Thursday, December 29, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, The Whole Face of the Creeching World

And what do you know my brothers and only friends, it was the 9th, the glorious 9th of Ludwig Van.  Oh it was gorgeosity and yummy yummy yum.  I was cured.

A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

From the three different types of molokovax you were compelled to drink and display through the ultraviolent Singing in Ukraine to all the orange you could viddy on the screen A Clockwork Orange has been a brutal year for far too many of us.  Whether you were freezing to death in a crater in Kherson, kettled inside the screaming towers of Shanghai by covidious droogs, Ludovicoed by TikTok or just dying of suddenly somewhere out West, people everywhere may be fondly remembering the Rocky Horror Show of 2021 at this point.  I teleported myself off the battlefield in order to secure a better vantage point for 2023 and therefore avoided frontline action for most of this year but at the time I was confident that if I had stayed I would have been able to handle the travails of 2022.  After getting a little taste of what used to be city life over the last few weeks I can tell you that I was very very wrong. 

If I had stayed I would have been dead by now.  Or worse*.


Wrapping up for 2022 we see that AOC's climate crisis flop ''To the End''  features some orange pallette paegentry that is worth comparing to that displayed by the Just Stop Oil movement that sprayed tomato soup over various art works, banks, petrol stations etc.  The Green Agenda will really come to fruition in 2024 the Year of Tagimron, the Year of the Megafires.  We have to eat through our stockpile before we can starve and that is part of what 2023 is about.  After the Megafires and with the demographic change there will be a public demand for us all to be imprisoned in environmentally efficient Smart Cities, a fifteen minute space encapsulating our lives.


Samuel (Samael) Bankman-Fried dealt another hammer blow to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular.  Note the logo - this is why bitcoin was always going to betray you this year in the same way another Mercurial ''bad boy'' did and another Mercurial ''bad boy'' will.  In reviewing the year for yourself in light of the Unifying Colour Theory and the Dark Conclusions remember that Mercury (8 = Hod/Orange) rules communication, technology, commerce and transportation. 

Mercury also rules athletes... one of the reasons why it was the athletes and gym bunnies (Rockies) who were mainly getting the suddenlies this year as working out on a damaged heart is a terrible idea. One particularly dark part of the overall social engineering may have been encouraging this lifting weights and protein powder obsession in order to up those heart attack numbers. I would not put it past our Demolition Team.

Next year, because the focus shifts Venus (Green) the focus of the suddenlies should technically move to artists, performers, models, muses etc.  These hearts are nearly as stressed as gym bunnies because of all the cocaine and the constant ''falling in love''.  How can you mend a broken heart?


The sad story of Baby Alex provides us with one gruesome segue into Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  In brief, the parents of Alex wanted unvaccinated blood for their child as a close friend of theirs had died of ''with'' suddenly and it had freaked them out.  Their request was denied and the baby was given vaccinated blood which resulted in a blood clot forming from the child's leg to their heart. Baby Alex parallels a similar story from New Zealand where parents battled to provide their baby with unvaccinated blood and were overruled by the State.  Literal body snatching.


Next year will present us with many many challenges, the most brutal being the transformation of many of our loved ones into pathological microbial reservoirs.  With depleted immune systems and the chronic covid infections we are seeing in so many they will ''host'' various other organisms (opportunisitc infections) unlocking ''the gates of hell'' represented by the A'arab Tzereq or the Burning Ravens of Dispersion.  At the moment this is being popularised as the tripledemic (flu, covid, RSV), Strep A (scarlet fever) and the threat of new variants from China, but expect these Burning Ravens to expand into the world of deadly fungi as well (candida auris - dispersion), ''burning itches'' which will cause ''the dispersion''.  

We discussed Alexing, Franking, Rockying and Karening as aspects of the demon of the year which possessed the psychologies of people as they were forced through the psychic meat grinder of the Qliphoth.  I've already lost a number of close friends to these ''demons'' i.e. people who have become Alex or Frank (or both) alongside those who have been maimed by the nanomedicine or perished of suddenly.  One ''Alex'' I know was sectioned, others are just destroying themselves.  In addition to the emotional assault on Venus and all she respresents next year, we also have to contend with ''the Matthewing'' cultivating something inside us that all members of the Apocalypse Squad probably have a weakness for.... 


As the music came to its first climax, I could viddy myself very clear, running and running on like very mysterious feet, carving the whole face of the creeching world with my cut throat britva.  I was cured all right.

A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

*''Life is nothing I heed him not.  But to fail here is not mere life or death.  It is that we become as him, that we henceforth become foul things of the night like him, without heart or conscience, preying on the bodies and the souls of those we love best.  To us forever are the gates of Heaven shut, for who shall open them to us again?  We go on for all time abhorred by all, a blot on the face of God's sunshine, an arrow in the side of Him who died for Man.'' Dr Van Helsing, Bram Stoker's Dracula

Sunday, December 4, 2022

2022 - The Year of Samael, Alexing and Jonesing

I jumped, and o' my brothers I fell hard but I did not snuff it.  Oh no if I had snuffed it, I would not be here to tell what I have told. I came back to life after a long black, black gap of what might have been a million years.


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

As part of the ideas surrounding this interpretation of the apocalypse we coined the term ''Alexing'' for what has been happening to many individuals this year.  Similar to ''Franking'' from last year which implied ''possession'' by Gamaliel and an open display of Rocky Horror style deviancy, ''Alexing'' is a set of behaviours such as drug taking, joy-riding, violence and rape which indicates ''possession'' by Samael - Ezra Miller as the anti-Mercurial ''Flash'' is a great example of ''Alexing''.  The scene in town certainly seems to have become more than a little bit ''bitey'' and Moloko fuelled than I remember.  And, after a prolonged bout of Alexing, the Jonesing is inevitable.

Around the 2h16m-2h17m minute mark of the internet breaking interview between Alex Jones and Ye (formerly Kanye West), a masked Ye waves around an orange fishing net and starts talking about A Clockwork Orange: ''Look at Clockwork Orange, he makes him kiss the shoe, kiss the Jew...'' to which Alex Jones replies: ''We're talking about Stanley Kubrick put the war room background up please, wait you think Clockwork Orange is about Jews..?''  As a Qabalist I can't really stand for the half-assed anti-semitism on display in this interview and it is what it is only to continue to condemn ''Alex'' and the forces he represents, as we said right at the begining of the year in the Alexirillion - they have to get a grip on information (anti-Mercurial magic) before the next phase of the demolition - Rogan, Trump, the 1.5 billion dollar fine applied to Jones in the Sandy Hook debacle, etc, were all part of this journey, Twitter and the ''8 dollar'' fee is regrettably the last leg.  A lot of people were talking about how ''scripted'' that interview felt and, yes, look at that image above and what he is saying, he is literally signalling with an orange flag.

So where does this leave Hermes and his lessons?  How do we know what we know and how do we know what is about to happen next?  Much like Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, ''in the pursuit of Laura Palmer's (Malkuth) killer (the Qliphoth) we have employed bureau guidelines, deductive technique, Tibetan method, instinct and luck'' and ''something new which for lack of a better word we will call magic''.  Starting with the scientific method of observations, predictions, applied Qabalistic theory and dark conclusions we have moved ever more towards the interpretation of dreams, clairvoyance, clairaudience (''hacking'' their ''playlist''), countermagic and the intercession of the angels of ''the White Lodge'' - Raphael, Uriel, Raziel...

Although the ''Friends'' (Matthew) flag may have seemed weird, I hope from the glaring example above that you do not dismiss this omen as it signals, for me, the sum of all fears i.e. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I really truly wanted to be wrong.  I've done my best to compose some countermagic which I hope will shield the people who witness it but damn, I know this one is going to be tough. And that, gang, is why there are warnings all over these texts. 

Is it better never to know?

Alex de Large: I haven't seen you before.
Dr Taylor: I'm your psychiatrist.
Alex de Large: Psychiatrist huh?  Do I need one?


A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick