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2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Flash vs Logan

Look, don't you understand, its different now, it's me!


Logan 5, Logan's Run

We've been exploring the way in which the Qliphothic hellscape we find ourselves trapped within may result in your ''possession'' by a fictional character from the cult movie used to structure the individual Qlipha (or year); if you are not careful you may Frank, you may Alex, you may Matthew and you may even Logan.  When you dig deep into the mind the extent to which anyone is anyone is questionable, your ''identity'' being a composite of the influences you have come under; fragments of a former lover's smile on your lips; changes in your voice, the pressure of different accents, intonations, words.  Let's face it the myth of a concrete ego only exists for the sake of marketing and therefore we have seen numerous examples of people going off the rails, their ego warping under the influence; how many were driven to ''Karen'' (Medusa) by the OCD delights the Pandemic Commercials had to offer etc how many still ''Karen'' to this day?  Maybe with the exception of Leos, where ''fixed'' concrete ego really means sluggish in transformation. Apply enough heat though and they will melt, burn or explode like everyone else.  In Leos defence they were generally more resistant to the vax campaign because let's face it Leos are already perfect in every way...  But as the Black Hole Sun of Thagirion (the anti Zeir Anpin) opens now we will watch those lionserpents Logan and Flash enmasse.

I remember Logan as a hero who comes to terms with the reality of life in the Smart City and the horrors of Carousel, bravely making it through the Run to the Outside and then returning to the city as a liberator.  But it really isn't like that.  Watching him like Van Helsing surveils a vampire he is about to slay lets face it Logan is arrogant, maniacal, bloodthirsty, condescending, selfish, treachorous, bred for superiority with destruction as his purpose.  Right at the end of the film he outright murders his best friend Francis 7, repeatedly hitting him on the back with a spear to make sure he is dead.  Watch it yourself, its clear Francis 7 is downed, Logan 5 could easily have grappled him, tied him up and reasoned with him about the Outside.  Did he know, for sure, that Francis 7 was beyond any reason or was Logan 5 just a bloodthirsty maniac whose killer instinct took over? Did he murder Francis 7 because in his pursuit of Logan 5 Francis 7 had inadvertantly become a Runner himself??? Upon Logan's return he destroys the AI and the Smart City with it plunging probably hundreds of thousands of people into a world they have never known and have no idea how to survive in while telling them There is No Sanctuary.  Thanks..? Cut to one month later, half of them are dead from disease, starvation, eaten by wolves, murdered each other, etc one of the survivors may have pointed to that ruined Necropolis they just left and said ''I think that might have been Sanctuary.''  As Jessica 6 says to Logan: ''I hate Outside.''  Cvilization always comes with a price in personal longevity, one way or the other, but improves the lot of the average.

Likewise Flash Gordon does not in any real sense ''save the Earth''.  Let me explain.  When Ming confronts him in Birdpersonworld before the final battle he offers him rulership over his planet and its incorporation into the Mingverse.  He tells him that the people of Earth will not be the same as the people he left, the travails of endless global disasters over the course of the movie making them more amenable to servitude.  Flash turns him down, the idea being that better dead than a slave.  With only seconds left on the clock when Flash finally triumphs, and the disasters having been ongoing until that point, how many ''free men'' does he finally truly save. Like one?  The heroes even seem quite sanguine about it in the end but maybe upon their return, like Logan, all they will find is one man sitting in the ashen ruins, babbling at cats. 

Lets face it
, Flash was already in league with Vultan and Barin, he had the love of Aura, he was in a very strong position to save the planet first and then betray and kill Ming and free everyone shortly thereafter. I know it wouldn't make as dramatic cinema and I take no pleasure in trashing our cult heroes but I am trying to be as picky as I can here because out of all of them, Flash Gordon is possibly the most beguiling of the false heroes being sent our way because of the Righteousness and the Good Guyness about almost everything he does.  Honestly, and maybe this is a personal character flaw, I am very wary of these good guy white knight quarterback types, was he really trying to save the Earth or was he just trying to make sure that Ming didn't get his dick in Dale?  You kind of have to put yourself in the position of a groundling backlit by an erupting supervolcano triggered by Mings directed energy weapons as you ''Go, Flash, Go'' in unison with everyone else next year to maybe get where I am coming from.

