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2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, I Have A Choice

If I’m sitting down and that boat is going down and I’m on top of a battery and the water starts flooding in, I’m getting concerned, but then I look 10 yards to my left and there’s a shark over there, so I have a choice of electrocution and a shark, you know what I’m going to take? 
Donald Trump, 2023

''Matt Gaetz declares war on Kevin McCarthy over funding to Ukraine'', now ladies and gentlemen that is what in the public demolitions sector they call cinematic synergy. Hmmm what does this tell us about who is going in the Wickerman? Well it still looks like Z from here.

Here is Clockwork Donald's own attempt at cinematic synergy, from his recent musings on choosing a way to die: “If I’m sitting down and that boat is going down and I’m on top of a battery and the water starts flooding in, I’m getting concerned, but then I look 10 yards to my left and there’s a shark over there, so I have a choice of electrocution and a shark, you know what I’m going to take? Electrocution,” Trump said. “I will take electrocution every single time, do we agree?''

 As previously stated all three of the films: Invasion; Cocoon; Wickerman; are coming to their dramatic resolutions at or by the sea.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers has chases down by the docks, the bagpipes from the ships and the final assault on the pod facility resulting in a lot of electrical explosions.  In Wickerman Sergeant Howie is confronted between the choice of throwing himself to his own death from the cliffs into the rocky waters below or going into the flames, to wicker up and smell the covfefe.  Finally Cocoon features a young boy, David, throwing himself into dolphin infested waters to distract the coast guard while a ship full of boomers are electrocuted into space.  It is a lot and hats off to President Trump for having a crack at summarising those final conflicts.  You're definitely my pick to play the prez in They Live.

I may be the only one you are making sense to here though, you very stable genius you. 

Well maybe JB.

Electrocution, I will take electrocution every single time.  Do we agree?
Donald Trump, 2023

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, The Wickerman (2022-2024)

Animals are fine but their acceptability is limited.  A small child is even better, but not nearly as effective as the right kind of adult.


Lord Summerisle, The Wickerman 1973

Before we get down into the nitty gritty two important disclaimers: a) below you will find the current working copy of the enhanced cult movie meta-theory which attempts to explain the augmented reality game we call the present b) this theory was arrived at with a mixture of qabalistic logic, observation, intuition, remote viewing (clairaudience) and divine intervention so make of that what you will.  The important change from our last working copy is swapping the placement of Mad Max with Flash Gordon.  Its been clear for a while that Mad Max is already running whether it be the debacle around gas, food and ''barter'', the Mad Max unravelling of Africa, ''Wagner'', the sudden appearance of Mel Gibson, and the death of Tina Turner - we are just over half way through Thunderdome.  Flash Gordon is not yet running but will begin (along with four other narratives) on J1 2024.  We will be doing some comparison between these narratives later but J1 is going to be extremely busy so make sure you're in some good cover, ideally a nuclear bunker.


There are a few extant versions of The Wicker Man ranging between 85 and 95 mins in run time.  Since the movie ran from 2022-2024 its roughly 45 mins per year, 22.5 mins per six months, 3.75 mins per month meaning we have, roughly, 15 mins of the film left.  This means we are in the Wickerman ritual right now and that the actual Burning Man Festival which had so many important synchronicities (along with global media coverage) roughly synchronized with the beginning of the ritual in the film.  If you are into this conspiratainment the best thing you can do for yourself right now is watch those last 15 mins of the original this will maximise your enjoyment/despair of the final rendering to the world stage of what is unarguably a cult classic.

Argument for Z:  Z is clearly designated as the Wickerman, a made up king and a fool (comedian), who always wears green (the Green Man), whose name literally means Green and who through virtue of his country's rich soil is truly lord of the corn, wheat, apples and what have you.  Surely it must be Z going in the hot box!

Counterargument for Z: Z is, in fact, Lord Summerisle, it is ''his crops that are failing'', it his land that is riddled with child trafficking, biolabs, satanic nazi pagan cults, etc which prompted the Russian ''investigation'' in the first place... like Summerisle in the film, Z has also dragged up; like Summerisle Z also has a pagan/satanic high priestess.

Argument for P: Leading invasion/investigation to de-Nazify and de-Satanise (?) Ukraine, talks up Christian morality, talks down moral degeneration of the western world (''Summerisle), etc.  Since we have all been expecting someone else to go in the Wickerman (primarily Z) this would be a ''twist'' for us and everyone else watching the ARG.  Looking at Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) I can see more traces of Putin than I can of Zelensky although others may think differently.  The hairline/colour, eye colour, profile, demeanour and mission of the character seem far more in keeping with P than Z.

Counterargument for P: Mainly personal incredulity plus the arguments in favour of Z.

Alternatives: Any leading figure who has investigated the claims of Satanism, Nazism, Epsteinism, Illuminati Blooddrinking, Adrenochrome, all that jazz and what have you and who has significant draw to capture a lot of the world with the headlines.  Multiple smaller figures (the animals in the wickerman, the ''lesser sacrifices'') linked to these investigations scattered around the world for maximum coverage.  This is intended to signal that the cult can do whatever they like, which (quickly checks out the window) seems to be true.  I think it is highly unlikely that Trump is the Wickerman as I think it is highly likely he will be carrying a lot of the script for Flash next year (think Flash's encounters with those slavic princesses for one alongside the MAGA American Football style rhetoric) but its obviously worth considering as he has also been seemingly attacking the ''deep state'' and has the links with Yellow and Orange.

To Wickerman: I guess this individual has to be destroyed fairly absolutely (physically (assassination? fires?), reputationally) to achieve the intended effect and secure the blessings of the God of the Sun i.e. the Demon of the Sun / Thagirion.   I can see either the destruction of P or Z as leading to the start of ''Flash Gordon'' i.e. Ming the Merciless in the form of China/Russia alliance.  If its P in the Wickerman, his replacement (another Dim) will have to retaliate maybe drawing China in Archduke Ferdinand style, if its Z in the Wickerman that will embolden China to strike Taiwan. n.b. I am focusing on Flash as it will be the one with the 1 year timeline, Labyrinth will have a five year time line so its like watching the film really fucking slowly.  I am trying to split the attention but I am evolving to this new theory myself - what I like about it so much though is that it explains the clockwork mechanism.

Tie-ins: Obviously the investigation of the more occulty, adrenochromy side of the ARG overlaps with those investigating the problems with the vaccine, that stands to reason as there are way more borderline schizophrenics in the lunatic fringe and we've got a lot of time on our hands.

Finally: My intuition/spiritual alliances/what have yous is/are now strongly convinced that it is not Z however counterintutive that may seem. I won't be surprised if it is as the logic was originally in favour but now I am defnitely prepared for the twist.

Howie: I believe in the life eternal as promised to us by our lord, Jesus Christ.
Summerisle: That is good.  For believing what you do we confer upon you a rare gift these days - a martyr's death.


The Wickerman, 1973

** Additional material, the beginning of a half baked tempography of hell gates:


Saturday, September 23, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Cocoons, Bodysnatchers & Wickermen II

Joe: Doctors don't know everything.
Ben: There is a school of thought that says they don't know nothing.
Cocoon, 1985


Cocoon: To wrap or envelope in or as if in a cocoon

& Jack from Coccoon (see below)


These men are all bodysnatchers (see below)


Southern European & Haiwaiin Wildfires

Burning Man Festival: Effigy of Ukraine; Flooded Out (Climate Change); ''Ebola Outbreak'' (Biosecurity) - nice bit of semiotic convergence from the Demo Team.

Marina Abramovic (Thelemite, Witch, High Priestess, Satanist) appointed to be Zelenskiiys ambassador.  Abramovic as Miss Rose? So Zelenskiiy as Summerisle?  Putin in the Wickerman?  Doesn't seem quite right but definitely part of a pagan ritual.  Maybe Ambassador really means Minister of Occult Offence?

Now as opposed to a specific person Sergeant Howie represents those who are (seemingly) questioning this massive occult (pharma, sorcery) ritual (gulp!) and it looks like they are all going in the Wickerman - at least those who were in the cast.  With 1 in 3 Europeans pushed to the political fringes by the last few years of liberal insanity, if they are going to full on purge its looking like it needs to be a big one to burn all these ''witches''. 

The Demonology of the Age still stands.  Beware of ''possession'' by these other characters as well.   In the same way people are threatened by (the characters from the) Bodysnatchers, they are threatened by Cocoons and Wickermen.

If we are going to get a true appraisal of what is going on we also need to understand Excalibur 2023-2026 and Mad Max (I still think we are in this now so Gordon should be swapped with Mad Max in this diagram)) which runs from 2022-2025.  However Cocoon, Bodysnatchers and Wickerman are being brought to a head in the most central position of the Tree of Life, Tifereth (Beauty) which in the (Kircher) Tree of Life is reserved for the Sun and which in the Tree of Death/Hell (The Sitra Achra) is reserved for Thagirion. 

Although we are clearly all along the lines right now I still do not understand how they get the true ''convergence'' of their ideas without another outbreak... of something... relatively real. Think about what it means to ''Cocoon'', and what people on that path have been doing for the last few years. 2021-24.

Mary: I for one don't believe any of this alien crap.
Alma: You don't believe your husband?
Mary: No I don't believe him.
Alma: Well I believe him and I'm scared.
Bess (Elizabeth): Well I don't believe him and I'm still scared.


Cocoon, 1985

Friday, August 18, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Selling Your Soul

I've been selling my soul.

Oliver Anthony, Rich Men North of Richmond


What they don't tell you about magic is the incredible amount of specificity available to adepts and beyond; a ritual can be so precise that you can literally conjure the perfect spirit (read: character) out of thin air.  Its not as roughly accurate as Wiccans often make out, this is due to a lack of skill and timing.  Maybe the Demolition Team have pulled off such an incredible ritual that they have indeed summoned a perfect ''Harry the Banjo Player'' for the final moment entirely out of the ether. 

Either that or Oliver Anthony is a plant.

Dressed in green, surrounded by plants, with a cow on his shirt, hmmm.  Yes, I think you will be seeing some dogging in the future, Ollie.


As predicted back in 2022, in the early film Harry's character was tracked to the Royal Spare, Prince Harry in this case tied to his financial woes, losing Frogmore Cottage, ''becoming homeless''; noone wanted to listen to their silly podcast, etc.  Although the cast, both Royal and Colonial (essentially covering the ''Five Eyes''), mainly synchronise with major players such as the Windsors, the Bidens, the Trumps, the Putins, etc there is a lot of precedent for bringing in a random character to play a role for a scene.  McAffee's death synching with both the murder of Eddie, and for the close readers the death of Dr Morbius, is a fine example of something that came seemingly out of nowhere.  It looks like we've swapped out Harry for Oliver Anthony; with over 20 million views this guy is in the fermentation tank for some reason or another. Got to blow up that bubble of hope before you can pop it and go into a loosh feeding frenzy. 10/10 for the ginger throughline.

I appreciate why the song is going viral, the anger which the song brings out of you (the highest level emotion it generates and still below courage) feels justified - the people in the middle do not want to pay all the taxes to cover the expenses of society while the vampire class avoid taxes and just gorge.  Its completely fair enough.  The problem is that most of the emotional tone of the song is still negative: shame; futility; hopelessness; resignation; exhaustion.  Even if you can justify the rest with the righteous anger you feel at some moments, these other lesser demons are still kicking the message in the balls.  This is an establishment message.  One way or the other.

Courage is where you want to be.  Anger is something you have to leave behind. Pride is the bridge you have to cross.  Most importantly your soul is not yet sold.  Do not let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

Wish I could just wake up and it not be true but it is.


Oliver Anthony, Rich Men North of Richmond

Saturday, August 12, 2023

2023 - The Year of Arab Tzereq, Cocoons, Bodysnatchers & Wickermen

Elizabeth: I hate you.
Dr Kibner: We don't hate you - there is no need for hate now.
Elizabeth: There are people who will fight you.
Dr Kibner: In an hour you won't want them to.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this post I want to recommend my readers to Secret Sun's excellent new post on Barbenheimer.  All my post really does is place this exact ritual CK describes in the context of a giant Thelemic/Golden Dawn style global Qliphothic pathworking i.e. on the path of Death between the Qlipha of Netzach (Venus/Ishtar) known as the A'rab Tzereq (hellgate opened January 1st 2023) and the Qlipha of Tifereth (Sol) known as the Thagirion (hellgate opens Jan 1st 2024).

According to this new model there are three paths that lead to January 1st 2024: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1 year timeline), Cocoon (3 year timeline), and Wickerman (2 year timeline).  Although this may be wrong we are now going to try and rise above these three narratives and see if we can see how they will be woven together.  We may well fail.  Help is always appreciated.  Important note regarding the diagram above: I am still in two minds about the placements of MM3 and FG as I think these are probably going to be reversed but this is the subject of another discussion.



Kevin McCarthy: Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978

  • Matthew Bennell: Matthew Perry (Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing), Matthew Hancock (The Pandemic Diaries), Matt Gaetz, Matthew Miller (Died Suddenly), Matt Taibbi (Twitter Investigation) James O'Keefe (restaurant scene with Pzifer exec wearing Matthews costume) + others
  • Elizabeth Driscoll: Lizzo, Elizabeth Oakshotte (The Lockdown Files), Elizabeth Theranos, Elon(izabeth) Musk + others
  • Jack Bellicec: Jack Teixeira (Pentagon Leaks), Jack Smith (Trump Indictment), Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury, Secret Invasion) + others
  • Nancy Bellicec: Nancy Pelosi, Jennifer Aniston, TMFINR girl, Barbie, Holly Willoughby (UK), the town of Anency in France + others
  • David Kibner: David Grusch, David Weiss, Jordan Peterson + others
  • Geoffrey: Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffrey Marsh, Congressman Jeffries + others
  • The Running Man: Kevin McCarthy
  • Harry: Prince Harry
  • Mr and Mrs Tong: China
  • Body Snatchers: Smart Phone (as flower of the pod), AI, Woke Mind Virus, Vaccination, ''Exotic Biologics'', Illegal migrants (replacement theory) Occult Possession
  • San Francisco: San Francisco, SVB, Twitter/X HQ, Zombies on streets

Body Snatchers 1995

The Malone Family: Dr Robert Malone

With Marvel Studios ''Secret Invasion'' ( full of direct references to costume and scene design from the 1978) 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Tarot Card = Death) has crept in and out of the mainstream (example Malhotra's outburst on BBC news) but it has been a consistent theme of the year in the conspirasphere augmented reality game.  Whether it be the ''environmental health investigations'' of people like Dr Malone, or Matthew Miller (Died Suddenly) or James O'Keefe (who even wore the costume of Matthew from the film in his Pfizer sting)  or the unwitting revelations of Matthew Hancock we've seen the nervousness and suspense of the movie play out against a series of documentaries and podcasts while people continue to drop dead all around us.  Many of these investigations have hinted at more sinister ''body snatching'' components of the vax i.e. chips, graphene nanowires, weird tentacular growths, personality changes. Meanwhile the trans community continue the argument they are in the wrong body and add more snatchers via social contagion (Jeffrey Marsh, etc) and AI creates literal fake instagram influencers to displace all those would be Venuses from their money making pursuits at OnlyFans.  Digital Identity rights have never mattered more to these girls.  El(on)izabeth has been crowing about all these things all year (exactly like Elizabeth in the movie) but as we reach the final parts of the movie we can see how he will eventually turn bodysnatcher, rebranding his social media empire X (.com reference to the game (XCom, XCom2) which has a very strong body snatchers theme) and raising the spectres of  a ''one stop app'' like China with neural chips and social credit scores lurking in the background to get us into the Hive.

In terms of cinema we have had Barbie (with all the Barbenheimer rituals on top of it we have a solid link to the Nancy character and the idea of everyone being the same (all Barbie) living in a kind of hive (Barbieland) rising to be one of the biggest money making movies of the year.  Couples are even splitting up over the movie, ''youre not the same person anymore'' which is excellent news for the Depop Squad.  Now they are become death.   However, ''Secret Invasion'', Disney-Marvel's unimaginative rip off of Body Snatchers has floundered in bad reviews.

Oh yes, and lest we forget, they made a nation swear allegiance to a blood descendent of Vlad Dracul whilst a lady of the lake, clad in shimmering samite wielded a scimitar around. Sorry wrong movie.

COCOON (2021-2024)

The basic premise behind the choice of Cocoon (Tarot Card = Temperance) is that it reflects the post-vaccination ''new lease of life'' given to the survivors of 2020 especially for old people.  Due to the psychological torture that many people felt during lockdown vaccination gave an emotional catharsis, as well as extraordinarily temporary and effectively pointless protection against a rapidly mutating virus, some people describing vaccination as an ecstatic almost religious experience. Boomers, released from a long period of reflection on their own mortality (in the residential home of lockdown if you like), embraced their return to the (vaccinated) world with gusto.  There was talk of a Boomer boom in the economy as seniors spent their backed up cash, in the UK we call this the Grey Pound.  The pods that infused the swimming pool with lifeforce can be seen as a visual metaphor for the vaccines.  Along these boomer lines one of the themes of the movie is old people abandoning their responsibilities as grandparents and choosing to pursue eternal life instead.  Although this does not characterise all people of that generation, of course, it can perhaps broadly describe them.  They were willing, after all, to vaccinate the children, at quite some risk, and with quite some coercion, so they could return to their own lives, to ''normality''.  However, just like in the movie, many began to suspect something weird was going on...

In terms of main characters Joe and Arthur, I would probably go with Biden and Prince/King Charles, Bess is probably Elizabeth II - ''build back better'' is a kind of Cocoon boomer battle cry.  I believe I will be able to find the other lead boomers in these lines and see '21-'24 from their perspective.  Like IoBS we also have a Jack, Jack Bonner who plays the human intermediary for the aliens.  In Cocoon the themes of alien body snatchers (in this case light beings wearing human costumes) and growth pods are also present, but in Cocoon's case we see the ending with actual UFOs, the kind of craft with exotic biologics and interdimensional beings being discussed in the US Congressional Hearings right now, effectively paralleling the final part of the movie.

With such a slow burn I think it highly likely that at least some of the weirder revelations from the Epstein case relate to this movie - its Floridian setting, submarines, the island, Atlantis, Terra Mar, aliens, his desire to live forever etc.  Jack and Kitty may relate to Epstein and Maxwell.  The dolphins are an especially interesting feature as this movie would lead to Thagirion, the Qlipha of Sol.

Its unfortunate that we have come across this idea of pathwalking, that is multiple different length timelines so late, although perhaps if we had come across it earlier it would have derailed our efforts entirely because we could have become confused.  Maybe we have access now only because we are ready for it now.  With a 3 year time line from '21-'24 this movie will have been on a very slow burn and it might be a little difficult to back check it persay.  But since we are now in the final sixth of the movie we can check it according to what happens from now on especially as it relates to the UFO narrative which I do not think is adequately explained by IoBS.

WICKERMAN (2022-2024)

The final missing movie for the paths for 2024 may be one that we already looked at and dismissed.  Originally I was dismissing certain movies because they couldn't ''carry the year'' in terms of pace, content, themes etc.  Wickerman (Tarot Card = Devil) was one of those, I thought it was too short and weirdly slow to contribute anything even though the overall vibe and especially the colouring & cult status make it really special to them (I feel the same way about Soylent Green but that is maybe for another post as well).  I feel a 2 year timeline may have been able to feed into the occult secret society investigation side of the ARG, more up my own street or CK's perhaps, but concepts that clearly exist in the mainstream through Alex Jones, Vigilant Citizen or Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. 

The person that drew us to Wickerman and the one that draws us back to it now is (Dim Alex) Volodmyr (Dim) Oleksandrovych (Alex) Zelenskiy.  Always in green, as the Green Man of Spring, and essentially lord of the corn (as well as being a kind of made up King) in the sense that the country produces so much wheat while also being something of a contrivance it seemed likely that he would be the one to go in the Wickerman.  However since the ''Year of the Megafires'' (2024) is already clearly beginning we might want to ask ourselves who isn't going in the Wickerman?

Don't be trapped by old concepts, Matthew.  You're evolving into a new life form.


David Kibner, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sunday, August 6, 2023

2023 - The Year of A'arab Tzereq, Barbenheimer, The Path of Death

The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds.  The pessimist fears that is true.




They really went all in on the Barbenheimer pathwalking and its had a considerable affect on the pedestrians that I know.  It is an extraordinarily obvious pathwalking for the year (from the Studios) but just in case you missed it I thought I would spell it out for you really quick.  I will update the enhanced theory over the next few days so if you want to chip in on this one move swiftly. 


In the Tree of Life, Golden Dawn / Thelema version, the sefira of Netzach, attributed to Venus joins with the sefira of Tifereth, attributed to Sol via the Path of Death.  We've already looked at this with the appearance of the ''grim reaper'', ''crossing the path'', in King Charles' coronation so some of you will already be familiar with the path now if you weren't already.  We are currently in the Qliphoth or Tree of Death/Hell where the Sefira are replaced by Qlipha.  In the ''upside down'' Netzach is replaced by something called A'arab Tzereq (the Ravens of Dispersion) and Tifereth is replaced with Thagirion, a demon of burning destruction.  As you can see above the juxtaposition of Barbie and Oppenheimer has been one of the main focuses of the meme marketing of both films.  In many of these images you can see Barbie as a figure of ''Venus'' facing the path of Death represented by Oppenheimer ''Now I am become Death.'' 

A note for those of you on the IoBS path, Barbie is represented as a kind of Barbie Hive in the movie where everyone is a Barbie except for ''Ken''.  Barbie could be seen as a stand in for Nancy from Body Snatchers, and Ken as Jack.   As many have commented on the film begins with a reference to the apes and the obelisk from Space Odyssey, and the release of the film dovetailed with the discussions in the appartment regarding alien intereference in human civilization, ''they're here, they edited our DNA'' etc.

For those of you who are more interested in the pseudo interactive meme ARGs that are going on rather than traditional cinema, the so called That Motherfucker is Not Real (TMFINR) girl was the highlight of body snatching / Nancy memes so far.  Possibly some kind of viral marketing thing for ''Secret Invasion'' (Samuel L Jackson, Samael & Jack) a few weeks ago a girl on a plane seemingly distraught at being placed next to a shape shifting lizard person on a plane (snake on the plane, Samuel L Jackson) , freaked out, ran down the aisle and declared That Motherfucker is Not Real.

Goodnight Barbies, I'm definitely not thinking about death anymore.