Saturday, September 24, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Too Horrorshow

Dim: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, if isn't little Alex.  Long time no viddy, droog. How goes?  Surprised are you?
Alex: Impossible. I don't believe it.
George:  Evidence of the old glazzies.  Nothing up our sleeves.  No magic, little Alex.  A job for two of us who are now of job age.


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

''A job for two of us who are now of job age'' and the uniforms speak to the partial mobilization of Russia with a specific age range and some exceptions.  And the drowning? ''Russian forces are probably trying to attack dams in Ukraine in order to flood Ukrainian military crossing points amid Russian concerns about battlefield setbacks, UK intelligence says.'' sayeth the Guardian feed of what is effectively just the script at this point.  This is as about as on-the-nose as Singing in Ukraine was.  They will prob. play this out in a few variations for maximum psychic/psychological ''coverage'' and there is obviously room/time for China to get more in the mix.

But enough of this silliness.

Back in late 2001, Uriel (Auriel/Oriel) told me that if I wanted to unravel their mystery I should meditate on the Sefiroth and rotate them in vision at the rotational ratios of the planets they were associated with i.e. since Venus spins the other way and far slower than the Earth, rotate Netzach anti-clockwise and slowly. After cracking the ''mechanism'' of this ''clockwork Qabalah'' (I'll leave the rest for you to figure out yourselves if you wish - there are some gifs that will help you) the revelations inside were profound and the impact was lasting.  I was presented with my only ever direct experience of the ''anti-Tree'' along with my ''anti-self'' (yes it is made of ''black goo'') and the earnest message that came with that vision was ''this is why I stand my post''. 

But with the Hellgates open, Uriel, why hast thou forsaken us?

Like with Science, in Qabalah there are various levels of complexity and I purposefully chose the simple coloured Tree in order to keep the message as communicable as possible.  One of the ideas that I have not drilled down into (at least since 2018) is the notion of the Fractal Tree, the idea that each Sefira contains within it a complete set of Sefiroth, like every cell contains all your DNA but only expresses part of it. 

Here is the science part: as an initiate I understood that when I opened Malkuth (Matter) I could only really open Malkuth of Malkuth.  When I opened Malkuth of Yesod (Dreams), I could then work my way to Yesod of Yesod.  When I had opened Yesod of Yesod this also meant that I had opened Yesod of Malkuth.  Rince and repeat with Hod (Code), start at Malkuth of Hod, work your way to Hod of Hod and this also means Hod of Malkuth is ''unlocked''. 

As you can see it gets really technical really fast but, like knowing the ins and outs of endocrinology, while its easy to get lost the more complicated the system is the more specificity you have when it comes to solving, well let's just say, ''medical problems''.  Although I struggled to find a diagram of the fractal Tree, you can see something similar at work in the construct known as Jacob's Ladder.  In the Ladder we have the Four Qabalistic Worlds (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah) superimposed over each other with Tifereth of Assiah also serving as Malkuth of Yetzirah, etc. 

Back at the turn of the millenium the Four Worlds had a lot more focus but with the rise of ''results-oriented (desire gratification) sorcery'' and the decline of a more metaphysical approach the powerful ideas belonging to Yetzirah and beyond were forgotten.  Not without its highlights this primitivism is really a function of the break in the transmission of our traditions.  But don't confuse the decline of ''public magic'' for a decline in those using the industrial big budget approach.  They are well aware of all these ''technicalities'' and in those closed circles the traditions were preserved and passed on.

The reason I am saying this, maybe in a long-winded but hopefully helpful to some of you way, is that I want you to understand that we are not completely done with ''Clash of Titans'' or ''Rocky Horror'' and next year we will not be done with ''A Clockwork Orange''.  Like the Sefiroth, The Qliphoth will have some sort of technical mechanism at work where the forces of the Demonic Hierarchy are overlapped and interact, where, excuse me, the Franks (Gamaliels) and the Alexes (Samaels) grow more powerful the more of the other portals that are opened.  And don't get me wrong, these forces of the demonic hierarchy are already in people - instead of gentle algorithmic suggestions think demonic possession via state propaganda or internet self-reinforcing desire loops literally bringing the demons out of people or turning them into zombies.  What we haven't seen yet and that which we are soon to see are the A'arab Tzereq.

For the body-snatched they may end up in ''a plane of hell'' wherever they got off the willpower and vision train; those doppled into Franks or Alexes are stuck in an endless horrorshow. 

Alex: I just don't get this all.  It was them that went for me, brothers.  You're not on their side you can't be.  You can't be Dim.  It was someone we fillied with back in the old days. Trying to get his own malenky bit of revenge after all this time.  You remember Dim?
Dim: Long time is right, don't remember them days too horrorshow.  Don't call me Dim no more either.  Officer call me.
George: Enough is remembered though, little Alex.

A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

P.s. Time Key from Journeyman at Hotel Apophenia. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Yas Queen

Alright I see how things are now.  I've suffered and I've suffered and I've suffered and everybody wants me to go on suffering.


Alex deLarge (the Great), A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

In a smoky conspiracy bar the other night, an anonymous coward opined: ''Some weird coincidences for those that like that sort of thing.  Just 2 days before her death she accepted the resignation of Boris (Real first name Alexander) and accepted Liz (First names Mary Elizabeth) as former/new PM.  Queen's full name is: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. That's pretty much a trifecta!''

Dude, where do I start?  The name Alex has been running all year during this Clockwork Orange ritual.  All year solid.  Alex Johnson.  Alec Baldwin.  Alex Jones.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Elizabeth Alexandra Windsor.  Vladimir Oleksandrovych Zelenskiy.  Alexei Navalny.  Alexander Dugin.  The list goes on ad nasueum.  No one spotted.  Like no one seemed to notice they were coordinating the colours of the movies.  To the Qabalist the names are as important as the numbers and the colours.


According to the Alexirillion, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was bound to feature prominently in this year's colonial cast.  According to the article in GQ, she fears she will never be Queen President because the US hates women.  What is really happening here is the death of the Queen is being ''framed'' by Alexes in exactly the same way Trump was framed by Alexes during the Mar-A-Lago raid - Alex Jones and Alec Baldwin.


With both the House of the Dragon and the Lord of the Rings (Galadriel) also framing the ''Great Queen'' archetype, Alexander Johnson (Boris) referred to her as Elizabeth the Great. Now there was another famous dude called ''the Great'' but the name escapes me for a moment...  Won't somebody help?  Boris DeLarge, a few days before had referred to ''a space hopper'' in his outgoing speech, an orange child's toy from the 70s.  I'd put ''space hopper'' in the same category of signalling as ''scotch egg'' and I would imagine it refers to what is about to happen in Halloween as some kind of threat from space is foregrounded in the IoBS trailer.


A great deal of my pedestrian colleagues are referencing the Queen's most recent Paddington Bear encounter as they struggle to cope with their grief and sharing the image from the BBC below.  Although the orange signalling through the marmalade sandwich (along with ''Pomp and Circumstance'', if you remember) made the clockwork code clear enough I am now wondering if with the Queen seen in green so often recently whether her death constitutes at least something of the ''Hell Ritual'' I was talking about which opens the path between the Qlipha of Hod (Samael) (orange) and the Qlipha of Netzach (A'arab Tzereq) (green).  It feels a little early to me but the signalling is correct.

So that's the way it is then eh?  That's the way it is.  Right, I'm leaving now, you won't viddy me no more.  I'll make my own way.  Thank you very much.  Let it lie heavy on your consciounesses.


Alex de Large (the Great), A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

P.s. Mercury Retrograde.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Halloween ''Trailer'' for Bodysnatchers

Watch out they get you while you are sleeping.


Nancy, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

The Sefiroth in the Tree of Life, and the Qliphoth in the Tree of Hell are linked by ''paths'' which are associated with planets and Tarot cards along with many other things.  The idea of path as trailer is a relatively new one and came about as a result of Travis Scott's Orange Hell Portal last October but it is consistent with the Qabalistic Demolition that seems to be occuring.  Another word for path is trail after all.

Therefore the Trailer for Invasion of the Body Snatchers should begin Halloween this year, i.e. in 2 months time.  Shortly before this there should be some kind of Hell ritual involving sacrifice and, because the next Qlipha we are moving to is the A'rab Tzereq (the Qlipha of Netzach), a Hellish green pallette in the production/altar design.  Like with the structure of the overall year this trailer was split over the time from Halloween to the New Year and will run parallel with the remainder of A Clockwork Orange.

November Trailer Time Key

  • Orange Portal (Samael seen from the path as you leave)
  • Cosmic green fungus
  • Space and Planets
  • Amazing Grace
  • Cities
  • Soil/rain
  • Thread-like growth
  • Commands to sleep
  • Matthew sleeping (Donald Sutherland)
  • Flowers opening
  • Elizabeth sleeping (Brooke Adams + Elizabeth Moss)
  • Threads growing into skin
  • Terror grows
  • Nancy (Veronika Cartwright) screams ''Matthew''
  • They get you when you sleep

December Trailer Time Key
  • Contagious parasites
  • Duplicates
  • They are not human
  • Barricading the street
  • Starring: (the list of people playing those characters I think this will include the cast of Friends)
  • Running away & Amazing Grace

We can assume the rear view of the orange portal will dovetail with that moment from ACO's time key, like Travis Scott channelled Frank n Furter (Rose Tint My World & ''RKO'') in his ritual.  So highly likely to be Droog costumed this time.  Could be the white suits of the covid droogs in ''Chinatown''.


Space News.  UFO News.  Planet News.  Panspermia News.  California, San Francisco focus.  Food blight/floods of harvest.


The fear of sleep is being slowly ramped up with the rise of death in sleep via ''unexpected illness'' or SADs - we will have a lot more on sleep & long covid/''unexpected excess death'' around the insights of Dr Rob (which I have recently tested in a controlled environment - before taking it to more of an open system).  He is absolutely right that sleep deprivation via light deprivation is one of the primary angles of attack - as we also mentioned this also has the effect of ''blinding'' the individual in question.  Blocking the ACE2 receptors in the pineal gland with the spike protein is causing the eyes to change and the victim to be unable to get any true rest i.e. don't just watch out for the heart attacks watch out for the excessive yawning.  Sleep deprivation is a way of reducing longevity & generally speeding up aging.  This blockage also causes a cascade of hormonal problems.


The attack on vanity I talked about ''fear of literally losing face'' via Monkeypox or opportunistic fungal infections.  This will start with the skin though as Qlipha of Netzach should be an attack on skin, soft tissues, breasts, kidneys and ''cortisol''.


''Elizabeth'' (Elisabeth Moss) and ''David'' (Donald Sutherland) appear in the Hunger Games Prequel - Who is a Songbird and Who is a Snake?  Amazing Grace is playing so Scottish stories - maybe Scottish independence?


Then more reports of unexpected deaths during sleep.

Then as we enter November...

Contagious parasites & non-human duplicates (we already have this theme of duplicates set up with CGI Biden and Swollen Clone Putin at least in conspiracircles).


Barricading the streets, rioting mobs in the darkness


I am assuming this will be some kind of news relating to the Friends TV show as it has a lot of strike capacity in the names and the band of friends scenes in the movie.  A Friends revival?  A CGI Friends thing?


Lots of Nancy Pelosi!

Sleep... Sleep.. and be born into a world without fear and hate.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

P.s. Ed (Eddie) Sheeran released Bad Habits in 2021 and you can see the segue from Jokeresque Rocky Horror to A Clockwork Orange and then to Body Snatchers in here.  Body Snatchers at 2:29.