All this does not mean that I am somehow pro-villain when it comes to these movies, just that there may be a better way of solving these situations, oh Leos mine, than simply destroying everything and everyone you can by going along with the Thagirion.  And, lets face it, who are these enemies really?  The thing that struck me most about the AI in the Smart City was that there is nothing really there, it really is simply a machine, Logan and the audience superimposing or projecting hostility or anger or cruelty or something onto her voice. She is code, like a lot of the people that fill her city; only code remains.  But defeating her is as simple as switching your phone off and going outside.  You don't have to obliterate everyone.  The evil in play in the Run is far more like Ahriman than Satan, an ossification of the soul not an immolation. Forgetting that you can even run as opposed to running around, flapping your arms, while on fire.

And who really is Ming the Merciless, with his fiery beams of destruction, this enimgatic emperor of mystery?  The Annunaki? Putin? Xi Jinping? Klaus Schwab? Well all I would say is in that skullcap he is a dead ringer for Merlin... both work with fire breathing dragons, both obssessed with kingship, both classically trained actors...

Personally, I would rather face Logan on a city busting rampage than I would face Merlin the Merciless in a dragon conjuring frenzy. Choose your enemies wisely, and use the same abundant caution when it comes to picking your heroes...  

Flash Gordon: I'm not a stranger exactly. You know my name.
Dale Arden: Who doesn't?  Number one draft pick.  Cover of people magazine.  What'd the Giants sign you for?  89 million?  Big deal!


Flash Gordon, 1980

Saturday, November 18, 2023

2024 - The Year of Thagirion, Massively Entangled Afterlife (MEA)

Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and then stepped aside
Somebody else took his place and bravely cried
(I'm a Blackstar, I'm a Blackstar)

David Bowie, Blackstar

Massively Entangled Afterlife (MEA) refers to a metaphysical situation that occurs when large numbers of beings are killed instantaneously and in one go such as in the aftermath of the explosion of their star or one nearby.  From a ''spiritual perspective'' these beings would not know they were dead (as they would have no experience of ''dying'' or being murdered or something), they would continue to wander around the holographic ghost world constructed by their consciousness, together, with their shared unconsciousness, their sense of reality only gradually unravelling as clues appear in their experience that something genuinely improbable and unexplainable is going on.  The Ladder itself is all about realising that you are dead already and letting go of the pain of earthly experience but with MEA you would not necessarily get your own ladder, as is the norm, the ladders would become ''fused'' and will only resolve themselves in a shared ''Vanilla Sky'' moment*   The shape** of this ladder(s) would be determined by some kind of consensual blend of different life situations***  locally dominated by presiding egos or those with particularly high levels of will and determination, i.e. those who can continue to believe that they are alive the longest, less concentrated wills dissolving into the others metaphysical tempographic wake etc.  Following Dante's approach then could we see the MEA going through Inferno (2020s), Purgatorio (2030s) then Paradiso (2040s) but if this is an MEA what would that change about the way we are going to act? What difference does it really make if this is coordinated by demons or a demolition team?

Dead or alive, I am still going to Run for it.

I used to believe David Bowie's Blackstar was about the Sefiroth (the colouring, symbolism and the 10min length is a dead giveaway) but looking at it again to me it seems to be about the descent*** of the Luciferian (Gnostic) ego through the Qliphothic Labyrinth of Death (that colouring and symbolism is distorted along those lines), screaming out as it tries to hold itself together through the visions that assail it, continuing proclaiming itself a Blackstar as it seeks to merge with its Original.  There never was a David Bowie. A move to prolong the Ruach, dark or otherwise, placed where it is Labyrinth is the leap from the Dark Sun (Thagirion) into the Chaotic Void of Outer Space and the (anti) Primum Mobile (Thaumiel).  But leave, because this is not the Goblin Kings world, its not your world or Death's or mine or even Meas, the world is here for Sofia, for Sarah, for the Shekinah and it always was.  You are tripping if you think otherwise.  You and I, the Living Dead, if you will, have no power over Her.  If you run, you run with Her, if you return*, you return with Her.  The only alternative is Nothing.

I've never known life directly I've only known my consciousness of life.  I've never been ''in the moment'', the experience I have always following at least trillionths of seconds behind the original, like the rest of Sefiroth trail after Kether, or are left in the shockwave of Malkuth as she collides with reality.  When you can induce de ja vu any given experience can feel like memory, everything can ''feel'' like memory, like it already happened, do it now, and if you can sustain that state and move within it a great many mysteries await.  Not only is this experience we have of life the past, its also a memory of the past.  The moment, the ''present'' could be a trillionth away or trillions of trillionths, it makes no difference I will never taste it, it remains forever out of reach through temporal paradox, the Goblin King must die, at least metaphorically defeated, in order to finally live.  If only as an owl.

In terms of my own path through this has mostly been by way of Clash, Horror, Clockwork, Snatch.  However much I may have been tempted to Merlin, even though it was probably going to possess me, that path is closed to me now.  I should have already been on it.  But I was snatched.  And now I'm stuck in the middle with you.  So where to go from here?  If you want to understand Labyrinth, or this Qliphothic Hellscape its worth reading Aleister Crowley's Konx Om Pax, inspired by Wonderland where he is the Fairy Prince leading an Alice figure through the Sefiroth.  What we are experiencing, if not MEA, is the same principle applied en masse by the ''Sorcerarchy'' using the Qliphoth and ''Sarah'' as the shared consciousness we have which they are currently socially engineering via controlled demolition.  If nothing changes and this is what we have to go through, your favourite film may not be the one you need to take as it may play up to areas you are already pretty confident in but then we need to define ''need'' as it might make sense to keep up your confidence a least a little bit in the MEA.

Or, in other words, are you a Blackstar?  Are you a runner?

How many times does an angel fall?
How many people lie instead of talking tall?
He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar, I'm not a gangster)

David Bowie, Blackstar

*If this is the case, my money is on invention of time travel for this final moment.  Cryogenic restoration from a simulation would work.
**Molecular like the Tree of Life and everything else in nature
***Zharkov Technique is maybe way out in FG for that reason, its an induced NDE but the will is not dissolved.
****Merkava mystics are referenced by some sources in Scholem's Kabbalah to be ''those who descend to the Merkava'', I like to remind myself of this from time to time

P.s. Philip Jeffries


From film:

Sunday, November 5, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Let my servants be WEF and ARC: They shall rule the Many & the Known

Some things in their natural state have the most vivid colours. 
Willow, Wickerman

Step aboard the ARC eh?  Yep thats right all aboard with the lesser sacrifices cute small animals.  I promise I won't set it on fire or ''give you hell''.  Now listen to me as I rave about myth, the eternal struggle of living in a chaotic demon haunted world where the apple harvest fails, and mankind's ultimate traditional conservative Midsommar maiden filled destiny. It'll be enough to make you weep.

''But what about the plight of the dutch farmers?'' I hear you cry in a sexy euroaccent...

Don't get excited JB although to be fair I've seen many internet notables getting a bit of a sweat on over Willow Eva Vlaardingerbroek.  I can see why you hang out on X. She's not a succubus guys though she's just your ordinary run-of-the-mill Midsommar maiden getting excited for the Maypole. Lovely Catholic girl really, she just wants what's best for the farmers.  Boy does everyone else like her though.  Must be her beautiful singing voice.  Well whatever you need everyone else just get in that fucking wickerman chop fucking chop init.

And here is where we reach more of that long sought after cinematic synergy.  Over the last few weeks most of the main players of the ''alt-media'' have been shown, once again in several cases most especially Peterson, to have been ''Bodysnatchers'' all along.  From (Jack) Russell's bad boy antics soiling his utopian hippy reputation to Peterson's ''give 'em hell'', the people you thought you knew turned out to be someone else, someone controlled.  People forgave Peterson after his betrayal over the vaccine and he immediately went on to moan about digital identity so he could be protected from trolls on X.com*.  Unvaccinated = Unverified.  Get it?  Does anyone have any problems before we begin the test?  ''Doctor, I am as thick as pigshit, doctor''  Yes.  Demonstrably. 

As David Icke is saying, and he is increasingly looking like the last one left... This ARC Peterson et al are building is the conservative case for a WEF and no more.

So Invasion and Wickerman are now weaving together in intricate fashion but what about Cocoon I hear you cry, where is the UFO?  Well I finally bit the bullet and went in and had a little ''look around''.  What we all have to understand is that these longer timelines have a much dreamier feel to them, in that they are less immediate, less in-your-face. Largely the ''action'' in the Qliphoth if you like is in these 1 year plot paths: Rocky Horror Picture Show; A Clockwork Orange; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; and, imminently, Flash Gordon.  For God's Sake.

For instance Cocoon, a slow paced movie anyway, gives us under 40 mins for a year so if we just look at the first 40 mins and overlay them on the Year that was 2021 we get:
  • Spaced out aquatic scifi opening
  • Boomers facing mortality in old peoples homes
  • What looks like a cool, professional, slightly shady scientific quest for cocoons in the ocean
  • Some joker playboy sailor with the scientists (this is not right exactly but you could think of Boris as a starting point)
  • Said cocoons placed in pool next to old people's home invigorates old people
You've got all sorts of stories that go with these firsty forty minutes the first old people to get vaccinated, old people raising money for charity by walking around the garden, old people being allowed back into society first.  And most importantly you've got the cocoons, the lipid nano parcels, containing the revitalization agent, the full wellness conversion.  I'll do more work on Cocoon of course as it is still the missing link as far as I am concerned but I mention it as a big picture question and there are physical limitations to what we can do here.  

But, what does it mean, from a technical and lived perspective, that the Labyrinth is so very long?

Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples? 
Neil Howie, the Wickerman

*X.Com is a game about defending the earth from aliens.  You control a team of operatives.
**Notes from Flash Gordon trailer for comment section

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2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Invasion of the Body Snatchers & Elonizabeth Driscoll

Matthew: Listen we are not the last humans left.  There are people who will fight you.  They will find out what you're doing here.
Elizabeth: They'll stop you.
David: In an hour you won't want them to.  In an hour you'll be one of us.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

Elon Musk on Buying Twitter and Turning it into X - Full Video

Here are Elonizabeth's salient points for us to reflect on:

  • I was worried it was having a corrosive effect on civilization, a bad impact
  • Partially where it was located which was downtown San Francisco
  • I think San Francisco is a beautiful city and we should try to ''right the ship'' of San Francisco
  • If you walk around San Francisco by the X HQ its a zombie apocalypse
  • What philosophy lead to that outcome? One that would normally be quite niche and graphically restrained
  • But they had an ''information weapon'' to propagate a ''mind virus''
  • Mind virus = end of civilization
  • In order for the virus to propagate it must supress opposing viewpoints
  • You've felt the virus [Joe] people have tried to cast it at you so many times
  • It is a death cult, it is the extinctionists, they are propagating the extinction of humanity and civilization
  • If AI is programmed by the extinctionists, its utility function will be the extinction of humanity
  • [Joe]: When you let Matt Taibibi get the Twitter files what is the response Matt gets audited!
  • Twitter was a state publication like Pravda (i.e. communist), Twitter was controlled by the Far Left
  • San Francisco Berkeley is Far Left, its hard to find a place that is more far left
  • From the perspective of the Far Left everything is right, that is why they suppressed views of right by 10x
  • ''Far left information weapon''
  • The Far Left were co-located with the Technologists i.e. San Francisco, Berkeley
  • An area that is maybe a 10 mile radius
  • Normally this would not spread
  • But the Far Left (the Hive) were handed a ''megaphone to Earth'', ''by accident''
  • Not just to spread it to America but to everywhere on Earth

My only question at this point is whether Joe is supposed to be Rocky here... or Flash? Answers on a postcard!

By the way I invite criticism of this theory readers here know that I've been critical of it myself.  I think its more likely that I am dead than that this theory describes reality but its describing something, maybe just a schizoid man, I don't have any doubts about that. I don't mind a fair bit of mockery either it keeps you in check.  I mean if you do not take the piss out of me I will continue to take the piss out of myself because ego always gets in the way of hyper rational thought.  This is why, if people remember, I do not like to be ''Rockied''.  Someone has got to keep me down so that I can return to my place.  So go for it if you want. I say this because I realise now that some of my readers are American and you may have been holding back because y'all think I'm packing.  I'm not. I take my combat advice from the pugilist and wearing these baseball gloves you've forced on me means I can barely make fists.  So fire away I'm effectively defenseless.

From the zero state sometimes ''I'' have to put myself ''in the voice'' of someone or something else to recieve or project: something like clairaudience or channelling, well... I have a set of mixed methods which I have also lovingly and indecipherably detailed over the years for all my non-readers which is the way it is supposed to be done.  None of this is particularly safe, the texts are all covered with warnings for good reasons as 75% of the time in this work you are going to go mad, die, or turn your back on God - three equally horrifying alternatives to the remaining rational men.  Maybe ''I'' went mad.  Maybe? Ha! I mean don't try this at home kids but also eat enough bacon and it'll kill you so what do you want to live forever? Anyway sometimes this projection (even if it is only logical and not mystical) means there is substantial variation in tone and its not always clear to me that something has shifted. If you ''read'' a script by yourself then you have to do the voice of all the other characters by yourself.  Even Snake... and especially if he was at the table reading.  Especially after the veil fell.

Although this ''theory'' is arranged around the Tree of Life I do not see the Tree of Life as a bad thing or that this theory is a Jewish one or exclusive to Jewish thought persay although I personally practise something more I would say is more Jewish than otherwise as it is dedicated to Saadia Gaon.  The Tree of Life as a general tool (esoteric genetics, sacred geometry, molecules, atomism, classification, etc) is a cosmopolitan intercivilizational construct with Jewish, Egyptian, Babylonian (etc) origins and various wanderings, Neoplatonism, Christian, Alchemical, Thelemic (etc).  The ''Roman'' Variant, if you like, should never be underestimated in its influence, or, for that matter, the ''British'' variant. My own work with the Tree of Life is heavily detailed here. Make no mistake though there is a Snake in that Tree. It is terrestrial but it is also reptilian

There are no products here other than the writing which is free while it is available so I am not trying to sell you anything or even harvest your clickbait. You do not have to join my cult, there is no cult to join.  I'm an exile here like everyone else. This platform is for observation only, you can look through the ispaklariot if you know, if you will, if you dare and if you shut the f...

Look. I only ask that you do not proselytize about the Hermetic Lessons, it is not about the message, it is about the magic.  If you found your way here you found your way here. Like I did.  So let it and everyone else be.

Have a look through the lenses or leave.

Elizabeth: I hate you.
David: There is no need for hate now.  Or love.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

n.b. Just a reminder that gif images are inherently Qliphothic in that they are fragments of trapped infinity like a loading page icon

Sunday, October 29, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, The Big Terrible Thing

David, you're killing us. 
Matthew Bennell, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The Matthew Perry strike is eerie and not only because of the name and the timing for Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Back in early 2022, Journeyman one of the readers at Hermetic Lessons offered to map A Clockwork Orange at Hotel Apophenia for me as I was overloaded in the real world and specifically wanted to ''scout out'' 2023.  I went on to write two posts on this subject: The First Quarter and Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.

As well as flagging up Friends in those posts I discuss the possibility of navigating the Qliphoth through simple logic, in this case just following the names.  You ask yourself the question: if I was an Illuminati Demolition Team charged with destroying civilization so that it may be rebuilt anew and for some bizarre reason I must go about doing this in 2023 through agents called Matthew in order to structure this section of the Apocalypse with Invasion of the Body Snatchers then I would probably start (and arguably finish...) with Matthew Perry or Matt LeBlanc too.  Not just these guys and other notables this year like Matt Gaetz, Matt Hancock or Matt Taibi but also lesser entities like Matthew Miller (director of Died Suddenly) have appeared in the ''host'' or ''legion'' of Matthews in their ongoing and soon to finish ''environmental health investigation''.  Interestingly enough in those posts from 2022 I speculate about Kevin McCarthy's character of the running man being played by David Icke.  Turns out they chose to have it played by Kevin ''frickin'' McCarthy because they are either insanely confident or insanely committed to this premise for, lets just say, Cabin-in-the-Woods esque reasons. I'll elaborate later but if I'd have been in charge I would not have been this ''theatrical'' but possibly because of that I would have had to have been even more brutal.  I don't want to piss anyone off by saying this but if the situation is as bad as I think it is, whether it be climate change or something more sinister, ''clown planet'' may be the most moral and legal way of remedying it as demonic as it seems to those on the recieving end.  I mean why does the Qliphoth end with these three Demons: Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse), The Goblin King of the Labyrinth and The Nothing?  Well we should think about it because: ''The End is in the Beginning as the Beginning is in the End, like a Flame in a Burning Coal for the Master is Singular, there is no Second, and before One... what do you count?'' Sefer Yetzirah

In the film we have reached the scene, (I'm going by eye but we are definitely in this scenic window), where David Kibner injects Matthew Perry Bennel with the sedative so that he might be snatched peacefully in his sleep and unnervingly people are discussing whether Matthew Perry died of the Vax or Fentanyl.  ''You're killing me, David'' Matthew Bennell says to his doctor and unfortunately for the pro vax community Perry was standing there with basically ''a vaxxed to the max'' t-shirt on.  He also was addicted to pain medication for a long time so either way Pharmaturges killed him.  But they also should not rule out Lilifluenza Covid-19 i.e. the bioweapon itself - another form of Pharma mediated death option for this decade long series of Squid Games.  I'm sorry if this bothers anyone... but I may be grizzly bearish on mRNA but I am not a covid-19 denier. I worked in labs, ''accidents'' happen, pharmaceutical companies mass produce virus so they can turn it into vaccine, thats just how that industry worked until recently and they were pissing about with chimeric viruses and gain of function.  We know this. Lilifluenza causes heart attacks and blood clots (yes I know the vax does this as well), excess deaths are still through the roof, a lot of vaccinated people in my circle are clearly heavily wounded whether through either agent of destruction and any protection the vaccine afforded the vaccinees has long since worn off unless they are an Ultra Covidian and are six times boosted by now.  At best the vax provided temporary protection/reduction in symptoms (90 days) but with the risk of unknown side effects (IgG4 + ADE enhancing this 2023 round of covid infections are the ones to focus on as well as the many many others we now do know about), at worst it provided zero protection (you got covid anyway how can you really say you would have ''caught it worse'' I mean FFS) and just gave you extra risks.  The fact that they forced people to take it is frankly disgusting.  Legal but disgustingly immoral. The fact that some people were happy to be forced is kind of equally disgusting.  If you did it to go to a bar or a party or get on a plane or whatever, this kind of half assed selfishness then you were being pretty stupid and reckless and thinking very superficially about things.  Sorry.  Forced medical experiments were a red line in Human Rights for good reasons you crossed that line at your own peril.  Its ultimately not about whether you were killed or just weakened by it but the precedent it sets for what comes later, the WHO treaty etc. In the future, remember, you cross that line, they cross it with you.

But ideological/biological integrity aside lets take a step back from the Jabberwocky at the moment, even if after that decision the rest of the decade is really a series of theatrical events to restructure and socially engineer the survivors of this medical catastrophe, why in all fuck are they doing it like this with the movies et al, so precisely... it can't be just for the sheer danse macabre. I've thought a lot about this and if the world is genuinely existentially challenged (food/water supply from climate change or something more sinister) then they use theatre because the only other alternative is pure Stalinist terror.  There is no way people in the west would give up their decadent lifestyles out of their own good will, ie that's the liberal fantasy of environmentalism i.e. ''swap out my straws and I'll be fine''.  No.  You won't. There is plastic in your frickin' brain. So its either forcing people into the 15 minute digital vaxecution gulag or manipulating them into it.  Thats how you hit your End Game target of 50% and its way less messy than Stalinstyle.  This is what I meant by I would have been more brutal and therefore I would have been a hypocrite.  I like to think that way would have been more ''honest'' but ''truthfulness'' is not going to flavour the last dregs of gruel as well as a theatre of deception might.  After someone screams ''Soylent Green is people!'' in the street you've still got to go home and cook dinner.  I mean come on man, let a guy eat in peace.

The chief alternative to this theory of the Apocalypse (that a ''demolition team'' is coordinating events via ''cult movies'') is that I and/or everyone else is already dead and this is the Ladder, either personal or shared.  My life has always felt relatively implausible but after 2012 it began to feel disconcertingly implausible as if turned into the dream or nightmare of a Vanilla Sky type situation. This story and times we find ourselves in now feels like I could dream it up but it doesn't quite feel like the world could dream it up all by itself.  Furthermore the Apocalypse may have already fried us all in 2012 but when people die in one go like that their ''afterlives'' become ''entangled'' in the astral, but if this is the case where would the average consesus of storyline be, for a Ladder to be a Ladder it needs to be trying to tell us that we are already dead, are there enough of us ''cultists'' in the ''gestalt'' to make ''Hell'' look like Labyrinth?

Assuming then that this is really happening and its not an apophenic paranoid schizophrenic break or I'm just dead, for me the use of cult movies as a structural device works in a number of ways:
  • there is a shared psychological sweet spot for these movies because of the time period they were made in for the generations that exist now, old movies would lack that psychological sweet spot
  • they almost always have enough social meat and commentary with the right pace* to structure the changes that need to happen
  • they've mostly affected society emotionally for instance even if you haven't actually seen Rocky Horror or ACO you have because they've affected so many other things in culture
  • you can't do it with fucking Indiana Jones or Back to the Future for obvious reasons but you can get away with Flash Gordon (I have money on FG for 2024, MM3 is definitely already in play) for ''less obvious'' reasons

Regarding Matthew Perry why the names then... and why go as far as they did with frickin' Kevin McCarthy let alone the Matthews, it seems to go beyond intelligence agencies signalling each other and deep into ritual - not only are we at one of the eeriest moments in IoBS we are also right up against Halloween.  I've got a number of thoughts on this although I am happy to entertain other ideas:
  • the cult is so obsessed with this project of theirs they are going into fine copycat style details just because they are psychopaths and that's what psychopaths do, and also part of this is ''taunting the police'' if you get me
  • the names matter for magical purposes ie if you are a demo team senior magician and you understand the demonic hierarchy your brainwashed minions are mindlessly incanting when they say things like ''RIP MATTHEW'' or ''I can't breathe'' in their hundreds of millions then what does it matter if they do (this is the essence of theatrical ritual according to Aleister Crowley's 3 types of ritual)
  • post-modern (chaos) magic absolutely believes you can ''summon'' Alex DeLarge or Matthew Bennell, and the neo-modern or meta-modern magicians might add: ''moreso if Alex has already been configured as a stand in for Samael...'' (by the way any non demo team chaos magicians who are reading this should already be working on summoning the Chandler egregore)
  • the supernatural alien entities themselves may have demanded this of them Cabin-in-the-Woods style because interdimensional diabolic entities are going to interdimensionally diabolise, senior magicians have told me that certain entities see this dimension like paper that they write on with something called ''pentatopes'' which acts like a hyperdimesional pentagonal pencil, they view us as something akin to ''literature'' so if the entities demand camp like Rocky Horror, Logans Run and Flash Gordon then sure as heckfire they will give them camp

That's not true. David's right.  Your minds and memories will be totally absorbed.  Everything remains intact.
Jack Bellicec, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

*Caveats for ''pace'' here are that some films I have thought ''slow'' or slightly lacking in content and rejected for those reasons turned out were actually on the slower paths i.e. Wickerman (2yrs) MM3 (3 years).  This will be of particular interest when it comes to 2024-2029s Labyrinth.