Friday, April 7, 2023

The Cult Movie Meta Theory or Where The Rainbow Ends

Dr Bill Harford: Now where are we going exactly?
Gayle: Where the Rainbow ends
Dr Bill Harford: Where the rainbow ends?
Gayle: Don't you want to go to where the rainbow ends?

Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick



The Unifying Colour Theory refers to a suspected Qabalistic art design in the major releases from the major movie studios over the years 2010-2019.  The stories were selected and designed in such a way as to ''bring us to the Rainbow's end''. Amongst many other topics, the narratives that unfolded during those years involved revisiting traditionally masculine heroes from previous decades and deconstructing and subverting them (Mad Max Fury Road, Last Jedi, Logan etc etc etc) and in the decade (2020+) that followed with the ''opening ritual'' of Joker (2019) in the exploration and veneration of villains.  Significantly the rushed ending of ''Game of Thrones'' indicated they also needed to subvert and destroy Athena, the Dragoness Divine or Danaerys Targaryean (Thagirion?) before 2020 began.


The countdown through the decades implied one of two things when we reached 2020 a) we would reverse and return (Teshuvah) to climb back ''up'' the Tree of Life or b) we would descend still further into the Tree of the Qliphoth or the Tree of Hell.   We all know how that turned out.  Significantly David Lynch's Twin Peaks: The Return performs a) while every other force in the artistic world (hyperbole but you understand) was performing b).


The Cult Movie Meta Theory came about as a result of the search for a story structuring principle within the Qliphoth.  Malkuth/Lilith with their fourfold division into four different colours automatically implied a structure but what would happen when we reached the Qliphoth that had no apparent surface structure like this.  While I approached 2020 in a mythical Perseus sense I didn't realise until 2021 that the year had in fact been structured with Clash of the Titans (1981)!  The idea, arrived at through a mixture of different esoteric explorations is that by dividing the cult movie length by 365 you have a frames/day structure and this theory was closely examined in 2021 with a day-day interpretation and set of predictions based on Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Remote viewing The Cult Movie Meta Theory was like walking through a Blockbusters from Hell.  

  • 2020 - Lilith (Medusa/Algol) - Clash of the Titans
  • 2021 - Gamaliel - Rocky Horror Picture Show 
  • 2022 - Samael - A Clockwork Orange 
  • 2023 - A'arab Tzereq - Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
  • 2024 - Thagirion (Targaryean) - Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome
  • 2025 - Golochab - Flash Gordon
  • 2026 - Ga'agsheblah - Logan's Run
  • 2027 - Satoriel - Bladerunner
  • 2028 - Ghogiel - Tron
  • 2029 - Thaumiel - Labyrinth

    *Note this is an updated list.  Earlier versions of this diagram show Shock Treatment for 2025 and Videodrome for 2028. I voiced doubts about those movies publically here many times and I am far more happy with this revised list.

In researching, developing and subsequently communicating the Unifying Colour Theory, the Dark Conclusions and the Cult Movie Meta Theory I decided to simplify the model to the basic colours of the Tree which you can see in the diagrams above and to follow the path of the reverse ''lightning path'' through the Qliphoth.  Although this helped in communication and saved a lot of time in research it was clear that in the movie designs from the previous decade we were seeing more complicated Qabalistic ideas a) the four scales of the colour and b) pathwalking (see Mad Max: Esoteric Analysis for an example).  The simple model is no longer as useful now as it is clear that A Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clash of Titans are repeating with the news events following roughly the same calendar and using roughly the same people.  As an example the Guardian today has a major spread about the familys wealth coming from slavery and plunder.  In 2021 around this time we were hitting ''Time Warp'' and Meghan's accusation that the Royal family were racist.  Similarly, Putin ''reinvaded'' Ukraine on the same date as ''Singing in the Ukraine'' from last year, and Alex Boris Johnson appeared before investigations involving the same thing he was being investigated for at the same time as last year, similar loops for Orange Man Trump.  And the Kraken, lol, don't get me started.

Just as the Queen ''lit up the Tree of Life'' before she returned to Beyond so it is clear that the dark lights of each Qlipha have to stay on and the story has to loop - there is a path from 21-24, from 22-24 and from 23-24, a link between the narratives.  The Reverse Lightning Path that I was using would fail because it would leave some paths unexplored.  Although this made my life a lot easier this would be repulsive to a psychopathic obsessed infernal ritualist and/or demon prince.  This is important because this looping of the stories, these clockwork Qliphoth may imply, for example that the Ukraine War (Singing in Ukraine) will last until 2029 following the same calendar with the same cast of Alexes until the bitter end.  Alternatively RHPS, ACO and IoBS may work together to light up MM3 (''cross the streams'') and then fade into the resulting smoke and fire.  Time will tell.


Let's now look a little closer at the paths themselves, those that lead from 21, 22 and 23 to the dark future of Thagirion and Beyond the Thunderdome and attribute them to the Cult Movies being used.  We are, of course using the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck and these paths are Art (Temperance), Death and the Devil.


This path obviously relates to the looping stories of the so-called Woke Mind Virus (2SLGBTQAAI+) it is called Qesheth, attributed to Sagittarius, referred to as the Path of the Rainbow and the Tarot Card Temperance or in Crowley's Thoth Deck to the androgyne/trans figure shown in the Art card.  Interestingly this rainbow path from 21 - 24, crosses the path from 22-23 which is attributed to the Tower card but also to the Hebrew Letter Pe, which symbolises a mouth.



This path and the stories which are looping are associated with the Devil, drugs (fentanyl), ultraviolence, MAGA's orange man, urban decay, the Ukraine War, court cases, fines and imprisonment, corruption in the political establishment and probably most importantly the Ludovico Technique.  The Ludovico Technique which has effectively defanged the population crystallised in time as the bombarding and stupefying of people's minds with short video clips & accompanying soundtracks in the form of TikTok, etc.


As your classical white fluff magician might say death doesn't mean death, it means spiritual transformation and renewal... but by renewal I don't think Dumbledore meant Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  These narratives involve ''environmental health'' investigations of the genetic modification of the majority of the planet, the ''excess deaths'', and the digital doppelgangering we are seeing at work on social media and through your smart pods insidious capturing and modelling of your personal data.  Since we are only a part way through the film and knowing what lies shortly ahead expect these narratives to get way more intense than they already are.


Since people are often possessed by the stories they watch, and copy the modes and manners of their heroes and heroines with the cult movie meta theory we have been forced to watch and copy the demons. Along with Medusa (Karen) from 2020 these characters then also show us the nature of the demons that have been possessing people and changing their personalities. 

  • Lilith or Medusas (Karens) are the demons that exemplified and enforced the petrifying effect of lockdowns and masks
  • Gamaliel or Franks are the demons of the ''woke mind virus'' exemplified by drag queen story time etc  
  • Samael or Alexes are the demons of drugs and ultraviolence
  • A'arab Tzereq or Body Snatchers are the demons of dopplegangering, both genetic and digital 

While these gates remain open, with their possessing stories on a loop and the resulting moral, political and ideological corruption that comes with them and with more to follow we can expect to see these demons and more continue to invade our world. 

And all these demonic paths, lead us, inevitably, to Thagirion (Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome) in 2024 where the powers of ''Art'', the Devil and Death combine to open the gate for the Antichrist.

Dr Bill Harford: Well you know what they say, once a doctor, always a doctor.
Nick: Or in my case, never a doctor, never a doctor.

Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick