Monday, June 13, 2022

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The First Quarter (Working Document)

Jack: It's a big conspiracy.
Matthew: What's a conspiracy?
Jack: Everything. 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978, Philip Kaufman

The Year is 2023 and I told you life was gonna be this way.  Your job is a joke.  You are broke.  Your love life is DOA.  It's like you're always stuck in second gear when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year.   But I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you, like I've been there before, I'll be there for you 'cause you're there for me too.

As promised myself and the Apocalypse Squad will now provide a rough overview of 2023, starting with the 1st quarter, following the script of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with a little bit of help from Claire Audience.  We are not going to do this minute by minute like Rocky Horror as, although the Devil is in the Details, we will lose ourselves in the minutiae and we are not currently aware of what I have referred to before as ''structural enrichment'' yet.  Like the posts in 2021 we will present this as a working document which I can then supplement with your comments and opinions as well as my own research over the next few days.  When we have completed all four quarters we will provide a master copy here.  As the Squid Game has progressed some of the choices have become more and more obvious - look at our potential ''cast'' below - and it is entirely possible to engage with this through pure reasoning without any psychic or occultic assistance.  Although some of my peers are very wary or mistrustful of such abilities or practices I believe, like many other gnostically inclined folk, that these skills are inherent in a great deal of us and we have been systematically robbed of our own true heritage.  I know it doesn't feel like this right now but Light Magic is as real as the Dark.  To quote a diminutive grey spirit I met at a halfway house a long long time ago, these powers are part of being a real human being, one who drinks from the depths of their soul.  Yes it is risky, I'm not denying that.  So is mountain climbing.  

I do not want you to think that I have abandoned A Clockwork Orange (now being wonderfully detailed by Journeyman at Hotel Apophenia) - that circus will obviously continue with its parade of Alexs, Alexanders, Alexeis, Oleksiys, Alexandras, Alexandrias, Alessandras, Dmitris, Vladimir Vladimirovichs, Peters, Petros, Pedros and Pierres, the milk references, the economic decay, the ultra violence, the overt and blatant use of orange signalling, the ''singing in Ukraine'', the crime and the punishment - 2022 is like being trapped in a giant gif of this movie, and like Alex and the Ludovico Technique we are all being mind-controlled by the repetition of this orange doom cycle - passified and defanged.  As we approach this MKUltra moment, the climax of the film, it is going to get very very meta and expect many of the public narratives to do a complete 180 degree flip.  Anyway feel free to comment on ACO in the comment section of this blog as well, I can handle both narratives simultaneously and thanks to Journeyman we have parallel pages. 

To reiterate I wanted to get ahead with IoBS as this is a movie that truly scares me, several scenes in particular - Dr Kibner's betrayal, Amazing Grace, and of course the finale.  As mentioned in my first post on this subject - 2023, the Year of A'arab Tzereq - I also find this to be a deeply tragic love story that touches me in profound ways, not so much the body horror, but the assault on something more rarefied about Aphrodite. She is one of the few goddesses I have worked closely with and as I remain something of an acolyte of hers, I will feel personally attacked by this upcoming assault on her Temple (in Netzach, according to the Golden Dawn system).  I can emotionally handle the bio-political warfare and the immune failure and ultimate betrayal of many of my friends and family, but less so the death of love itself and the triumph of despair, the snuffing out of the soul.  I need to face these demons, the Ravens of Dispersionnow, in good time, so I can ''be there for you'' when all these seeds that have been sown come to their dark fruition.  

In the spirit of a comprehensive study once we have provided the overlook of the quarters we will examine two other possible movies that could be used to structurally enrich that cycle - Soylent Green and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Finally Mr Sutherland, if you're reading this I just want to say Great Work, maybe your best.


Matthew Bennell: Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Matt Smith, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry
Elizabeth Driscoll: Elisabeth Alexandra Windsor (already featured in Rocky Horror and A Clockwork Orange), Lisa Kudrow, Elizabeth Olsen, Elisabeth Moss (Hunger Games Prequel Nov. 2023 starring the young version of Donald Sutherland's character) Elisabeth Fraser 
Jack Bellicec: Jack Black, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Dorsey, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow - already featured in A Clockwork Orange and Clash of the Titans)
Nancy Bellicec: Nancy Pelosi (already featured in Rocky Horror), Nancy is a derivative of Anne
Dr David Kibner: David Attenborough (already featured in Rocky Horror), David Lynch, David Bowie (possibly necessary to set up for 2029 -maybe AI Bowie), David Icke, David Schwimmer, David Cameron, David Harbour, David Beckham
Jeffrey: Epstein
Katherine: Kate Middleton Windsor (already featured in Rocky Horror), Katie Perry (will be featured in Shock Treatment 2025)
Harry the Banjo Guy: Prince Harry (already featured in Rocky Horror), Harry Styles
Running Man: David Icke (strong psychic resonance for this, we are still expecting Alex Jones to go down in 2022 at some point)
Mr and Mrs Tong: China

Important Note: As we learned last year the ''Trailer'' or Pathwalking between the Sephiroth will run parallel to the end of A Clockwork Orange and begin in Halloween.  So expect a lot of weird alien news around that time.  The ''trailers'' are their way of including these paths without which the Great Work of the Demolition Team would not be complete.

January - Space slime with semen connotations; novel STDs; gas giant - space news regarding alien life, panspermia; floods/crop blights (bear in mind we also have to eat through reserves before we get true famine in the west thus this will unfold in 2024), trash - recycling; priest on swing with kids (catholic pedophile story); San Francisco Golden State Warriors game to playoff; Jeffrey Epstein; a ''grex'' or artifical blend between two species (genetic modification story, another ''novel'' species - possibly novel blight or plant virus/fungus); French celebrity chef; Dept. of Health + rat turd/mouse droppings i.e. rise in leptospirosis, Weil's disease as a function of immune system collapse to cover for vax damage; caper shortage

January (Words Are)Geofree - immigration crisis - slow build into February and beyond (plays into "Great Replacement" fears)(Also syncs with Planet of the Apes and Alien 2), Transamerica (this is the spire/spike building), push for children's ability to "consent," more random daylight attacks in public

February - microbiological investigation of rise in leptospirosis and salmonella (basically these are fundamentally opportunistic infections that I talked about in my first post on 2023, a tripled friend of mine already had her neck swell up like a balloon and the doctors are saying ''Weil's Disease''); rise in sleep disorders possibly tied to SADS (don't sleep you might ''die'' will be a recurring theme in 2023); personality changes in vaxxxed become more noticeable; unvaxxxed and vaxxxed split couples; trash - recycling; rainbow banjo guy with dog (Harry i.e. prob. Harry Styles could be Prince Harry), ''fake'' food i.e. rise in fake fish, field investigation, giant rats; Jeffrey Epstein; asian food; dramatic rise in affairs, divorce, marriages breaking up over change in sexuality (woke related i.e. pod people); San Francisco skyline (obv. 'frisco is Woke HQ); eye change is important indicator of being podded (we already see this in vaxxxed - cloudy, diluted or dull eyes)

February (Words Are)amphetamines for lingering Cold gains traction, eyes - more cataracts literally clouding vision, contaminated food esp. meat, cxl culture expands into revenge vandalism, targeted chefs - Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child and possibly Vietnamese restaurants

March -  weird reports about personality change from China; money laundering stories; trash - recycling specifically textiles; growing awareness of the truth of some conspiracy theories (Alex Jones was Right kind of stuff), Jeffrey meets with strange people in official building (Epstein revelations links to conspiracy, who was on that island, what was on the tapes that were made there, etc), UN, WEF, G7 etc news; celebrity psychiatrist has book/show on post-pandemic disorder (to explain personality change); Sahara desert news, desertification link to famine; ''death'' of David Icke; we meet ''Jack'' - when the group of four are assembled we will start seeing the ''Friends'' references I started this post with, many Netflixers have been playing Friends on a kind of soothing nostalgic loop for a while now, this will be ''used'' somehow in the same way Britney was in 2021.

March (Words Are)weaponizing mental "healthcare", spike in "schizophrenia" and court-ordered medication (tracked with nanotech), demonizing home gardening and keeping animals as pets or food, rise in urban food-growing buildings

Elizabeth: How are we going to get out of here?
Matthew: Through the door, come on. 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Philip Kaufman

P.s. I realise this is incomplete at the moment.  We will update it in real time and I want to get started. 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Being the Adventures

I don't care about the danger, Father.  I just want to be good.  I want for the rest of my life to be one act of goodness.


Alex De Large, A Clockwork Orange


''Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are black, ultra-violence and Bathoven.''


''Being the adventures of a group of nice illuminati whose principal interests are lockworks, orange production design and climate change.''


''Being the adventures of rapidly aging teenagers whose principal interests are MK-Ultra, Dungeons and Dragons''



This royal throne, this sceptred isle of Alexandra; this fortress built against infection; this endless procession of Clockwork Orangemen; this ''Singing in Ukraine''; this Alexander, that Oleksander, this Alexei, that Oleksiy- always at war with Eurasia; this ''Ultra-violence'' - Hollywood slapstick and cum guzzling vodka bottle raping Amber orgy; this ''end of metoo'', that ''imperfect victim''; this ''transagenda'', its comical paradoxes; this call of duty, this post-modern warfare; this athlete stopping dead, that star dropping like a rock out of space; this baby without ''formula'', that artifical breast milq company; this boosting, these ''modifications''; these war crimes trials; this inflation running amok like experimental pox ridden monkeys escaping from government truck crashes; this screaming skyscraper of such dear souls, this dear dear skyscraper screaming into the Golden Dawn, the orange coloured sky.

The question is whether or not this technique really makes a man good.  Goodness comes from within.  Goodness is chosen.  When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.
A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick