear in the Qabalistic colouring for the astute of mind.  Point the spear at the war elephant and stay put little brothers, don't let these clockwork orangovics tempt you into breaking our precious phalanx.  The death and maiming of athletes is entirely in-keeping with an anti-mercurial ritual as athletics is one of the aspects of civilization he rules over.  Conserve your emotional energy, wrap yourself around perfect courage, keep your alienation goggles nail-gunned to your temples and stay your fucking ground.  Amen.


Alexander dePfeffel Johnson has it all - he's large, he's a liar and he's loaded - from the point of the view of the narrator of this anti-Aristophanic anti-comedy he is truly perfect in the worst imaginable way.  Repeatedly called a damned liar who desecrates the dead and almost exorcised like Samael himself by David Davis - in the Name of God, I command you to abandon the body of this innocent parliament! - this particular Alexander is going to be a fearsome study in the sheer intricacies of wheelwork the Demolition Team are capable of.  Pfeffel deLarge can carry the droogs, the boosterism, the flat scenes, the gang fighting, the prison scenes, the reform and apologies to polite society, the deception, the blinding and the poisoning - he could easily be a One Man Alex.  We could focus all our synchromystical ''energies'' here and only see one wheel amongst many, so all consuming and perfect a vehicle for Samael is he.  He is not a ''liberty candidate'', little brothers, he is possessed by a hungry ghost like all the rest of them.  Trust no-one.  I know the soft-hypothesis here is that the Alex Swarm is part of a ''CIA/ Epstein'' operation but frankly mind-control at their level should be fairly crude whereas an interdimensional telepathic mantis can just put thoughts in your head and you will be sure they are your own, the bigger your ego the likelier you are to be convinced i.e. without the torture.  Beyond mantises don't forget the absolute worst aliens you are going to meet up there are extra-human.  This is just fact within schizo-hypothesis. 

A fact like sooner or later God''ll cut you down like a mouse in your wire work.  Tick tock.

The Durango 95 purred away all horrorshow - a nice warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts.


Alex DeLarge, A Clockwork Orange

Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 - Hermetic Lessons and Countermagic

Go and tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
The rambler, the gambler, the back-biter
Tell them that God is gonna cut them down.


Run on for a Long Time, Johnny Cash 


In 2017 Chris Knowles of the excellent synchromystical Secret Sun blog made a series of observations about the over-use of orange pallettes in movies and it got me wondering whether 1+7 = 8, i.e. Hod and the associated colour orange and whether or not the Big Five had a Unifying Colour System at work in their marketing/production design.  Around the same time I had been watching Twin Peaks: The Return and speculating on David Lynch's systematic use of the pallette and symbolism from The (Kircher) Tree of Life and speculating about whether or not Cooper was climbing the Tree of Return (Teshuvah).  In this Tree the aspirant ascends the Tree of Life, repairing his/her/etc shattered and divided psyche through the Kabbalistic use of Partzufim (Personifications),; I referred to Lynch's suspected process as Painting by Numbers.  Returning to the more mainstream cinema I thought that if 2017 was 1+7 = 8, then logically 2018 would be 1+8 = 9, implying that the next years tranche of movies would be of the indigo-purple pallette, i.e. the colour of Yesod, which is the next Sefira after Hod. As this became true lots of other ideas also followed logically but perhaps the most important of them is what would happen in 2020 which presented us with two options, that the ''movies'' would ''return''  up the Tree as Lynch had done, or that they would descend deeper into what is called the Tree of Death or the Tree of Hell, the opposite of the Tree of Life.  

Where the Tree of Life has Sefiroth, the Tree of Death has Qliphoth (Klippot) - shattered husks or shells (of trapped infinity i.e. ''gifs'') as opposed to ''infinity stones'' (the brickwork of Sapphire) - and is referred to as the Sitra Achra or ''Otherside''.  During 2019 I noticed that the Unifying Colours were at work in other areas besides movies - in fashion, in products, but increasingly in politics and society in general as well.  2019 contained within its ''calendar'' the principles of ''psychological'' alchemy: citrinatis, nigredo, albedo, rubedo and the Green Lion - beautifully explored in Joker.  When 2020 confirmed the Dark Conclusions the question became if we are now on the ''Otherside'' and this is a descent into Hell (controlled demolition) for the whole of humanity (2020-2029) how would it be structured?  While 2020 (or Lilith/Medusa/Algol) inverted both the 4 act structure and colours of 2019 (Malkuth) as well as seeming to follow a ''Perseus'' mythic structure beyond this ('21 - '29) no structure was inherently apparent.  As readers will know the work on this blog is supported through various esoteric activities so I am not shy of asking questions and otherwise seeking answers ''upstairs''.  I understand why others are cautious, these investigations are not for everyone and this is why those texts are fiendishly complicated to work and covered in warnings.  The Cult Movie Theory, whereby the years are synchronized/structured according to the scripts of cult movies was a result of this kind of work, specifically with Artemis, or linking back to Agent Cooper, with Diane.  2021 was about testing the theory that events could be structured according to the Rocky Horror Picture Show which for those of you still with me hopefully will have become clear by now.  Although these explanation are couched in the schizologic of magic you can see that in all of this we have followed the good old fashioned Scientific Method:
  • Observations (it is 2017 and movies are orange)
  • Hypothesis (acc. to the Hermetic Qabalah in 2018 movies will be purple-indigo)
  • Test Hypothesis (watch the movies)
  • Results (the movies are purple-indigo)
  • Conclusion (it is highly likely that colours are being used, at the very least, to coordinate marketing & production design in the Big Five)
  • Create Testable Theory (next year will be the 4 colours of Malkuth - citrine (yellow), olive (green), black and russet (red)
  • Method (watch the movies)
  • Results (the movies display the colours and other esoteric features of Malkuth)
  • The Unifying Colour Theory
  • The Dark Conclusions
  • The Mirror Image Meta-Theory (we have approached the ''cinema screen'' through 2010-2019 and are now on the ''Otherside'') and themes are reflected (2017 = 2022, 2016 = 2023, 2015 = 2024)
  • The Cult Movie (Working) Meta-Theory
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Meta-Theory
  • The A Clockwork Orange (Working) Meta-Theory
  • The ''Trailer'' as Qabalistic Pathwalking Meta-Theory, i.e. trail meaning path, each trailer for the following year begins in the preceding year's Halloween
Important Note: Far more than colours were used in these movies, detailed pathwalking exploring the content and correspondences of each Sefira in the given year were also present and numerous essays on the Hermetic Lessons detail those features.  I simplify to colours for both brevity and clarity.  Occultism is as complicated as other academic subjects but if I simplify it any further we will be down to ''ooo spooky one eyed goat symbolism'' etc.  You want to know you are going to have to study and work.  That's the price in all alchemy.


If you are going to purposefully destroy the Old World, in order to bring in the New World, you want something of a controlled demolition so you don't destroy the parts you want to save otherwise you may as well just liberally pepper the place with neutron bombs.  It is the underlying structure of this demolition that the meta-theories such as the Cult Movie Meta-Theory seek to explore.

Aleister Crowley divides ritual magick into 3 types: a) natural b) ceremonial and c) theatrical with his opinion that theatrical is the most powerful. The audience acts as an unconscious "power pack" that you plug into the "machinery" of the play or in this case the ''movie''. When you look at the correspondences used in RHPS and ACO it is clear that they are de-facto rituals to Gamaliel (Qlipha of Yesod) and Samael (Qlipha of Hod) respectively. O'Brien and Kubrick were almost certainly conscious of this as they created the pieces, I cannot prove that, but readers who made it this far, I don't think I will have to make the argument for Kubrick. The exact nature of how it works in practice and who is behind it I can provide only speculation at the moment. But the revealed human front is clearly Epstein's circle and they have let this be known (even down to our ''splendid'' Alec Baldwin, Alex) with the evidence regarding flight logs and little black books.

One argument we made in our investigations was that these early 70s to mid 80s movies occupy a kind of ''sweet spot'' in the unconscious mind of society at the moment and Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fine example of this. I hadn't ever watched it until 2021 but I still had performed in versions of Time Warp ( and Science Fiction Double Feature) in a few different musical reviews over my life, certainly danced to it at more than one wedding reception and high school disco, and was aware of the core cast, concepts and a lot of the lyrics. The Democrats used Time Warp as part of their campaign in 2020 in part because it is so resonant, alongside a seemingly unconnected Tik Tok Time Warp around the same time... My point is without ever having seen Rocky Horror it had an enormous influence on my conscicousness and subconsciousness and on culture in general and therefore I was influenced by people who were influenced. In terms of the Cult Movie Meta-Theory the themes and characters match perfectly with the inverted Yesod correspondences we would expect for Gamaliel - ''obscenity'' and the inversion of the symbol of the ''Strong Man'': Hercules into Rocky.  I would venture to say the same for A Clockwork Orange (currently being detailed at Hotel Apophenia in Journeyman's most recent post ''A Clockwork January'') as even without personally watching A Clockwork Orange until very recently it had such enormous influence on culture that you've seen it even if you haven't.

The "movie" then becomes a theatrical ritual, an "altar" where you put all the ''correspondences'' on and incant the "spells" such as Time Warp or "Singin' in the Rain". This is what ceremonial magick looks like anyway but with theatrical you are adding, through the suspension of disbelief, a whole lot of extra ''oomph'' from the unsuspecting audience. By following it precisely, or even as close as possible, you will conjure the spirit, or in this case the demon, that you require.  In the same way a writer-director-actor can make an audience cry when they want and laugh when they want so it is possible to turn them into the semi-psychotic zombie sheep of a burgeoning bio-tyrannical police state when they want.  You don't need a lesson in the efficacy of propaganda though.  You know what I mean... the Devil, however, is in the Details.

Who is truly behind the terrible state of society partially becomes an eldritch issue of invoke vs evoke and a question of personal responsibility. They (the Demolition Team) evoke the Demon by conjuring it into consciousness through the action of the movie-as-ritual.  When you, as a member of the audience, suspend disbelief you can accidentally invoke the Demon. In the same way a movie might put you in a bad mood, I'm looking at you Melancholia, we can dial this ''bad mood'' or ''foul spirit'' all the way up to possession if we intensify the movie enough and do not allow the audience to leave. So many of this unwitting audience are invoking the demon of the year, although the rate at which they are "possessed" by these spirits (Lilith and Gamaliel so far) varies according to individual willpower, temperament and arete. The subsequent influence of this audience, back on the world, their ''bad mood deeds'' etc becomes the way in which it is then further evoked. ''You want to know who killed Laura Palmer?  We all did.''  But ''Bob'' is more than just the evil that men do and The Demolition Team could well be composed of possessing entities that are already in a group of people (ie Epstein circle) who performed Qliphothic rituals ie black magic & ended up possessed by whatever they intentionally invoked + Mkultra shells who are possessed by whatever they put in after they smashed their minds + other types of "thrall" + the blackmailed and then the compartments below who only know a piece of the puzzle - perhaps only their individual ''Qlipha''. The lower levels of these Qliphothic compartments almost certainly think these circuses of sacrifice are a necessary evil because of climate change.


In Adam Curtis's discussion of Vladislav Surkov from Hyper-normalization you will find a secular interpretation of what is possible when you weaponize theatre theory. For a deeper secular understanding of these weapons, and how to defend yourself from them, it is worth your time studying the theatre theories of Stanislavki (main method of "suspending disbelief"), Brecht (main method of defeating that suspension but also weaponized by the Demo Team, i.e. Verfremdungseffekt) and perhaps most importantly but most often overlooked the work of Augusto Boal on The Theatre of the Oppressed and the Rainbow of Desire (also weaponized through the illusion of an interactive forum theatre and the celebration of victimhood).

Although I tend towards the theatrical ritual, I am not ''secular''.  Due to the experiences of my childhood and the development of magickal memory (Giordano Bruno et al) I have been involved in general Qabalistic studies for the best part of 25 years with a series of outstanding mentors to whom I am eternally grateful.  They cultivated this heart that loves knowledgeOur descent down the Tree of Life from 2010-2019 saw the creation of overinflated false ego through social media entrainment, an infantalized and fragile bubble of the seven deadly sins that was just waiting to be popped into Qliphoth with the great shattering (Shevirat) of 2020. If you want to counter the effects of this necromancy (mathematical divination by data analysis of the dead and infected) and demonology (the ''bad spirits'' conjured by the impact of the necromancy) in your own life my guidance would be to develop the virtue of the Sefira in question in opposition to the cultivation of ''demonic forces'' that surround you.  No matter how difficult that may be.  Anything is possible with both discipline and courage.

For example in The Qlipha of Hod, the archdemon that is now being evoked/invoked is Samael: venom; blindness; deception; willful ignorance - a kind of anti-Mercury for those who prefer their Qabalah purely Hermetic.  While Samael speaks Power to Truth, exemplified by Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, so Hermes' spiritual responsibility, amongst many, is to speak Truth to Power and to convey messages from Heaven which respect the sacred arts of alchemy - scientific and medical.  There are many ways you can counter Samael through dutiful work in Hod (Splendour) - but it boils down to honesty about yourself.  When I say ''yourself'' and honesty about it, I don't just mean the little me (unrectified Zeir Anpin) that is after new shoes or that redhead, I include all aspects of yourself, aspects which you are not aware of perhaps and which you should investigate with both Mercurial curiosity and velocity.  

One example worth discussing is the Astral Plane, a plane of existence that people are forgetting their access to as they are sidelined into various internet entrainment zones and robbed of their natural abilities. It is not for nothing that the logo of the recently launched Meta is an 8 on its side as they want to trap you on one plane, the horizontal, and deny your own ''8'' its true vertical loop between Heaven and the Earth.  Sleep, the Arts of Dreaming and Memory, have been under attack for as long as I can remember but the invasion of new nightmares and little blue lights have only intensified this assault. Learning astral projection is very difficult, it's easy to fall into lazy and self-indulgent dreamlands, forget to take notes, or fail to pass gates and guards but once you have experienced it is impossible to forget.  Although primarily Luna in nature, at least in the beginning, The Astral Plane and the Astral Body that comes with it provide new powers and possibilities to explore ''yourself'' specifically those to do with Mercury - clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, astral projection.  ''Reality'', as pedestrians think of it is a dead material thing within which a life and consciousness appears at a certain level of complexity resulting in a struggle for survival and a finite enjoyment of shadowy desires before being snuffed into oblivion.  But as you ascend the Tree of Life, the Prima Materia is transformed through your alchemy.  What was once a ''material reality'' becomes a reality that is in fact made of dreams - there is no longer the same division between the waking world and the sleep, the eye in the centre of your head remains open forever.  The realisation that life is a dream and that you should live it as one is fatally shocking to all but ten percent of aspirants, many of which continue to model their magic through the materialist paradigm - talking about energy, magentism, etc, blah blah - when you see this its a form of psychic denial and intellectual weakness.  But this ultra-dreamstate is only the Lunar realisation, with Mercury, the next step up in our ascent, you don't see the dream, as much as you see the code.   

So disavow the poison, call on the virtuous aspects of the orange, Archangel Raphael & Michael, draw on your wit, your intelligence, your agility, your curiosity & your alchemy: refine yourself until you become as QuicksilverCall on Hermes.  Invoke and Evoke.

And let yourself laugh.  He is a funny guy.

Well you may throw your rock, hide your hand,
Working in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made Black and White,
What is done in the dark will be brought to the light
You can run on for a long time,
Run on for a long time,
Run on for a long time,
Sooner or later God will cut you down
Sooner or later God will cut you down


Johnny Cash, Run on for a Long Time